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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - November 27, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Home newspaper of lower backs county clean constructive progressive entered As second class matter at Post office at Bristol. A. Lith year no. 22. So Bristol. A. Thursday november 27. 1930. Five cents a copy. A business men disturbed by tagging of cars a i i olice enforcement of ordinance forbidding parking on one Side of Mill Street arouses merchants who say Campaign will drive away customers a round about town let it be sport not War. The game today Between the Bristol a. A. And the Bristol St not Only will business be helped but the Intercourse made possible by Low rates will cause will son. Grundy again become member of Bristol Borough Council Annas is Between two groups of Many Pennsylvania people to get Bristol boys who know each Oiler acquainted with Burlington Ann and who have demonstrated that they can and do play clean foot the country beyond. There arc hundreds of people in each place Ball. It be necessary to who never have been Iii the Giller have policemen on duty at Sulli Bat we do not know about tile vans Field to keep order but the other Side of the River is equalled Rowdy ism among the spectators on it a by what the folks on the that marked the game Between other Side do not know about this these teams in Eddington sonic Side. Weeks ago makes police supervise flon it the geographical stand Micro Ion advisable. Football is a great Point the county sea scouts i have Bridge of Honor and Ball ton mid the toll Bridge at Tacony re Cost of the local i with their House. Over too sea scouts executives from tin Bucks county Council and ship committeemen sweethearts and wives the first sea scout Ball and Bridge of Honor to he held in county took place last Burlington Bristo Liin the Morrisville comm tin game properly played out of Bridge is up against Tho compute Obj which the players get action they Hon of the free Bridges Ai tie. A crave and the spectators thrills. Here a hoping today s Palmyra. Were present will he t a and one and that Bridge will be Only admit a thud yes eau. Game will be a Good one Ann mat amp the Tao on suite a Lee Cal Allan Reg Ona Seal the spectators will be As Good of the Cost of the Tacony Struc roof a ,1�viviiiii sportsmen As the players. Ture so mat the overhead exp a tit Nett of i Enn Sylvania _ Pense will be much less. That by a itself i a Good reason for a lower opinion in some quarters is that he will in others it is said he has declined to consider appointment italian group is demanding another representative in Council merchants along Mill Street Are disturbed by signs of activity on the part of the police in the direction of enforcing the ordinance that forbids parking on the southerly Side of the Street. The Christmas season is approaching when the local merchants make strenuous efforts to get people into the Borough to do their Holiday shopping. These merchants say that if the shoppers Are to be annoyed with tags lev parking business will be diverted rom the Community and harm will be done. Last saturday night a number of cars were tagged but no prosecutions were made. Conditions Bridge tolls. Opinion was toll than those using the Tacony a to i Bridge must pay. As for Hie com town this week t nit 1 get \ petition of the Trenton Bridges. Of Tho by Iii us t Oil-131-1 St cd Budge be Saveu try Lake the toll for transient cars 2othe owners but tor Burlington As Well. Since capt. Boron quit the Feir it b unless it t1je approach sary for business firms in rim hug or Cupi i it i a Tzvi to con their i i Sci sine. Maryland Delaware and Virginia which states comprise Region 3, was the guest of Honor. Mayor Thomas Stockham of move is Ille made the various awards. The sea scout ship a a elks Pennsylvania from Bristol were awarded a Large f regatta pistol sea Ordinary streets. Badges. Four scouts from the there still remains to be built Bristol ship coxswain t Ted connection Between Herman and Robert i no cd the by tape 01 me Dong with Verdin Watt and Wal ind the Lincoln Kornstedt. Received their badges. Ten scouts from the also were an attenuate Langhorne. Ton end a Tintoi to Beno i Highway at or near. Trucks a it a Miles in 01 a the logical route is by Way of South Langhorne ship Hie Community on the ,c av0�?z�?z0 own might made Ordinary sea scouts. Last nights Side of the River. Some of them re Sers Bine i readily be straightened and we affair was the they established was not to be let Are worst on Friday Aud saturday j go merely because of inadequate no on in Thoro it n Anrep tract in transportation facilities. It is Over which these business vehicles May pass each Day at a Low vol i Avenue Nave done this. Because the Trade a a a a twee wet brutal and bist sea scout Ball and a a Bridge of Honor to be held in the United states and attracted much Atten Niglis. There is a Large