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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - May 27, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania American legion to conduct services at cemeteries memorial Day a. A. March again sons of vets. To Honor dead circulation Challenge to Grundy a Bristol courier Mary Kissinger leads in contest senator Buckman a Bill seems to have been jumped from legislature to governor Allex service Are requested Headquarters of Post american morning at nine Iii men of the late War to assemble at the the Robert Bracken legion on monday j of clock to Partick Independent will contribute $100 to Ryms of cd newspaper in the coun Harriman Hospital if daily proves member or they have within 700 subscribers of the number claimed $5,000,000 Plum May not be Cut just yet exercises conduct Bristol a 2105 circulation the claim less than 1200 the fact Langhorne citizen made a Lone hand fight against the Bill May win out / at this writing it looks very Bright for the business men of Langhorne who have been making such a clean Light against almost insurmountable Odds against the changing of the route of the Lincoln Highway. The latest news from the Harrisburg front indicates that senator Buckman a Bill no. 794, route 281, which is supposed to have been passed and signed by governor sprout has not passed the Senate. Rather a Peculiar state of affairs if the above proves to be a fact that a Bill should be railroaded through the legislature and hurried to the governor for signature without giving the Senate of the state an Opportunity to voice their opinion of it. If this is True whether the governor has signed it or not the Bill cannot be recorded on the statute books of the state and the $5,000,000 Dollar Plum will have to be defered for cutting and division for another two years and at that time there will be a legislature and Senate whose ideas of state expenditures will be far different from the two houses who have just adjourned. Of course the governor might Call a special session for the consideration of this Bill in the Advent that it has not passed regularly but in the face of tile opposition that has been raised against it it probably would fail of passage. If Bucks county and tile state of Pennsylvania is saved from expending these millions of dollars on a stretch of Road that is not needed this saving will have been made through the efforts of one Man and that Man is Norman t. Esherick of Langhorne. This quiet citizen has dropped his personal business and followed out every phase of the Highway change and has sifted every reported weakness when his Appeal to the governor As chairman of the citizens committee had no effect he was disappointed but not floored. His fellow members of the committee were very much discouraged and Felt like giving up the Light but not he. Alone and practically unaided he still continued to Lope against Hope and when a move to have an injunction against the state instituted through a taxpayers suit was found to he impractical. Other wires were pulled with the result that it now seems that the Bill that has worried everyone concerned so much is not a Law in fact. Confirmation of the foregoing could not be obtained before this paper went to press but it is thought that before the Issue of next week. A final statement will be made on the subject and it is the firm Hope of the Independent that or. Esherick wins the Gallant fight which Lias waged practically alone. He win american stores after Long struggle the management of this paper wish to Call the Especial attention of their readers to the fact that beginning with this weeks Issue the weekly announcements of the american stores will be carried in the Independent. It has been arduous work securing this contract for our readers in the first place the american stores company who operate four Chain stores located in convenient sections or the town have been using another paper in town and they could not for a Long time be convinced that they should be charged More per Inch by the Independent than they paid the other publication especially As the other paper claimed to have so much More circulation than this paper has. After months of Effort the first and has been secured for you and appears on Page three of this issues read this and carefully and after digesting the Many Money saving offerings go to the store nearest your Home and let the management know that you read their first announcement in the Independent. Do As much for this paper As the management of the paper has done for you. For months we have waged a Campaign to get these Price announcements in the columns if your paper now show your predation by telling the store manager that you appreciate it sufficiently to Tell him you read them. Pate in the memorial Day and services which will be cd by the Post at both of cemeteries. It is expected that the body of James Bolton who died