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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - October 2, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent has a Laeger prepaid circulation than ant two papers in lower Bucks buy the Independent at Bristol news Agency 245 Mill Street and at p. R. It. Station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles Hillenbrand Cor. Garden and Beaver streets judge Ryan gives James Pollack ousted superintendent of poor House. Job As tip staff in same court that convicted him two years ago James Pollack then superintendent of the count poor House a found guilty of cruel treatment to inmates of that institution and fined $100 and Cost by the court in Doylestown. Natur ally enough he was divested of i position. Today the same Janies Pollack who was arrested on three Charger and convicted of one. Is a legitimate member of the same court when to was once sentenced. His presence in this Hall of Justice is the direct result of an appointment made b judge William c. Ryan who several Days ago created or. Pollack a tip staff. The action in itself is surprising the Cham of circumstances that a been Woven into or. Pollack a lift is Little Short of amazing. To but vested with the Power in the Sanu court where he once was sentence on an assault and Battery charge leaves that gentleman almost stun nod. In a like manner it effects the average citizen of this county in same condition. The causes underlying the Point men will probably never known. Perhaps it was based the salvation army slogan that j Man May be Down but never out then again the Many a Merit warrant cd him the position. But Why try to guess however it would he Gratifying to know Why or. Pollack was appoint cd to the position of tip staff after being so Dis honorable ousted from i. High cd Tiltay is fice it would surely Clear up a Grea Deal of the undercurrent of dissatisfaction that is on the up tide at the present. Will entertain in Honor of son s birth or. And mrs. F. Becker of 550j Swain Street have arranged an enjoyable affair for this evening seven i to nine in Honor of their son Fred. J or. Today is the tenth anniversary of Hia birth and 22 children and j some older people have been invited to celeb ate the occasion. Gamed will j be played prizes Given and refresh ments served. The Home will be decorated in halloween colors and each child will receive a favor. Those expecting to of present will be Marie Reese Elizabeth cum a mings. Maude Jeffries Dorothy Young Young Charlotte chamber Lam Dorothea Hagerman game tic j Hermann Lilian Holmes. Margaret Simon Ralph Sheffey Billy Becker Louis Siefert. Clifford Grimes Billy Ridge Robert Hughes Francis Cummings Freddie Becker Charles Hughes Erwin Hetherington. Madison Siefert j. Ritter. Charles chef Fey. Mrs. R. Sheffey mrs. Hughes. Mrs. John Brudon and miss May Helsel. Ii. I Yipu Phua. Coran Peter costello and sons Purchase tract known As Persimmon Park buy Day services in presbyterian Church special program prepared pupils to be Given prizes the tract of land known As Persimmon Park West Bristol was sold yesterday by the Pennsylvania Railroad to the realty firm of Peter e. Costello so sons commercial Trust building. Philadelphia. The Railroad kept a strip of this Laud Joo feet wide and the entire length of the tract for aiding purposes. Tin entire transaction includes upwards of 50 acres. When interviewed by a representative of the Independent or. Cos Bilo of the realty firm said that it had been purchased for a manufacturer whose name he did not wish to make known at this time. This will be More Welcome news to Bristol residents and it is hoped that a new Industry will be added to our town. Thap is of wets to fight Drys in 1926 Stateum pain organization formed by prominent people at meeting held in Philadelphia the first attempt to mass the we sympathizers in Pennsylvania in concerted drive to oppose the so called a a dry candidates in tile 1926 Campaign was made in Philadelphia recently at the first state Confer ence for the modification of the Voi Stead act. The spacious grand Tai a room of the Bel lev a Strat Ford hotel a used to the meeting which Drew representative citizens from every Corner of the state who Felt thai the time had come to band together am form a permanent organization to Cany out their purpose. Men and women socially prominent Aud coming from ail walks of life took part in the conference. At the meeting a state committee was formed to conduct the 1926 Campaign. It is the purpose of the organization to elect a wet governor wet senator wet congressmen and a wet legislature. After the state Boily has been formed sub co Ramit Teea will be organized in each District. I Headquarters will be established at the governor hotel in Harrisburg on october i. Last