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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - November 25, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Mcvie Independent carries a greater volume of paid advertising than Bristol a two other newspapers combined there a a reason in fact several reasons. Jill. That to of name i Halle she Independent toadies to no sect or Creed it stands boldly in defence of the Downtrodden whether they be jew or Gentile. Vol. 2.�?no. 21.Bristol. A. Friday. November 25, 1921. Five cents the copy a deeper Delaware Donnelly makes personality Felt at recen1 Savannah convention Bristol girl close to presidents wife Trenton a aggressive mayor gains do not smoke new honors in his efforts to improve Delaware Valley Pauline week Winterstein assisted last at fair in with mrs. Harding Washington on trolley cars Bristol delegates were very much impressed new Jersey ship canal will soon be realized thanks to the untiring efforts of this Man which a land tie his Liere Are riders who object to it they Are within their rights delegates returning to their Homes in Bristol new Jersey and this Section of Pennsylvania who were in attendance at the fourteenth annual convention of the Atlantic deeper Waterways association held Iii Savannah Georgia last week Are enthusiastic in their Praise of mayor Frederick w. Donnelly of Trenton tor his splendid advocacy and activity in behalf of the projects that Are included in the general plan of he great Inland waterway Chain. From All accounts he was the outstanding figure of the convention sessions the human Dynamo that generated the agility and vigor made this years gathering Mark of accomplishment Iii tory of the association. Persons attending the convention from this Section were also amazed at the great popularity which the Trenton executive enjoys in the Southland. He was lionized on All sides and was the guest of Honor at a dinner arranged by the City authorities of Savannah. Mayor Donnelly a Triumph in this i expect is unmistakable evidence of the position of importance he holds in National affairs. He is undoubtedly one of the country a most widely known Public officials and his years of activity and Stren Rosity in disseminating waterway propaganda has made his name familiar to a vast majority of the nations citizens. There perhaps never has been a better known or More apostle of waterway development. Recognizing More than Twenty years ago the latent possibilities for economic advantage and commercial expansion that would be born with the Advent of improved navigable Waterways mayor Donnelly whole j heatedly dedicated himself to the cause and has since been an inde-1 fat Gable worker in support of All worthy waterway projects. He was largely responsible for the j organization of the Atlantic deeper Waterways association and since its inception has served continuously As its vice president. The live wire Trenton executive likewise conceived and brought to a material i laity Tho Trenton Philadelphia new York deeper Waterways association which organization was immeasurably responsible for the consummation of the Delaware rivet Channel project from Philadelphia to Trenton. Mayor Donnelly showed Las Mettle a tenacious fighter for those which he believes in the that brought about the Delaware River a improvement. When the mayor first espoused the development of the upper Delaware lie not Only met with scepticism but outright opposition from the Gigantic interests that have always com hatted Waterways improvements in order to conserve a monopoly of the nations transportation business. Undaunted Donnelly single handed waged the fight for years and gradually rallied to his sup Poti Many of the people who originally classed him As a visionary dreamer. Time and time again he invaded the Halls of Congress in furtherance of the Delaware a development and by his commanding arguments and fearless denunciation of selfish interests eventually won the Battle. For the past few years he has been just As aggressively engaged in lighting for the new Jersey ship canal the most important link in the whole intr coastal project which is to connect the two Mammoth poits of new York and Philadelphia. Donnelly a Campaign in this Regald is nearly Over and again he Wil returned a Winner. The state new Jersey has already pledged it sen to buy the right of Way and Board of army engineers of War department has favourably unintended the project to Congress. It is his Long career of Active service and tangible accomplishment 11lat has made new jerseys capital City executive the cynosure of National attention and spread his fans broadcast throughout the country. His is an unusually forceful Chai actor and his determination combined with a magnetic personality Are the traits that have the waterway movement Leader who once started beatable. No Waterways convention be Worth a Picayune minus Donnelly As the delegates who attended Savannah meetings Wrell know address on a new jerseys Waterways was one of the most Brilliant features of the entire convention and the spontaneous enthusiasm which his likeable aggressiveness inspired