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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 9, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent unfettered by party unbiased by Creed unwed by Power a bribed by greed John f. Smoyer makes a positive statement regarding his candidacy needlework Guild work confined to garment giving propaganda being spread by Bosses is nailed As being misleading to say the least not a candidate of the Independent is making the run for Council at solicitation of business friends firemen minstrel show for welfare c0mm1tiee to be Given in Harriman school september 27th, object is to promote Community spirit the mind of a politician turns in devious ways and travels through endless channels to bring about the accomplishment of their avowed object. Kind of a Nasty sort of business going around handshaking trying to get votes for your own candidate and take them away from the other fellow but politicians must live the same As every other class of citizen so the average Man As a Rule is charitable toward them and thedr machinations and forgets the Little innuendoes which they drop by the Wayside in an attempt to influence votes. Thinking that it might cast a reflection on him the Wise old Leader of the first has started the Rumor that John f. Smoyer candidate for nomination on the Republican ticket for Council in the first Ward is the candidate of this newspaper. Of course this newspaper has supported Johns candidacy but what fair minded publication would not have done so he is a business Man of Sterling qualities and one who would be prone to sacrifice dollars for principal naturally this paper had to support John for he deserves the support of every fair minded person in this Ward who is not owned and controlled by the Organiza Tion and he will get this support. But thinking to injure John s chances the propaganda has been sent Forth that he is a candidate of the Independent and so much for that. In order to let his Many friends know just where he stands and whose candidate he is John has written a letter to the editor of this paper with the request that it be published guess Johns friends will like his w Ord against the word of the persons who Are trying to Down him with this misleading statement. Re Here Are any number of business men in Bristol who would rather take Hohti Smoyer sword that the Bond of a great Many people in the town and a number of these people think they Are politicians. Bristol a. Sept. 7, 1921. Editor Independent Bristol a. My dear Warren a for some reason or other known Only to themselves the leaders of the organization insist on spreading the propaganda throughout the first Ward that i am a candidate of the Independent if such were the Case i would not be ashamed of it but am not a candidate of any one person or any one organization i am seeking the nomination As Council Man from the first w Ith Only one object in View and that object the advancement of the interests of the taxpayers of the Ward and of the Borough. When the candidates for office were spoken of some weeks ago a number of my business associates came to me and urged me to stand for of lice for a time i hesitated and then later on i was waited on by committees from several of the fire companies of the Borough who requested me to make the fight for Council so that they might have a Friend in that body. I fully appreciate the Nice this Fps the Independent has said about me and the Friendly feeling they have expressed toward my candidacy. It you will give space to this letter in the next Issue of your paper it will put me on record As standing firmly on a platform of better government for Bristol and not As the candidate of a newspaper or of any particular set of the citizenry of the Borough. It nominated and sent to Council i will Promise the people of the first Ward that they will at least have a representative Odio will not be afraid to stand on his feet and attempt to secure for them their just rights in the legislative body of the Borough. 1 Hanking you for your efforts in my behalf and w Ith kindest personal regards i am very sincerely yours John f. Smoyer. Eon the the the welfare committee is filming its Good work around How twite administering to wants of those in need thanks to a he financial Aid Given by the successful Block dance. �?T1 Here Are Many cases in the Fow site of a very distressing nature and it is Only those who come directly in Contact with them that know they exist. Also there is a great Deal of unselfish work done by Many ladies in the. Tow unite which is never known by anyone except by those who have been helped and while there Are no european titles to bestow the fact that they have done their duty nobly is recompense enough for these charitable town siters. There was a big meeting of the welfare committee on tuesday Gering and plans were undertaken for a minstrel show in the school