weeks meeting will be followed by a similar demonstration or. Pittsburgh on november 17, for rest dents of the state West of the Susquehanna River. In an Appeal to a Liberal thinking citizens of Fred a Brill an official of j. G. Brill and co., the Avell know n Street car build pm of Philadelphia who is chair Man of the committee which has or Ganzie the conference said it is the purpose of this committee to Force the Issue of modification we propose to put an end to Side Ste Ping by political leaders and candidates and to make them fare the Issue squarely. We have be fear of the outcome. All we want of your a Good program for rally Day has been prepared for sunday to Lake place in the presbyterian Church. The school service will be held in connection with the usual morning Church service Ami will be Gnu 10.4 5. Besides the parts to to taken by the various classes the giving of pins and wreaths in the a Cloes and Crown system will take place. These Awat a will include miss Elizabeth Crichton mrs. B. Johnson. Mrs. Siddons mrs. Ashton miss Clara King miss Florence Rothen Berger miss Alice Arensmeyer. Edwin Aren sin Eyer. Francis Burger Wilbur Molden. Fred Herman Elmer Harvison. Holly Hanford. Earl Wright. Gilbert Herman Mary Carty Lester Sla Toff Marian Pettit Herbert Pettit. Awards of books will also by made. Hios to receive these will by Harriet Stetson Mary Holmes Lillian Holmes. Alfred Berger Leonard Herman. Walter Chambers and Vincent Force. The above Are scholars in the primary department. In the Junior department the awl Ards will he As follows perfect attendance for 52 sundays a Lester Slatoff Mary Carty Marion Pettit Fred Herman Elmer Harrison. Francis Burger Holly Hanford Earl Wright. Gilbert Herman. Wilbur Holden Herbert Petty. Elizabeth Burger for 51 sundays. For 51 sundays Charles Ancker. Mildred Bell Bessie Feterson. Louise Chambers Edwin Arensmeyer Jean Stetson. For 50 sundays Maybelle Hargrave Dorothy Hargrave Mildred Harper. Henrietta Davis George Ardrey. Alice Arensmeyer Ellis Comfort Robert Wright. For 4 9 sundays Carrie Pettit. Dorothy Harvison Harriet Leach Selma Vanhorn Anna Ardrey. For 4 8 sundays Edward Hanford. Helen Comfort Florence Rothen Berger. Anthracite strike make Suttle stir much less effect on bituminous business than seemed certain Tullytown Christian Church the Anthracite strike in almost a month old. Previous experience has taught us to expect that by this time the strike would he the principal topic of indignant conversation that business associations everywhere would he demanding action that the president would by import Ned to Call a extra session of Congress and that several of those occupying Cabi net portfolios would be pleading fat peace and urging Compass n on a freezing nation. Lee in this part of the country the Anthracite situation attracts Leas attention than preliminary prepare dons for this years ski tournament so far As we Are concerned the strike is so futile As to have very much less effect on the bituminous business than seemed to be certain when the trouble started. Soft Coa is moving in conservative volume prices Are Low and weak. Stimulation for substitutes in one particular the strike is having an influence it has accelerated the development of Anth Racin substitutes to a poin where import ant commercial results May be expected in the near future. One of the Moat important of these is the work of one of our largest bituminous operators who has raised $4,000,000 to finance the commercial production in the very near future of an Anthracite substitute. Its originators deny that the product is a Coke yet to the Lay mind it seems to tie a Coke produced for fuel Rathet than As a other is with the Gas by Gas been t he Bristol High to play Berwyn Here today Bristol High football team will tackle the Strong Berwyn eleven today on Sullivan a Field. The Home boys Are �.11 set for one of the hardest games of the season and expect to win. Coach Roy Hoffman is confident that his team will win after the impressive Victory last week Over Pemberton the local lads Are in Fine condition and a Groat game is assured. So come out and Root for the Home team. Of the address the second District of the Young Peoples Congress connected with the new Jersey Christian conference will meet in the Tullytown Church on saturday afternoon. October 10th, at 3 of Rock. Delegates from the following Christian churches Are expected to attend i a cd Toutt Milford fines Ville. Hopewell Bridgeboro and Irvington n. J., carve Ravine. Gulph Mills and Tullytown a. Or. Norman Vav. Clement Pennsylvania University will the delegates during the afternoon session and or. Wood of the Irvington Christian Church will deliver an address drying the supper hour. The ladies of the ladies Aid society will to prepared to serve supper in the