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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 23, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent unfettered by party unbiased by Creed unwed by Power a bribed by greed. �?oavl�?.� or in his own second Ward Smo yer Short death blow to Bossis and Grund ism people Are now aroused they will Rule with no organization with no help excepting this newspaper John Smoyer almost wins Council manic fight against a the hang great moral Victory for clean minded citizens 7 votes moral a Don t leave wine in the Yard Quot result i i Oves conclusively that with citizens properly enrolled by neglectful assessors organization would have been swamped Grundy fails to carry his own second Ward Hardy rests leadership from Boss Jesuit of Council manic fight doubt up to counting the last Twenty votes in not until the last Twenty votes Quot Ere counted in the first Ward was the result of the most hotly con test Jod primary fight in the history of Bristol Borough known to the ruler of the town and his lieutenants. I John f. Smoyer the one Man on the ticket not supported by tile organization carried a slight Lead up to the j very last minute and it was Long Atter twelve o clock that Joseph it. Grundy seated in state in the office i his newspaper a the daily excuse a was informed by one of his never in his years of dominance of local politics has a a Joe Grundy received such a slap in his political face As was administered to him tuesday by the voters of his own the second Ward. A a smiling and a handshaking Joe a was at the polls from Early morning until they closed using every method at his political command to hold his Power and yet when the votes were counted his candidate Squire Kraft was Twenty votes behind John Hardy of who made his Campaign alone and unaided excepting by the support of this paper. The Grundy forces headed by the a smiling one himself presented a Strong front the a a Bossy was backed up by chief of police a a Jim Saukville and county detective Russo both residents of the second and yet with these and scores of other workers and innumerable automobiles that were kept Busy All Day Long he the a a Bossy just think of it came out on the Short end of the stick by Twenty votes. A election Day and primary Day the two Days in the year that a a Joe Grundy is smiling and kind to everyone everyone in Bristol with one exception and that exception is the editor of this paper who seems to have been put at the very head of the Grundy Black list because we neither fear nor respect his Power yes everyone else gets the glad hand on these two Days and there Are still a number of soft minded fools who Are influenced by it but that this number of imbeciles is greatly lessened this year was proven by the would not vote As directed manner votes were cast on tuesday were a much strange that was played. To Start the Day properly according to the idea of a Uncle Pete a George Horn was seated right at the Entrance of the trades Hall with a j handful of marked ballots to hand lout for his Mentor a Uncle Peter John objected strenuously to George pet forming this duty within one Hundred feet of the polling place but George remained even after Squire Kraft had stated that the Law forbid his doing so. Judge of election Mooney seems i to have been rather favourable to the gang candidates As against Smoyer for when John challenged two votes of a Man and wife who Are living temporarily on Radcliffe Street with the Kotlier of the Young lady Mooney stated that he knew they lived where they stated and that was All the in was to it their vote would go. The facts in the Case Are that Liis couple have lately returned from the new England states where the Man wag employed for a year or More and for More than a year previous they had lived in new Brunswick n. J. Their close Friendship for the son of Uncle Pete was an Assurance that they would vote right so their votes were a1 Lowed to be cast yet there were Athel Hen on saturday evening residents of Spruce Street were alarmed when i Rumor became current that Prohic lion officers had visited that neigh boyhood and made a raid on homemade wine stored in the rear of by Margerum s residence. Upon investigation later it Learned ten Gallons of the made stuff had been placed Yard to undergo a chemical when Young men of the Hood confiscated the liquid later found enjoying the wine which was yet in a sour state of ferment a Tat Ion. However As part of handed Over to the was dropped. Daily a dying plea humane societies Public for Public support meeting held oct. 8th was Home in the change neigh Boral d were manager tells advertiser either in dependent or daily must get out of Field ii october interesting owner it the was Case Langhorne women trim or. Grundy women a voters league Send to defeat two of Bosses