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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 30, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania A the Independent unfettered by party unbiased by Creed unwed by Power in bribed by greed. Some must sewer first picture machine shown on screen in Phila. Activities of health officer Tain sections brings to other dereliction in cer Light a Din the local Board of health through Borough Council have awakened from their summer loth Ergy and have notified a few owners of property they must connect their dwellings with the Boron sewers. From a sanitary Point if View such orders Are strictly Correct tor the safeguarding of the health of the Community. However from the Point of Justice these order have not been issued in an equable Man i Lier and in several cases have heroine a source of constant worry on the part of poor people who their own Little Home. To illustrate the the moving pictures recently taken of the first moving picture machine which was invented in a Unshon on Mill Street Bristol was shown at the Globe re at re Philadelphia this week with Edward Lynn operating the mechanism in of his fathers invention. John j. Mcgee of i a he and Wood streets saw the auction and concluded it tin met Hod of putting Bristol throughout the u. S. A. Bristol a. Friday september 30. 1921 jewish new year starts on sunday Oil afay probe St t in map three Day period of feast and prayer stores of jewish Mer chants closed own s Gene Barrett will move from Bristol has purchased Home in Tioga Section of Philadelphia resided Here for forty years con Gil let hods employed one owner of five houses on Linden Street and two on Swain Street has never connected these dwellings with sewers although in several casts he Lias increased rents from 8 to $12 per month during the period sewer connections were supposed to he made. Another House on Otter Street owned by this same individual seems to have escaped the edict of Borough officials and a Short distance below on the same thoroughfare a landlord who lives in Philadelphia has repeatedly be glee Ted to comply with the ordinance and As far As can he Learned the Powers that be have never threatened to do the work and take a property Lien As they have done in several instances with people of less Means. It prise Ness will come somewhat As a Aurin the Many Friend and Busi associates of a a Gene Barr learn that he is Bristol in the Barrett has a Cit to going to move from near future. Or. Purchased a Home at. A North Carlisle Street Philadelphia and intends to i rom Here within the weeks. For forty years with the Tion of a sunday next will begin a three Day religious Celebration of the jewish now year services in the synagogue on Pond Street will fining v mate this holy time of prayer and will be continued morning noon and night monday and tuesday closing with the reciting of anthems by rabbi Barron and tile gation. In accordance with the tenets of jewish scripture the new year Observance is a time All hebrews de vote to prayer and rest from All Servile work. During this period stores j conducted by members of the jewish Faith in Bristol will be closed All Day monday and tuesday opening with the closing of services at 6 p. Ai. Tuesday. Gasoline tax is now effective priests Here to supervise holy Trinity College Rev. Celenio fathers from pastor of dealers receive state notice to collect one cent per gallon counties to Benefit their new clubhouse will be Bright spot along Radcliffe Street extensive alterations in Dorrance House planned dancing Pavilion to be erected gymnasium installed two Story Mammoth float built Tioga nun e in i two year or More spent untie City air. Barrett resident of Here with from his e five in the fifth Ward pressure has been brought to Beur Oil the owner of two dwellings on Brook Street who it is claimed empty sewerage in to hollow Creek yet nothing has been threatened to the owners of property at Jefferson Avenue and Wood Street whose sewerage conditions empties into the same out let a similar condition exists on ce-1 Dar Street Between Jefferson Avenue and Walling ton Street where three dwellings regularly occupied have not made such connections in the first Ward near the business Section of town dwellings on Cedar Street Are still without sewer connections yet it is evident Effort has been brought to Bear the owners of the dwellings. While the condition exists and with the evidence that a favored few Are not even import Ned Whit others Aie threatened with prosecution unless they even deny their families the necessities of life to save themselves from a Lien on their property unless sewer connections Are made at once. It is self evident that the present office holders of Bristol Borough Are arbitrary in dealing with those whose votes they seek on election Day of perhaps their instructions ate such that Urey must not Force j the cohorts of the party they repre-1 sent yet apparently must push to the limit those who Are considered without the fold of the official prettier Section in and the no on except in Atli As been a Iii pistol having come i. Parents when to Lac Birthplace stanch