new Church Community House to those attending the Congress meeting. The supper charge will be forty cents. If you Are interested in Young people s work in Tho Church you Are cordially invited to attend. An interesting program is Betzig prepared for the rally Day service of the Tullytown Christian sunday school which is to be held on sunday evening. October Lith at 7.45 of clock. A cordial invitation is extended to All friends to attend this Happy occasion. Next sunday morning this Sun inv school will begin v,.w York the Lincoln Highway Auto men Kaplan i. Psi a v Yurt Content. Kraeh of the nine Clanseer and lower Canada. hey have picked the Auto. Which they and More Nim and a a will Root and work for Turin the new be aloud Han to Conte. Much enthusiasm wan nowhere do they in an inter in shown when Tho Chis chauffeur the Coal strike such As would Haw Drew for the machines tills is a Len exp cled. New adventure for Tullytown and in Thi Stryk Lewis seems to a we Hope to see great interest Man Las three things that were assets to fest during the contest the aim of him under the guidance of smite which is a bigger and better sunday Gam Peri he has lost i he fear Tim school. Business had of a Coal strike the or. And or h. F. T. England tolerance and sympathy the Public their daughter Ethel and son Frank had for his miners and the pontiff Washington. I. A. Were visitors Ltd advantage that the Union one at the Home of Rev. And mrs. A. T. Had in Washington. Langley on monday. Respecting the first and the Sec a 0f Public interest in the or. John Street an old rodent Chi Mrike demonstrates the fact. As for Bristol is in town visiting his form it the third. Lewis has definitely alien friends after Many years absence. Continued on Page two words it is a cok. That ordinarily Are consumed plants left in the fuel it will come to the Market its promoters say. As ii a Imas a Thracia and cleaner entirely smoke Lew. Productive of More heat and yet valuable Coal tar products will have removed by Wray of reducing Cost of the product. Oil burners Are being sold in amazing totals. There never has been a year to compare to this in the Oil by nor business. There is no linger any question in the Western mind about the feasibility of substitutes for Anthracite and if or. Lewis am the Pennsylvania operators continue at loggerheads through the Winter next year will fee the West so far alienated from the necessity of buying Ami burning Anthracite that a hard Coal strike will be nothing More than interesting. Little interest in strike a new englander told How Anthracite strike had revived spirit Elf the Boston Tea party new England and so incensed folks North of the sound that an Gen i Zed buyers strike May to add to the troubles of Penns Ivania. Investigators for Western cd Ai companies have been unable to amt any such spirit and they have tour the the in the or a eve i of Eastern True republicanism the present Republican party had its beginning As such from an Over powering and Noble impulse a opposition to the Extension of human slavery. When the Kansas Nebraska Bill became a Law on May 26th, 1854, the very next morning a gathering of some 30 congressmen discussed the necessity of orning a new party and it was agreed that Republican would by ifs appropriate name. The new party was formed by a fusion of diverse elements to accomplish a Noble end. There were fused into the new party slavery whigs free spoilers. Abolitionists and slavery democrats. The first National convention held in Philadelphia june 17, 1856. Denounced the Ostend manifesto a with its highwaymen a plea that might makes Var ism in Philadelphia and Grund ism in Bristol Are therefore doing their Best to propagate an idea which was repudiated by the very first Republican National convention Ever held. Might does not make right and just because or. Grundy has been Able to maintain a despotic control of the Republican party in Bristol by his pernicious system of economic slavery is no reason Why he should be allowed to continue. The Republican Talty had its birth in the Effort to abolish such a condition As exist Quot in Bristol today where hundreds of men and women Are deprived of their god Given and blood bought right of free franchise just because economic necessity has forced them into the clutches of this political octopus. We maintain that a Man has a right to work in factory store or office irrespective of How he votes. And any individual whoever he is who tries to Force any other condition on men and women is establishing a form of slavery in opposition to which the Republican party had its birth. Such an individual does not deserve the name Republican and has absolutely no claim on the loyalty and support of those who love the Republican party. At the second National convention of the Republican