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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 30, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent has a larger prepaid circulation than any two papers in lower Bucks vol. 6. A no. 18. Buy the Independent at Bristol news Agency 215 Mill Street and at p. R. R. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor. Garden and Beaver streets Bristol. Pa., Friday october 30, 1925. Five cents the copy expect Large crowds to attend Bris-1 tolls third annual halloween festival Many entries for the baby Parade Robert Bracken Post Bugle com and metropolitan band of Burlington to furnish Musie the old Witch will ride her j Broom tonight through the starry heavens. Enro Ute to the land of Halo we a the uncanny Dame will top Over in Bristol to attend the joyous Ceren finies of the Mill Street Buei Neie menus association but the old lady of the mystical Clouds will not Tarry Hen too Long because the rout of the Milky Way i s Long and confusing and Broom a Power is not the Best service in t tie Shosty world. From the time that i rid red Sun pulls flannel Cap i Over his fiery head until the witching hour when Een the most arrogant and daring of ghosts and spirits must Hie them Back to the meeting pot on the Moon just that Long will the sombre old Madam in Black linger Here. To be sure her emissaries will Boi hand to Welcome the greatest baby Parade in the history of Bucks j county. Babies and Daylight Are no Normous and the Witch hates May right. Hence the representation a of the lady a counsellors. There Ca i be no doubt attached to j his Parade of infants. Wherever Here Are toddlers one will Lind Competition and w Here in one group tens upon tens of infants Are to be found Well the sky is the limit. And the baby is not to be Over j eked when in Aud t lie Pilicas to be distributed. The old lady m the starry sky has seen to that or the fanciest dressed baby be it i he or a she or a Tomboy or whatever one is Apt to Call an infant on much an occasion the committee in Barge will award $15. The Segond Anniest dressed Etc., Etc., will re. A Eive $10 while the third Etc., Etc. Uc., will be awarded $5. Then to the most original infant Here should be some keen rivalry Here. All infants Cue original. The is something different about each youngster. One has dark hair ant now is with a Long Soprano How l. Another plays with its toes and is wont to pull grand pop a whisky when the Opportunity presents who till another has a Hearty distaste for carrots and cannot be separated from the dog. Most original Well it is to be hoped so. To the Little Laddie or Lassie that wins this award there will be presented for first prize the sum of $15, for Sec end prize $5, and for third prize $2.50. Then to the burlesque baby j there Are plenty of them. Hid you Ever talk to the proud Tat her of an infant Well need there any More be said when the judges have i thrashed out the question $10 will be awarded to the Best contestant it t his group $5 to the second Best j and $2.50 to the third Best. No baby Parade is Complete unless there is a Chubby youngster gurgling its Way Over the route. Therefore t $5.00 will be he prize for the fat to it St baby. And in like manner the smallest baby will be rewarded with is prize of $5.00. The Best set of twins should produce some spirited i and likewise organization from the t various couples. $10 will be Given in this event for the Winner. The Best decorated baby coach Avila win i $25, the second Best $15 and the j third Best $10. Many other prizes will also be awarded. The awards will be made at tin office of John f. Smoyer 206 Mil Street immediately after the Parade. Also music will be furnished by the metropolitan band of Burlington. The Parade of the infants w ill part the Day for the third Annivera sary of the association. When the hades of night have fallen As All Good shades should and when tin lights have made their appearance in an enlightening manner then the old lady will come sweeping Here Way into this Village and descend on j her express trip from the fastness of the stars for a few hours. Personally she will supervise with her Skinny had the Parade of the kids of the town. The word has gone about Liat she will Lead them but this could not be verified Inas a much As she refused to answer a Star Gram that had been sent by this newspaper into her sombre quarters. The kids will have some Parade. There will be a band and everything a the kids will be in costume and prizes will be awarded by the hard worked judges. Then after this has subsided and the spectators have been permitted to gain some respite from the stirring events of the Day the adults Parade will form at Radcliffe and Mulberry streets from where it will continued