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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 5, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants. I the classified advertisements of the Independent hive tie Rae lid Otis pulling Power. Head them and profit. Lith year no. To. Kilt i d i second Cla n matter at Post office at Buston. Bristol. Pa., Friday september 5. 1930. 6 pages�?42 columns a round about town Borough fund May lie returned to contributors so thai Money can lie used to be streets on townships accepted list Andalusia which for the last Yogi or two a. Been trying to gut better roads and other Impi it it it no tits and has believed that the Only Way to gel Hir it was by tin organization of that part of ii Salem township into a Borough is again actively attempting to make Progress. More than $200 was raised a Yeai ago to i promote the Borough movement. This Money w As Given St. Icily for Borough purposes aim tin trustees Joseph Sharpe Thomas Bromley and mis. May k. Schnupp feel that they Are not authorized to divert it to any other use. There Are people who would like to have their streets put on the township list of accepted highways and these people want the Money that was Contrini Iid to tile Borough fund applied to getting the streets on the accepted list. The Trust it s of the Borough fund have told them that to to this it will be in Pessary for every contributor to the fund to sip a a i Elease or for the trustees to intern the Money to each a oat film tor after which the contributors can do As they please with the Money. The iced of Street improvements Iii Andalusia is self evident especially in some of the newer sections. The Coli Waunito has grown rapidly and seems destined to have further y Row the but the poor condition of the streets has deterred Progress Roll in w hat. What will come of do latest movement for Street improvement remains to be seen As at present the matter is still Iii the conversational Jet age. It ought to be better. Tin Pennsylvania Railroad used to Pride itself or being a the Standard Railroad of the world and by Ain Luig it is an efficient organi a Salon nut u has economize to such a degree that it is destroying much of its serviceability. Bristol a Community in 12,00 a inhabitants is entitled to better attention than it is receiving. Lately it Lias been impossible to Purchase a ticket just Elute the arrival of a train. When we ran tip against that condition and made inquiry we Learned that the duties of station agent and baggage master have been combined Aud As the gentleman occupying the two positions has to be on the station platform to meet incoming trains customers who reach the station a few minutes before train time air out of Luck. When they Board the train and pay i Mir file to the conductor they Are charged an a Nional Nickel. While the Nickel Isnit much tile penalizing of customers through be fault of their own Caus s just Iliah i event my it there is a needless Lack of information service in Philadelphia and Alan tic City. The in Nosy seems to imagine that eve Ryli Ody knows ail about its practises where to go to get trains and so Forth. Tile lad is that persons in addition to the Railroad a a employ. Use tin Well known a a. Landau Railroad of Iii world Quot Auh the Lade of intelligent them. We know out Young Miil Street business Man who be without one however. His ily says he started ii v Hen he v. Mere child and no amount of Ding could persuade him to w i t ii it. I am us i kid Pai senator Grundy and miss Grundy Home from Europe hard Luck. Hairy Spicer was never seen to run. Lie is Earel Iii where lie walks. His pedestrian journeys Seldom took him n Ore the a a few blocks from his place of business. Yet he lips on Radcliffe Street and sprains a leg. Re lit Accident insurance people say that tile Home is tile most dangerous place m the Quot world for More accidents happen there than it b whore. But Harry did no to Wen Glt i Home before he met with his Accident. All of us should be thankful thai we get by As Well As we do. Senator Joseph r. Grundy and miss Margaret Grundy returned to Bristol yesterday after two months spout abroad. They arrived in new \ Ork wednesday on the Homeric. The so Nator looks Hale and Hearty and told i. Friends that he never Felt better in ins life. He and his inter spent the summer Iii Italy. Switzerland prance and England. Senator Grundy comes Back in to tune to become Active in flu political Campaign. It is expected that he will by aggressively interested in promoting tin Success of Gifford Pinchot in Pinchers gubernatorial Campaign. Information service has them time and Money. To be one and there Elbe Limicy is some tiling Cost some ova happen a re of i e i s. To be proud of anti Economy is something to let pursued but when Economy is carried to the Point where it drive it customers away. Limn Elci Acy is lacking. That is where the Pensyl vain Railroad at present is deficient fair season. Dick Gosling and ourself want talking about fairs the other Day. It was raining and Dick said that everybody hereabouts ought to know that the weather would be wet