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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 28, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Vol. 2.�?no. 17. Bristol a. Friday october 28. 192l Moose Herd will gather to celebrate halloween Beautiful Home on Radcliffe Street will be scene of merriment on monday evening needlework Guild exhibit nov. 2nd five cents the copy held in Community House direct ors asked to gather garments promptly worthy cause r evidently not to he outdone Byj the various celebrations taking place throughout the Bof migh on Hal j lower in night the local a Herd <>1 Moose have arranged an event to take place in their Beautiful Home j on Radcliffe Street which prop times to eclipse any Celebration of its kind held by a fraternal organization in Bristol in years. While the event will in a measure. Be in that nature of a real gel together gathering it is really with the object of having members and their i tends become better acquainted with one another. The affair May not be considered a a smoker a but no objection to indulging in the Weed v ill be offered in the room set aside for such a pleasure. Dancing will also feature the program interspersed with discussions of topics of the Day. Luncheon with Coffee will be served which will relieve tin anxiety of the High Cost of eats. Decorations of the Interior will be in Gold and Black with the old time Corn Slock and pumpkins which will make the surrounding As handsome As the exterior of the Home a shown in the above picture with its covering of a old on wednesday november 2nd, at 2 30 of clock the annual exhibition of needlework Guild garments will be held in the Community House. Excellent speakers have been seemed. It is very important for All members to Send their garments to their director this week. The directors have to list the garments and sew them together if that has not been done by the member. Guild members can lighten the work of the directors considerably by being prompt with their garments. If possible Send the garments to the director done to make her Call for it. Directors Are requested to bring their garments to the Community House on monday october 31st. The Secretary with her assistants will be at the Community House to receive the garments Between 12 of clock and 5 of clock on that Day. As the need for garments both for institutions and private cases is so urgent it is hoped that the directors will meet with a generous response from their contributors. If you Are not already a needlework Guild member will you not become one at once by contributing two or More garments to one of the Many directors of the Guild every citizen of Bristol should be a Guild member men As Well As women can be members done to wait to be asked Volunteer your membership although two garments Are the required number where it is possible will you not Giffi More than two the work of the Guild is far reaching and valuable. You would be repaid Many Many times if you could see the Joy of some discouraged overworked Mother when a Guild bundle arrives. She has been worrying about providing her Little ones with warm garments for Winter. Here at least is one problem solved. The Effort made was not a tax on any individual the Benefit to the recipient has been immeasurable. All join in making this the Banner year of our Guild. Are Buckman s services a High at any Price even solemn courts of jus Tice at times furnish comic situations and jokes Are bandied Between opposing attorneys that Are the soul of real Whit. Little asides Are Oft hues passed Between attorneys who May he spectators that never come to the notice of the judge on the Bench and one of these that is too Good to keep under cover cropped up in judge Ryan a court room in Doylestown on tuesday. J. Hibbs Buckman was attorney for the plaintiff in a civil suit and in summing up for the jury in his most melodramatic fashion in referring to an attorney who had been retained by the defendant in the Case to draw up a lease he said a a the idea of hiring a High priced lawyer to draw up an Ordinary lease i too am a High priced lawyer Here is where the joke comes in. A distinguished member of the bar who was a Spectator said Sotto voiced to the attorney for the defense a High at any Price a wonder if he meant j. Hibbs. Or the other attorney he referred to dangerous pranks jul y Twenty ninth the Independent of Tullytown boys St a Ted tha t the a Dail y excuse Pretari rated Here a the proof should be curbed by parents before a fatality occurs Harry Moon painfully injured All hallows Day is tinged by Romance Many legends claim the fairy god of love is most Active on halloween Martindell will be Back next week chiropractor after ten Days bless will be at his office again monday parochial Mission Tullytown to have at Saint James Catholic Church the Many friends and clients of w. B. Mart Indell the chiropractor will be gratified to learn that lie will be bark in his office administering to the needs of his friends on a a a monday of next week. To has been Rev. Floyd Tompkins eminent speak generosity of Brennan family makes h?h1 e be r a lat in Aten a g h or and scholar to conduct week of services possible the establishment of italian Mission Church the announcement of the coming of the Rev. Floyd Tomkins