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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 29 1926, Page 2

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 29, 1926, Bristol, Pennsylvania A True account of the fire controversy an editorial March 28. 1926. A commit dec re reseating Enterprise fire company no. 5. Called upon Burgess Anderson and or. Grundy suggesting a drive to raise funds Tor the Purchase of a new motor driven fire apparatus to replace 4hat purchased by the Borough thirteen years before. The Reque t was met by emphatic refusal. Goodwill Hose company no. 3. Intending to pursue the same course decided to get along As test they could rather than meet with a similar repulse. No. 2 company called upon the Borough to renew tires and wheels and paint Oil the Hook and ladder truck at an approximate West of $850.00. Of this the fire it Ommittee contributed $200.00 and $170.00 was paid by private individuals. No. 4 company have never asked the Borough for a new motor driven engine. The claim of the fire committee made through the courier that three of the companies had made positive demands upon Borough Council for new fire apparatus is. Therefore false. Chief Gilkeson has never Bern consulted in the course of the dispute now in Progress. He has we admit with other members of the department been invited to attend meetings of Council where the Grundy made questions and answers were rehearsed by persons brought before Council for the per pose of demonstrating to Bristol the evolution of Volunteer depart its into paid departments in other towns. So far however. Or. Grundy has Only been Able to show in these towns one paid Driver for Rich company having three pieces of apparatus and in one instance two Drivers for the same number of pieces of equipment. Men win drive the other machines and those who actually put out fires Are not paid and in be town reported. Excepting Norristown Are the chiefs assistant chiefs captains lieutenants foremen or assistant firemen paid. The fact is that the fire committee hive failed to silo t anly town of the size of Bristol within a radius of 300 Miles that has complied with the suggestions made by or. Stradling. Manager of the suburban underwriters association in his report to count i of july 26, 1926. Some of the criticisms Aime it at chief Gilkeson and the fire companies arc As ridiculous As they Are unjust. The water Mains ale Large enough and the pressure High enough to Supply six hydrant streams in the District without engine pump pressure. This claim can be drove i. When the Chi of permitted the pumping engine to be used in Tho Morrisville Parade last june he did so advisedly knowing that Waer pressure and Supply were adequate in the interval the couriers criticism of cd f Gilkeson in his attitude toward the underwriters association is also unjust. Or. Gilkeson a relations with or. Dwyer. The Assoc Tiona a Engineer have been altogether pleasant. It is no Presuhn Tien however to say that the chiefs Confidence in the association must have been badly shaken by or. Dwyers recent inspection of the department. That couriers claim that cd m Gilkeson has failed to suggest any constructive policy is a false Tod. The chief stated that the Borough has purchased an up to Date alarm system and. Although he claims no credit for securing it. The superintendent of the fire alarm Clarence Winter and by is Anderson Well know that he had furnished the information Nee scary for securing it. When or. Dwyer in 1921 said it would be in Essary to increase the size of the fire main the chief referred him to Borough Engineer Roberts and larger Mains were later put Down. The chief claimed no credit for this in his speech made at the Mau meeting. Or. Grundy s Els in that a he chief had nothing to do with the Purchase of the Hook and ladder tick is Tine but misleading. Tho fact is that the chief had repeat Fly appealed to Council without effect for the Purchase of a Hook sad ladder truck and the Borough was without equipment of this so. For several years Borough Council and or. Grundy were appealed to More than ten years ago to assist in the Purchase of a pumping engine. Or. Grundy insisted that we did not n cd a pumping engine. No through or. Dwyer he demands the it we should have two. The truth is that we Are fully fifty per cent More efficient today than in 1921 when or. Dwyer made his report and the following claims concerning our system cannot be denied the Drivers regularly appointed to their work Are More competent to handle the apparatus. The men Are regularly drilled end Are thoroughly familiar with their apparatus. New rules have been made governing the operation of the department. We have a thoroughly up to Date fire alarm system. Larger Mains have been installed. New plugs have been placed where needed discipline and control of the Mea have always been maintained efficiency in the handling of fires has materially increased. Each company carries a Tarpaulin to protect contents of buildings. Much property has been saved from damage by this Means. Each company carries two smoke masks and the truck is provided with a Draeger smoke helmet. Monthly inspection is made of All apparatus and test runs Are frequently made. In conclusion if any newcomer hereabouts doubts the High efficiency of the Bristol Volunteer fire department let him look up the record of the following fires that occurred within recent years in Bristol Alexander fire on Mill Street. Harkins amp Coleman sent on Mill Street. Mrs. Lincoln a fire on Otter Street. Spruce Street Shingle roof fire. Lafayette Street Shingle roof fire. Howell fire on Dorrance Street. Fire Corner Bath and Buckley streets. Teatini fire Harriman. Accardi fire on Mill Street courier fire on Mill Street. 