made itself Felt in the heart and mind of every Delegate. As one prominent Philadelphia Delegate remarked during the course of the convention a without Donnelly Tim waterway movement would still to get in swaddling clothes for his Wise the residents of this Community and especially those who make frequent use of the trolley cars should be glad that a Man of the character of Minot j. Hill is at the Helm of the management of the local company. This is written at this time id emphasize the fact that or. Hill is leaving no Stone unturned to Abate Hie a smoking nuisance a complained a in a recent Issue of this paper in an Oplt n letter written by one of our readers. Since the above letter was printed in the Independent a letter of an Edgely citizen was soul to the Board of Public utilities at Harrisburg asking that they use their efforts to have smoking on local trolleys stopped. The Hoard immediately communicated with the local officials and or. Hill to prove to his riders those of them who have been in the habit of smoking that their practise was not Only offensive hut a violation of a state statute had a copy of both letters printed on a card folder which he has passed out to his rulers under a front and rear Page caption a please do not smoke on the the letter that appeared in the Independent was posted on the bulletin Hoard in the rest room of the employees at the trolley office every operator of a car was Given orders to Stop smoking and now that this folder has been distributed at no Little expense it would seem that or. Of As Hill has done All within the Power of a human to do to Abate a nuisance which is offensive to Many. In order to assist the manager to bring about the desired end the in energetic dependent also requests All car riders to consider the feelings of others and help the Road management to rid its cars of smoking by conforming to the request of the Road manager. Miss Pauline Winterstein surely will have cause to Long remember her present visit in Washington. On armistice Day miss Winterstein attended the burial in Arlington cemetery and to quote the Young lady a the Jam of autos waiting outside to carry the owners Home beggars description. The cars stood five abreast and in rows As far As the Eye could reach in two directions. Failing to find the car her friends sin walked Home a Many had to do. Quot the holding of a fair by tile Baldwin Mccoy or it of City club. Of Washington was another important Factor in helping to entertain the Young lady in question. Mrs. Paul Whitney whom she was visiting was in charge of one of Tho Booths. At this Booth president Harding a wife assisted for a Short time so that miss Winterstein was not Only introduced and Felt the Friendly hand shake hut had occasion to come into closer Contact with the first lady of the land than in a formal introduction and to meet her As a Plain woman and As a citizen. During the Progress of Hie fair it was miss Pauline a privilege to meet and shake hands with the Throe indians who were present in Washington. For the purpose of laying the head dress on tar casket of the unknown Soldier miss Winterstein met and talked with eleven representative women of the nation was present at the laying of the Corner Stone of a congressional memorial a a Laid by Vivianne and mrs. Rimrock. Who alone raised $1,000,000 of dollars for the Enterprise. Shaking hands with the War mothers was another privilege granted. And still another was the seeing of Balfour Vivianne lord Grey lord Beatty Focoli Diaz and a score of other noted men. Perhaps the most Beautiful spectacle seen while on this memorable trip was the electric display of the a Tower of Annex Harriman to Bristol so suggests a business Man move a most progressive one elks give novel favors at thanksgiving eve dance the pretty reception Hall of the elks clubhouse on Radcliffe Street was comfortably ailed with a merry throng of dancers on wednesday evening in Celebration of the eve of thanksgiving Day. The affair which was thought of at the last moment and rushed to a conclusion proved attractive and , owing to the tireless activity of the committee in charge. Tile favors were indeed novel particularly the paper hats that were distributed the latter being pictured replicas of turkeys chickens and animals of every description. Playground ass0. Pun annual dance government will be forced to make disposition of improved streets schoolhouse sewers and water connections to be held in St. Marks Hall during january. Favourable reports received at fall meeting sneak thief Busy in courier building makes two visits to apartment of Robert j. Grahame Sigo Liberty Bond taken Turkey fair to continue tonight and saturday eve Community club to dance nov. 28 new Tullytown organization for educating girls to hold affair in their new quarters an things in Campaign be of the the rec l i girls Community club has been moved into its new Home at the old Post office building and will hold a thanksgiving dance for the members on monday november 28th. The men and women of this place who Are interested in this movement Are looking Forward to a great social Ain to the Community