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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - November 4, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania What you want to keep out it a newspaper to news what you want to get into. Newspaper is an advert Tao men. A mail in Puls. My the state must consider the poor Man and All voices must speak for him. Every child that is born must have a just Chance for his n with his six gun funds Kebe executes pet dog found on Street without a License owner is perturbed order of Good Shepherd asks St Mark s Parish to Aid them to continue work prompt response augurs Success in Bristol Field captains appointed least to be raised Here in thirty Days at a number Church niacin que Good meeting of a representative of Par Irones of St. Marks held on sunday evening in i he parochial school Hall a drive was started to raise their quota for the support of the five Homes trained by the order of the Shepherd. These five houses under the care of the Sisters have cared for women who in Many cases would have become outcasts following their arrest on charges of a Misdemeanour character. During 71 years of the ministrations of these Good Sisters to fallen members of the Community the Homes have been supported in a measure by members of the Catholic Faith in the diocese of Philadelphia assisted by annual appropriations from the state. During the past year the state appropriation was withdrawn regardless of the fact that the greater number of the Home inmates were of other denominations than Catholic. This act on the part of the legislature has thrown the Burden of the Upkeep of the Homes on the catholics of the diocese who evidently without consideration of a the beliefs of those sent to these in-1 hit Tutins Are now coming to the Aid Sisters of the Good Shepherd. I Effort to raise within thirty while it May he commendable for a Borough policeman to act promptly in a Case of emergency it was no considered so by Dominick Petenia of Wood Street and Lincoln Avenue when a local policeman picked up his eight months old Irish setter carrying it in his arms to hollow Creek where he ended its life with a shot from his revolver. The dog was a pet of the household and wearing a Collar minus a License tag it ran out of the rear. Yard in a spirit of play As a member $2,500 at of he ocal Force parsed. After ending its existence it was buried on the Bank of the Creek where later on boy exhumed it to satisfy their curo Sily that it was the one owned by Dominick Petenia. Leaving its carols to bleach and decay becoming a menace to health in polluting a tributary to the de la i Ware River these boys became liable to prosecution by the state Board of i health. The shooting of the dog has raised the question of authority the part Bristol. A. Friday. November 4. 1921. How to celebrate armistice Day five cents the copy parochial school concerted action should be taken by trackman Here legion Ball to close Day children forbidden to ride on the to was hips free trolley car after stirring Appeal of speakers at wednesdays annual meeting at Community House total directorate now numbers 51 How will Bristol celebrate armistice Day that is a question that is being asked on every Side. An exec Lieut suggestion has been made by i. Quinn manager of the Newark shoe stores who advises that every re Ole in the Borough close Down on that Day so that the clerks and proprietors and their families May spend the Lay As they most desire. I his idea is a Good one and will doubtlessly be considered by the merchants of the town. President Harding has asked that Between 12 of clock and 12.02 noon i every Man woman and child in the daily excuse does couple injustice publishes erroneous statement about or. And mrs. M. Cohen they May enter suit 11 Olley company ordered by superintendent i Alist to c airy Only Puplis attending Harriman Public school Little tots forced to walk Miles a i certainly paper in town of an officer and for the information of those interested and others a synopsis of the Law is herewith Given. A state Law passed january 15. 1918, says it is unlawful for any person to own or keep any dog six months old or Over without a License. The owner or keeper of every dog shall at All times Between Sunset and Sunrise of each Day keep an that the speakers at the wednesday afternoon meeting of the needlework Guild were forcible and convincing in their arguments Wasj key sep silent and thus pay Tri clinched during the social hour that followed at which time Tea arum wafers were served by mrs. Frank Baldwin As Charman of a capable committee eleven ladies volunteered to assume the duties of directorship. I Hose who offered to become directors for next year were miso Annie Landreth mrs. William Lefter to mrs. Arthur Brady mrs. Thomas Mariner mrs. Harry Headley