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Broken Hill Barrier Daily Truth (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Broken Hill, New South Wales 4 ovoid Oil Frynistan Newton 0 10 a a a 1844 to evermore Jap commander Send laced to deaf found guilty of frightful Malayan massacre personal aide foaled for six months los negro Juno 22 Router Lieut Gmal Yakumo Nishimura divisional commander of the a pants. Imperial guards division and Captain Shioi Tonoko lilt personal aide were today found guilty of the Parit sul Fig massacre. Nishimura was sentenced to death by hanging and Nonaka received a sentence of six months. Both had been found guilty of having murdered 110 australian and 35 Indian prisoners of War at Parit Surlong Malaya on january 22t 1942. N 1947 Nishimura had been sentenced to life imprisonment by a British War crimes court in Singapore. I neither showed any signs of emotion. Nishimura continued to store straight at the court As the death sentence was pronounced. Immediately the sentence was passed Nishimura was handcuffed by Lieut. Harold Mackie of the , who Hod entered the Dock with o naval Petty officer and a native policeman. Both men were then led from the court to a wait ing truck heavily guarded by native police on the return trip to Theu fit or Gros compound. I during in. Pro Fife twin Jar. C. V. Rooney .j., of Sydney produced sworn evidence which alleged that Nishimura Hod ordered the execution and that the order had been transmitted to the officer in charge Lieut. Fujita by Captain Nonaka. The sworn statement of Lieut. Ben Hackney of Bathurst ., the Only known survivor of the massacre detailed the sufferings of prisoners Many of them re badly wounded How they were Yaj roughly bound with wire rope then machine gunned and Bayon eted and Igi a anally while some of them were still alive were drenched in petrol and set alight if a claim that the survivors of the divisional staff of the japanese Imperial guards division had passed the Buck in blaming their divisional commander u and his aide for the Parit Surlong Mas Tey acre was advanced by the def Cnoc at Fie the trial today. The defence counsel. Hui Shoal Nak Yayama in his closing and jy3 dress said trat survivors of the dial Koa clonal staff had manoeuvred to impute hrs the whole responsibility for the Mas Ufa incr note Tanura and . ? before the addresses began Nishi ?56 Mura from the Dock expressed regret for the massacre. He said i am of. Deeply sorry that due to my careless in Ness such an incident happened. I wish to give prayers with sorrow to those who were killed sensation marked the trials yesterday when Nonaka sought permission to Cor rect vital parts of his sworn statement Fly which incriminated Nishimura. A ver i i diet is ejected before the week end in that Case. -1 Nonaka said that at the time or the investigation to did not know his state ment would be used As such a trial As this and i did not know i would be in the position in which i now and my self he told the court he wanted to. Correct words used in his statement about what Nishimura said at the Parit Surlong t a incidents that appears in the statement ,1 of As All prisoners or War arc to of Che vib Cut cd by shooting i wish 10 Correct that because Nishimura used the word dispose my statement also refers to ? a. An order Given by the chief of stall colonel Imai. In which he said that after the prisoners were executed their. Bodies were to be cremated. Such words Are not in my memory. Furthermore my memory about the incident is vague. The method and detail of the massacre were atrocious and barbarous if it had been carried out As described in sworn statements. Nishimura ? earlier admitted. Nishimura yesterday Jav told the prosecutor or. C. V. Kooney. Of Cross examination that if he had heard of such details As to nose alleged the officers responsible would have been court Martl alled and severely punished but Nishimura adhered to 1u5 original evidence that he knew no Tang of the massacre until he boarded the ship at Hong Kong to be brought Here for the trial. Five japanese army officers including one sitting next to him in the Dock charged with murder said in sworn statements to the court earlier in the hearing that Nishimura ordered the Mas Sacre of the prisoners of War. A sworn statement by Nishimura said i do not know of any prisoners being shot. If of tip such things did happen they were with out my knowledge As i had Given Deflon air Ite instructions that All prisoners were to w be returned to Headquarters $ execution order for in his statement the accused Nonaka said that at Parit Surlong he went with Nishimura to inspect prisoners who were herded in an old building. The state tent then continues a i looked through the lattice and could or see Many australian prisoners most of a them wounded in various postures in Side. There was a nauseating stench of Ivy blood. The prisoners were making con iwo Sld Erable noise. On returning to his car to Nishimura turned to