in France will arrive in Bristol either today or tomorrow and if it does arrive on schedule the funeral services will be conducted by the legion and a fir ing squad will fire the last Volley Over the grave of Tho departed hero a after the internment at the cemetery. Great preparations have been made by the legion for the proper Observance of this the first decoration Day they have been Able to gather together with a Lull complement of members. A Supply of Springfield lilies Lias been sent to the local Post by the United states government and these will be used on All occasions where a firing squad is used. Iii the funeral procession that has been arranged a gun Caisson now in the Possession of the Morrisville Post of the legion will be used to convey the body from the late Home of the deceased Soldier on Wood Street to the cemetery. Mullion a n de grift a band will furnish the music for the legion on monday both for their Parade before the services at the cemeteries and for the funeral procession if it is held on that Day. The grizzled and Gray veterans of the civil War tin few remaining members of Henry Clay Beatty Post g. A. R., will turn out to do Honor to their departed comrades As they have done for half a Century. It will not be Many More years that. These Obi fighters will be Here and authorities of Borough fail to make for several months the daily courier Lias carried in an ear Iii the upper left hand Corner of the first j Page of their publication the statement that a they have More circulation than the other two papers published in Bristol combined a a this is indeed misleading As they have i less than the Independent far less. Iii Ayers annual and other publications carrying circulation state ments of publications throughout the country the courier is listed with Well above 2,0t>0 circulation if the memory of the writer serves him right the exact number claimed is 2.105. This also must be a typographical error As the paper in question cannot show a paid circulation list of More than twelve Hundred and this is a Cli allonge for them to do it if they can. The Independent stands ready and willing to pay for an audit of the circulation records of this paper which makes such rash claims and Wilt allow the examination to be made by any circulation experts of standing in the country. Standing is either a an applicant member of the audit Bureau of circulations j but there Are still a few of the old school who believe that they can get business by publishing misleading statements As to their circular t Ion. J hese statements have no effect on the local business but the space buyer in Chicago for instance who knows nothing of local conditions simply takes up any one of the Many publications carrying circulation statements and sends Bis order to the fellow whose figures Are the biggest. For this latter reason newspapers who attempt to do business along strictly ethical lines in order to protect themselves and Force Oiler publications to make honest statements must at times Challenge the say so and sworn statements of those who guess at their circulation. Now for your Benefit i Tiser you have been buying More than 2,000 circulation and getting about three fit Tbs of that amount. What would you do if you bought a dozen pairs of stockings suits of clothes pairs of shoes cans of Corn or a dozen articles of any description from a wholesaler and he Only delivered you three fifths of a dozen you would immediately put in a claim to have the balance of your Money refunded for which you received no return. When a newspaper Sells you circulation the condition is exactly the same As when you buy merchandise you pay them tor what they claim to have if they simply Adver have less than they claim you have a Case to demand from them a rebate on the amount which they do not or cannot deliver you. The Independent does not expect the courier will even deign to notice this challenges they will simply ignore it feeling that the people will forget All about it in a few Days As they have been prone to forget other things Between elections. It makes no difference whether they answer or not this Chat tenge is a matter of record and unless the courier will stand for the circulation audit demanded. They will be placed on record in every advertising Agency in the country As fearing the result and the object of this Challenge will have automatically been accomplished. Upon the management of the courier signifying their intention of proving to the advertising world that they can make Good on their circulation claims the Independent will place a certified Check Iii the hands of any reputable business Man made out to the order of tile Harriman Hospital this Check to be turned Over to that institution As soon As the Bristol courier establish tile fact that they have not 2,105 paid subscribers As claimed but when they can show that they have As Many As 1,300 paid subscribers. In passing