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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 7 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 7, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania &f�l�0oj the Independent unfettered by parly unbiased by Creed unwed by Power in bribed by greed. Our aim a we grow in business volume. Vul Are striving to in Mease our influence for the advancement and betterment of this Community. Five cents the copy expected of and mrs. Thomas Snelson of 221 Market Street entertained last evening the members of the Presb Terian choir and a few friends. The choir is receiving so much attention of late that the put it ple who cannot sing Are wondering what they can do to improve their times. By Balking plans of Powers to divert business to upper end of town rail re a Crossings menace to vehicles better times Iii Prospect lighting question to be again agitated Jefferson Avenue crossing in particular disgraceful and dangerous Dorrance Street also activities in Woolen Mills Aje forerunners of general Prosperity for Bristol nine Hundred ten Kadi life Street was the a House of mirth on tuesday evening. The occasion being a dinner Given by Stanford k. Runyan to nine of his friends. A Tine dinner was served at 6.30 p. And a merry time was had by those pres wm-"h0 div Maris James la Rue. W 1111din a Luek Nian drum c Lecompte Hugh Eastburn. Armand Morns Robert Smith or j no n Abbott or. H. Purse 11 and Louis c Spring. Rummage Sale at St. James Parish House under thu auspices of the ladies of St Janies episcopal Church. Rummage Sale will be held in the Parish House adjoining the Church this afternoon and evening. This Wale will also continue saturday afternoon and evening at the place where Many useful will be placed on Sale. Same articles Steele s and Grundy s working overtime up attitude of the Independent Mil a Tibet we Iii another subject and us Long As it is under its he will be expected to thresh out work still scarce for men Here but they too should be Busy soon councilman elect Louis 13. Cili ton who is councilman despite the efforts of the gang leaders of the first Ward to sacrifice him to insure the election of Arthur Fine is looked up to by the business men of Mill Street As the Saviour of their thoroughfare. Much is expected of be Bottom the company in question a Lou a and when tie time comes it 8 usually doing the Best they can is a Safe bet that he will be out on uner Hie circumstances and de present management will Ever be in favor of Public utilities the director of the destinies of this paper knows that Railroad companies trolley companies and lighting concerns Are All toothsome picking for the average citizen who wishes to vent his spleen on so called powerful corporations Hui despite the fact that the person registering a kick invariably believes they have full justify. Cation when the matter is silted to m1l\of. B,jlat1�1 certain departments of which find it necessary to work a put and take is still being played Street department just finished the a a take part of game on Rad Cliffe Street both announce positively that they will not make run on election Day a daily excuse Boss loses his temper $100,000 to be spent by Burlington Island amusement co. In making improvements received nomination on the democratic ticket naughty Many has open rupture with Alfred Tomesani at lat ter s place of business Island at night to be Bright spot cheer up and smile for the worst has passed the Corner has been turned and better times loom up in the offing. The merry humming of machinery in both of the big Woolen. The Borough Street committee and their faithful Henchman Are still busily engaged playing the game of Quot put and they put oodles of top dressing on Rad their fight is against local Republican organization will win in future primary the floor of the Council chamber voicing the sentiment of his fellow serve support rather than censure. Despite the foregoing this paper is residents of the main Street of the 80ing on record Here and now As Dot town and that he will accomplish something for the betterment of this thoroughfare is a foregone conclusion. One of the first things that the new councilman from the first will be asked to accomplish is to have or. Grundy bring out from its hiding place the petition of the business men of Mill Street to allow them at their own expense to better Light up this Street. This request was presented to Council a year ago and As Council can do nothing with crying in it disgraceful condition of Railroad Crossings in Bristol along the Pennsylvania and particularly the crossing at Jefferson Avenue which is not Only disgraceful but dangerous for a vehicle to Cross. Of course the fact that this old line of the Railroad is used very Little excepting for switching purposes will give the Railroad company a possible excuse for the existing conditions. This excuse is worse than none at All yet the onus of the criticism in this Case should not fail until nine of clock in the evening in order to keep Pace with their orders spells for Prosperity in certain quarters