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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - November 27, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent has a larger prepaid circulation than any other paper lower Bucks county opened new Highway Waterways seer As necessity to nation the Grace of gratitude five cents the copy a sex mayor Moore of Philadelphia gives graphic picture at convention Iii Miami Fla. Mill Street business menus association announce plans tor the # selection of Winner three Money prizes the station a member refiners outlet company. Of the incentive to the beautifies of the show windows along Mill Street has been made by the Mill Street business menus association a till the announcement that three prizes will be awarded for Hie Best examples of i the decorators arts first prize ,$25.00 second prize $15.00, third prize $10.00,. This particular contest is confined la Addith Ucic la Chilco Flarv entirely t0 the efforts expended upon m Ahu a a h l h la Winji Fadlia a Ulet do decorations of tile Mer chants windows take place december 4th. I lie automobile service station i the new state Highway at Pond and Mulberry streets was opened Vav essay with the usual business i ceremonies that accompany such move. Hie station which has let Een built upon the site formerly occupied by the old Pennsylvania Railroad Sta Mon is attractive Structure of u. J Brick. A Roadway swings from Iii with d he a Quot so a Highway enabling the Motorist or a i t to a aug Al is Thel pull away from the Rush of traffics Hoard he eighteenth and obtain the necessary equip Mont a Quot a i to Quot the. A. Tan tic or service Tepei ate ways association but my the service station is equipped at i Efy 1 f ilm hotel Over i with Many gasoline tanks order a Biscayne. To accommodate any Rush Peak Richir toil Coolidge a endorse the important artery of traffic of lne arrangement of the Asj parking space has been provided for i Socin a tin a Maill Al ii i letter for i Many cars and rest rooms for Auto it c�,vci1 1 Tho . A Complete greasing service is address of j. Hampton Moore. Included among the facilities of the j id it 01 the organization were establishment. A lira a a a Kilts of the opening sesion. Thanksgiving Day is a Day implies the giving of i Hanks b is a National Holiday St t apart tor that which the name to Hod for the no by blessings of life a Day whop. F quote Republic Earth As Forto a pc a re a it p "h0 to Quot a enough our race a wac to 3 t v<00 Iniz ii Quot a Quot a of our greatness Init we no a Etc be vet from that National arrogance and Pride is preceded the downfall of gratitude this Day Bolo Aget ii lint half of Senate a hich have a a cd a ions the past. Cull imm i t t a Fri 1< ban ii blessed us fans a to to to Quot Quot t it Struc Pari Quot s a Quot Ltd Ood Christ a of pc that of i i o ii ,. To �>6 observed that the snit f i due gratitude May possess our souls. 1 gratitude is Mere thou a Flower of or Seniora. I. L it lire i is one of noblest Tho a pm a i a a or to ing-8 cd a a. Is rating gracious of the one who Ere re of a to a a a Hor it is a a Quot it posing sex Ord Soli f a companies with such Ned sat stat a a Al the duly it funnily rewarded by the per 3tahy attend annual Fidelity Council banquet inc ii i j Council. To. 21. Prater pm i Abiotic americans held ii it hey third Annua banquet Iii i la Des flail a cd need a y night. One of Ilie largest gatherings to Amend such a function were Falt to listen to the speakers and to pal i Pate the major assemblage a a the year. I following elaborate dinner go members tool part a grand i much. Then Boron Green offered invocation. The Minim Twenty five of fifty members the Dresse Harrisburg near end of terms a Many to seek re election prominent local couple his letter the president said a we have the streams Aud Iii mutely they will by improved tor i service. They can develop both transportation and Power. They v. Iii be completed for longer hauls and intersecting routes they will of formanes it net like the and painful but Ai tended with practice of Many