it May be of interest to the courier and the advertisers of Bristol and elsewhere to know that the net paid circulation of the Independent for its four issues Iii the month of May amounted to 6,900, or 1,725 average per Issue. Twenty six votes ahead of nearest rival in engine popularity race i balance the most Poplar Young lady contest of engine company n. I is Well under Way and already More than four thousand votes have been cast for the entrants. Mary Kissinger one of the entrants from the third Ward is leading the procession but she is Only Twenty six votes in Trout of her nearest competitor Jane Admiral Bowles spent Ai Ginley of the fourth Ward. Miss Kissinger has had 1141 votes cast for her while miss Meginley has had 1115 registered for her. Of the other contestants Helen Richter is third with 513 Mary Fine fourth with 145 Florence Bell Lulu with 311 Marian Smith sixth with 258 and Rhoda Heulu Yerington with 22 0. I he commute wish to announce that in counting the votes at their meeting on tuesday evening they found three envelopes with the names of Young ladies written on them who had not registered As be tug entrants in the contest. Two of these Young ladies received one vote each and the other had been Given seven votes. The names of All three Are wished at this time As the management fears the votes May i Hae been cast in a spirit of banter and rather than Embarrass the per Nasoe the much sons in question passes through is made Iii this the manner. Tomorrow official Date for final settlement impossible to get Advance information tuesday at Harriman his visit with distinguished companions May have great significance future seems brighter the Fate of the shipyard at Harriman May be decided within the next Twenty four hours. Efforts on the part of the editor of this paper to get Advance information As to what the intention of the government May be As to the disposition of their interests at Harriman have been unavailing therefore the readers of the Independent will simply be forced to wait until the whole affair passes through the regular gov Bristol a danger spots ignored Enterprise fire company Benefit they should be duly honoured on this to them Hie most important Day of the year. Colonel j. M. Gosline sons of veterans have Laid out a plan of Busy activity for Hie Day they will take up the work that was formerly done by Hie old veterans and w ill see that the grave of every departed Soldier in the various cemeteries in this Section Are marked and honoured. They will conduct services at tile several cemeteries and at the close of the Day will officiate at the Flag raising at the Bath St ret school. Safe a worst Corners a a death trap and the Road of ambition will be shown at Forrest theatre Friday june 3rd choir Leader Snelson showered with gifts Friday evening was another red letter season of enjoyment for the presbyterian choir. Or. And mrs. Thomas Snelson of 221 Market Street issued invitations to Eracli member of tile choir to spend the evening on May 20th. The program of entertainment was a musical one and the members seemed to be in full enjoyment of the occasion. A Fine collation was served late in the evening. In appreciation of the labors of or. Snelson As Leader of the choir and As a Token of tile High esteem held for him a Necktie with Gold Stickpin and a music stand were presented to or. Snelson who responded to Hie gifts Iii a fitting manner. The members of hic choir were All pleased with the hospitality of the Home and profusely thanked or. And mrs. Snelson for the Good time. Those present were mrs. S. Dons miss Annie Arensmeyer Hattie Carty miss Clara King Edith Hunter. Misses Dorothy Sid miss miss and Pearl Moss miss Helen Ware miss Florence Chambers mrs. J. S. Sands or. And mrs. J. Bishoff or. Robert King or. Thomas Hanford or. Clayton Force or. Russel Johnson and or. William Rue. Nethol week Bas passed and in vol an Effort has been made on tile part of the town authorities to make any safer the dreadful dangers that present themselves to vehicular traffic at the Corners of Beaver Buckley red new Buckley streets. No attempt to prevent accidents Lins been made on the part of the Borough authorities a not even a traffic officer has been assigned to duty at tills Point during the Rush hours of the Day. The police department cannot be expected to assign a Man from the All too few on their roster for duty at this danger spot but a Man might by especially appointed to take care of traffic at this Point during the time that the closing of the Lincoln Highway diverts traffic through Bristol. The town fathers might answer the above by saying that there have been no accidents recorded at this Point to Date True there have been none but that does not insure the fact that there May not be one happen even while this article is being written nor does it relieve or remove the responsibility from the shoulders of the men who hold the destiny