me in the hearing of All officers present and gave me the following Oral order instruct the officer in charge to execute All prisoners of War by firing squad no sooner had i acknowledged this than the chief of staff colonel Kamer Kameniro Imla gave me the following additional order the bodies of the prisoners Are to be Cre mated on completion of execution. Z then repeated these orders to the Junior officer in charge 81mllar evidence was Given in a sworn statement by Captain Fukushi Hono Kuma Captain Harumitsu Good and Lieut Tadahiro naga Al. Inagaki added that on the Day or the execution major Morlok who had been ordered by Nishi Mura to supervise the execution re turned to divisional Headquarters. I heard major Morooka report to Imal that All the dead bodies had been cremated with gasoline. When Motoka showed his report colonel Imal said Well Don stories of revolting atrocities at the Start of the court hearing offi cers said it was one of the worst if not the worst massacre by the japanese to be brought to court since the end of the War. Most amazing Story of the trial was by sworn affidavit from australian army officer nx71248 Lieut. B. C. Hackney who Miracula ugly survived machine gunning Rifle Are Bayon eting cremation recapture and imprisonment and who is now living in new South Wales. A pfc. Rooney said that on january 22 and 23 in 1942 Nishimura moved his divisional Headquarters from Barl to Batu in Malaya. On the afternoon of january 22 a Convoy comprising a Lvi clonal Headquarters was stopped near a Bridge Over the Parit Surlong River while the accused Nishimura his chief of staff colonel Kame pro now dead his aide the accused Nonaka and other Staft officers inspected a number of australian and Allied prisoners of War who were being held in a nearby wooded building. Most of them were wounded and they had been taken prisoners in the Battle for the Parit Surlong. They were being guarded by Lieut. Senzaburo Fujita and a number of japanese sol Diers. They were All in an extremely exhausted condition and weak from privations and ill treatment. Or. Rooney said that after inspecting the prisoners Nishi Mura told his aide to instruct Lieut. Fujita to execute All of them by firing squad. The chief of Staft colonel Imal added to the order by telling the aide to instruct Fujita to cremate the bodies when the execution was Complete. Or. Rooney said that about Sunset that evening major Morooka and Lieut. Fujita had the prisoners bound together and led out of the wooden building. When they were All herded together they were fired upon by go re under Fujita s command with machine guns and rifles. The firing continued for some time and the Belles of the prisoners were then thrown to Gether in a Heap. After the prisoners were All believed to be dead the guards on Fujita s orders brought cans of petrol which they splashed Over the bodies and then set fire to them. Or. Rooney said that some of the prisoners at this stare were still alive but of those that were All with the exception of three were Barnt to death. The three were Lieut. B. C. Hackney still Alivea sergeant who died a few Days later and an unidentified Soldier who died the following Day. Lieut. Ben Charles Hackney of Ben Elong Crescent Bellvue Hill and now of Bathurst ., gave evidence by affidavit. He said that after the execution petrol was poured Over the bodies and cremated. Many of them were still conscious. He said the prisoners were then set alight and amid screams and yells of pain and delirium they were Burnt to death. I Lay outside the building unable to move. The smell of Burn ing flesh came to me. I was again kicked and bashed to make sure i was dead and then after a while the Jap left. One Bayonet entered my Side be tween the ribs but apparently did no great harm to me. One Jap decided he would have my boots and caused me much pain while he dragged them of my. I crawled away after a Long while and met an australian sergeant and an other Soldier. They Hod been with the group when fired on and had been set alight. They both died later while Hackney s evidence was being read in court Nishimura. With his head Down was Reading something which he held in his hands below the top of the Dock. Unbelievable brutality his statement was. Sworn before an australian judge or. Justice Man Field in Sydnor it la. Hackney spent 30 Days lying and crawling about the Jungle in Malaya suffering from fearful wounds before he was recaptured by the Malaya police and imprisoned. He was a Mem Ber of the 2/28 battalion which made Contact with the enemy at Barl of january 17, im2. He was captured on january 22 suffering from injuries. His evidence follows in his own words about 2.30 . On january 22 All enemy fire ceased and shortly after wards japanese soldiers closed in on our positions. They assembled us at a Point on the Road. The prisoners were made to sit some in the nude i in a Circle ringed by japanese guards. The prisoners were then herded into 1 rooms and later japanese staff