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Bristol Daily Courier Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 1

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Bristol Daily Courier (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Bristol, Pennsylvania Weather Cloudy with occasional Light Snow today and tonight. About an Inch accumulation expected. High today Between 20-25, Low tonight 10-15. Tomorrow Clearing and continued cold with High near 25. Instal Latta tartar Delaware Valley s great Home newspaper vol. 51, no. 83 member Abc Bristol pa., monday evening january 23, 1961 8 pages final a a edition Price six cents sub freezing weather continues two week tugboat strike ends May get capital role is decisive new Vork Chi a a two week Harbor tugboat Crew strike that forced the new York Central to order a Complete shutdown and Cut rail service for 1x0. Mhz commuters ended today with a settlement reached under pressure from the new Kennedy administration. Labor Secretary Arthur j. Goldberg. Who joined the talks at 4 . Est sunday at the Reque get of president Kennedy walked out 14 hours later and announced a settlement. The Cost of the strike is expected to run into the hundreds j of millions of dollars As a result j of wage costs and loss of freight and passenger revenues from St i Louis and Chicago to Boston and new York service delay i Mon leaders praised Goldberg s work in helping reach a settlement. Paul Hail president of the seafarers Union said a there is no question that if he had to entered the picture the it Rufty never would have been settled this soon. There a no doubt the others toe that Way. Too. Its always a pleasure to work with a professional. Like or. j the Central said it could not resume operations on its comm continued on Page 3, cot i ready to prosecute ready to defend i Good evening the task of prosecuting the Case against Boyer and u. S. Deputy marshal Charles b. Meyers accused of illegally taking Money in the celebrated sunday Blue Law indictment Falls upon county District attorney Paul Beckert right. He is shown walking into court this morning with Deputy sheriff James Lenegan of Levittown. The grand jury in november returned True Hills involving Boyer with taking 19 payments of $150 to allow markets to operate. County commissioner Edward b. Boyer left and his we Ifo Betty of Levittown Are shown in foreground entering the Bucks county courthouse this morning As trial against Boyer on charges of extortion bribery and con Winier wonderland. This is where everybody is wondering How Long yet the snows will blow called real reason tor attempted gop commie Ioner alleges mgr. Bowen a usurps Powers % Oman Dies Eek after twp. Crash mrs. Alice Hall 38, of burling Ziesler presiding selection of jury begins for Boyer Mercury Down near the if to Khi three nights in a Row name for tonight and we re getting numb. No Chance to since Early december practical or. A. _. The selection of a jury in the ton. Y j. Died Early yesterday o county commis5oncr cd. Of injuries Suffern a week ago u a right driving Slick whistle again today and better watch it alleged attempts by Bristol 300 a year Job. Vetter both republicans have township manager Richard j Delp would not cite Specif ? sex said that they voted with the Bowen to a usurp Power were Amples of Bowen s a misuse of Voard s four democrats to Block thaw oui Ltd yester Lay As Ute a real Rea Power. The commissioner did say. Bowen s dismissal Quot because it yppr0ach to thy Burlington son Quot Why four Republican town however that he was unhappy would in contrary to the inter Bristol Bridgen it Cor Milioner tried to fire with the manage authority to est it the people of the town or Hall. Who became the Sec int Imam a for Tara r. Bowen wednesday night hire and fire township ship to remove the manner. My aut0 fatality lower Bucks i the Power crab charges were commissioners had Hartley made the follow my this year had been on the err restored this authority to Bowen statement this morning. Fica list at lower Bucks county. B Boyer on 19 indict in an Auto Accident at the Bris rents 0f extortion bribery and thy Burlington conspiracy got under Way this. B teas a you d i made by Republican commissioner Samuel u. Delp who tried a As so line bus it Cly rests it in to commis Munci i Hospital since last sunday when along with republicans Ike h 1 is. Soop. Patronage he a criticisms of my idiom the car in which she was a and by the Way. Ii you Haven t Adams. Leroy d. Evans and on the ,0"n> 1 a As president of the Board of com Senger crashed into a tree at the had your ear inspected Hustle to the Job. Heller Harry w. Fawkes to have the commission president Vincent missioners. I tee that nes Torng Bridge approach. It nut unwed no Cage 3, col. 8 positively no Extension of the january 31 deadline says Harrisburg. And if you re having trouble now negotiating highways you la have a lot More without the necessary sticker on the Windshield president Kennedy studying Khrushchev hid for an Early Summit meeting and we suspect the administration will go slow on that one. Manager removed from his s9, Hartley and commissioner Carl f dead woman girls to Blind first corneal removal for Eye Bank Donelyn lower Bucks Leonard Lawrence. 