on Page two the financial statement the finance committee of Borough Council a was a it Quested by Itu Grundy organization to prepare a statement of the financial condition of the Borough up to october .1st. Isnit it strange dear re Miens what an aroused Public sentiment will do even to an autocratic institution like the Grundy organization. Whih the reason for this apparent concern for rom taxpayers i evident to everyone coming As it does just before election the fact that they have been forced into he open even for political purposes is some Progress. I he statement As it was delivered to us As we were closing up out press forms on thursday the 22nd, is the same As was printed in the Bristol courier on Friday oct it Ber 23rd. A reprint of this Waie ment appears on Page 7 of this Issue. I he couriers editorial comment on the statement is very i in leading and deceptive. They intimate that our claim that the 1925 tax rate would not meet the expenses of the Borough for this year has been proven unfounded. We repeatedly said that t to Tir ran of 9.35 Mills would not pay tie running expense s of the Borough and even a cursory examination of their own report As published by themselves substantiates our claim it veil better than we had hoped. According to it the statement As published in tin courier the 3925 taxes As dually collected by or. Kraft amounted to $51,534.83. Deducting from this the amount $1,051.73 paid for collecting this leaves $50,483. Luas the amount actually collected of 1925 taxes. Adding to this the $$000 which they estimate will still be collected of the 1925 taxes makes a total income of $53.- 483.10 from the 1925 tax rate. In our statements which the courier says Are false we said the income for the Borough from the 1925 tax rate would be $56,100. As a matter of fact the actual 1925 tax return. According to till in own statement. Will be Only $53,483.10, or $2,610.90 less than we said it would be. Any fair minded person will so that we were Liberal in our estimates and not vice versa. The actual expenditures up to october 21st wire according to the statement. $55,052.13, the actual receipts from 192 5 tax rate $51,534.83. Without paying anything to the tax collector tin exec s of 1925 expenditures Over 1 925 of x return up t october 21- were $3,518.30. According to the Stuie ment she mated expenditures for the year Are $14,872.61 $9,732.05 on approi1 kit Ion and $5,150.56 not appropriated. This amount added i it re 5 052.1 3 makes Cue expenditures for the year $69,924.74 As per their own state met. Since their own statement shows that tin 1925 tax rate will return Only $54,534.83�?the actual Dene it for the year will be $15,389.91. In other words the 1925 tax rate is Roy 1 Ding $1 5,389.9 1 less than what is being spent this year. To Whitewash this deficit and fool tin people m2,000 were taken from the water department which air. Thom i Scott a of a w months ago said was in a deplorable condition. In addition to this illegal 4 grab a amounts of $6,075.97 of delinquent 1921 taxes $3-9.70 of delinquent 1923 taxes and s2.36s.23 in Var fou. Receipts were figured in thus padding the Inco me from $54 534.83 the 125 tax return to $75,308.43 As the total funds available making a fictitious surplus of $5,383.69. The actual Runn by the 9.35 Mills Tato for 1 925 makes a deficit of s15.3jjl9.91 and not a surplus. Candidate f0k District attorney on dem. Ticket Stac e b. Centre the fight for District attorney next tuesday promises to be a close one according to race b. .vlcent.ee. Who told the writer that a the Wall Tarry the upper end of t county a a big in fac lower end air. Mcentee said he has worked very hard and hop. To gain m by in publican votes. High school 10 beet All is on Gioi Huff annual game to be played on Sullivan s i id t is afternoon Bristol High a i i of Billi local churches Well represented at a a Charley s sunday school convention at Quakertown aunt famous Faree i brought to screen will Syd Chaplin echoes from the state convention most sought after farce a one Hundred thousand dollars is the amount paid Lor the Sci in right the Bucks county convention of of the famous old sunday school workers held in p a by Brandon Thom. V Hilt a a Quakertown last Friday was fraught a feature farce with Syd Chaplin it with Good suggestions. Perhaps a the i la. Title via Wil h shown Here Fui living lies As Given by or. John g. J he first time on monday when it. Ami a Charley s aunt bar tin brie qual e and mrs. J. B. Johnson. On.,2 a 1w its of uricial humor which can be Drav. Or. Hargrave miss cart ,. 