candidates Langhorne Branch i he first admission of business defeat from the staff of the a daily excuse a came this week when the manager of Grundy so Little daily a in pleading with a customer not to with to raw his advertisement said Here is not enough business 1 own for this paper and for the Independent. Either one of these papers must get out of the hard Luck or. Manager guess hat admission of yours Means that you will have to look for another Job for the Independent is Here to a May and with the overwhelming support it has received from the and verifiers of this District it is self Down evident that this is the paper that brings results. Never Lias a More plaintive plea i been made for support than the Pica presented by this director of he daily who with a quivering of the Oice and with tears Welling up in or women v Oters is jubilant Kos eyes implored the advertiser who j bad ordered his business killed to i continue. As a result of this heart National on a Mani Given with j Public meeting of Bucks county 1 m related humane societies will be Beld at George school that 2 30 of clock. A varied and most program is arranged for the Occa sum. Or. Richard Craven Beld organizer will talk Nials in peace and War a Many Fine lantern slides. Chorus by Public school children solos by Mian d mrs. Tom son of talk on a what is a club and what does it president mrs. John Hill with mrs Geo. H. Cliff of the meeting. All Are cordially invited to attend. Philadelphia Jack London g. H. Clede. Vav. Tyr ii and mrs. Will add to the value Uncle Peter seems to be in hiding keeping off the Street since tuesday s near beating failed in his boasts tenants must move says latest order o the. Or years. Ten tax payers to Lull allowed. Even Smoyer was refused the privilege of that were himself voting that the a suave one a should so far forget his usual course of procedure As to ignore a poor struggling newspaper Man who happens to differ with him in his political opinion. Guess there is Only about one other Man in the state who is disliked by the a a Bossy As thoroughly and sincerely As this editor and that Man is state chairman Crown or. Grundy does not like Crow and having been forced to eat Crow on two separate occasions no ring the past year he now has an Abhorrence for the name. As for the editor he glories in being thoroughly hated it is an Honor editors always seek. Grundy a candidate Gus. Catlike seeking the renomination for Council in the second Ward had a severe scare thrown into his bosom by the unexpected strength developed w. H. Townend who entered the lists As a free Lance Republican even with the a mighty one directing the Campaign Townend succeeded in taking away from him fifty a one votes and will Force the new candidate in the Field led the ticket the personal forces of Squire Kraft aided by every cog of the powerful Grundy machine were As Busy As bees All Day Long As the Squire a Early in the Campaign saw the popular Public trend not against i Bim As a Man nor even against him pet tonally As a candidate but against him because he was an or-1 a animation candidate. If Squire Kraft had not been endorsed by the Grundy machine he would not have bad opposition but the people Are frock and tired of Grund ism and for this reason a great Deal of opposition to the Squire was developed. If it had not been for the staunch friends the Squire has in the first Ward. Strong personal friends who would not be influenced even by the onus of his being a Grundy candidate lie would have gone Down to defeat. If his friends scores of whom voted for Smoyer had not stuck to Kraft All the Grundy horses and All the Grundy men could not have saved him. Squire Kraft was not strengthened by the support of Grundy lather was he weakened by it. If those who voted for John a Smoyer had voted for Hardy the latter would have been nominated on the Republican ticket for tax collector. The italians of Bristol certainly did their share to administer Tho severe set Back to the gang that was is r p0trti�n on tuesday. In the Ritoh Vani and in the second they kept their word and voted openly and flatly against a a Bossy Rule. True there were a number of them paid wages to work at and around the polls but it is doubtful if even these men delivered their own votes to the organization. Sala Aming satellites thai Victory Al-1il&Quot"�?T votes of Celize la who have though a very slight one tested on the Imperial Banner of Tho organization and the Boss of Bristol breath a Wail in 10lo i10 a a a a. Of a sigh of Relief hut t1, i Quot a u wart enrolled in the Washington party the Washington party has Long been out of existence its members having gout Back to tile ranks of tile Republican party yet John was refused the right to cast a vote for himself. Walter be Edom another life Long Republican except for his Entrance rueful