of this town so firmly grasped Iii their hands. While on the subject the a death trap must not la1 forgotten As the authorities also assume the attitude of utterly ignoring this papers ranting on the dangers daily encountered by travellers both on foot and Iii veil ides in crossing this dreadful Bridge. An ounce of prevention is often Worth More than a ton of cure and the authorities of Bristol had better keep this Ever before their official minds before they Are held responsible through neglect of a terrible Accident resulting in the loss of one or More precious lives. Weekly half Holiday starts wednesday noon memorial Day program in Hulmeville. So. Langhorne starting with next wednesday afternoon and continuing through the months of june july and August the Mill Street business men will close their stores at noon. It is very Likely that a number of other business Bouses in the upper Section of the City will also close during these months at the noon hour. It is the duty of the buying Public to make it possible for those hard working servants of the Public to take off these few hours and this can be done by buyers arranging their purchasing so that no inconvenience will be Felt through the closing movement becoming effective. Sacred concert instead of Chautauqua services the management of the Chautauqua have acceded to tie it request of the ladies of Bristol and in lieu of the usual sunday services which Are among the features of the weeks program sacred concert will be Given sunday june 12th, at 4 of clock. This hour was chosen in order that the concert might in no Way interfere with any service at any of the churches Iii town. The principal features of the Concei t will be High Grade musical selections the majority of which will be of a sacred nature. Extensive memorial Day exercises Are planned for Hulmeville for monday May 30th. A special committee composed of members of the soby Post of the american legion and the patriotic and fraternal orders of Hulmeville and South Langhorne have charge of the arrangements. The speaker of the Day will be Rev. W. E. P. Haas of Wharton memorial Church of Philadelphia be will address the Assembly at Beechwood cemetery. The red Hill band will furnish music for the Day. The children of the Public schools of South Langhorne and Hulmeville will form part of the line and Are requested to carry Flowers with which to decorate the soldiers Graves. The route of March follows one p. forms at South Langhorne fire House. 1.45 p. M. Meet Hulmeville division at main and Hulme streets. 2.15�?unveiling gun at Honor Roll Camp 796 p. O. S. Of a. 2.30 p. services at the Graves of comrades Burton and Mclver american legion and o. I. Of a. Guards. 2.4 5 p. at speakers stand by red Hill band. Singing. A my country tis of prayer Rev. W. S. Heist. Remarks Rev. Oscar Meyer. Solo miss Margaret Marlin. Lincoln a Gettysburg address. Robert Clayton. Remarks Rev. C. D. Benjamin. Address. Rev. W. E. P. Haas. Singing Star spangled Banner. Benediction Rev. William e. Hinkle. A the Road of ambition a is tile aptly descriptive title of Conway tearless first Selznick picture which is announced As the feature attraction at the Forrest theatre Friday evening. June 3td. This picture has been secured by manager Wilson for Enterprise fire company no. 5, and the lire laddies will receive the Benefit of your attendance if you attend. Hard scratching for the fire company s these Days so help tile boys by your attendance. The Story which is from the pen of Elaine Sterne one of the most prolific writers of screen material deals with the career of a Young Man who although without friends Money or education is inspired by the unquenchable fires of ambition. He is when the Story starts Foreman in a Large steel Mill. He conceives an idea How to utilize a hitherto waste by product of the Iron Ore and the scheme being practical it is adopted by the company which employs him. His fortunes rapidly Rise Iii consequence but he still realizes his Lack of polish and education. To overcome this social defect he engages the daughter of a society woman who has met with financial reverses. But the w Oman is a Clever schemer and she plans to marry him in order to get his Money. Failing in this she attempts to ruin him both in business socially and in the Field of politics which he has recently entered. There is a Battle of both muscle and mind but in the end Bill Matthews achieves the Heights of his ambition through the love of a True girl. Washington Greys meet Bristol team sunday Burlington Island Park attractive improvements made on All sides-dancing1 Pavilion resembles an Artic Grotto or All of these Young ladies wish to Eider the contest the committee will gladly receive their regular Entrance acknowledgement and will gladly Start them off with a credit of the votes already cast. Several men have been voted for but their names also w ill be left out As this is a contest