2.v, a a a a i or Arthur i an a dec o. 01 Wilson of Philadelphia would be con dered by attendants As the Gem of the convention. The presbyterian Church of this town was represented on Friday by ten persons and on saturday by. Four. These included or. Hargrave Rev. H. M. Hartmann misses Hattie Carty. Elizabeth Crichton Esther Lawre Claura Mccoy mrs. Catharine a Agee. Mrs. William Stetson jr., mrs. John liar grave Satui air. Frank Weik and air. Earthm Wilkinson. Rev. Stuart Paynter represented St. James on Beith Days. Or. A a. Taylor president of 5th District was present on Friday evening. A few echoes from the sunday school convention held recently at Erie. Governor pin Fiot said a the Church and sunday school workers Wen tin Back Bone of the state. That they Are composed of the Best people in the other up Aktiv. Present were or. Al Gill. Or. Kern the radio preacher of Ltd Ziy Side. Or. Landes Secretary of world sunday school association or. Percy Craig president old the state sunday school association miss Cynthia Pearl alans of St. Louis mis. Mar i Garet Slattery noted writer and pub lie speaker of Boston or. Poh Linen of Philadelphia. Announce net of j place for next National convention to be held in Birmingham. Ala., in 192 6 and the world sunday school convention at los Angeles. Calif., in j match Birt 192 8. One Veteran of 50 years receive a Gold medal for to years continuous service in sunday school As a teacher. 42 receiving Gold medals in the state were reported. One Man has a record of 72 years service in such work. Eleven 100 per cent counties coming up to the required will begin a 3 Day run at the for lest theatre. Here is a play which has earned upward of three million dollars. Playing continuously for Thiny thre years and in practically every country of the world is a wonderful rec Oid indeed and an made possible by the fact urn understood in any language. It i eleven r its a in to a t ii aug a >11 Feni with the Burlington t a a. Ii last. Fri Ady will t Ake 0 i t la a Impi Grid the it an noon. P Revish to 11 Bui Lingi on gain. H ii git Racli a 4 regulars w Tavoi i 1,1 v a 4cs Cut 1 v St. Low 1 y it f 1 a i a j a ifs to the player sit rat lie r it veils the Sci t and the exp Luuri ii a will Uick if a i it t w Ilia 4\ a a i. It. Uoc Esthe a an in. Wifi Eri 1s so lit d tiled i take Picu it 1.30, went her permit ting will tilt 8i St contest i which the Long bum ring Aluisi Iii will Botlick ii. 1 cog 11 a d. If in Oioi theim were not Tum a students in the alumni it. U real honest to Good no alumni a to pm to l 5 a i in go a Dies ii am 5 t atom ii feet Ball a lev l1l. How Ever it 1 is Cam to Pas and ii 1�1. it., t i grads i go it i with 111 Irti Tii 1 of Pola k it a y. 9 he Mai i. 1 a inti c a Hoff a of lie alumni v. In be Uil m d up a it flip Broad. Bho. I in a Iii a Vitae for Ray Chi Iown a he full a it vat Job w Hen he w As porting the cc1 of of i a Garnet and steel. Ii ill int. Iier it it a Bud i a i. Will 1k j d a Iwu or a v ing but i4 e w i i a pfc a a 1 Iii tilt Rath Hui idd \ t e other. J tips Rii is Likely to Ltd be re is tin Volt l a it it St v. Ii 1 i me. I. it 41 the git a i d pcs i Ait. A Call 1 1. Al Vuleti �0 l Alton Niu it att land Ria Grace and no at my n a id lard. Arrest us King. Inasmuch i it t i a is l 1 How t a. 14., ill Quot Shou id i no worry aug a a Middletown township citizens protest revaluation of property according to ail reports coming from Middletown township the voters and taxpayers there have bin handled by the Grundy Organ ration about is we in Bristol were. After the Legal elected assessor had made his triennial assessment according to Law the school Aud Load is went Vrr his books and made m illegal revaluation nil their of n. A a Consemiu Nee poor people v prof party were raised beyond reason while the mansions of j. Hibbs Bucko amp a. And Liis brother senator Buckman and to a six then to get her with the 35 acre farm adjoining them with its Complete equip a at of buildings and also 15 acres of development ground on the Highway adjoining South Lang Home the whole property of 56 acres of ground. To it it mansions and a Complete set of Fine farm buildings a. Re assessed at 820,006. In the i St place of valuations can be made Only to biennially this the legally elected assessor did. In the second place the school and rond boards Lum no Pew a to make any Reval at Lojis a Fiat Ever. In the primary election the same illegal tactics were used As in Bristol. It is reported Oliai assessors list were doctored voters intimidated and other illegal acts were committed apparently the nine illegal and criminal acts were performed by the Grundy organi a Ion All aver the county. A Tiese reports come in it in More and More apparent that trite Grundy organization is a menace to us very exis Feik a of the Republican party. T lu1 Al americans and republicans of Middletown township therefore have formed a local Independent t tick a. They Are still republicans