be cause the Trenton fair was set for this week. I he Mangeim it lanced the Date of tile fair Iii hop in avoiding bad weather a can Tell. Are somewhat different from y u. E d to be. While cattle Ami Oilie r or attire Are top it Ople nowadays regard a a Combina Tiem Ticus Carpi log ave ii. Thew go not in Progress made by tile Farmers but t e get exc Teim lit. Hoover will open 1 legion convention in Boston oct. 6 adar but one Nee a i i s what til Chicken Dei Lair As \ Ai hot Sec tin n. President Hoover a. Advised o. Boe a n Haintl National commander the american i e seut at tie l. Of legion that lie will be expelling session of the pin Cliot pledges abolition of Coal and Iron police promises old age pension Law if elected plans to have Survey of employment conditions by a commission to report As quickly As possible speech is Appeal to labor on record of forester in previous term As governor Gifford labor vote i his week. Of tin Pinehill went alter the in ills speech at Altoona la pledged the abolition Coal aim Iron police if he is elected governor. I also said he Quot Oulu appoint a commission to study the eni Pii vim it situation and make a report by january. He also pledged advocacy it an old age pension Law and in general lie advancement the working people. His part is As follows a i Tak it address of in it that year. It affects not merely the worker and his wife and family but the manufacturer the capitalist the banker the whole population from one end to has Long of the most we have to about it Are remedy is not been d i Bidi a1, Well easy legions National convention in Boston 0�?~t. 6, inst and of oct. 8, As had been unde consider Ion recently. A number of Bucks county legionnaires will be in at Tendance at tin convention. State police raid place in Croydon padlock orders issued proprietors of i Lins House Iii lower Bucks ii a v e Boa i a i hat t hey police officer and every agent in t in county and phia were Given a lesson end when late police and Road county who know every prolix bit Ion in Philadel last week from the Reading Barracks in plainclothes. J aided tin mansion inn Iii Croydon. Three state policemen came to the place mingled Villi the customers made Purcha is and arrested George Bennett who lives at the inn and John Coyle of Philadelphia. Both men were charged with illegal Possession an Sale of intoxicating liquor and were held for a further hearing next monday by Justice Laughlin. Judge Keller in the court of common pleas at Doylestown this week padlocked the red lion inn Andalusia for a year. This place has been raided Many times. The padlock order applies to the entire building. Ile also issued a padlock order closing the first floor of wheat sheaf inn huh was raided when under the management of a tonner owner. Another Book of etiquette needed. Ii people could be made to read it a Book on etiquette at miniature Golf courses would la 11 a Well established want. While the baby Gull course an not comparable to putting greens on a rial Golf comae there is an element of skill As Well As of Luck in the playing of this game. As every of Oiler knows Oliver action is forbidden while a player is putting. One does not walk in front of a player Jostle his elbows trample the Green with Spike Heel shoes or Send ones children scampering and playing tag among the players. Baby Golf is meant to be limitation pure and simple but even recreation demands obedience to rules of common Courtesy. Probably the conditions that obtain on these baby Golf courses Are due to the fact that do out of every iou players never had a Golf stick in their hands before the baby Gull craze swept this Region. The players have no idea of the erratic nature of a Golf Ball. They think the game is like croquet All you have to do is hit the Pill anti nature will take its course. They know nothing of Golf so of course they know nothing of tie courtesies of golfing. They Are unaware of the Rule that one group of players Shalt Nave finished a Green before another May play it. They do not know that a a kidding a a player while he is making a stroke is bad form. But they will learn. Perhaps the Pupil of these Small com sos w ill increase tin consideration of men and women a for each other. Meanwhile a Little Booklet containing the rudimentary rules of proper conduct on a baby Golt course would be a Fine. Thing ii Norma Shearer at the Orand next week Norma Shearer with a Star supporting cast. Will be seen in the coined drama. A let us be at the grand theatre next monday tuesday and wednesday. The picture is described As a sparkling Gay affair. Iii the cast Are Marie Messier Rod Larocque Gilbert Emery and Hedda Hopper. The comedy will be a dad knows Best a a and movie tone news will be shown. Sch Daniels and Ben Lyon will be seen tonight in a alias French Gertie a a dramatic talking picture. Two comedies a uppercut o Brien a and a ride Mem Cowboy a will be seen and sport Light review saturday afternoon and evening the feature film Quot will be a Call of the West a with Dorothy Render and Matt Moore. There will he an Aesop comic fable film and four acts of vaudeville. Next thursday