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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - September 2, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Today a Issue has fourteen pages be sure you receive it All. Vol. 2.�?no. To. I Forrest theatre q Paramount a it Kkt Bristol pa., Friday. September 2, 1921. Prospect of hard Winter Coal prices Are Likely to remain at High level who will help this poor family local dealers in no measure blame for seemingly exorbitant charges to hardest Winter in 25 years predicted heating problem in status quo these do mine workers produce less yet Are paid 138 per cent. More than in 1913 supt. Towel s has received no vision from Washington on Harriman housing question de Busy around first Ward trying to line up faithful against people s candidate a beat John Smoyer at any Cost there is a needy family in Bristol. A Mother Aud six Little children who Are worthy of assistance the woman has been deserted by her husband and although she is willing to work to support her Little Brood she eau find no employment and As a result Theta Are Many Days when she and her family Are really in need of food. A number of charitably inclined persons have taken up the cause of this Good woman and contributions of food or Money will be received and properly spent by Frank Green the shoe Man at his Mill Street place of business. Clothing will be1 called for if those wishing to donate it will notify or. Green. Five cents the copy both Hardy and Smoyer Candida Tes for regular Republican nominations which he attended at Palmer school chiropractic Davenport. Iowa school Bond Issue fight on tonight propaganda being circulated that they Are running on Independent ticket is not True with the Prospect of a hard Winter and the added likelihood of very Little work which will mean Little Money for the poorer people of the town the question As to the Price of Coal and the chances for or against its being plentiful will be a pertinent one for the Many in Bristol. Suffering undoubtedly there will be if the Barons of Industry who Rule this towns destiny will not assist in providing employment for the hundreds who Are denied the Opportunity of getting it from other sources As Industry has been Ever advised against locating in Bristol. The local Coal dealers insist that the Price of Coal will be higher As the season advances and yet there is no reason Why this condition should exist unless it is that labor is producing less than in former years and being paid far More for their work. In quoting from Sawards journal one of the oldest Coal periodicals in the country they having published a paper since 1865, they state a the forthcoming Issue of Anthracite will contain the following while the mine workers earnings Are on an average of 138 per cent above the level of 1913, the amount of Coal produced by each Man has declined. A a company in the Wyoming Field now employs 5, men and obtains the same number of tons of Coal As it produced three years ago with 4,000 the above will give a slight idea of one of the reasons for the Cost of Coal which is one commodity that does not seem Likely to reach its Normal level. The remark that Coal has never been As High As it is at present heard on every Side is not exactly True in a towers superintendent of Tho transportation and housing division of the u. S. Government stated to an Independent representative in his office in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon that there is no change in the housing situation Iii Harriman at this time. He stated positively that his office had received no official notice of Hie intentions of Mio shipping Board in the matter of handling heating problem and that the whole affair is still in quo a As far As he knows. Acting Tow site manager Goheen is the order that has been issued a a vote for Smoyer is a vote for Independent says a a Peter bids opera 8.000 chiropractors in Mammoth Street Parade dissenters on $40,000 school loan heard at Harriman majority favor the improvement their names will appear on Republican ballot a status is boing besieged by anxious tenants who wish to know whether they will he forced to move or not. Lie is Conli outed with statements from these people that they will be Strung along until the cold weather starts and then will probably be informed by tile government that their notice has Long since expired and they must vacate. A no endeavouring to get Over the without forcing Fering on their there 1865 the records state that Coal sold at wholesale in Boston at to $ per ton. Iii sold at wholesale in new 8.50 to $13 dollars per from $8.75 1866 Coal York from ton. It might be interesting for Many to know that the first Coal to be mined in this country and used for the Wyoming Man to Burn it fuel was in 1768 in Valley and the first was Obadiah Gore. The criticism that is heaped on local dealers by the consumer for a the continuing High Price of Coal is unfair the berating of the mine operators