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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1925, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 18, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania The ii pendent has a larger prepaid circulation than any two papers in lower Bucks name inputs. A a buy the Independent at Bristol news Agency 245 Mill Street and at p. It. R. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor. Garden and Beaver streets Bristol. A. Friday. September 18, 1025. Empty Victory for Sang Borough councilman candidates lose a very Small majority in Kimii a a announce team to i Rrt n it a Grundy workers resort to Many political tricks to win jewish new yeah be6ins tonight at Sun Down a a announce team to oppose local k. Of c. Team the primary election a letter has been received by j grand Knight Mcllvain of the local i knights of Columbus by the seer Rosh has Hanah will be observed by tary of the Philadelphia athletics. Naming the following players to play a a Here next sunday against closing stores and ceremonies beginning tonight at Sundown. And lasting until sunday night Rush has Hanah or the new year will be celebrated by Bristol jews in their Homes and in the synagogues. Jewish places of business will be closed All Day saturday and special music and prayers will be held in the synagogue. Orthodox jews devote two Days to the Holiday. Remit has Hanah begins a period of ten penitential Days which end sunday evening september 27, when jews commence the 24 hours of prayer and fasting called Yoni kippur or the Day of atonement. The jewish new year is known by different names and each expresses something of its spiritual signify Ranee. Numbers xxix. I designates it As a the Day of blowing the trumpet shofar a it is Law known As the Day of memorial the Day of judgment of self examination. Tradition tells us that on this Day the ruler of life weighs the doings of Man and allots to each his destiny for the coming year for weal or woe for life or death. Its message to Man is threefold. I to contemplate All experiences of the year Joyful and sorrowful in the Light of discipline by the ruler of human destiny and to renew our Trust in him 2 to scrutinize our conduct conscious that god. The just judge of the world searches the heart and to consecrate the be year to a nobler life 3 and to look upon the life Story of Israel As of ones self in the Light of gods revelation on Sinai Moriah and Zion. The following business houses will be closed dries furniture store. Singer Brothers clothing store Hor Ris Bros. Clothing store. Frishberg store. Grossmann a fruit store. Breard store. Steinbergs Novelty shop. Cob en8 hardware. Schloff Fern a Spector a Bernard a. Weissblatt corns stores Wagmann a store b rial cd tobacco co for the the Bristol cases. Berry Catcher. Slim a Larrissa Pitcher Poole first. Dykes second Engle shortstop Galloway third base. French Simmons and Miller in the Outfield. Rathke and Phipps to Star in no. 2 show by Only la otes the t Captain Delong selects supporting by on it ,6 vcle4wm, the cast in a the fire brigade a every Ward. If thirty two report for High school team number of Strong teams on sched ale will play old rivals Quakertown the Bristol High football squat settled Down to Good hard practice last tuesday. Thirty two players reported to it coach Hoffman on the first Day. Tei of which played in games last year. Coach Hoffman Lias arranged i stiff schedule anti he is preparing tin squad for hard games. He is Bank ing much on his four heavy linemen tackles Johns 175 pounds hard 155 pounds and guards Schiller 155 pounds and Smoyer 234 pounds. The following schedule has Heel arranged september 25. Pen Iberti at Bristol october 2, Berwyn a Bristol. October to Perkasie in Perkasie. October 17. Quakertown a Quakertown. October 23. Burlington at Bristol november 13th. Game lie ing arranged november 20, it. Holly at Bristol november 26, game be ing arranged. In addition to the above scheduled games. Coach Hoffman is trying to arrange games with Jenkintown Abington and alumni. Entertain Phua friends at luncheon Heri on saturday. Mrs. Caroline Smith of 320 Radcliffe Street entertained a the Liney Book club Quot of Philadelphia at a luncheon. The Hunch in eluded mrs. Jan Docker miss Edna steel Matilda Johnson. Helen Sterritt Anna James Mary Mccon Nell. Josephine Harding and my of t. Taylor. Attended luncheon miss Sarah m. Hawke. Of 218 Mulberry Street attended a luncheon or. Tuesday