Rector of Church of the holy Trinity Ritten House Square Philadelphia ought to be received by All denominations with great Joy. It is Seldom the townspeople have such a wonderful preacher and Man come and give his time and Talent for the spiritual uplift of the hearers. The occasion of his coming May be termed Quot a parochial Mission a a spiritual revival in the episcopal Church. The meetings will he held every evening beginning with monday october 31st, and ending Friday november 4th. On thursday afternoon tit of a lock november 4th, a quiet hour for women will he observed and at four of clock there will be a special meeting for children. On different evenings the choirs of the various churches will be pres 1 ent to assist the St. James choir in the singing let is to be hoped that every one will take the Opportunity provided to hear a great preacher a great Union meet in most enthusiastic session on due to the generosity of the family of Michael j. Brennan of Tully Tovin the members of the italian Catholic denomination will soon have a place of worship in that Village. When the buildings of the United states munition works were sold a few week ago. Members of the Brennan family bought one of the Large buildings which they Are having moved to a foundation on part of their land near the route of the trolley passing through that town. After alterations Are made to the Interior of the building an altar will he installed whore regular sunday masses will be celebrated by one of the assist am priests of St. Annas Catholic Church Bristol. A sunday school will he and the Mission Church will used for a school room. Isadore Jefne. Of St. Annas ing Active interest in this commendable contribution to his work among the italians of Bristol and Vicinity and will it a it ably assisted in the work by his assistant priests and tie Sisters of the order of holy Trinity who Are teachers in the italian parochial school of Bristol been broken by or. Marchand the chiropractor of Philadelphia and a return to business will be possible next week. Mart Indell has been a hard worker Here in Bristol and the fact that he works in his office from ten in the morning until Midnight three Days each week has made his friends shake their Heads and state from time to time that someday a breakdown would occur. It came but with ten Days rest he has practically recuperated and will he Back on the Job monday. Monday next known As Quot All saints Day on Church calendars is perhaps better known As a fall Hal lows or halloween and will be celebrated in Many sections with feasting song and dancing. In Olden times the end of tiie Harvest season was believed by Swain and Damsel to a time when the fairy god of love was More Active in arranging love matches and Many a fair Maiden in the privacy of her Boudier on next monday night at the solemn hour of 12. Will pose with her Hack towards the Mirror in the Hope of seeing tin likeness of her future husband reflected in the Glass As she looks Over her left shoulder towards the Mirror. Another method used by the Quot Bonnie scotch lassies to see their a Prince charming Quot is to a take a Candle and go Alme to a looking Glass cat an Appie before it and some traditions say you should comb your hair All the time the face of your conjugal companion to be will be seen in tie Glass As if peeping Over your shoulder. Burning the nuts is another famous Charm. They name the lad and lass to each particular nut As they Lay them in the fire and according As they Burn quietly together or Start from beside one another the course and Issue of the courtship will be. Many other games of legendary lore arc practice by fair Maidens on halloween with the lingering Hope that they May fathom the future matrimonial Market in store for them thereby relieving their fear of sinister Hood. The first Accident of note since the opening of the new state Road through this place happened on sunday morning when Clinton Moon son of Harry l. Moon was struck by a touring car and knocked ten feet Landing on his head on the new Concrete Road. The boy was picked up by the Driver of the car and hurried to his Home. Or. Klenk was summoned and found that while his body was badly bruised and his head Cut and Eye seriously injured there were no Bones broken and his condition could not be determined for several Days. It appears hit Young Moon was pushing a skat Mobile ahead of the touring car and lost his balance when he steered in front of the car. A warning notice should be heeded by the parents of this place and they should not allow their boys or girls to have Roler skates. Since the new Road has been opened this has become a fad. Several narrow escapes have been recorded of boys who fell on the Road and were nearly run Over before gaining their foot hold others have been noticed to hang on passing trucks and trolley cars. Never before in the history of full town have so Many cars and trucks of All descriptions passed through the town and it is hard for the boys and girls to realize the great danger of the roller skate practice. Animals Are sometimes used to Experiment on in order to save 1 he tact that a valuable dog was run Over and killed for John Summers and a pvt cat of Amos Lovett by cars passing on main Street should be sufficient warning. Letter of i Hanks to