and this fact coupled with the Promise that there will be More demand for Patent leather goods in the Spring Means that the industries of Bristol will again he functioning John f. Smoyer is not a candidate tor Council at the november elec. Tons either As an Independent can on fre Street and this week they have a Lale or a candidate of any other been engaged taking some of it he was a candidate in the away again. Of course there should a Inary on the Republican ticket. Ail j ranted in the Little electrical Way in Host it of the week and when be no kick registered on this score be rold not receive sufficient votes to Stor and so violent was the tirade be present season s plans Are comas the men in the Street department a it. A a a a a Story which appeared in the is a sue of the Independent of september i Uel a turning electric Plant install fo"puhbl8uph,3ifbd�?�s cd re her cd Aster with thrilling amp manager of Grundy a Little paper dips leading amusement and wednesday evening he summed i _ up enough courage to go to the Busi i Ness place of Alfred Tomesani on 1 Ihu Wolf a of rebuilding the Tirl Mill Street and accuse the latter of in Aton Island Park the transform having divulged the information of that pleasure resort into a contained in the article. Jle raved spot beamy will he Well under have to be kept Busy and what Dif Ference is it to the taxpayers whether they Are a putting Quot or whether tin y Aii taking away. The result is exactly the same terrible win and As he feels that he was Given a fair count and that his defeat was the will of the majority of those enrolled to vote at the primaries to will accept their decision and await his Opportunity another which he poured on the head of sir. A eted the Burlington Island amuse Tomesani that the wife of the company will have spent close meets which is As it should be if ear when lie Hopes to Hae better Ness and tin people of this Community voters Teel that this condition is i Success for he and his friends will will once More have the work that a that they want most. Make sure that every voter in they Ard is registered and in to 5? 100,000 on improvements and the Island will be one of the Garden spots among amusement resorts in this Section of the country. Captain l. H. Garrison of the out the consent of or. Grundy the 0,1 1 to ending company As much matter was put up to him and there it now rests. It was the plan of the business menus association to attach a Cluster of lights to the trolley poles along Mill Street thereby making Crossings and at that time ii As upon the Borough authorities who permit them to get away with it. Some months ago the Independent raised a Hue and cry about these was Given out from Headquarters that repairs were under Way and that work had been started to put All Crossings in condition. Work at that time was started on tie Walnut Street crossing and completed in a manner that is highly satisfactory but Here the work started and Here it ended. A person driving an automobile that Street the a White Way Quot of Bristol somebody in Power had other views and As a consequence the entire matter reached no further than the tentative plans. The trolley company management agreed to allow the poles to be used and the East Penn. Gas electric company volunteered to shoulder the expense of installing the necessary lights the business men themselves Over the Jefferson Avenue or Dor volunteered to pay for the addition Lance Street Crossings is not Only in a lighting Cost for the first year danger of getting a punctured tire and they doubtlessly would make the but is a so in danger of severe insane Promise from year to year if Iury As the ruts and broken boards tie Borough fathers or rather the sticking up from All possible angles. Father of the Borough self a Are a menace and it is Only a ques pointed would have condescended to non of time Blun koin<1 thoughtless give the innovation a trial. The Driver will attempt to pass Over fathers through the father ruled these Crossings quickly and will More have the work that they have been denied for so Long. The activity at Steele a Mill is not so surprising As this progressive firm have been busily engaged with orders since the first of february. They saw the first of the year the necessity to meet the downward trend that was imperative at the close of tie War and like the Good business people that they Are went out and took orders at prices that were far under the then prevailing rate in the Market. They sacrificed some of their own profit went to their employees and Laid before them the necessity for a slight decrease in wages and As a result every machine in their Plant hits been running on full time for months. When lie necessity for running several of their departments overtime presented itself they again called upon the workers and they Yvere Quot got found Xvan ting. William h. Iundy amp co., Mill has been running on just part time for a number of months but now they too Are not Only running to capacity but Are working until nine of clock in the evening in several of their departments. It is unfortunate that these