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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1926, Page 4

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 29, 1926, Bristol, Pennsylvania Pass two Burcks Cote key Depe Hekt Bristol pa., Friday october 29, 1926. Buu go ii i Lindi do care of molars should begin with earliest infancy to avoid later troubles Tho Road nobs with which a it a1 Rospond to the insistent Deli and of Throe Ineal a Day ii evidence in Angl of the Power of food in every Many life it a control Over his very exist once have you Ever wondered Why the japanese were it ii Ort and the Arab tall Why the englishman has appendicitis and the japanese living o his native diet does not As modern business has made the markets of the world accessible t every housewife she May choose the Best of each nations diet or by selecting adequate food fir the growth of the children May Shap the destiny of americans future mar Hood and womanhood. What diet shall we choose among the Many things that wish for our children is Good Teeth and the evidence is that the comp action of the diet is of profound is Nir trance both in forming and Nair talking Good Teeth and supporting and nourishing the attaching gum or tissues Good Teeth Are More Clos it by Assoc ated with the destiny of our Rac through its health than we Pohap realize. Teeth Are essential for Nui Stica lion of food and Normal heal ii Teeth Are a priceless asset while poor ill Foi med and diseased teen Are a constant menace to health an Beauty. Teeth Are developing form the third month of prenatal life up t eighteen years. If we Are to buil Good Teeth we must begin very Earl a with the mothers diet and the the child a in his Bab it Twood and Earl childhood of we Are to keep goo Teeth we must continue the High diet throughout a lifetime. We know that bricks cannot b Maine without raw but de we re member that sound Teeth cannot b made without the minerals Calcium or Lime and phosphorous milk is the Best source of tin much needed Lime and every Chih should have a full quart a Day. I he Bas difficulty in drinking tha amount put it in your cooking Lime he must have if he is to hav Teeth with hard form enamel tha will resist decay. Lime we All mus have if we Are to prevent its withdrawal from our Teeth in such Temei As nervous Strain and in diseases of All kinds. Avoid the forming of such habit As thumb sucking and the use o pacifiers. Artificial feeding does not give a baby the same Chance for development thru exercise that natural Ich Ding does. The baby Teeth Are important and need care. They Are markers for the second Teeth and should not be pulled prematurely. At about six years a child a first permanent Teeth come in molars Back of All his baby tee i and usual in before he looses any of his first ones. These Teeth hold the Mouth and jaws in shape and for that reason Are often called the Keystone of to get dental Arch. If he has had the Light food plenty of Sunshine and fresh air and has not run the gaunt it of All diseases of Chib Hood. He stands a very Good Chance of keeping them and maintaining a Well shaped Mouth. A next in importance to milk and Dairy products in the diet comes toe Leafy vegetables. The unique Vaitor of these in the diet May he seen in j their effect As protective foods they have been the safeguard of the Japa nose and other Asiatic Peoples. They furnish some of the necessary Lime and other Mineral and the so called vitamins. Some raw veg Clayle Foo Ltd a dome fresh fruit should be supplied to insure one of the that most easily kill cd or party by cooking. Briefly then those foods that will a Onia Bute to the building of sound Teeth Are Hie simple natural ones. Milk and other Dairy products. And butter is oui Best food source of the growth promoting Vitamin a be-1 Udes Tiff it t to important minerals Lime my a bosporus and Vitamin a it sup-1 plies Vitamin b essential to our Iii Vous systems. Green Leafy vegetables and fruit j supplement the diet still More by Urnis Bing c Vitamin and Iron and keeping the intestinal in Good condition. Teeth need exercise furnished in the form of foods which need much chewing. Build Good Teeth and then take care of them card party at elks about 105 persons attended a successful card party Given in the fms Tome. Wednesday afternoon. The favors were Well Seler Ted. The Sab it of cake augmented tile receipt of be evening. The scores were As mis. To Corrine Macmichael 4 290 mrs. Nna Rose 4030 mrs. Emil Metz Rar. 3790 mrs. H. H. Webb. 3750 John Brudon. 