other Virtues difficult inv. 0 5 a neb pleasure that there is no Dos the Cru Quot to u Law Quot Quot it Aid up for it pm Quot leu Quot of Quot Quot Ulrop a i Khalif seation ii acc a Pun i is it. Livery individual stances Haft Remet Bing to be principal adult g evening were Given by c go a Siuy members at. W. Erin ser state Council 3 Ami William Freeman jr., past rate councilor. After Tho addresses and the annual m Sost sir or �1 a War. A a musical mix up by those to seek re election Rome and Davis. Then followed a go of songs by miss Conise Bohn Brooks Aud Smith entertained i 5 a Luicians throughout this county Vav Aile a hat v Erh it Circum j Lake a would find the judging will j old miss Beatrice Bracken and or. Ser i to assure Complete Justice to the i ,. Various contestants Burgess c. L. I 1 Eleison Mamed pres Anderson has been asked to select Ai Neutral staff of three judges. this manner the work of each individual decorator will Ieese Ive fair and unprejudiced by Terian Church wednesday afternoon the. Treatment j presbyterian Church Rev. Henry m. Also it will furnish More Competition Hartmann pastor of the Church among the prospective marriage a Well known the Art of window decorating has and popular couple. The contract a own rapidly the past ten years j lug parties were miss Beatrice end at Meson a splendid outlet Bracken and or. Merrill Detlefson. For Ai i Isi i display. Without a i Lii Acken wore a Brown crepe doubt window decorations can add de Chine dress and a to match or detract that stores individual she was attended by her sister. Miss by and at Nae Ive Ness. Little won Emily Bracken who wore cigarette Der then that much time and Money coloured crepe de Chine and Brown ate devoted to obtaining Well Salatte hat. Or. James Brooks acted the Marphis Shest Man. The Allah the Mill Street merchants As Mal one and Titer past years will concentrate their of j it it a est Iines the the of after a trip of leu Days duration arms the Quot Decora me Happy pair will take up their t ions of this Holiday Are splendid residence the new Home just Creel. ,.note Nail for harmonized Decora u the the reds and greens with the j for lend Here having been born and cd cml a Ulett Quot a i Quot a a t the Ever Foo Channel greens of Holly of Trees form a for the merchants ares. Of the late Robert bracket who i08t More Sara a was info Sta Tuiai sized so that All sections of i file country would derive advantage from i hem. A ii is Gratifying to note a growth of Antii Irenr favouring the eo-Ordina-1 lion of various Means of Poi a Tion the rail Iii Highway and Rue waterway. Each of these has 11-dered a dint Hun s Rice. A they Cain a it rid a a greater service More sat f lying to the produce Ami to tile cd mum Ras Well As to the shipper i it Mady to assist rather nun of kit Sei each while the delegates were Disap-1 to cd because of the presidents inability to attend the convention they were Volt i pleased with the sentiments expressed by him with reference to Tho importance of Taliej nation s a Atef ways. the l option of congressman j. Charles Linthicum of Maryland it was decided grateful for. A surprising number of Hies Are some people who Are so sad Ilia As though they were pain. We once i a hard Luck grou h that it it catch it or if if rained broiled lock jaw so lie iou id or i Cal it of a Verja one ii Lime were i a Wity Marks aim Olever jokes. St Ite Are already Active fur m 1.1.4 i a 11 y i id was the pianist i 1 a a a k the \ a Loup senatorial can t t acres preparation for the Prim rugs to count. Vet i a re every time they laugh they look once heard of a Man who had such rained soup head net have a bucket Steak he would i i to and general elections next 11 suffering from of persons that gratitude stirring up their slug numerous things be thankful enough to recognize them. Pm us Meillou a first there is life itself la Jive you Ever stopped a Hie of life is ii ii bound i is Possi by it most pm de Are ii Vin vent Zir r Tho of hot a 9-i Quot nor it inf. Being Lei unused and under doped with the that largeness of soul and bigness