two Mills employ in the most part women workers but such is the nature of the work performed that there is Littou Field for men in fact a visitor to the Borough who was Here during one of the a a putting sessions when at the direction of the director of Street repairs piles of Loose Stone were being ruthlessly distributed Over the main streets made a lather caustic remark about local methods and this remark will Bear repetition. He said a Tihe streets of Bristol remind one of a Mountain Chain they seem to he a succession of Hills and Dales a their builders must have at some time or another been engaged in constructing Scenic railways As they certain first rolled several democratic friends of both i but a Smoyer and John democrats Ruthei to ignore the request and come to grief with a wheel pulled off seventy five per cent of rhe Worl there the matter now stands. No or an Alp twisted or Bent Chance for Progress even though the seems As if the director of All Borough be not asked to spend even things temporal in this Community a Penny would be doing an act of Charity if with a Lou Quot Girton in Council hey Woll i take up the Telephone or some of the Cut and dried actions of better so if they would invite a let this body will become a thing of the or a to it Pennsylvania telling them past and it is firmly expected that that if 1,u�?~y\ the Railroad company he will do much to circumvent the will Lepasi these Crossings the Well Laid plans to move the business Borough vill and charge the Cost of Section of the Tox n from Mill Street the work to them Over to the a promised he is a Mill Street property owner his place of business is on Mill Street and he has Good solid business judgment and naturally feels that the business of this Street should be retained there. Not having extensive tracts of land to dispose of nor holy have worked Down to a Fine Point. A Ltd Zoub cast their votes for them. Tin thrilling dips that Are noticeable prey neither one care to make a at the Crossings especially in the by it on these grounds and As a Side when one stops to consequence announce their with consider it the statement of the drawl from the race As candidates stranger conveys More truth than of party other than the one fiction and a twists can gain no which they strove to win the Nomi Small amount of pleasure coasting up and Down at the Crossings. Why the Street Grade is so entirely ignored if grades were Ever established is a mystery to the writer and one which could not possibly be fathomed by a person More fitted to criticise Street paving than is the lowly editor of this paper. In. _ continued on Page five bold bad burglars Austin Tatnall wedding visit Maple Beach a a Bill Fine buys out a a Ted Baker ers in Woolen Mills Are women. Even so tire fact that the women of the town Are working full time will do much to alleviate some of the offering that was beginning to make it3olf apparent in some of the Homes of the town. At Leedom Mill the situation at the present time is not Over promising for a full resumption of a taxi ties the demand for rugs excepting those of the very highest grades is not very encouraging. Throughout the country the demand for the cheaper and More popular grades of rugs seems to have fallen off to almost nothing and As a consequence the demand for Reserve Stock in this Grade of work is practically nil. Solemnized at High noon yesterday entered Hubbs Home frightened Jos pm Grundy and other prom away by mrs. Kubbs attempt entry of other places a a ttt.1i i t a a a a the workers at Leedom Many of a Leep it my the owners of hundreds of houses will take latter s place in firm of whom have been out of work for War l in the upper Section of the town lie cannot he expected to coincide with the views of the All powerful interest who would divert All business to the upper end of the town if such a thing were feasible. Another much needed improvement which a a loud will he asked to father is the repair of the Mill Street wharf. It is a crying disgrace that the condition of this breathing spot should be allowed to remain As it is and As it has been for several years. Bristol is the Tracy amp bakery Ted to go to California William 11. A Fine who for Many years has been a most efficient employee of the Farmers National Bank has bought out the interest of a a Ted Baker in the firm of Tracy amp Many months owing to a disagreement with their employers have very Little Hopes of being called Back to the looms in the immediate future and As a consequence Many of them have sought other Fields of Endeavor and can he found a working in Many other branches of Industry an attempted burglary at Maple Beach during the a Exvee Sniad hours of wednesday morning created quite a stir among the usually quiet inhabitants of that residential Section. About 2 30 a. A. The wife of Charles Hubbs was awakened by the loud Barking of two dogs they keep chained on the rear porch of their Home known As Maple Beach inn. Calling to her husband a who was she started downstairs the sitting room where she discovered Bureau drawers pulled out and their contents strewn Over