party held in Chicago in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was nominated. The Noble Ideal to which he committed the Republican party was expressed by him in the words a that government of the people by the people Ami for the people might not perish from the for the right of every individual to cast his ballot As he pleases without regard to race color or employment the Republican party has always stood. And the Day that the Republican party takes any other stand is the Day that will Mark its downfall. It therefore behoves every Good Republican to stand four Square against the in american and in Republican practices of Yare and Grundy in Philadelphia and Bristol respectively. If the people of Philadelphia will stand Yare methods there the people of Bristol will not tolerate Yare methods Here. We therefore Call upon every True Republican Iii Bristol to rally to the defense of the party of Lincoln against such false leaders As Yare and Grundy who. While posing As republicans Are doing those things which if not checked will destroy the very foundations of the party they profess to Servo. This is not a Call to of something other than a Republican it is a Call to in a better Republican a True Republican. What is needed today is not the smearing of a delve As or. East Burn of Doylestown advises. Hut the surgeons knife so that the cancerous growth known As the Grundy organization May he entirely Cut out of the Republican party of Bristol and Bucks county in order that the Republican party might live. An application of Salve at this time will it Only Eric fester a growing wave of discontent with Grundy leadership which just lifted up its head at the recent or i in Ary. A off i s gives every evidence of growing and developing As the Days go by. The seriousness of the present ease therefore demands an operation and not an application of be whiskered political Salve. Last monday s fire alarm proved Surprise inspection at ten thirty last monday night a test alarm was struck by assistant chief Nev ego d at Pond and Jefferson Avenue for the purpose of determining the Speed of the local fire department answering an alarm Ana for inspection of All equipment Ann to find out if automobiles used by citizens going to fires hindered the fire department. In an interview with fire Chiel Gilkeson he said that a last mondays test was one of a series of such test that Wili be held throughout the year for the purpose of making Bris tolls fire department one of most efficient in the state. The Tim for the companies Torwich the seer of the alarm was no. 5 company minute and 15 seconds no. 4, i min Ute and 55 seconds no. I 2 min utes Ami 15 seconds no. 2. Horn Ana chemical 2 minutes and 35 seconds no. 2 truck 3 minutes and >20_sec ones no. 3, 4 minutes and 20sec ones. The test was somewhat mar red by no. 2 truck leaving before the equipment was fully inspected. 3ristdl couple Marrie in Saint James churn or. Samuel Moore weds mrs. Lillian Rothenberger of Lafayette Street wednesday afternoon Jackie Coogan in a circus Days at colonial theatre entertains at luncheon and cards mrs. Lillian Rothenberger. Of Lai Ayette Street was married on wed heyday at 4 p. M., Iii St. Jam. Church to or. Samuel Moore. Re Henry Stuart Paynter performed tie ceremony. Mrs. Rothenberger Wen. A Brown crepe dress trimmed in it a Black hat and carried a bouquet White roses mrs. Rhoda Garre on Vasey attended the Bride. Miva Acy wore a Blue Georgette Crew trimmed in fur $ Black hat a carried oink roses. Or. Themas a conomy of Lafayette Street acted t Best Man. A reception which was Ait Endt by upwards of forty persons i held at the Home of the brides a Ems. Or. And mrs. Clarence Gal re son of 920 Pond Street. After to wedding trip of a weeks duration the couple will reside in Bristol. The newly weds have Man triads As Fergy True throng the Church Gate Arter the wedding they Weie captured and lifted Bodil on an open truck ready for the pm and a Fie rid about town Many attend first Community card party of season held in elks Home Pone Vav a Given than. Large signs wer Hung on the Side of the truck Bea ing the inscriptions a a we be just of hitched a and a i hear you Callin Jackie Coogan does a a leap for life which described As one of the Motet amusing stunts Ever filmed in his new starring vehicle a circus Days a which begins an engagement at the colonial theatre on saturday. As Toby Tyler living with his widowed Mother on the farm of a mean tempered Uncle he gets up a circus of his own with two Toby mounts one end of a Aee Law j then the two boys jump on the oth a or. The result is that Toby is catapulted Clear Over the top of a Hay j Runyan. Mrs. Edw Ard Keating. Mrs stack Landing on the Hack of the Ralph Downs mrs. George Roberts cow which his crabby old Uncle is trs a it it