miss miss Gertrude Pope Moh re mrs. Isabel William Murphy and Mccoy. The above in addition to the 4 0 Ford to pay car fare must walk from Homes to school such dog confined within an in ments closure from which if cannot escape. Or by firmly securing by Collar or Chain so that it cannot stray beyond the premises. If any person or persons shall leave exposed and unburied any dead bodies of horses cows or cattle of any kind hogs dogs or sheep in any part of Borough they shall incur a penalty of Al leu a Licker mrs. William leu hers mrs. Mrs. William were of hours it already working. I lie excellent Quality am glad there is a that is fearless and which will give Public Justice to people who have been used unjustly it it tile daily paper who seemingly have no respect for the rights of _ _ _ anyone a said mrs. Morris Cohen Blite to the unknown hero Quot vim will i a Lff of the proprietor of Cohen son that Day he interred with honors. I?i10iy store to the editor of the in the National cemetery Arlington. Pendent yesterday. Standard Eastern time is designated f ,in8 she said a this excuse so that for two minutes the entire i �.1 a Haily paper seems to be so Hun country will he silent As a Tomb in 1., 01 news that they publish eve Honor of him who is being honoured 1, that is brought to them by the nation. I without a thought of the feelings of armistice Day will be brought to Liu p a ple written about and with a that should be sifted to the Bottom a fitting close by the grand military i Kutany semblance of an attempt to there Are twelve children from Ball of Robert Bracken Post. Amer v ei.1, y. Statements they take the Croydon six from Edgely and three lean legion w hich will he held in i Scab blinds of incompetent and in a n of Tullytown w to attend St St. Marks Hall. A scrupulous so called correspondents Marks their parents Are this event has grown to he one and publish verbatim what the Viand yet they have youngsters referred to. They should be glad to be relieved of the responsibility and expense of their Educa Tion and in return for that Relief children whose parents cannot of a they should instead of forbidding these children the use of the car encourage them to ride and gladly have the conductor Stop his car in Why the township educational authorities discriminate against children who wish to attend St. Marks parochial school by refusing to allow them to ride free on the to Olley that carries children daily to the Harriman school from Croydon Edgely and Tullytown is a mystery of of $5. The Gar sent by contributors to the Guild was commented on by the speaker mrs. Webster said that Seldom such an excellent showing is made. J he speaker thought owing to having a larger population than Ivyland a Village of Only 247 in Hab i it ants and who had just reported 2800 garments at their annual meeting Bristol might be Able in the to at least double their protest against school Bond Issue of the in an Days $500,000. While the Homes Are cared for by an order of cloistered women their work known for nearly three quarters of a Century has never questioned the denomination of those signed to their care. With facts of history before the the Public in this citizen reads of proposed Issue in Trenton times gives sound reasons for opposing it future gift w bile Only 1994 garments were on exhibition there is a considerable number yet to be reported. To Lal order of Moose Are Royal entertainers the principal social events of the Early Winter season and is looked Forward to by old and Young alike j the impressive military uniforms worn by Tho officers and privates of the Post tile resplendent full dress uniforms of visiting military dignitaries. And the gowns of the ladies i Villi the Beautiful decorations of the Hall As a background will make a resplendent scene which is looked Forward to with anxiety by Many. Red Cross aids Bristol soldiers miss land Coli makes statement to answer inquiries that have been made As these mind of Section of the state the Appeal for funds is not limited to any sect or nationality but is an Appeal to the Public in Genet a1 to Aid in this uplift of members of the human family who in an unfortunate moment fell by the sunday evenings meeting in St. Mark s school Hall although attended by Only thirty persons netted the sum of $.