Lor the most Young lady. Noting boxes with envelopes accompanying them have been placed convenient spots around town after having made a Purchase in any of the stores having these per announcement. _ a a either Ern ment publicity and this May he of popular at and a matter of Ohe Day or several Days. There has been great activity in and around the Yard during Hie past week everyone of the clerks and employees still remaining at Tho Plant have been constantly on the Iii Vive and there has been a constant coming and going of officials and near officials of both the government and the merchants s. B. Corp. Not in months have so Many dignitaries visited the Yard and the fact that something is to he done that will lend finality to the whole matter pertaining to the disposition boxes drop whatever Odd change you of the property has been plainly a have remaining from for Sale lot of chairs and Tab found in Philadelphia ten Days Les suitable for Rea Turant or ice ago class pin b. H. S. �?T15�?los Cream Parlours at win. Madden ser can secure property at this office shop 340 Dorrance Street it i by identification. For tie nth garage for two cars j stable room for three horses a i ply s. E. Lincoln Delaware hotel. Better baseball than is being furnished at the merchants Field in Harriman every sunday afternoon would be hard to find anywhere among Semi pro clubs. Even the fact that Bristol lost last sundays game does not detract from the fact that it was a wonderful Ball game and that the crowd More than received a run for their Money. Sunday coming Hie Washington Greys a Strong coloured club will be the attraction. This team comes heralded As being fast workers and it is said that they have played on a a with Hilldale the Norfolk stars and other fast coloured organizations. Their re Putti Hon is a great one and if their playing is anywhere near what it is cracked up to be a wonderful contest should result in sundays meeting. Burlington Island Park is going to be a much More attractive pleasure resort this year than it has Ever been before. The bathing Pavilion has been rebuilt and a number of new amusements have been installed and concessions have been taken for still others. The dancing Pavilion and restaurant both of which will be under the management of c. Frank Donnelly will be Beauty spots that will no doubt be Hie Mecca of pleasure seekers throughout the season. The Pavillion in particular has been transformed by the a colossal illuminated representation of or. E. K. Kane world renowned Artic voyages a a which gives one Hie impression if being transplanted to the ice bound coasts of the far North. In Llis is the most Gigantic and inimitable work of Art Ever produced and it Cost $30,000 to make the paintings in the first place. The wonderful Aurora boreal is is shown. The Midnight Sun and Many other scenes and lighting effects that Are simply marvelous. The dance floor has been enlarged. And Side curtains have been provided so that during tile season dances will be held on each wednes Day and saturday evening rain or Shine. Special arrangements have been made with the Boatmen who will do the ferrying to and from the Park for the dances to provide their boats with curtains so that ladies attending May keep As dry on wet evenings As they can on the Ordinary Moonlight nights. Music for dancing will be furnished throughout the season by the six bohemians nightingales who have just completed a seasons engagement at prof. Dicks dancing Academy Philadelphia. To Morrow is official opening Day at Hie Park and a goodly crowd of merry makers is looked Forward too and they will be gladly welcomed by the management and their assistants. Your Purchase in an envelope and have each Penny Register a vote for your Choice of tile seven contestants listed above. Each Penny spent in this Way will simply be added insurance Foi Vou against fire As the Money accumulated will be used to make necessary repairs on the equipment of engine company no. I. Be Era i of the voting places not mentioned in last a reeks a Issue of ibis paper follow John Mcgee a Uptown store. Lafayette and Wood streets Gus Williams Walnut and Wood streets j. P. And Spruce streets store Balli Street and Johnson a Cigar store Otter Street. Iii giving this paper the list of committeemen in charge of the test the name of Hugh Hail melted by an oversight. Con was of Bridge of sighs is being repaired ladies auxiliary to Cater to marchers repair work has been started on the a abridge of sighs on Bristol Pike Over the Nesh Aminy and Progress is being made in replacing the rotted and worn out planks with new ones which were badly needed. The a a Independent in last week s Issue published an account of the poor state of repairs this Bridge has been in for some time and it is a noticeable fact that repairs seem to have been started immediately but being modest and naturally unassuming this paper gives the Bridge committee All