chunk. Since a arly manhood he Lins been Acle Public att airs Ann in company with his brother Patrick a j been the prime Factor in building j and improving the upper end of Tho fourth Ward. The new buckle Yand Beaver Street Section was developed by these two Brothers there is no entire town. By pistol loses one of its most representative citizens and in speaking of the make air. Ballett expressed his sincere regret at leaving his Paige Circle of friends Here. His business interests however which Are mostly in Philadelphia demand Ilia lie he in closer touch with them at All times and his growing family with the necessity for advanced Ducal Ion not possible to obtain Lier was the final Factor in making him decide to change his residence. While no longer a resident Here in the strictest sense of tin word air. Barrett will Airway look upon Bristol As ii is Horn town and As he will be a frequent business visitor Here. Bristol is 11 still continue to receive the Benefit of his interest in her. Judge Jas. Mooney registers a kick the House knights acquisition of t lie Dorrance on Radcliffe Street by the Columbus As a Home Ami clubhouse should he welcomed the properly owners in that of Bristol a principal thoroughfare for it will local vendors of gasoline yesterday received their official notices a Sun tin state of Pennsylvania and copies of the act relative to the tax on gasoline. One cent per gallon a let be paid on All gasoline used and this amount must be paid by he consumer according to the wording of tin act. One Section of the aet which is1 especially commendable is Section 2 which stipulate that fifty per Cen Hill of All taxes collected turned Over to tin the collections were made to lie used expressly for the repair and improve no to of the roads within tin confines of the aforesaid no Driver of a Bernard and afar who recently returned Rome with father Jenin St. Annas Church. Will be located Here to pm. A i a r j c0"�?~,c 0,1 their note. Emllia which j. Dot 1 recently bought in Iii Elye or my in will he for the Hood for legion tent fair has been cancelled Law forbids wheels of Fortune so cd soldiers concentrate on military Ball. Especially among the italian people of the in work United states connection with St. Annas i Uro Chial school on Jefferson Avenue the teaching Sisters of the hold i Runty order in the fair next off. The authorities of of novices october in the school. Will ii old a reception during the Early part of the Convent adjoining shall be counties wherein Croydon parades. Celebrate Victory been realizes t to them the sombre by Section resident i a1 mean that county. Cu1 either pleasure commercial will be Apt to complain Over the payment of this slight tax. Especially As one half be used for the county roads. With claims he is fair and impartial Smoyer claims votes should not have been allowed will they Parade. This halloween in Days gone by parades were an annual features wily not this year ring. Harry Louderbough held in $500 bail for court hairy Louderbough the Butcher Xmas held on tuesday morning under 500 bail for his appearance in court to answer the charge of driving his Buick Coupe while under the influence of liquor. A Telephone Call was received at police Headquarters about four of clock monday afternoon that the Louderbough car was doing stunts to the neighbourhood of Wood and Market streets. Officer Wildey immediately went out on the Job and brought the operator of the car air. Louderbough to the station House. He Wras held until his hearing tuesday morning a month evidence of end Parade noted for. In on Chicken thieves Active in Edgely neighbourhood i he residents of Edgely Are. And have been annoyed by Chicken thieves. Air. John Fisher boil one mile out of Edgely was minus ninety chickens one morning last week when the Roll Call of the flock was Given for breakfast food. Air. Lawrence Spangler about eight of clock one evening this week hearing a noise about the Chick Ell House went out and gave Chase to the supposed thieves. Other persons have had similar annoyances. Railroad ties obstruct Penn Street Alley a commendable some Borough while it May be trait of the part of residents to prov Ide a Supply of Wood instead of $15.00 Coal for the Winter if is hardly fair that several residents of Penn Street Between Wood and Pond streets he allowed to pile i Ai i Toad ties in the Alley in the rear of their Homes obstructing autos and other vehicles in the us of part of the Borough Highway. A Ith hallowed in Only hence there seems Little la old time a a hallowed Bristol for years was years gone by about this season of the year a Parade to fittingly celebrate a fall hallows night a was Tho general topic of discussion. On these occasions merchants and residents along Hie route of March joined in the spirit of festivities decorating their store fronts and Homes with a old glory a along with displays of pumpkins Cornstalk and numerous other features Iii keeping with the spirit of this annual event. However it seems evident this year Bristol will Hay to pass such a Well known Celebration due to Tho fact that those who took part Iii making Bitch parades a Success have met with so Many