no of he Grundy Type but of the Type. They i it t her Only Way to redeem the Republican party from corruption was to form a local Independent uni. Accordingly they have done so and have placed a Complete Independent Republican ticket in the Field for township Oft Icem they so ail the item of Middletown Lew n. Hip. Who Are still at it Ricat a to ote for that in candidates by placing an a at the Independent column and then marking their Rhoyce for county and state officers individually. They Are asked to disregard All attempts by to of Grundy organization to inject religious of klan issues into tin Campaign. They Are trying this apparently not having Learned their lessons from the fifth Ward in Bristol where they did i m one Ploug Tui found the voters were too fair minded and int it Regent to pay at y at to it i Ion. To Are sure the voters of Middletown township will do As he voters of the fifth Ward in Bristol did. A it Are glad to print Here wit Ati Appeal to the voters of middie to it Vav n Rove ship by the ind Perl it comm it. Tee of tha township. When the assessor of Middletown town hip resigned after making the 1924 triennial ii valuation Way did the Roa i Sone visors and the school Board takt1 his Book Aud go Over it and change the valuations to suit themselves keeping their own valuations Down in some cases i Edi c inc them and raising the valuations of other people from 25 per cent to 300 per cent.? Why it to those people say in Public that you Are already taxed too High that the township does not need any More Money and then be an. fellnif3 Allynd i a nasal of a i f am. E. Iell0 Vav 3 the Universal language of the screen. Even today to play it on the stage in los Angeles for a week one would have to pay $750 Royalty. A far j Back As 1901 Scott Sidney Sho it ii rented the motion picture <4 a Char Leys aunt a paid $2,000 a week i Royalty for four weeks to play it a he grand opera House in Pitts Burgh. It is no wonder that the owners of a a a Barley a aunt for years hesitated to sell the motion picture rights. When the film rights were secured by Ideal films of London that company immediately began negotiating with tin Chris ties of Hollywood Tot make the picture because the j Christie organization with its wonderful experience in making screen comedies was considered i logical product to film this laughing classic. With like wonderful nil v that the screen affords for develop ing the Conedy situations of the play the pietism is said it on it to outnumber Hie play in Point of laughs. As is done when the play is Given on the stage at the present time All dts Tom and cos turning in the screen version were brought up to Date so that the n j biosphere is modern in eve it i y res eci Syd Chaplin in in Ritie to brings to the picture the Talent j the Mai t. Allows is Vul Ien Dea lactic to. It Ferios a l Fri May it died la 4 be body v burial on 3 la id in St. City. I in t u a in nit. La e i in it was in n tin term i. He in my r at 1 2.3 5. 11 Quot a no t Bristol com o r Sis i i lends in Csc or. In v Suud Al in Elile a lows air it i a of Toi Lov s i n a t moral big. A. Svy a a i t Ena in ing Whit apoplexy Ami in clock a. Al. It to sunday. A. It i Light to Bristol Foi a essay. A we was i is s 1 i u1 c i a a ,111.morning a a 8.30 and of the employees of the soil of ii Char. . Llu tended. I Tribu c set with d ii c on a pad. I coir dining Bristol and went directly to j v. St my t Ayno. %. Dot i but it ii Seifi Campaign to be conducted to double the membership of the local order extend until december 15 v.continue2 on Light Auto arms a foil of sat got 3 i re i la Ball to of held n0v.1 cont Atiee planning to make the affair the Best event of social season the Robert a Bunken Post 382, american legion is already plan Nina for irs annual military Ball actor ing i a recent an Nonnce it Iceni. U will be held armstice Day Noven bet i 1 Ali. In former years this social Affa a Hel John Bossier and Joseph Short of Bristol and Many other stars to race automobile races be held at the fair Grum is Doh. Town ft., on saturday afternoon october 31st, at 2 o clock these tubes will be under the direction �4 a. G. Anderson and Are Sanction of Lite n. M. R. A. A a a key Meyer bail and a place with the elks Charity re ruin dirt track Champion dry it Vav -l3e and the playground association. U. T f a a Harge of the service.-. Or. Fellows mining his Many \ hei�?T,3 made Many friends who a in Corey sympathize with mrs. Fellger a in her loss. Or. Fellows and miss it Arrie Purs do w re married on armistice Day at the Home of the Bride. Or. Fellows Only his a ride and no other close connection to mourn hi.