42. Of Beverly n. J., diner of the car. Also was severely injured and admitted to the same Hospital he is scheduled to i get released today. Bristol township police said Lawrence will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. 2 inches of Snow Cross your fingers and Knock on Wood. The weath Knock on Wood. The Weatherman glancing into i the skies said this morning that the snowfall that started at 8 15 of clock should result in id More than two inches of accumulation. A ifs not the kind of a storm that usually results in heavy snowfall said George Whiteley i a. Forecaster in Trenton. Today a forecast called for occasional Light Snow stopping sometime tonight but with an overhead ceiling of Clouds until sometime tomorrow. High temperatures today were to have been in the 20�?Ts, with the same Range due tomorrow 15 tonight the overnight Low will be about 15 degrees the Weatherman said. Temperatures will continue to Range about to degrees below nor Mal the forecaster predicted for 1 the next five Days yesterdays High was 18 at i . The Low this morning was nine degrees shortly after mid night. Clark Whitesell assistant super i intended of highways in Bur is county this morning reported thai the entire county Snow clearance i Force has been out on the roads i since Early this morning. 123-Man Force Whitesell said that the 123-Man Force would have been out anyway. Widening existing paths and continuing Clearing the remains of last weeks storm. The Force includes 30 trucks eight bulldozers and five Large loaders which also double As Snow lows. Whitesell also said that the county has just about run out of Salt holding Only 15 tons in Reserve to spread Over vital intersections in Case another bad storm comes along. He added that the county has used More Salt so far this year than it did All of last year. Local government officials this morning reported they were Well prepared to meet anything else Winter has to offer. Well trained by this seasons w monstrous snows equipment is be meet pled they were Romano ing held in readiness at All times Aquaro 32, of 104 verdant Road salting and hindering Crews Vio Lelwood Walter Hergesheimer. Wet a Many localities in the freezing aftermath of last 8 i Pland Road upper Orchard. Week s storm. Levittown. Mrs. Elizabeth m \ forecast of additional Snow in Klotz housewife Coopersburg Western Pennsylvania was made Boyer is accused of taking $2, today by the u. S. Weather Bu-850 from Elmer Bauso owner of Reau As the state struggled to Butch s Market Trevose As Ward recovery from last week s ment for a a immunity a from arrest big storm that took a heavy toll for operating the Market in Viola in human life Tion of the sunday Blue Law. Hazardous driving condition Meyers is accused of picking up left Over from the storm played continued on Page 3. Col. I a Perl in five fatal accidents Dor piracy began. In the rear Are John w. Dean 3rd, left attorney and member of the county Republican executive committee and e. William Lindeberg Republican state committeeman and Middletown township tax collector. The first set of eyes Ever to once. William Helms president of operation in a removed a at lower Bucks tile Levittown Lions said. The doctors praised the Lions county Hospital for possible Cor removal must major Battle reported developing in Laos Llang Rabang Laos g Pic a major Battle Between pro w Estem government forces and although the trial of Boyer and Charles b Meyers. U. A Deputy marshal charged with conspiracy. Was first on the criminal court list other cases got underway before it. Of noon three jurors had been. Ing the weekend which claimed at least six lives the weekend fatalities on state roads jumped the Overall number of weather connected deaths in Pennsylvania since last thursday to 27. Most of the fatalities resulted from Falls and heart attacks brought on by Over exertion from shovelling Snow. The Early morning forecast issued by the weather Bureau in Pittsburgh called for Light Snow �?