8 s Airn conscientiously voted a a not to every Bill designed to protect note and purify the ballot prefers gang politics to duty a statement just issued by the democratic county committee has this to say about senator Buckman a candidacy at tuesdays election a the people of ducks county ought to retire senator Clarence j. Bookman to private life next tuesday. His record in the special session of the legislature last january alone condemns him and in an other state than Pennsylvania his party would not have dared to nominate him after he Macle that record. Elections in the year 1925�?frauds the state the governor appointed a a following the frauds at the which shocked All decent citizens of chs Iii local fans in game other editorials on editorial Page a a a ii us ii America fire company holds annual election commission of seventy six composed of leading republicans and democrats men and women which commission Drew up a series of recommendations that would have guaranteed an honest vote and an honest count at elections in Pennsylvania the commission claimed. As a result of the commission s recommendations twelve clean election Bills were presented to the legislature at its special session convening january 13 last. A not one of the twelve Bills As introduced. Eleven of the j Bills were Defeated w without being even discussed and the twelfth was m. Passed after the gang pulled All or weeping skies rail to i Teeth. Here is the Way senator j i Bur Kinan voted on those Bills Dampen Amor old a on the Bill to open ballot boxes upon petition of ave qualified voters of the county when ballot fraud or with a Mhz pro error is suspected the Mot importer 19�s1 in Muricio ant Bill of the twelve senator Buckman voted no. He preferred the present Law under which it if almost impossible to get a ballot Box opened thus protecting the ballot thieves. A on the Bill to restrict assistance in parking ballot to voters unable to Nark by reasons of physical Dlsnbit-1 Ity senator Buckman voted no. Thus on dotting the present system which s a chief cause of dishonesty in voting. A on the Bill prov bang that any citizen should have the right to inspect election records in the presence if the officers having them in custody. Senator Buckman voted no. A on the Bill to require that immediately after the polls close the vote must be counted and that the ballot boxes must then be sealed and taken to the court House before 6 o clock in the afternoon following the Day if election. Senator Buckman voted no. A the Bill to prevent Tho a Chain system Quot of voting by which the gang makes sure that bribed voters Deposit in the ballot Box the ballots which have been marked for them my which they Are paid to cast was apposed by the gang and senator Bur Kinan voted no with the gang senators. A on the Bill requiring every voter who can write to sign his name in the ballot Check list when he relives his official ballot. Senator Buckman voted no. The system embodied in this Bill is now in use n new York and prevents the practice of voting people who never a Lear at the polls. A on the joint Resolution proposing \ constitutional amendment to entitle supervisors of elections to be appointed from outside the election la streets in which they Are to serve senator Buckman did not vote. A on the Bill to require the courts o Send to jail persons wilfully Vio rating the election Laws. Senator Buckman voted no. A on the Bill to permit any City Munty. Borough or township by vote of adopt voting machines. Senator Buckman voted no. A on a very excellent Hill introduced by senator Barr. Of Allegheny coun a. To permit judge and District attorneys to appoint supervisors of sections on their own motion said supervisors to be present at the Vari his polling places throughout the balloting and computation of the Quot ote anti make report to the judges my District attorneys respectively. Senator Buckman voted no. A senator Buckman was one of Only 15 senators who voted no on Sena continued on Page four playing viciously on a Muddy Gridiron with a heavy rain soaking a Ery body in sight the Bristol a. A. And the Philadelphia Ramblers fought to a draw last sunday on Tolliv mrva a Field Tho final sea. A w As 6 to 6. With this game the water dogs increased their hold on the theoretical championship of Bucks county for the Ramblers Defeated the