tract Iii the rear of the grand theatre where cars can be parked but Hie approach to the tract is dark and people do not go there in Winter if there is any room on the Street. The Mill Street business menus association has been discussing better illumination and utilization of the tract and the placing of a sign at the Corner of Mill and Wood directing traffic to the space but As yet action Lias not been taken. Durham Road. Will certainly stimulate Trade. High school teams arrange Charity game Tion from National scout Headquarters and other sea scout units. The affair was formal the citizens will spend this afternoon Scolles and officers being in uni hell see a Parade. At least one of our Well known in Norristown because there going to be a Fli ii <en8 Parade there. That citizen is Chauncey Stoneback who freely admits that he has a passion for parades a amazed in ship fashion in a a the Good old Days Chauncey Bridge was built for was a Premier band Leader and he still likes to see the boys Iii line to form while the ladies wore the customary evening dresses. The dances were named in seagoing terms and the Hall was ii ship fashion ships Bridge was built for the affair and the awards were made by mayor Stockham from the the for there is no question about Mill needy and unemployed of Street being congested but a Wougk 011 tuesday evening solution of the problem is made in flip Hiiro it Rolf difficult by the absence of convenient parking spaces. As Jet game will be turned Over to the Section of the canal company j general Charity committee Basin which the company j distribution. Given permission to be tilled in j the brist0i High school boys has not been touched. Of to Liege and gjri8� quintets will play the were parking space at the ran-1 Bristol alumni boys and girl Cliffe Street end of Mill Street As teams. The games were arranged Well As at the other end business by men teachers of the High could be conducted More con end a school faculty and officers of thu gently. In any event a parking Bristol nigh school alumni Asso policy that will scare Trade away citation it a Benefit basketball Ganu will pail of the Bass Horn and to see be played for the Benefit of Tho the drum major strut. Here a the Bor hoping the weather is Fine and Deceron the Parade Worth the journey. Ber 16th, in the High school gym j Naium. The proceeds from the courage. Listen to the Oom pah Oom Bridge. The Ball was a very color was furnished fill affair. Music by a Philadelphia orchestra. Nearly All the sea scouts and ship committeemen from the Bristol ship were present. The Ball was voted a huge Success by All will become an there Are three in the Commonweal which a present and it Good f ii end scuds to us each week annual affair. We came across a quatrain so recut ship in the �?o�?oj11 second Ward for leprosy timely Ann impressive that we Riley Are Hie s. A gel inner a Council. The italia feel like passing it along. It is by Gene is ton and is entitled it follows a Earth bares her breast anti Waits the coming Scourge of cold All naked unafraid. S. Bristol Quot the Yankee Clipp i from South Langhorne and the a Robert Morris from Morrisville. Mrs. Edith m. Ashton mrs. Edith m. Ashton was Bur Puiia j la Law # i v i cd t i Viz i i a a a was it la. From the Borough is not going to i ppe prjce9 0f admission will be shall i in god sent trial cringe i Ltd from Tho Home of her pal in is be popular. Fifty cents for adults and Twenty and cower or. Anti mrs. Hunter Bristol five cents for children. Bene Flior be dismayed a Andoll Kofl streets games of All sorts Are now being played throughout the United constables Are hungry. Soon to be on town states for the unemployed a Anil Bristol is going to do its share. J Eddie Cantor coming to grand next week ship up to court All that remains before Andalusia is got i in out of the mud is the approval by the court of the application by citizens of Bengal pm township that the streets the thanksgiving Day feature Ai not already on the township be approved As town ship l oads. Committeeman Charles f. Dunk has had a Survey made of every Motet not already on the town have been made and Pike Eddington wednesday afternoon. Rev. W. S. Vorhees pastor of the Eddington presbyterian Church officiated at Tho services and interment Wras made in Bristol cemetery. The deceased was the wife of a Scotland Yard a w Ith Edmund that a crusade is being made by lows and Joan Bennett will be i constables anti justices of the it behoves Drivers of automobiles to be extra careful from now on relative to observing Stop signs when they Are driving. An Charles r. Ashton and died in a Andalusia resident who was fined Philadelphia Hospital on monday in Richboro last week reports Al r a Short illness. Besides her husband two Small children Bli the grand theatre performances this afternoon anti evening together with four acts of vaudeville. Eddie Cantor in a whoopee a a Ziegfeld production entirely in at and Tho