~77m.s is a Holdup eggs bind clerk to Motel of 8149 bus too bad but ifs Inlet in any discussions of anything with Thrush and his commie goons. We be got to in very careful of not cd transplantation was deliver within a 12-hour period and Trail a Kremlin Mousetrap cd saturday to wills Eye Hospital Plantation of the Cornea should he i in Philadelphia by the Delaware made w item 48 hours new de Valle Eye Bonk. Velo Peng arc now Ai Prog the Eye Bank co sponsored by which would make it possible to the Levittown Lions club and the preserve eyes tor a greater period Falls township Lions club de of time Helms explained slivered the eyes of a 70-year-old Kelius and enc pm Iago presi Lang Home woman. Mrs. Julia Dent of the Falls township Lions. Miller who died saturday said that the members of both mrs. Milieus eyes were donated Theta organizations have urge by her family out of respect for Ipp mgt s 10 pm de a Teri get is so our or. Arnold Palmer let us fu.,. Oil mentioned wish to make a at ethers nut someday see Down. We had him figured or an a contribution a to some Blind waiting list other photo finish in the 150,000 Jerson a after her death. Bing Crosby tourney and he per or Brij a Helms said there is a knitted Bob Rosburg to steal his Obb program waiting list it Blind Perron and chips and putts and landed in a 1 under 1 Pegram set up by tie that when eyes become Avail tie for fourth. Lions clubs several years ago. The Able. They arc used on the next Eye Bank is prepared at a to i person on the list regardless of ment s notice to deliver eyes that person s financial status which have either i it eco pledged when pledged or donated eyes by their owners or donated by become available doctors at Low their next of Kin. To wherever they or Bucks Hospital stand by to per Are needed whether it is to the form the removal. Or two bandits held up tile night cords from the switchboard and generally in Western sections of of Mnist i Yathet lao rebels a Rei Eft Lerk at the americana to a special line the Motel maintains the state with possible Accuu performed club a with or Diforti in promote i?, mile no try la. Zyx w on a a Quot a a a Salem town to it Philadelphia Headquarters lotion Ltd Apter Al inches a. He Jinni of y a p. Sulla it Al of 4 am and is Quot a made his Way upstairs with the fresh Snow came re coped with $149 it interned in Page 3, col. I continued on Page 3. Col. 7 John Hayes. 33 of Philadelphia commissioner re Bayer a trial on extortion charges begins in Day Lea Lawn today and it should he an interesting one. Everybody should breathe a sigh of Relief when this one is disposed of whatever the dispose util High Tim for the county to Start perking normally again. Fold township police he was bound and gagged by the intruders who jul fled in an Auto after emptying the la Cash drawer and taking the Petty a Cash Box along with them. In the clerk was sitting Iii the lob a by with his Back to the door when i the Nair entered the Motel. Don t in tour Way Okay hell do loiter next time til fellow who goes in a cock ail lounge optimistically often comes out misty optically. The it a Are the Days when brother leaches sister to skate a somebody tiles sister. Also files divorce suit Butuso s la up latins $250,000 due her turn around this is a ,m mrs Eleanor Bauso wife of Al the woman charged her husband one of them told Hayes Mer a Butch Bauso general Man with adultery. Nip or in no mod As co defendant in the Carl Polcsan. Manager of the is a 1 1.1 of equity ale Xix Oiler i or lat in Ament said haves told him Mui. Each of whom owns an est a a .�?zlhl.h,u. Us a a a i mated one twelfth interest in of a nar.e�?T&Quot.w�."f0lrr�?ov� try it Iiri is r r 1 or a owner ave. O four year per other de Ednanl. unde Tho a 1 m, Ani of l Hsi name of Butch s Bucks courtly j divorce Tsurif Market Aims Beirut Tanny a his Mouth tax _. However they asked him the com a the suit. Mrs Bauso. Who in the suit mis Bauso asks Una tits t4 the which he did i claim to own a one Quarter oat the partnership be dissolved now in halt of thu business maintains and the court appoint a receiver she has not receive i. A whole and to take care of the business Lel Ephon it Ager of botch s Farmers Market i Trevose today tiled a Bill of equity in Bucks county court de constant Blanding the merchant account for in in How a dream became a thrilling Nightmare a what Ever happened to Bally Jane a that the title tit Hie new serial which starts tomorrow Iii the courier to ivies. The diminutive Dane lag sprits from Spokane was a child Star Iii 1908 when. Hut that telling the Story. You can read the exciting chapters which appear daily. A time i or \ Loie need ends today. Hee Baa i. Index r i John my Complete accounting of the oper Hooks property and interests pole san said the files were wills Eye Hospital or the Airport i grew pathologist at the Hospital aliens the suit also that Bauso rifled during the Holdup but Noth in the event they Are to be used and or Alvin Smith up Hamolko Friday the merchant s Wile Fil Ibe restrained from buying Selling Gilt who performed the a Luciea de a suit for divorce from a bed or collecting any rents due the non said it is a relatively simple and Board in Bucks county court. I continue on Page 3, col. 4 elsewhere. Speed is of the utmost import my was taken except the Cash before fleeing. Hayes told police the pair ripped the Telephone amusements 7 mov Tes i classified 13-13 obituaries. 13 comics 18, 17 real estate is dear Abby. Serial. 4 editorials 8 spurt it u Jacoby to women s news to 9 Junior reporter 18

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