3 530 mrs. Harry it Tipp 3530 mrs. William e. Horon. 1510 miss Ida Brudon 3530 mrs. A Dward Renk. 3230 mrs. H. A. Jensenius 3220 mrs. J. La. Haidy. �?T.190 miss Jane Blanche 3140 mrs. B in Mensel. 312 0 mrs. F. Nealis. To mrs. lining 3100 irs. V. Decker 3100 mrs. Edward Licking. 3100 mrs. R. I. Bowman mrs. La. Pearson 3030 mrs. Hank pair. 309 0 mis. William k. Lig Bland. 2970 mis Violet Lovett. �?T950 mrs. Frank Ennis. 2940 . . 2920 mrs. Walter a Zonka 2850 mrs. William Pear a. 2830 mrs. M. Callanan. 2790. Lid mrs. Eail Lynn 2780. Others present were mrs. Mark Torgan. Mrs. Joseph Hussey. j. Hill. Mrs. William c. Lecompte mrs. A c. Stuckert. Mrs. Ii Bael Downs. Mrs. John Hunter irs. Clara Stroeble. Mrs. Roy Tracy Liss m. V. Dougherty. Mrs. Owen vans. Mrs. Richard Cooper. Mrs. Lerbert Hanson. Mrs. Girt on. Irs. Lewis Walters evils. Frank Ireen. Mrs. Johnson Mccauley. Mrs town Conyers. Mrs. Leonard Faber Liss Jaim Blanche. Mrs. Harry right. Mrs. Lewis Walters. Mrs. Edgar Klaiber. Mrs. William Carver tis. Andrew Macarthur mrs. Brady Ardrey mrs. Walter f. Be Dom irs. George Roberts. Mrs. C. J. Har ins. Mrs. Clifford Roberts. Miss Elizabeth Runyan. Mr.-. William Ellis. Mrs. J. S. Fine. Mrs. Frank leh Lan. Mrs. N. B. Bertolette. Mrs. Oseb Buck. Irs. James Cullen. Irs. Harry Pope mrs. Fred. Kring irs. Edgar Opdyke. Mrs. Chauncey san Neback. Mrs Aly Joyce. Mrs. Charles Patterson. Is. Clara Strobele mrs. Charles town mrs. A. Morris. Mrs. Che cd Beaton. Mrs. Ernest Lawrence is. Emil Metzgar. Mrs. Henry kor. Mrs. Lewis wet fling. Miss Esther Lawrence. Mrs. Ralph Downs irs. John Spencer mrs. Sylveste Hady. Mrs. Edward Keating. Mrs Oseph of Ster mrs. James by incline. Vars. John mover. Mrs. John Myers mrs. Louis Kohlman. Miss Elizabeth to lie. Mrs. Charles Ancker. Mrs. Was Fot Beuchler. Mrs. Harry Rue. Mrs. Forrest Bilderback mrs. Mary Gilkeson. Miss Ellen Gilkeson. Mrs. A Samuel Blaik mrs. John p. Taylor and mrs. Thomas g. Hawkes. Hunting Polar bears no longer perilous the old method of Hunting Polar bears was As Buige Rous for the Hunters As it was for the Bear according to Roy j. Snell a Man of action and who knows the Polar wastes of the North. In the Early limiting Days four natives would Start out together for Bear. When they located one All but i one of the men would crawl up close and attain it to a Rimoon him. If they succeeded in sticking the animal they would hold him by leather thongs attached to the harpoons we file the fourth member of the party approached a position where he could attack the animal with a Spear. The Bear was not always quiet and peaceful and not infrequently he would get one of the men. Now however the game of Bear Hunting in the Arctic is much the same As it is in the Cane brakes of Louisiana or the mountains of Idaho. They use dogs to keep the hear Busy while they approach with rifles and pick off the Bear at their Leisure. Moving picture screens experts of the movies have pointed out that the screen is dark nearly half the time a picture is being shown. They say the Eye of the camera is so that the Spectator does not notice the darkness. Also each picture is thrown on the screen three times. There Are sixteen pictures on every foot of film. In front of the projection machine is a revolving disk. This disk is divided into six parts three of which allow Light to travel to the screen. By Means of an intricate device tills disk revolves each time one of the minute pictures stops before Hie opening. Thus Sacii picture is Slown three times before it passes on. But All this Lappens too fast for tile Eye to discern. The darkness of Hie screen during nearly Liaf tile picture is caused by the solid sections of the . Glean kidneys by drinking pm of water take Salt to flush kidneys if bladder bothers or Back hurts sewing Section meets a rile sewing Section of the Needle we it in Guild met last tuesday after a noon. Those present were Misse Ida Brudon. Bessie Iredell Katharine Keating Esther Lawrence mrs. James Lefferts. Mrs. Fred. Kring mrs. David o. Taylor mrs. Minot j. Hill. Mrs William Betz mrs. Edgar Opdyke mrs. Henry Ancker. Mrs. William Moulder. Mis. Harry