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Broken Hill Barrier Daily Truth Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Broken Hill Barrier Daily Truth (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Broken Hill, New South Wales Goodyear Garden Hose & Hose fittings at Stan Newton s the hostess ser Obj than a Gold mhda1 Sherry 400 More j p0w return seven stay behind Panmunjom August 7. A four Hundred lore Allied prisoners of War were liberated by the communists to Day the third Day of the Post armistice Exchange. The switch in which 2,756 communist prisoners also were handed Back went smoothly. In today s group were 25 British 81 americans. 25 turks 12 filipinos. 7 columbian and 250 South kor eans. The majority of the Brit ish and americans appeared to be in fairly Good health although Many of the South koreans were obviously seriously ill. United states prisoners told of six americans and a briton who had chosen to stay behind when Camp 5 on the Yalu. River was emptied for the prisoner Exchange. The names of the seven men were not Given. It first report from returned prisoners that any of nearly 13,000 Allied Cap Tives had rejected repatriation. Station Blaze building gutted on Kinchela damage estimated at Over �2,000 was caused when portion of Kinchela station was gutted by fire in the Early hours of thursday morning. Nobody was injured. Kinchela is an out station of Kars station and is situated about 30 Miles from the Previt property. The building destroyed 1 consisted of a Large dining room a lounge Kitchen and four bedrooms. Nobody was j on Tho promises at the time j of the fire but two station hands were sleeping Iri an j other building about thirty Yards away. J when they were awaken i de by the fire about 3 . J Tho building was half gutted and with no Means to tackle the Blaze could Only tand by and watch it Burn to the ground. Or. R. C. Allison of Kars station said last night that damage would easily exceed �2,000. He said it was presumed the ire was started by a spark or Coal falling from a fireplace in the lounge of the gutted build ing. Meni Dee Road worst Ever seen it says . Guide the . Guide or. 0. H. Harrison said yesterday that the present condition of the Meni Dee Road was the worst he had Ever seen it i or. Harrison said there was a bad Detour from the Edge of the Bitumen to Rockwell. Most of the Corners Are of Bare Rock and parts Are badly pot holed and corrugated. Four Hundred Yards past ? Rockwell there is a bad bump on the approach to j a Creek. It is a dust Hole and extends right across the Road. Motorists Are advised j to keep to the North of the Road in this Section. From Here to the 17 mile. The Oad is still marked by corrugations. After the 17 mile to the ramp repairs have been carried out and i there is Loose Sand on either Side of the ramp. At the 27 mile Creek to the 30 mile there Are very head corrugations which air rapidly becoming potholes. This Section is very bumpy. There Are a few Side tracks but these have not been tested by the guide. After the 30 mile the Road j evens out to quo Dong. From Here corrugations Over All sections of the Road Are. Heavy. The. Road is Sandy and Dusty. These conditions exist until the rail crossing near Box tank. This crossing needs to be taken with care As reconstruction work is being carried out. The Road is badly Cut about. There tre several detours but they Are marked by deep Sand filled ruts. The i in roads Board officials Are very worried about the numbers of motorists trying to use the uncompleted Section of the new Road. Small White rails have been constructed to prevent traffic using these sections. Or. Pattison has been approached about this bad Section and it has been suggested that the completed sections of the new Road be used As soon As possible. . South Korea pact Seoul. August 7 the us Secretary of state or. Dul Les and president Rhee will sign a Mutual Security pact tomorrow. American associated press quoting an authoritative source says the pact a drafted during a meeting of j the two men today. It stated that the pact will bypassed by the United states Senate without difficulty Khee demanded the treaty As one condition for South Korea accepting an armistice in Korea. The treaty1 is reported As patterned closely on the Security pact Between the United states and the Philippines. Fowlers Gap farm leased to White Cliffs Man the experimental farm at fowlers Gap has been Leas pm to or. O. J. Hayes of j White Cliffs. Or. Hayes if the manager. Of Box Vale