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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - November 18, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania What you want to keep out of a newspaper la news what you want to get nto newspaper is an advertise Merit. A name implied Ryphe state must consider the poor Man Ami an voices must speak for him. Every child that is born must have a just Chance for his Emerson vol. 2.�?no. 20.Bristol, a. Friday november 18, 1921. Five cents the copy another Harriman Bubble burst rumours of activity Atn. Bristol groundless of Tai i Anan dad n0t�j> foreign artist Suciu. I a i visits Independent of local phones old Dame Rumor has again been on the Job disposing of ship Plant in various ways pm the arrival from Washington of or. W. P. Willets to take charge of the Sale of All surplus material at Harriman in and about the big ship Yard has been used by a number of folks who pretend to be in on a Tho know a As a foundation for the circulation of All sorts of wild rumours. A the shipyard would shortly be opened is one of the most persistent ones that has been going the rounds another is a that Harriman interests have insisted on the government get ting off their ground in a specified period before Tho first of april so that the Harriman might fit up the property for several Industrial projects they have in the in dependent has carefully investigated these rumours and found them to be just that rumours and without any foundation of fact. So much for that. This Clearing up of surplus material and equipment at the big Yard that is salvageable is simply the last step of the government in closing tip the proposition and by so doing hey Are exercising the last of the three clauses of their optional agreement with the merchants ship building corporation a nothing strange about this action and neither is there anything with any particular significance attached to it it is simply following out a set schedule that is necessary in the general work of reconstruction and getting their War time investment Down to the lowest possible level. One of the highest executive officers of the merchants was asked yesterday if there were any definite plans made As to the future activity of the Yard and he stated in terms that were unqualified that there had been no such plans made As it would take the government at least until May 1st to clean up the work of removing surplus material and in the interim with the present Uncertain condition of the Industrial mar Ket. Anything might happen. It is indeed with regret that the Independent makes this positive assertion. As this paper contends and has Ever contended that the flit re Prosperity of this Community depends upon the beginning of operations of some sort at North Bristol where a number of men will be employed. Optimistic to the last possible degree and with the positive belief that at some future Date Harriman will be the salvation of Bristol and its residents at this time there is no More degree of certainty of to what May happen than there existed months ago. And All that those most vitally interested can do is Hope on. And possible in the late Spring or the Early summer their hoped May be rewarded by develop ments. That will mean future Prosperity. Make your individual Hope a particularly Strong one. Meeting attended by women voters spent More than 34 years with Telephone company opened Bristol Branch office county league held interesting and instructive All Day session at Langhorne tuesday Capi. Doron to give three turkeys to holders of Lucky coupons at the Riverside theatre next wednesday evening turkeys free for thanksgiving this is the latest philanthropic announcement of capt. William e. Boron whose greatest pleasure is doing for others. He has presented three big Lucious Birds to the new lessees of the Riverside theatre and they will present them next wednesday evening to the holders of the Lucky numbers these numbers to be Given out at each performance at the theatre saturday monday and wednesday the night of the drawls since the reopening of the Riverside the Best shows obtainable have been presented for the customers of the House and that the people appreciate the efforts of the lessees to please is indicated by the Ever increasing patronage at each successive show. On wednesday of next Lloyd the recognized Leader in comedy films in the country to Day will he seen in his latest release Quot get out and get the fact that this picture which is an expensive one is being shown so soon after its completion indicates that the Best obtainable on the Market is the aim of the management. They ack and request that every customer of the Riverside Bear in mind that there will be shows Given each monday. Wednesday and saturday evenings until further notice. And that each succeeding week it will be their Earnest Endeavor to give their patrons a better show than the one proceeding. Bristol a league of women voters had twelve representatives at the county conference held in Langhorne in wednesday. The morning session was taken up by the address of mrs. Thomas Ross president of league of women