this paper from american legion proves the assertion made ten weeks ago in the Issue of the Independent of july 29th, the following two column Bead was carried under the Date line on the first Page a a a daily excuse again misleads the Public this article dealt with a statement mane in the a a excuse in an editorial which appeared in their Issue of july 25th, which was in part As follows a without any other solicitation than that made through the columns of the courier the patriotic and tender hearted citizens of Bristol have hastened to insure Etc a this opening paragraph of the a a excuse editorial which was followed by oodles of weeps was not the truth a on the 29th the Independent in an article so stated and the proof of the statement which appeared in this paper follows Robt. W. Bracken Post no. 382 american legion Bristol october 22, 1921. The Independent Bristol Penna. Gentlemen a at this Date the last of the military funerals for our returned com Lades has taken place and we feel greatly indebted to the Many kind friends who contributed so generously to our cause. We fully appreciate the fact that it is through your paper that Many contributions were made possible and we feel that a debt of gratitude exists Between our organization and yours. We want to express our thanks and convey our appreciation for All that you have done for us. We invite you to Call upon us at any time that we May be of service. Very truly yours Robt. W. Bracken Post no. 382, Dudley e. Bell adjutant. The much he tit tied manager etc., of the a excuse a had been imported Here but a Short time and he had not yet Learned that it was dangerous to attempt to pull the Wool Over the eyes of the town Folk with the Independent in the Field when he let his foot slip in the misleading editorial above referred to. The foregoing letter of thanks from the legion which is a counterpart of a number that have been sent out to those who did their mite toward helping to raise the music fund to give a fitting military burial to the dead heroes from Europe As they arrived Here was delayed owing to the illness of the adjutant or to the mis laying of the minutes of the meeting at which the Resolution to Send out the letters was passed. Formal opening of we. E. Dorony a free Croydon firehouse show tomorrow mrs. Headley s grandson married tomorrow will occur tomorrow evening to Morow at High noon mrs. A. B. Headley or. And mrs. Stanford k. Runyan and daughter miss Elizabeth will attend the wedding of Henry Skirm of Germantown grandson of mrs. Headley to miss Lillian Beck of Frankford. The ceremony will take place in St. Marks episcopal Church. When two afternoon and a dance will be held in new building two evening performances free at the Riverside theatre real fraternal ism shown by Moose take sick member to Harrisburg sanitarium later to Jefferson Hospital started also be Rev. Is Tak there was an interested group present at the meeting of the ladies Union on monday night. Echoes of the convention occupied some of the time report of attendance and financial statements were made by the president mrs. M. T. Ardrey and miss Elizabeth Crichton the treasurer. The attendance numbered thirty four and it was suggested that the attendance on monday evening to hear or. Tompkins in the episcopal Church should be credited to the members As it was decided to postpone the meeting that All might he Able to he present. Edward Mariner passes his 74th Milestone on sunday last mrs. L. J. Ilen Dicks of Oil Cedar Street arranged a Surprise dinner for her fathered wait Maimer to celebrate his seven it Tom ill birthday. Covers were Laid Lor sixteen. The relatives present were or. And mrs. George mar re Mirin or of West Philadelphia or. And mrs. Lewis a. Crammer and three children from Maple Shade. N. A. Or. And mrs. Larence Hughes am of Philadelphia or. Thick or. And mrs. Dicks Ilar Riman Little Harry Eckert drowned in Nesh Aminy while playing at Cherry a boat Yard along the Nesh Aminy Creek near Bristol Pike last wednesday afternoon Horace Eckert age 5, son of Harry a. Eckert of Eddington fell into the water and was drowned. The youth with his companion Henry Walters also of Eddington strolled away from Home in search of new Fields of pleasure and their stops wandered toward the boat Yard. They proceeded to amuse themselves around the boats until the Eckert boy lost his balance and fell into the water which is Over eight feet deep at that Point. The Hoys cries attracted the attention of men working at the t. B. Amp p. Power House on the other Side of the Creek and they rushed to the Rescue. 