station. I the lease is for a term of Tulve years and upwards. The Lessee has been granted a grazing permit but will continue the experiments in re generation in the area. The Lessee also undertakes to effect improvements to a certain value on the lease. After a period the land will be reclaimed by the depart ment of agriculture. Mine accidents North was treated at the Hospital yesterday and then taken Home to 630 Argent Street suffer ing from a confused left Elbow. I e. Wilson North of 564 1 Blende Street suffered a i jarred neck. I g. Normington South i injured his Back and was taken Home to 85 Nicholls Street. ? r. Murray South suffered illness and was taken Home to 335 Wilson a final at Alma Oval this afternoon souths centrals Battle for minor premiership today s match at the Alma Oval Between souths and centrals is virtually a final for the minor premiership. Whichever Side wins must hold a firm grip on that coveted position. But wests Are battling along in the Wake of these teams and must still be reckoned on As Strong con tenders for second place especially if they win today and centrals lose As these two teams meet next week and in this eventuality would be doing so on an equal Points basis. This season s Competition has been the most oven for years. Although norths have been trailing practically throughout they have Al ways been a dangerous Force and More accurate kicking could easily have shot them into the major round. Recent performances must give centrals the favouritism for today s match. Some weeks Back souths seemed i to have a mortgage on Tho i minor premiership but their slump coincided with a Bril i giant burst of football by wests and centrals to place an apparently Safe position in jeopardy much to the Chagrin of their supporters who visualised souths hav ing another Point Blank shot at the premiership. Norths chances of equalising for the third position and then gaining the verdict on percentages is very re Mote. Too Remote to lend much heart to norths of j forts today. To further i weaken any Confidence to j Day s Side will be without i Haywood. Fenton and butter j included Are Terrell. Mar j ten and Willoughby. I centrals and souths have i made no changes except tothe reserves while for wests prior replaces Hicks. Alma Oval gatekeepers the following gatekeepers ire requested to be at the main Gate Alma Oval it 1 a n. Today messes. It. Osborne t. Cole j. Warding. M. Daley Ross Murray. Ross lord r. Pas cold. J. Simmons. Seconds souths g. Watson g. Daley d. Howell a. Her Mansson a. Squires j. Davey g. Chapman r. Bates. E. Burns. B. Daley m. Ran Ger b. Flowers v. Carlaw b. Scown m. Andrich r. Turner r. Elliott h. Jen sen. Reserves j. Hibberd r. Cox m. Copland. Wests j. Glanville a. Groves a. Crocker d. Hicks a. Sellick. C. Evitts. G. Gauci b. Prior g. Tay Lor k. Normington k. Aart sen a. Delbridge d. Leon Ard g. Merrett j. Gilbert a. Algate s. Baldwin. W. Renfrew. Reserves c. Hoare k. Smith. Norths t. Wilson g. Langbine b. Milnes b. Thomas k. Sinclair e. Hol Loway c. Russell e. Bottom. D. Steele t Eddy r. Buss j. Vasili by l. Brown r. Adams n. Dunlevy l. Clarke j. Hunt b. Lovett a Sweeney c. Titus. Centrals p. Hibberd d. Johnson g. Masterson j. Williams r. Owen Worth f. Mckee n. Tucker t. O con nor j. Connelly i. Turley f. Lawrence c. Fox b. Groundwater b. Carter r. Marslen w. Mcdonald p. Bevan a Dougherty l. Battle. P. Molt. Thirds wests c. O Brien. Row lands Vincent. Ripley Spangler Ward. E. O brie Phillips Lively Mahon Hocking Paholski Watkins Dobra read la Thois me Manus costello. Reserves Jay Mayne Burns. Centrals m. Thomas capt. Charlton vice. Collins Jonas i. Rich Ards. A. Vince no l. Bond c. Chenoweth b. Paul. D. But Tery b. Virgo b. Hibberd. E. Brenton b. Deuter t. Turley b. Jones k. Press ice a. Garrard s. Calleja g. Ludres. Norths a. Irbane. R. Davis k. George r. Milne r. O Dwyer j. Spain. H. Brealey b. Delbridge j. In upfield r. Mcmahon r. Garland b. Milne k. Arn old d. Campbell j. Taylor p. Ryan. A. Delbridge j. Cadd p. Ruddock r. White c. Attains g. Recks g. My Dott Gall. Souths Mortimer Oliver Copland k. Mcinnes Rickard Serich curler Woon Provis a Bates Marchesi Gaffney Dunne Hanson Baum m. Mcinnes Hebbard Parsons. Couch. Ralph Rouse Swalwell. J Colts souths j. Pell leapt. R. Watkins vice. Sam son. G. House. P. Squires f. Morris k. Williams a. Ter Rell m. Syrich b. Webb. K. Harvey n. Fletcher. H. Burns b. Aitkenhead r. Rolton b. Shaw 6. Scott d. Parsons. Emergencies r. Serich. L. Mount b. Neift. Pc b. Huxtable capt. J. Hall