cars arrived. An Indian Soldier who had been i knocked Down in front of the build ing showed signs of retaining con Moos new. A Jap in charge kicked him Down again when he sat up. While he yelled the Jap took a Rifle from a guard and thrust the Bayonet into him time and time aral. About Sunset machine guns were brought and placed in front of the building. The prisoners were Tufeg to Gether and some japs brought pieces of wire with them with which they tied the prisoners. Every Man was lashed about the head and kicked by the japs. I fell myself and was kicked in All parts of my body. I was struck Many times on the head with Rifle Butts. Eventually the japs Cut me Loose and left me lying on the ground. The prisoners were marched off around the building. Some stumbled and fell Caus ing others to fall. These were kicked struck and Bayon eted until As Many As could do so were standing again. The massacre that followed was to say the least most violent and wicked. Blk Les and machine guns belched Forth a storm of death and a few fell a group fell after the first burst a few remained standing. They were hit by Rifle or machine gun Are. Many fell because they were pulled Down by others. The Jap soldiers returned to the front of the building and began taking away bodies. These had been Cut free from the ropes to allow pro Gress of the line. They left behind Only one body this being the furthest away of the two officers Cut from the Chain. This was myself. My Only Hope of escape was to make the japs believe 1 Ras dead. I knew i would appear dead enough if i remained slut. I had blood All Over me and my hair was matted with blood. The japs came Over and kicked me to make sure i was dead then left. Illegal operations alleged couple on murder charge Sydney june 22. A a business agent charged with the murder of a Young woman who died after an illegal opera tion denied that he Ever knew the dead woman. The agent Cyril Braithwaite 45 and Marie Emelle Carat no 41 pleaded not guilty to a charge of having murdered Barbara Dulce Ellscott 20 of Greta. The Crown allegation is that Braith Walte assisted by Carat no carried out an illegal operation on the dead woman a at Carat no s Flat in Manning Road double Bay Early on the night of March 20. In a statement from the Dock at that Central criminal court Braithwaite said he had been Friendly with mrs. Carat no for some years and on the afternoon of March 20 he was at her Flat until 5.45 pin. Referring to a bag of medical instruments and drugs which police took from his Home on the night of his arrest. Braithwaite said that the bag come from the Flat of miss Beryl King secret Ary of or. 8tuart Jones. King was a drug addict he said and he had removed the bag at the request of the police when she was in Hospital about two years ago. Braithwaite complained of the procedure of the police at the bedside of Elli Cott when her dying deposition was taken. Detectives refused his request that a doctor be allowed to attend the girl when she was rambling and wander Jln a he said. ? 10,000 dollars offer to Dave Sands. Newcastle june 22.�? Dave Sands has had an offer of 10,000 dollars �a3,570 for a bout with Carl Olsen in Honolulu in. July or August. Plane tickets each Way and hotel accommodation for Sands a a Bis manager Tom Maguyre Are included in the have been waiting for something like this. I la be ready for Olsen after my Sydney fight against Alf Gallagher on july \1, Sands said. Tom Maguyre has told the promoter i oui Wilson that Sands would be ready to fight Olsen on August 20. There were 199 patients in the hos Pital yesterday. ? prefabricated houses to be imported Peri Guiod granted to Zinc corporation Penn Slon for the importation and erection of eight prefabricated houses was granted to the Zinc corporation by the City Council last night. Hie Homes Are of the same Type blog imported by the . Housing Trust. Of English design they May not com ply with the requirements of the Building Laws Tod the ? company has agreed to make any reasonable alterations to the units to ensure they meet the requirements of the ordinances. The permission was granted on the Recd in Datton of the building in Spector who stipulated Tom in to be Bow read. Endowment Bill labor concedes one Point but firm on other Canberra june 22. A the labor opposition capitulated in the Senate today and agreed to government legislation to pay i 5/ endowment to the first child. The Deputy Leader of the opposition senator Mckenna said the opposition had to accept the government s refusal to pay endowment of 10/-. The opposition however insisted on the amendment that the government direct the arbitration court that endowment should not be taken into account in computation of the Basic wage. The labor opposition used its majority to Force a motion re questing a conference with the House of representatives to solve the deadlock on this amendment. The government re fused to accept the amendment and also to be represented on the committee. Senator Mckenna thereupon nominated five. Labor senators senators Ashley Mckenna Cooke Katz Ond Courtice. The minister for social services senator Spooner said the government stood on the principle Ofconfidence in the arbitration court if this is the final word of the opposition it is the final word he declared. Senator Spooner said the govern. 