Daniels and mrs. George King. Eating too much Rich food May produce kidney trouble in some form a Well known authority because the acids created excite the kidneys. Then they h come overworked get sluggish clog up and cause All sorts of distress particularly Bacha Clie and misery in the kidney Region Elk Matic twinges be Ere headaches acid stomach constipation torpid liver. . Bladder and urinary irritation. The moment your Back hurts or kidneys Arentt acting right or if id Addei bothers you. Begin drinking lots of Good water and also get about four ounces of Jad salts from any Good pharmacy take a tablespoonful in a of water before breakfast for a few it lays and your kidneys May then act Fine. Tins famous Salt is made from the acid of grapes Anc Lemon juice combined with Lithia and has been used for years to flush clogged kidneys and stimulate them to activity also to neutralize the acids in the system so that they no longer irritate thus often relieving bladder disorders. Jad salts cannot injure anyone makes a delightful effervescent Lithia water drink which millions of men and women take now and then to help keep the and urinary organs clean thus often avoiding serious kidney disorders. 102. Sly sayings by slim Jim a no tiling is impossible. Did you Ever try to scratch a match on a piece of soap a Stace b. Mcentee attorney at Law 30 e. Bridge St. Morrisville a. Phone 7-4361 in Morrisville. Wednesdays i where to worship halloween party in the student gov Uii Firlit org Iii in Tullytown his Board May go so far to i recommend i from the col Baptist first Baptist Church Walnut and Cedar streets Rev. Howard Zepp pastel methodist episcopal continued Hulmeville m. E. Chil i v h Rev. W. H. Canon a tor morning watch to a in. Moi Piug service 10.30 a. In. Sunday Jehu Ltd 2 p. In. Evening service 7.30 p. In. Lest fanciest fun Advance considered to be a step in in Hie maintenance of costume of he i t in a moral a costume Parade in. N g of Hie prizes a a Fountain among sunday school to a. In. Morning worship la a. In. Even my service 7.4 5 p. In. Prayer my eting Medius Day 8 p. In. Presbyterian Christian i in a a do to t to nit i Ami ill i Ning. My. And tile a a a i Pipi i ii Gaim s will be played and i �?o111 a a s la Ved. Tho combined organizations of the Lully own Christian Church hold a three Day Christmas Bazaar from december 9th to Lith inclusive in the Community House. Many j Muhs will he erected to satisfy those who wish to do their Christmas list cd presbyterian Church Radcliffe Street thru to Cedar Street Between Mulberry and Market streets same time help pen by a Man j half filled with Ink. Arizona paper. Hallowed n peer gals Tullytown Christian Church m. Hartmann pastor Rev. Arthur t. Langley a. Tor sunday school. 10.30 a. In. Evening worship 7.4 5 p. In. Ladies Aid a i Hird thursday 8 p. In scouts Friday 7.4 5 p. 111. Sunday school to a. In. Morning service la a. In. Evening service 7.45 p. In. I the Church. On Noven her 18th, fluid i lies Aid society will hold its in info Shipon it Ikin i Inell i Ime rag social in the con Mumith a a a Quot Apikia Linco t House. Italian presbyterian Mission Wood Street and Lincoln Avenue students May punish their own offenders friends Bristol society of friends Wood and Market streets first Day 10.>0 a. In. Hebrew Avith Achim congregation 119 Pond Street t a it v. Be Usu i Katz rabbi. Rev Andrew g. Sol la. Pastor morning service italia la . Sunday school english2.30 p. 111. Evening service italian7.4 5 p. In. Evening service is in English the second sunday of each month. In the future when . State College students Are found guilty of dishonesty gambling of unethical conduct a Hoard of fellow i students will recommend punish a ment for them to the president of the College. This is a new ruling at i the College arranged by the Council of administration at the request of the student Board the highest court Eddington presbyterian Church Rev. W. S. Voorhies d. D., pastor sunday school to a. In. Morning service. Ila. In. Evening service precede in by song service 8 p. In prayer meeting wednesday. 8 p. , f. I Coats at $8.75 i a i shoes $5.75 �?��$7.95 a Patiag Coats i $3.45 $6.95 j a a a a a a sabbat la saw in i a Friday at Sun blown. Saturday. 