1 he Hoy was dead when dragged from the water but he was taken to or. Pursell of Bristol who made every Effort to revive him without Avail. The body was taken to his parents Home in Eddington. A recent illustration of real fraternity among Lodge members of this town was shown a week ago when the members of the local Lodge of Moose had a fellow member of the order who was under their care taken to Hamburg sanitarium for treatment. This member was employed at the merchant shipyard and rented a room at the Moose Home on Radcliffe Street where he was taken ill. Care of the invalid then became a Bio sheily duty on the part of the Iuliu us Mark aim Neil me to inculcate in tic mods of pupils local Lodge and a physician was Call firemen make merry on their grand red in regular attendance. As tin opening night illness developed this is Arbor Day schools observe it inculcate in the minds of i respect for growing Trees Croydon will celebrate the opening of their new fire House on saturday night october 29th, with a dance and a folks about town night. The affair will be held under the auspices of the Croydon Ini prove ment association. The program will i featured by a number of new and old dances and novelties and the old will have their Chance with the younger folks. Owing to the size of the Hall the Sale of tickets will be limited so that those who do not get them Early will be unable to attend. Carpenters have been working for the past week on the floor and it promises to be the Best for dancing in the District. A piano has been donated to the fire company by or. Harry Miller of China Lane. This dance will he the opening of a series of events to he Given by the fire company at intervals throughout the Winter and every Effort will be made to entertain the people of Croydon and at the same time raise funds to Clear off the remaining Small debt on the building. Music for the dance on saturday night will be furnished by the american legion orchestra of Bristol. Members and friends Are invited to turn out mask Ami help the Arbor Day which is being generally observed in All tates of the nation today particularly appeals to the pupils of the schools As a lesson Day in planting of Green growing Beautiful and useful monuments As an expression of their foresighted patriotism. The forests the streams the Flowers the Birds and wild animals contribute to their pleasure and happiness As Well As to Comfort and Prosperity. No boy or girl will he Able to serve Pennsylvania As patriotically As she deserves who does not understand the relation which the forests Bear to the needs of civilization. Therefore each Pupil of the schools of Bristol ought to know the lesson of the Woods and become a devoted Friend of the movement inaugurated on Arbor Day to restore by planting of Young Trees on this Day the forests once known As a a Penn a Woods. Man s illness developed it was diagnosed As tuberculosis and his removal to a sanitarium was suggested. Last week dictator John a Rodgers of the local Lodge escorted the invalid to Hamburg a. A weeks stay in the institution there warranted the physicians in charge diagnosing the Many Scase As an ailment of the Throat instead of tuber colitis As pronounced by tie physician attending the Man Here adding that the invalid ought to he removed to Jefferson Hospital for surgical instead of medical treatment. Dictator Rodgers on tuesday went to the up state sanitarium and escorted the sick Man to the Philadelphia Hospital. Brunton to entertain on All halloween Croydon Republican club will entertain nov. 2nd on saturday evening october 29th, or. And mrs. Ii. L. Brunton will be at Home to a few friends. Cards will occupy the attention for a time. Refreshments will be served and the Ever present witches and Black cats of the season will undoubtedly help those present to Ever remember the Date. Besides guests from new York City and Atlantic City those who intend to he present from this Section will be Gladys Renk. Claudia Chronister Margaret Porter Adelia Wright Herbert Bloomfield. Lester Shoemaker and Horace Dyson. Bristol nimrods leave monday on Rabbit Hunt the Croydon Republican club will entertain their co workers from various parts of the township with their wives and friends on wednes mrs. David Warner enthuses Flay night november 2nd. Ii will be amp get to Gether rally of the town Over visit to relatives ship Republican forces for the elec Tion Battle which will be staged the 250 garments made by Guild ladies this season two children Elwood Hen Edward Hen metropolitan employees to frolic at Benj. Silbery a boy scout troop no. 3 entertain girl friends monday evening next in order to be on the ground tuesday morning for the opening of the Rabbit season messes. William Terneson Ellwood Minster William and John Simons will Camp Over night at Erwina. Near French town n. A. Where they anticipate bagging a Large number of rabbits. A Tine time is mapped out for saturday evening october 29th, by the employees of the metropolitan life insurance co. The plan is to have a. Masked social at the Home of or. Benjaman Silber of 212 Jefferson Avenue. The employees and their families amounting in number to about thirty five will arrange for dancing refreshments and other entertainment. 