auditorium on the evening of sept. 2< tuesday. There will be nothing but Home Talent in this entertainment everything is free and All Tow Naif ers Are warmly invited to attend. This is going to be the Forslof a series of entertainments planned by the welfare committee during the Winter months later there Wilt be dances euchre parties and the 1 Ike. 1 Here is a tint1 orchestra in the making and Many of the residents of the Tow site have volunteered their services to do a turn or help out in creating a Community spirit which will make life More pleasant for the people of the Community. Mrs. W. Roberton is chair lady �1 the minstrel show and is completing arrangements rapidly ably assisted by mrs. Harry Rine mrs. A. Clinch mrs. Ii. Zebley mrs. Howard d. Stockett. Or. Joseph Foster an old hand at the minstrel show business is also doing his bit and it is believed a very enjoyable night will be spent by All present. As above stated there will be no charge and the sole purpose of this entertainment is to bring people together so that the big family spirit May be created. There is still a doubt in the minds of Many persons As to the kind of work for that Relief of the needy to be done by the Bristol Branch of the needlework Guild of America. The president mrs. Louis c. Spring of 817 Radcliffe Street wishes it to be distinctly understood that Only garments or shoes can be provided by that society. The Branch has lately been criticised for not providing food for a needy family and the Public should know that this family has already received help amounting to forty seven new Plain garments and a great Many persons have aided in this Way through the Agency of the Guild. The giving of two new Plain garments of any description constitutes membership. Every woman in the town should belong to this organization As it comes within the reach of most to do so. The gift of Wash clothes or two pairs of stockings will make one a member of no larger contributor can be afforded. Whirlwind canvass for John h. Hardy merry Auto party off for Wildwood this morn ins two autos belonging to messes. Or. 1 _ 111 Atten most impressive Sermon delivered Byre. Joseph Corrigan d. of Overbrook College Volunteer choir renders music in closing weeks of Campaign his Many friends will canvass individual voters from now until primary Day Uesi a september 20th. The Many needs of John Ite Hardy candidate nomination As tax collector Borough intend to make a whirlwind canvass of tit it town and in the Short time remaining every voter male and female i Lff and asked to give the their vote to this for the of Bristol visited support of voting candidate. Frank Williams bore a Wildwood. N. J., a he festivities of a in tie Beautiful Home n. Smith the or hostess special each hour joined Mont Friend of or eight of the of As Many Beauty spots in Bristol Borough Yards late and gardens Replete with plants make beauteous pictures Blooming Jack month his the Frost will and perhaps be Here next before to paint pictures so the Beauty spots of town ought to command now the attention of the lovers of the Beautiful. In the third Ward May be found gardens abounding in natures beauties. The culture of Dahl have been popular this Many varieties Are to All the Flower gardens different Blooming plan line showing of color in the Large Yard of or. And mrs. John Muller of 590 Swain Street where much attention and time has been spent in making the Yard attractive. Mrs. As seems to season As be found in. The fifteen make a 552 Swain Street. Local fire alarm heard Miles away Dick goslings horses and cows thought it a a Gabriel so Call to judgment a fire alarm sounded on sunday morning by the a cd acoustics a attached to the stack at the waterworks for a Small Blaze in a dwelling on Washington Street occupied by an italian family left Little doubt in the minds of Bristol residents that the new Siren was working in a satisfactory manner. In fact an additional proof of its properly functioning As an alarm was related to the writer by or. And mrs. Richard Goslin who reside on a farm near the a old badgers school on the state Road. While mrs. Goslin was preparing breakfast at 8 of clock sunday morning a terrific Racket was heard from the Vicinity of the barnyard. Upon investigating the cause she and her husband were surprised to discover the cows and horses that had been pasturing in a Field nearby had hurriedly sought Refuge from some unknown calamity that the animal instinct taught them was about to befall. Suddenly another shriek from the Siren in the direction of Bristol apprised them of the fact that the new tire alarm was so new to the animal kingdom their usual fright and haste to seek shelter gave their owners the impression these All w ise beasts of the Field imbued by natural instinct evidently thought such an infernal blast of a Lorn could Only emanate As a Call to judgment by the a Angel Annie Magill of