and Friday a a High hat comedy a a the knew with Lowell Sherman and Alice Joyce As stars will be the feature. The comedies will be a the trumped her Ace a and a wednesday at the a Hie audio review also will be shown. Jeanette Marie Brake funeral services for Jeanette Marie Brake three months old daughter of James and Elizabeth Brake were hold on thursday afternoon at 3.30 p. Rn., from the funeral Home of the William i. Murphy estate sic Jefferson Avenue. Interment was made in St. Marks cemetery. The baby died in the Hahnemann Hospital Philadelphia on tuesday passed hers. Out Iii Large ii uni there Are still a few loft. De Lynn sat on his poled on Street one afternoon last veal saw something that interested de is like that. Anyway Jake lev came along driving his within so seconds mrs. Steed and Wagon Cam. Ottri k and him. Kiss i Orff. Carr and her in View and then Charlie Cannon and his nag. From some unexpected Quarter Cane col. Asey Ami another Driver of tin supposedly obsolete draft animal. And there you Haw tile remarkable condition that was observed on Otter Street live horse driven vehicles sit one time kind not an automobile in sight yet this is called the gasoline age. An old memento. When Ilie late Jimmy Richardson moved i rom his old Shack at the Corner of Cedar and Market streets in disposed of most of his accumulated relics of More than forty years. Evidently he also clean d away mementos he had kept much longer for Frank Flum found a faded letter that Jimmy smother had written to i rom Pine Grove Iii March 3 865, when Jimmy evidently was in a amp near Alexandria a. The Civ ii War was nearing its end then and mrs. Richardson told Bel son then Only 15 or 16 years old about the Iran in Bristol when id men were drawn for service. She listed a few of the names. Times were Baru judging from mrs. Richardson a letter Money was so scarce that she could not pay the express charges on a Box that Jimmy had sent her. But there was no word of complaint. She sent him a piece of a a Mary a birthday cake a which Mary said he must have. She closed Hie letter with a word of Praise to her boy for tile improvement in penmanship which his letters evidently had show n. Golf dangerous a doctor addressing the association of life insurance medical directors declared recently that Golt is dangerous to health. A the average Man who plays Golf dubs a shot gets mad tears his hair maybe throws Lim clubs away and As a result of his anger increases his blood pressure a said tin doctor. W la tile same thing goes for Tennis a muffed 3y on the Bas Biti i Diamond a Finger hit by a Hammer a typographical atrocity Iii the composing room and everything else that upsets ones temper. Looks As if there was mighty Little in life a daily course that Isnit dangerous. First Lime Iii the his Lois a president of the and a former presi prese it tit a National the organization Foi Coolidge this year accepted an invite titles to 1000 properties sold for taxes at Doylestown it can to be done. We read in one of the City newspapers that men Are going to grow beards this fall. Maybe they Are out in the Hills where razor Blades get Dull and n w supplies Are hard to get or where Barbers Are As scarce As Hen s text i. But in Bristol we doubt if there will be any new foliage on the chins of the Borough s manhood especially the younger men. A a k in fact there is As much Chance of beards becoming popular with Young men As there it of the return of moustache cups. Remember them the crockery folks used to make a lot of them. They Bac this for tin information of those who never saw one an arc of China with a Small Hole near Hie Edge of the cup through which the Mous tache wearer strained his Coffee. The moustache was protected from the drenching that otherwise might be suffered. And even moustaches Are not so common As they used to be not because most men cannot grow them but because most men done to like Sale of real estate for past due a a axes the first time this has even Demi done in Pennsylvania took place in Doylestown this week. Titles o about iou properties were sold to lawyers real estate men private individuals and the county commissioners for sums slightly More than the overdue taxes. All but one of the properties in Bristol that were sold by the county treasurer were Tak n Over by Howard i. James. Owners of the properties have two years in w hich to redeem tin in. Ii they happen to have been bought by the county commissioners All that is necessary is for the owner to pay the tax and the cams to the commissioners. Of a private individual bought them then to redeem them the owner must pay 2 5 per cent Iii addition to the Price at which the properties were sold plus the costs and tin taxes. The Law under which this Sale was made was enacted by the 1929 legislature and its purpose in to Petti up the collection of taxes on real estate. Foith of the legion United states Dent will be convention of Mer Pip silent having likewise lion to attend. Tim list it distinguished guests for the Convent urn is outstanding. Milton j. In reman past National commander of the legion Ana retired major general of the