-, decent. Mrs. Fellows unlit probably return to Bri Suoi and Mak it her Homo with her parents or. And mrs. I. Pm Ell of 256 Kadesh Street league 0e women voters to hold import ant meeting tin playground Iii in in the estimation of the Loc .1 up die As being the Premier in Lions in the Vicinity. Tho committee in Eli arc of the Ball Are working hard to make la i the bigge.4 social and air Ever held i i Bristol. Thes halve to gags d the do Reia Ramblers an orchestra fro i he South who Are now my us i s inns you a Nia at great expense re group of musicians carry a Host i instruments As each of the sign players play move than one instrument. A professional decor Aioli a r been engaged to transform the a Marks auditorium into it place it Beauty. Tip committee having the Ball to charge this year is composed of Rol Ert Clark Harry Burbank Coli told Beaton James Roche. I. J i Lei in in ton e. Jwa Deneut. Dudley Beil Franklin of Mikeson. Arthur i. Broom. B. Crit Fiphs. Andrew Rafferty 5. File ids Bert Hughes. Harold Bolton Willalu Wilson. Ray Smith. I. Rosser. William Sigafoos j. Radolph u. Motto. John Rafferty j. Kroner and or. Brehm. New slip opens Here to Day Bristol will have another new Shi p added to its Large list of up to a e stores when the variety shop its doors for business today. The variety shop will carry a ,i4c it ii Ovelier that will help one to till one. Christmas lit. Inc Luri d the Many things to be found a Bucks Lodge. No. 1169, Loyal older of , has opened its charter 1 of new members until december 15, and All of the members Are striving to double the membership of the organization. Within that period of time. The Loyal order of Moose is a fraternity restricted to members of the or White race with hundreds of thousands of members throughout the United states Canada and generally in the English world. Most of the lodges provide for sick benefits and funeral expense for their members and each Lodge is to com pie 11 unit in it feel with local autonomy. As a Means for better accomplishing Ihmi purposes to lodges Havo organized a Central Agency a ailed the fire Piume Lodge of tin world. Loyal order of Loose with Headquarters at Moest heart. 111. All of the general activities of the order Center there my that supreme officers in Active 3barge have their offices there. Visit is to Moos heart find a gracious Welcome to the administration building m at t he Entrance of the a child .4h i y. Mooseheart is an estate of 1,023 acres of land 37 Miles West of Chicago on the Fox River and Between the cities 4 Aurora and Batavia. 111. I he title to this estate is in the name of Moos supreme a Olga of the world. A visitor to Mooseheart is eve fascinated by the Pennsyl Ania baby Village. Here Are the tots from Iii ants to a ii. Three or four years we Uge. There Are film build Ingn a tie group that inside Are it lot houses. The interiors Are adapted to the needs of tin occupants. Tiny bathtubs tiny Beds tiny tables and chairs make Esch Home a min at contented and Happy Hue Chilan a a re Quick to Shower their aft m5-Tion on visitors. They sek u ten Tion and in delightful listings Tell the visitors How Happy they Are. You a love to see the baby Village. The attitude of the babies is incl a Ruel of the general of i Moose liotart. Infant and adolescent child \ Outh acid Young Inaho and woman Hoed Are Woi acted at Moose heart. They Are being prepared for j life. Mooseheart children Liard an Assembly each Day where they learn j to govern themselves. They learn that obedience to Law is Liberty. Patriotic and they respect ing his Miller straight �?o8�?� w ill be i their i raining makes t in the special feature. Among the orb i Tajti Genii. The Conie Ivam Cut to a a or Lozen starters w ill be a buc Dye Tion Quot is its sound morals. Moose mawr. With his Chrysler special Iieana men and women <4 tomorrow. A a Jimmy go Ason of Philadelphia it wild greater nations with his Duesenberg straight �?o8.�?� a no i Frank Farmer of pm i 1 Ade 1 phia. With a Mercedes. By a Lodge no. 1169. L. U o. A. At present has a membership of 584 with a Strong beneficial fund. It pays per week for 13 weeks to sick or disabled member Sand $100 death benefits. It is considered one of the wealthiest fraternal organizations in Bristol. At present the Home is being remodeler so As to make it More comfortable for its members and has Era to skillful and full of a it a Pri it among its membership Sone of riia a Vav ill Pilot the Inoff Famou a and most prominent Bai siness and profess Tzc Kcf Meyer m recognized As pm <4 the great generals of Speedway Strat go. With a sound knowledge of the mechanism of his car a. Rea a a nation that conservation of driving i Terr for lha crucial minute is sex j Sencial a live key drives a race that is Pilot fast or Dir track ear in this 220 u. To �?o8�?