in Many ways. The line of work to he taken up will he the teaching of the children to sew Crochet and knit. The smaller girls will he taught to hem towels for Kitchen and bathroom use to be sold As a financial Aid to the club. The older girls and women will he instructed in cutting fitting and sewing As Well As the Art of lace making to trim the garments. Two sewing machines have been donated As Well As tables chairs Hooks and other things. Financial Aid has been Given by several of the prominent men and women of the town and More has been promised. The leaders of the movement Are hoping to make it a self supporting institution in the near. Future As half th1 pleasure in such things is the earning of them. After the holidays. Made to take up Tho Aid to tin sick Aud How to Bandage in to lectures will he Given on these subjects by a physician. The girls will he Given a course Iii cooking for the sick and the simpler necessary knowledge of the sickroom. A Christmas fair will he held about the twentieth of december when plenty of Dainty inexpensive Homey Little gifts will be on Sale. Llie Turkey fair of no. I fire company will he continued tonight and tomorrow night As there Are a number of Birds yet to he disposed of. The fire laddies raffled off one Hundred turkeys and geese up to closing time wednesday evening but As there Are still a number of turks that have been purchased for the occasion on hand who were not fortunate enough to win one will be two More evenings in which to try their Luck. New a Fox terriers on wild rampage Start free for All fight along Lincoln Avenue last week end. Battler taken to cooler there is a mean sneak thief somewhere in the Vicinity of the apartments Oer the daily courier who has on two separate occasions entered the living rooms of Robert j. Graham one of the tenants and on each occasion stolen articles of value tin first visit rewarding the thief with a Hundred Dollar Liberty Bond. Or. Graham and the police who investigated the robberies Are satisfied As to the identity of the marauder but for Lack of evidence Heil hands Are tied and for the time being there will he no prose a coition hut they Are hading their j time and unless the articles taken j Are returned they will undoubtedly he Able to fix the blame on the guilty party. Or. Graham who held a responsible position in the shipyard when it was functioning has not been employed for some time and mrs. Graham teaches school in Harriman. Every afternoon about three of clock or. Graham takes his car and drives j out to meet his wife and the thief was evidently aware of this As Entrance to the Flat on both occasions. Was made during the Short space of time it takes to drive up to the Harriman school and return. It is mighty strange that the Light fingered one could time their movements so exactly As to get in and out without the knowledge of the other two families whose apartments open in the same Entrance hallway. The first \ Iselt resulted in the theft of to Liberty Bond which was taken from a Bank Hook whore it was kept. Strange As it May seem. There were two other Honda of a like in Tho same Book envelope. Hut they were folded Over and 4he thief in an average of 350 children a Day were kept Busy and Happy in Bristol s playgrounds during th1 3031 season. A most successful summer at both playgrounds was reported at the regular fall meeting of the playground association held at the Home of the president mrs. W. E. Dodd on thursday evening november 16th. Miss Jane Rogers reported a total attendance of 6369 children at the Washington Street playground during july and August an overage of 150 a Day while miss Mabel Thompson reported that 9825 children attended tile Bath Street playground or 204 daily. This is a total increase of Over 2500 As compared with the record for the 1920 season. Why cannot Bristol be benefited by this move Beauty contest won by miss Mary Breslin t in feature of the 1921 season was the Selling of milk to the children during the morning. This was reported to have been very successful. About 200 quarts of milk were sold during the summer at each playground and both playgrounds recommended that Tim milk he sold next year. The teachers reported that a very satisfactory Grade of milk was supplied by the milkmen and that Sra any undernourished children seemed to developed the milk drinking habit. After a discussion of Means of raising Money to support the playgrounds next summer it was decided to give a dance in St. Marks Hall during january 3 922. Friday january the 20tli was named As the tentative Date for this dance. So done to forget tin1 playground dance in january. Then you will have a Chance to do your share toward supporting this most helpful activity. The Winner of the Beauty contest it the Forrest theatre wednesday evening selected from among twelve members of the cast of a cheer up a was miss Mary Breslin who will he the a jazz baby of Tho american legion show. From the other contestants members of the Beauty chorus were chosen As Fellows misses Anna Sweeney Sarah Lake. Mary Jobson de Long Mary every citizen of this town should do their utmost to bring about this progressive step shout for it Kessi Liger Peggy Moore Isabella Mary Madden Edith Brit tan. Panel Zabeth Moore Helen Gulicki. Mabel Evans and a cheer up cast is rounding to form miss Delia Wright to fill leading feminine Roll in legion show miss Kilroy no will sing St. Marks Parish near their quota in drive for funds for House of Good Shepherd-�?