voters of Bucks county reports of Secretary and treasurer and reports of delegates. Mrs. Frank Lehman president of he Bristol league reported the largest representation present. Iii summing up the years work she dwelt particularly on the fact of having members of the league acting As censors present at different presentations of moving pictures. Lust year was a very Gratifying one As to accession to membership. The report of mrs. William stuck Ert of Newtown gave evidence of her being a forcible Leader in her club and emphasized the fact that her members were wide awake and on the Job. She cited Many ways of to keep alive the interest in the work. As one instance of what her group had excited a Large attendance at the meetings a set of questions was prepared concerning the duties and pay of Public officials and printed in the local newspapers and the answers would he Given at the coming together of the club. After the delegates reports were Given there being a few minutes be bearers fore the hour of adjournment. Miss Thomas was called to the platform o say a few words. In a Brief time she said a great Deal and to the Point. She recommended that All the societies should do one thing at a time. Concentrate time and Energy until th1 goal was reached and to work for efficiency of government or get out of existence. To bring this about a learn about your government. Teach it talk it and above All practice the at the close of Hor address the social and luncheon hour followed. At the afternoon session a Trio of Good speakers was heard mrs. Martha g. Thomas state treasurer mrs. Aline Martino state organizer and miss Anna Miller of the state Board of health of Harrisburg. Miss Miller was the first to address the meeting end in speaking of the enrolment membership of the state said there were thirty five thousand one item of great inter est was that Bucks county had paid its full assessment. Miss Thomas urged those present to attend the annual state convention to be held in Wilkes Barre november 30th. December 1st and 2nd. Bristol delegation was proud when reminded by her that the slogan had been for the year a two women in every school Board a mrs. Martin followed with her interesting and helpful talk. In a Campaign for members of the league Iii Delaware county of which she is president the membership was raised from seventy to five Hundred and sixty. Her advice to the women was. A make your meetings Worth have round table conferences put questions in the local papers. Do efficient work. Never miss an Opportunity to Clinch an Opportunity of a i take made by those in Power. Mrs. Martin gave several instances of trials where ridiculous decisions were made by juries and How the women of her town went straight to the judge and demanded a hearing j a rho last speaker was miss Miller who seemed thoroughly imbued with i her work. She stated that it was the business of every league to see thai the Homes were supplied with pure water pure milk citing As an example of negligence that because of the impurities in the supplies that in Pennsylvania one Hundred oui of every one thousand babies die 1 before reaching one year of age. In speaking of the examination of pub j lie school children by the physicians that events out of every one Hundred Hail some physical defect. Par outs do not fully realize what the physical defects mean to the children hence a great work is left to be done j by the members of the league. Miss Miller urged that every Community should have a local Board of health she also states that if i Council did not appropriate enough j Money to carry on the work that the state Board had the Power to step in and take charge pay the Bills and charge it up to the Community. 1 lie speaker said that it was safer for it Lii Dien to to brought up in new York City than in any Section of Pennsylvania because there through efficiency of the Board of health.1 death rate which in 1885 was of every 1,000, that figures had out to 75 out of every 1,000 in thirty four years six months five Days and four hours is the record of service of George Callanan 309 Dorrance Street with the Bell Telephone company in Bristol and Vicinity. His record dates from september 15, 1883 when he opened the in what was then a Martin building a with the establish was termed at that talking instrument Peter Keenan an australian artist now a resident of the Moons i club Piccadilly London w As a visitor in town yesterday and called at the Independent with Nicholas Barrett whom he was visiting. It is the intention o this Bright Young ibus a Gator to locate in the United states if a connection to his liking develops while he is Here. Aged Boatmen will a a a monthly meeting of Robert Bracken retire tomorrow i Post american legion held on tues Robt Bracken Post business men present nominate cers a the branding Iron for Sweet Charity Vav ill be liven at Forrest theatre next tuesday evening and All Bristol is asked to help by attending a a buddy Schmidt named to fill position of commander committees report to meeting nomination coming year Ness transacted of officers for the was the principle Busi at the regular Exchange