which has been a favorite outdoor and indoor sport for several years would also seem to be unfair if the reports published by tin United states geological Survey and other reliable sources of information throughout the country Are to be depended upon absolutely the fundamental reason for the con to lining High Price and the possible holding up of that Price to its present level can be directly attributed to the output and the natural demand which has been below Normal Folio oaths Back. The aral upward turn on the demand for Coal in the Market was noted Din lug the w Eek of August 13th. For eight weeks previous to this Date the Market was absolutely dead. I. Is expected by Trade experts that mis augurs Well for a constantly increasing Trade during the news is Good news a and the fact that the government is taking such a Long time to act on the petitions forwarded to tile Board would indicate to the writer that they Are ferret out a Way to difficulty presented any unnecessary suf tenants. Is a plan that is talked of in unofficial circles that May be adopted it it is practical that is to run just one boiler Iii the Large heating Plant heat just one Section of the town and have the tenants All move into this Section. This of course is Only hear say and it will have to be taken for what it is Worth. Mile fact that or. Towers invited the Independent to Call on him at any time for information and that he stated thai if he did not hear something definite from Washington by next tuesday he himself would make a trip to the capital in an attempt to hurry matters would seem to dispel the Rumor that he has signed or is about to resign his t Ion. Repos i Mill Street Maize of Telegraph poles Borough authorities May intend to Fence in sidewalk with massive line of poles Mill Street will soon look like a Forrest if the Street and Highway committee continue to give out indiscriminate permission to put tip Many More Telegraph and Telephone poles. Standing at the Corner of Mill and Radcliffe Street looking Westward one is confronted with a Maize of poles of varying length silhouetted on the Skyline. From the Corner of Otter and Bath to Mill and Pond Street there Are thirty nine poles a enough seemingly to hold All the wires that run along the entire thoroughfare yet More poles Are being erected each Day. Some folks Are of the opinion that the old poles along these main thoroughfares Are the Only ones that will a anything to beat John f. Smiler a the foregoing order has been issued from the throne room of the local Republican organization and even a dear old Uncle Pete a who realizes the undercurrent of sentiment in favor of John is going about town handshaking and ingratiating himself with the voters of the first Ward whispering warnings to them to remain Loyal and remember to cast their vote for a a gang candidates on election Day. The irrepressible vote gatherer is doing More campaigning this year than he has done in a Ward election Iii two decades and everywhere he goes he drops the salient warning that Smoyer must be Defeated. J he a a thee so and a a thou so scattered about by this Willy politician Are numberless but it is a question As to whether even in really believes that his missionary work will have any effect to Stein the tide of Public sentiment in favor of the first Ward plumber. A Smoyer is a competent fellow a is the expression of the smiling Peter a us lie pats his constituents on the backs a the is an All right Chap but a vote for him is a vote for the Independent Ana that will not do in was Ever anything More ridiculous than this latter assertion of the Man who makes few mistakes in a political Campaign picture it a Man who has held every office that paid big Money within the Gilt of the appointing Powers of the county campaigning against a candidate on the ground that a vote for him will be a voiceful1 this paper. The a Peerless Leader of Bristol a would have spoken More truthfully had lie stated a a vote for Smoyer is a vote against Bossis and a vote for the people a no danger of a the old Fox a telling the voters anything like that though As his Job is to get the votes no matter what the argument advanced for the purpose May be. Must be rather a bitter Pill for the leaders of the organization to Swallow this being forced to go out and beg and cajole voters to remain faithful after so Many years of having everything their own Way it must indeed be embarrassing for a venerable gentleman like or. Minster to be forced to buttonhole every Tom Dick and Harry in his Ward with the request that they remain faithful to the it must indeed he hard and the Independent regrets the necessity of forcing these self appointed rulers to disco Mode themselves. Tells of wonders wrought by adjustments in institutes for clinics w. B. Praetor. As one of the oldest show houses in this Section of the country was scene of Many Brilliant successes in at in Days when Road shows flourished Bristol Folk carried on ferry at theatres