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Bristol Daily Courier Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Bristol Daily Courier (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Bristol, Pennsylvania Bensalem acts to curb junkyards Bah i i f the Back from the curb line of the duct of business accumulates i several years have acc the Bensalem township super areas where the Yards Are to Lief that a own ship Quot annual licensing of junkyards involved he Orin. Son Abl 111111, chairman ar.1-?.- g.sraaa is it. Artis irays any i a a Onri i frs sri Quot a i -�-�-�._=�?1, a a a Ift areas where the Yards Are located. The enactment came at the end of More than an hours debate Between the supervisors and several scrapyard operators who sought clarification of several of the sections of the ordinance. Township solicitor Jack Dean parried most of the pro tests which entered on the belief that the township was attempting to harass businessmen particularly service station operators who a store parts. The ordinance Calls for the annual licensing of junkyards and scrapyard the posting of a Bond by the operators and the erection of a Fence set Back from the curb line of the properties involved. Dean explained that the Orin Ance poses no problem to bust newsmen who in the Normal con duct of business accumulates i several years have acc mural material and disposes of it in a de a Quantity of junk. Reasonable length of time. The ordinance Dean coment weather party Cloudy with showers Aud thundershowers Likely late this afternoon or tonight. Tomorrow sunny and a Little cooler. High today in 80s. High tomorrow 80. It Honl latin Toner Delaware valleys greatest Home newspaper u. S. Planes hit targets near Hanoi Bristol Saigon up . Fighter bombers blasted targets within 55 Miles of Hanoi today. It was the closet bomb raid to the i capital of communist North Viet Nam. . Military spokesmen announced that go . Air Force jets destroyed or damaged 57 buildings in Quang Soui South of Hanoi. The strike was made just outside the town of Ninh Binh. Where . Planes dropped leaflets instead of bombs two Days ago. Other . Jets attacked targets on three North vietnamese highways. A . Air Force spokesman said of fi05 thunderchief jets supported by to other fighter planes destroyed Bridges boxcars and trucks in a wide ranging strike. He said the planes destroyed three trucks on Highway 7, two Small Bridges on highways and 76 and four boxcars and a Small railway Bridge next to Highway i. Authority gives Croydon sewers of by scoop Lewis courier times staff writer the Bristol township authority a despite the protests of the township Board of commissioners a last night approved final certification of the completion of the sewer project in the Croydon area. The two groups meeting in joint session at Maple Shade school Croydon took entirely different views of the work per formed by George Tripp inc., general contractor for the Croydon project. The commissioners who charge the township has been damaged to the extent of possibly $100,000 by George Tripp. Sewer contractor said they til. Or foist jets fired 2.7 would Ute action against Tripp null rockets and Bull up no. To recover damages Siles at their targets 5 to 2 vote they cruised Over the com-1 the authority by a 5-2 vote m uni St territory for 40 minutes said it was satisfied with the reporting Only Light anti air it construction and Road re j paving based upon the recommendation of its consulting engineers Gannett i Lorn i n a Corddry and Carpenter inc., of Harrisburg. As a result of last nights action Tripp will be paid about $333,000 As final payment on the $54 million construction Job. The authority will hold Back an other $83,000 until eight months after certification of the Road work during which time Tripp must repair any damages. The authority certified the sew. Or Job As of March i despite vehement protests from author Ity members Walter Barner and Frank Seader and township commissioners James n. Kline and Charles Worthington. Work delayed William j. Carlin authority solicitor said certification of the Job was dated Back to Mal Iii i due to the fact that Trippe a work was delayed by Legal suits and an engineering Survey conducted by the township. Kline however told an audience of a dozen residents that a Tripp never stopped work during the suit or the Mast engineering inspection. He was not stopped one half hour. I think its a false Kone earlier released a report from Joseph s. Wafd and associates inc., consulting soils and foundation engineers which disclosed that less than the specified amount of penetrating Oil was poured Over repaved streets in the Croydon arca. Some commissioners estimate that the alleged Oil a a shortchanged May amount to from $60,000 to $100,000. The Ward report disclosed that of 41 test cores made of repaved sewer trenches Only seven contained the required amount of Oil. The sewer contract specified that 0.85 Gallons of Oil per Square Yard be penetrated into the streets. Kline noted that the township at the beginning of the project had requested that specifications be from 1.5 to 1.75 Gallons per Square Yard. Punch list k inc told the joint meeting the Board of commissioners would not join the authority in approving certification of the sewer contract. A i think ifs oui duty to recover whatever Money is due the township. I think we have a Good Case. We have been Kline also charged that Gannett Fleming Corddry and Carpenter inc., on dec. 28 had denied the Mast engineering report which showed 45 discrepancies in the sewer construction. Punch list a on Jan. 20,�?