1 ment wanted to implement the Legisla tion. But could not do so in the form in which it now emerged. If the opposition were fair Dunkum it should go to the people on the Points on which they stood senator Mckenna submitted an amendment to provide a statement of intention to the arbitration court. This was carried 32/22. Senator Mckenna informed the House that a committee of three labor senators Ashley Mckenna and Cooke had drawn up reasons Why the Senate disagreed. Senator Mckenna said the committee reported there was an obligation on parliament to ensure the Grant was not Defeated or reduced by the action of any other body than parliament. The government refused to accept the i report which however on division was carried 32/22. I senator Mckenna moved for the a ointment of a committee to Confer with the House of representatives. He said h was essential they should explore All forms and possibilities of machinery for resolving the difficulty. His motion was carried 21/22. When the Bill was returned tonight to the House of representatives the government rejected the overtures by the Senate labor opposition for a con Ference. By 65/31 votes the House of representatives decided to ask the Senate to reconsider the Bill. The minister for external affairs or. Spender said by tawdry political tactics the labor party had sought to reduce the House of representatives to a farce. He urged the Senate to accept the will of the House.1 if it did not it must be held responsible for no child endowment com ing into Force next month. Or. Spender gagged further debate after or. Calwell lab., Vic spoke. Govt. Disagrees with Senate amendments red Bill to be presented again in three Mot fibs Canberra june 22. A the House of representatives to Day decided to insist on the government s version of the communist party dissolution Bill Ord i resist on disagreeing with the Senate amendments to vital sections. The Bill was sent Back to the Senate notifying that chamber that the government was insisting on its amendments. The prime minister or. Men Zies who moved insistence motions said the Bill would be presented again in three months time and the government would be delighted to join the Issue with the opposition on the Bill. Or. Menzies and opposition speakers were heckled from both sides of the House when they stated their cases for and against the amendments. Several opposition members were absent from the House during divisions on the govern ment motion but All had received permission. Or. Menzies said the House had be fore it the Senate s reasons for insisting on amendments to the Bill. These were a 1 because the Senate amendments were designed solely for the Purow u providing adequate proper and reason Able safeguards Lor securing the just and impartial administration of the proposed Law in cases both of individuals and of organisations. 2 because the Bui in the form a sed As amended by the Senate would carry into effect the policy of suppress ing the australian communist party without unfairly and unjustly penalising or endangering civil rights and property of innocent citizens and innocent groups. 3 because without the amendments of the Senate the Bill represented a com plete departure from appropriate and just processes for administration of jus lice and was in conflict with the Rule of Law Well established in All British communities. Or. Menzies said both sides of the Case were Well known. The Senate had stood and the House would stand . Government members hear hear we will fave the Opportunity in three months time of debating this again but in the meantime the communists will have three. Months of uninterrupted activity he said. Amid cheers from the government benches he moved that the committee insist on amendments made by the House of representatives to the onus of proof amendments of the Senate and to disagree with the reasons stated by the Senate. The Deputy Leader of the opposition or. Evatt said there had been full consideration of the Bui in the Senate and in the opinion of the opposition in add quate consideration of it by the com Mittee in the House there his been no real attempt to debate some of the Points he said. The prime minister has not discussed this with the House or with the committee or Between any leaders to come to an agreement. The answer to his arguments Are summed up in the Senate s reasons the gag moved the minister for Supply or. Scale moved the gag which was carried by 62 votes to 32. Or. Mentjes motion was agreed to by 63 votes to 33. Or. Men Les then moved the committee insist of disagreeing with the amendment a a insisted on by the Senate. He Sakl that i during the