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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 16, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania My fun try the Independent has a larger prepaid circulation than any two papers in lower Bucks buy the Independent at Bristol news Agency 245 Mill Street and at t. R. R. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor. Garden and Beaver streets vol. 6 a no. 16bristol. A. Friday. October 16. 1925. Five cents the copy i. A. Collier makes statement regarding Ford Stock report from Street and Highway committee shows fourth Ward streets being repaired a Over the past several month j Many people in Bristol and Vicinity have informed me that they have received personal letter soliciting investment in a Bankers shares of Ford motor co., Canada. I would Call their attention to the following article in or. Ford own paper the Dearborn Independent if october 10th. Thomas a. Collier. Ford a Bankers shares bin to Pim Rani a. A. Bebe sunday Bobby gaily in line up when Blue and Gold team faces Strong Philadelphia aggregation delay repairing town Hall a report submitted by Joseph r. Grundy of the Street and Highway committee revealed to the Borough fathers in their monthly session. October 12, that satisfactory Progress is being made with the Street work in the Borough. Although some delays and handicaps were being experienced by unforeseen things the report stated nevertheless the work was going along smoothly. Other activities at the session included the Reading of the police Rel Oit a report from chief Franklin Gilkeson on the subject of the awarding of a $50 Reward to mrs. Gertrude Pye for information in a recent raise alarm and numerous j request if for certain privileges in re Gat d to building a Tivin. The latter were lettered to the proper committees. The beautifying of the town Hall Bristol Only claim to eccentricity. Will be delayed it was Learned through the proper source at the season. Certain information. Councilman Edward heating declared was expect Large crowd we Are now receiving inquiries from clergymen in All parts of the country though mostly West and South regarding the offer of so Call a cd a Bankers shares of Stock in the Ford motor company of Canada. Fob More than a year the facts about tills font of speculation have been broadcast by newspaper better bus a pigskin a iness bureaus and Chambers off j a Commerce but still the Chase after beaten de moral tied and almost a a suckers goes on. The exploiters crushed the Grid Der of the Bristol of the a Bankers shares seem to1 a. A. Snapped out of it in the second know that they can ply their Art i Alf of its game with Lite Roebling j safely because whole sections or our Kiel club last Bundy and adminis population remain wilfully ignorant tired a setback to tile Jere Eynden by j of plainest Busine facts. Dpi tired a setback to the i scoring three touchdowns and a Field goal in the last two periods the final score was 21-6. The contest was probably one of the most exciting of a1 Sopetti Tilge games. And it very near proved a disastrous debut for the 1925 Blue anti Gold outfit. The Roebling eleven fast speedy and Well trained. Outplayed and out-1 scored the local lad during the first a half. Bristol was helpless before the a share. The exploiters of a Bankers j to icky formal i Otis and the end run a shares usually sell them at lining activities of Cooney the Argil-1 each. That is. There timing too such mental Ive quarterback and Capi Aln a Bankers shares in one share of of Iii cab makers. And it looked Stock the exploiter get $1,000 for Uke a bad Day for the Blue and what is quoted at $485. J Gold when the Jersey Leader dashed the $515 different Between buy across the local goal line with Thoj Jug and Selling makes the Deal very Ball for six big Points profitable to the Quot banker a whoever the reason for this can be Wall at to May be. Usually he i not a trip used to Tho laxity of teamwork what is a a brokers share a it i commonly one share of Ford of Canada Stock split up into too parts the name a Bankers share is Given it for effect. The buyer of a Bankers share does not own a share it Stock at All but the one Hundredth of a share owned by someone else. Ford of Canada Stock was recently quoted on the Stock Market at $4 8 necessary in regard to the bids be-1 mane. ? f of a Urli a. Work is begun this re hanker lie is oftener a Faker who 0f the locals to interference no has acquired a few share of Ford concerted to tuck and above nil a Olivet nest for a delay was granted strangely enough by an unanimous vote. It was estimated by councilman Keating that the expense of retouching the town building will not he in excess of $1000. The report of the Street and High Lay committee follows a a Bristol pa., october 12. 