Illinois National guard is chairman of the distinguished Gin Sis committee. When lie presides at the National commanders dinner to the guests Iii the Slatier hotel in Boston the evening of jct. 6, lie Vav ill address an unusual Brilliant gathering of High military Ana naval officers statesmen and prominent Public figure both from abroad and Iii the United states. Among Hie duties in connection with the chairmanship of tile distinguished g committee general Foreman will introduce the National commander o. L. Boden Hamer at the dinner and he in turn will introduce the speakers of tile evening. Among the distinguished guests from abroad will in Marcel Heraud former vice president of the Council of ministers of Paris and a member of the chamber of deputies of France to be Prest Utas the of Leiai representative of the French government. Maj. Gen. Sir William b. Dickie in. 0. B., of Dublin Ireland president of tin Irish free state area British legion and a outstanding Irish world War Veteran also has accepted an invitation. Gen. Dickie is Active in governmental affairs Iii his country and is a senator of the Irish f l be state. Born Iii 1865, he began his military career Iii 1885 whim he joined the Royal Fusiliers. Ile served through the Boer War and Iii the world War was in command of a brigade anti of the 16th Irish division. Among those Iii the United states v to have accepted invitations at this Tim Are Admiral a s. Benson. I. S. Navy retired w to will be remembered by legionnaires As the chief of naval operations Iii the world War William Green president of the american federation of labor judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis commissioner of organized baseball and general Frank t. Hines administrator of veterans affairs. Numerous others have indicated their intention of accepting if possible. Every Good Bizel whether worker or employer Leader or follow of is for peace within the Commonwealth. No body of men has contributed More to disorder or tin Dang it of disorder in Pennsylvania than the Coal and Iron police. I governor liar the pow r to commission to refuse to commission or to revoke the commission of Coal and Iron policemen. I Here repeat to you a pledge that if elected there will not be on july i 1921, a Tingle Coal Ami Iron policeman left in the stat of Pennsylvania. My platform promised a to abolish tile Coal and Iron police and replan it with officers selected and commanded by the Commonwealth and paid by it at company i will keen that Promise. Will keep that a i also Promise i in that i would work a to secure old u0_ pensions for the helpless int old age pension has been Well called a plan to pull Down the poor House. Iii state after state it h coming As rapidly us Good roads came when the people at last understood their value. A Many of you will remember As i do when the Good roads movement was opposed As Radical and dangerous. There Are still some who oppose old age pensions on the same ground Blit tilt old age pensions on a reasonable basis have passed into the dial forms of the two great parties and have been adopted by stat after state Iron new York and Maryland on the East to California on the West. A it was my privilege As governor to advocate and sign an old pension Bill which has since i regret to say been declared unconstitutional by the courts. We need such legislation to secure the worthy aged against the wretchedness of the almshouse j and especially to prevent the Ana its activities to other. A the problem recognized As one cult with which most of i lie facts known but us to find. A i propose in the near future without waiting for the election and still less for the inauguration to ask i committee of men and women a likes employers and representative. Of tin general Public to consider the situation which is known to exist in this Commonwealth and to suggest the Best available ways to meet it. A in <1 ing so i shall ask them to give in their recommendations hoi later than the first of next january in Orth r hat definite Steps May be taken at the earliest possible moment to do whatever can by done toward the Relief of tin existing crisis. A ill Relief conies first from other sources it will be most Welcome. It not we shall at least be in a position to do the Best that can la done to my do la a it urse 01 unemployment. Quot a a Quot it a la Quot i it in of Pennsylvania. weeks ago in my speech at Eagleville i said and i repeat a i do not Promise every Man who is out of a jell that he shall have one the Day or the week or the month after i am inaugurated. Tile present unemployment situation is not easy to solve tor it is not Only state wide and nation wide but world wide and it Bas Many causes. But i do Promise and it would be dishonest to Promise More to give my Best attention to ii and to recognize not Only in word but Iii deed the vast importance of keeping All the people welled Well clothed and Quot i take Pride while i was your Friend of labor Anthracite strike rages by the Coal taking he mine tors out of politics the abatement of strike and in Quot in a business men Are hosts to local Young men about to