vice. Pascoe b. Power c. Trengrove b. Farquhar b. Toohey f. Sweet n. Quan n. Mcdon Ald k. Nestor d. Lehman j. Long r. Rose. B. Smith. P. Rogan j. Knight d. Castles. Reserves n. Gre Urlce j. Cameron. J ulva football junctions and . Stars will provide the main at 1 traction on sunday when the Tulva Competition is con 1 tinted. This should be a dour struggle As the stars Are leading the junctions by two Points and As it is the last game of the minor round the junctions will be keen to win with the minor premiership hinging on this game. 1 Little Competition interest is in the other games As the ens and the Stags Are assured of a place in the finals hut two Good games Are cer Tain. Excelsior v. Royals r. Anderson a Hillside. Commercials v. Sports Man s Stags j. Gillespie a Jubilee siding. . Stars v. Junctions a Gilbert sex. Ground. Norths 2 f. Gardner 9 e. Cunning 17 r. Hooker 3 l. Shepherd Ham 18 k. Spangler 4 l. Pea co 12 j. Willoughby 19 r. Read 5 k. Sizer 11 d. Buss 20 r. Schmidt 6 p. Bourke 14 n. Mcinnes 22 a. Hoskins 7 r. Terrell 15 c. Bevan reserves 8 l. Martyn 16 l. Perry 10 i. Reeks 21 r. Elletson w e s 1 s. ,. 1 r. Tozer 8 g. Winders 1g a. Willcocks 2 p. Jay 9 k. Hoare 17 j. Blackwell 3 r. Mcclure 10 b. Hicks 18 g. Mcgann 4 l. Hill 11 f. Hoare 21 r. Rodda 5 l. Scam 12 k. Dickson reserves 6 n. Rickard 14 b. Gille a a. A 7 m. Mcgann 15 b. Gilbert 20 r. O Brien c. E n t r a l 5, 2 b. Wells 9 a. Lawler 17 w. Robinson 3 k. Dyer 10 j. Knight 19 o. Puccini 4 c.carroll11 d. Hogan 20 c. Gillespie 5 e. Delaney 12 g. Baird 21 b. Bibber 6 j. Absolam 14 a Rosa reserves 7 g. Day 15 j. Moss 13 a Minnis 8 w. Bevan 16 r. Parker 18 j. Heslop s. O u 7 h s 1 m. Home 8 h. Ransome 18 p. Campbell 2 w. Elliott 9 h. Couch 19 a. Donnelly 3 a. Noble 10 o. Pirak 20 d. Jensen 4 k. Daley 11 w. Krushka 21 d. Mcdonald 5 b. Elkins 14 m. Fitzpatrick reserves 6 h. Dickeson 15 b. Kuttel 22 a. Groves 7 j. Walker 16 j. Williams 23 m. Schuster Check on a Ray absentees officers in charge of the current anti to. Campaign in broken Hill Are now checking up on local citizens who have missed out on attending for a Ray examinations in the alphabetical categories which have so far been covered by the Survey. Any persons who did not attend for a rays on the Days originally set Down for them Are therefore advised to Call in at the town Hall As soon As possible and they will be taken on any Day. At the end of yesterday s Survey the 10.000 Mark had i almost been reached and the i Campaign has now reached about the half Way stage. All citizens should take and 1 Vantage of the Campaign during the next fortnight since the machines will de finitely cease operation on Friday August 21. When staff and equipment will no longer be available. Registration for National service the next Batch of youths to be called up for training under the National service scheme will be British Citi Zens reaching the age of 18 years Between september 1, ii of Ana december a 1953. Youths in this group will j be required to Register atthe Commonwealth pm p.lo-mcntfws5�rta Ithira i Days of August 17, when re 1 a is ration for the next per Iod of training will com Mence. This will mean that they must Register before August 31. Mervyn Rose eliminated new York. August 7 Noel Brown fifth seeded Ameri can played Brilliant Tennis to score an upset 6/3, 6/4 i Victory Over Australia s Mervyn Rose in the third round of the Eastern grass court titles. Ham Richardson eliminated Ian Ayre 3/6, 8/6, 6/2. But Rex Hartwig downed j straight Clark 6/3, 4/6, 6/2. Two polio suspects two suspected cases of poliomyelitis and one of diphtheria were reported to the City Council health department yesterday j the patients were a children. The two polio cases were from North broken Hill and the diphtheria patient was from the Central Section of the town. Lottery results Sydney aug. 7 lottery no. 2878 and 2879 were drawn today. Results a no. 3878 a first 16,600jackpot Syndicate j. T. Conway 23 Kerr s Road Liscombe. Second 99,835about time Syndicate c. Conway care go Sydney. Third 51,223good Oil Syndicate d. Campbell Lin Coln Crescent East Sydney. Fourth 59,075the foundation Syndicate r. Doyle 33 Rawson st., up Ping. Fifth 2,351five Civ vies Syndicate r. A. Henry care 15 Castlereagh st., Sydney. No. 2879 a first 58,175thirteen Syndicate. P. W. Renshaw newsagent Narromine. Second 60.063toot and mum Syndicate v. J. Finn 512 Woodville Road Guild Ford. Third 77,106wishing Syndicate mrs. M. Gazzard care Gilford electric co., ?222 Clarence st., Sydney. Fourth 14,803tip top Syndicate t. Mcevoy 209 blues it. Rdv a North Sydney. Fifth 73,250five fools Syndicate f. Mcdonald care wheat industries Tam Worth Union news & views this Pace is specially reserved for local Union news and views. Reports of Union meeting \ Are welcomed. A ? ? 