expense How Bristol Many Pec pie Are there in who remember the free ferry that ran from Bristol to Burlington operated by a James h. Birch then and now owner of Birch s opera House Burlington for the accommodation of patrons of that playhouse the reason for asking the above question is because the older records of William e. Doi on were destroyed Iii a fire years ago and the Only record obtainable is from 1894 until 1907, when an agreement was in effect Between or. Birch and Captain Boron to transport passengers to and from Burlington in order to give them an Opportunity to visit the theatre and enjoy the leading shows of the Day that for years were shown in Birches opera House. This theatre which is one of the oldest playhouses in this Section of the country has been functioning for forty six years and was built by the present owner and through All the years it flourished in the hey Day of theatrical Road shows was managed by him in person. Alloi the actors of the old school member and often speak of Birches and in a discussion Only a Short time ago one of the leading comedians of the country brought this theatre into the conversation and an article sent broadcast throughout the Martindell. Hie local Chicote Back on the Job after a week spent vacationing and another week spent at the sixth annual lyceum and Homecoming at tile Tainter school of chiropractic at Davenport Iowa. For the Benefit of Bis Many friends and admirers in Bristol and Vicinity he looks Fine alter ids rest and he claims that h Learned several new stunts while the Quot Coni Nain head of chiropractic of the world. Enthusiastic to the last degree when speaking of the wonderful possibilities of his beloved science Martindell is if anything More so at this time fresh from the spot where the discoverer of this science teaches his cult to thousands. It would take hours for a patient listener to hear All the wanders that were seen by the chiropractor during Bis stay in tiie far Western City of the men he met and the things they ate accomplishing and attempting for the advancement of the science which they claim has revolutionized a he Healing Art on the Earth. On the opening Day the largest Parade Ever staged in the state of Iowa a put on and in this line of March were 8,000 chiropractic practitioners. Representing every state Iii the Union and a number 0 foreign countries. A number of the state organizations had j ated floats in line carrying Diego i Cal pictures of what the states stand for or representing some noted historical event. For instance Texas had a float carrying a miniature replica of the Alamo and it was. Cheered All along the line of March. The Cai of b. J. Palmer the Ori try about it. The chronicler referred to a there is a Lington n. A. Tabor grand. Was coun to quote of the the words of conversation Hugh Harkins to take Hazelton Bride entire Winter months. With this Dade increase there May lie some and be allowed to remain. The ind Epen Usten possible with the miners i Dent expresses the w ish that this is that will bring the actual producing t in cases no possibility of finding any tiling out from the Borough offic will be married on tuesday at St. Gabriel a Church. Hazelton miss Marie Mccaffrey Cost of Coal Down and As soon this is brought about a concerted fort on the part of governmental continued on Page five Asef of elec. Power Plant for the Island work to Start soon on this project a new concessions need Power and Light work on the general improvements on Burlington Island will be commenced within the next two weeks. The first work attempted will be the erection of the new Scenic railway and the installing of the electric Power Plant that is to be put in operation at a Cost of $10,000. This latter feature of the improvements is for the purpose of lighting the Island properly and also to furnish powder for the Many devices that will be found at the Park next year. This Plant will be equipped with Oil burning engines. Application has been received by the management of the Park for a Concession for an Airship device. Tho company seeking the lease is the same As the one operating the ships at Woodlawn Park just outside of Trenton and from present indications it is Only a matter of a few Days before the deeds for the same will be signed and delivered. With Many novel concessions still to be heard from it is a certainty that another season will find the Island a place of scintillating life and Beauty. Nils on the subject for any of them who know if they knew anything of what is going on in their departments shun the editor of this paper and care not to pass words with him for the Only apparent reason that he has had the temerity to dare to criticize their official actions. One instance where a generous collection of poles have been distributed is before the property of Wrights garage. Directly on the Corner of Balli streets and Otter on both sides of the two Cross walks Are some poles four poles within a radius of Twenty seven