has seventeen different. Plants in Bloom at present and her Yard is a Bower of Beauty. Here May be found among her dahlias the Cactus Ball Nom Pom Quill single Ami Wanamaker special. One variety has been named by mrs. Magill a uncertainty As the buds give no Promise of what the Flowers will be. 1 he opening of the buds May reveal Flowers with red rays mingled or streaked with White or a White Centro. Every Flower shows a different marking. This is probably a Freak Plant. The Gill Ardias of this Yard have been in Bloom the entire season. The general appearance of the Yard shows that much time patience and knowledge of horticulture Lias been spent. Mrs. Maurice Carter of 557 and mrs. C. Delker of 556, have each Beautiful dahlias Large in growth and of numerous varieties. In mrs. Nettie me Lough lilt a Yard of 556 Swain Street shows the same activities have been at work to transform her Garden into a Glare of Brilliant colouring. There Are one Hundred and thirty five plants of Scarlet Sage planted at regular intervals through the Yards which make the Beds Bright in color. Altogether mrs. Mclaughlin has Twenty different kinds of plants a which Are at present in Bloom. Her bed of eighty stalks of Gladiolas has been the admiration of the neighbourhood and the plants which have been Blooming tor a Long time Are on the Crane. A Buge Hunch a Cut on tuesday morning which was Replete with All the colors and of perfect growth. On Linden Street another attractive Yard May be found around the Home of mrs. William bring Here Nineteen different sunday last despite the Attra ii. Allurements of a three Day Holiday at the seashore the Tri Council country club composed of Philadelphia councils knights of Columbus located below Eddington was tie Mecca for a Large gathering of Mem Bers and guests of the club from Philadelphia and the villages of lower Bucks county. The special attraction on sunday was a a afield mass a the second annual religion event introduced in this Section by the knights of Columbus. On a platform at the cast end a the main building an altar was erected where High mass was Ceic rated by Rev. Mcgettigan pastor of St. Charles Church Corn Wells assisted by Rev. William f. Conway As Deacon with Rev. Richard Gaughan As sub Deacon. The altar boys were John Mullen Frank Dolan John Hylan and Sylvester Donnely. On the porch in the rear of the altar an Organ was placed which accompanied a choir in the rendition of hymns and responses in the Liturgy of the mass which closed with Benediction of the most blessed sacrament. Miss Elenore Welsh officiated As organist and the soloists were Vliss Frances Donnelly Soprano and miss Katheryn Baleria Alto of St. Ritas Church Broad and Federal streets Philadelphia. Or. Robert a. Conway rendered the Tenor parts assisted by or. Earl Flannigan As Bass. At the close of the services Rev. Joseph Corrigan d. D., of St. Charles Seminary. Over Brook delivered a Sermon to a Large congregation who had been furnished with seats on the spacious Law n. Quot the Learned speaker in a most eloquent manner Drew a picture of religion from the Sunshine of gods gift to the Waters of the River nearby coupled with the verdure of the surroundings in which a Beautiful picture in words of the creators gifts that were Here on Earth for the spiritual and temporal enjoyment of his children a vividly portrayed. The Sermon ended the impressive services that were Only enhanced by the canopy of continued on Page four Baldwin and g. L. Merry party to to participate in House party Given of or. George postmaster of that town. 1 be Young Folk were a Gay or. Francis it. Ehle of Pelier vt., an intimate l. Linton Marlin and younger set of Wildwood. Miss Helen Smith daughter and mrs. Smith will act during the say of the party decorations and plans for Gnu fat been Are winged for 11 wil1 be a or Iti a a i of be diversions a \ii-7mir r wu1 b6 in Auto rile to Atlantic City a dinner spend he evening. Those who went from Bristol in tin m a in Lai e Linton Martin miss Elizabeth Runyan misses Titu ia"1 Jea Williams. Messes ,.�. In Quot a Rob a it Smith and Russel Ellis. There and Cornwell firm Lay off Twenty men dip session makes it necessary for Sci utter amp Koerting to reduce their Force to ten it sum Forrest theatre will doubtlessly be crowded when famous lecturer mounts the Pla Fonn talk starts at 230 no seats reserved All who would know How to keep healthy Are invited to attend last Schutte wednesday evening the amp Koei ting firm Laid off Foi an indefinite period t Wenty three workmen continuing about their quoth of Over fifty men the past year. Those still employed Quot work Only 2 8 ten of during a wage Cut will stiff 61 hour. Despite the fact worked hardships works continued Force of american hours a of five week and cents an aspire hence pastor Thomas Given novel birthday Surprise on the Sands at Ocean Grove to help celebrate his 57tli anniversary