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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - May 30, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Loth year no. 48. Entered As second class matter at Post office at Bristol a. Senator gave $291,000 of the amount from his own pocket Davis says he spent and pledged less than $11,000 Brownie vis funds not yet reported memorial Day. I hat there should be no in menial to the men of Bristol who fought Iii Tho civil War until today when la modest memorial provided for by the late Cape Burnet Landreth is to be dedicated at the Post office Lawn is one of those strange facts that defy a reasonable explanation. The civil War ended a years ago. Many men and boys from Bristol were in the conflict. No great local hero achieved Fame in the four year struggle but Bristol s manhood did j some of tile banners in the Parade i had a kick in them and others had nothing whatever to do with a j political Victory. But most people got a laugh out of the one that Reada we demand More Pep in Bristol a and there was a Grin in a we Are for or. Grundy for president of the w. C. T. that the Parade went its entire course without any serious fights is a tribute to the restraint put upon their feeling. By ardent Grundy supporters As Well As to i. Gilkeson a control Over those who participated in the memorial to civil War veterans provided by late capt. Landreth will be unveiled this morning its duty along with the manhood of other cities and towns. Yet until Are today there has been no public1 a i Monument to these men. But in j who borrowed tile police car such tilings it is better Lait than i one of the unsolved mysteries of never. The Borough is indebted to Bristol is who borrowed the police the children and grandchildren of car while two of the officers were Burnet Landreth who have carried having luncheon Early one morning unto execution the plans of capt. Last week the two guardians of Landreth. There could be no More the peace had supped into a lunch appropriate Day than memorial Day place about 2 in tin to dedicate this memorial to the i get a Little men of 1861-1863. At the a St Sest Ion of tile Senate my a Veitl sat Iii Cummin. In Washington this week be int Joseph pc Grundy or Jar Mol that he had spent $322,076 unsuccessful Campaign tonal nomination of $291,000 had been personally. A total of $201,104 was sput the Bohlen Phillips wet i about $1-15,000 of which voted to the senatorial Battle. Samuel is. Vauclain treasurer of the Davis Broun morning to leaving the stated in ins for the a nubble ii amount advanced by him by w As end of de the Telegraph to commit Lee next Campaign commit tee was instructed by appear before the week and give an account of tit Money spent by it on behalf Keele tary James j. Davis who the senatorial Secretary had Given i kids expended in his had pledged $5000 More. Iii the examination of Grundy it was brought out mat Grundy was opposed to the enactment of any jaw limiting the girls have set a Mark for the boys to aim at. Rile Parade of the Gills of Bristol last saturday was one of the most Beautiful pageants this Community has Ever seen or May see in future. Loo Haich cannot be lavished on the women who spin sorted girls week who arranged tin details of the various events and carried the week through to its grand Climax a the Parade and athletic meet. In Nutriment car outside. When they came out to i resume their duty the car was gone. I t hey came Over to the police station and looked about but the car was j not in sight. They scurried around i Tow n for two hours the Story goes j land finally found the car parked in i the rear of the station where some jokers had pushed it while they were eating. Now these officers j would like to know who the kidders Are. Representative of sen ate Campaign investigating committee visits Borough in response to letter sent prior to the recent i a Rimari a huge electric Power Plant. I lie thought that Many people just West of the Burlington had after the pm Ade had parsed j terminus of the Bristol by Ivington was that the girls had set a Mark at i Bridge is the Power Plant of the which the boy and men of Bristol Public service corporation of new must aim Iii future. Wre will not Jersey which is to become Hie or. Mcfarland representative of senator Nye chairman of the Senate Campaign investigating committee to w illicit i Ranklin Gilkeson and ethers sent a communication before the recent primary visited Bristol yesterday afternoon to obtain facts relative to the conduct of the primary in Bristol and Vicinity. I he representative of senator Nye conferred with or. Gilkeson and others. What information have been Given him if any not made Public yesterday. May was of won nomination. Davis testified that he $5451 toward Campaign be bait and i most dolls senator expenditures answer to a Nye chairman do not believe pen i to res so conies from in or. Grundy in Campaign the senator said in question by senator