at the Home of mrs. Edmund Lovett of near Morrisville and was Given in Honor of her Mother mrs. Mary c. Wallen who hat been Home for the summer fron Denver Colorado and is about to re turn to Denver. Mrs. Wallen is Wel known in Bristol and was a sister of Arthur Collins who for Many Jean was a resident of Bristol. Mrs Walen was born and lived until recently in Penns Manor but nor makes her Home w till her son in col Orado. Considerable interest is being entered in the coming production of the great spectacular fire play a the fire brigade. Which America Hose. Hook Aud ladder co. No. 2 Are to present in the Forrest theatre on thursday evening. September 24th., under the management and direction of capt. Harry de Long of new York City and promises an evenings entertainment of real Merit. The entire cast of Bristol a Best local Talent Are doing great work in their respective parts. Frank Phipps and Charles Catlike will be seen in new roles entirely different from any thing they have Ever portrayed and Iii which they will make a great hit. Mrs. Rue is the merry widow an Irish comedy part will be a scream. Alice Yates and Elizabeth Mcbrien will assume parts Best suited to their Clever style of acting in fact Ever it character in the production Wip have list Rue value dim out the a Tion of the play and capt. Delong states that they will put up a great show. The great fire scene will by the principle feature with its thrilling rescues and heroic life net leap with firemen and special Scenic Art effects in action on the stage. The following people will assist capt. De Long in the leading role cast of characters Captain Paul Williams. Capt. Harry de Long Charles Brandon chief. Charles f Catlike Patrick of Flaherty. 1st lieutenant Frank Phipps Tommy Wilcox. 2nd lieutenant Alfred Rodgers Jake Parsons an old timer Charles Coombs Joseph Andrew and a old luny Fred Van Sci Var dust in Rhoades. Lawrence Houser officer �?o666.�?� Raymond Tomlinson bobs the newsboy Mel Vin Bell the ghost. A by himself a Edith Brandon Elizabeth Mcbrier tin merry widow Laura b. Rue Folly Weston Alices Yates Little Dot Theda Van Sciver a a Dot a id year irate Mary Harris assisted by America Hose. Hook a ladder co. No. 2 in full uniform a the fire Rev. P. Ronge. Ii. Miller it. Harbison. H. Carson f. Smith. C. Lou Der Bough j. Cooper w Reeves. G Brown. Brehm James Guy. With special Scenic fire c effects in action on the stage. The specially list includes Alice Yates and Alfred Rodgers duet Ruiru and Mabel Bick Aud chorus. Frank Phipps and chorus Chas i Coombs anti chorus Lawrence hons or. Hobo specially. A the fire brigade Quartetti messes. Brehm Guy. Phipps and de Long anti two grand opening choruses. Whittaker a orchestra. Tickets can he Purchas d from members of the fire company and can be exchanged for reserved seats a Tracy s i tilted i Gar store 2 45 Mill Street on september 23rd and 24th. At 8 a. Done to miss the big show. Get in i line Early. Doors will open at a p. Curtain rises at 8.15 p. I a s. To handsome souvenir programs Given at the door. Reserved seats 75 cents and j i of general Adonis the results of the primary election indicate a Victory for the Grundy organization by a very insignificant majority. Thomas Harper running against Frederick Kraft for tax collector lost out by Only 37 otes in the entire Borough. The whole Borough vote also shows John Smoyer Only 156 votes behind Clifford Anderson. In the second Ward v. V. Vansant lost the nomination by Only one vote and John Wichser lost by Only 5 votes. In the fifth Ward Richard Winslow the Peoples candidate Yon by 22 votes and Jofin Zanni his running male lost by Only 25 votes. In the second Ward the election Board candidates of the people Defeated the Grundy candidates. Thomas Harper As candidate for tax collector carried both precincts of the first Ward the second precinct of the fourth the entire so cond Ward and the fifth. In other w ords to carried three and one half wards out of the six in the Borough. John Smoyer carried the second Ward and the Secor i Pic cinch of the fourth losing the fifth by Only la otes the third by Onty 13, the first precinct of the first second precinct by Only 24. And so it goes in Andy a alls this a clean sweep his Broom is certainly worn out. As it is the vote polled by the Peoples candidates is wonderful. Ii becomes All the Rome amazing when we take into consideration the Odds against which the people a candidates were working. All the a Lection boards with the