Here known As the 232 Mill Street Merit of what time mysterious after g5 years service simmers Bros. Leave canal when it closes for season Day evening. Jacob c. Schmidt or. Was unanimously nominated to fill the position of commander As commander Franklin Gilkeson refuses to Toi overment Charity is one of v Virtues and whenever tomorrow november 19th, the Lehigh canal which passes through Here will close for the Winter months. Coincident with its closing to o of the oldest Boatmen in Point of service will retire from Active work on this Inland waterway that has virtually been their Home for years. Joseph simmers aged 78 years with his brother Jacob simmers 84 years have boated Here on the canal for 65 years. During their Long years of service they were noted at every stopping Point Between Mauch chunk and Bristol for their Devotion to the religion of their childhood. Regardless of weather conditions whether their boat was near a j town every sunday morning they tied up along the canal Bank and often travelled three and four Miles to attend mass at the nearest Church. Born in Germany upon their arrival in this Section at the age of 13 and 19 years respectively they accepted jobs on the Lehigh canal in which they have continued until their retirement tomorrow. During their period of employment on the waterway they bought a farm of 36 acres in Haycock township where they will make their future Home. Several years ago Joseph married and while the Brothers continued boating Hie wife managed the farm. Strong and rugged typical of her German ancestors she was often seen blowing the Fields and in Harvest time she did equal work with the i farm hands she employed. She continued this manual labor until about eight years ago when burglars entered her Home threatening the aged woman with revolvers succeeded in robbing her of nearly a $100. The experience of that night so upset the woman a nerves i that she has been a Semi invalid Ever i since. The two Boatmen despite their Many years of exposure to the elements have always enjoyed Good health and with this asset As their Best Stock Iii Trade look to Day As if they might live Iii their simple he on the farm to reach the Century Mark. Again stand for the office although he was urged to do so. It is the idea of the retiring commander to not make the legion appear As a one Man organization yet his advice and Good judgement will always be available to the members As lie has been nominated As chairman of the executive committee. The other nominations placed in order and which will be allotted on at the next meeting of the legion tuesday evening december 2 0th, Are Hugh Eastburn vice commander Dudley Bell adjutant James Lawler treasurer Frank Weiks chaplain Bernard j. Murray sergeant at arms and miss Adelia Wright librarian. Members of the executive committee Franklin Gilkeson Wesley Spencer miss Anna Keeler or. E. J. Laing Lester Thorne Samuel Hardy and William Spazzano. Five Are to be chosen from the above number and More May be nominated at the next meeting. The officers nominated May not accept or others May enter the lists in Competition but this of course will not be announced until the next meet ing. Tho memorial committee reported that every grave of a Veteran of the late War now has a Marker place there by this committee. They also Are endeavouring to get a photograph of every Bristol boy who made the supreme sacrifice so that they All May to framed and Hung in the rooms of Tho local Post. It was a Little Early for the dance committee to report on earning of the military Ball held armistice night but that it was a great Success is a foregone conclusion from the number of tickets disposed of. And from the Happy crowds which thronged St. Marks Hall on this of cassion. Young lady with an expressed opinion or. Callanan began work with six stations throughout the town. Among the first subscribers were Captain Burnett Landreth of the e. Land re the seed company w. Ii. Grundy and co., Rogers Brothers grist Mill foot of Pond Street Bristol rubber co., Sherman and Pierce and the Farmers National Bank. Dining the Early years of its operation the transmission of the sound of the human voice was looked upon by Many of the older residents of the town As something uncanny. Not so however with that a old War horse a a of Many civil War Battles Charles e. Scott cashier of the Farmers Bank who immediately became so much enthused Over the Workings of the new invention he was a daily visitor to the local Exchange. The introduction of this new method of talking to Distant Points proved Uphill work for or. Callanan especially during the first year yet demonstrating his wonderful tenacity of purpose he kept Ever lastingly at it until a year afterwards the presidential Campaign of Blaine and Logan on the Republican ticket against Cleveland and Hendricks democratic Standard in 1884, created a demand for information of the political result which operator Callanan was Able to promptly give. At this time a circuit was established with Philadelphia and Trenton and although not of the Kotalic system with the old Crank handle on every Box installed the