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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1925, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 4, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania Say the Independent at Bristol news Agency �?�14 5 Mill Street and at p. N. Ii. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor Harden and Beaver streets vol. 6 a no. To the Independent has a larger prepaid circulation than any two papers in lower Bucks Bristol. A. Friday september 4, 1925. Five cents the copy seeks nomination John f Smoyer who w Iii in a candidate for Burgee on tin Republican ticket at tin primaries. September 15tli. Many valuable prizes to be awardee winners of the events eighteen everything a set for Tho big Elk water carnival tomorrow Alterman on the River at the elks Home. The i committee in charge has Complete j the program that promises to be urn of the Best events Ever held Bete. Some of the Best swimmers ant fancy divers in this Vicinity ate or. Tho list to participate for tin Man handsome prizes. The order of events is As follows. I Canoe race i Man double paddle i isl prize. Double paddies. Sue. I prize cuff links. Women a fort i dive isl Over night ease 2nd. Bath ing slippers. Boy s go Yard swim i 1st, Pool suit 2nd, cuff links an j tie race 2 women single paddle. Parasols. Menus form dive 1st Bead j _. Robe 2nd, military brushes. Cams supposed building material prove race mixed double paddle lady j to be High powered stuff camera menus sweater. Worn ii Swan dive. Menus too Yard swim. 1st police mystified sweater 2nd. Cigarette Case. Cams race 2 women in Ami out race t. Bathing suits. Menus Swan dive i excitement ran High in bidding tot Caton race. Jills go Yard swim it wednesday when a Carload o 1st. Bathing suit. 2nd. 2 bathing i car Load of Beer sent local firm by mistake a few Don to done to be misled by Bristol having a loss pm capita tax than a few hand picked towns in Pennsylvania. The word a per capita includes children. They done to taxes. Don t by fooled about or. Grundy giving $176,000.00 to Bristol. If the work was let Oil contract it Cost so much. Competition lessens Cost. Done to get excited about Bristol a water costing 250 j less than a few hand picked towns in Pennsylvania. Bristol is close to a River am possibly the majority of the other towns Are not. The River is a natural advantage. Done to lose any sleep Over the fact that Bristol is one of Only nine handpicked towns in Pennsylvania Hax Fng municipal garbage and Ash collections. A Cor King to or. Grundy the aah collection is a Only an Experiment Ami the Cost wll be paid from the collection of delinquent Ash collection is not in your taxes paid this year. Done to fool yourself or. Property Holder abut your taxes inking lower this year than last. Figoten i loin for yourself and be 1 f a i be one of the a Lucky 87done to forget bal a few years ago then w e a Don tag of ballots. Done to Forg a to k Early. Death rattles murder suspects Helo Caps. Women a optional die. Cau in race 2 men in and out Nice i sweat shirts. Women v 75 Van swim 1st. Week end Rase. 2nd, Coni pact. Canoe rare 2 men double die 2 land suits. Menus opt Iona dive. Half mile swim 1st. Menus bag 2nd, Collar Case. Ask i Fob further hearing lumber company. Was not caused by j car Load of Aslom Stos i in a but i t her the the ext Hemen the fact that j shingles has a shingles prove Many attend funerals of Oscar Clegg in Phua who was drowned at burling Island last sunday has Large funeral i to be High powered Beer in bottles. Monday afternoon a car yeas shift a d tin Railroad siding of tin Eddington lumber company. The i Yard superintendent having no rec i old of a car being shipped to Ihu i company called a the office of the p. R. R. And toll the Bill o j lading called for a car of abbess a shingles whereupon the sup ii it ten Dent opened the car and made j discovery that instead i containing shingles. Rout Phi iad. I i. A held Poi Kendig murder i indic $2 500 bail Many from bilsted attended the funeral of the late Oscar Clegg who was buried from Bis Home. 14 4i Frankford Avenue Philadelphia 01 wednesday at 4 i. M. Expression o by in a thy through the Floral piece sent were Many among which Wen a Large bask d of Flowers sent by the concessionaires of burling m islam and a hug a ugh from the ferry men a a a Quot Opiat Ion. Tin deceased met a tragic end by drowning in the Delaware Las Sun Day morning when a Cam occupier by or. Clegg Ami or. Robert Merub the manager of the Park ups t. The deceased is survived by widow two sons Ami a daughter. The oho who attended the funeral services were or. Aud mrs. Roller i Merub. Mrs. George Baker. Mrs Christian. Or. Frank Donnelly George Earl George Trout. Thomas Rogers John Ludwig Edward Dougherty and Percy Earl. Inter me lit was made in Knight of pythias cemetery in Philadelphia. Y. M. A. Captures three prizes at lakan00 regatta the y. M. A Canoe club captured three third prizes at Thna ionic regatta held by the Lak Anoo