discouragements during the past year in eking out an existence their spirit for Jollif cation has been sadly depressed. Nevertheless in spite of these depressed conditions those More fortunately Blest with the worlds goods might arrange a Celebration offering prizes of such a character that the winners would not Only be assisted in a material Way Blit would be Iii Ted Iii spirit from the lethargy Adverse conditions have forced them into. Again it ought to be considered even to reproduction of the a switch of Ender a with her cauldron pot for the production of a a spooks according to the ancient tradition of til Harvest Moon Celebration. Would have a tendency to make the residents of Hie Borough for the time being at least forget their War time sequel of woes. Six year old hostess at Edgely Park that strawberries found in Radcliffe Street Garden strawberries not Ripe but will be it Jack Frost does not pick them May be found in the Yard of i John p. Betz of 825 Street. Lof Radcliffe Aliss Ethel Angus of new Buckley Bleet who has been in a Hospital for two weeks in Atlantic icy after an Auto Accident near that City returned to her Home on wednesday. Her condition is rapidly improving. A very pleasant affair occurred last saturday afternoon at Edgely Park. It was doubly pleasing because it was arranged by miss Ai Adelite Spangler six years of age. The occasion was the Honor tendered to mrs. Headley King of making her the special guest and the Little girls Mother prepared and arranged the supper which was served on Hie Lawn. The afternoon from two of clock until eight was spent in the open and airs. King in relating the affair spoke of the Man Oevering of Hie aeroplane of Clarence a inter a which occurred directly in front of the Park and the children As Well As the older folks thoroughly enjoyed it. Those present were air. And airs. Lawrence Spangler miss Madeline Spangler airs. William of Den and two children mrs. Frank Hellings airs. Joseph Schofield airs Headley King miss Alice Smoyer Katherine and Betty Mcsherry and mrs. James Mcsherry. Judge of elections James Acooney of the first Avard takes exception to a Story which appeared in this paper last week Iii regard to Hie voting of two people in the Ward whose votes were challenged by a Siu Oyer worker. The Contention of or. Smoyer at tile time was not that these folks were not enrolled Quot but that they were not residents of the state to year As is stipulated under the Law. Smoyer still claims that these folks moved to Bristol from another state less than ii year ago and tor that reason their vote should not have been allowed by the judge. In Justice to air. Mooney his letter is printed below in full Bristol pa., sept. 27th, 1921. E. Warren editor of the Independent dear sir in the Issue of the Independent of september 23rd, there appears an article in which is the following statement. Judge of elections Mooney seems to have been rather favourable to the gang candidates As against Smoyer for when John challenged two votes of a Man and wife who Are temporarily on Radcliff Street with the Mother of the Young lady Al Money stated that he knew they lived where they stated Ann that was All there was to it their votes would go. This was a Gross misstatement of facts making it an untruth which was published by you whether knowingly or not. The truth of the matter is and which i stand ready to prove is that Smoyer did not Challenge the votes Iii question but that it was done by one of his watchers who upon being referred to me gave me As his reason no residence. I produced til original registry list sent me for just such purposes and showed him where these voters were registered at the Alay assessment and also produced their enrolment certificates for his inspection upon which lie said i withdraw the Challenge. I made no such remark As quoted by you neither did i Render any decision in the Case As by reason of the withdrawal of the Challenge none was necessary. Now air. Editor i have no objection to any newspaper publishing anything concerning me a the truth but i do object with All the Force and vigor at my command any misstatement of distortion of facts published with intent to hold me up to contempt and ridicule and to create an impression of my dishonesty As an election officer in the minds of my fellow citizens. I would have no difficulty Iii securing the testimony of some of your warmest supporters with Long experience at the polls in far More strenuous contests of tuesday last As to the just and impartial manner in which i have always conducted the elections Iii the first Ward. John f. Smoyer was accorded privileges for himself and watchers during the Day and while counting the ballots that has never been granted any candidate during the Long time that i have acted As judge of elections privileges which i May say were contrary to Law allowed by for the express purpose that no charge of favouritism could possibly he made against the Board but it remained for your paper to publish a falsehood in order to find grounds for an unjust criticism. Very truly James e. Ai Money judge of elections first Ward Bristol. Tea with tables placed around re edges