Doylestown eleven 6-0 several week ago. The Breaks of the game led Bull etly to both touchdowns although the vocals scored More first Downs my clearly outplayed their shifty it opponents in three of the four quarters. Tho visitors garbed in Brilliant Golden Jerkins got the jump on the Blue and Gold in the opening minutes of the fray. Directly after the Philadelphia eleven had blocked a punt of Johnny Conca in the first Quarter they ran off three trick plays the last of which resulted in i touchdown. However the visitors failed to score the Point after touchdown whim a Forward pass was not completed. Bristol a Lone Marker came in the third Quarter when it obtained Possession of the Hall after a Fumble. At this time. Coach Black went into the game and his presence greatly heartened the water dogs. The local backs rushed the leather on straight line hucks to Tho four Yard line. Where Sackville the local Quarte Back found a Hole and fell across the goal line for a very much needed six Points. _ but it was no Day fur dropping kicks Over the Cross bar. And despite the pain taken by the locale to score the Point. Coach Black s kick was too Low. Bristol breathed easier after this bit of scoring and although tried valiantly for another it sewing class no. 2 has masquerade sewing Circle no. 2 suspended plying Needle and thread late i tuesday and forming a masquerade party proceeded to the Home of or. And mrs. William Clayton Greenwood Avenue. Trenton. N. J. Games were played and refreshments served. Among those present were mrs. William Maxwell miss Marie Beaumont miss Smoyer miss Emma Rosier. Miss Nellie King. Mrs. John Muholland and Lier daughter. Mrs. George Bailey mrs. I Owis Worthington mrs. Harry Hughes. Mrs. David Qutul hound and miss Anna Clayton. At the rec kit annual election of America Hose Hook and ladder company. No. 2. The following officers were chosen b. C. Foster president t. S. Harper vice president v. W. Betz corresponding Secretary la. A. Pettit financial Secretary John f. Smoyer treasurer Rev. Paul Rouge Harry Miller. Evan Vandegrift Warren Thompson. Franklin Smith directors. Sly sayings by slim Jim a a there a Gonna i a shake up in the Bingville police Force mayors Gonna buy Ein a tin a score. Waa quite Content to Call it quits at the end of Hie game. It was no Day for football hut several Hundred Bristol looters were in the stands when the opening whistle blew. It was drizzling when a rambler Back kicked off. And j continued to rain throughout the Gam. At one Point the rain came Down in torrents and the players o both sides wallowed in a sea of mud the Hall became heavily coated with. Mime and almost impossible u handle. Very few punts were gotten off successfully and Thone that Wen completed were Low and Bani u handle. Despite the condition of to Hall. Bristol completed one for wan pass when Eddie to the Fleet end pared an Aerial toss directly across the line it resulted in a first Down and almost led to the scoring of an other touchdown. Roe played a Beautiful game a my. He was Dow i fast under every punt and frequently tackled the re eel vet in bus tracks. Verv Little yardage was gained around his end from scrimmage. He should develop int one of the Hest ends in this Section of the country with a Little More experience. The rain and mud Only made flu players fight All the harder. Bristo was placed on. The defensive in the Early part of the game hut before the half was Over it was marching or a he Field on straight football in Rea Soldier fashion. Had there been Mon tins p is Safe to say that Bristow would have. Walked right across the continued on Page four operator gives alarm Home saved from flames efficient Volunteer fare departments in service within five minutes of receiving alarm 300 Gallons of Gas Burn an Alert watchman a Cool resourceful Telephone Lassie and a ulily efficient Volunteer fire depart nent saved the residence of Wesley Pipier a Bristol Pike and be shaming reek about 8 of clock last night when fire consumed 300 Gallons of gasoline stored not More than 60 feet from the Sipler Home and in and lit Ion destroyed a Cement shed nearby. Herman Richardson. 27, 534 Bath Street was burned on the left leg by gasoline when the fire started. Richardson and another Workman lamed Brown were drawing a Small Quantity of gasoline to use in the Ridge construction work at the Cene of the fire when a lantern that Richardson was carrying ignited the a Anoline. In another minute gasoline flames vere shooting too feet into the air my everything within a considerable Adius seemed doomed to the flames. F. Carroll Hartz. A watchman for v. K. Eckert who is constructing he Bridge Over the nes Hanainy reek at the Bristol Pike promptly ailed on the Lone night operator in a he Cornwells Telephone Exchange for assistance and in five minutes he not Only had the Cornwells and Croydon fire departments at the Cene but also the entire Bristol Delar Tenient with the result that the ire was so promptly extinguished hat the Sipler Home less than 60 j Jeet away was not damaged in