� Kline continued. A Gannett Fleming Corddry and Carpenter made a punch list Check list of deficiencies in Ling yet. I think we do have Evi the Job. The Mast report and thei Dence that damage was done to punch list Are very similar a Kline stated a but tonight the consulting engineers see fit to waive the punch list and approve the Tripp had told the authority if the Job was not certified last night he would bring suit against the township. Carlin said the authority can still sue Tripp for damages if the claims made by Ward associates prove True. Report not finished Kline said the Ward report has not been completed. A we Haven to gotten into base Surfac William t. Mullin chairman Linance Dean comem-1. Or vicars told curb those who Over of the Board of supervisors Toia the audience of about 70 persons that the ordinance will be a big step Forward in helping beautify the township. The ordinance has been in the planning stage for some time but recent reports that lower Bucks county has More junkyards than any other area of the state added fresh impetus. The ordinance was originally scheduled for enactment on april 16 but was postponed to a special meeting last night to permit a committee made up of opponents to junkyards and those who would be affected by the ordinance to come to some general area of agreement. Committee chairman c. J. Cook who operates a hauling business in Cornwell Heights served As chairman of the committee but called for the rewriting of the ordinance which he termed ambiguous. The ordinance enacted is basically the one originally proposed. The License fee required each year was modified to $25 from the original $250 figure and instead of posting Cash or certified Check in the amount of $3,000. A $1,000 performance Bond which will Cost about $10 or $15 a year will be required. Instead of placing the required eight foot High Fence 12 feet from the curb the ordinance was amended to require it to feet from the curb line. National Park service head welcomed Craft fire. A planer returned safely to their bases. Other american jets flying under the cover of pre Dawn darkness bombed a red truck Convoy 125 Miles South of Hanoi. In Saigon South vietnamese continued on pig 3, look 6 i Good i i. I i evening a z z pm batting for Ogo. Of what a Beautiful morning. A Little drizzle if you wore awake with the Birds but As of this writing it s turning into another Lovely Spring Day. And have you noticed How those Birds Are multiplying redwings cardinals even a tanager the other Day. Summers a coniing in. Its not summer ifs the Rainy season in far off Viet Nam where our boys arc fighting now. And with the Rainy season say the exports will come intensified Viet Cong activity. Meanwhile the spoiled and sullen kids and half kids of our campuses Are continuing their unlearned and childish squawks against the situation in Viet Nam. There a a Marathon a teach in Goin on right now at Ilia i hot bed of leftist leaning the University of California at Berkeley. A fair Day on horizon today a Clouds and showers should disappear giving us a mostly fair Day tomorrow with temperatures in the 70s. Expect Light showers tonight. The precipitation probability for the rest of today and tonight is 30 per cent according to the Weatherman and to per cent tomorrow. Seasonal temperatures should prevail on monday under fair skies. The streets in Charles Dietz chief consulting engineering for a acc refused to change his position on approving the Job. A we recommend the Job be certified As Complete a he said. He did say he would study the Ward report and make his own report on it if requested by the authority. The authority did not request it. Carlin when asked by commissioner Arthur Reinholt if there was criminal action involved said a i wont answer that Carlin Bucks county District attorney said he had not seen the Ward report before last nights meeting. He said he would have to Analyse it before making any decision. Two weeks to study Kline told the authority the commissioners would give a acc two weeks to study the Ward report. A then Well bring continued on Page 3, col. 7 these Mullin stated were the recommendations the committee had made. Cook said he Felt the ordinance was not Good for businessmen and should be rewritten. Mullin retorted that the main object of the ordinance is to regulate not discriminate and tha the township is trying to protect legitimate operators of junkyards and their interests in preventing the spread of such facilities which Are forbidden under the zoning code adopted in 1954. Mullin said the ordinance is necessary to regulate those which have been in existence before zoning and to make sure that such places As service station s do not become junkyards on their own by collecting old or wrecked cars to be stripped for parts. A these have been the chief continued on Page 3, col. 6 1,700 Gas to leave brazilian troops head for Domingo George Hartzog left director of the National Park service is welcomed to last nights annual meeting of the Bucks county Park foundation by from left John a. Diemand jr., president of the foundation or. Charles Rollins president of the Bucks county Community College and Bucks county judge John p. Fullam. The meeting was held at Contis Cross keys inn. Hartzog was the principal speaker. Cou Rier times photo Washington up a the United states awaiting the arrival of latin american military contingents in the dominican Republic stood ready today to pull some of its troops out of the embattled Caribbean country. The planned withdrawal of about 1.700 american troops was scheduled to begin with the arrival today of the first of group of 1,250 soldiers from Brazil As part of an inter american peace Force under the jurisdiction of the organization of american states Oas. The total number of u. S. Troops scheduled to be withdrawn was to be about equal p. Charles Hollins pres item i my ,19-acre tract donated to Park foundation another important link in the Chain forming the Nesh Aminy Creek preserve was announced last night at the annual meeting of the Bucks county Paik foundation. Executive Secretary Robert w. Pierson announced that Ker. Mit and Janet Fischer of Warwick township will donate a 59-acre tract of land to the