exception of one were in the control of the Grundy organization. Every one of the assessors upon whose honesty and integrity electors noisily depend for their enrolment were also under the demagogues thumb and had to do his bidding no matter How much they would like to do otherwise. This is a combination which under Ordinary circumstances is hard to beat but under Bristol conditions is almost invincible. Then in addition we have much evidence to the illegal political activity of the police Ami Federal Job holders. Money and that which Only Money and official acquiescence can buy v As in abundance. Tin ii Ost picturesque part of the whole election was Ute Blue badge brigade Hose innumerable cohorts Stool around each polling place. a vers As they worked their Way through this company of blues Felt like saying these words Blue badges to the right of them Floe badges to the let o Fth in . A Ges in the front of them bin badges in the Eric of we forget the test j. But it surely Aas a faithful Lei of Blue badges that stood so impressively in the sidewalks. We Hope their master rewarded them Well for their faithfulness. A former policeman of Bristol acquainted with much the Public does t know remarked that it was a Motley crowd. He ought to know. The very close Vole indicates two things. First that the a is called record of achievement is a joke in the eyes of most Bristo lians. The Grundy candidates polled very few votes of people who Are not forced to vote that Way for various reasons. In the main their votes consisted of the votes of people who for economic or other reasons Felt they had to do so and of those who have social or political ambitions which they think they can Best Advance by falling in line with the Powers that be. In the Case of a few of the Grundy candidates their of ii personal popularity Drew a number of votes for them and their ticket from voters who allowed personal considerations to have pre Eminence. That is Only to be expected because personal friendships Are a precious pos Sion although we do not believe differences of political belief ought to figure in personal friendships nor in the right to live Woik Etc. In the second place the close vote indicates a hopeful genuinely american condition among tile citizens of Bristol. We feel proud of such a condition. We congratulate the italian voters of Bristol who have demonstrated their Good americanism by their grasp of the fundamental principles of our Republican form of government As stated by Lincoln. We congratulate the Catholic voters who demonstrated their Broa mindedness and True Amair Canini by refusing to be influenced by the attempt of one of the Grundy candidates to inject a religious Issue into the Campaign. Every fair minded person knows there was no such Issue involved. We congratulate the hundreds of other voters who have shown their True americanism and genuine republicanism by their refusal to Bow the knee to a political demagogue and the insist acc on their right to uphold Tho integrity and Worth of the primary election for which the Republican party stands four Square. with the exception of one Ward the conduct of the election was fair and just in accordance with the generally accepted rules governing primary elections Iii Bristol. We question very much the agreement of some of the rules with the general primaries act under which primary elections Are held throughout the state. Be that As it May it was a glorious fight and Defeated though we apparently Are the results can be accepted with Grace. These results should be a Challenge to the indifferent and a rebuke to the Craven. We look Forward to future primaries with Confidence and Assurance for the ultimate redemption of Bristol from the political octopus of Grund ism. Or. Amp mrs. Lehman celebrate 25th wedding anniversary or. And mrs. Frank Lehman of 316 Radcliffe Street celebrated the Twenty fifth anniversary of their wedding on saturday in Newport. Covers were Laid for about thirty five guests at a dinner Given at 2.30 p. M., in the hotel in Newport. The guests were relatives and friends who were present at their wedding Iii Newport. During the meal Tell Grams from Many Bristol friends and other places were forwarded in a Bunch from the Telegraph office in Newport. It is needless to say the doctor and his wife were overcome by the Boid wishes of their Bristol friends for both thought they were off on a wedding trip about which their friends knew nothing of the plans. The festivities commemorating