the j least. Richardson who had jumped into he Nesh Aminy Creek to extinguish he flames w hich were consuming his Dothes was taken to Harriman Lins. Vital. After his Burns had been dressed he was Able to leave for his Home. The damage to Erk it s property has not been estimated but it in Lilly covered by insurance. Man injured by Auto identified by brother Thomas Burke of new York City was visiting friends made during the War judge Eugene. Bonniwell of Philadelphia revives Grundy testimony on question of taxes at c Campaign he Rinir predicts his own Victory on tuesday Bristol a Daisy Day today is Daisy Day. Have you bought a Daisy do you know that the girl reserves Are working hard for the Benefit of the children of Bristol with your cooperation we can make this drive a great Success. Today and tomorrow Are our big Days. No doubt you will be approached by a girl Reserve asking you to buy one of these daisies which Are being sold to finance the dental clinic. For several years the clinic has been helping Bristol children and the work has been Macle possible through the contributions of various organizations and individuals. It is the school children of Bristol who derive the full Benefit from this clinic and therefore we feel that it is our duty to finance it. Any child who cannot afford to go to a dentist will Ive properly treated for a fee of 2�, cents. We urge you All to buy and Wear a Daisy. Laura Sagolla Bristol High school �?T28 Thomas Burke. 29. New York City who was struck by an automobile on he Bristol Pike nearly opposite Harriman Beach last tuesday evening was identified late last night by his brother sex police lieutenant Michael Burke of new York and his brother in Law. John Reese also of new York. The injured Man. Who is at Harri presbyterian Man Hospital showed some improve Over the fact ment last night and seems to he regaining consciousness. He has a compound fracture at the base of the Skull hut Tho physicians in attendance say that if no blood clot develops his recovery is possible. Burke is married and has a boy. Three years old. His wife and Little son Are on a visit to relatives Ireland. The injured Man is a rive Tor by Trade and was in the habit visiting friends in Bristol with whom he boarded during the War while at work in the local shipyard. Rho car which struck Burke was Irivin at the time of the collision by Mitchel Ancker. Or. Radcliffe and Lafayette streets. Addressing approximately 1000 Luzerne county democrats at a meet no in Hampton Hall last monday night. Judge Eugene c. Bonniwell of Philadelphia. Democratic candidate for governor attacked John s. Fisher f Pittsburgh Republican nominee As the tool of Joseph r. Grundy and Pennsylvania manufacturers association and predicted Iris election with he majority he expects in Philadelphia added to the vote he will receive in other counties of Pennsylvania. Judge Bonniwell said that there is great soreness throughout the state Over the defeat of Edward e. Beidleman and that he has found Beidleman workers sympathetic toward him wherever he goes. Ile said hat he expects a majority of from 150.000 to 200.000 in Philadelphia a unless the screws Are turned to the ast judge Bonniwell said in part a no Man or woman who toils no merchant. No Clark no Farmer no anther no humanitarian can read he testimony Given bit Ore senator teed a committee by John s. Fisher my Joseph r. Grundy can in con science vote the Republican ticket. A tilt damning Story told under it ath by Fisher Mellon and Grundy bluntly admits that Joseph la. Grundy Bouget and paid for John s. Fishery bought him at an admitted Nice of $1,800,000 a contributed $3100,000, and expects to be paid. A read that testimony. Marcel or Oil can at the a blushing effrontery f Grundy a statement i supported or. Fisher in place of or. Beidie Mai because Edward e. Beidleman favor d a tax upon manufacturers and or. Fisher opposed it. The interests i present Are opposed to such a tax. We do not pay any tax. We have not paid any tax for upwards of 4 0 a Earv v a but Tho common people of Fenn Sylvania pay taxes they pay them living and they pay them dead. A business taxes per capita taxes log taxes land taxes Anthracite faxes gasoline taxes and inheritance estate taxes Are levied and raised in Tyder that the millionaire Man fac Urcis association of Pennsylvania Hall pay no taxes. A when the Workingman of Pennsylvania asked for a decent maximum of compensation he is refused Relief by the throttling grip of Grundy upon the legislature. When the in statute mothers of Pennsylvania ask for a sufficient sum of Money to take care of them and their babies a Grundy the master refuses the plea for fear the needed Revenue will tax the manufacturer a emr. Fisher is committed to the new York Central Railroad and Quot ill do All in his Power to further their plan for a transcontinental line through Pennsylvania if he is elect d. This will work against him through powerful interests which Are fighting the new York Central. A in any event there is nothing that will prevent my receiving