1925. To the Burgess and Council of the Borough of Bristol gentlemen your committee on streets and of Canada Stock and is using tin Ford name As a bait to Hook the savings of Noor people. Amt pm rpm Ople. Lured by la of big prof its let their savings go. Clergymen just now. Seem to lie a permitted to some of them have exercised their common St tis in making inquiries before acting others have swallowed the mislead j fag literature whole. The scheme is a product of the swindling Type of mind. People should be warned highways also in Iblis works jointly against it. Reports first the completion of Cor a a on Street with water bound Mac j Baptist Church of Morrisville dam also Spruce Street with water i bound Macadam also work on la fir to Baptist it hit Ell. Race Street is Well under Way Ane \ Ville. Wood Street above Penns i shortly will be completed. We have Vania Avenue. Rev been held up in the completion of Fai Inre pastor. The Day october 18th. Sunday school at Morrisey or. Charles j. Services next Sun Garden Street by Hie delay on of the Pennsylvania Railroad to Complete their curb and Gutter along the southeasterly Side of same. However. This work is now Well under Way and we shortly will is Able to haul Stone upon Garden Street. I 2.30 p. Special illustrated song = it service 7.4 5 p. Many old by nips i will be Sung from the screen. Or. Faunce the pastor will Dallier a i Short gospel Sermon. Prayer meet j j ing wednesday evening at 8 of clock j the annual Church supper will a we beg to report that 175 loads t thursday evening. October 15. J of ashes and rubbish were removed j in who y. 2 Volunteer fire House during the month of september. On Pennsylvania Avenue under the the eight Inch Extension of water auspices of the ladies Aid. Conte main on Otter Street from Maple to spend a quiet hour w Ith us. It will continued on Page three i do you Good. Burls to. Protege of Caruso to Sim before Home folks up of the signals enabled the Jersey i men to walk roughshod Over the it big tonne a the Blue and Gold. Bristol was clearly the inferior during the fit is half. The Stalwart Forward defense one of Bristol a main Asseth was lacking. It failed to hold at critical times and the Hacks of Roebling found holes at will. But it was a different tune that Roebling listened to the second half. I leashed by coach Lew Klingberg for the Sloppy playing and strengthened with the assistance of Bob party. Demon Hock of last year the Bristol aggregation went to work and Dis i Ida Yod a Brand of real football. From the very outset of the second half it was virtually a new team that faced the Roebling eleven. Not new Iii Loxly but in spirit. The huddle system was adopted in the 1 t and of the calling of numbers and j the change was almost automatic for i the belter. Receiving the Ball from the Kickoff. Bristol put it into Plav j on Belt own Twenty five Yard Mark 1 then the battering that was to 1 de lop into a Well earned touch Down commenced. With to Holmes j Brilliant fullback. Bob Carty Harr j Ingram and Bill stringfellow crash ing and smashing the tackles the i pigskin was worked up in rapid sue cession to the eight Yard line where Jot Holmes picked a nil Hole ant i Lieut his Way through for a touch j Down. The throngs went wild. Horns j blown and spectators cheered. Republicans in name Only the Bristol courier is devoting much space to the Noble history of the Republican party it has had a Fine record and one of which every True Republican ought to by proud. The Only stain upon its Escutcheon of Honor has been the performances of such pseudo Republican organizations As the Yare organization in Philadelphia and the Grundy organization Iii Bristol. They Are Republican in name Only. The illegal and criminal i act ices of the Yare organization in Phi lath Phi a anti of its Penner the i Undy organization in Bristol Are a shame am disgrace to the fair record of the Republican party. True republicanism has not does not anti cannot Sanction criminal election frauds such As were perpetrated by those two organizations masquerading a Republican. If the Republican party is so tottering As to require these dishonest Vare Grundy practices it is in ,1 had Way indeed. But we do pct believe it need such practices to maintain its Power. On the contrary itch practices if allowed to continue with Republican Sanction will sooner or later hell the doom of the Republican party. Men who steal an election Are in the same category As men who steal a payroll. The fact that our Legal processes Are such that they can evade the claims of Justice does not detract one Iota a rom the unenviable classification to which they belong. It is indeed laughable to watch the frantic efforts of the he Al Grundy organization to hide their be smeared physio Gausis behind the