�45.00. Contributions added since sunday makes the total for the week $1050. Officers for the Campaign with the captains of the various districts were chosen As follows or. A. P. Brady president miss Mary my Maine vice president Joseph heat i my assistant treasurer Rev. Joseph Murphy. Treasurer William a. Lynn Secretary miss Mary mein Aine Captain of the ladies Divi a Mon John j. Mcgee chairman of the local Campaign. Captains of divisions Are Buckley Street James Callahan James Lawler jr., miss Anna Mcllvain and miss Hester Boyle. Spruce race and Bath streets Hugh Harkins James Hageny mrs. Ann Meaney and miss Mackville. They can Mary Otter and Swain streets Norman Dugan John Blanche Neal Mcginley miss Mary Welsh end miss Dorothy Schafer. Linden Locust and Maple streets Patrick Mcgee Maurice Keating miss Mary Pope and miss Inez Keating. Harriman Pond West Circle Madison streets and intersections Edward Mcfadden John Stott miss Mary Dougherty and miss Eleanor Stott. Monroe Jackson Harriman and intersections George Ulrich or. Kervick mrs. Nally and mrs. Wells. Hayes Cleveland Mckinley and intersections James Waide Neal Mcdevitt miss Margaret Mcdevitt and miss Wheeler. Hollow Michael Tynan James Mulhearn miss Mary Tynan and miss Anna Lynn. Hollow Creek to Washington Street Edward Keating miss and miss Nellie ferry. Washington Dorrance and Penn streets with intersecting streets to Franklin Street James l. Mcgee Edward s. Dougherty Edward Mcllvain miss Genevieve Mcllvain and miss Margaret Dougherty. Continued on Page three i editor of the Independent j dear sir in the Trenton evening times of october 26th, 1921. I noticed an article calling attention to the citizens of this Borough a project to Issue $150,000 Bonds for the purpose of erecting a new a Public an elaborate High school. The citizens of this Borough Are carrying As much indebtedness and in tact. Much More than conveniently handle. J his Borough should have an extra elementary school in the 4th Ward Large enough to relieve the congestion of other schools. Outside of some needed improvement the Bristol High school is fully suitable for the Small number of High school students of this town. I am told that the largest class that graduated from it was 14, so Why should an elaborate High school which would Cost at least �?~�?~$250,000�?T�?T be built for so Small a number and especially at this time when Money commands such a High rate of interest and where the expenses of building Are still so great. Instead of building a new High school for a few children it would be better to pay off some of the standing indebtedness and after that if the number of High school students should increase sufficiently to justify the expense then we should think of an elaborate building but not before. It is to be hoped that the citizens of this Borough will consider these facts and thereby Endeavor to make this Borough a suitable place for strangers to Settle in instead of making it prohibitive by the heavy burdensome taxes. I very truly yours r j-1�?z a Reader. Editors note a the fact that the write saw the school Bond announcement in the Trenton times who wild indicate that the special a tides of Doron Green in the a daily their halloween party dance will go Down in history As one of the greatest Ever in keeping with their annual custom members of the Loyal order of i Moose in tip tailed on halloween i night about 200 guests consisting of the wives daughters and sweethearts of Tho members. As the visitors entered the spacious hallway of the Home decorations of Green and Gold along with a varied display of cow pumpkins of enormous size and Many of the real pie kind met their View. Corn husks and autumn leaves added much to the impressive and Joyful i Celebration of die fall event in which All present took part in a spirit that proved the efforts of the committee were appreciated. Forces orchestra furnished Lively music for dancing which was one feature of the program that continued until the Small hours of the morning everyone apparently loathe to bring the affair to a close. During the evening a luncheon was set \ de. And though Many grotesque costumes worn on the occasion afforded an abundance of fun for All present. The question Lias been asked has the Phyfa. Office of the Southeastern Penna. Chapter of the Ainer Iran red Cross Given any Money for red Cross work in Bristol in 1921?�?� it most certainly has. For Home service that is work among the service and sex service i have drawn from the chapter from january 1st, 1921, to november 1st, a period of ten months $4 80.23. Of this amount $60.87 has been Bien to italian sex soldiers. Sixteen men have been Given sums varying from $1.00, the smallest amount to $260.81 the largest amount which went to one totally and permanently disabled Man. His Case has now i been settled and in the future he will receive government Tion. Of this $480.23, $30 has been paid Back representing Money loaned to two cases leaving a total amount Given of $450.23. Signed Frances in Landreth chairman Home service red Cross. Write when you go to them and ask redress they say a mistake has been made and feeling secure because of the Power of their owner they ignore any request to make corrections. If the correspondent who turned in the offending article is questioned he in the pal t titular Case i refer to simply states a