proper development of our latent and use the life clod has there Are thousand state. Vjio never have die thrill of Kish hearts. Dear a it ads is Piliere Are tor of we Stop Ping a few. I con i Krile ales year. Vvbsnaieiusenat0r Clai <1 Buck my ii who Iii appear for renomination and reelection at the next primaries j and elections May and november has outlined plans for his Campaign. Hochy a proposal yet is Little or no comped carriers go a t it oppose the inc Tim Bent but then the political full work i premature. Many other sections representative would make season is que ii f oui look which Lovely. Ali Ink Given you. Fin Ltd Oil i a vhf it loss of Only coned a with a god von have if it bes ice it Cool however a a tin Battles arc to be expected by a Nav of the incumbents who Are out ,. ,. To Send the president a were no invited Telegram of appreciation of thanks. Or. Moore a address by Nill address or. Moore la. It the. ,. Of work. . I ? 12,it t till Quot a Quot Quot Quot a Quot Quot tur a Quot let i a. a. Blan to hav Ltd to Job Joan As a a it you a. I. B some other Fellows Job. Vork j. Law of lire. Torlin. Is death. The . To a a who do not have to work they Lead god you can wok. Inaction is decaying Lac Are those miserable empty life. Thank lastly thank god thai you Ai Ruch a Noble religious heritage As Lize to your consecrated Moi her a i it t be a Mere consumer of Washington Lins been told by representative to to a ,1u mlcuindtnt3 Quot to Are out Bock of Kam a. The runners would 1 r. It lec it the Lucerne it it i a cd Al a organization of ,. A Sil Iez the Joyce Gallagher a Bon Raj Roo delivery mail service n0t Jik by to a Quot it it Ort. Aga would save the Jouvor Nyimi Quot to is aspiring to "2 �,ooo.00 1 a ear. I other term. Therefore it expect a 1 Bat quite a Battle will be impound _ applied to Jig to that locality. I Clit ii. Us postal deficit or As it of. Ihli Iua to. I. S Albert Davis of Luck Anna guilty will have a fight his hands with whatever opponent is placed against him by the element headed by judge George w. Maxey. Of course the Combine Rule "�?~"7 Fnu etl for a number of years As bookkeeper River thru Luau oily Laure land Brancher t0l. The Bristol company. Can a to Delaware Rin a splendid background a file Bracken is known s the Sist i is i approaches about a chants wares. a own As the sister Baltimore and Norfolk. Concluding it m Litti i .1 j. The late Robert Bracken w to lost or Finni c Anius ,.n hot a ulat a life him late a world g2 be v to Niiori a it 11 is alias a Pai and who the local american leg noon what has tubular Ray attractive one from the i inn prot i a artistic ale named a Ireci. our Wor a u privilege to live a nation with mis. I owe More than you Roa Ltd i to the religion is. It a a cased. A us values Tho Community be a Leal Charity Mony. As the world ale not tines but the people who enjoy the benefits of religion by. Produce them. Ii is a v i ii g con i <1 or As cd to extending tie Rural delivery service to sections now no mail Carriage. It hat irks Tho Farmers is that Tho Rui i mail carriers who work Only Anrce or Lour hours a Day earn much Rue to i a Lime incl i than they do. Although they a a Phu 5�, by big Vale or. I rein Dinv to sill.-. I f 1 1 Hua Delphia and a Slicker Quot a a lame will to to the polls solidly for re j a producer Fie is Cir. Ilochi cd it ii of r Day by men. Proposes i i the i Iii Ai Church nothing to present rout s were Laid nay sgt or. Detlefson has been connected artistic Angle the awarding of prizes to the Best dressed windows is innovation ii business methods Here. It is prob ably the first Tine that such methods a a to been a used offic a a Here among 1 schools Quot the Many friends of both usefulness the local storekeepers. The Mill Street business menus As striation have Long forseen the value of window decorations. the Pas i two years the changes of store fronts along this thoroughfare lids been quite Radical. Also the character of display has been changed for the better thereby offering a More liar ions effect. Such activity the part of this local