overlooking flu water. May entertain the afternoon a bit of the up to Date larger cities forbidding building will be converted into one of. The towns Bright spots. Radcliffe which at this Point has been dark and gloomy will take on an air of brightness and cheerfulness that will announce the Awakening of at least this Section of tie old Burg. The knights have great plans for the future of their Headquarters and even now Are planning a Mammoth addition to the already spacious Dorrance Home that will make it one of Tho most completely appointed clubhouses in the East. The Ideal situation along the River front will he taken advantage of and from the first floor level a Large Pavilion will to erected out almost to the River a Edge and this floor will be used Asti Community Centre for dances and other sorts of entertainment where a Large assemblage will have to be cared for. The sides of this Structure tile Frame work of which will be built of steel will be of the removable Type so that luring the warm weather if May he thrown open and will be a Large open Garden beautifully decorated with a Protu Ion of Flower boxes and grow ing Bloom in Ever conceivable Cor-1 ii a. It it also hoped that the future will make possible the Coj Iversion of a part of this Mammoth room into an up to Date refreshment and room outer where the knights their friends during or Early evening lot Good things that the eat ing houses have Ever on hand. In the basement or River level floor of course a Well equipped Kitchen will first of All be established. And when the new addition is completed there Viil be installed an in to kit. Gymnasium and several Bowling alleys. Here the Shower Baths will be installed and also the lockers for members who will do liver bathing in season. The wharf thai a i i be erected to care for canoeists and motor boat owners. A ill be one of the prettiest on the River. The plans shown the writer yesterday indicate that the knights intend doing tilt proper thing even in the most minor detail of equipment. I he float will be a Large one. And w ill extend almost fifty feet across the Hack of the property. It will be built with an idea to follow the plan of japanese pergolas and a i have a main floor and Balcony. It is expected that there will by loom under Hie main platform for the storage of at least fifty canoes in the water in the Winter these canoes will by stored on the Balcony. While the main floor will he heated by a special arrangement i from tin House proper for the Comfort and convenience of skaters of the club. I lie Interior of the main building Vin be Given a thorough overhauling. And tile Lodge room that it is now planned will occupy the entire i a it ii it i Story will lie one of the most Beautiful in the entire state. I he entire upper Story of the Home will be converted into sleeping apartments with Bath facilities lot visiting knights and friends of the local Council who wish to stay in Bristol Over night. This will also be a decided innovation in this dish it and will be much appreciate by friends of the knights. It May be of interest to the Public at Large to know that All the negotiations in connection with the put Dias of the Dorrance Home from is Johnson were conducted in their entirety by Eugene a. Barrett. Of it will 1 improvement of his while the amount is mall per gallon when it is cons a hag of Gallons used e<1 this common up to quite course of a noisy demonstration in Honor nomination of John w. Wales Ley of ered the thousands every Day within wealth it will amount a tidy sum during the year. Banners Hying and bands the peple of Croydon Stag not Parade and demonstration Ever witnessed i under Canvas that was hrs nt0 be held by the Robert week a a am a can legion Wek has been declared action taken by the the stat in forbidding wheels of Fortune at an fairs has made the Glide up that Ilea of this celebratory it win mean that a goodly sum which might have red by the Post will and it is simply another Case where nine Laws just though they May be it he majority of instances work hardship on charitable affairs that have been the Vogue for seem.-, As if he very elements Are working against the them Down but a warriors such As these boys were and Are cannot be kept Down will yet hold the place Biu nity which their vice to their country should be accorded. Years tem legion to keep band of sturdy and Ann they in this com a ii Sci fish serum township last the affair was we. Peirce called to eternal Home body cremated last tuesday deceased much loved by All who knew7 him in that sector of saturday night. In Honor of the nominating of John w. Walmsley office of Justice of the a Matey led the ticket at the primaries Ber 2 0th. For or peace Republican held septem outdone in a rile band \ the funeral of the late William Pierce was held from his late Home Iii Langhorne on tuesday and was of tet and a ostentatious in compliance with the often expressed wish it a Hie deceased. I to weeks ago or. Pierce went to m do nod. N. J., and a week ago Iam sunday was taken ill with kidney trouble thai during recent years he had been affected with. I Pon receiving a Telephone Call the Parlier. Air. G. L. Williams. The