club at Burlington last saturday. Big Al Bailers Star paddler of the y. M. A., Ami Captain of the a to a a. Football team won Moi my when a got third prize in tin halt mile menus singles. A. Havens of the Washington Canoe club got first and j. Bosch of the Potomac boat club second. In tie Junior National championship four Nice double a Crew from the local Ca no club also got third place. Holland and Ali Apps got third place in two mile doubles. J about 30.000 bottles of High Power Cut a Beer. To toe. Crawford end Harry Hughes county detectives Wert were soon on the scene. The r. R officials were notified and after de j Elding that it was not a Bona fid shipment caused the car to in re sealed Ami hipped to Philadelphia. Prohibition and Railroad officer i at conducting an investigation by i at the present writing the shippers i Nam has not been Learned. Forrest theatre to j open season tomorrow Nev. T in in i on tier lion with the murder of 4�wui it. A a Fig. Who was found with l or bullets in his Boily in a Ion by Road at Ludington the Algin tit August 21, have been discover to by Philadelphia police and As a us ult tie la Ai my of the the four suspects that was be hold it the Ca j Here has been Putti pitted until sep it Contaoi i tem Berig. Police efforts to lit tin Kendig j minder w Ith the $14, payroll j Houp and murder of Joseph Galla Notile it i an j Gher in Perth Amboy the afternoon of the same Lay result a in the arrest of the four men. They were j partially identified As lie bandits by j Spectator of the Holdup Ami have j i Given their names As William Galla j Gher. A Roommate of Kendig Harry i Burton. Raymond Boyne an i Francisi Bailey All of Philadelphia. Kendig was also believed to be enc of the j murderer. The four no ii have All been released each tilt a i $2,500 j j bail. T the hearing was it a Lei taken 1 place at eleven Ovi a a monday morning but telegrams from the j chief of police if philae i us la Anteri j j de that new and Liett a Lues had manager Lynn books some wonder been found although is not Dia a i closed what they were. The Perth Amboy lid up was one j of the most daring in this Section in Ful pictures for sift opening the photoplay rest thaire will win Lei the be it been r Lima Eason or the for open its fall am Chemult tonight with on pm Cinema productions Tliatha eased Iii recent months a. In met Rte Al a no Mil ii attract a the Way of a girl a a Goldwyn picture featuring Boardman. Matt Moore William run sell. My screen s i a into to i ii Orr it j the Noel. Iii n by its to i a Kip ire to hew Betz Anil several it Bel tars will be shown at the for Nance tonight and to night. Story is adapted from the the by rather will t tire a nor i it a so Burt and has been loin to Ami the players so a the humorous Side. Boardman who has aply ill a wife of th1 this is marriage Coolidge said a under a fret government the citizen make his own Laws chosen his own administrators. Which Rcpt sent him a those who disregard the rules of society Are not exhibiting a Superior intelligence Are not promoting Freedom and Independence a not following tie path of civilization but Are displaying the halt of ignorance of servitude of Sav Agery and treading the Way that leads Back to the Calvin Coolidge. Bristol people should not lose sight of the fact that a town can be no Bigg r than the officials chosen to govern to. If a town fails to keep abreast of other cities the pople can blame Only them selves. The Bristol of tomorrow is in the hands of the people. The people Are the Boss. On an a sinners in plays tin leading role her first attempt at Light Coni Edv on the screen. Tile Central character of the St or races from prize fights to i us. Tai fists balls and fast automobiles Foi her desired thrills and the dial Listle Climax of flu Story provide he More of a thrill than she had sought this High Standard of screen pro duct Iona will be continued by Maria cer Edward let in when he will a i Bibi on monday and tuesday night. Of the Fin Billete aril b one of love farce that has eve now it on tile Silver so teen. His super film. Belie Daniels. Tar if then Ever was on till Filiip Clever pict it mis pier a Ell lit i dim i will take the hading role As the j suggests the author and the i director have Given her ample i port Unity it demonstrate Lier ii is and Beauty and the shows her to Best advantage. Then on wednesday and thursday the picture of pictures one that i been cd feed Forward to by the fib populace of Bristol Anil Vicinity w Iii in shown. It is the sensational picture writ i ten by Elinor Glynn entitled a mat mid maid and it contains a Castro characters that fairly dazzle am be Intille. There is Lew Cody Harriet Ham mood Renee adores. Paulette Duva Aud others whose screen reputation have earner them the sincere Admi continued on Page two some years. It took place in the Middle of the afternoon a a a a crowd cd Street and five shots were fired into the taxicab in which the Bank messenger. Gallagher was Riding j thro of them struck his head and i killed