organization is to be lauded the members have worked faithfully and arduously for the betterment o the association. A better business Section meant better business and Bettsey business Means added Prosperity not Only Foi the merchants but also for the town As a whole. There is nothing More capable of showing the wealth and Prosperity of a City than the scale of business. Congratulate ourselves been accomplished is not dope it will. Hot be finished until hic Chain is Many years with the same company Complete. Even then we must carry Anil actins editor for upwards of Oil for winds and tides shift the two years. Or. Detlefson was born Sands and channels change Neith anti educated Here the Bristol or we nor those who come after us i i.,a a ican <1u�?T1 be Jhb. Maintenance goes wish for a Long life of usefulness former. Maintenance can no land happiness. Move be avoided Rivers and bar. Bors than railroads w Hose Quot equip non minut do ii Iun his ment runs Devn a re a Homes cd Usu i cult 2 dil Tymu Ull th0 people whore Tho daily bread must be provided. It is eternal three tax issues i _ 11outing ovation the conclusion of j his address. Or. Oore r to has Cut estate rate opposed renewal been president of Tho i Zeij Hon a 4. A a it a t j since inception and who was z of attempt to raise income consistent Champion or Tho water i ways cause during Tho Many Yea a j Jill Congress is concede i by All those attending i at Itu de. A a a a polls solidly for a senators Salus Patton and Krausa min. Who Are out for renomination. Nothing definite has been Learned oui j from this Section concerning the of re Ike disposition to be cd really Kepi a earlier Busy of the Day. Hi.-4 aulos Bih at a Woodward Independent but it i. A a m Topaum iodine now a is More than Likely that the vane a r Quot i a Teresa win see lha it Woodward is a a j a 1 a Uoc Hun Given some or my Ilion Gold to Turk off a Day a Durrf me. This zip stun has been asked a a a but tin politicians have Ittis i it. Pretend that the some opposition. Lehigh. Hli mrm Payette _ counties Schantz Quigley and. Blown appear to have smooth sailing their various races. these postal a or Lorie s Wei a not duo to the a Al a i it 0t anal ail5 Siim Aba term Date. Noth no a out to unduly Low rates upon news medians Best comedy dream be shown Here next monday tuesday and wednesday to c communications exemption foreseen t Barite Clun pm i new tin i old hush a coming to Forrest theatre next monday a i <�?~li3 and wednesday is Anontine a comedy drama with a Story j laughter and tears and of Hpe j erred. It is a rugged Story with spectacle of a valiant weakly pie do the ties of defile convention to be Hie is Pettack 1 a a a Xhani weakling began to Best posted Man the Waterways a 7�?Tu i a i i this Litin blizzard gather the political horizon Toda it question the i listed states. Not to threaten the peaceful passage of sesion this was1 Gold Rush a brings Ciutti the new tax legislation. Brief because of the non appearance o ii a pm i ii to the Topmost Peak of by the action of the committee yes scheduled speakers who have been dazzling it a a 1. Iii work Iii delayed rout by reason of Rall it Badure will place him secure a late mrs. Annie Booz buried Here wednesday mrs. Anne chamber widow of the late Frank Booz was buried monday afternoon at the Home or. And mrs. Robert c. Ruehl 325 Mill Street. Mrs. Booz died at the Home of her daughter mrs. Arthur Phillips wife of Rev. A. Phillips pastor of a Philadelphia presbyter Ian Church. The funeral services were conducted by her son Law. Bearers were David Phillips Aith Phillips Harry Bishop and John Chambers. Burial took place Iii St. James churchyard. The deceased was a daughter of or. And mrs. John Chambers who kept the grocery store at the Corner of Market and Cedar streets for up wards of 50 years. Mrs. Chambers parents were both life Long member. Of the presbyterian Church and or. Chambers helped the first pastor to Lay the bricks for the Wall of the old Church. Imp. Chambers was also one of the trustees of the Church for Many years. Mrs. Booz always at