the event will last for a week and on Friday september eighteenth. Or. And mrs. Ezra Lehman of Shippensburg a brother of or. Frank Lehman will celebrate the Twenty fifth anniversary of their wedding and the Lehman family will be present at this function. The group from Bristol will include or. And mrs. Frank Lehman. Miss Mary Lehman or. Jacob Lehman and Robert Lehman. Richard Winslow defeats Keating in fifth Ward a other wards in doubt until the last ballot was counted moral Victory for clean minded citizens the great Divide coming to Forrest theatre Alice Terry and Conway Tearle in leading roles next monday and tuesday the greatest political struggle Ever recorded in the annals of Public office history of Bristol occurred last tuesday. It marked the Climax of a bitter struggle by free thinking candidates to overthrow the domineering one Man Rule that has gripped the Borough for More than a Quarter Century. And it failed of its objective by a Mere handful of votes. By pure and unalloyed bluffing it browbeat and virtually forced every organization voter to the polls there to March them gallantly into the j Booths and vote for Boss Grundy. But the once solid Pedestal Oil which the organization has rested j for the past Twenty five years cracked under the Strain with a deafening Roar. Despite the attain i meat of the Borough offices which i they had sought the fat moneyed hands of the gangsters were singed by the Independent candidates fire. The singed hands May recover their former whiteness but one Burn j a where they least expected it will linger with them for several years to come. In the fifth Ward Richard wins a Low. Independent candidate for coun i cilium proved such a popular mar. That he ran High Man in that Dis there Are a she women As Well As in ai1 he amassed a a a 187 votes and thus snowed Edward Keating Grundy Ward Boss com Quot he Nieno in Arizona particularly the part of that state which serves As a background for metro Goldwyn p1 a of o mar Thi Mayer so the great divided which Kea wilis a 11 j comes to the Forrest theatre next monday and tuesday. This remarkable and picturesque country is the Homo of the hopi indians and in this tribe is seen a reversal of the caucasian Conception j of things wherein women Are regarded As the a gentler to the hopi there is nothing strange in the fact that the women build the Homes and the men weave the women a garments knit the stockings and follow other so called feminine occupations. Conway Tearle is the rough unpolished Stephen Ghent of a the great w hich was directed by Reginald Barker while Alice Terry plays the part of the gently bred new England girl. Wallace Beery. Zasu Pitts. Huntly Gordon. Allan Forrest Ford Sterling. William or Lamond and George Cooper Are also include among the players. Skin 50c. This is not a moving picture. Watch for the Street Parade. The committee who in assisting capt. De Long in promoting the production includes Herbert a. Pettit. Chairman. Vance by to. Secretary. Ii h. H. Pool treasurer. Harry stand Ling and Alonzo Vansant. Or Frank Fox weds miss Lillian Wivell visiting relatives Here or. And mrs. Harry Simpsonjr. Of Rahway n. J., were recent guest of or. And mrs. Chris. Buchler or. Surprised on birthday mrs. Warren Thompson and sister. Miss Katie Clegg arranged a Little Surprise for their father or. Nathaniel Clegg of 316 Wood Street. Or. Clegg was 80 years old on monday september 14 the and the a ugh Tern completely surprised him by the presence of about fifteen friends. Each brought a Little gift for or. Clegg. The octogenarian is As Spry As Many Are at forty and goes Dally to his employment at the Landreth seed co Many of his acquaintances often mention the fact of his activities and the general Good health of or. Clegg. Fir. Frank Fox was married in St. Pauls Catholic Church on wed a in Aday last at 9 a. To miss Lillian Wavell. Of Archbald. The nuptial mass was celebrated. Miss Wavell was accompanied by her mater miss Gwendolyn or hell. Or. Edward Fox son of or. And mrs. Joseph Fox of 333 Radcliffe Street attended his brother. Or. Fox went to Scranton some years ago to do hot Spital work but for some time he has been practising and has his Home office in Archbald. Miss i veils was a nurse in the Hospital and has Many friends. An Oyster supper an Oyster supper will be Given at the Home of mrs. Noah West 421 Otter Street tomorrow saturday evening. The proceeds will be Given to Aid an aged couple. Tendered Surprise party a Surprise party