of 550 Blooming plants May r he found. From the climbing Cypress to the tall dahlias everything breathes of the care and time expended. A number of the Dainty and Small stature plants May be found. Time forbidding any Stop at Locust Street the writer paused for a few minutes on Maple Street to Admire the Large circular bed of Seal let sages made doubly Brilliant by the Green setting of the gras plot and Trees. Not a speck of colouring ill the Yard with the exception of the sages and grass gives the Holder a thrill of admiration. To to p he photographic club would Aid Bristol amateurs ogre Genaria walks a mile each Day Rebert e. Thompson formerly of Bristol passed his 84th Milestone get Keiday. Or. Thompson walks a mile every Day to visit his daughter who lives at White horse one mile from his present Home at Hamilton be the octogenarian is report. Being Hale and in Possession of All his faculties. Bristol Folk attend country club card party i Here w As a Good attendance a the Caid party at Langhorne country club on last saturday those from Bristol in Avert or. And mrs or. And mrs. Mrs. Clifford Anderson and Esther Lawrence. The first for the game of mrs. Walter f. Evening attendance Louis Spring Walter f. Leedom miss prize 500 was Leedom. Awarded to misses Mary and Hester Mcclees with miss Rose Mckay of Philadel a if were the labor Day guests of Mill Street relatives. The wonderful results produced in photography by the numerous Amateur photographers hereabouts seems to warrant the suggestion of an organization of those who Delight in depicting the picturesque Beauty of nature. With the object of encouraging this pleasure the a a Independent suggests that a meeting be called for the purpose of enrolling All those who Are interested in this Wrork elect officers and in that Way prepare to have a Public exhibition of their summer work for the pleasure of their Many friends who have Nof As yet entered the ranks. There is Little doubt in the mind of the writer but numerous prizes would be donated by business men and others throughout the Borough for such a display of Amateur production. Public statement should be read Bristol party motor for fishing trip v. Vansant Elwood Danfield j. B. Johnson. P. M. Minster and of Philadelphia will motor tomorrow7 to Bowers Beach fourteen Miles from Dover md., for a two Days sport in fishing. Messes. V. Goslin ii. L. E. Stetson George Orr Board of managers request citizens to express their desires on hospitals future on Page six of this Issue of the Independent is a Public statement issued by the Board of managers of the Harriman Hospital which explains fully their action in closing Down that institution. These men who have been the guiding geniuses in operating the Hospital since its opening in a straightforward manner explain to the citizens of Bristol their reason for their recent action. It should he carefully read. They also request that the men and women of Bristol fill out the Blank appended to the statement and mail it to them so that they May know what the future desire of the citizens of the town is in regard to conducting a Hospital Here. The Cost of publishing the state intent was donated to the Board by a he 1. B. Harkins foundry company. The pastor of Zion lutheran a Hurch Rev. T. Bahn Thomas Wagi in a unique birthday Surprise by friends stopping at the Amherst House Ocean Grove. N. J., last Friday evening at that renowned Seaside resort. Having Learned that the pastor was to begin another year on that Day and Date while he was absent from the House certain Friend and acquaintances decided that it would help make life interesting to have a birthday party on the Sand of the sea. So. It was decided met i at the House in time to go the loot of Pitman Avenue at 9 All Ai i Ange ments moved along nicely and when the folks were All seated on the Sand and while fun and sociability wore at their height a. Walter Green a brother in Law of pastor Thomas began a speech about a. Heinz and his wonderful 57 varieties. All tuition but pastor Thomas not much interested in after a few pointed and words by or. Green 1 Homas was made that not or. H. But or. T. Was the Subj act of the 5 7 varieties not of eatables but of Golden years of life. And while he was catching on a he was greatly surprised to have handed him a very Beautiful birthday card with the the participants while he was by m Ltd Vvs lasted a magnificent and Framnk ,Tius picture. 