tended the presbyterian sunday school and lived Bristol until after the time of her marriage with or. Frank Booz. She was a conscientious and Loving Mother. Tin Large attendance at the services and the Many Beautiful Floral Token gave evidence of the esteem which the deceased was held. One daughter. Anna was married to William c. Burns son of the late diaries by \ of the late Charles Burns of the Nesb Pierian Church. Or. William c. Hums died some two years ago Dayton Ohio. Mrs. Booz is survived by three daughters mrs. We. C. By us airs. Arthur Phillips and mrs. Harry Bishop. Ter Day voting to nullify the 192 4 estate tax increase raised the Prospect of Strong opposition the floor of the House and Senate. The wets Are preparing to combat the proposal to use the Federal lax big Power to Check the flow of ill Gai Beer Eastern states. I renewal of the attempt to raise i k the income tax exemption to $5900 was forecast by a disclosure of new Treasury figures stowing the High Cost of collection of the tax Sinai j amounts. Road congestion this part of the country. The convention was formally opened with the singing of patriotic hymns anti invocation offered by Rev. J. L. White pastor of the first j Bapt isl Church Miami. Belli of mayor Romph. Who is Havana with mayor elect Walker of new York til delegates Vel joined by City manager Frank la. Wharton. The amazing growth of this fastest St Pant mimic of All the recorded estate tax Cut opposed it became known today that hot administration opposed the commit i growing City thy country was outlined by e. J. Sewell president of the Miami chamber of Commerce. Rev. Arthur Phillips and the Paim teens decision yesterday w till regard observe thanksgiving to estate taxes the ground that it j rav f. Adf v uror 1 not Only greatly complicated the adj Ajax lil flir ministration of the Law but would i great time. Tilts Story of Tim alaskan a interwoven with All the cd Fate that Well can Tome to i one who is typical of life ainu it. Lading Clit goal Ami inching Shadow Dis, with the Paine expression that Only a Chaplin can i Wear is a Story crowned with lie Iii Jarv of Enterprise and tile tilt ii a ii y of it this Cairn by Urania tragedy of the a task a. Of bygone Days is called Chil Pirn s greatest picture for two reasons it is said to represent his Inbi Lle Eimil and artiste growth fresh i Horn his dramatic Triumph a a Avo a to the citizens of Bristol i there seems to be prevalent w rang impression As to the wort and purpose of rho salvation Arnn Bristol which i think it no Moi my Mir should by explained every one should know of tin worthy place the salvation army a. Secured before the Public a or gun i Zug j Ion that seeks tiny moral Ann spiritual uplift of those who Are often looked Down upon by so lieu and of the splendid results that have been accomplish dec i is familiar Iii my that during go a a a they found a permanent place m Tho Avreet ions of men of the Ormy Ami Navy and with the help old. I hacking of one of our largest benevolent organizations they a com dished much Good. I a erroneous idea Bas been abroad that Iii coming to Bristol they desire that the Woi is of Charity which have been done by the Val ions Organ Izar urns should be turned Over to them and the Money which has been expended by these different Organiza Oins should be turned int a Treasury of the salvation army i his is a mistake Rica such a plan even id be presumptuous. The salvation army takes units a it re Bristol with she one Iii a of being Pon pan. S and magazines. J a Quoter Montgomery county sea Stu a1 politicians Congress a1 atg1 Stites the favorite Zon appears ways have been afraid of the Rural it having real opposition Iii the mail carriers. Knowing everybody Iii persons of former senator James s. Him Countryside through visiting find representative Burd p. Their houses daily with the mail ill vails hey ate supposed to control votes 1�?o Blair and Bedford counties Cie my ii to beat any congressman sen a ors Snyder and. Derrick also who tries to make them do a Day App a Azupar to have Stern Battles Filiti 0.1 of i ii ant u ? it w irk Fen a Days pay. Congressman Hook is a rash Man who dared to fight it out with the Rural mail Carrier.