$2285 subscribed�?$2500 aimed at endowed with a is unde would the his plans Are being study of a first injured a also and bruises. Boil 10.30 last saturday night Lincoln Avenue was the scene of a fracas Iii which the actions of the aggressors demonstrated that the so called Law of prohibition in that neighbourhood was a myth. Four members of a newly organized gang of a Fox terriers a banded together since the dry Law was put on the statute Hooks have made their Headquarters in the neighbourhood of hollow Creek and filling up regularly on a Hooch a that is reported plentiful in that neighbourhood. The above fracas started we Hen one of this gang endeavoured to in tor a residence on Lincoln Avenue. The Many a Entrance was resisted by the Man and wife of the household and a neighbor telephoned for the police. Officers commons Anil Kessenger responded and when Mccloskey of tin gang a told by officer commons he was under arrest he began to fight and assisted by the other a movies a and to the amusement of a Large gathering of the italian population of Lincoln Avenue a regular rough and Tumble their hurry did no take out the Book or they would have found these other two Bonds they simply appropriate the Bond whose ends stuck out from the envelope. In speaking of the robbery to neighbors and others or. Graham made known this fact and expressed his satisfaction that the Hook had not been taken out this fact must have in some Way come to the ears of the chief and they on their first Opportunity returned to get the Othel two Bonds. They did no to get them however As they Hail been put away for Safe keeping. They did get two lock boxes one of which contained $2 50 Worth of Stock of the err icon wheel co., of new York this Stock of course was cancelled at once so that nothing could be realized from its Sale on this second visit a Silver watch a Gold toothpick Case two rings and two bracelets we Ere taken. None of these articles of jewelry were of g ea1 value but they were valued by their owner mrs. Graham for the associations connected with them. If these Petty larceny amal Liers Are Wise. They will return everything taken from the Graham Home and by so doing save themselves from future prosecution. On sunday evening a final meeting for the ii rive for the House of the Good Shepherd will be held in the parochial school Hall when the committee Hope to wind up this worthy drive for funds with at least enough to make tilt quota St. Marks Parish set out to attain. So far Rev. Father Murphy pastor of St. Marks feels Well satisfied with tin result., now amounting to $2265.75. This amount has been contributed by 24 7 people of the Parish and sunday evening it is expected a final response from the gathering at s. Marks Hall will More than exceed the balance necessary to reach the final quota aimed at. Cinnamon buns Are winners in Bristol millions per year sold by two local bakeries Gratz and Boltz business menus Benefit will net about $150 Battle was indulged in. Leaving Mccloskey to fight it out with com Damond lost two years the Mill Street business men who put on the Benefit performance at the Forrest theatre on tuesday evening announce that the net profits of the affair will amount to approximately $150. Frank Green who engineered the affair should receive Tho major portion of the credit for the Success of the event although lie was ably assisted by a a Bohr Pearson and Louis dries. Tin1 fact that such a goodly sum Wras realized at this time should encourage others who wish to raise funds for really charitable purposes to try to route of a picture Benefit. Mons the rest of the gang entered their efforts on officer Kessenger. Hacking him up against a Wall and when the excitement was at its height members of the gang escaped. Chief Sackville with More officers arrived about the time the gang ran Ami learning the incipient riot was caused by too much a Hooch a he ordered his men to make a tour of every place of to suspicions Char Arter in tie neighbourhood which resulted in closing of every place where it has been reported booze might be secured along the Avenue. As a result the entire Section for the balance of the night was As dry As the desert of Sahara. How Long will it remain so Arthur Fine will again conduct gunning club found in Coal bin mrs. Horace Fleckinstein. Of new Portville Vas recently the Lucky finder of her own Diamond which she lost two years ago. One evening Early in the w Eek her husband failed to fix the Heater fire. And although not accustomed to do so. She went Down cellar for that purpose. As she stooped to open the lower door of the Heater something Bright at the base of the Coal bin attracted her attention. Hastily she darted for the shiny object and to her great Surprise and Delight she beheld the Diamond which