foundation Over a period of years. The tract Borders the Creek i president of Fischer and Porter above York Road and will be co. Warminster. Come part of the wild life pre serve which will also be used for recreational purposes such As fishing and hiking. Fischer is what these nit wits Haven to realized or refuse to realize is the vast difference Between trying to bring enlightenment and Relief to the world As . Is doing and trying to suppress terrorize and subjugate that world As the reds arc doing. The difference Between the dominican Republic and i suppression of the hungarian revolt is the difference Between idealism in the first instance and rape murder and pillage in the second. Is. A teeters worst fed members of family a it heavy social schedule equals poor diet Ort or 2 Owak Abili a 10 Pitk is meanwhile though we still can go on those weekend trips Back Here in peaceful America. Lets keep it peaceful by coming Back whole and Hearty from those trips. Had your car inspected yet what do you suppose people worried about before Money was invented done to forget to turn off your electric Toothbrush before you go to bed. Go to Church this weekend. Washington up a health equation for today a youth a poor diet plus a heavy social schedule minus regular meals equals one Mal fed teen Ager. This was the essence of a statement yesterday by an Agri. Culture department nutritionist who contended americans teenage girls and boys Are probably the worst fed members of their families. The problem is not that there enough Quantity to the but the Quality leaves something to be desired from a nutrition standpoint or. Evelyn Spindler said. Teen girls the teen age girls seem to have More problems with Isnit food their diets or. Spindler said mainly because they Are Gills. For example a they fear getting fat. A they spend extra time dressing. This increases their Chance of skipping breakfast to make a bus to school. A dinner May be skipped if it interferes with a Date. To Back up her statements or. Spindler offered these statistics. A six o u t of every to girls and 4 out of every to boys have poor diets a a she said. Added to this she said was the fact that research showed the older the child Tho poorer the diet. She also criticized the Low in Iron most teen age diets or. Spindler said were Low in Iron. Foods that Are High in sugar and fat often replace those with the much needed protein minerals and vitamins she said. But the real effect of the bad diets tends to show up when teen age girls marry or. Spindler said. According to or. Spindler a babies born to undernourished teen agers May be premature have congenital defects or Lack adequate nutritional reserves to protect them through birth and the first few months of a undernourishment during pregnancy May leave a permanent Mark on the Youthful Mother a or. Spindler also noted. Guest speaker guest speaker at the dinner attended by More than too persons was George b. Hartzog or. Director of the National Park service. Speaking at Contiss Cross keys inn Hartzog said that Bucks county a exemplifies the Best of the american environment the heritage of american living. A places like this. I believe. Make us respond positively to the presidents exhortation to know America first a the director said. Hartzog lauded county officials. Private citizens and the real estate Industry in contributing to the county a open space program. A the greatest single Force that shapes the american land scape is private economic development a Hartzog said. A its Impact can erode the values of our environment or it can enhance it. A conservation must become universally accepted As a part of our everyday life a the direct i tor said. I earlier Hartzog addressed the students of Central Bucks High school. Gaining momentum in accepting the gift of the Fischer Pierson said a the whole Nesh Aminy project is now gaining momentum. It is hoped the Fischer a gift will Challenge others to add to this excellent the county now has parcels of land bordering the Creek in Northampton and Middletown where a couple Miles Are under lease. To the number of troops made available for the Oas Force by Brazil Nicaragua Costa Rica and Honduras. The brazilian government announced Friday it would Send its troops into the dominican Republic. Honduras already has about 250 soldiers in the capital of Santo Domingo. Nicaragua has sent in about 170 troops and Costa Rica has sent 20 men. The . Ambassador to the Oas Ellsworth Bunker announced the planned withdrawal of a Small part of the american forces in Santo Domingo Friday As the Oas met to discuss the organization of the inter american Force. A final vote on a Resolution to activate the Force aimed at achieving a permanent cease fire Between the right Wing military Junta and rebel forces on the Island was postponed when the group failed to Muster enough delegates who favored the proposal. The vote was stalled by the absence of the representative from Haiti which scares the Island of Hispaniola with the dominican Republic. Haiti would have proved the 14th vote that was needed for a necessary two thirds majority of the 21 Oas members. Another meeting was sched there Are also two state Parks along the Creek one at the Tyler estate near Newtown the other at the Mouth of the w u Nesh Aminy the site of the for-1 used for today to try to get toe t renin i Napo Furro Kronos Al through. Wondering a wondering what to do take a look at staff writer Al Chester a Story on today a Magazine Page. A Ben Mcelveen tells the Story of a youth who Cut Comers a and went a Long Way. See Page 22. Index amusements a Church. Classified. Comics. Editorials editorial features Jacoby on Bridge Junior reporter. 9 12, 13. 16-19 20, 21 67920 Magazine movies. Obituaries sports. To listings women a news. 22916 14, to. 21 Roll classified no. I 3-1000 night classified i 6-4600 u1uwjuji

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