3, held a presbyterian in tuesday even was granted the gang a girl Friend. Lbs a scout troop no. Masked social in the Church basement ing. Each boy privilege of bring 1 1rb�p availed themselves n a a Fps re ily of Quot Quot no the and Rajtr la Quot quoth la it a has the evening Quot a "v�?T"1�?T&Quot it to the Leader of a to the room was decorated with Cornstalk. League of women voters meet next tuesday the regular monthly meeting of the league of women voters will be held at the Home of the president mrs. Frank Lehman 316 Radcliffe Street tuesday november 1st. The meetings Are usually held in the High school building but not being available next week hence the change. Mrs. David Warner has returned to her Home. 320 Lafayette Street after a four weeks visit with friends and relatives. The trip included visits to at least fifty or sixty families of relatives and friends and mrs. Warner states had she accepted invitations to stay Over night with All who import Ned her it would require a space of two years. While visiting at grat town she attended the county fair where she met nine nephews three of or. Warners Sisters a great number of cousins and other relatives. Mrs. Warner made the statement this week that she did not remember of Ever making a trip or visit so filled with Happy moments. One old aunt eighty years of age whom mrs. Warner had not seen for thirty years was among the visited. To speaking of the products of the Section of country visited the Lack of apples and potatoes was noted. In taking a fifty mile Auto ride not a following week. The club is planning an excellent entertainment and the meeting will be featured by speeches from the various Republican leaders. The affair will be Given in the new Croydon fire Riouse at Patterson Avenue and state Road. Members Are urged to attend with their wives and friends. The ladies present at the last meeting of the needlework Guild to be held for he present were mrs. Edgar Opdyke mrs. J. Hardy mrs. C. Anderson. Mis. T. Downing mrs. John Hargrave mrs. Win. Betz mrs. I. Irwin miss Martha Hughes mrs. D. O. Taylor mrs. Louis Spring and miss Esther Lawrence. About 250 garments have been made by these women who attend the sewing meetings during the past season. Presbyterian sunday school cat plays piano and turned on electric Light monthly social tonight Cliffy s Noi de at random on the piano one night last this evening Many preparations which have been going on will be brought to a Climax when the members of the Presb Tyrian sunday school will be Brough face to face with clowns Princess. Dukes and maids each trying to Call former acquaintanceship. The occasion is the regular monthly social of the school and after a season of masquerading games will be played and served. All the King n Ustiy nine Amu nut nut a refreshments served. Ail me Niem single Apple tree with fruit was seen j Bers Are requested to be present. Week alter he had retired and Down stairs he started to investigate. When half Way Down the stairs a Light suddenly came on and for a minute or. Wright was thoroughly frightened but does not admit that he turned White and trembled. The cat that had been walking Over the piano keys had sprung from the instrument to the table and in playing with the Chain of the electric Light caused the rumination. Never better satisfied than when giving pleasure to others William e. Doron tomorrow afternoon gives a free motion picture show to the children and grown ups of Bristol. The yearly picnic on the Island which has been an Frieff Tryon looked Forward to by the children of Bristol for years has made the owner of the ferry much loved by the youngsters and now with this free picture show he will indeed be put at the head of their list of favourites and this will More than repay this whole souled individual for his trouble and the expense he incurs. There will be two matinees Given tomorrow at one of clock and at three in order that every youngster in the town May have an Opportunity to enjoy the films offered in the evening children will not be admitted and there will also be two shows Given the first at seven of clock and the second at nine. The first show admissions will he made Only by invitation and or. Doron has distributed hundreds of tickets to his tenants friends and neighbors and those holding tickets will he the first admitted. No tickets will be necessary for the second show and everyone will be most Welcome. The shows for this occasion have been booked by the management who will take Over the House for a permanent proposition saturday week and the feature a the forbidden City a Pathe release is one of the most interesting and soul gripping stories Ever told of the mining country. A a nonsense comedy and the first of a the terror Trail be shown. Remember everyone in Bristol is invited to attend either of the four performances and that the children will be welcomed at both of the ter noon shows. A Mermaid two episodes amp serial will y. P. B. County Institute held tomorrow afternoon do not forget the Institute of in. County y. P. B. Society to be held on saturday afternoon and evening in the presbyterian Church the delegates will bring a Box lunch and the local society will provide hot chocolate. Ralph Appleton the county presi Dent will preside at the round table. A daughters of America will dance on halloween the daughters of America Are making great preparations for the halloween dance to be held in the basement of mechanics Hall on sat urday tomorrow evening. A admission by card Only. Vandegrift orchestra will furnish the music prizes will be awarded to the Best dressed lady and gentleman and one to each for the most grotesque. Next Friday Wilt bit travel club guest Day next Friday is known to travel club members As guest Day. Meeting will be held at the Home of mrs. Armand Morris 709 Radcliffe Street. Which member has the Privi lege of inviting a Friend. The annual Mother and daughter banquet of the presbyterian Church will occur on Friday november the fourth. A a

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