feet. A no use of painting your building and putting up signs for display if poles Are to be erected to entirely hide the building from the View of passersby a says or. Wright. Probably following their avowed intention to kill the Mill Street Section As the principal business thoroughfare of the town it is the intention of the Powers in the town to have a Fence of poles built on Hie Edge of the sidewalks to entirely obliterate the business houses along their Way. One citizen says the poles Are being erected for safety of pedestrians cars bumping along the awful streets will be less Likely strike persons on sidewalks. Or. And mrs. William la. Mccaffrey of Hazelton have issued invitations for the marriage of their daughter Marie Rose to or. Hugh j. Harkins of Spruce Street Bristol on tuesday september 6th, in St. Gabriel a Church Hazelton. Many invitations have been issued to friends in Bristol and quite a number have signified their intention of attending. Miss Betty Bonner of Philadelphia and Wiio is Well known in Bristol with the two Sisters of the Bride will attend her while or. Peter a. Wade of Burlington and formerly of Bristol will attend the Groom. Or. And mrs. W. P. Smith of Harriman will motor on sunday to Hazelton and remain for the wedding. They will he accompanied by or. Harkins and or. Wade. The Happy couple after a weeks honeymoon trip will be at Home to their friends at their Home on Spruce Street. Little theatre in Bur that is older than Tho of Denver and quite As interesting a Raymond Hitchcock. Actor said. A i refer to Birch s opera House which saw the Light Asun amusement Center in 187 5, six years before the opening of the famous Denver playhouse and where noted stars of two score of years Back have other actors confirmed or. Hitchcock a assertion. Birches opera House is still owned and managed by James la. Birch sr., who built it himself throwing the first shovel Ful a i11 he began his career As a t heat in manager the year his second son colonel Thomas la. Birch now american minister to Portugal was Horn. Or. Birches Active associates Are his soils. R. S. Birch and James h. Birch. Or. Among the famous old time attractions that have appeared in Birches opera Lions Are Patrick Gilmore s band Nellie Mchenry Annie Pixley Herman the great John and Harry Kernell Minnie Palmer Josh Billings dab Sully Frank Doane Niles Evans Bryant and Hoey with the Blench Sisters Jana Schliek c. W. Gunlock hate Claxton Ada Gray Tony pastor Alvin Joslin Jules Levy a band colonel William f. Cody a Buffalo Bill Annie 11 Ait ii Miniie Vassar and ail of the r Roll Man attractions when diaries Daniel and Gustave were together. Do i know Birch so remarked George Cohan. A i played there knee pants years ago with dad and my sister g i a tor of chiropractic or rather the discoverer of the benefits to be derived from spinal adjustments was signally honoree by the rank and tile of the citizens of Davenport. W Hen one ask what Davenport is famous for anywhere West of the Mississippi the answer invariably comes Hack for and by b. J. Palmer. Then the Chiro will Tell you of the free clinics Lichi daily at the Palmer Institute where thousands of people Are treated each year he will go into Exta cies Over the Long lines of suffering humanity who wait patiently for their allotted turns for adjustments. Ile will Tell you of the continue i on Page five big band Benefit at Forrest tonight Bristol musicians present Bebe Daniels in a a the March Hare a will give two concerts associated in ago with Mother Scheffey family Sydney v. Morris. Jr., arrived last Friday big reunion to former Bristol resident to wed in Philadelphia or. And mrs. Edward p. Gallagher. Formerly of Bristol now of i Philadelphia have issued invitations for the wedding of their daughter Mary Dolores to John j. Gallagher on wednesday. September 7th in St Stephens Church Philadelphia. A number it of relatives and friends from Bristol will be present. Sydney Van Auxin Morris jr., is not a candidate this year for office neither is he entitled to a vote at Hie primary As Junior did not arrive in town until last Friday morning. He was a passenger on the Stork special which passed through Bristol about ten of clock in the morning and ii is parents mrs. Cornelia Carr Morris and Sydney v. Morris who will now have to add the affix senior to his name Are justly proud of the new member of the family. A a Syde is being congratulated on every Side. A get Van so a they and family of 346 Lafayette Street attended the Sci Zifey reunion held at Fruitville in or Reading on sunday last at tile Home of or. Milton so Liffey. Or. Scheffey lives on a Large farm mid the family reunions Are always held Oil ills birthday. The affair was attended this year by one Hundred and ninety seven persons. Eight six the number were of the name so Liffey. Of of presbyterian women a Bible class pleasant meeting for rent a apartment second floor�?5 rooms and Bath $25 per month. Hot water heat stationary