9 a. In. Lutheran Zion lutheran Church Jeff Tusori Avenue and Wood Street protestant episcopal local and Long distance service Pittman and Baines general hauling Bristol 375-r-5 i Harris Bros. A a a a store 19 449 Mill St. At canal Bridget i a a a a a a a v 4 St. James episcopal Church Cedar and Walnut Stre to r v. Henry s. Paynter Rector. Rev. P. R. Ronge. B. I m. A. Pastor sunday school and Bithie class. To a. 111. Morning , la a. evening worship 7.4 5 p. Iii. Celebration of the holy common a Ion. 8 a. Rn., the third sunday of each ing prayer 7.45 p. In. Phone Burlington 321 i new Jersey window cleaning co. We. Milbach prop. Windows in private Homes factories and offices cleaned i 321 High Street Burlington n. J. I j.1eth0dist episcopal roman Catholic Bensalem m. E. Church Hulmeville Road Bensalem Rev Walter s. Johnston. he Annas Catholic cling h italian and Pond streets j Rev. Isado a Lenne o. Is. To. Rector Rev. Marcellino Romano. O. Is. T. Rev. Donato Parente o. Is. T. J Sumray school. To a. In. Morning sunday masses. 6. 8, 9 and 10.30�?T worship la a. In. Junior l.,, i. In. Sunday school and baptisms. 7 p. In. Senior league. 7.30 p. In. 2 p. In. Vespers a p. In. Masses on Vesper service. 8 p. In. Holy Days. 5.30. 7.30 and 9 a. In. Quot masses on first Friday of the month. Bristol m. E. Church i a it 30 and 7.30 a. M. Conference of children of Mary at St. Annas Hall. Third sunday of tie month 3 p. In. Lumber Glass c. E. Stoneback j. Fredrick Martin Lehigh Coal Upson Board Mulberry and Cedar streets Curtis Woodwork Johns Man Ville Asbestos shingles Rev. James j. Bingham. Pastor morning watch. 9.30 a. In. Morn lug Servic. 10.30 a. In. Sunday. S Hool. 2.15 p. In. Epworth . J service 6.45 p. In. Evening service 7.4 5 p. In. St. Catholic Church Radcliffe Street and Lincoln Avenue Rev. Joseph e. Murphy pastor Rev. James j. Sullivan. N a is i. A i i sunday masses. 6.30, 8, 9. To and Croydon con nutty m. E. Church a a a an. 8 Rev. George c. Shoe pastor a. In. Vespers sunday 8 p. In. S duality of the blessed Virgin sunday school 9.45 a. In. Morn Fuos Day 8 p. In. Sunday h to ing worship. Ila. In. Evening Wor after 9 of clock mass Bapt. His t a a t a i x x Peirce amp Williams Dorrance and canal streets Bristol 40 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a slip. 7.4 5 p. In. Day 4 p. In. Y a it i a a a t i t t i now halloween the 31st 29c la. Special Home made broken Candy rheumatism while in France w Ith the Amel i can army i obtained a French prescription for the treatment it Plum i Natisin and neuritis. I have Given this to thousands with wonderful results. The prescription Cost me nothing. I ask nothing for it. I will mail it if you will Send me your address. A postal will bring it. Write today. Paul Case dept. C-847 Brockton mass. T a $ $ t it it it t a a clearance Sale lot of percolators toasters Waffle Irons heating pads and other Small appliances radio parts and tubes flashlights 25% off. Wiring supplies at Cost m. I. Ardrey special Home made Peanut brittle.25c la Home made Cream nut caramels.50c la chocolate crackers. 60c la i Vanilla butter creams.80c la assorted nuts. 80c la assorted chocolates.60c la Cream Corn. 39c la French fruit nut nougat. 40c la hot chocolate served with whipped Cream .10c hot fudge sundae. 15c hot Caramel sundae. 15e i v ii you can get a a Stix water proof heat proof liquid Cement in 15c, 25c and 40c cans at your neighbourhood store. A a Stix is the Best All round household Cement in the world. Try it 129 Mill Street Bristol 577 Bristol confectionery i a a a i i it / a 207 Mill Street phone 254-j ii it it s. Amp g. Manufacturing co. Factory 235 Roosevelt Street Bristol a. 4 t t i i t ? t i i v t ? t a a i t v the Riverside theatre Radcliffe at Market Street evening prices adults 15c children. 10c ii two evening shows 7 and 9 p. M. Frida y George Larkin in deeds of daring episode 8 Gene Tunney in the fighting Marine a Turba y Jack Hoxie and his wonder horse a a scout in the wild horse Stampede episode 8 a fighting with Buffalo Bill matinee at 12.30 note i Ipaige of time a it air monday tuesday y Rudolph Valentino in the Eagle monday episode 8, a officer 444 tuesday Good comedy special prices monday and tuesday f wednes a y buddy Roosevelt in thundering through Ioc and 25c episode 8 a snowed in thurs a y Evelyn Brent in forbidden cargo also a Good comedy ii ii ii

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