Star Longhurst and mrs milking. It cry Ancker the cow upsets the Farmer and rite milk pail. And when Toby Diahy reaches the ground he to his heels. / this catastrophe brings about a situation which result in Toby running away and joining a real circus. In which after Tan or adventures. He finally covers himself with glory. The luncheon and card party Given by mrs. Clifford l. Anderson of i 1002 Radcliffe Street was one of the Fine social events of the season. The guests were seated at eleven table and after the luncheon the game of 500 was played. The abundance of Beautiful Flowers arranged in baskets and vases Lent a Charm to throws in hich the players Wert j seated. The winners of favors were mrs win. C. Lecompte mrs. Stanford Marion Davies in Kew picture at Forrest a by Honda Quot the last and greatest cosmopolitan production featuring the great Star to be shown monday and tuesday the first Community card party of the season held in the elks Home. Under the auspices of the Needle work Guild workers occurred on monday evening. The result financially was greater than hoped for. In connection with the party the glancing Oft of a Beautiful doll added the sum of forty dollars to the Treasury. The doll was Given by irs. Fred Kring and was most Beau fully dressed by mrs. Mary Gilke Jon. At the drawing miss Elizabeth Lariner a daughter of mrs. Thomas Lariner was the fortunate one. Elizabeth was among the group of faithful workers to solicit for the loll. Those receiving favors and held High scores were mrs Ralph Downs .160, mrs. R. Pearson 4710, mrs. B. Johnson 4280, mrs. Ernest Law ence 4060, mrs. I. Leuhers 4050, irs. R. D. Bowman 3780, mrs. V. Ans ant 3750, or. Philip k. Conrad 720. Or. V. Morris 3650, miss Esthr Lawrence 3640, mrs. E. Laing .4 70. Mrs. Morsel 32 40. Mrs. A buries Ancker 3190, mrs. Rob its 3180, miss Elizabeth s. Rue 150, airs. Samuel Pearson 3140, is. Fred Decker 3110, mrs. S. I Laek 3110. Or. Edward Gallagher 990, mrs. L. Jarvis 2920, mrs. 2900, miss Gladys Renk .870, mrs. Sidney Morris 2930. Or. La Bowman 2 890, mrs. P. K. Could 28 50. Mrs. Roy Tracy 2810, miss idled Gilkeson 2800, mrs. R. W. Belong 2770, mrs. Clifford Anderson 760, mrs. Philip Mahan 2750, miss Wilelen Fine 2720, mrs. N. B. Berto Ette 2700. Miss Anna Gray Tracy 610 and or. G. L. Williams 2600. The affair was Well attended. Do sex a a. To open Eason sunday oct. Huh Hoebing. Fast Jersey Grinders expected to be opposing team association expect big year Doylestown Democrat out for District attorney next play. Of ice b. Mcentee the candidate for District attorney on the demo cratic ticket comes from the Upp end of our own county from an old j Bucks county family. Was educated install new moving picture j in the Public and private schools lighting system at Forrest studied Law at the University of Var Ginia. A famous Law school and in j manager Edward Lynn of the Forrest theatre announces to his Pat rom that a a weighting system Mirror arc reflector Olow amperage and High intensity hah been installed in the operating room of the theatre at the Cost of h000. The new system is an innovation in the moving picture Industry and 1 at a inched to Tho moving picture rom of Chine to make the pictures appear on the screen life size. This should prove a great improve a Tho office of Yerkes. Roes amp rotes Doylestown wart admitted to the a in 1915. In a member of the Bucks county and Philadelphia bars. Is a Mason and a member of the Presby Terian Church. Ii seeks the office to give him practice in the trial of. Una Cas. A Ami to the inn of or we Commonwealth. Marion Davies motion picture Star of cosmopolitan who will be seen at the Forrest theatre on monday and tuesday of i week 4n her my photo Quot a Yolanda a while working in the film sent a Cable of congrats la. Tons to Princess Yolanda daughter i of the King and Queen of Italy the birth of her daughter Princess Yolanda count i Bor Colo april just at about the time miss Davies started worn on her i it in Quot Quot Linda a Thuc Cable sent to the ital inn princes by the cosmopolitan film Star pillows. A icon grit i nations on the birth of your Dir her. Best wishes for the Iro i health of you the baby. Your Romance marriage the on at Turin. Married to 9. 1923. Me. Joseph Gross of Bristol marries Eddington Giri a Yolanda a miss Davies Patch of the evening. Ment Over the old system and will in used for the first time monday or. Joseph ornate of Linden Salt a an miss Ethel Denny of Eddington j were married on tuesday at 8 p. M a in St. Charles cat belie Church in buys fancy Dahlia roots Cornwells. Rev. Father flood per Magull. formed the ceremony. The Brid or. And airs. Ralph and lira. Wilson Magill and miss Claude Magill motored on monday to visit the Peacock Dahlia farm. A number of bulbs of Choice varieties were selected to be sent Home later. Next year on May exp it great things in the Magill department in the annual Ila min show. Wore a Blue crepe de Chine Drar Buick hat. After the ceremony a reception for the immediate Reia fives was held at the Gross Home or Linden Street. F Morrisville fir Baptist Church i v. Or. Charles j. Failure Pas Tor in charge. Services next sunday. October 4th, 1925 sunday a entertain i school. 