it is Only the a daily bladder wily worry a in the Issue of october 31st, the a daily excuse published an item which stated that or. And airs. Co i Heil had adopted a girl child and went on to state that the couple were elated Over the new addition to their family. There is absolutely no foundation of fact to the statement and mrs. Cohen has been greatly disco Moded by its publication. Legal advice is being sought with the intention of bringing suit against the Bristol printing company and its owner for the inconvenience and worry caused the Good woman through this statement. In concluding her remarks about the incident mrs. Cohen who was greatly perturbed stated a if i were to adopt every child who visits my Home i would soon be mothering a or. Cohen yesterday called up the office of the a excuse a and talked with the much retitled manager of the paper who told him or. Col Enthat the a a excuse conv not afford to deny the Story. He the much retitled one stated that other people told him the report of the adoption was True and despite what or. Cohen might say he could not afford to deny it. Tax payers forbidden to been tide the car that the township furnishes to transport pupils to and from Harriman. They have not Only been forbidden but the trolley company have been ordered to keep them off the free car and instructed i specifically to carry Only pupils who attend the Harriman school. This order to the trolley co., was issued by township superintendent Faust and it is natural to suppose that he must have been Given authority or possibly have been instructed by the members of the township Board. These Little pupils whose parents wish them to receive a parochial school education Many of them Are forced to walk the several Miles each Day Between their Homes and the school walk when there Are seats to spare in the Mammoth car that is furnished by the township for their More fortunate playmates to ride in. There is no difference made in the tax slips Given citizens of the township the catholics Are assessed equally with those who Are not of that Faith and they must pay their taxes or the authorities will know the reason Why yet when it comes to a free ride to and from their Homes to school it is a different proposition. It would seem to a disinterested observer that the authorities should be delighted to be relieved of the necessity of educating and furnishing teachers to instruct these Twenty one front of St. Marks to let them off. And again to take them on. There is one child who last year j attended the parochial school who is this year an attendant at Harriman j her parents had no desire to take her from the care of the Sisters but they could not afford to pay the daily fare to and from her Home and did not wish to have her walk the sever a a1 Miles a Day and in desperation j sent her to Harriman. This child each morning when the car passes the Sisters on their Way to school Waves her Little hand sadly to them with a longing to again be with them but being too poor to pay car fare she must accept the free ride from the township but by so doing is forced to attend the township school. If the township school authorities Are trying to prevent children from attending a parochial school where they receive religious Ais Well other instruction they should Only be drummed out of office drummed out of the Community Well. If this is the reason for action of the superintendent county schools in forbidding parochial school children the use of the tree trolley he should not be allowed to remain in office. If this is not the reason then let the authorities and the superintendent come out in the open and make a statement of the True facts of the Case so that the Public May judge As to their fitness to retain the respect and Confidence of the Broad minded members of this Community. Religious prejudice should be stamped out of this Community if it really exists Here the Days for religious persecution Are supposed Long ago to have passed. Now that an existing condition has been made Public it is Likely that Broad minded citizens non Catholic As Well As Catholic will voice their sentiments and Force the authorities to Tea Down the seemingly High Fence of religious bigotry it is claimed they have erected. Aft not but As the of Bompensa capt. Dorony a free show a Winner Bristol league of women voters endorse Bond Issue More than 2,000 persons Young and old attended Riverside theatre saturday general order no. I re. Legion dance without excuse have not been noticed. It would also seem to indicate $300 Worth of school Board has that the advertising of the also Laten wasted mrs. Pope gives Surprise to mrs. William David mrs. Owen silk Anna Mccole r5. Pes be a pleasant n e Home 622 Beaver or. We sat Day afternoon for mis. William David of Jenkintown. Mrs the we. Tort of y u an with the pretext of calling on mrs. Pone the two Ladler found the. Seated at the ?