Range stationary tubs Flooder Kitchen cabinets apply dries furniture store. The members of the women a Bible class it tile presbyterian sunday school held a picnic and supper at the Home of the teacher miss Elizabeth Crichton 312 Walnut Street last evening. Those present had a very enjoyable time and splendid collation was served on the Lawn. If has Only been a Little Over a year since Bebe Daniels was first announced As a re Alart film Start and yet in even such a Short time the pervasive personality of this Clever comedienne has carried her to High places Iii her chosen profession. Youthful vivacity and a flair of comedy interpretation have been the Daniels assets and perhaps she has never been seen to better advantage than in a the March an Elmer Harris play which w ill be presented this evening at the Forrest theatre for the Benefit of the Bristol band. This ambitious band of Twenty two players under the direction of Mali Ion Vandegrift have been practising for Mon Tbs. And this evening w ill give a concert at both of the shows to demonstrate their ability. Nothing hosts a town so much As a Well trained and Well dressed band. The Money realized from tonight a performance w ill go toward a uniform fund. The Story of the show from the moment Tomboy lib Chi abandon Lier Buek it Ball game to Speed a last car after the limited which she was to take for new York. There Isnit a single Idle minute in this fast moving offering. And when she arrives at her aunts fun galore is on tap when the Young heiress finds an imposter posing As miss Lizbeth Ann Palmer with the intention to profit through the connection. The Star role is irresistibly Youthful and will undoubtedly find wide Favori among the rapidly growing Daniels clientele. The Star is supported in the picture by an exceptional cast. Playing the leading male film personage than w Hose great Success Cut Yankee in King i in hearings on the proposed school Bond Issue of $40,000 for the new Croydon District school to be held at the Harriman High school building tonight at 7 p. Rn., promises to develop into a comedy drama i he school Board has been Riding in hot water Ever since the announcement of the proposed loan and the Climax will come tonight at the meeting at Harriman. A Tew men in Croydon have opposed the Issue i rom the Start on the grounds that it will raise their school tax and this element have planned a delegation to go to Harriman and Register their complaints in an Effort to Stop the loan. I he improvement association and the Republican club have been unanimous in their support of the Board and upon learning of the efforts to Stop the Sale of Tim Bonds a committee was appointed to also attend Hie meeting at Harriman and assure tile school Board of the Hearty support of the majority of the citizens. There have been false impressions scattered on the amount of increase in taxes that will result by incurring the $40,000 debt. There will be no increased taxation for the Hoard has figured that an assessment of one and two fifths Mills will off the interest Abd principal of the Bonds. This addition has been included in the assessment for this year and Hie present rate of fifteen Mills will cover All expenses. For several years the people of Croydon have been demanding a school and under the direction of Harrisburg the local Smard attempted to give them All that they desired. The plans for Tho present Structure Are All that could be asked for in a Community and would be a credit to any Village. All improvements must have opposition however and As was expected a minority raised a Hue and cry that the addition to the school tax would be metre than the people could stand and those who have attempted to minimize the efforts of the school Board could not have been fully informed on this matter for according to present figures no increased taxation will result. The ground has been purchased contract Given and All that is now needed is the word to Start work. This cannot be delayed if the children Are to use this building for the Winter and avoid the Long ride to Harriman that caused so much controversy last year. And now comes the dissenting voice of the contractor who is impatiently waiting word on the outcome. He is in danger of loosing some of his sub con tracts and would like to see some action other than argument. In the meantime the fight goes merrily on and the foes meet on the Field of conflict tonight one trying to build and better the other trying to tear Down that which has already been accomplished. The outcome will soon be known but should the opposition win Croydon will have lost its greatest improvement feature. The people Are awaiting the outcome fully confident that the school Board will not be influenced by a Small minority and that tomorrow will Dawn with the score nine nothing in their favor and the Croydon school an accomplished fact. Forces of organization to be turned Loose to defeat Smoyer firemen will make him a Winner there Are a number of