Shore and brought i Home in his but Mobili in the ride did him lie continued to Harriman every Marcher a Banner on some popular saturday evening Denly with a chill away at 9.30 of clock. Deceased was Horn Deuce at 31k went Pierce apparent much Good for improve until last a ii Ade Vas led by Tryon a followed by a color guard ll""1 i top no. I. Boy scouts. The main body comprised about 500 men Omen and children. One of Tho striking features was he school children s division of about Ion boys and girls from the and Badger schools carried a Light and which was inscribed slogan. The demonstration following was marked by speeches from air a a1 Nisi by and air. Burke Republican onion Treeman. Air. A i Matey thanked the people for the splendid support they had Given him through the Campaign and expressed the Benet that the Republican club would be one of the leading factors for Good. Iii the Community. He cited to i be result of the primaries Crete example of what com pushed at the regular meeting of the Post Field last evening committees were appointed and final plans made for the big military Ball to he held on armistice night november Lith. St. Marks Hall will again he the scene of festivities and the successes of the past will be every particular. This military Ball has established itself As one of the leading Public social functions of the Community and it is the one event of the year a hat a number of folks look Forward to and plan for. Many novel features were spoken of ast evening and this indicates that the attending Public will be rented to several surprises when ii i Aie intruded on the a big the dance floor will he Brilliant Villi the display of gorgeous uniforms. As a number of visiting dig a ii Aries will lie on hand to participate in the grand March which course will be the feature of the ening. Of eve the by contest when taken Sud he passed quietly of a Pierce i in the Resl a Radcliffe Street Bris a a a 5 years ago and was noted during his Long and useful life Here a mail of quiet Demeanour and most Cha table disposition. About 40 years ago he entered the Coal and lumber business Here with Joseph g. Sherman As partner. Upon the death Kerman 2 7 years ago or. Williams assumed the partnership with his brother in Law air. f i i be. Three years ago or. Chauncy Stoneback was added to the firm and the business will continue Nuder the old name of and Williams. Iii compliance with his wish ing Lite no display of Flowers were made at his funeral yet the Devotion of his Many friends caused them to Send a number of Floral tokens Cut Flowers each selection i kind deceased loved during life. Hollowing services Over the remains at his late Home by Rev. Bingham. Of Bristol methodist Church the body was taken to Germantown there in accordance with air. I of ice s desire the body was cremate i he at Cli Elten Hills cemetery and the ashes placed Iii an urn. I he pallbearers were former business associates messes. G. L. Williams Chauncy Stoneback Ferris and air. N. Langhorne. A widow airs. Kate c. Pierce with one son Kingsley fierce alone with two daughters mrs. Seward wife of or. Seward of Madison. J., and airs. Harry guest num having been of being of so dearly As a concion id be acidified action. _ for the nomination i a Almsley was by no mean gentle one the Republican club having to fight every Inch of the Way. By spared no pains in getting every vote possible out and As a result piled up an unheard of Ber of votes nearly 311 cast from Croydon. The a real Republican club a organized at the last minute by the opposition failed to Stem the Stead a increasing number of votes for Walmsley. C. Stott of was also carried in on the having received 202 Don alone. As a fitting Climax the people almost As one pledged their loyalty to the Republican party and prom iced to All act As an individual Din Caill Pili a committee to insure the election of or. Walmsley at the november election. I he work of the Republican Lino is not finished however a said president an. Ai. Maltby a we have a great risk ahead of us and must Coli Minim our fight for Good Clear politics Iii Croydon and in fact of Bristol Charles e. Parker Franklin agent spent monday at factory in Syracuse drove Home in new demonstrator Harriman same wave votes from Croy car to distraint this Dis All business of late h. S. Rue is sold Charles Parker sprung a Surprise on his Many friends in Bristol Early in the week by driving into town in a new Franklin touring and Lainily announcing the fact that he had just closed a contract Bitte this air cooled to it. Charles and airs. Parker entrained for Syracuse n. Y., on saturday Iasi and monday was spent by the Young garage Man in the Franklin factory inspecting the parts of the Franklin before they were assembled Anil then watching the operation of assembling in the various parts and methods used in inspecting this work. Listening to Charles de of the various tests made part it is Little wonder Franklin enjoys the High occupies in the automobile seemingly no detail be Given the Maxi Angle of after script Ion of every that the place it Field today for is too Small to the every mum of attention by