&Quot"1 flt it it i a tables Quot Ere mrs mrs t r i v v Vansant mrs Harry a Anna for ter mrs. Hairy Arnold sr., mrs Schmidt jr., mrs. Frail Pope mister m1sh Hilda la of the two is quoth Al Riv the thru v i la Csc the zanies at pleasuring 1 is started and a pleasurable afternoon was spent refreshments were served and Fay Marstr sir. T0 Anna mis. I rank Minster Schmidt. Jacob Minster. Foster and mrs. Jacob people from All Over Bucks county Trenton and Philadelphia As Well As a great number of distinguished officers Ami men of the 1st division Pershing a own from Camp Dix. Will in present. Some of the legion officials from Philadelphia have promised to be on hand speeches. I he m. will be Active to see that the sex service men Wear the old Olive drab or Navy blues. So All a a buddies get the camphor out of your uniforms and the mud off your shoes the sergeant of the m. i states if he catches any sex service men in a Swallow Tail he will to immediately court Martiale. I tickets Are Selling fast but the boys of the legion All have a few extra to sell. Some of the boys Are backward Iii asking you to Liny one. You All know a legion boy so ask him for a ticket. Patr Nesses mrs. F. R. Leibfried mrs. G. A. Hussey misses Emily and Beatrice Bracken mrs. E. Linton Martin. Mrs. Robt. Clark sr., miss Marie Gilkeson mrs. J. C. Schmidt jr., mrs. Lemual Jarvis mrs. Josephine Wright mrs. J. Fred wag a Lier mrs. A. E. Baylies mrs. Fred Decker mrs. J. L. Thorns is. We. C. Lecompte mrs. J. De l. Abbott t miss Ruth Schmidt mrs. Leonard Rafferty mrs. Hugh Eastburn mrs. Edward Ennis mrs. Joseph Spencer mrs. Chas. Abbott mrs. J. Willard Wilson miss Lydia Leibfreid mrs. Cedric Jarvis mrs. J. Turner. The committee in charge Are Jacob c. Schmidt or. Chairman i Lester d. Thorne treas., Robert Clark Wesley Spencer William Spezano. The Bristol league of women voters at their meeting last tuesday endorsed the $150,000 Bond Issue to be voted on at the polls next tuesday. The county convention of the league of women voters will be held at Langhorne methodist Church on wednesday november 16th. The exercises will open at la o clock anti the officers of the Bristol Branch Are anxious for a full representa-1 t Ion. Mrs. Thomas Ross of Doylestown will be the speaker at the december meeting of the Bristol league which will be held in the High school auditorium on tuesday december 6th, at 3.30 p. M. Forrest management extends an invitation manager Wilson of the Forrest theatre extends an invitation to every school teacher school director and also the clergy of Bristol and Bucks county to attend the special matinee to by Given for the Benefit of the school children of the town at his theatre monday afternoon when Rupert Hughes production of a Tho old nest a will be shown. This picture with its Story of unselfish Mother love is one of tile masterpieces of the film world. Presbyterian men getting ready for banquet the men of the presbyterian Church will have to step Lively in the intervening time Between now and the Lith of november which is the Date set for the Mother and daughter banquet to to held at that time in the supper room of the Church. The men provide and serve the meal and if the one Given about this time last year is a Sample of their skill an excellent meal Wall be served. Captain w. E. Doron Wrell known in this Community for his Philant rosily to children added another Laurel to Many he has attained when Oil saturday last he gave four free shows to nearly 2,000 people Young and old at the Riverside theatre at Radcliffe and Market streets of which he is the owner. Tickets were Given out by or. Doron entitling the children to admission to a matinee at one of clock which was followed by a general admission at 3 p. In. Long before the hour of opening nearly a thousand children gathered in the Vicinity of the theatre on Radcliffe Street where they were told by Captain Doron they must observe strict order inside or he would have them ejected. These instructions were followed to the letter which demonstrated the respect the children of the town have for their worthy Friend. In the evening at 7 and 9 o�?Tclock1 the House was packed with the grown folks in fact the tenants alone of the Captain occupied nearly every seat at the first performance. Although this pretty theatre has been closed for several months or. Doron had it thoroughly renovated inside and out installing new projecting machines along with a heating system that insures the Comfort of patrons. When Captain Doron decided upon this free show he gave instructions that nothing except the Best pictures must be shown and those who witnessed the pictures were enthusiastic Over the selection that had been made. This order will continue by the new management who