of the committee 1 in Laws limiting sex Long As the Numey Gilim ate sources also stated that in his be so rash As to say that the girls Parade was better than that of the boys but it was More colourful the Girts did March better than the toys and in every Way their week was a grand Success. Re he May fete \ As a Beautiful affair the exhibit of and Handiwork of the girls was As Good and perhaps better than the Hobby fair of the boys and As athletes tin girls More than held their of n in comparison w Ith the feats of the boys. The first Ward girls deserved the award for Best appearance. Tin y were a a modern Iii extreme. Yet largest Power generating unit in the company a big system. Fifty millions of dollars Are to be spent in enlarging the Plant during the next two years. At least 500 men will be employed Iii the construction work which is to begin As soon As the company has completed arrangements with the City of Burlington for certain real estate. Two Hundred ii in will be employed in tile Plant. We congratulate our neighbouring Community on this important addition to its Industrial activity and we cannot help but feel that Bristol Good Progress is made on Bristol Arlington Bridge in addition to the decoration of the Graves of soldiers and sailors memorial Day will be featured in Bristol by the unveiling of the memorial to Bristol men who served Iii the civil War on tile Post office grounds. This memorial provided by the late capt. Burnet Landreth whose wishes have been carried out by his children includes a Bronze Cannon originally cast in France the Cannon surmounting a Plain but attractive Granite Monument on which is a Bronze Tablet. The unveiling will take place at to of clock this morning. Of veterans Robert w Post american legion Joseph a. Shumaker Post veterans of foreign wars of Croydon and gland army veterans will participate in the Brief ceremony. Burnet Landreth on behalf of his family will present the Monument to the Borough and or. Fred Wagner As president of the Borough Council will receive it on be bait of the Borough. The unveiling will be by Sergt. C. Irwin Wright who was first sergeant in the company of the third Pennsylvania reserves under command of ii. Clay Beatty. Sergt. Wright is 90 years old and came Here from Lakewood n. A to officiate at the unveiling. The regular memorial Day exercises will include the decoration of Graves in the local cemeteries. Members of the american legion the ladies auxiliary and sons of veterans will meet at the legion memorial Home at 8 of clock whence they will proceed to St. James churchyard and the old methodist cemetery. They will then proceed up Pond Street to Lincoln Avenue to St. Mark s churchyard. From there they will proceed to the Post office grounds being met by Joseph a. Sch u maker Post veterans of foreign wars Croydon at Pond and Washington streets. After the unveiling of the memorial at the Post office the group will March Down Beaver Street to Buckley to bat�?T., to Otter to the Bristol cemetery and the sons j St. Marks cemetery. Memorial ser Blacken vices will be held on the dividing line Between the two cemeteries after which the procession will return to the memorial Home where it will disband. Burgess Anderson this week issued the following memorial Day proclamation a i earnestly Call upon our citizenship to Honor the memory of our deceased soldiers on memorial Day Friday May 30th, 1930, by displaying the american Flag at half Mast from Sunrise until 12 of clock noon and at full Mast from 12 of clock noon until Sunset. A i earnestly request the cooperation of our citizens in aiding the veterans of the civil War the Span ish american War and the great worlds War so that they May in a proper program fittingly Honor the memory of their deceased comrades and our honoured dead. E flee j Ive today buses will go through Otter Mill Radcliffe streets Jefferson Avenue Pond and Highway Croydon route not changed noticeable also will get some Benefit from it. Opinion the principal Issue the voters was the selection gubernatorial cum ulate lie de that lie was not associate Campaign with any candidate governorship but he repeat tribute to pinched declaring thai Pinchot had Means of educating the Betel of the assert. In the for the by paid by the expend Public other than lure of Money. Or. Grundy also declined to repeat charges he had made regarding president atle Bury of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the a War boards in Philadelphia saying they had been made a during the heat of the when ii a be is ii. Bohlen t Ile wet candidate for senator was on the stand senator Nye asked him a what Chance of Victory would Lincoln have had in Pennsylvania on May 20?�?