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Bristol Daily Courier Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Bristol Daily Courier (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Bristol, Pennsylvania Which Way to turn clock Bach it finl Stuj glut nor Delaware valleys greatest Home newspaper vol. 56, no. 13 member Abc Bristol pa., saturday evening october 30, 1965 38 pages Price ten cents outnumbered 4 to 1 u. Marines repel massive red attack tonight a the night for witches and for turning Back the clock one hour. Gail Martin in witches costume a sixth Grade Pupil at the Lafayette school Bristol township sets a school clock Back to Eastern Standard time to show that Daylight saving time ends at 2 . Saigon up a a company of . Marines outnumbered four to one today repelled a massive communist attack West of the Danang airbase. At least 46 guerrillas were known killed. Marine casualties in the attack were listed As a moderate a but no totals were Given. The Viet Cong attack came at 2 20 . About 10 Miles West of the huge airbase not far from the scene of a communist suicide squad assault two Days ago which destroyed 18 . Helicopters and damaged 22 others. The fighting occurred on Hill 22, a Small piece of ground rising from Rice paddies about 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. It was the first time the a by a hard Core company of Viet communists had attacked a j Cong regulars with three other Marine unit dug in at a j companies in Reserve. They hit defensive position. J with automatic weapons 57 the attack was spearheaded j my. Recoilless rifles mortars seeks parental Blessing enrol 4,000 by 1970 College sets building program plans by Ken Shuttleworth courier times staff writer plans were revealed yesterday for a five year building program at Bucks county Community collage which will provide for the enrolment of some 4,000 full time students by 1970. An architects layout yesterday afternoon was shown to members of the Gallagher committee which was on the colleges Newtown Campus most of the Day conducting hearings into the two year colleges operations. The Gallagher committee is an investigative sub committee of the state Assembly a higher education committee which is i Good evening chaired by assemblyman James j. A. Gallagher a Bucks of Levittown. Committee chairman College trustee Stephen b. Hazzard who is chairman of the boards building committee explained the plans to the six legislators present including assemblyman Alan d. Williams a Bucks of Doylestown. Hazzard an architect said the first part of the building plan known As phase a Calls for construction of a new academic building and major portions of three other buildings which will House the colleges cafeteria gymnasium and Library. The new academic building will include faculty offices As Well As 32 classrooms. Hazzard pointed out that integration of faculty offices and classrooms will promote greater teacher student communication. Sixteen of the classrooms said hazzard will be used for specialized subjects where special equipment is necessary for effective instruction like physics for example. The other 16 classrooms will be Standard. Construction of the Library cafeteria and gym under phase a will be completed to a Point where the facilities can accommodate 1,600 students hazzard said. The Board expects to have completed phase a by september 1967, he added. Phase a also Calls for the establishment of a baseball Diamond and athletic Field. However reliable College sources have indicated the Board of trustees does not want to encourage the establishment of a competitive athletic program in the immediate future. Access routes another facet of phase a will provide paving of Access routes enjoy it while you May the rest of Daylight time we mean. Tonight you turn Back the clock and pick up that hour of snooze you lost last Spring. This Means finally fall in Earnest. Earth Waves studied nuclear shot fired in volcanic Rock and a big weekend for the witches and goblins. Still no consensus on the trick or treat business and we be a Hunch the Little people will be doubling benefiting this halloween time. Little people a lot of us big people will be joining Mem. Mke with Michele Jerry Marie Therese Anne Jean Lisa and Mark that is and All of those secret pockets. Franklin amp Marshall College professor Robert Mezey admits he advised male students in his classes to destroy their draft cards we see by the papers. Here a another typical example of the influence some of these fuzzy intellectuals Are attempting to exert on american youth and there a no doubt about it the sooner cur schools of higher learning screen this sort of teaching out of their institutions the better. Amchitka Island Alaska apr a thermonuclear device packing the Power of 80,000 tons of int was detonated far under the Bleak Flat surface of am Chitka Friday in a shot scientists called a near the atom arc shot with four times the Power of the nuclear bombs which devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in world War ii was designed to test the United states ability to distinguish Between Earth Waves caused by natural seismic disturbances and those generated by underground atomic blasts. The United states invited All nations with seismological stations including the soviet Union. To record the Earth Waves generated by the shot and promised that All data compiled from the test would be made available