him instantly and the robbers then grabbed his hag and escaped in i their car. Witnesses were so taken j by Surprise that none of them of j served the bandits licence number although fairly accurate descriptions of the men were obtained which led to the detention of Kendig a friends. The Only other clues to the Kendig murder was the car that up away from the police on the Road where his body was found on the same j night. When the owner of this car was oct the a he testified that he Hadj Only been holding a petting party and was released. Entertain in Honor of sons birthday a i a a j Reventh of his mrs. Harry Force of 314 Otter j Street assisted by her neighbor. Mrs Antoine Terneson pulled off a com j 1>1�-1 Surprise on saturday afternoon for the son of mrs. Force. It Hap a Pencil that saturday was the a return of the anniversary birth land Vincent was wild with Delight when he found Hie Little playmates were calling in his Honor. Favors were won by Anna Sagolla and Thomas Collier. Vincent Fried hard to blow out with one puff the seven candles on the birthday Rake but had to add the second puff. The children present were mar Garet Collier. Myrtle Collier Budd Collier. Jean and Harriet Stetson. Anna Sagolla. Anna Ennis. Bos flan Hagan. Mary Terneson. William by tidal i and Jack Ennis. Or. Each child went Home in High glee an a Ach was especially pleased in receiving a favor. Returns to College i a w Fence Siddons returned monday to spending other. On to Girard College of i the summer with his min. Margaret Siddons of Var Street. Mrs. Ii a Quail Terneson who has a of tag Iii sea Side was in Bristol ast week for a three Days visit. The desp rate condition of the local Grundy political organization is very clearly revealed by the Way in which they have Ami Are con i ducting their Campaign of deception and misrepresentation. Hacked j by the unlimited finances of or. Grundy a Stool Pigeon a Campaign committee is represented As giving certain facts to Bristol people. Any intelligent person knows that such comparative statements Are worthless Localise of the ease with which favourable figures can to taken and unfavourable ones omitted Anil also because of the varying con list ions in these towns. What Justice is there in comparisons of water production costs in Bristol where we just take it from the River and other communities which have to Drill sex pens vie Wells Etc this Campaign committee which poses As a Loose Leaf encyclopedia says Little about the water rates which ought to by lowered if it costs no Little to prov Iii water. Nor does this wonderful information Bureau say anything about the amounts of Clorine Alum etc., Iii the water of other communities As compared with Bristol. The Validity of All the data set Forth is entirely Dost toyed by the fact that Only a Morgan i a nation a followers Are permitted Acci is to Bristol data while even this is legally elected to examine the Borough books Are denied Access to them. If these articles Are really written by their supposed authors what right has or. Dodds or. Scott etc., to examine records while or. Black legally elected by the people As Borough auditor is denied Access to them. There May be nothing wrong with the books but if not Why is a the organization so afraid to have anyone but a a organization followers see them and especially Why go to such lengths As to deny a legally elected Borough officer the right to exercise tin duties of his office so Long As the Grundy organization continues this illegal censorship of All Borough records any fair mind person can accept As reliable any selected figures they publish As lie last gasps of a forlorn hop. Such arrays of figures Are Only the death rattle of a lost cause. The desperate state of the Grundy Campaign is further revealed by the fact that they have Hail to import some Philadelphia politicians a guide them Over the rocks threatening their political destruction. Lacking capable local leadership they sent the s. O. S. Call to Philadelphia for a Cap Pye Edwards and others to come to their Aid. They Are already Here on the Job. We would warn or. Grundy and his imported politicians that Bristol citizens will not tolerate any of Ting Liest Ion ahle political tricks that Are reported to be under Way. The hop less nature of the Grundy Campaign is also shown by the Way in which they have grabbed at every Straw like a drowning Man. They have claimed credit for everything Worth while in Bristol. Without them there would have been no sewage disposal Plant so the courier of August 18th would have us believe although every intelligent person knows it was a state Law which compelled the Borough to cease dumping its sewage into the River. Every resilient of Bristol ought to get that Issue of the courier August 18th and read its editorial and if their blood does no to boil Over the slanderous statements concerning Bristol a past. There is something wrong with them. Read the paragraph which reads like this a Aback Yards were reeking cesspools w Home at filth