-. When the realm postal pay Bill was up giving the carriers several Hundred dollars a year Mere under cover of a new mileage arrange mint or. Ilochi a took Ahi i it i it them by opposing forces. Others who stand a Good Chance of pulling through despite Strong candidates a Phipps of Venango. Miller of Crawford Sones of by clip a a 8 and latins of York. The latter to. Being democrats. A summary of the candidates re political Iii i hands a and Veals that half of the membership of Voiad against the Hill. Being one olt the state Senate will be elected at if by. Members to do so. Genera elections next novem tio tested the sentiment his a it or. Six of the Twenty five a Dis re to see w Lief her the Kansas democrats. Far liners supported him. He rent out j a list of the senators whose term letters. A flood of replies is expire follow coining . All except a few pm 42 44 Nan of Paris a and secondly it Nom set the welfare of i lie it Hie ire Gamut of human Emu a mean c toss of Revenue running High i Bristol spent a quiet thanksgivi into the millions. Representative j it no yesterday. As Ide f. Oui Hie ton Green of Iowa chairman of Thermo ice of Tho protestant churches committee also opposed the action111 the Catholic churches the. And has reserved the right to cont 1 were no other c o enemies for Ibene his opposition the floor of Holiday. House. He takes the position that the chief result of the committee�?T., action will be a gift of Many Mill ions of dollars to the beneficiaries of Large estates of poisons who died Iii the afternoon the Bristol a. A. Furnished athletic pastime tor the sport fans a hotly Coati ated Grid game with the Frankford steel Lac lie t s. Many persons of athletic i Lions the blended Panorama of life Tarn the Subtle and vital essence of it the Dei cat and the Victory Ami growth of a sol 11 struggle. Anil through All the picture Charlie has not forgotten the children. There is a tenderness Iii the Little comedian for the children of the nation. They were his first admirers and Well lie knows it. It was their j response that led him to lame and Fortune. And always Iii the making immunity i ritually morally and human ways and believes that the smaller Popov Tuniya nun be Tho unusually Torim d Barite Dei i o condition Coch it Fie satisfied to administer Materia help wit ii my t i Cril v larg the period covered by the 3 92 4 act. ,. .#11. Estimates of the probable loss of j1 Rair of mind but not quilt Ai abit comedy a Eon Sitters them. Revenue from the committees pro j101 enough to attend the local Grin and Sci ii .4 iou of be hard postal widely vary because of the Jinn oat tie. Remained a heme alter Lur sourdough. Chaplin presents Cie fact that no accurate figures the their heavy thank living do biography of a life with i i v is cod. Lid s rat s i a a Prospect of Ai Diimig som a y to it t he up it to a i life c 1 to u by. Fri re desire to id. Upon work a it any organization nor r i hat the charitable funds of a of Gaizat Ion to from tin Raicos for Winch they arc i. But it Doc conic win ready to it Philadelphia District. F 2�? Samuel w. Salus a Ltd it. \ dwar Ltd Viz. Patton rep. 6�?George Woodward rep. 8 Thaddeus s. Krotish rep. Allegheny 08 Siax g. Leslie rep. 40�?cad a i Lader jul. Barr rep. Morris Einstein rep. William d. Mansfield rep. Tent h District a Bucks Clarence j. Buckling ii rep i Vav Elf t ii j lot let a Montgomery pm Etc he r w. Ratites rep. Fourteenth District pm Bon Monroe Pike and Wayne Harvey Huffman dem. Sixteenth Lehigh a Horace a i Schantz rep. . And Mes. Edgar Spencer l eighteen uhf Northa Rapton Harry entertain at card party Twentier a Rueme part amp a aaa k. Dewitt dem. It a. And mrs. Edgar Spencer Twenty second Lackawanna. Al t rained at then Homo madison1 l Davis rep. monday evening. The j Twenty fourth a Columbia Mon j1 too a played and favors i tour Lycoming. Sullivan Charles Given to mrs. Monroe Shipp. A. Sones. Dem. Twenty sixth Cameron. Clarion. Pm