on request. Col. Donald i. Prickett test manager for the underground detonation carrying the code name of project Long shot was Jubi an. A i done to think even an atom got out a Prickett said. A it was near the the Manuc ear device buried 2,300 feet in the volcanic a cock of which this land is composed caused a Shock described by it. Col. Ben Grote Deputy test manager for the department of defense As a Sharp Brief Jolt. Grenades and Small arms fire j a . Official said american casualties were not determined but it was known they were a Light to the leathernecks a outnumbered about four to one a fought the Viet Cong hand to hand at one Point. The Marine company from the 1st Marine division was guarding the Region to prevent such an attack. When the communists withdrew they left behind 22 dead and the marines picked up 21 weapons including six swedish made k50 machine guns 15 other carbines and automatic rifles. The Marine company took Between 50 and 70 mortar shells according to up correspondent Martin Stuart Fox who reported from the area. During thursdays raid on the Marble Mountain air facility two Miles West of Danang a another communist attack was i carried out against the Chu Lai air strip. 52 Miles to the South. Two a4 skyhawk Jet bombers j Worth $2.5 million each were a destroyed and five damaged in the raid. Fein incidents lower Bucks quiet n mischief night from swamp Road and construction of sewerage facilities. Cost projections place the construction Bill for phase a at somewhere Between $6 and $7 million. But the Cost projections have been made in the Light of this years average construction prices. Hazzard Points out that construction costs have been steadily rising Over the years and the actual costs of phase a May be higher by the time the Board of trustees awards contracts for the work. After phase a is completed plans Call for the addition of other academic buildings a student activities Center and increasing the capacities of the gym Library and cafeteria to a Point where the College will be Able to accommodate about 4,000 students when school begins in september 1970. These additions Are expected to Cost another $2.5 to $3 million in the Light of 1965 building costs hazzard said. Intended to blend the new buildings which were designed by Nolan and Swinburne of Philadelphia Are in tended to a architecturally blend with the colleges present buildings of Norman architecture which was formerly the estate of Stella Elkins Tyler said hazzard. The main building will be used for administration purposes once phase a is completed and the four cottages on the 200-acre Campus which formerly housed the Tyler servants will be retained but the Board has not decided what they will be used for. The new buildings will be constructed several y a r d s away from the main building continued on Page 3, col. 1 president Lyndon Johnson a daughter Luci 18, is at the lbs ranch to win her parents consent to be married to Nugent with whom she is shown in this 1965 file photo. Her friends say she Hopes to announce the engagement wednesday. Up telephoto Luci Boyfriend visit intr at ranch weather sunny and pleasant today. Fair not so cold tonight. Mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. Johnson City Tex. Apr eighteen year old Luci Johnson and her Boyfriend Nugent of Waukegan 111., Are spending the weekend at the lbs ranch amid unconfirmed reports they Are Here to seek president and mrs. Johnson a permission to marry. The reports were said to have come from a longtime family j Friend in Austin. Tex., but White House spokesmen Here and in Washington would not verify them. All a that was confirmed was that vivacious dark haired Luci and tall Blond flew to the i ranch together Friday afternoon aboard an air Force courier 1 plane. Baton twirler . Girl new miss teenage America any idea of a academic Freedom being an Issue in this sort of thing is sheer foolishness. Nothing foolish about that amazing round of Golf Jack Nicklaus shot in the australian open yesterday. Ten under for a 63? that a just about the Best there is or has been in Competition. Maybe the eagles will Start scoring again tomorrow against the redskins another perfect weekend for a perfect leisurely drive through the Countryside. Be careful please go to Church tomorrow. Dallas Tex. Apr a wide eyed Beauty who was the favorite of fellow contestants and the stagehands As Well is the 1966 miss teen age America a Colette Agnes Daiute 16, of Paramus . A Are those Goose bumps a she asked hugging herself and wiping tears from her dark Brown eyes after the Coronation Friday night. Colette a 5-foot-6 Inch Baton twirler is vibrant and warm and As columnist Abigail Van Buren one of the judges put it a she loves people a has a very warm personality a and Shell be runners up were Judy Jacob 17. A discotheque jazz dancer from Southfield. Mich., entered As miss Detroit and Cynthia Colette Dali to Eanne Byrum 17, of Charlotte . Colette plans to use her $10,-000 scholarship to study languages at Syracuse University become an interpreter and travel. A i Hope i can exemplify what teen agers Are a a Bunch of Good kids a she said admitting she did no to much care for shaggy haired males or draft card burners. She Felt there was room for off beat individualism within her generation though a a a it Sall a part of growing nearly All of the 59 other contestants in the week Long pageant were pulling for Colette. The stagehands had named her their favorite in a secret poll Friday. I poised and personable col j Ette Drew gasps from the audience with her fiery Baton twirling dance. The flames whirled a close to her swinging dark Brown hair and Bangs a she had to shorten her haircut earlier this week because the ends were singed. Colette had represented new Jersey in National twirling competitions and she teaches at a professional studio in new Jer Joey. Her Home is 10 Miles outside new York and she competed As miss new York City. Other finalists were Carol Ann Hare. 16. San Antonio. Tex. Deborah Mary Sale 17. Of pig got ark., entered As miss Poplar Bluff to. Linda Sullivan. 