� a about the same tis ours a Bohlen replied a but lie with his extraordinary personality would have won if anybody could under similar Thomas it. But la of Philadelphia treasurer of tile Grundy Campaign testified to the expenditure of $238,-602, All but $6525 of which had been actually disbursed and that $291,000 came from senator Grundy. A substantial part of the total went for advertising and printing they no sweeter in their a mod it in a garb than the conservative Many strangers in town. Youth of the Tom Iii Waul. I he anyone who moves about town third Ward Gills with their doll. Ve3-y much cannot fail to note that carnage Wen a pretty sight As in there Are Many new faces to be seen. A Weie the girl of All the Wauls j most of the newcomers were attract great credit is due Tho older girls a j Here by the growth of the Keystone aircraft corporation. They Ami ladies who arranged the details. In the athletic contests the Victory of the Edgely girls will but make the local girls More Deli Mili mos cd to carry off the i ize next the closeness of the scores tribute to the prowess of the and the ability of their directors. When All is said the girls really i established a new Standard for the boys to reach. The future wives and mothers certainly have put it up by the growth of the aircraft corporation Are making business Good for the restaurants and theatres and they spend Money in our stores. The year. New industries in South Bristol Are is Ai employing local help almost exclusively. There Are rumours that other Industrial concerns Are looking Over the facilities of Bristol and that before a great while we shall have additional Industrial activity Here. While there Are still plenty of to the future husbands and lath vacant tenements in the Borough to demonstrate their right to be there is a shortage of Bachelor Quad known the a a stronger sex. He said when asked if any vent for workers. There were in which the Mittee made added and if for Grundy thirty seven counties Grundy Central co Iii no contributions Bell any Money was spent in tin in he had no in formation of it. Or. Bell would not state How much was spent in Philadelphia for Grundy declaring that any figure he could give would be a a wild he promised to furnish a Complete statement within ten Days which would show How much was spent Iii each county. Called Back to the stand again senator Grundy was asked what he knew of political advertising. Ile continued on Page eight attractions at Riverside there will be a at the Riverside when the feature around a will be Holiday matinee theatre today film a playing the attraction. There also will be two comedies and metro sound news. Tomorrow afternoon and eve Ning the attraction will be Loretta Young and Douglas Fairbanks or. In a Loose the first sound picture of the Pendleton Rodeo will be shown an our gang comedy and other attractions. Next monday tuesday and wednesday will bring a no no Nanette a the talking and singing musical comedy to the Riverside. There will be a Novelty act a on easy Street a and Paramount sound news. Lets have a real fourth of july Celebration. Bristol is historic soil and tin1 fourth of july should not be permitted to pass without a real Observance of the National birthday anniversary. Last year the third Ward folks sponsored a Tine display of j fireworks at Sullivan a Field. This year Steps have been taken to get 11 together the various organizations Iii the Borough for a Celebration will give everybody a Chance to i participate. As for fireworks we Are against their use by individuals. In the old i Days the fifth of july was a Day of pain and grief for Many people because of the misuse of explosive noise makers. But a fireworks display put on at night As a spectacle and manipulated by competent sports is something different. We believe it w Ould be a Good thing. We would like to Sec such a display within the confines of the Borough if possible if not then Sullivan a Field or some other lot convenient to Bristol. Whether we have fireworks or not we should have an Observance of Independence Day. There should be a band concert perhaps a Parade perhaps some patriotic exercises something to make the people of the Community realize that the Freedom they enjoy is the fruit of Tei Rible sacrifices by the scanty group of colonists who brought it about. Bristol lies in the heart of the part of the country where american Freedom was born let us not forget the fact nor take it for granted. Tors. Nearly All the available Rooming facilities have been Tab in. Several new Homes Are being built in the Harriman Section. There is considerable construction of garages and stores also. All Iii All Bristol May be said to be enjoying Prosperity. Progress now is being made on the construction of the Bristol Burlington Bridge. Steel coffer dams for the piers on the Bristol Side of the River have been sunk and the rive Bottom is being dredged to a Point More than fifty feet below the surface of the River. To afford a satisfactory foundation Lor the piers. Tho route of the approach to the Bridge has been staked out. It passes through tin Alfalfa Field on state Road just beyond the Highway and winds its Way to a Point near the Rohm amp ii Aas country club where it will begin