election Campaign govern i ment members sponsored a ban Oai Ahe communist party confiscation at in property and removal of communists from certain employments. All of these matters were then opposed with great vigor by members of the opposition he said. However in the course of the two months this Bill has been before us the opposition members now say they sup port it. But they show clearly the idea is not to destroy the Bill by a frontal attack but by sapping and mining Ope rations. The government will be de lighted to join the Issue with the opposition on this or. Menzies it becomes More and More Clear we must decide who is in charge a those who won the election on december 10 or those who would destroy told vital legislation. Or. Savatt Sak it was perfectly True that the government before it was elected foreshadowed a ban on the communist party. This is still in the Bill As amended by the Senate and the labor party does not object to the ban he said. It is in the Bill which the government now proposes to throw under the table or. Savatt said he believed the Senate provided the right reasons for rejecting the government s original Bui which denied to persons declared safeguards of Justice. I believe the government should insist on the Senate s Amend ments or. Measles Orlenas of the communist party. I or. Beale then moved the gag again which was carried by 64 votes to 33. Or. Menzies1 second motion was carried by a similar vote. The opposition caused for a further division on the motion to report Tho committee s decision to the speaker or. Cameron. The motion was carried by 68 votes to 33. Resumption of shipping now that the labor party has been successful in defeating the anticommunist Bui i sincerely Hope that Mode rate Trade unionists will take Over the very urgent problem of getting trans port moving the minister for shipping senator Mccleary said today. The communist action against the Bil meant that three ships within 15.000 tons of urgently needed steel for Mel Bourne were held up in Newcastle. Urgent requests. Were received from the. Removal of potatoes Lih Afa Vete oct few dome of last season s taiga crop just rotting in the feeds of quest Loci pi new Street i Namedin keeping with this atomic and the previous practice of naming City streets after minerals a new Street in North broken 11iu was Christ tend last no get at the monthly meeting of the City Council. The new Street Wui be called uranium Street la Between Cummins and Radium Street and is expected to be rapidly built u l As that Section of the City is quickly growing. The name we chosen by the commons com Muttee endorsed by the full meeting of Council. Geraghty makes bitter attack Oil labor party executive june 22.�? or. J. Geraghty Independent labor member for North Sydney made a bitter attack on the labor party executives at the Declara tion of the poll today. Or. Geraghty won the seat with 11.119 votes from or. B. J. Halversen Liberal 8,539 and or. H. S. Maher . 3,817. Or. Geraghty who was refused endorsement of the . State sex Cutlo. Said he did not blame or. Maher for the Campaign of personal abuse against me. The i Bor movement was in the hands of Young irresponsible men who knew nothing about u either industrially or politically or. Geraghty said. Them had been a lot of conjecture about his attitude in the House he said. Some say i am going to take advantage of my position in parliament but i say that a vote of Jun Geraghty will never put labor out of Power latest figures lasted figures for electorates where a Calm is elate Are Auburn Check count Dennson lib 5.283 Darlng 9.467 Kerr 1.g80 Kirby comm 499 Lang Lang lab 5.271. Darun Hurst absentees and Check count Annan lab 9,639 Ogston comm. 886 Paget lib 9.728. Hamilton Check count Absentee Campbell i lab 7.844 Newton ind 1.2g5 Quinlan lib 6,766. Maitland Absentee votes Barlow lab 3.2dl Howarth lib 6,038. Wollongong Kemble Absentee votes Connor lab 7.484 Oraham ind 1.880 Sargent lib 6.216. Basic wage Case end in sight Melbourne. January 22.�? the hearing of the . Basic wage Case is expected to end three weeks after july 24, which is the end of the arbitration court Winter vacation. The court today adjourned to july 24. The chief judge or. Justice Kelly said the employers would finish their evidence after the vacation. This Koukl probably occupy eight sitting Days when the evidence had finished party representatives and intervenes would be Able to introduce and explain their submissions. They would also be Able to comment on the submissions of other parties and intervenes which it was expected would occupy six sitting Days. Judgment of the court would then be reserved. ? death of or. L. Wilson Secretary of . Board or. Lionel Wilson popular and we known Secretary of the broken Lull pastures Protection Board for the last three years died at his Home at 724 Lane Street Early yesterday morning. The Coroner was informed of the death and an inquest will be opened at 9 o clock this morning. The government