a a into the ranks of the Washington organize party was also refused a vote. I be Edom during his residence in the third Ward has voted each year at the Republican primary but officer in the first ruled that or be Edom was still enrolled As a member of the Washington party. Rather a bitter Pill to Swallow for a taxpayer who has always voted in this Borough to be denied a privilege granted a Man who has been out of the state close onto five years or even More. And who never resided in the state Over a year at the most of you Are not a member of the gang you Are in hard Luck with the officials but the gang have Little or nothing to be proud of in the Victory they bought at such a sacrifice of principle and by defying the Law through the action of their assessors. The women of the town Are aroused Over smokers defeat and it is expected that a delegation will Call upon him and importune him to make the run on the democratic ticket in order to give them an of Poi t Unity those who were denied their vote owing to not being enrolled to administer a rebuke to the gang claiming that Bristol has been misrule Long enough by a Man Power. A sigh of Relief but none of exultation for the results of the Days Battle wore anything but Gratifying to him. Smoyer the dark horse the Man that the entire Energy of the first Ward machine was directed against to defeat had almost succeeded in accomplishing the heretofore impossible feat of heating the Are Tion in their stronghold and this despite the fact that those enrolled were All thought to be dyed in the Wool organization electors. A we will beat Smoyer five to one a was heard when the polls opened in the morning. A if Smoyer gets forty votes he will be a Lucky Man a this and Many other expressions of Assurance of their Victory shows just How sure the gang were that they could sweep the first Ward being certain in their own mind that there was nary a person registered who they w Iser crowd next morning and they Are not quite so cocky As they know that the result of tuesdays vote will mean the overthrow of Grund ism in Bristol and that on another occasion their assessors will he forced to live up to the Law and see that enrolment Blanks Are left at the Homes of the electors because this paper will make certain of that. The primary result and the candidates nominated on the Republican ticket is not an expression of the majority of the Republican voters of this Borough it is the voice of a practically packed convention that has spoken and even that supposedly Safe convention was almost Over thrown by a Man who had nothing behind him to help his Campaign but j his reputation and this newspaper. What would have been the results i by if John Smoyer had had an organization out working for him As the members of the gang worked against him is rather a hard matter to decide. He has thrown a scare into the ranks of the Grundy ites that May mean that the Boss himself will give up politics. John while he was beaten by seven votes is still a candidate for election and his name will appear on the ballot on election Day unless he orders it stricken off for John received the highest number of democratic votes cast in the Ward and is the Choice of this party As announced by their ballots for this office. In speaking of his near Victory John first wishes to have this paper convey his thanks to those who in spite of the efforts of a Uncle Peter and others to Bury him landslide still stood nobly promises and added their his total. He received one and forty one votes and a ii on the ticket louis1 the league Over the nomination of mrs. Ray Val Ion for so Hod Board because they believe the Victory Means the beginning of a Strong attack on Grund ism in educational affairs in the Borough. Two women backed by the Grundy interests Foi school Hoard nomination were when mingle Defeated. Mrs. William k Reeder the leagues second candidate for he school Board lost the nomination the narrow margin of eight votes v ii Mer Black a former member the Board. The two Defeated in candidates backed by the grim Dies were mrs. Janette be Edom and mrs. Arthur Townsend. Mrs. William c. Perk in Man of the Branch of the said last Iii Gilt a the result of the election is Gratifying because it shows the majority of voters in Langhorne Are awake to the need for improvement in educational matters. At the next election when vacancies on the Hoard occur we will Endeavor to nominate additional candidates. The presence of one woman on the Board will i believe greatly improve no Hope now that heat will furnished to Tow site tenants be at heat last the original order of a no Touchine Appeal Tho advertiser a in i several vonth"1�?