1 1 ? ? mass meeting of Council employees to consider Council s latest offer there will be a mass meeting of City Council employees of the trades Hall Tomor Row sunday morning at 10.30 o clock to consider Council s latest reply to the log of claims. J As you Are aware. Council j had arranged to Confer with the delegation from your Council and the unions after its Ordinary meeting thursday. Although it was not convenient for your Dele Gates to be present. Council dealt with the correspond ence and gave careful consideration to the various matters on which agree ment has not been reached namely 1. Long service leave. 4. Salary a assistant librarian. 5. Lead Bonus. 9. Sick leave a Staft. 12. Conditions relating to men oft sick. 13. Margins. It was decided that the salary of tile assistant librarian be increased by the same amount As the librarian thus preserving the Dif Ference Between the two salaries As exists at Liu present time. With regard to the other matters. Council regrets thai it cannot increase the Holtery Myhr Ito , of inn. H 1053. And july 25, 1953. In the Case of Long service leave and Lead Bonus it just in t possible to Lind the Money. In the general fund we have an overdraft which we have found impossible to pay oft a at the end of last year it was greater than the previous year. In the Case of the electricity fund we Are unable to pay our Way a some of our. Larger creditors accounts arc three months overdue a this fund also we Piave an overdraft of �35.000 which has been gradually increasing. The Bank has drawn our attention to these matters and in the last two years reports the Audi Tor has commented upon the Drift in Council s finances. It is Clear therefore that even if Council were to agree to the Long service leave and Lead Bonus claims there would be repercussions from both the Bank and the local government department which would necessitate drastic reductions in other expenditure which could Only be achieved by putting men oft. Sick leave a Staft the additions of the right to accumulate sick leave at the rate of one week per year indefinitely after ten weeks had been accumulated represents a definite gain. Holidays for men oft sick this claim seems so unreasonable that i can Only suppose it is due to a mis understanding. Surely there must be some limit placed upon a Man s right to receive holidays. If no time limit is placed on this Concession a Man May be oft for years May indeed never return to work yet he would be entitled to every statutory Holiday which happened whilst he was oft work. The new condition is set out in my letter of june 8, 1953. No other employees in the town receive such a. Concession. I margins Council feels that the offer made in its letter to Grant margins equal to those provided in the state award or the Metal trades award As the Case of . Men provides adequate Protection for All men entitled to margins. I would Point out that the current . State award is Only a new one and includes marginal concessions much greater than those provided in any previous award. Council Hopes that your Council and the unions will i accept the offers now made so that the agreement can be concluded without further delay. Ballot today for Hospital reps. The ballot for three work ers representatives on the Hospital Board will be continued at the trades Hall this morning and monday the ballot was commenced yesterday when 100 votes were cast. A bigger poll is expected toddy when the ballot gets fully under Way. The candidates in their order on the ballot paper Are As follows c. G. Datson j. A Keenan l. Wilmor b. Clark and g. Cherry. Win of a badge distribution members of the win of a arc reminded that badges will be distributed today and on monday and again on Friday. Saturday and Mon Day of next week. To obtain badges members must have first paid up their quarterly ticket 43/ plus 5/ Levy Ond anyone who has lost a Pence card will be issued with a new one on the Day piter reporting its loss. One Berriman Escapee recaptured Sydney. August 7.�? one of the two escapees from Ber Rima gaol was today Cap tured at gun Point in a House in Fairfield. The Escapee. Barry Becker 19. Was found by Detec Tives crouched Between the ceiling and roof of the House. Police had surrounded the i building. Becker who made the gaol break on wednesday with another prisoner submitted quietly. An intensive Hunt is being made for the other prisoner Leslie of Char Sinclair. 