to Rise to the Bridge level. Tractors and derricks Are now at work excavating for the Concrete Wall and abutment that will support tile approach to the Bridge at this Point. A Large steam boiler has been set up on the Riverbank to provide steam for pumps pile Drivers and other apparatus and several Derrick barges and Crews Are Busy in the River. Very shortly Concrete will be put in place for the approach abutment and Walls and work will proceed at once on building the Road from state Road to tile Bridge. Leberger Quot tells Story of battling under six flags among the papers left by the late capt. Landreth was the following imaginary autobiography of the Bronze gun a ale Berger a which surmount the Granite Monument dedicated today Cit the Post office grounds. The Story was written years ago by capt. Landreth. It is of much local historical interest for interwoven into it Are facts of Bristol history would make River Road a Beautiful Scenic High nay hell make it a danc Liall. Richard Gosline started garage on state Road to build a some time ago. Recently he decided to turn that no a dance Hall. Dick says the Community seeds a Well managed dance Fluor and he believes his new building will be just the thing. Morris admits robbing local offices lived Here Short time about 22 persons members of shepherds Delight Lodge Bristol were present at the 14th annual banquet held in Philadelphia in Mcallister shall 18th and Spring Garden on saturday May 24th. A Gil Kiev a various comments followed the Parade held last Friday night under the auspices of the Bucks county brow ii Davis Campaign committee to celebrate the Victory of Secretary Davis in the senatorial contest. One was that it was a a disgraceful that any group of Bristol people should a a celebrate the \ Victory of an outsider Over a Bristol Man. Another was that it Wasny to a Parade of voters but was a Gil Kiev a Parade a Milton w. Morris who with a woman known ins Veronica Brennan and David r. Phillips was arrested in Atlantic City last monday admitted to the Philadelphia police that he robbed the Weed Chevrolet office and Cameron s drug store in Bristol Early in the month and that he was implicated in Many other robberies. Morris lived for a time in a House on North Radcliffe Street and obtained notoriety when lit fired a Shotgun through a door Ane wounded Thomas Ford a philadelphian whore attentions to the Brennan woman aroused his anger. At the time nothing was known of Morriss record and the charge filed against him was dropped As Ford was not dangerously wounded. It has developed however that Morris has a criminal record. Ile has admitted robbing safes in two grocery stores in Bustleton and a motor car Agency and on this charge lie and his associates were held without bail in Philadelphia for a hearing june 2. Rev. Paul Rouge who was held up and robbed in Zion lutheran Church a few weeks ago went to Philadelphia and saw Morris but was not certain that Morris was the Man who robbed the Church and locked him up in a closet from break that the River drive from Morrisville North should be developed into a Scenic route was the unanimous opinion of members of the rotary club yesterday. This drive is one of the most Beautiful in tile state but tile Road is narrow there Are Many narrow and difficult Bridges Over the canal and there should be improvement of the Roadside such As the removal of underbrush that obscures the View of the Delaware. The discussion of the drive arose after Charles , county superintendent of the state Highway depart Merit had told the members briefly about the maintenance work now being done on state highways in the county. Or. Rickman said that considerable improvement work had been done on the River Road. There was objection among some of the club members to making a Boulevard along tile River since such a movement would destroy the natural Beauty of the Highway but it was Felt that there should be observation Points along the Road and that it should be developed into a Safe and easily driven Highway. Road conditions in general were discussed at the meeting and much information concerning Bucks county highways was obtained. Officers of the club for the coming year were elected As follows president Minot j. Hill vice president Emil Metzger treasurer Alfred Vandegrift Secretary Leslie Hel Vevig members of Board of governors Eddie Molloy and John w. Colton. Some thoughtless and unsentimental people May imagine that a thing such As i so Barren of emotional thoughts or of historical qualities of mind would have passed through an eventful life such As mine has been without making minutes of leading incidents in which i had participated. Such persons May think that i was not a close observer or that if i did observe i had no Way of recording my observations. But they Are greatly mistaken for my remembrances Are Clear and accurate and they cover Many occasions when great results Hung upon my efficiency and the Many Gallant soldiers who