she lost from an earring two years before. \ of at Xmas time and a cinnamon Bun Shower should occur what a scrambling time among the kids there would he. If a weeks output of two Bakers of Bristol were dumped at any crossing what Joy would arise among Hie youth and if the writer is not mistaken there would he a Good sprinkling of the grownup among the Crow d. The figures of this scalable article As reported by these two Bakers Theodore Gratz and c. Boltz arc most startling. At the Dor Raicic Street bakery it May he Learned thai or. Gratz for five Days in the wee k Sells fifty seven dozens a Day and on saturday eighty six dozens Art prepared for Sale. This Means the sum total distributed by this one store is foul thou. And four Hundred and fifty two Pei week or two Hundred and thirty of thousand five Hundred and four Fot one year. Or. Gratz stated that the weekly Sale of Jelly huns Gietl exceeded that of Hie cinnamon Bun another worker among flour or Boltz of Buckley Street made c. Hit two trucks crash on Edgely Pike dinner party of twelve councilman Arthur Fine who a few years ago successfully conducted a gunning club along Tho Bristol Pike below St. Marks cemetery has Reader Elip. Courageous Del ertl action i again leased ten acres of land there and ability to accomplish things and is having a clubhouse erected have been the stimulus to which the which doubtless will attract lovers Success of the program can be direct Jot the sport of shooting White flyers by traced.1 from City and suburban sections. Friday evening two Large Auto trucks Enro Ute to Philadelphia collided opposite the Home of real estate agent John w. Taylor at Edgely the Impact causing one of them to crash into a trolley pole which fell across or. Taylor a porch damaging the Woodwork and narrowly escaping breaking a window in the upper Story. The startling announcement that Sale of cinnamon buns for five the week was two Hundred and fifty dozens a Day and foul tonight at Fleckinstein a Hundred dozens on saturday making a total of weekly ales of Nineteen thousand eight Hundred making yearly distribution of one million Twenty nine thousand six twelve. I cinnamon buns. Or. And mrs. Horace Fleckinstein of new Portville will entertain a few friends at dinner this evening. Covers will he Laid for among those who will he present Are mrs. L. Vandegrift of Eddington miss Marian Vandegrift. Or. And mrs. Linford Cornell. Or. And mrs. Samuel Perkins of Beverly or. And mrs. Walter Leedom Hundred the Assembly of local Tab lit at the High school auditorium each even j ing for the past week who have been selected to take part in the musical j extravaganza a Cher up a december 1st and 2nd in the Forrest theatre for the Benefit of the american legion has proved most Gratifying to Jacob c. Schmidt or. Chairman of the entertainment committee and or. L. Evan Tappe who is instructing the gathering of Over 300 local thespians. Much experience in this line of work enables or. Tappe to judiciously elect Talent that fit Well the various parts they Are assigned to. In the matter of Solo and speciality work in the casting or parts the director has evidently made some very excellent selections judging from the manner the Talent responds to the rehearsal of their parts. When parts were first assigned the director later found it necessary to change characters to parts his experienced judgement found they would be More successful in rendering. These changes have happily been met with the players producing Roost Gratifying results which augurs Well for the Success of the production. Without doubt the rehearsals indicate so far that the people of Bristol will receive the Surprise of their live when a cheer up is presented by this towns Young folks in whom development of will be brought to the prising degree. Despite the appearance of the Ballet chorus in abbreviated costumes it is an assured fact that no feature of this musical revue. Will in the least warrant any criticism from the most sensitive minds on Observance of the strictest rules of modesty by the ballots rendition. Latest music and specialities along with sentimental and comedy parts will feature the program of a cheer up a that promises to he the hit of the season. In fact the show cont St Many of the latest a Broadway hits which have been cleverly grasped by the local Talent and rendered during rehearsals in a manner that will warrant a Sci earn at every Effort. In selecting a number Little tots for dancing parts two in particular Are showing wonderful Talent in the parts they have been elected for. Miss Evelyn Kook and miss Marion Rommel give Promise of an excellent showing in their interpretation of their Terp Schorran numbers. Miss Delia Wright a Yeoman of he world War and an enthusiastic worker for the Success of the local legion Post has been selected for he leading part in the revue and is proving an Able assistant to the director in the rehearsals. Miss Anita Kilcoyne who is so Well known feb Tecal music lovers needs Little in a reduction at this time except to a she is a member of the cast of a cheer and will As usual show qual results with her past Success s on