fair skirts cd the National Republican party foolishly thinking that honest to goodness republicans will mistake the 11 for their Buddles. But there will be no such mistake in identity. The National Republican party has a Noble heritage in principles and accomplishments but everyone knows that the Grundy organization has opposed most of Hie principles that have made the Republican party great. In almost every Issue which would stump the Republican party As a living growing progressive organization which any party must to to live the Grundy organization has been arrayed on tin Side of reactionary ism Ami opposition. The fundamental principles of the Republican party printed Iii the courier of october 8th. 1925. Are the Moville tenets of the National Republican party but not of the pseudo republicanism represented by the Grundy organization which would destroy Many of them if it dated. I has fought against these principles secretly at times openly w he ii they Hod the courage. Vall remember it attitude of the local Grundy organization of Protection of child Hood and womanhood from exploitation woman suffrage prohibition workmen a compensation the 8 hour Day widows pc or ions and similar questions when these were up for consideration. All anyone needs to do to verify their obstructionist attitude a to lok up the Vot Frig recon of Grundy tools in the stat l gis lature. Who Are supposed to represent the people Bitt whose main concern is to please and obey or. Grundy. Tho publication of the names of Roosevelt and Lincoln in a Sheet like the courier an a inhale of political react inn Ary ism is enough to make these gentlemen 1 inn Over in their Graves. Few of tis can forget the attitude of Grund ism towards Theodore Roosevelt in the Days Whin that great american was contending for the purification of the Republican party in order that it might survive. Those were the Days when some who Are now nth Grundy Camp stood in their own�4pef ilk Mon and contended for True republicanism in spite of the bad words hurled at them by the grimly crowd. We were Aimi iary attacked by tie same outfit be fur the primary because we exercised the constitutional right of nominating finn for off free. But the Grundy crowd can Call us All the names in the English language and elsewhere wit Horn scaring us a a a Whit from our purpose of bringing the party of Lincoln Back to the principles of True republicanism Here in Bristol a Well As the nation. We were hones Ami True Ile publicans before the primary the daily courier notwithstanding we Are honest and trite republicans after till primary and True republicans we will be forever because we believe in the Tenet and principles of the National Republican party and not in Hie illegal and criminal practice of the local Grundy organization which is but a Ciu Cerous growth Cating at the very vitals of Hue republicanism. Anyone who make the local Grundy organization and tile Republican party synonymous Lias a queer sense of humor to say the least. New York firm lease building Here for factory East Burn and Blanche local realtors reports the leasing or Hie new by Biol theatre building. Wood Street above Jefferson Avenue to the Ralph Worms incorporated Pearl manufacturers. 303 fifth Avenue new York City. Or. Worms was in Bristol yesterday afternoon closing the Deal. He sait that a the theatre would be converted into a factory for the manufacture of imitation pearls employing about fifty the Ralph worm inc. Are operating a Plant in Porto Rica at present employing about 200, but expect to Transfer the Plant Here. Bal 10 have human Fly to climb building Here tonight Eniy d. Roland will give exhibit Mill Street business mens As Socie Tion forming plans to make this years Celebration better than any previous affair Baly Parade in afternoon Tion of climbing ability on the Coleman building on Radcliffe Street Roland Iii a human Fly As he is known will perform in Bristol weather permitting. At 7.30 p. M., or. Roland will attempt to climb Tho front Wall of the Coleman House no. Ill Radcliff shot. This he will do without thaid of ropes or any other assistance. After reaching the roof of the building the a human Fly will per form various kinds of stunts on chairs and tables placed As close to tile Edge of the roof As possible anyone of which might prove fatal to tie put Herm r should the least thine go Wlong. Henry i. D. Roland attained the name a human Fly from his ability to climb various kinds of structures w Ith the us1 it nothing but i feet and hands or. Roland manage is or. La. Charles. Roland has is normed in All parts of the United slates. Population of Bristol increased Noia 12.849 Surprise Celebration in Honor of 78th birthday few Are graduated out of every too Oung people j who finish the fifth Grade in Public j