enter institutions of higher education or. Wagner principal speaker husbands and wives at just they need each other the Bristol bowlers to Start season monday night mrs. Mary Sears death claimed mrs. Mary Sears at the St. Francis Hospital Trenton ii monday. She was the widow of Elsworth Sears who died a year ago. And a daughter of Mabel lever formerly of Bristol. She will be remembered As Mary Johnson. Besides her Mother sin is survived by a daughter miss Mabel Sears and one son. Robert Sears. Funeral services will be conducted Iii Trenton from Ber late Home 136 Bloomsbury Street on Friday. Mrs. Liston Paine and son Estes Paine left monday for their Home in Whitestone l. I., after a weeks visit to or. And mrs. Charles t. Owens of Radcliffe Street. The Bristol Bowling league will Start their 1930-191 season on monday evening september 8th, at the Bristol recreation Centre when the Bristol and Industrial leagues Start play. A meeting was held this tuesday night and plans were made for the first Lour Days in the Bristol league and for two Days in the Industrial league As All the team captains from last season were not present. Officers of the league will get in touch with the teams from last season and also some new bowlers who wan to pm v the league and a season s schedule will appear in a later Issue of the paper. The schedule for the stalling the league is As follows ration of the time most. A Pennsylvania has proud of her mothers i know of hard boiled ibis stale who talk Xvi their eve of this wort by act. It Iii the fact that governor i was the in settling the in stopping out and Iron police in my factory working for the shop i aft Many other lines of Sepe-1 executive work i did my Best to give workers a Roosevelt Square always bet n pension Law. Politicians in ii a gleam in part Iii passing w ill he the same old age pension. Great National Organiza the Deal Quot in the grave problems intimately affecting the workers of this Commonwealth which will demand solution in Hie near future i ask for your support. These and other grave matters that will come before me after i take the oath As governor i shall approach in the spirit expressed by Lincoln when he said. I will do the very Best i know How the very Hest i can and i mean to keep doing so till tile end if the end brings no out All t ight what is said against me wont amount to a commercial rates for electricity Eastern division merchants other commercial electric users be the beneficiaries of rate Lions just announced by the of Bristol Alayu Rohm league and Haas file co. No. Keystone is is file Ameri Mon d Ami sons. Tuesday co. 2. Wednesday can legion. Thursday a. M. A. Is Harriman. Industrial league monday a elks is Rohm amp Haas. Tuesday Keystone is Schulte a Koerting. Miss Nan Townsend of West Philadelphia formerly of Bristol. Wras a Holiday week end visitor of misses Mary and Carrie Wiley of 207 Jefferson Avenue. With the a Many tons Are interesting themselves in the problems of humanity. The american legion is concerned with child welfare by the abolition of orphan asylums for veterans orphans and by pen Sioning widowed mothers. The fraternity of the elks has done great work for the welfare of crippled children. The Loyal order of Moose has made its contribution through its admirable child welfare work especially at Moose heart Illinois. The fraternity of the eagles has supported the old age pension throughout the United states. All , and much Els like it if work of the highest Type for angering humanity. A politics is the Means by which free men and women determine the kind of government under which they Viil live. Good governments exist where Good citizens take an in Crest in politics. Bad government exist Vav Here Good citizens neglect their political duties. Let me warn you against those who would keep labor out of politics. A no Man and no woman can for a single Day escape the influence of politics on his or Lier life. From the time each of us wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night we Are never Hee from the influence of potties exercised upon us through the govern nuut. The worker feels it Iii the fair and unfair Cost of his trolley ride to the factory in the morning in the rate in pays for electric Light in his Home at night in the tax on his property Iii the purity of the water he and his family Are required to drink and Iii a thousand ways besides. A Confidence Iii the future is of the first importance to everybody. Without Confidence in the future tin business Man cannot Prosper. Without Confidence in the future tile worker cannot he Happy. Confidence is one of the greatest elements in human Success. A unemployment is not Only hoc of the greatest of All Confidence destroyers but it is one of the great-1 served by the Post office has est happiness destroyers and ii is sent to Washington pleading one of the greatest problems before the people of the United states. A the period of unemployment through which we Are passing is one of the worst blows the state in general and the workers in particular have sustained in Many a Long Cut Arni will reduce Phila Delphia electric