23-, who is still at Large. Becker had travelled nearly 100 Miles to arrive in Sydney in loss than 24 hours after the escape. Two share �1,000 another win in lottery for the third time within a fortnight a major lottery prize has come to broken Hill. It was Learned yesterday that two local men had won fourth prize in Watts. They Are messes. Dan Croft and ted Thomas or. Croft said yesterday that he and or. Thompson were advised of their win last wednesday. They have been sharing tickets in the lottery for about 12 months. They have been buying under the Syndicate army club and this time they won �1,000. Or. Williams manager of Lawrence s tobacco store said yesterday there had been a steady demand for lottery tickets through out the Day. One optimistic buyer has called his ticket sugar hat trick following the Success of the two other sugar syndicates. Two million strike in Paris Paris August 7 the whole of Paris is practical Par a lyse today by the first general strike of St teem played workers in 17 years. More than 2.000.000 workers have joined together in a 24 hours walk out faced with the threatened closure of every govern ment and private Industry in the country the French Cabinet met twice yesterday in emergency sessions. Premier Joseph Laniel has threatened to take All Neces sary Steps to carry on electricity services. The strike began among postal workers last wednesday. They have objected to the proposed Extension of civil servants retiring age from 60 to 62 workers already affected by the strike Are postal Public servants miners Gas and electricity Hospital and health workers and railway parisians faced the Day i with the Prospect of no mail and no Means of draw 1 ing Money from Post office savings accounts railway and Telephone services disrupted a shortage of Gas and the Promise of the bus underground and air France striking shortly. Railway men walked out of the City s largest suburban railway stations As the clock struck Midnight. They locked the doors behind them leaving Many would be passengers locked in the stations overnight. The train ferry from Lon Don to Paris was withdrawn because of the strike. Australia needs 166 to win London August 7 Australia was Given a sport ing Chancy to win when Warwickshire declared at lunch 165 in front in Tho third and last Day of their match today. This remaining australian collapsed this morn ing and their resumed inn Ings of 5/1g2 was concluded at 181, Bill Johnston again being the not out batsman. He has been dismissed Only once for the tour. With a first innings Lead of 1 89_ Warwickshire scored. Freely in their second inn Ings and lost three wickets in reaching 7b by lunch at which score they declared. Warwickshire 1st innings 8 Deel for 270 2nd innings Gardner not out. 3 f Horner hit wet b Mil Ler ? w Thompson run out 10 Pritchard. B Miller u Ord. Not out. 1 sundries ? ? h total for 3 wits Deel 7g fall 20. 51, 71. O m r w 9 2 13 0 Miller 15 4 34 2 Johnston 7 3 21 0 Australia first innings Massott. C hollies b Pritchard ? go Mcdonald sep Spooner b hollies ? ? ? 46 Craig c Gardner b Wal ton ? 29 Hole Lbw b hollies. 12 Miller sep spooned b hollies. ,. 0 de Courcy Lbw b Wal ton ? ? 13 Bonaud. C Gardner b hollies ? 7 Lindwall b Walton 1 ring c and b Pritchard 5 Tallon c Gardner b hollies ? 1 Johnston not out. 1 sundries. 0 total ? ? ,.tl81 fall 104, 112, 132, 132. 157, 166, 170, 179, 179. A r w Pritchard 32 11 60 2 Dollery 15 3 32 0 hollies 33.3 15 45 5 Townsend 5 2 20 0 Walton 12 2 20 3 funeral of or. R. 1 Sheehan the funeral of or. Rich Ard Sheehan who died on thursday took place yester Day afternoon. The cortege left Baker and Woodman s funeral parlor at 3 o clock for the Catholic cemetery. Rev. Father k. Muldoon officiated at the graveside. The bearers were messes. W. Baker k. Woodman s. Bonner and j. Ellis. Mrs. R. R. Williams represented the pensioners association. Baker and Woodman had charge of the arrangements. Visit of abattoirs officer the town clerk or. C. Crowley has been advised that or. S. Wise. Abattoirs officer of the department of agriculture will be visiting broken Hill next week to discuss with the City coun cil and other interested Bod ies the proposal to make a killing Centre of broken Hill. Or. Wise will arrive on monday night and will meet Council men on tuesday

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