medical officer or. J. T. Cullen Wui conduct a postmortem examination at 11 . The death of or. Wilson who was 44 years of age deeply shocked his Large Circle of friends in broken Hill and the District. Or. Wilson was in town yesterday morning but went Home shortly after 11.30 . He was last seen Auve by mrs. Mabel Byers with whom he boarded tit 724 Lane Street. Or. Dorsch was called but on arrival shortly after 12 o clock found that or. Wilson had died a few minutes before. Or. Wilson who was a Veteran of both world wars had spent three years in a pow Camp in Germany. He suffered from nerves but there had been no com plaint about his general health. Or. Wilson was born at Hallston where his Mother and sister reside. He was in his fourth term As Secretary of the broken h11i pastures Protection Board. Dingo killed at Kars for the first time in 30 years a Dingo has been killed on Kars station about 60 Miles from broken Hill. It was full grown and had killed two sheep and maimed several others before be ing destroyed by or. I. Bath an employee of a neighbouring station. The animal was shot at the week end and or. R. C. Allison manager of the station said that although Domestic dogs which had gone wild had been destroyed in past months this was the first Dingo killed on the property for about 30 years. The Dingo had been in the District for about two weeks. Vic. Premier attacks . Leader gained office by political Trickmelbourne june 22. A the country party Leader or. Mcdonald had gained office by a shameful end deliberate political trick the Premier or. Hollway said in the Parlia ment today. Or. Hollway was speaking on a no Confidence motion presented by or. Mcdonald. The motion which Fol Lowed an Alliance Between the country and Lobor parties to enable or. Mcdonald to form a new ministry u expected to bring about the downfall of the Hollway. Government today. Thirty six unions have objected to the Alliance which has caused a serious split in labor ranks. Some unions May with draw their financial support or cancel their Agni Latsons. In caucus too there is a suspicion that the country party May have misled labor on the possibility of gaining a majority in the upper House. Or. Hollway today described the no Confidence motion As a masterly piece of strategy planned in Canberra by or. Calwell to Embarrass or. Menzies and a. Of Uddin he ulal. It would foil of no would a a driven Between the co univ i dirty Ond Liberal party in Federal parliament. Or. Mcdonald Sud or. Hollway had fought the country party at the recent elections n re he party had to tight Back and Civ Victoria a stable government. of the opposition or. Cain said that nolo was an Assurance of a Gore Macht for the suite. Monthly meeting of City Council variety of topics discussed a variety of topics were discussed at the monthly meeting of the City Council last night. The application for increased bus fares was refused by the meeting at which the mayor t Aid. W. F. Riddiford presided. Present were Aid. W. F. Riddiford mayor. Orum e. C. Thompson g. Ryan j. Baillie g. Dial h. C. Lunam h. Mann v. G. Barnes. Or. C. Crowley town clerk was also in attendance. Permission was granted to the broken i Hill cycling club to conduct Road races i along the Silverton Road on sundays in til the end of the Road racing season on september 30. The permission was granted on the proviso that the club meetings did not conflict with Days when there were special attractions at Penrose Park with the resultant heavy traffic on the Road. A special meeting of Council will be held at 10.30 . I july 2 to appoint three delegates to attend the annual conference of the local government association to be held of wont a on october 18 to 20. A strip of land 20 feet wide will be resumed from the estate of George Lud wig Otto von Reuben. The land la at the rear of property in Cummins Street and will be used for a Lane Way. The application for Long sen ice leave by or. A. E. Manuel to Start on August 1 was granted., margins Fok thanks men the increase in margins recently granted to . Employees of the coun cil will apply pro rata to All tradesmen in Council s employ. This decision was made on the recommendation made Fol lowing the deputation of the . And . Executives to Council. The . Stated that when the increase was accepted it was under the impression that All tradesmen Benell ted. Tuitt Park a further Grant of �50 has been made by the minister for lands towards the improvements to Sturt Park. This raises the Grants this year to �150. Or. W. E. Watt san . Wrote enclosing a letter from the minister announcing the Grant. The Park although under the trustee ship of Council. Is dependent on sums from the government for Upkeep and improvement. These Grants Are made on representations by local members. Bus fare Rise refused the application for an increase in bus fares was made by the Alma bus co. And the United bus proprietors was in used. The action was taken following a recommendation from the health com