new Exchange soon gained in popularity resulting in almost the entire population of the town crowding the office for Quick returns on any special occasion. At the end of the first six years under or. Ca Ilanan a management the one Story building was found inadequate and another Story was added in 1890. A new switchboard was also installed and the number of subscribers increased front the original six to 2 50. Five years afterwards the subscribers were doubled the yearly rate for service at that time being i $48.00. By this time or. Callanan had earned the title of a the Telephone Man a and was known by this Cognomen All Over Bucks county for Many years. During his incumbency of office the William la. Grundy co. Excursion to Atlantic City were in full swing. These annual events for years kept the local operator quite Busy arranging train connections and he was frequently tuesday evening1 a representatives been overwhelmingly Defeated complimented for the excellent service he gave which never caused a hitch when the schedule was arranged by phone. Many amusing incidents occurred during operator Ca Ilanan a service one in particular he recalls As Ani illustration of the uncanny fear the coloured race had for the Telephone. Steve Cook a coloured Man employed by Roger Brothers often gazed Iii awed wonder when or. Rogers used the a phone with the result he was told to sit on the curb watch the wires and a new pair of boots would arrive for him. Steve sat on the Mill Street curb for half a Day gazing at the wires overhead and when he returned to Rogers office there sure enough a pair of new boots that exactly fitted Steve which immediately converted him to the efficiency of the wonderful Power of the wire. In 1913 the local office was merged with the Doylestown District to charge of or. Hennessey and or. Callanan took up his residence at the county seat As assistant manager and cashier where he remained for four years. During the period of a he world War in 1917, or. Callanan in a spirit of patriotism resigned his position to accept one at the merchants shipyard in Harriman where As he said he would have a Chance to a do Ilia with the closing of the local shipyard or. Callanan decided to spend a vacation in travel which he denied himself while devoting his efforts to the Bell Telephone co., and to Day the picture of health he presents shows the vacation is doing him Good. And he looks with Pride at the growth of the local Exchange from 6 to 1150 subscribers. The Cardinal j attended to any monies left Over w ill a charitable be turned Over to some civic organi is afoot in the Community i nation whose object is charitable and child should work. Turn out and Sec the show make that event j in order that your Quarter May help a Success. There is a great Deal of these business men realize their Ain suffering and privation in Bristol at bit Ion to raise two Hundred dollars the i for this worthy cause. Every Man woman do their utmost to privation in Bristol at present time and particularly has this fact been brought to the j notice of the business men of the Borough. They have helped in their own quiet Way helped in Many instances until it Hurt and now they As a body Are going before the people and ask that a venture of theirs which is a moving picture Benefit to he Given next tuesday evening at the Forrest theatre be made a Success by the patronage of the people of Bristol. The admission charge will be a nominal one and the picture to be show n a the branding Iron a has been secured by special request and an evening of ment and entertainment is All who attend. The primary object of the committee composed of Robert Pearson Frank Green and Louis dries assist enjoy assured for readers who May misinterpret the following letter came to this office unsolicited the 5randlt3 Iron Areen a Fri dwt to a a Golowin cd by their fellow Mil i Street business associates is to secure sufficient funds to sent a poor family from Bristol to the town where the husband and father is working and where he will be Able to care for them. If they remain Here they will practically he a Public charge All Winter and it will he far better for everyone concerned and certainly More pleasant for the family to be United than to remain in Bristol and he forced to exist partially on Charity. When this major duty is a the branding Iron is first of All an absorbing Story. Six Hundred newspapers ran it in serial form which Means that six Hundred editors with their keen understanding of the Public a tastes chose it As the most fascinating talc of literally thousands of works of modern fiction. The Book itself is still keeping Well up among the Best Sellers in bookshops All Over America Goldwyn secured the picture rights of a the branding Iron after a lot of Lively Competition. It was decided that no Stone would be left unturned to make this fascinating tale a picture that would More than live up to the enthusiastic reports passed upon it by the scenario staff. Accordingly the Goldwyn studios adopted the picture As its favorite child. Weeks were spent in procuring a perfect cast of players. Director Reginald Barker Bent