Machiote Only two continue their edit i cation far enough to win a College diploma according toll. A jackets a Iran of la school of engineering at Penn state. Only sixteen of each too finishing i he fifth Grad get so far As to in graduated from High school. And it Hest sixteen. It my seven Start Iii at College. Two of the seven on Tho average Complete the College work and win diplomas. Usually Only i to third of those entering College Are graduated. Tills percentage vat a i. Widely a Vita different colleges. A Penn state for example almost half of Thorn Whf enter As freshmen con a unite through to graduation. How Ever. More stringent rules have Lien inaugurated at stare College an 1j under an a Honor Point system it i a anticipated Thatcher is ill he fewer f to finish w within the allowed time of i four years. In Mill Street business men at a special meting held in their new Headquarters room 108, Forrest building wednesday night decided that Bristol should have another Hallow in Celebration this year. As halloween Falls on saturday this year Friday october 30th, was the Date decided upon to hold Tho affair in order that it might not interfere with saturdays business. The general to tines of the Celebration Are about the same As last year except that a baby Parade will be held Iii the afternoon on Mill Street followed in the evening by a Parade for the children and later by a Parade for the adults. The children a Parade will form at the foot of Mill Street and March up Mill Street to Bath to Buckley counter marching on Bath to the Point of formation. While the adults Section will form at the Corner of Mulberry and Radcliffe streets immediately after the children a Parade is out a Ami pass Down Radcliffe Street to Mill. To Bath counter marching on Bath. To the Point of formation. The grand Aland will be some when on Mill Street. Many prizes consisting of Cash end merchandise have already been received by the committee and everything Points to a larger and Tetter Celebration than last year. Any resident of Bristol whether a merchant. Or not May make a contribution to the finance committee. A special meeting of the business menus association has been called for next tuesday night to perfect Tho plan. Every resident of Bristol and Vicinity is invite to join in and make. This years Celebration one Long to be remembered. The Pronell of the various committees a tire music win. Gallagher. Finance Abe Popkin Joseph Ca Pella. Max fess. Frank Green. John Smoyer. Thomas prof. H. B. Mcmullin. Edgar Spencer and Franklin Gilkeson decorations Edward Gallagher Thomas Profy and Harry Straus. Siree lighting John Dugan Ami ii. B. Stetson. Continued in Page three were. V a huh a huh like mad. It was an inspiring sight. Other towns and boroughs in Conn a arty missed the try for the mrs. Rachael Ettinger was is years of age on saturday. In Honor of the event or. And mrs. William Holt with whom she lives at 221 extra Otter Street gave a dinner at 5.30 Point when his drop kick went wide. To show steady increases Yaj to which All Lur children and _. Immigrants in years ago and it gut Bristol was not satisfied. Re a a their children wet invited. was Here that he began to stud get Vang the Ball on an Exchange of brlst0r9 population it on the in the guests included or. And or. Youth discovered working in Suk singing. Hts father a surgeon of punts it began its Lim crashing at Cre u8 put Harry Ettinger and son Clayton. Or. J St. Paulo Italy Hail died there. Tack once outre. It was nothing into t i and mrs. Win. Ettinger and son. Nardella made his Home Here with straight football that the locals used. I an official statement from Hie buy William or and mrs. Elwood Ettin the Rev. Dome Lea a. Portirio a Krum tackle to tackle tile local backs eau of census. Washington showed y am daughter. Rita or. And Tor of the italian presbyterian j beat a steady Toto. Occasionally it that no trope is of Bucks contains org Howard Linn and daughter j Church. He went to work in the we us varied with a sweeping end run 1-.84.� persons. This is ail increase mrs 0scar Hermann and her Daugh Siik Mills where he became known or a Short slant off the opposing it rth figures give out at the Tor Garnett and mrs. Lottie a Basat once As a Caesar Tjie tackle. Where the offensive drive last census. Jey it it of a Mijiu in the evening the a the always was said a bad failed during the first Hail t another towns and boroughs in this guests who came us a great Surprise milk sent to Italy to study backed by the late Tenor gave first concert to old friends in Burlington Church Roa horse will be show at Forrest theatre a week manager Lynn books famous Western picture for monday tuesday and wednesday four tribes of indians in Cas Burlington n. J., Ort. 15.