17. Of Dallas and Leanne Davidson Turner 16, of Tulsa okla. I that Wasny to unusual a White i House spokesman said since j Luci frequently brings boy friends to the ranch. The president convalescing from his Gall bladder kidney j Stone surgery was keeping to a relaxed Light schedule and had no weekend appointments. If the family gathering was an indication of a forthcoming in j gag ement announcement no 1 one at the ranch was giving out j any hints. Pat about 23, has been dating j Luci steadily since they met Early this summer through Mutual friends a one of them Beth Jenkins daughter of former presidential assistant Walter Jenkins. Nugent went to Lucius Surprise graduation party at the White House june 1 and took her to his senior prom at Marquette University in Milwaukee three Days later. Since then the dates have continued in Washington where continued on Page 3, col. 6 by Bill Gignac Cour or times staff writer it was a quiet night. This summed up the reaction today of lower Bucks county police in the Wake of last nights relatively Calm mischief night activities. However the police departments will Brace themselves for tonight a anticipated All out Observance of mischief night in addition to All the celebrants of halloween. It was unofficially declared throughout Bucks a county by police and school officials that trick or treat festivities would be observed tonight. Most police departments contacted today said it Felt that the streets tonight would be filled with both groups. The most serious mischief reported last night was in Bristol township where a Dummy was burned from a Philadelphia electric pole on red Cedar drive. Levittown fire co. No. 2 extinguished the Blaze. In Bristol Borough police received a Call that someone had placed a rocking chair in the Center of a Street. Middletown township police were kept Busy with 25 complaints of minor mischief. They said the police Force would remain augmented until sunday night. Upper Southampton township reported that an out House was placed in the Center of second Street Pike and Street Road Southampton. But police chief Charles Gray said. A we were expecting it. The kids or grownups do it every other municipalities reported mischief night was observed on a minor scale. The confusion of halloween which is officially tomorrow according to the calender and Bucks county officials a unofficially naming tonight halloween will cause police departments to keep reinforced patrols in operation an extra Day this year. Outhouse moved a gain a they moved the in the Middle on the intersection police chief Charles Gray said today. Lie was referring to the traditional halloween prank of moving an out House believed to Cote from Northampton into the Center of the Street Road and second Street Pike intersection. A but we expected it a the chief said. Quot this has been going on As Long As i can remember Quot we done to know who is really behind this thing but this is something that you learn to live with a he said. Stars flee studio fire Hollywood apr flames raced through movie sets at two Hollywood studios Friday night driving 1,500 guests from tables at an outdoor banquet. Film stars Steve Mcqueen Elke Sommer Martha Hyer and Rory Calhoun were among the diners who fled As the fire suddenly flared up at the end of a simulated Western Street. No one was injured. A fire official estimated damage at the two studios a Paramount and Desilus at More than $200,000. The cause is unknown. Delegates to the National theater owners of America convention Clad in Western garb issued for the occasion were sitting Down to a Barbecue dinner on the set of a forthcoming Paramount Western when the flames spurted up at the Fence separating Desilus from Paramount. Flames Rose 200 feet in the air As the fire raced through false front Western buildings at Paramount and through stored scenery and staging at Desilus. X football scores a backers March in . New York apr a Mas Sive demonstration of support i for american fighting men in Viet Nam is being marshalled today on new Yorkus fifth ave Jnue. A turnout of 50,000 to 100,000 is estimated by leaders of the March set to begin at noon. Five holders of the medal of Honor the nations highest military decoration Are grand marshals for the demonstration billed As an answer to the anti Viet Nam protests two weeks a ago. These Are the scores for lower Bucks High school football games last night Wilson 6, Abington 6 col Xci Rock Morris Ville 41, 6 see details on Page 14 Index amusements. 4 Junior reporter a a a a 20 Church 12, 13 movies a a a a 4 classified. 16-19 obituaries. # a a a 16 >0 21 pictures. 5 editorials. 6 sports. 14, 15 editorial features. 7 to schedule 21 Jacoby. 4 women a news Vio 11 ii urn

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