111 bae amp it and Bronze moulding the subject of a a Nixville nnnnhj1 that Recto sent was called upon to make a speech failed Lor the Surprise for More than Hardy in making Nis Appeal voters of the town does so with the full knowledge of the fact hat the Man he wishes to succeed n office is an official who has always id ministered the affairs of the tax of Flint efficiently and i Ella there is nothing in the Constitution of this talc which gives a Man any reason a a a expect that because he is a Good a Flicia he must be continued in office punctually nor is there any reason Why another citizen with equally Good qualifications should not i the office if he so desires Hardy is in the race. he Campaign so far waged by mrha lev and his friends has been a dignified one and has been without personal rancor on either Side a Symie Kraft the present incumbent in office Lias been fair to his Oppio in. And he will not he personally held responsible for the actions of professional politicians who May Terest themselves in his behalf. With the younger element of the Tow n working for Hardy a nomination his Many fellow lodgement lined up with him. As Well As the member of the various i in bodies with whom hot is associated it is conceded cd by some of the thinking men of he town not identified actively with the organization that he a an excellent Chance of Bein Winner. Depression following the Arm is the Tice this Lay off of ing blow to Corn Wells of the help owned and that the late War on this firm the employing their help regardless of at 2 30 sunday afternoon the Hist lecture of a series that is to be Gen throughout the country in a nation wide Campaign of education by the chiropractors of the world will be delivered by James g. Greg Gerson one of the most eminently fitted men to make the talk in the entire chiropractic profession. Persons who have been Benefit Ted by chiropractic adjustments will doubtlessly be anxious to hear the science treated by a Man As Well qualified to handle his subject As is in As Mam electrical changes is now. Those Al men is a discourage because most rented Homes there. I he Traylor tractor co., Are Only employing a Small Force at present and the Baden Haitsen firm offer Little Chance tor these townsmen to secure employment near their Homes. Lack of work for those who rent houses in Cornwells has resulted in 14 dwellings throughout the Village my Wing vacant at present regardless of tiie election promises of a peace a or Ogress and Mesam contractor 387-j. Bristol a. Franklin Gilkeson re elected chief in 1 or sixth consecutive Nevegold elected assistant time first the Tri annual to returned a a a skipper Lawson a horse found dead Mon have com for a faithful old Hack horse has gone to animal kingdom come Al is heartbroken paid at who was Heinz but appropriate lie. Pastor aware of the fact and Chaste names of All written thereon. Gay Hanking one and which is ale poor Harry is dead a was a he Mournful remark made on sunday by skipper Lawson when he told of the spa Den death of i favorite Hack horse which went to the animal kingdom of rest on saturday night. Boon year., skipper was greatly at a ached to Harry w to he claimed a i real three minute horse which was one of the reasons a a Al never bought one of the Ivov tangled Gas machines to carry passengers from town poin to meet daily trains. When a a Al a. Noi hauling human freight i Wagon was loaded with baskets of laundry which gave the Public the impression he was driving a clothes horse. However a skipper always claimed when a traveler a in a hurry to reach a Distant Point. He was sure of the Job when he had old a Harry a hitched to the vehicle. A few years ago a member of the s. P. C. A. Threatened to arrest a a skipper for his fast driving. Skippers reply to the cruelty officer was not published at that time and h is Aid at this late Day it would not look Well in print. Monday evening election of officers of Bristol a most efficient fire department took place at the rooms of no. 1 fire co., mar Ket and Wood streets. Delegates f10,11 the boroughs five fire compan ies tor the sixth consecutive time i a elected Franklin Gilkeson As chief of the department who at the end of a he term he was chosen for at in evenings meeting will served the Borough in a most a curable manner As chief period of 18 years. Raymond Nevegold after serving m an official capacity for six years was elected first assistant chief. Frank Flum and Granville Stephenson new members in the official Field were elected second and third assistants to the chief of the department. The delegates from the different companies present were As follows no. 1 fire co. William Stroebel Raymond Updyke a. Hellings. American Hose Hook and ladder no. A Charles h. Vansant Clifford Appleton Russel Force. Good will no. V ilium Brownlee. Francis commons. James Lea veil but g. Beaver fire co. No. 4, James Dugan. Fulton Neil. Frank Mccole. Enterprise fire co. No. 5, William Cooper Joseph Mcllvain and Fred Herman. Bristol party motor to masonic Home mrs. Clifford v. Anderson mrs. F. E. Quimby mrs. We. E. Dor on and mrs. Price Patton motored yesterday in mrs. Andersons car. To Elizabethtown to visit tie masonic Home. The party will return this evening. He utterly w As too great i fitting remarks of a nature. The hour was character 8a�?