� Enante a sue a question agreed to allow his and to brine and remain in the column of the daily ate equipped with Heaters have Din 1 Lle balance of he month. The no the past week been and in question is Only size so the condition ago tenants has been Eon whose houses one Inch in of Affa irs in must be indeed by to of to Nils. Chair league Hie office of the daily desperate. J fonder ii or. Manager imagines Luu a threat to discontinue publishing me daily would cause business to blood their office if he did he is sadly mistaken for his funny Little paper is looked upon As a monumental joke in this Community and i Uncle Joe might just As Well save in it Ney tor himself and Stop publish Rig it. Supply the Force and have moved lower end of is not enough Washington wants to sign Ted Roper 40 hours Devotion at Saint Marks ceremonies Pinnau curated with Celebration of mass at eleven of clock at one cloak and suit factory starts Here it will doubtless he of interest to i the people of Bristol to learn that another Industry has started in this town giving employment to 25 people. This factory is located on Lincoln Avenue and manufactures suits and cloaks which w ill Likely be the forerunner of a much larger Industry in this Vicinity. In St. Marks Church on sunday morning. Forty hours Devotion will begin with the Celebration of mass la of clock. Proceeding the mass a procession of the school children will be held. And an augmented choir will Render the music during the services. Rev. Bather of Hara will officiate and i each at tile opening of the spiritual least of this most impressive libration in the Church Calendar. Lie ceremonies will be concluded i ii is Day evening with Benediction of in blessed sacrament and a Sermon by father of Hara. Bristol Council k. Of c. Final seasons Outing Bristol Minster under a to their votes to Hundred the High Girton received Only one Hundred fifty two Arthur Fine received 148 or seven More than John and just sufficient to win out. Fine cannot feel very proud of his Victory for it certainly indicates that he was carried through by Force of he strength of the Campaign that was made for him and that his election was in no Wise Hie popular Choice of the electors of the Ward Ile who has been in Council for a number of years ran four votes behind Lou ii ton who is entering the inimical Field for the first time from eight of clock yesterday morning until hic polls closed tuesday might every available worker the first Ward was kept on the a they were lined up a Strong and the front they cd made it look rather dubious for Smoyer. John in his quiet and unassuming Way was on the Job minute and did not miss his appreciation Penna. 22, 1921. In Job company present a every trick Bristol sept. Or. E. J. Warren editor Bucks county ind Epen Ion t. Bristol Penna. Dear editor a i desire to extend to you and through your paper to the voters of Bristol my thanks and appreciation for the support Given me in the Campaign for the nomination for tax collector. The Good work done by you and your paper in the Campaign was estimable and i feel that the result in View of the fact that Many of my friends were not enrolled and consequently unable to vote proves conclusively that the younger element demands a change in the political affairs of tile town. I therefore feel highly honoured by the vote i received giving to your paper for at least one half of it and take encouragement in the fact that Bristol has better Days in store for her politically. Again thanking you i am very sincerely yours John in Hardy. Council no. 06, k. Of a. A i i hold the final summer Outing tor Lien members on sunday september 25th, at Weyers farm. I he main athletic event w ill he the baseball game Between John l. Sullivan s upbeat Ables and a a tick Eirys invisible. The regular tug of War running jumping and miscellaneous struggles Between married men and the will take place. Ai be wil1 be taken care of and dispensed by John Sullivan Edward c Aam John Rafferty and Leonard Reify. A cars will leave the from eleven of clock Munday morning. This big time in expects every to be present. Local Pitcher Likely to be signed by Clark Griffith great Chance for Ted impressions As a Ball player made three years ago in Atlanta ga., by Ped Roper of Bristol while pitching against the Washington team in a practice game Iii the Southern City have developed into a letter of inquiry this week from Clark Griffith. Manager of the senators to Ted now a resilient of Maple Beach asking him if he is still playing baseball. Led of course replied immediate Ivas part of hic letter requested and is now awaiting an answer making an appointment with Griffith with the prospects of a tryout for led with Washington next Spring. I he game in which Ted made such a Good showing As a player was while he was encamped with the 108hi Field artillery at Atlanta ga., during the world War and a picked nine from the regiment tried conclusions with the washingtonians who were doing their Early Spring