All his talents toward the production of a picture that would flow swiftly through the exciting climaxes of the Story holding the interest at its highest pitch in every foot of action the finished picture As a result reflected the enthusiasm and interest of everyone who had anything to do with it from or. Barker himself to the lowliest stage hand. Barbara Castleton contributes to a the branding Iron a remarkably intelligent performance. It is perhaps the most difficult role that has been seen in motion pictures in years but miss Castleton More than measured up to All its qualifications. James Kirkwood one of the Best known leading men in pictures plays Pierre Landis the handsome primitive rancher who loved Juan Carver with a love that was purified in the Crucible of insane passion. He is the Book character come to life Strong rugged repressed with the brooding silence and deep gaze of the Man who has lived alone in vast spaces All his life. Other prominent names in Tho supporting cast Are Russell Simpson Richard Tucker Sydney Ainsworth and Albert Roscoe. P. 0. S. Of a. Presidents met in Hulmeville from eleven different Camps being present in Odd Fellows Hall districts Philadelphia Bucks District patriotic order sons of America. Held a rousing meeting at Hulmeville on tuesday night representatives from eleven Camps were present and Odd Fellows Hall was packed to ifs fullest capacity. Many subjects were dwelt upon among the most important was the restricted cola Bra of emigration the uplift and promotion of the interest of the Public schools the disarmament conference and Many other subjects of interest to every True american citizen. Among the principal speakers were District president la. H. Barns Camp 819 ill Mehurg past District president. J. C. Lingo Man Camp 20, Summerton or. George w. Hales past president Camp 9, was an invited guest and speaker of the evening. Methodist parsonage again scene of Surprise party Tullytown installs new fire alarm system when the fire alarm of the Tullytown fire company is completed every person in the Borough and near by residents will be Able to hear when an alarm is Given a few changes must be made to have these results. Six new members have been added to the company. During the past month the firemen responded to three Calls doing Good work in each Case. The company will respond to near by Calls at any time. The the 288 been 1920. In the United states oui of every 1,000 die. M. J. Hill presented with prize chrysanthemum eighty seven 0 s. Of a. To present flags to three schools tonight at 8 p. Rn., the Bristol f la of building will be the scent 0f a presentation of flags by Washington Camp no. 789. P. O. S. A a. Mid Fidelity Council no. 21. A a a., to Bath Street Wood Street and Jefferson a program of be Given. Avenue schools patriotic numbers will those who did not attend the chrysanthemum show held in the Academy of music Philadelphia last week missed seeing some splendid specimens of these Flowers. In a conspicuous space next to the Weidener show was that of or. Elwood Brill of Norwood. Three specimens of the varieties shown were presented last. Sunday to or. Minot j. Hill by or. Brill. The size of the Bloom has caused much comment As they Are probably the largest specimens that Ever graced a Bristol table. The measurement of their circumferences is Twenty inches and the opposite direction eighteen inches. The Flowers look like Large balls. Surprises seem to he the order of the Day. The Good people of the methodist parsonage were again surprised by a masked group of friends. This time Tho invaders of the Home were not from Frankford hut from Langhorne. Members of Hie methodist Church where or. And mrs. Bingham once served conceived the idea of giving the pastor a Surprise and for weeks have been phoning in trying to find an evening when the pastor and his wife would be at Home. Ostensibly the event was arranged for one couple to spend the evening when to the agreeable Surprise about Twenty five masked persons appeared and for sonic time or. And mrs. Bingham were at loss to know their exact identity. After the unknown visitors were unmasked the lest of the evening was spent pleasantly in games and music. The editor of the Bucks county Independent Bristol a. Dear sir it should he a great satisfaction to All to know that the proposed Issue of $150,000 Bonds for the building of an elaborate High school has both yourself and the intelligent voters of this Borough deserve credit for gaining a Victory that May Mark the downfall of the most oppressive political organization that Ever ruled a town. Let us Hope that these same Wise voters will keep this view7 in mind and be ready to deliver a crushing blow at the next election. The league of women voters at Bristol was anxious to have a meeting Hall for dances reunions. Etc., to he built and maintained by taxpayers and in reality was very Little concerned about the education of the town. Bristol with its rapidly decreasing population has a sufficient number of schools but is in sad need of a new school administration. Considering the Fine geographical position of Bristol with its wonderful