the program with her several Uusi Eal numbers. John Ria by. With loiter and Moll will take the leading male parts and Donald Swartz will feature in Oriental dancing. Miss Margate Arnold Schmidt and Harold Lake Are on the Hill for the big comedy skit of the show. Which will he added to by the blackface comedians. Frank Phipps and Charles Catlike. Tickets Are on Sale everywhere and can he exchanged for reserved seats before the opening night of the show. Or. And mrs. William Boyd and daughter Are spending the thanks giving holidays with their Daugh ter or. And mrs. Zimmerman of my Carmel formerly of Bristol. A cheer up a will cheer you up or. Ami mrs. Frank Jenks of 610 Bath Street entertained the Holmes Burg sewing and card club at their Home on tuesday evening. Why not offer Uncle Sam $1.00 or some like amount for the Harriman schoolhouse the streets of that town the sewers Ami water connections and Annex Harriman to Bristol make it a part of the Borough and charge those who Purchase Homes there at the same ratio of tax a3 now charged Bristol property own Els. The foregoing is not an idea of the Independent nor of ifs editor it emanated from the brain of one of the most progressive of Bristol s Young business men. It is an excellent one and should be acted upon by tile Borough authorities and this action should he taken at once before the township authorities i t in their Fine work to take Over these holdings of the government which the latter vill he forced to let go of if they care to sell their property As they claim to be anxious to do. No Small investor is going to Purchase a Home in Harriman and pay anywhere near the Price these Homes would ordinarily be Worth unless they Are reasonably assured that they vill be Able to get continued water and sewerage service. If the government Sells the houses they will have no further use for the at Rte to and school the. Residents of Bristol and the future residents of the Tow site. Have done their share toward paying the War time taxes from which this Village was built the people Ai Large in the country can not be Given the direct Benefit of the school streets and sewers so Why not give the greater number who can Benefit local residents an Opportunity to reap any Benefit that May accrue. The taking Over of this school would solve the local school room congestion scholars from the upper Section of the town could be accommodated there and Tho present High school building could he denied entirely to High school classes thus the High school problem would also be solved for the time being. Tho children who Are now attending Harriman school from the township could be cared for during tin balance of the present term and before the opening of the next term there is every indication that there will be a new school built in Edgely and also one in Croydon. Now then to bring the foregoing about it w ill he necessary for every latent Talent j Cit Izen and tax payer in Bristol to fore to a sir interest themselves in the project. Do not procrastinate which is the usual fault with folks of this town who always leave it to the other fellow to do the work but Start right out now and put this Over. Visit your councilman and Tell him in terms unqualified that you favor the movement of annexing the neighbouring town and insist that he do his utmost to convince the Powers of the Borough that this is the advantageous thing to do then write to congressman Watson Ami ask that he use his influence with whatever committees will have handling of this matter and see that the proposition is pushed through to a conclusion. This can be put Over if the people All do their share towards bringing it about it is not a one Man Job i but is work for the entire voting personal of the Community. There May he minor objections to the proposition that the Independent has not foreseen the annexing of the Tow site May he an impossibility. But a nothing ventured nothing i won a May he Palieri Here and the whole proposition is Worth at least a fait trial. Keep before you in pressing this project Home that the government in the first place will not he Able to sell their houses unless some sort of a functioning Community is established to take care of the Public works of the pretty Little Village North of Bristol no investor will put out Good Money for a Home that May and May not continue to have sewer connections and water. Tho government will he forced to sae if fice their Public works to someone and Why not let Bristol reap the gain even though there May be some slight difficulty in bringing about the general end aimed at by this article there arc men in this Community who Are powerful enough to surmount minor obstacles and it is the duty of the local citizens to prove to these men that they Are anxious to take into the Borough limits the adjoining Community with j its improvements. Be a progressive and in future years Pride yourself on having brought about this expansion which i will mean much for Bristol. The i w a to bring this about is to keen everlastingly at the Job and right out today to promote it. Start

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