open the theatre tomorrow evening with scenes of thrilling adventure and sentimental character All of which Are the latest releases from film studios. Pres. Harding proclaims thanksgiving Day a proclamation. That reason has come when alike in pursuance of a devout Peoples time honoured custom and in grateful recognition of fax Oring National fortunes it is proper that the president Mon the nation to a brought up again in should surn a of Devotion of thanksgiving for Blessing bestowed and of prayer for guidance in modes of life thai May deserve continuance of divine favor. Y Foremost among our blessings is the return of peace and the approach to Normal ways again. The year has Brough Quot up again into relations of Amity with All nations after a Long period or Bhul tale and turbulence. In thankfulness therefor we May Well unit it \ a that Providence wil1 vouchsafe approval to the things whirls new Aims which live slide us the aspiration which have inspired us. P no we shall be prospered As we shall deserve Prosperity seeking not alone for the material things but for those of the spirit As Well earnestly trying to help others asking before All else Hie i n Liege of service. As we Render thanks anew for the exaltation w neb came to us. We May fittingly petition that moderation and Wisdom shall he granted to rest upon All who Are in an the tasks they must discharge their hands will be steadier then purpose strengthened in answer to our prayers. Ours has been a favored nation in the Bounty which god he bestowed upon it. The great trial of humanity though inde we bore oui part As Well As we were Able left us compare Valv Little culled. It is for us to recognize that we have been Tim favored and when we gather at our altars to offer u will do Well to pledge in humility and All sincerity our to prove deserving. _ we have been rai8a and preserved in National Power and consequence As part of a plan whose Wisdom we cannot auction is believing pc can do no less than hold Otic nation the Wilt my instrument of the Providence which has so wonderfully fax Quot a Opportunity for very great service awaits us if 2c Sham equal to it. Let our prayers be raised for direction paths. Under god our responsibility first to All men afterwards to All Mankind in i m i.rn0 is. To he for Warren j. Harding president of bolted slates hereby designate thursday the Twenty fourth Lav of november 1o be observed by the people As a Day of thanks heir Vinti in urging Hai at in air hearthside. Ultis they will give thanks for All that has t o them and will Pray for a continuance of the divine Fortune which has been showered so generously upon this nation Quot no a Quot Ness whereof i have Hereunto Sot my hand and causes to be affixed the Seal of the United slates of America. D done at the Capitol of the United states this thirty first Rte a a the Yeai of our lord Nineteen Hundred and Twenty thanks we purpose prove right is in the Al eat to our own god s own Justice. The hearthside aim rendered unbind forty sixth. By the president signed Warren g. e. Hughes Secretary of state baby of w. B. Nichols buried on wednesday William Street san Al Ltee of 225 Cedar York with his aun u in it i in new mrs. Walter Cooper of Philadelphia leaves to Day after spending a week with relatives or. And mrs. John Hardy of 36j Lafayette Street j Waite of Trenton. Miss Elizabeth Cunningham of 1242 Radcliffe Street finished her course at the National school of cosmetic ans 36 6 fifth Avenue new York on Friday october 28th. Miss Cunningham Lins accepted a permanent position with or. Sather tie cottage at Spring Lake owned by the late mrs. Edward Swain has been sold to a new York party. The misses Swain who have been in Spring Lake during the month of october Are at their Home on Radcliffe Street for the month of november. Bernice Virginia year ter of or. And mrs. W. Of 333 Jackson Street died on monday old Daugh a. Nichols Harriman evening after a weeks illness from acute milk infection. Funeral services Over the remains were conducted on wednesday afternoon by Rev. Henry Bingham of the local m. E. Church. Internment was made in Bristol cemetery. Joseph r. Grundy donates $50 to firemen a Assoc. This week a donation of $50 from or. Joseph in Grundy was receive by fire chief Franklin Gilkeson to be added to the local firemen a Relief association As a Token of elation for their prompt App re work in extinguishing a Blaze in the cellar or Grundy Home on Street a week ago. Of Radcliffe or. Willard Collins of Chester mrs. Louis Spring entertains her Young friends at her Home 817 Rad spent the week end with mrs. M. Cliffe Street on tomorrow evening. Economy and family. Misses Hunter Elsie Gladys and Mav of Trenton will Send the my j week end As guests of miss Elizabeth Bevan

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