�? Giulio Nardella who was a silk Weaver Here until he became a pro Man who knew him in the Mill. A everybody was impressed by the Beauty of his Oice. Above the Roar of the shafting and the rattle of the shuttles they could Hearth High a sri -.sr.mr. Walking to Serai years of vocal study in Italy the. A a a 3 v. Again on his Way Home he Sang Ball carrying tactics were sneer Ful in the last two frames. Every play appeared to gain ground. The Jar yarn. Well nigh j desperate with this turn of f attempted to Stem the tide of in. Figures. But the More valiant then efforts the greater were the exerted by Bristol. And it was not Long after the Ope Ning play of the i last Quarter when Bob Carty Streak county fared along the same to mrs. Ettinger were mrs. Jul a soul of the larger places showed Lyndall mrs. Harry Jenks or. And about the same increase As Bristol mrs. Edward Ennis. Mrs. Charles ital Quality of the boys voice anti a irk pass from Holmes put the Bat a a int his arms. He then raced Mon sons. Nard Ell a a first teacher was j than l5 Yards for a touchdown. Clarence Wells then musical direct dentally eluding serial won id in i Gobi or of the Burlington Public schools Lack erg. The Point after goal was Han a meeting was arranged with cat wasted when another Boot Vohy aver 1.979,364. Of wild. Pau it ova n. 92,151 work an . Pm ii Al raid Hun sing tot his old Henry Bossard. Superintendent of us u Reb i is wee k were impressed by the Mills happened to be an artist j his Way to the sidelines w he. E he his Vole hoped he some Day a critic. He realized the untie trounced Fiat on the stomach until a might rival cat Uso. He w ill be heard in new York Chicago. Philadelphia and Boston this season. Caruso first hear Wardell sing in 1918, when the great Tenor was at Asbury Park. Irater Caruso brought the boy then 17 years old. To new York for a thorough test of his voice. A the has one of the greatest Tenor voices in the world a said Caruso when Nardella had Sung. A the must have education of the Caruso and some friends sent Nardella to Italy to study under Fernando do Luma the Tenor at the Bead of tile Naples conservatory of music. Nardella has remained in that school until now except for Var cations in this country. Three Days before Caruso died he called Nardella into his apartment and asked the boy to sing for him. Nardella Sang. And it was the last song that Caruso heard. While a few villages did not gain or lost in population. The estimate was based on the percentage of population from 1910 to 1920, the last year Iii which the government counted noses in All the states and territories. The next of to Ial census will lie in 1930. In so. Who proclaimed the boy As future Star. A. Stage of the game. Bristol a striking similarity Between the playing mid season Ball. Throb of Nard i la mid that of Ltd a t % meter rented alien for vim rum is commented upon Young singers friends. By t he Aien Bloke will be wed in St. James tuesday aft. Local Hacks passes while Dougherty through on several occasions to Bat it Louii attempted heaves. It a. About this time Tell Tofu it it a Jjo it Bristol town Borough. 34.836 Pittsburg startling increases were shown by the figures for Manv of til neighbouring cities in Pennsylvania new Jersey. Philadelphia Falls Bort of two million population by a if Iii. The figures announced j her figure we Ere Altoona. 66,-148 Bethlehem. 62 828chester. 68,507 Coatesville. 16.457 Dickson duty Borough 12.023 Donora Borough. 17.030 Dubois. 14.279 Dunmore Borough 21,741 Easton. 36,-8 10 Harrisburg. 83.4 22 Lancaster. 56.505 Lebanon 25.207 Norris Holsneck. Mrs. Annie Barnfield. In. Michael Mccole. Miss Elsie Deiter ick. Miss May Smoyer mrs. Charles Wanton. Mrs. St Ykutiel Manger. Or. John Schaeffer mrs. L. Sporing. Or Clifford Hagermann Mia Laura pop or. Anil mrs. Albion Coelin. Mrs. Mary shores. Mrs. John Ocyle. Or. And mrs. John Gosline. The guests presented mrs. It Finger with gifts of which so receive d a great Many. Music from u vie Rote and radio and Quantity of flew Ere. Helped to enliven the eventing. The Independent extends congratulations a Hopes a Many Happy birthdays May follow. Will celebrate wedding anniversary in handling 800 indians of mixed Breeds on location for a the Iron John Ford the director had the assistance of j. E. Jenkins. Government Indian agent of the Pyramid Lake Indian reservation. Their were Pawnee cheyennes Sioux and flutes Iii the gathering Aud Cadi clan kept to itself. The mixture of tribes was a Lucky thing for the director because it increase the spirit of Competition. Each tribe attempted to do better than the other with the result that All of them performed remarkably Well. The Pawnee were assigned to act As scouts for the Railroad builders just As their ancestors did for the original Pioneer on the Western desert. The Sioux