the floor. Turning suddenly so saw two men Dart through the hallway toward a door that was always locked at the Vest end of the building which they hurriedly opened and As tradesman was ill All night from nervousness. How the Little manager who seems to go out of his Vay to make Busi bulls a in a vain attempt to m attract business to his fast dying Renton transportation co., is the paper Ever screwed up sufficient presi sent the concern that is courage to Beard a merchant in his Mak a amp these vast improvements own place of business is a mystery ail in a conversation with the writ but a word of advice to him will Ern Hus office on wednesday stat Fri foyer and John Hardy gave them j not be amiss at this time for should e it that when his company had Eom votes at the Prima lie attempt the same course of pro Piete 1 their entire schedule of in nes in tact these two men led the Cee Dure again lie May be harshly prove cents which will cover a per demo Brauc ticket Smoyer As a can dealt with May even have himself i0 l of several years Burlington is ii i Council m the first and mussed up. For even people in Brig lamp would be the finest Day pleas tardy As a candidate for tax collect Tol vill not stand for threats and lure re Ort in the whole United Toi in the Borough. Undoubtedly allow the threatened to go unseat states he anri1 to Alfiert Bak r of lip firm Miller in Vino 1 1. A a. Quot As lumber a Surprise some and Baker of Baltimore and Bridge might win my i. A to no of weeks ago when the Independent port has been in Bristol for several out in the fight where was informed that an advertising a Days making preliminary arrange it d i Pul icons alike ency in new York to be explicit the Mentis for the starting of the work. Hanff Metzgar company had been this firm which is the Public told that the Power of or. Grundy amusement company have the Pat would he used against their client ent rights which they own outright in tie event of business being Refus on roller coasters and they have de the daily but an open rupture erected every coaster of any size in with a local advertiser is still More this country Foi fhe past few years. To in inc. A Surprise. This foolish action their largest undertaking at the is tjmh1ph a respective positions of the much retitled manager brings land vill be the erection of this it is "1-Ltifvino to Kruth 1 Back to mind the asinine con Trover coaster which will be amp mile Long gentlemen to know h i to these sey that was started by one of the and will have All the thrills that friends in the Deim Rah Al Kif us by managers of the a sex can be found in any coaster in the who think enough of Hen to Wilh t Bristol Busin Ess country today. The Long dips front them to l the 1, i. I h ass Catlon which was their the Clouds almost to the ground will their Narv it of a a a h Lei Quot it j first step toward business oblivion be there and every safety device Cuiule xviii Pnra a Quot us a. J1 Vrbich this latest importation to tie that is known in thu building of it it nit o Xiv in Vith local yield seems Bent on accomplish these devices will be found in placet in to assure riders of the almost Ini in the Story referred to that possibility of accidents the coast caused the manager to so far Loose or will be of Standard height and his head that he cast business can will have eight dips Tion to the winds the name of or. M addition to the coaster the Mil Ioni Esani was not mentioned but Ier and Baker firm will build an a it hiana8el 111 h 8. Excitement aeroplane swing venetian swings wednesday evening claimed that it a whip a new Carousel and Caroo t a in Tiia f i 1 i i rom Sani wh0 Sci building a new dance told the Independent As or. Tome Exvell Sani was the Only person that game i a a &Quot"f1, has n Etc heart of particular interest to Bristol one of the most socially important but Insl a a cd Nln a Quot on Foks Quot i it quote the fact that the is weddings of the season was so in Lem sized yesterday at noon on the i Aye my. Tomesani stated a a in All Lawn imposing social extent ment Bristol Folk in attendance Hall As and interesting _ land will have its own electric now speaking of matter yester or Plant tic turbines for which have 11 of the Quot Farly farm on the uly Ufal business i was Neves so to a i grossly insulted As 1 was by this Hulmeville Pike near Bridgewater newspaper Nutua he made accuse the country Home of the brides tons against me that were absolute Mother mrs. Esmonde ii. Austin of unfounded and these before my already been purchased and Are now on their Way Here. This Plant will be put in operation at a Cost of no less than $20,000, and will Burn Oil As fuel. Instead of being a Black blot v lied to make it As Light by night As James Tatnall. Of Hilve Rford. A. 1a t l void have been by Day. And to eliminate every dark the nuptial knot Xmas tied by the tempted to Lay hands on the Man Corner on the part of the proper to lev. Edward s. Wolle of new York 80 much it old be excite me. It is owned and operated there Are no Steps leading to the the fact that fancy shoes of Pat a Roun l they jumped and ran towards the River