practice work near the Camp. Although led has made a wont tul record As a Pitcher with Amateur teams during the past few years it May be possible lie will be assigned to some Field position when he enters much fast company As the american league team yet his friends in Bris of and Vicinity believe he will make in a of Coal. To of Dei i rom the emergency i b it that householders in the upper part of the Tow site must vacate september 30, is still in while a number of them to dwellings in the town yet there vacancies to accommodate half of those who have been notified to acute. In the Block on Farragut Avenue where business houses Are located a Supply of Coal was put in this week to furnish heat to the occupants of that Section from a heating Plant located at Hie Southern end of the Block. A despite the fact 300t tons of owned by the shipping Board piled tip near the Central Plant of the Tow site the sued by the emergency Fleet seems j. Lather arbitrary one in the face ? Iascu that cannot be gainsaid that tenants paid the same rate of rent during the summer months they Are charged during the Winter with an understanding according to lease heat would be furnished would in a measure reduce Greg ate Cost of each tenant Coal is still heating edict is my these through. Houses the w Hole their which the a occupy year bring Friend wife Home before Dawn it you done to the policeman May make naughty remarks about you yes sir ii he does particular one Young morning the men must be embarrassing to say the least for a Man to be told that it docs not look Well for him to be out with his wife until four of clock in the morning. It must be More embarrassing to be told that not live in his own Home by when he is told that by a policeman. J his happened to a Bristol business Man Early last week. This gentleman had just driven up from Atlantic City and pulled up in front of his Home shortly before i a. In. He was bidding goodbye to the Friend who owned the car when a police officer accosted him and asked him what he was doing that hour of the morning thinking the Bluecoat was kidding him be answered menace to citizens a a Cui arlys a a in a lust about to blowup the town a i the Uncle Peter Minster he who has haunted the principal thoroughfares of Bristol for weeks past has certainly made himself scarce since i tuesday the old gentleman must have taken to heart Rue rebuke administered to himself and candidates at the primary and As a consequence must hate to show himself rearing the Good natured banter of his friends. Failure to make Good his boast that Smoyer would be Defeated tour to one and that Hardy would be snowed under at least novn0ne Muht be paying on the poo Fellows mind. It is the Earnest wish of the editor of this paper that no serious results develop from the consequences of the vote cast to in a a d amp ent Leinan a he fought i a f an 1 kept up a front of Confidence when he knew Down in his heart that his leadership was hanging in the balance. As late As monday of this week he was ambling around the Ward singing door Bells and pleading with unified. Led to remain Leal and me to the writer caught i1"1 Liyu of to gain Entrance to the Home of or. Blitstein and out of pity informed the a old master a that pit avoid not be Home from i Philadelphia until evening a then i can to get my tooth pulled a was he Quick response of a foxy i he thought entered the mind of he writer that possibly Teeth Niichi be Fec out instead of being pulled hut then respecting the of the speaker the held. Elwood Minster a Uncle Peter so Lope Ami Joy failed to make Good his the Leat to come Down to the Iii dependent office tuesday evening serenade this office when by Oyer wac snowed under poor misguided youth he had no time to serenade anyone on that evening As he was kept Busy Rushing Back and Toish to oui grades Hall carrying the Progress of the count of the vote in the i list. To a Uncle Joe a enthroned and receiving returns at his paper office on the Beaver Road. Going Back to a Uncle Pete a wonder if he remembers making the boast last week that a the could make up a slate in the first and leave his canvass of voters until the last week of the Campaign and still win by a Cit seems from the returns that he was most fortunate to have his outfit squeeze through this Jean and sad to relate they Are not out of the Woods yet. Hie interest in the primary was so great in the second and fifth Ward w Here John Hardy carried the Day a that from Early evening until Long after Midnight when the results were officially announced More than two Hundred persons travelled Between the polling Booths following the course of the vote. Never before even in a hotly contested presidential Campaign has the interest played been As great. Grey retort was hairs with news dam Dis dangerous pavements St. Ann s Church scene of pretty