Cheyenne and Pinta. Were in posed to attack and Bura and fight which they did with All the enthusiasm and noise which made the warfare of their forefathers a thing of terror. Among them were Obi veterans of the wars some of whom distinctly remembered the first trains crawling across the Prairie and had vivid memories of their Youthful attacks on the invading Whites. Director Ford Vas Quick to Mako friends with ail of them under the Able guidance of agent Jenkins who called the old chieftains by their names. While he knew All of them he was less familiar with the Young braves. Among the latter was a Liberal sprinkling of College graduates who. In their Normal life today ate professional men and thoroughly converted to the ways of the the William Fox photoplay. A the Iron horse comes to the Forrest theatre next monday. Tuesday Ami wednesday following nearly a year on Broadway. Miss Elizabeth Dulles daughter of mrs. Josiah Bartow. Of Chestnut Hill will be married on tuesday october 20th. In St. Pauls episcopal Church to or. Shirley Carter Mccall. The ceremony will take place at 4 of clock and the former Star tackle Hill school and incidentally ply it leg his ritual game for the Blue Ami Gold made a touchdown. Modding had received the bail following the kick off and. Contrary Toj peas orthodox football Forward posited in tin danger zone. Johnny con Ever Alert to this phas Ca. Reception will follow at the brides after Carusos death some of bus Home. 300 West Highland Avenue friends continued to for Nai brides father is the son of i Delta s musical education. In Italy former Rector of St. James Church of Nardella Sang for the King by Royal Bristol. Command and was rewarded by a a a a Praise and gifts. He returned to or. And mrs. James Blanche of America a few Days ago. J 325 Radcliffe Street Are rejoicing their of i he Cain Quot Jinni pro Bish in a i it it it or. Tuck j is,020. Riho Ball into a convenient crooked wan off for the third he a a 631.563 Reading. 112.707 Scranton 412.266 Wilkes Barre 77.614 Williamsport. 42.656. And York 49.074. Some of the figures for nearby new Jersey towns were Atlantic City. 53.287 Camden. 128,64 2. Gloucester 13,692 anti Trenton. It was in Burlington that Nardella Over the birth of a caught born or settled w Ith a company of italian Columbus Day. Of his Arm an touchdown of the game. Pretty run and was never headed the by for the extra Point failed when Bristol s supporters show it to my a taut for the locals by Rettin. In the Way of Carty who bail mrs. Cedrie Jarvis was hostess tui minued on Page three thursday to the same club. Entertains card club miss Nancy Benton of Cedar Street entertained last evening the card club of which she is a member. Last or. And mrs. Ruse de Long of 231 Monroe Street will leave tomorrow for a visit to mrs. Delong s hum town. Unionville and while a Here will attend the eel brat Ion of he first anniversary of their wed it ing. Which occurred on the 17th of october. Attending sunday school convention mrs. George Miller of Cedar Street left on tuesday to attend As a Delegate from the 5th District of the Sabbath school association the Alliy third annual stat convention which was held for three Days this week in Erie. Mrs. Miller will rejoin a a i he. Engineering Extension faces biggest year yet lutheran brotherhood to present Quot Uncle Tom s Cabin with More than three times its usual requests for serv ice already on the books for the fall and Winter season the engineering Extension department of the Pennsylvania slate College has started what promises to he its busiest year Iii history. A new course in the relation of Public utilities to the general con aiming or using pubic is largely responsible for the great increase Iii service this year. Three years work was necessary to prepare tills special course for employees of Public Utility companies. Six of the largest companies in the state have received 150b copies of the com be for educational work with to near employees. Foreman training and night school a classes in engineering will be conduct in almost to Pennsylvania cities and towns. Tin brotherhood of the lutheran Church will present a Uncle torn Cabin Iii tin Parish House. Jefferson Avenue and Wood Street on monday evening at 8.00 p. The admission to he charged will be 35 cents for adults and 20 cent for children. X children risk lives freight train Crews of the Pennsylvania Railroad entering Bristol have complained about children crawling under care standing on Ridings Between Jefferson Avenue and Walnut streets. A serious Accident was narrowly averted recently by a trainman who discovered a Oili 11 underneath a car. The cd ii was pulled from under just As a shifting engine started away with a a a string of car

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