was Given last evening for mrs. Edward Renk at her Home. 1322 Pond Street. Sixteen guests were present who presented the hostess with a Beautiful silk Scarf. The evening was spent in playing 500. Favors we Ere awarded and refreshments served. Rounds out 55 years As Barber in Bristol or. Asher Conn the congenial Barber of Bristol completed his 55th year As a Barber in Bristol last june. Or. Conn was born in Burlington. N. J., in 1855. In 1870 he came to Bristol to learn the Barber profession a Baptist Church of Morrisville under Samuel r. Stockton who at Shirley Mason to be at the colonial theatre that a tile Star dust Trail has its ups and Downs is shown mos convincingly in the new Shirley Mason picture which comes to the colonial theatre. It tells the Story of a musical comedy Star and her less fortunate act or husband. And the difficulties they have in making love and Fame syn Citro Nize to the satisfaction of All concerned. It is a charming Story of great human interest joyous in places and in Osier full of pathos it is particularly interesting he cause of the glimpses it gives of thai mysterious realm known As a Aback Shirley Mason in the leading Rob of a the Star dust Trail. Has found a characterization Well suited to her piquant personality. And Bryan Washburn is convincing As the bus band in the Case. It is a William Fox production. Is particular primary. It Cost him his representation in Council and otherwise lowered him in Public opinion John f. Smoyer candidate for Burgess lost one of the most Gallant races in this Section of the county. By a Hundred and fifty six votes. Thanks to the efforts and doubtful tactics adopted by certain men in the sixth Ward he was denied the priv Clegg of becoming the Borough chief executive. However More will be heard of the election activities of that particular Bali Wick in the near future. But councilman Smoyer was impressive Iii his defeat. In no Ward but the sixth was lie separated by Anderson in the balloting and in the second District. Joe Grundy a own stamping grounds he ran six teen vots ahead of his opponent. But if the tally of the Smoyer voter caused the legs of the organization backers they of the fluttering Gold stamped Blue ribbons to tremble the counters garnered by Thomas Harper for the office of tax collect or provoked unbelievable terror into their subservient hides. As Iii Smoyer Scase the bloody j sixth slapped enough votes together. Thereby off setting the victories that Harper had cleanly won in the majority of the other wards. It was truly a handful of votes that permitted Squire Kraft to goof collecting finally Defeated Iii one of the prettiest races Ever witnessed. Councilman Force with a Lucky Star shining Over his beaming features will therefore occupy his seat in Tho Borough Council for another term. Gustav Catlike also will accompany or. Force to the Council Chambers on the first monday nights of the next four years. John Wichser the other Independent candidate from this District was Only seven Voles behind the total cast for Force. However the Independent candidates gained some few crumbs of Victory Here by giving Peter Brady and Robert Weik sufficient leads to carry the offices of judge of election and inspector of election. They easily Defeated Watt and Liebra for these offices. In the first Ward the Council manic race ran nip and tuck with Henry Black. Independent candidate holding his own up to the very last count. He was finally Defeated by another literal handful of votes. Vance Betz the other candidate although showing a game fight was Low Man on the lists. Thus or. Fred Wagner and Lewis Girton represent Council from that particular District. The third Ward Well groomed by the Advance guards of Bosh Grundy and his capable organized gangsters showed the results of their malicious work. They managed to head off Tho various Independent candidates and in this manner place Jacob Schmidt sr., and his running mate Charles Weik into Power. In the fourth Ward however the solid democratic vote easily nominated Joseph Duffy and Patrick Barrett. Inasmuch As the gangsters Are rather shy of these gentlemen it appears that the Republican organization did not fare so Well there. The sixth can Only by mentioned and endured by placing the forefinger and thumb in such a position an to Block the nasal passages. The situation up in the former shipyard Village was downright Rotten. Citizens were denied the right of vote even after they showed tax receipts and offered to