propagated the germs of every known disease an set them broadcast through the Community to cause epidemic after epidemic of deadly How can any truth Loving Bri Tolian vol for men w Host top to such slanderous statements about their parents in order to get credit for themselves. Its bail enough for the Grundy organization to claim credit for something they were not responsible for but to so maliciously slander Bristol people of 20 years ago is positively unpardonable. Tilts however is Only Iii keeping with other vain efforts to build up a Quot lock or Community credit for political purposes. Their despicable Effort to a use the it Cal american legion Post for political purposes is deeply resented by Many legion men who rightly desire to keep their organization non partisan and non sectarian. We would remind or. Grundy that the responsible cause of the successful legion drive for disabled soldiers was Hie hard work of legion members Ami the recognized generosity of Bristol people and not the grandstand play s of or. Anderson or any other Grundy official. We would also remind or. Grundy that the efficiency of the local tire department is due to the hard work of certain Loyal firemen and not to the efforts of or. Anderson or any other individual Grundy candidate As such. And so it is with Otlis a claims of or. Grundy Fot his candidates. All that is Worth while in Community Progress and Endeavor is not due to or. Grundy a candidates As the courier would have us believe. 3uch claims Are Ped Culous on their face. The hypocrisy of Grundy organizations attitude is made Plain by their continued assertions that the fair name of Bristol has been redeemed by this wonderful set of men bringing the Borough to the place where it pays its own Way yet according to the ii own statements in the courier $66,850 h3 actually been appropriated see courier 5-4-25 while the be trough rate of 9.35 Mills on the new ass ment will Pisi Nee Only $56,100 $65,450 less remits fees delinquent Quot. Etc. In other words they themselves have actually appropriated $10,750 More than the new hate will provide the inefficiency of the Grundy candidates is evidenced by their providing $12,000 More income for the county Ani $10,500 less than last year for the Borough after paying the three valuation experts $3000 to make the assessments such that More Revenue might be prot video tile Borough. Can you imagine Deal tenders Effic i it men getting where they tried to not Only that they the ii Lack of Borough loyalty in providing $12,000 More for county and $10,500 Les for Borough us by the amazing statement that just he cause Bristol has 12vi i1 of the Bounty population it ought to 12 up r cent of the county tax. W by Force the poor win King Mei of Bristol Xiv till their Large families to a per capita share of county tax with. For instance the Rich of i Langhorne Hasni to the Grundy organization any sense of Justice or fair play at All one of the mom ridiculous statements of a1 perhaps was the Quot one in the courier of August 31st, where or. Grundy poses As being Iii fax or of municipal ownership of Public utilities. When has or. Grundy turned socialist of it is Tim As the courier states that water can in provided Nuder municipal ownership for one half of what it would Cut to under private ownership Why not have tile Gas Ami electricity provided likewise Why not provide Coal groceries clothing and even Wool yarns Iii the same Way. We would advise the Philadelphia suburban to turn Over their Plant to this efficient group of Borough officials at once. We wonder whether or. Grundy really believes what he is publishing How can this attitude be harmonized with his past ferocious attacks on All government owned utilities every Railroad Man knows ills attitude on government ownership of railroads. We doubt whether any of his pals Iii the Pennsylvania manufacturers association will take such statements seriously. If they in. The thread which is now holding or. Grundy Iii official pm Dion there will be Cut forthwith. How harmonize these statement. With or. Grundy a unwarranted attacks on or. Smoyer As being Akin to Follette in the courier of August 17th? 4 Isnit it tragic dear readers to see this one time autocratic Grundy organization grabbing at straws like drowning men and chasing mirages like those lost in the desert seeks nomination to introduce Bill to improve conditions in creeks and Rivers All Over state backed by sportsmen Thomas s. Harper of 717 Pond St n it who is a Candi Date for j list ice of the peace an tax collector on the Republica ticket at tin primaries september lath. Bristol cases to have Strong team against a s Connie Mack expects to use left Groves against local boys at Sullivan a Field baseball fans in Bristol will Havi a Chance to see their favorite tean in action in their own Back Yan when Connie Mack brings his tean of fatuous athletics Here to play Ai exhibition game with the Bristo of Columbus sunday sip tember 20th. Manager James Grady of the cases is Busy getting the Best