apically urge a thorough reorganization. The average pay of the Rural mail Carrier is $2800 a year and Hie average Rome is thirty Miles it can be love cd Tolpy a motorcar a few hours. A a better pay than farming a was the note struck most of Tho re plus to or. Hoc ii. Fanner wrote that he had figured he would have to invest $60,000 ill land and he and his wife would have to work theft 1 hours a Cay to to Jun As much a a the Rural Carrier does his morning rounds i of Hie Farmers wrote thai the Carrier finished his delivery but lift a. M., and engaged Iii another of u Pat k the list of the Day. W. Operation of the 1924 estate tax Aili a Hsu gird rates it Are yet available. Some arc As he Oil game 01 Low As $ ,000,000 and others run As"1�?T broadcast. High As $20,000,000. Be ode a ii Gal Holiday the Sabbath pc Ace fat ii ties. Many from Here attend Lulu dinner and dance inn and comedy. Complete Mil regard . to Hie inn a or j understanding and sympathy. And Ethel contests that j while the pathos and sufferings of j the characters Art converted into. >1 May no town j laughter Thiv is linked to. The Piecul turn a Chain of trag quiet Holiday Appet e. The Banks Ady that is rail veil by the great co were clo a d were the Mills and j median s Ribald business est a by Osbment s. Ii was a quiet Day. Ii a rial works a Ayva to can scr a. Niza Ion i Hall Creed or any i divid ii can Servo Cial stand la tin Opinio ii of Many a no citizens to ult there b room and need were Mirk Anna Keeler. Or. Theodore Roper and or. A. C. Foltz. pm guests present were or. And or. Al rot Shipp or. And mrs. Cedric Jarvis. Mrs. Earl Lynn or. J rid mrs. Theodore Roper or. And mis. George Irwin or. And mrs. Harrison Leek. Mrs. William Stroe Chin. Miss Nancy Beaton alias Mastery of pan Tom 1. ,. A Tim y neat . Aids it _ my la i a then Guuyn Franks or. Samuel Shire. Appeal form. Ami mrs. Wesley Spencer. Or Imam to Curry . I a a i Fiat Harry Mclaughlin. Or. And mrs v Hgt Claas let. N charac pm. C. Fxliz. Richard s. Quigley a York Harry e. Family re Union dinner the Fucks county to Dep Dent the proper advertising to. Hum to reach Hie better class of purchasers. Clarence Chamberlain. \ do he Lulu automobile club of Philadelphia gave a dinner and entertain at thanksgiving Fiance thanksgiving Day Tho Brookline country club Delaware c county. The Bristol attendants were or. And airs. Louis Girton amiss a covers Natalie Girton air. And airs. Frank borne Pfeifer or. And airs. John s air. And airs. George Irwin Anc civil service examination for fireman her to rial i win re. Val Ion i re i the army of 1 were a Laid for i ii i the uni Ted states civil. Service the comm ism ii non be open com.mmr- no of quoth to bad a Ian a a Peti Ivy examination 2 Quot j j or Quot i try a a a 1 Lely at us int fireman at Tho local Post office id ii. dinner. This december 23rd. Inquire at Post of included car of knives of the , for further particulars torts else id we Rich has made the Sal a a my a by word i a Slu Coin War. This Appeal will Fame to the individual but it is desired that it shall Perr City dear Ilia there is no thought of antagonism of opposition to any exist work for the help of our people. Very truly James j. Bingham. Washington Fost 789 Clinton. Forest rep. Twenty eighth latins dem. Thirtieth a Blair Huntingdon a Plymouth by. Snyder rep. Thirty second Fayette Guy a. Brown rep. Thirty fourth Center Clearfield William i. Betts dem. Thirty sixth a Bedford Fulton Somerset George a. Derrick rep. Forty a i x t he Greene. Wash i it George b. Sprawls dem. Forty eighth Venango Warrens to hold banquet mar.8ha11 a a blips rep. Fiftieth Crawford Mercer Frank tile members of Washington Camp so of p. O. S. Of a., Are planning tor a Good time and a Fine banquet tuesday evening. December p. Miller rep. Or. And airs. Joseph h. Spencer of Madison Street entertained at i trades h ill Wood Street inn Anks giving dinner or. And or. A i s Hail \. Ood St met. Bring Wesley Spencer and daughter and a v Quot a a you the . And mrs. Edgar

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