mute. Application will be made to the Pas Tures Protection Board to have the ser vices of the Stock inspector or. J. Cantello made available for the testing of local Dairy herds for tubercular cows. Tills follows correspondence from the rvs no rom it of car culture replying to Council s request to have the herds tested and the area declared a tubercular free District. Menkol Ole theatre notice will be served on the proprietors of the Metropole theatre to construct conveniences for both sexes in a suitable position to be Approver of that the time Given for the completion of the work be six months. Failure to comply with the notice the proprietors be prosecuted and an objection lodged with the chief Secretary department against renewal of the License for the theatre. In supporting to Lac oct Lon Aid. Thomp son bitterly attacked the proprietors for their arrogant manner to the residents of South broken Hill and commended the health inspector in preparing the recommendation. Aid. Thompson said that the action was Long due and had been agitated for by residents for some time. The conveniences were a disgrace he said. Or. A. L. James. 78 Nicholls Street employed As a line labourer by Council was appointed to the position of Driver in the line gang. He we be he Driver of the new pole erecting truck when it arrives. The appointment was made by ballot. £80 for Utility a Lender of �80 submitted for the ?1029 Chev. Utility Tab accepted by noun cd. There were Only four tenders received for the vehicle the sums offered ranged from �35 to �80. The be Alclo s the one formerly us i by the electricity department. Question time topics a move for government a Istance in he paving of Thomas Street near the Hospital will be made by Council As the result of a request to the mayor in question time last night. Aid. Orum requested Council to ask the government for a Crant to enable coun cil to Bitu Mynise Thomas Street opposite he Hospital and to kerb and Gutter the Iamb area. He said thit the Section of the Street Between Chloride and Sulphide steels t Ros unpaved and As the buses had to pull oif the made formation passengers Ullh Tler Lor the Hospital were forced to walk in the mud. The reason for the in Erbling work was the congestion of motor traffic which parked in the area. When the errs were loaves they drove across the Footpath to cum to the Road Way. The mayor suggested that Vitae request would have More Chance of raining the approval of the hospitals commission if it included the Section of Thomas Street near Sulphide Street adjoining the hos Pital Boundary. ? on a motor Cycle the action of a in optic on a motor Cycle was slated by am. Ryan who said that although he know there was nothing Council could do he thought that the Mailer should be reported to Council. About 5.30 . Fat Cray a motor cyclist had crossed the flooded spoon Drain at the intersection of Chappie and oxide streets at a High Speed splashing the Driver of a car which had been crossing the area at the same time. T not Content with a single crossing the rider of the machine had turned and made three trips across the water ? within a few minutes. Aid. Ryan said. He said that it was unfortunate that he and n witness had been unable to take the number of the machine. Aid. Dial again brought up the matter of the trains being parked across Sulphide Street on mornings when the Adeloide express arrived. He requested that the . Be approached with Arequest to Stop the practice. J t night inspection a request by Aid. Orum for a night i inspection of the City so that the Light ing committee could make decisions As to the most no Cussary i acc our Jiuu installation of lights will be compiled with. In reply to a request for the replace ment of a seat at the Wyman Street Post office the mayor stated that the City Engineer was preparing a report of the construction of teats and the positions where they will to placed. The new seats would be of a More sturdy design than those previously used the mayor assured the meeting. A petition from the residents of the area was handed to Council by Aid. Thompson. The petition dealt with Tho Quantity of Sand in Jamieson Lone near Boughtman Street. . Chemists oppose health scheme Adelaide. June 22.�? a largely attended meeting of chemists last night unanimously endorsed the Federal pharma Ceu. Ticol Guild s opposition to sir Earla Page s National health scheme. Reasons Given for the Guild s opposition were that the plan restricted the Tole of chemists to that of handing out a limited list of compounded drugs and that it compel a the Public to join institutions before be coming eligible for medical benefits. It was pointed out if the scheme Al Lowed Only ready made items manufacturers would have an open go. Both As coverage of formulas and prices 1 to Federal president of the quilter / Scott said the chemists would a a it ? i ? the Tuic to co Ijmte in any scheme under which the Public would Benefit f

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