take affidavits. Early in the Day the scaly tactic of till gangsters there were made apparent. Hugh b. East Burn and his wife residents of that. Ward attempted to vote Early in the Day and were restrained from doing so. Or. East Burn protested and showed them conclusive proof of his and his wife a eligibility. Inasmuch As or. East Burn is an attorney and thoroughly familiar with the Law of elections the thing was nothing Short of ludicrous. Several times our ing the Day. He a attempted to cast his ballot but was. Denied the privilege on the same doubtful reasons. Others too re port cd similar treatment and were not hesitant in declaring themselves. A to nut in his office of Coner it my tin. A f f american legion members Borough taxes and a Minim i ing a. Var. Some such Hustle As he is wont to Dis a were turned away on the same a Flimsy pretences As expressed in or. I11� i to East Burns Case. Edward Lynn was also nominated these legionnaires at a late hour As Justice of the peace and was High tuesday night threatened criminal Man on the lists. Suit against the election Board int of Stark defeat Ever faced the Hon a that Ward Ora by Squire in the eyes it was on of course with such Thi it occasion. In the first Ward the i mailing. Councilmen Johns and sat stronghold of the Loyal and Jolly ter Waithe were shoved sunday school 10.30 a. Mrs Grace Iler beit evening service 7.4 5 p. In the absence of Rev or. Chas. Fanner the pastor Rev. George shoe of Frankford will preach sunday a Ven Ial time had a to sorial parlor on Mill Street. In the year 1875 or. Conn went into business for himself and located on Dorrance Street. Ile has been in the Barber business on Dorrance Street for the last 49 years. log. Prayer meeting every there Are five generations of the Day evening at s o clock. Conn family residing in and about i Bristol. Or. And mrs. Dahlgreen Albertson or. Conn is still in the Barber of Ventnor n. J., were the labor business at no. 216 Dorrance Street. Day guests of or. And mrs where he would be pleased to serve i Clayton of 202 Mill Street any person desiring his services. A a a a gangsters All that he could do a to obtain an even break. In the Sec Ond he was ignominiously spurs by the voters and pushed into the mire by some forty votes. In the fifth also he had one Eye neatly Ani efficiently blacked while he manager to escape with some part of his hid in the third and fourth districts. But the sixth that gory Baith ground where voters Are denied the privilege of exercising try Only franchise extended them As a citizen thurs j am a tax payer he managed to grab enough ballots ii pull him Oil of the mud Hole and thence to Victory. So much for the honorable Squire. He a soon remember Thi Harry i Day. / one vote of very Large and a1 vote a separated a gang or. And mrs. James Johnson John l. Boyle Margaret Mundy spent the Holiday and weekend with mrs. Catherine Boyle of 566 Bath Street the Boyle family and their guests important tote Sepa Aiea a miss Elanor Jenkins of Gwynedd j Ster councilman and the Independent and labor Day candidate for representation in was the week end guest of miss Anna Gray Tracy of Council from the second Ward 725 Radcliffe Street. I v. V. Vansant piled up enough. Votes in the Early tabulation to cause or. Max Clements of 579 Bath a consternation in the w Ign am of motored on sunday to Sabui Park i Street spent the week end and Over Boss Grundy. But his Lead was ii n j. A it ? ? i labor Day in sea Side. Down in the latter stages and he was tactics pre is and Satilla Power and candidates Burbank and Johnson placed on the outside. The results from the town As a whole show one conclusive fact. Boss Grundy is not As Strong As the average voter believed him. And this despite the Well oiled machinery that he set into action against the Independent slate. Joe Grundy is not Invulnerable. He can be Defeated and his proximity to this condition was made very apparent tuesday. And conquering the efforts that he extended in furthering his political ends it is with amazement that one views the terrific Battle that to was Given. Nothing was lacking in his political Armor for the fray. He had Money and other things Tor the expenditures of the various organization committeemen and Ward Heel ers. Automobiles hundreds of them were in use for the gangster voters so that they might Rush All the More quickly to the polls. And those Bright Blue badges a continued on Page four ,

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