the officials at the factory. Leaving Syracuse monday morning at eight of Ciuck the parkers arrived Here at 2 a. M. Tuesday morning and made stops at Easton and at Milford n. J., at. The latter place calling on the Jef Alfred undertaking establishment and Mill Fiey family who formerly resided Esserick of in Street property sold to Trenton Man Here. Miles n. A few sur Ive Walter Beuchler now at Mill Street american store Munday morning a general change of managers of the american stores Here took place when the following transfers were made Walter Buchtel who for ten Washington the District Deputy Youthful athletes of Harriman Are Busy years managed the Street store succeeds manager of the a ii Street store w h i h a ii rain Alzoro from Buckley Street assumed charge of the Washington Street place of business. Walter a Oldeman. Formerly assistant in the Mill Street store was promoted to be manager of the Buckley Street place. Clarence Young remains As manager of Tho american store at Pond Street and Lincoln Avenue. The manager of Mill Street store was transferred to Philadelphia. Days ago the property Sand undertaking business of the late Harvey s. Rue Mill Street a sold by the Harvey s. Rue estate to or. Rule of Trenton n. J., who will take Possession soon. A a. Firman Young who for 2 5 years has been identified with this business will continue with the new of Lier. Air. Rule has Brey in a responsible position with the metropolitan insurance company in the Jersey capital for years and his marriage to miss Beatrice Chambers of this Borough will be recalled by a Large Circle of Bristol residents. I he new car was set at thirty per hour and this Speed was maintained throughout the entire to to. Stiff and new As the car the average consumption of the entire trip was to the gallon. Was Gas on Twenty six Miles confirmation at St. Annas tomorrow Bishop Crane who Confer the sacrament for second time since Elevation Independent Story brings to Light a record Case an item recounting where the in a this forty hours Devotion closes at St. Marks the 4 0 hours Devotion that Beguin at the la of clock mass last sunday morning in St. Marks Church came to a close on tuesday a vetting with a procession of school children and Celebration of Benediction of the most blessed sacrament. At each Devotion since sunday Tho Church was crowded to its capacity. Each evening a most eloquent Sermon was preached by Rev. Joseph o. Hara superintendent of Philadelphia s parochial schools. Long distance the Young lads of the Vogue and by a a Bill Poi George spelling Aid give prolate ords being broken in the Tore by this sprinting among Harriman is now recent records made he Jerry Rummer and Chester How a of some track rec linear fun or Iii. I Quartetti of athletes thursday evening of boys made a record from Harriman to Quick time of 80 Jar run was no de a few nights councilman elect Girton father of girl baby paper a week ago rare Case of dropsy invalid was tapped 65 times to release the cumulation of excessive us water in the patients body during the past the news item stated the medical or. And airs. Louie Girton of Mill Street Are receiving congratulation upon the birth of a baby girl on monday last who has received the Given name of Margaret Winder Girton. Minds Avard of a Resi Tore last week these fun of 12 Miles i Centon in the minutes. A Simi pre Mons to Croydon in is minutes Ani under the coaching of a a Jim Fisch Jar indications Point to the i of some present track lowering records. Mrs. Dietrich attended convention at Johnstown has. Harvey Dietrick of 661 new Buckley Street has been for several Days this w7eek in attendance at the convention of daughters of America i held in Johnstown. Year which was a Puzzle to fraternity hereabouts has recalled to the dents of the fourth wonderful Case. I stat of a woman residing on Pine Sheet several years ago who was lapped 72 times in addition to having the excess of water sweated through the pores of the body twice later passing away in a peaceful death. When these two cases Are considered the continual rallying of such patients does not seem so wonderful As some physicians would make the patient s friends and tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 of clock monsignor Ai. Cran auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia diocese will administer the Kite of confirmation to 2 00 children in St. Annas italian Catholic Church. Sunday morning after the 10.30 of clock mass in St. Annas a papal Benediction of the blessed sacrament w ill be celebrated in Honor of the feast of St. Michael. At this service Rev. Father Jenne pastor of the Church who recently returned from Rome will impart the papal Benediction a privilege he was specially granted by the Pope to transmit to All who attend St. Ann s Church on this special feast Day. Rev. Thomas to attend Synod at Harrisburg neighbors believe. Rev. T. Baho Thomas pastor of Zion lutheran Church will be in attendance at the East Pennsylvania Synod of the United lutheran Church in America meeting at Harrisburg. Pa., next week beginning the evening of october 3rd. A a

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