supported me even ii i did fight at times under six flags firstly the White Flag of the French monarchy highly embellished with Golden lilies secondly the Tricolour of Napoleon each staff surmounted by a Liberty Cap the Field covered with Golden bees thirdly the yellow and red of Spain fourthly the Black red and White of Mexico with its variations made both by the emperor Iturbide and the mexican i Congress fifthly and lastly under tile stars and bars of the Southern confederacy truly i have led an eventful life. Well i was cast at Strasbourg France by a Little dried up Frenchman of the name of Jules Dartin in the year 1762, at which Tim Louis Xiv was King. I was made of nine parts Copper and one part tin. My founder was of a family who had been makers for one Hundred years or More of Church Bills their a pieces de resistance As they called them being the now widely celebrated Chines in the Cathedral towers of i Rouen Amiens and Orleans All much older than i. But like me still sound and always ready for work when called upon. Why even now i am As sound As i was on the Day of Austerlitz. The ancestors of j tiles Dartin had been men at arms under the great Capel and after that of the Dyke de Guise and Many famous i though successors who were All soldiers and Well knew what a piece of artillery should be Able to do. As previously stated i was cast i in 1762, being made upon a special requisition from the military school of Toulon and upon completion i was shipped off that the Young Soldier boys might learn their Light artillery Drill. It will be observed i possess the unusual distinction of bearing my name a ale Berger a and that i carry the Royal dolphins and the inter twined letters or monograms of the Louises and Tho Fleur de Lis of 11 ,1�?T i a the by the local trolley and bus lines beginning today new schedules and routing of bus lines of the Delaware River coach company in Bristol will be effective. All the company s buses will operate through Bristol via Otter Mill and Radcliffe streets Jefferson Avenue Pond Street and the Highway. The trips formerly Madle by Way it Garden and Beaver streets w ill he discontinued the coach company having determined that this routing developed practically no new traffic while there has been a demand for better transportation Between the Harriman District and the Mill Street business District. The new routing will make it More convenient for a greater number of residents to use the buses and from the Junction of Jefferson Avenue and Pond Street the Mills and factories can be More readily reached than heretofore. No change is made Iii the bus service rendered Croydon and other communities under the schedule put Iii effect last sunday. The Trenton Bristol and Philadelphia railway company and the Delaware River coach , did not enter opposition to the application of the Pennsylvania general transit company for permission to pick up passengers from Morrisville for Points beyond Philadelphia when the matter came to a hearing before the Public service commission in Philadelphia fast tuesday. The interstate bus Lino representatives stated that they did not wish to take any local passengers along their line and stipulated that their service would be Only for passengers going beyond Philadelphia on the Westward trips and that no passengers from Philadelphia to Bristol or of the territory served or. Byers reports recent realty sales foundling being cared for by chief Jones wife meaning that it was put on by Franklin Gilkeson to celebrate the which the pastor had to Victory of a candidate he sup Poi Ted j through to avoid suffocation after suffering defeat after defeat Morris lived but a Short time in Over a Long period of years. A you Bristol. Contrary to outside stories can to blame Gilkie a was one of tile in never had any social connections remarks heard most frequently a a it a j Here and was not known outside of the first Chance he has had to Cele j his dealings with storekeepers in the sixth Ward. A five weeks Cid boy left on the step of the Home of mrs. Kila Smith 308 Wood Street some time tuesday night where mrs. Smith found it when she locked up the House for the night is being cared for by mrs. Linford Jones wife of chief of police Jones until its parents can be found or a suitable Home is found for it. The child was left in a splint Basket in which was extra clothing and a nursing bottle together with a note asking that whoever found the baby should take care of it. Francis j. Byers real estate broker reports the following recent sales of real estate a for Bloomsdale estate company two lots of land on second Avenue at Edgely to Frank e. Crohe. For Charles e. Rommel of Vineland n. J., two lots of land at Coiner of Radcliffe and Landreth streets and two lots of land on first Avenue on Bloomsdale estate company tract at Edgely to a. Lippin Cott. For Thomas a. Byrne and Kila w. Byrne of Philadelphia dwelling and France genealogical distinctions of considerable importance and