� Miller is w glued i the world. At $15,000 Ami has towered com y t direct Ion existing record from one to 100 Laty. Miles. It was purchased by a Phi Del Phi a sportsman from Leon Duray. J the Greet Speedway and Western j track Driver. These racing cars no things of Beauty As Well As Power. They a perfect harmonies done in finest steel find Uliey perform amid t Thunder of Battle. A a Zeke m yers to ready to defend his title of trims Champion on any 11 ack. Clonal men of Community. The member Alsip drive is und r the of Jam is t Mcgee Secie t0 demonstrate new victr0la at Winterstein s in t pcs new shop Are japanese Ware in Large quantities. Toys Lor Dies Man using sex. Ill a things no kith Standard. The next state convention which he has Sho s for riotous in is to be held in read ip4 i 1926., my in. A he a a. He Pilgo to a a the g 4 the workers of Erie gave a Royal 1 loping a her temper by tins Welcome to their delegates and autos band and a eth perfect flapper a were gratuitously offered 011 thurs j to a sporting cast a its mad up of Dak october 16th, to be used As Javors of the highest repute Here tie Nasont him it i1 g of league of women voters will hold in tuesday a noon in 1 he he i Yat sight seeing conveyances mrs. George Miller was sent to represent the fifth District and the above article was taken from her notes. And abroad. Dood Street school building 3.15 of clock. Delegates w ill be appointed to attend the county on mention to be held in Doylestown on wednesday november 4th. Any of wishing to go will please notify mrs. Frank Lehman or mrs. H. B. East Beni who have charge of transport subscribe to the medium of Public service. The Independent. Or. And mrs. Joseph ferry Long Island and miss France rebel Ley have been spending a week with mrs. Ferry a parents or. Tat Ion. The attendants will provide Ami mrs. David Reh Why of 312 Box lunches acid Coffee will be Pio Jef Feigon Avenue. \ idea by the local Branch. M Host of numb r Riis i i mention. The management end an invitation to tin Public to come in and inspect the Stock. Tic Niville cd Macli notes fire Baptist Church Wood Street Hove Pennsylvania Avenue. Morris 1 . A. Rev. He in los j. Fau pastor. Services for next sunday november it. Sui iday so had 230 p. M. Evening service 7.15 r m. Gap. I message by Une bast01. Tin lords supper after this service. Hand of Fellowship will be Given new members. Our Church has doubled its membership in one month. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at 8 of clock come and spend a q 11 Jet Hur with us. We will do you Good. One hour service. The people of Bristol will on Mon <1 it have their first Opportunity to Bear the much discussed Moriho phonic Victrola. Which acoustical engineers declare represents an and Ance of i0t per cent. In the efficiency of John Bossier and Joseph Short i a Mical reproduction. The the two Well known Speed demons i sent will be demonstrated at win trom Bristol will try out their special j test inv. Victor dealer at 209 com Stu Ted racer a the Short Bori a Icli be Street from 10 . Until Lor a i peso two lads Bav Ltd p competed in Auto races All Over the j \ varied and comprehensive Musi easier part of the Coli buy this past ,.ai program has been arranged la summer and have captured a num demonstrate the capacities of the tier of fits and second prizes. M no instrument in every Field. Ali a Jimmy Quot Gleason sentry has just selections Range from Jcu. 11�nil? b n Recei de for these races. To is Dill band and 01 Chest 1 a e. Philadelphia s own Boi n and raised with a plentiful Admi 111 e it v there and what to docs not know a specially selections about pushing a race car to the limit can be told in a second. Race fun will remember Jimmy a desperate duels with Isa Vail Over the Cir Elt last year. This year in his first big Start a Indianapolis Jimmy drove a a Udu s to Bis 155th Lap. A tire blew and he crashed into the retaining Wall. Fortunately he was uninjured. He will Pilot the same car Here. On the 17th he drove an f amp g special in the 100 mile race at Pottstown finishing second to a a Zeke Meyer. Frank Farmer of Philadelphia another Star will enter a 122 cd. In. 1 Cylinder supercharged Mercedes. He will Bear watching. The Oeth phonic Victrola is aspect noon a newly adapted principle known As a matched which Lias necessitated the Complete re designing of the entire instrument. One of the striking features of the new equipment is a great Horn six feet in length which is ingeniously folded and out of sight within the body of the Cabinet. The sound Box is completely changed a. Unique diaphragm of Dura Lumin being substituted for the old Mica disc. The new instrument was developed jointly by the Victor talking machine company and the Bell laboratories of the Western electric Colum pan it. 1

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