River front its canal and its splendid Railroad facility one is at a loss to understand Why its population is not at least As Large As thai of Chester. This fact suggests a Lack of interest on the part of All concerned. It would be More advantageous should the idlers who form the league of women voters Endeavor to bring into the town now industries thereby creating the need of a new High school. By so doing they would infuse a new spirit into this dying Little town. Very truly yours. A Bristol girl. Legion rehearsals Scarlet fever open with bang in Tullytown musical revue a cheer up promises to be leading entertainment event of the season efficient health Board of neighbouring Community immediately quarantined affected families miss Runyan gives pleasant dinner party Turkey fair at no. I fire company now on members of no. I fire company will open one of the biggest Turkey fairs tomorrow evening seen in him town for years. Their fire House at Market and Wood streets which will be handsomely decorated for the event ought to attract a Large crowd each evening when turkeys will be awarded to the Lucky winners. On wednesday evening at the close of the fair the major prize of a monster Turkey will be raffled off and All books that have been out for Sale must be turned in and settled for at 7 p. In. Wednesday night. Over a Hundred people attended the first rehearsal of a cheer up the musical revue which the local american legion Post will give Iii the Forrest theatre on thursday and Friday nights december first and second. Rehearsals Are being held daily and a cat of Over three Hundred will participate. A cordial invitation is Given to All those who desire to be in the show7, and they should notify the local committee of which or. J. C. Schmidt jr., is chairman at once. Beginning monday All rehearsals will he held in the High school auditorium. At present the older set is rehearsing in the basement of the old Post office building every evening at 7.30 while the children and High school pupils rehearse in the High school auditorium at 3.30 p. M. Tickets priced at seventy five cents each will he on Sale by the end of the week. To the boy or girl of Bristol who Sells the most tickets a prize of three Dillars will be Given. Tickets can be procured from Lester Thorne at the Bristol Trust co. L. Evans tape of new York City Wiio is staging the revue for the legion. Is w la pleased with the enthusiasm and interest already displayed Over the show. Or. Tappe was on the Keith orpheus vaudeville circuit for two years so has a thorough knowledge of stage technique. Three cases of Scarlet fever have been reported to the Board of health and the Homes of James Mabery of main Street Alfred Morgan of Chestnut Street and mrs. Zelda Baker of Lovett Avenue have been placarded. While the cases of the children Are reported to be of a mild form every precaution is being taken that the disease does not become an epidemic. For quite a while Tullytown was without a Board of health. This can not be said at present a the Borough is favored by men who is interested in the welfare of the Community and will act where duty requires. Local elks Lodge will dance thanksgiving eve there Wilfley a real old fast Wied thanksgiving eve dance held at Tho elks Home next wednesday evening w Ith All the new7 fashioned trimmings and dance numbers that so Delight the hearts of the followers of Terp is chore. Friends wives and notified that Tho will be played at 9 strains of Homo Sweet Home will sound at 12 30. An Ideal Chance to Welcome thanksgiving 1921 in a Joyful manner and make More Joyful this joyous annual Holiday. Elks and sweethearts opening Fox of clock and their Are Trot the miss Elizabeth Runyan of 910 Radcliffe Street entertained a number of friends on Friday evening at dinner previous to the armistice Ball. Among those present were or. And mrs. E. Linton Martin miss Helen Abbott miss Della Carr miss Helen Smith of v Wildwood messes. Charles a. Abbott Dudley Bell and Robert Smith. Miss Wilson to marry h. L. Mcgee wednesday miss Mary Rhoda Wilson daughter of mrs. Mary i i son of 1102 Radcliffe Street will be married on wednesday next to Hugh l. Mcgee of Tacony. The ceremony will performed at 2 p. M. In St. Mark Church by the Rev. Father 0 Brick be instructions for out of town fires should any company receive a Call have Telephone operator Transfer the Call Headquarters who will sound alarm 55. For a fire out of town to no. 221, fire alarm t i no company shall alarm 55 has been rail no. 221, sounded. Fire alarm Headquarters of no company shall leave town until they receive instructions from the chief or assistant chief of the department. Telephone no. 221, Only for Calls in ease of fire alarm Headquarters is be used fire. By order of Franklin Gilkeson chief. Instructions for sending in fire alarms in Case of fire go to the nearest fire alarm Box. Break Glass open door pull Down Hook once and let go. If you Are not near a lire alarm by Call by Telephone no. 221, fire alarm Headquarters giving nearest Street Corner to fire your name and location of fire

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