petition has been color will be the attraction ship maps by tile supervisors and the grand monday. Tuesday and ther officials it now remains to wednesday. This picture is said lie Are Seneca to the court at the to be the most spectacular must Sion that will Convene next Cal comedy deduction put out month when it is expected that constables Ami justices cuu tinted on Page four Vive age. Hor. She was 32 years of Emilie Man tossed by Bull has narrow escape from death Robert Reed of Emilie had a narrow escape from death when ire was tossed by a Bull in his barnyard a few Days ago. Lie is Able to be about although several the court will approx it. This action one of the dissension among with chief causes of. In Andalusia will be past complaint that although republicans removed. In to i of been bitter one fourth of All the taxes in Ben Salen township Are paid but an Abisia that Community has Hail comparatively Little of the tax is. A a it or Rorn san Roma Ittleman Dunk has very Active in bringing. About improvements and he says be peels to achieve More. This year and has been having ribs were broken and he suffered j Long runs throughout the Conn severe bruises. Try Eddie Cantor has an inter or. Reed was attending to his National reputation As a corned duties in the barnyard when the Ian. The second Knute Rockne Bull cornered him and tossed him football picture will to Shewn several times into the air. Ile the same nights and movie tone became unconscious anti when newts. I he revived the Bull was standing Friday night Bessie love will Over him. Every time he attempt sports Calendar of week end games be seen in m. G. M. News and a comedy a vacation love a also will be shown. On saturday of this week there will be four acts of vaudeville Aesop fables and Richard Allen in a the sea de to escape the Hull again tossed him. The final toss sent him close to a Fence under which he was Able to Roll. He does not recall How Long he Lay there until he revived sufficiently to get to his Home. _ a football thursday thanksgiving Day Bristol High is Morrisville High on High school Field 10.30 a. M. Bristol a. A. Is Bristol St. Annas on Sullivan a Field a soccer sunday a w Ley f. C. Is col at Croydon will Joseph r. Grundy whose term As United Stales senator will expire with the convening of Tho Senate next re it nth again sit. In the Bristol Borough Council where he represented the second Ward for so Many years there Are those who say that he will and there ate others w to say that he has declined to consider appointment to the Council. When senator Grundy was appointed a res successor by gov. Fisher lie resigned Hie seat to had held in the Council for Many years and the late Harry Headley was appointed his successor. It is known that or. Headley had planned to resign so As try make it possible for senator Grundy again to sit in the Council. A a he death of or. Headley creates a vacancy in the delegation to the tonne from the second Ward and it is believed that senator Grundy when the time is right will a appointed to the Council. Although he has been Active Iii promoting the Tariff and in advancing got Enior elect i inc hot Sti political fortunes senator Grundy is declared to be More interested in political affairs in Bristol than in anything else. For the last two years lie has been away from the Borough so much that he Lias Gilt in comparatively Little attention to local affairs but now that his big Battles Are finished he May be expected to resume his usual activity hereabouts. To Controvert tills View of the situation is the Well defined demand of the italian group in the station italian leaders declare that a group that comprises such a Large proportion of the population As do the italians in Bristol should have greater representation in the Council. They Are demanding that one of their race be appointed to succeed or. Headley. If senator Grundy wants to return to the Council there is no question about the Welcome he would get. But or. Grundy is reported to be uninterested in View of his Long interest in the Community anti the fact that he is going to have More time from now on to tie vote to local affairs it is doubtful that he has any less interest now than in the past. He is Haiti to regard membership in the Council As being As High a local Honor As membership in the Senate is High As a National Honor. Somebody is going to he named to succeed or. Headley. Despite the various rumours about the Borough there Are those who Leel certain that it will be or. Grundy. Thanksgiving service Union thanksgiving service will be held this morning at 10.30 of clock in the presbyterian Church of our Savior. All the protestant churches will participate in the service. Mrs. Fay Schemery Well known throughout this part of the county has opened a dress shop at the Corner of Pond and Dorrance streets where she is specializing in Youthful dresses and hosiery

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