folks in Bristol who Are Labouring under the delusion that John Hardy candidate for tax collector and John Smoyer candidate for councilman in the first Ward Are making the run for office on an Independent ticket. This is erroneous As both of these gentlemen Are candidates on the Republican ticket and their names will be found enrolled on the primary ballots of the g. O. P. In the fire houses and various places where men congregate this subject has caused a great Many Friendly arguments some men assert that if Hardy and Smoyer were voted for at the primaries it would prevent the person casting the vote to put in a ballot at the next primary in a Republican boxy this argument is settled by Hie statement in the first paragraph hut to emphasize it Here it is again Hardy and Smoyer Are running on the Republican ticket Anil any person wishing to cast a ballot for two men not bearing the personal stamp of approval of the a Baron of Bucks a will cast a vote for these two Young men who Are placing themselves in the hands of their fellow citizens rather than to have placed themselves under the Banner of the gang who dominate this Borough. It is the inherited privilege of every native born american or of revery american citizen to place himself in nomination for any office within the gift of the people. This statement will rather Surprise some folks in Bristol wino fur decades have had their candidates chosen for them and presented to them on an already prepared tickets it is a fact however and the Best possible manner in which to rebuke the Power who has Ever assumed to place the political slates in the Field is to return these two candidates a Winner and Force on the choosers who have constituted themselves arbiters of the destinies of Bristol the Choice of the people. If chosen these men will he in every sense the candidates of the people they will Hob themselves in continued on Page five storms fury hit one end of town while hic people of lower Otter Street declare there was no rain no Hail or storm the people of Penns Manor Are counting the damage especially to Glass enclosed structures. Persons experiencing the storm declare the stones were As Large As hens eggs. Clifford l. Anderson of the Bristol Patent leather works says the Glass in their structures about the place was completely air fled with holes As Large As hens eggs and that it will take hours of work to repair the damage. All along the River the Hail and wind for a few minutes came with terrific Force. Or. Thomas Martin of Detroit mich., who is visiting at the Home of or. And mrs. Gamble. 246 Cedar Street mashed the foie Finger of his right hand while playing quoits. Preeminently Superior pictures will be shown at Forrest Paramount week epoch week in the year of the moving picture world six Days of the Best productions in film Dom a a deception opening Bill role is no less a Harry Myers in a a connect Arthurs court still continues to be an outstanding feature of current photo Ramat in history. As a a Todd Rollins in ibis production or. Myers shows the same engaging naturalness which won his previous Triumph. Paramount having a higher or the highest rank or jurisdiction Superior to All others chief supreme preeminent. Webster. Paramount pictures of course there can be no definition found for the combination but they Are All that the name implies therefore they must be supreme preeminent in the world of motion pictures. Next week is Paramount week throughout the country this Means that the chosen theatres in the various sections of the land will for six Days show nothing but Paramount Paramount pictures being preeminently supreme would indicate to he Lay mind that Paramount week must mean that the theatres with a Paramount contract will offer a week of entertainment Superior to All others in their Field. Nothing could be better than the bests Paramount having reached the superlative in the production and staging of photo plays stand alone in the front rank and therefore All others i must be followers. The Forrest theatre in conjunction with hundreds of other show houses throughout the country will join w Ith Adolph Zukor and the Paramount company to make this the fourth annual Paramount week the greatest Ever. A series of shows has been listed for presentation to the Bristol Public next week that should whet the appetite of every Lover of the silent drama for Miles around. With this week brimming Over with Stellar productions there is no necessity to read carefully a Bill in order to determine just which night will please you most. Clean the slate of your engagement Book and celebrate Paramount week yourself by attending every performance at the Forrest. You will not regret it from monday evening when a deception a the stupendous spectacular production with seven thousand actors on the screen is shown to a sacred and profane love a with Elsie Ferguson which is the offering for continued on Page to /

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