Possi Hie team together and promises to give the Large crowd that is sure to be at Sullivan s Field to see the game a big Surprise. It is whispered that some stars will appear ii Bristol uniforms in order to Mak the game interesting. Lefty Groves the $100,000 bait More Rookie is expected to Hool them Over for Connie with practically the first team Iii the line up. Communications ii a Boot lickers for aim St two decades the rein. Of government in Bristol have been in the hands of an organization known As a the but which might Well lie called a the Boot Licker a each year w it ii no opposition this organization has been growing a Little stronger until it has intruded itself in every movement and every Enterprise in the town. No undertaking i it so Small but that some member of the a boo ticker s gang has to look it Over and see if it is according to die Wisla a of the gang Boss. Now there Are a a Bool lickers and some Are a Boot lickers from Choice some from necessity but each and every one has to he Able to do the Job Well in order to make it . First among the a Boot lickers we will mention is the Man who Isnit looking for favors. At some time or other probably near election the Boss has met him on the Street a it it i him on the Back and treat it him like a Long a St brother rho Man feels All puff cd i up. He has no wealth himself Anil stands a continued on Page four Harrisburg pa., sept. 3.�?Tho conservation Council of Pennsylvania has launched a Campaign to Stop in pollution of streams in this state. Backed by More than 200.000 sportsmen and conservationists Tho Council is drafting a Bill to improve the conditions in scores of creeks and Rivers. The Bill will be drastic and far reaching accruing to officials of the Council. Every sportsmen a organization affiliated with the Council will sub Mit the proposed anti pollution measure to candidates for the general Assembly in their communities. Candidates who agree to support the Bill will have the United support of the sportsmen. Those who do not definitely pledge themselves to line up with the outdoor men in their Effort to give Pennsylvania pure streams will be opposed at the polls. Realizing that the Stream poll ii Tion evil in this state has been growing steadily with no concerted Effort yet made to Stop it. The state Council has started an aggressive state wide movement to procure adequate legislation. Officials of the Council declare the contest will be carried through the next session of the legislature Anil longer if necessary. Representing All the outdoor interests of the state the Council supplies the necessary meeting ground for All individuals and organizations to be represented in the anti pollution movement. The Council expects to accomplish by co operation we hat is not being accomplished by individuals and unorganized Effort. The sportsmen expect to go into their fight with a United front. During the last few weeks the following additional organizations have joined the state Council and will support the drive to clean up the streams Black for St conservation association Fayette county game and fish protective association. Northumberland county pish game and forestry association. Gamp and Trail club. Of Philadelphia. Elie county game and fish protective association. Grays run club of Williamsport. Blair county game fish and forestry association and the Eastern counties protective association. Many More new members Are expected to join the Council during the next few weeks. Entertains at luncheon and cards mrs. We. Greig and mrs t. Me Gargee delightful entertained at luncheon and Bridge on wednesday at the Home of mrs. Megargee. The Floral decoration of roses and other Flowers was Beautiful and the Corsage bouquet Laid for each guest added greatly to the Charm of the Junction favors were Given to mrs. J. C. Stuckert and miss Marian Smith. The Lucky number favor was Given to mrs. Caroline Smith. Those present we Ere mrs. Henry Ancker. Mrs. Parke m. Wetherill mrs. Win. G. Bur Kinan mrs. J. C. Stuckert mrs n. B. Bertolette mrs. Ernest Lawrence. Miss either Lawrence. Mrs. Win. E. Doron mrs. Frank Lehman. Miss Mary Lehman. Mrs. Caroline Smith. Mss Marian Smith and miss Helen Taylor. Republican voter to bring the party of Lincoln Back to first principles a a party of the people by the people and for the vote for these candidates at the primaries tuesday september. 15th. Burgess John f. Smoyer. Justice of the peace a trios. S. Harper. Tax collector Thos. S. Harper. Councilmen _ first Ward Henry m. Black Vance w. Betz second Waud v. V. Vansant. John la. Wichser. Third Ward James Mooke. Firman w. Pope fifth Waud Richard Winslow. John Zanni. Sixth Ward j. Byron Johnson Harry f. Burbank. Judge of elections first Ward first precinct Anderson j. Hellyer. First Ward. Second precinct Frede. Vansciver third Ward James Hughes. Second Ward Peter Brady. Inspector of elections first Ward first precinct Raymond Opdyke. Second Ward Robert i u. �?z.,l ,

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