~"f slimes of a sociable Shai to n a i 10 30 of clock shaking the Sand from the company proceeded where another Surprise ing the cutting of a \ Melon in Honor of the friends Aid miss Wagner celebrate 12th birthday those in their shoes to the House was in wait Large water occasion. Mrs. James Cox. Of Buckley Street daughter of mrs. Morris Lake is reported improving from a recent operation in it St. Francis Hospital Trenton a j. D., a a a a Fidance were mrs Bessie a. Kinsey and mrs Florence ,-1�1�?T books it a mtw.8 Loia m., and Clara b. Butler n1 n. A a a water Careen Catharine Green it a Coulson of i Elizabeth Lotze 5 Ley. Of new York Uty Quot Jaring proprietress of the House mrs. T. B. Thomas Thomas and other per wig whose names were not enrolled on Heby i. Was surely a delightful it a which pastor Thomas will never for get. Ridgewood. Mrs. Grace and Charlotte Keesports Johnstown n Amherst Rev. T. B. On wednesday september 7 the. Janice Wagner daughter of or. And mrs. Fred wage ice had a party the occasion being to Honor. Her twelfth birthday. Twenty six of her Young friends Wen present to help celebrate and make joyous the event. Miss Katharine Selt at. Miss Mary Lehman. Miss Helen Ingle and miss Katharine carlot Oak Lane assisted mrs. Wagner in arranging the games. Of Cour it the children were made doubly Happy when later in the afternoon they were invited to the dining room where a splendid collation i Vas served. There was the usual birthday cake this one was decorated in Pink and White icing and twelve Pink candles. The favors and decorations were in Pink. The children returned to their Homes Well pleased with the Good time had at the party and miss Janice will Long remember her twelfth Natal Day. Proclamation fellow citizens the memorial erected Honor of Host who served a he late worlds War will dedicated on the afternoon in in be of september 17th, at three of clock. Exercises appropriate to the occasion will be held in front of the Post office at that time and it is the desire of the having this affair in change that As Many of our townspeople As possible can attend these exercises. I. Therefore extend a Public in v Tat Ion to members of Robert w. Bracken Post no. 382, american legion All veterans of lie late worlds War. Members of the grand army of the Republic the school children and the citizenship in Genera of Bristol to be present on the occasion of the dedication of this memorial to those who so gallantly defended the rights of All free people. Clifford l. Anderson chief Burgess. September 8th, 1921. Is consideration of prospective Lection of property at prices that Ray you Are interested in buying once As these places will not reprises asked. _ 1 Here Are hundreds of people in Bristol and Vicinity who have taken chiropractic adjustments and they each and every one Are loud in their Praise of the great benefits derived from them. They Are not loathe to recommend the science to their suffering neighbors and in this Way chiropractic has become Well known Here but Well known Only in a general Way the lecture on sunday will explain from the standpoint of the scientist just what chiropractic Means to Mankind and it is to be hoped that a Large outpouring of Bristol folks will Greet the distinguished visitor who comes to Bristol with Only the one object in View that of carrying them Sage of health. A Mey Paramount week ends tomorrow seasons motion picture classic wid close at Forrest theatre with evening show the Success from an goes without say a Btu end motion picture event of the season will soon come to a close fourth annual Paramount week will have become a matter of history after tomorrow evenings performance. That this week has been an exceptional artistic standpoint no. But it has not Beer Ousby successful week in Bristol from Box office standpoint but business depression is mainly responsible for a hat and with better times in the a own the Forrest theatre would not Lave been Large enough to have loused the nightly throngs who would have crowded its auditorium. Paramount pictures always the Best have lived up to this reputation of excellence and the theatregoers of Bristol will in the Days to come show their appreciation for the securing of this excellent service to the management of the theatre. Tonight the a gilded Lily a with charming May Murray will be the attraction and tomorrow7 afternoon and evening Elsie Ferguson will be seen in her latest release a sacred and profane love a a picture that gives this wonderful won an every port Unity to display her exceptional histrionic ability. Owen Evans did not catch any fish or. Owen Evans of 241 Radcliffe Street returned on monday night after a trip with a Friend to Delaware City. Or. Evans object in going was to Battle with the finny tube but came Home disgusted saying there were no fish in the sea. While there he met Many sportsmen who were experiencing the same disappointment

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