wedding a pretty wedding vectored in St. Annas italian Church last wednes Quot aay at 2 Ivai. The can tract intr parties were miss Juiia pipe daughter of mrs. Anna pipe of 214 Jefferson Avenue and or. Louis of Florence n. J. The ceremony the Rev. Father was attended Sarafino and a Julian was train Angelo was performed by hold. The Bride by a miss Bela Niece. Miss Jennie bearer. The Groom in. Of c. Rooms until twelve naturally with View the committee member of the Council rally Day exercises at is Baptist Church tile by a exec gets of. The cd cd of he firs it Baptist sikh a a held at 2 i m till sunday september 2nd. The in a s to att and it us be from childrens Day to rally Day. And Ziven by the social Circle Wilt to the following y Ham Williams Fred Morgan Marie Bailey. Helen Albright. Nor Elizabeth Koch Beatrice hams and Ait be awarded Era Donnell Wil Berthea Williams it severe if the owner of a a part of the pavement in front or his property to be in a dangerous condition to pedestrians Borough of ii vials under whose jurisdiction these matters come ought to take Steps immediately to have such places properly safeguarded. This suggestion is warranted by a Case of recent occurrence on Mill Street. Or. Harry r. A Hughes of 629 Balli Street visited his brother a a Bend Hughes on thursday evening last at the garage of Charles in Parker 210 Mill Street. As he walked towards the office door he stepped upon a Small Marble slab which unknown to him covered a Coal Shute in tile pavement. The covering had no fastening and tilted As he stepped upon it and he shot prizes j through the opening like the Coal it was made to receive. When or. Hughes was extracted from his in feb for table position it was found to had received several lacerations on both limbs property allows though it seems As was attended by Frank Why no Bride was dressed in White draped with White Georgette beaded in White and carried or bouquet of White brides maid the Satin crepe a show roses. Tho officer did not know him Alif he should have neither was he joking for he walked around the car and stated that lie thought he had seen the car i 01ies maid was dressed in Pink Salome where before this same car is Llna and Over Lreh a of Maline beaded in Bristol every Day and every 111 White and carried a Shower Bou evening seems As if he also should Quet Pink roses. The train Bear have known it. J or wore Pink and Over dress of a i the owner of the car by this time Bead trimming. About became peeved at the prying police it five Hundred relatives and friends Man and his methods and stated 1 were invited to the reception which i sharply that the Young business Man 2?� Beld in trades Hall from 4 p. In question lived in the House at until 11.30 p. A the musicians hand. And that he and his wife had i were rom Philadelphia. Just returned from the shove in the immediately after the ceremony at a Ai. Of no lie done to Carnie Hack i be the bridal party went to Sleuth i know who lives in that photographers. Tile presents re i the House in that mentioning name of the girls Mother. A of course he does a stated the car owner and this is her the Copper was not quite satisfied and he walked away muttering to him of it that it did not look very Good i or a Man to be out with his own wife that late in the morning. Then the conred by the Bride were costly and numerous. The pair will make their future Home with the brides Mother at 214 Jefferson Avenue. Friends Bine ladies about to visit Bermuda Watson Ethel which have since caused those mein tree tops a whether fhe a Wayne Mil Bere to swell to almost twice their1 moshing x it Wil-1 Normal size and confined him to his Hind the tree vet j Home. This property is Only rented parties prize for the by or. Parker the owner occupying but or or m r. A Quot try Reron Ron Ltd in e sch Shuver ? Kear claa8 it he awarded to mrs. J Tho upper part of the building and husband a. I he is responsible for Hie Safe cond about primary depart lion of the pavement in front of his late a t Given to Mildred building Mot Kan 1�?T Raynonde. A it is. Robert Miller of , Nevegold and Ernest y we. Donnell. The prizes Iii ment w ill be Dyer Evelyn Masson. Albert friends a being out from with Helling. Mrs. Fred Wink of seriously ill at her Home. On september 3 8th. A dinner was Given for miss Claudia Magill of Swain Street and miss Bess Moor of Tacony. Covers were Laid for eight. These Young ladies Are planning soon to spend at least two weeks in the kidding him j bermudas. His wife tool a a John Hardy is to be congratulated on Hie Strong fight he put up and in particularly on Eddington l Tert-�i.�7inai i Tuiai a it on Hie fact that he beat g ii is Tei tamed tile sew my Circle yesterday i Grundy Ai ice noon at her Home. Now in his own Ward the Ward Leader. Hardy is

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