becoming lost in and the Bride was Given in marriage by her Uncle or. Henry , who resides at the brides costume Xmas a gown of Silver brocaded Satin veiled with while net fashioned with a Long court train. Her Reil of net was a unfortunate that 1 have not a full command of the English language or i would have administered a Tongue lashing to this Man that he would not forget in the course of his natural by the amuse ent leather and shoes Vith Patent Baker and As soon As lie can sever leather trimming arc coming Hack be darkness. His connections with the Bank will into popular favor Means that in a shortly after their visit to the become actively identified with the Short time if Dame fashion con Hubbs Home an attempt was made firms activities. For the time being tines to decree patents the local to enter the residence of James me laughing Stock of every other town the firm will continue under the old factories will again become Active Collough by Means of a cellar win along the River front As a Conse firm name of Tracy amp baked. And Vork for a number of now Idle a a Ted Baker is Selling out his in men will be provided Teress Here to embark in the Candy Bristol is a wonderful place to live to open they next tried the dwelling jobbing business in the far West in and if everyone vill put to Weir of William Johnson and or. Roper Quence of this almost criminal neglect of the wharf at the foot of its principal business Street. Lack of Money is the cry of the Council if Money is lacking Why is it lacking if this town was run strictly on a business basis instead of being manipulated to hold together a Strong political organization there would be no Lack of funds who indeed if this town had a manager who knew his business instead of a a a Bossy who is anything but a Good administrator of affairs municipal there would he no Lack of funds nor would there be a Lack of Public improvements. A a loud Girton carries a heavy responsibility but be vill not be found wanting when the time comes. Idle Dow but finding the door leading to h it 1.rrpc�?Tlfrench the floor above resisted their efforts s i Quot a. Lara a a. To a at. Dlack velvet picture hat. Adorned ment company. Beautiful walks banked by Lovely gardens of glowing Flowers will be Laid out and in the future a visit to Burlington Island instead of being of the picnic order will be a instead of being censured the poor visit to a spot where every feature ranged in Cap effect and was edged Rule fellow should be pitied guess of Comfort and pleasure found in a Villi Rose Point lace which fell in be i5 being Ridden pretty hard for any Public Park will be available Graceful folds to the end of the failure to produce business and or. Baker wishes it announced train. She carried a bouquet of 1 i 1 As a consequence possibly has lost that he expects to have work follies of the Valley and a flute orchids. B8 nerve. This should be a lesson about Twenty file Hatchet and saw to or. Grundy when he seeks for men the first of the week As he Exma nagers for his paper in the future pets his lumber for the starting of a when he wants the services of a operations vill have arrived Here by plumber he does not Send for a bar that time. This work will continue Here the same thing applies to until the first of next May and when mrs. W. Hobart Porter sister of the Bride was Matron of Honor. She Xmas gowned in a frock of French he vill handle several brands of the finest brands of candies and chocolates on the Market and Lias territorial rights of the states of Washington Oregon and California. Or. And mrs. Baker have Many warm Best foot Forward and talk and evidently being frightened away by breathe optimism the reality vill the Hue and cry created by the in follow a the desire and instead of the habitats who were hot on their hard times which so Many Are ready Trail. To accept As a present certainty bet after the owners of the Hornet ter times will be a reality Hap whose places were entered look account of Stock they found there Xmas missing and picture hat adorned with a Black plume falling Grace Tully from the brim. She carried a bouquet of dahlias in varied colors. Mrs. James Moore Austin sister in Law of the Bride and miss Margaret Clawson attended As bridesmaids. They were attired in frocks similar to the Matron of Honor Vith Black velvet hats and carried Arm Bou and Fol ii tvs papers. John Black surprised on fourteenth birthday it gets fully underway there will be seventy five men on the Job. Friends in Bristol a who Are loathe to piness will again reign supreme. See them leave but their departure believe in Bristol boost for Bris not Quot an thin a Siw Navill be followed by Good wishes from Tol and Bristol and her industries i Dayli Gln a net Nfn Rint of to autumn Flower every Side. They will make their will live up to your valuation of Lucyl 8hos were discovered Leadin Westward journey in their Ford them. Eie Oise Ovied Leau Iii Coupe. A seilin1 member of be Connie Mack s athletics firm while lie is sorry at losing his on j thursday sex ening last John Black Xmas surprised by a visit from women a missionary