the Date of my birth. I Well remember How amid acclaim of a Street crowd i was harnessed up All Bright with a surface of brass Bright and smooth As a Mirror mounted on a gaily painted gun Carriage and dragged 150 Miles if it. Through tile mud to Toulon where i arrived in As sorry a condition As respects scratches and mud As Ever did a yearling gun. But the damage was Only skin deep and i soon discovered that my experience in mud a a Yea in blood had not commenced. While at Toulon i was parked away with Large and heavy pieces of artillery upon a gravel covered Parade ground in front of the Barracks and twice a Day was galloped around and around the Drill Yard the White faced schoolboys holding on to the Carriage like grim death. I had been nearly Twenty years at St. Cyr when there appeared a new scholar wearing Long hair immense Quot dog ears which fell upon his shoulders a sober. Taciturn boy but a great student a Corneas speaking very funny French. He took a deep interest in me and although he was fond of All the guns he called me his he remained at St. Cyr for one year having for five years previously been a student at the Brienne preparatory military school. He was then sent off to be Pere regiment at Volence a a sub lieutenant and i thought i would never see him again Albe Hung Over me and said in parting a Adieu Adieu i know i we will meet my life was uneventful until about ten years later when my Battery was sent South and i Wras present at the awful siege and capture of Toulon with its attendant carnage. One Day before the final act i saw a Brilliant cavalcade approaching when one in the uniform of a general of artillery quickly dismounted and to Hie amazement of his followers threw his arms about me just As if i had been a girl. In would be picked up. A lets go places at grand theatre next week a Temple Power a an All talking movie tone melodrama will be the iture tomorrow afternoon and evening at Gether with the grand theatre to four acts of vaudeville and Pathe sound review. A Holiday matinee will be Given this afternoon at 2.30, when Elinor Glynss latest Story a such men Are dangerous a will be the feature. There also will in a comedy a such a life a and grand theatre news. Next monday and tuesday the feature will be the musical extravaganza a a let a go places a with a Large cast of stars. Two comedies also Are billed a Prince Gabby a and a big time Fox movie tone news also is featured. On wednesday Dolores Del Rio will be seen Iii tile picture nation of Longfellow a immortal a Evangeline a with a matinee at 2.30. There will be a comedy a Romance de luxe a and Pathe sound news. Next thursday and Friday will bring a film that has attracted great attention throughout the country a the Case of sergeant Grischa a with Chester Morris and Betty Compton in the leading roles. A Mickey Mcguire comedy a a Mickey a master mind a and grand theatre news also Are billed. Sea scout troop Likely to be organized in Bristol was my Schoolboy continued on Friend now Page four in mrs. Harvey s. Rue death claimed a Well a own resident. Of Bristol yesterday at noon when mrs. Harvey s. Rud died at hoi late residence on Radcliffe Street alter an illness of several weeks. The deceased was 72 years of age a and was he widow of the late har a movement to establish a Branch of the sea scouts in Bristol is being spot. Ii by Bristol Lodge of elks before whom or. Perry assistant scout executive for Bucks county recently made a talk on sea scouting. If it should be possible to rent the old municipal building at Radcliffe and Market streets from the j Borough for a sea scout head quart Cis Steps probably will be taken to bring this about. The committee in charge of the j movement has not yet obtained a i boat but there Are Many boys Iii Bristol interested in boating and it is believed that a sea scout troop would be very popular Here. Lot of land no. 233 Cleveland Street to Nazzareno Virgulti and Anna Ivey s. Rue who for Many years v Virgulti. Conducted an undertaking Stabli amp hand for his own account the ment on Mill Street dwelling and lot of land no. 1524 j Ghe a survived by her daughter Wilson Avenue to Thomas j. Shields j Elisabeth Rue one sister mrs. Lewis Walton of Torres Dale and and Mae f. Shields. Or. Byers has also purchased from William h. Baines jr., the dwelling and lot of land situate no. 12 Grieb Avenue Edgely. One brother James la. Brooks of Jefferson Avenue. Funeral arrangements As yet have not been completed. Francis Dipaola funeral services for Francis Dipaola were held on saturday afternoon from the Home of his parents Luigi and Concetta Dipaola Pine Street with additional services in the Church of the apostolic Faith. Burial was made in Bristol cemetery. The Young lad was eight years of age and died of internal injuries suffered when he fell from a truck standing in a neighbors Yard. Besides his parents he is survived by seven Brothers and sister

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