at Leat 125.000 votes in Philadelphia. This number added to what i will receive in Inland counties will assure my other speakers were Richard l ground broken for Eddington Parish House presbyterians about to realize dream of Community Huiser building to begin immediately the members of the Eddington Church Are rejoicing that their plans for a new Community Parish House a about to be realized ground having been staked off and broken on monday afternoon. The first shovel Ful of Earth was removed by or. J. Win. Simons an elder of the Church. The contract has been awarded Newtown contractor and build n \ ing operations will begin immediate a after the foundation has been of prepared. The building is to he located near the Eastern end of the Church. It will be constructed of Stone and the j architecture is to conform with that j of the Church which is a Beautiful Structure. Because of the growth of the Sun Day school and the need of facilities Bigelow of Hazleton democratic for Young Peoples work it has be nominee for state senator from the come desirable for the congregation twentieth senatorial District and to erect this building. D r. Bowman Strome. Candidate for will also meet a Long Felt want of state legislature from Wilkes Barre. He Community for an Assembly Hall attorney John e. Jenkyns w As chair to accommodate the people. Man of the meeting. Ile was Intro being under Church supervision diced by attorney Edward f. Mcgovern democratic county chair Ai f Man. Huge Ink funeral of mrs. Rogers sesquicentennial choir to rehearse on monday manager Lynn encouraged by response will be made a permanent feature the use of the building w ill be limit led to service of an orderly and educational nature. The committee appointed to raise the funds for this new building has worked faithfully and has met with a very generous response from the members and friends of the Church. The ladies Aid society and the Sun j the funeral of mrs. James Rogers a Day school have assisted in increase took place yesterday afternoon from no the building fund. Her Home 206 Jefferson Avenue. At a recent teachers meeting of Rev. Henry s. Fainter conducted the the sunday school association it episcopal burial service. E decided to hold the regular j the deceased was a descendant of Early his a grand was be Cine to aum a i in. Deceased was a Christmas exercises of the school on Pep be prominent in the december 28. I tory of Bristol. She was daughter of Joseph Milnor Downing gives Shower in Honor of Friend that the people of Bristol do miss Geneveive mall value Dor appreciate vaudeville when it is of Ranee Street entertained monday the High order produced at the for evening in Honor of miss Jane merest theatre at last saturdays per-1 Tinley. 209 Buckley Street. Attn formantes. Was amply proved by the playing cards the guests showered augmented attendance and the Many miss Mcginley with packages con favourable comments heard on ally raining useful and Beautiful gifts sides in support of manager Lynn s mostly of Linen. Innovation. A those present were misses Katha vaudeville with each of the saturnine Dugan Angeline Riley Man Day shows including matinee will Gafney. Katharine ferry be made a permanent feature of the and Ella Mccole Mary Forrest Hill hooked As w As last j Mcllvain Alice mall value Marcella weeks show under direction of the Mcginley and mrs. Warren Ann Stanley co. Strong. Mrs. Charles Boltz mrs. Den Toni Orrow a Olio will include Billy Nis ferry mrs. James Mcgee. Mrs. Nash midget songster arc less amp Maud Gallagher and mrs. Joseph Venus with a Novelty Surprise Ada Cavanaugh. Christie comedy and songs and the favors for the games Wert Given. Jinks revue a song and dance jul to miss Frances a Mcfadden Marie the members of the Bristol Branch it of the sesquicentennial chorus will hold their next rehearsal at the Bristol presbyterian Church next monday night. Last week s practice was attended Gay the hugest number of singers As tem hied since the rehearsals began j the male contingent was consider ably augmented and the parts showed a great improvement in har Nolc balance. Thomas h. Snelson choir Leader of he Bristol presbyterian Church is greeting the rehearsals of the local Coqui singers. Marcella and Anna continued on Page five i Macney and mrs. Maud Gallagher. Cemetery. Joseph who built the Home on the Delaware Row owned by William e. Dodds. Her father was William Downing v to own Ned one of several Large Coal \ Hal ves formerly doing a brisk shipping business Here. Mrs. Rogers Wras born in Baltimore. Hut lived in Bristol More than 80 years. The deceased is survived by two daughters. Misses Mary and Jane the latter being principal of Tho Washington Street Public school and one son. William b. Rogers Hastings on the Hudson. Or. William Downing. A brother and miss Laura Downing a sister also survive and two granddaughters. The pall bearers were messes. Milnor Downing Walter Johnson James Brooks and Christopher Beachie. Interment was made in Bristol

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