company to become effective september i. The decision Means that reductions in commercial lighting rates recently announced As applicable to the county of Philadelphia will be extended to the suburban area As Well giving to the entire City and suburban territory identical rates for this class of ser vice. According to the new schedule customers in this group will pay 7 a cents per kilowatt hour for the first 4 8 hours use of Load 6 cents for the next 48 hours use and 2% cents for All in excess of 96 hours use of the Load or demand. This change will affect the first and third blocks. Where the rates Are now 9 cents and 3 cents respectively. It will result in a saving of cents per kilowatt hour in the first Block of 4 8 hours use of Load and a saving of one Hall cent per kilowatt hour to those customers whose use of Load exceeds 96 hours. Bristol rotary club yesterday had As its guests tin boys from Bristol and Vicinity who Are to enter College wit Liin a week or two. Every year the rotary club is Host loth prospective College boys. I he club made up of business men Many cd whom attended College and Many who did not appreciates the importance of higher education Iii the jives of the Young men and it tries to make tin boys feel that the club is interested in their future and to offer them encouragement. I the boys who were guests of the club yesterday Are Samuel dries who in study Law at the University of Pennsylvania John Wright of i ult Yovu ii to study Ceramic Engi Picering at Penn state College William Vav Wichser to study chemical engineering at Penn state College William Rotunno to study Law at i pm pie University Irvin Levinson to study pharmacy at Philadelphia College it pharmacy John Tranotti also to study pharmacy at Philadelphia College of pharmacy Henry Garrigues to study Medicine at Harvard Edward Mariner who is to study Hydraulic engineering and Carl foe la who is to study chemical engineering. Hie latter two Young men Wert not Able to be present at the meeting. Aires president Minot j. Hill had welcomed the boys Thomas a. Collier presented Tach one making a few remarks on the record the boy had made in High school. Or. J. Fred Wagner then gave an intensely interesting and helpful talk to the boys emphasizing that the greatest thing they would get out of College was the inspiration which then teachers would give them. He advised the boys to take As much part As possible in extra curricular activity to live clean lives and to Benefit by the experiences of those who have been through College. Special mention was made of Henry Garrigues son of Alfred Garrigues for this Young Man is one of two boys who won scholarships at Harvard this year in competitive examinations taken by thousands of boys in n w York City and its suburbs. His father is general manager of the Manhattan soap company a Plant Here it is interesting that this boy is going to study Medicine for his paternal Grandfather was one of the country a most distinguished physicians whose books Are Standard textbooks in ail medical colleges. After tin speech making the boys were called on for Brief remarks and the meeting closed with singing. Better Protection against fire for Torres Dale Manor residents protest against closing Torres Dale Post office Torres Dale and Torres Dale Manoi residents Are disturbed by an announcement that the Torres Dale Post office is to be discontinued. A petition signed by nearly All the property owners in til District been that i there be no change. Of tile Post office is discontinued Torres Dale will be served from the Holm Esburg division of the Philadelphia Post office and Torres Dale Manor people will get their mail at tile Andalusia Post office. Destruction of a Bungalow in Torres Dale Manor two weeks ago has caused the property owners in that Section to take Steps toward providing a water Supply for lure flight ing purposes that will be unlimited and always available. When the Cornwells and Union fire companies arrived at the burning Home of Daniel Heber on state Road some time was consumed in ascertaining whether the tide was High Iii the Delaware for unless it was High the pumpers could not get water from the River. the time the information was received and the Hose Laid tile lire had gained such headway that the House was destroyed. Immediately after the fire the property owners had a ditch dug from Low water Mark to a pit near the Shore at Torres Dale Manor. This ditch permits the flow of water from the River to the pit even at Low tide so that hereafter theer always will be Waler for fire fighting. The work was done after the Cornwells and Union fire companies officers had looked futile site Over. Should there be another fire in Torres Dale Manor the firemen will know in Advance where to place the pumper and property will be better safeguarded. To have peach festival the members of the adult Bible class of the Bristol m. E. Church taught by miss Mary Lippincott will enjoy a social in the nature of a porch party at the Home of mrs do roil Green Radcliffe Street tuesday afternoon sept. 9th, of

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