10.30 a. Mrs. Grace her de on tuesday evening by mrs. I a by it. Superintendent evening Selma triage particularly inter rated me As my next motion picture is a namesake of yours. Following the Dis Cable announced tha she would shortly arrange for the sending of a print of her new file to Princess Yolanda for a screening in Turin. A Yolanda a the photoplay is h dict Urizar Ion o Charles majors historical Romano >>1 the same name. It is Woven around the Romance of Princess mar of Burgundy vrho. In the Masquer Ade of the Burgher girl. Yolanda wins the love of Europe most dash ing Prince. The Story is set in fifteenth Century in the period Charles the bold. Duke of Burgundy and is paid to even Excel the Cosmo pol it an stars a when Knighthood was in entertains sewing club sewing club no. 2 to hold league of women voters meeting october id Munholland of 315 Dorrance Street miss May Smoyer of Linden Street was the hostess last week. Mrs Street vice. 7.45 p. My a subject. A who touched Al a lords supper after the evening service reception of new members. Prayer meeting. Thursday evening. 8 of clock. Good music singing. One Hoar service. Win. E. Doron of 323 Cedar delightfully entertained at luncheon on tuesday. Card club no. I a a 9. The afternoon was spent in play or. And mrs. G. Schaffer and ing Bridge. The successful winners two children of Bath Road started of the favor was mrs. Emil on saturday on their Way to Hollen mrs n. A Bertolette and Mise Dale. Fla., where they intend maker Lawrence substituted for two Abing their Home sent members. By Auto. The trip was made the first monthly meeting for the season of the league of women Vot Era ought to be of interest to every member. It will a held on tuesday october 6th, in the Wood Street school j building. The main topics for discussion will be a the coming election a a Mem Ibert Fulp campaigns and mrs. Asa Fabian will Bond explain the a school a pigskin with virtually All the veterans of the splendid 7924 Machino responding to the Call to colors the big Blue and Gold squad buckled Down to hard work this week. And the eleven will need it Belo it trots out onto Sullivan a Field on sunday october la to open its 1925 season. Already the squad has gone through a half dozen gruelling practices under the keen Eye of coach Lew Klingberg next week the genial Mentor a promises no let up in the to airline productions ctivuie3 of men. Practice and j still More practice is his slogan. Lat sunday was no exception to this i Rule. Although a baseball game was i in full session on Sullivan s Diamond the Grinders put a full after i noon on the Gridiron. Baseballs and footballs were being constantly intercepted by each squad. No disastrous results occurred however. Sundays practice was the hardest that the local candidates have undergone this season. Anxious to get an eyeful of the various candidates abilities coach Klingberg pressed his men to the utmost in the signal and punting Drill. However he was merciful because it of the warm weather and did not a All for a scrimmage. This element it Fth game will enter into the training schedule before the first game is played however. Last sundays squad looked like Obi times. Speedy Bill stringfellow was culling the signals in usual restful fashion Aud Tho team appeared to profit by the quarterbacks vim. Clad in his usual Sailor pants and swat shirt the dim Unitive Field general rushed the eleven up and Dow n the grass covered Gridiron until the candidates almost cried for mercy. Coach Klingberg ignored these plaintive appeals and directed Bill to keep going. Others in the Backfield were Harry Ingram the Lansdowne Flash. Bill White and Buck a a moustache a Weaver. One familiar face was missing smiling Joe Holmes. The Lakehurst lad although usually prompt for practice failed to put in Ait appearance. However he May be dept tided upon at the next rehearsal. Joe will i in nicely this year at the fullback Post. His line crashing Ahi Lites coupled with his prow Neas As a punter and a Forward passer is an. Asset to it is being counted by coach Klingberg. On the line Matlack and Lippon Cott were sharing the duties of Center. These lads performed with honors last year and the same work is expected this season. Both players Are Ideal linesmen. Stocky with Tho powder to Block crushing driven continued on Page two the o

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