soc. First meeting of season partner who has been associated with him for five years is delighted Over his Good Fortune in securing As a future partner or. Fine who is one of the Best liked Young men in Bristol. Hie Independent joins with the general throng in wishing the new firm Success and Prosperity. At Harriman sunday Connie Macks athletics vill lie the attraction at Harriman on Sun to the discovered Lead big Fri Esmond. H. Austin Motuhi which a. 1 of it a Bride wore a smart gown of fit or he 1ipnk�?on to dark Blue panne velvet with a i owned Quot a it it i Quot alack velvet hat my Fraak Sherl in a Low boat from the Jersey had it not been for the self posses Sion and nerve shown by Hubbs. It is evident quite a mrs. Haul Day afternoon when it is expected Wou a have been made of the Wear the Bridesburg team Lessen of the apparel they in heir haste local grounds vill show the Quaker City aggregation and their fan followers that this Section of Bucks county Haxe representative players that fear not to tackle Macks scattered floor. Abou the sitting room new York acted As groomsman. The Ushers were or Samuel Gtimm Ere of Minneapolis minn., or. Wesley Kurtz of Germantown or. Francis Jacobs of West Chester or. W. Lobart Porter a the live wires will meet twice a month the a live wires Quot As the nine some of his Young friends. A few members of miss Clara Kings Sun of them hearing that his birthday Day school class of the presbyterian occurred on september 30th, a Church Call themselves held a ranged a visit without his knowl social and business meeting at the Edge. Each Friend took an approx Home of one of its members Harry a Riata gift and Edwin Sher Yood Bisbee. Of 301 Tad Clifty Street on coaxed his Mother to allow Jobi to tuesday evening. These meetings spend Tho Early evening with him. Vill be held every other week at the when the table Xmas spread Pink Homes of the members. The class decorations arranged and the com colors Are Black and White and the Pany assembled mrs. Black phoned object of the organization Widich for her son to come Home. Games was effected on tuesday is to help were the order of the evening and the sunday school. The class is a my von a Quot is. Missionary society kid Egan Texas Ranger of the 1 presbyterian Church held its first meeting of the season yester attraction at Forrest strongest combination. Day afternoon at the Home of mrs. G. Austin Bisbee. Mrs. E. Crichton kid Egan the Texas Ranger has the president presided. Tho attend been secured As an added methodist Church societies announce two meetings at t action Bristol doctors attend state medical convention or. Howard Pursell or. Frank j. Fred Lehman Little girl at Christ a Ville and who Wras clothed from year to year society of huh. At 8 p. Ni., at the Home of mrs. William efforts. Ance was Good and the topics Dis Jat the Forrest theatre and to Dav cussed were Alaska and India. Mrs. Will go around town showing the Groom missionary for the italian i school children and their elders the a Gnu to in cd Quot cd a sex 5w j Stratford hotel. Church was seriously ill. 1 friends on sunday. Quot a j a it ii it the 1jlutvu1, it a j mesday evening october e. Percy Smith mrs. Phillip Conrad older guests among a whom was mrs. Few Days with friends on Jefferson. H a a Erma Sellyei won the favor for put rightly named As they have always ,.jw. Tomn a i. In Quot hug on the donkeys Tail and miss proved to he live wires in the Esti. M nth v of the thu j Bessie Chambers received the Booby mation of a number of teachers who t in in in ton Bride and when music and games had com have had a turn in their training a a y g Ien pitted the program refreshments the members Are Harry Bisbee a reception followed the ceremony were served and the birthday cake president Melvin Johnson vice a a a and upon the return from their Ved with its Pink decorations and four president Herbert Townsend Secre the Oung woman Silome mis Ding trip the Bride and bridegroom teen Pink candles was the Center of tary and treasurer. Joseph Petitt monary society of the methodist vill be at Home at 262 South 17th attraction for the Youthful Crowal. William White. Lawrence Vanhorn Hutch vill hold the first meeting Street Philadelphia. Among the among those present were miss Chauney Stoneback and Robert Boz the season on Friday october guests present trom Bristol and i Jessie Downing miss Alice Down Art. Finity were or. Joseph it. Grundy ing miss Bessie Chambers miss a All the Mem mrs. William h. Grundy and Daugh Louise Chambers miss Ada White or. George Thomas a former ter Meta miss Annie b. Landreth and miss Erma Hellyer. The boys owner and manager of the Harri or and mrs. Burnett Landreth. Were Edwin Sherwood Elx Vood Man baseball team who w ent to his attorney Franklin Gilkeson attorn Bilger Thomas smoker John Home in Springfield mass., a few Church of Hugh b. Eastburn or. And mrs. Smoyer Thomas Vico and a few weeks ago has returned to spend a a a. Methodist Bellevue meets on tuesday eve Nim a Lith in the Church parlor. And mrs. William e. lenders. Avenue

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