credit due and the Many voices of thanks from motorists May be directed to them. For Sale Saddle and driving horse. Dias. Kephart Chinn Lane Croydon. A Hose taking part in Tho Parade on memorial Day will be entertained at supper at the close of the Days activities. The women connected with Hie g. A. In will prepare sup per Iii Modican Hall for Tho members of the Post and sons of veterans while the women of Hie auxiliary to the american legion will have supper prepared for All members of the legion at their Headquarters and have also extended invitations to the sunning few of Henry Clay Beatty Post. Ladies Union plan for annual picnic there were Twenty eight members of the ladies Union present on monday Alay 16th. And during the evening a Surprise was sprung upon them by mrs. Robert Clark and mrs. A Atherine Mcgee. The two named ladies served Home made pineapple ice Cream and wafers which pleased very much the pallets of those present. On monday evening the same number was present and arrange ments were made for holding the annual picnic of the ladies Union at the farm of or. Lehman on thursday june 9th. Parent All week. Admiral Bowles who was the first representative of the emergency Fleet in charge of activities in this District has again entered the local picture and the genial Admiral who proved his great efficiency As an executive in hic first hectic Days of War organization was a visitor at the Plant on tuesday. This is very significant and it would seem to indicate that the authorities at Washington Are going to base their future action on the report of Admiral Bowles rather than on the say so Duffy Buckley of Admiral Benson who is still Nom Youngs drug finally in charge of the government interests hereabouts. Admiral Bowles was one of a party of six or seven distinguished looking gentlemen who arrived at the Plant tuesday in a massive limousine driven by a chauffeur in livery. It was whispered about that the party was a congressional committee and that their decision would be final As to whether the government pays or. Harriman $1,300,000 for his land or whether they attempt to sell him the government property standing on this land. It is stated that congressman Nicholas Long Worth Quot jut married the late president Rooseve is daughter was one of the party Blit this could not be confirmed. The decision is Only a few hours off and As a last minute prediction the Independent feels like going on record As being almost certain that the government will not buy the Yard and that ultimately it will either be turned Back to or. Harriman or else placed on Sale As a whole parcel instead of the buildings and Shipways now standing on Tho property being demolished and sold As junk. Despite Hie fact that in the mad Bustle and Bustle of War preparation Uncle Sam was rather a free spender the old gentleman is again the quiet and calculating old Yankee with his nose for business opportunities sharpened and ready to drive Hie Best bargain. It is easily to be seen that it would be a fallacy to demolish this wonderful Plant and remove it piecemeal from Tho site North of Bristol and for this reason this paper Bas Ever contended that it would be kept intact and sold in one parcel. The time for procrastination has passed Alay 28th is Hie Date agreed entertains schoolmates upon for settlement and if the gov pm men t is not ready to take Over the property they must dispose of their interests in some other manner. Or. Harriman has been quoted As stating hat he does not want the government equipment if this is a fact it is up to the government to produce some one else who will take Over the Plant and when that someone else is discovered if to or they Are not already being held Back for a last minute Surprise activities at North Bristol will again commence. It stands to reason that no firm or individual would invest the millions that will be necessary to acquire the Harriman shipyard and then leave it stand Idle. This All indicates that. The so Oft repeated prediction of the Independent that the shipyard would again function is about to be realized. Late and copy will not be used Tho Independent regrets the necessity of disappointing a number of its advertisers who failed to get their decoration Day and announcements into this office before noon yesterday. Newspapers must draw the deadline somewhere and the fact that the manager of this paper informed All advertisers. That their copy must to received before thursday noontime. Absolves this publication of their loss of publicity. All ads carrying mat illustrations must be in this office no later than wednesday at noon. And All and. With just straight Type matter no later than noontime thursday. This Rule stands and despite the fact that living up to ii forces us to leave out More than one Hundred inches of advertising we must keep our Rule or otherwise subject our employees to the i Pustic of working Long arduous hours we Rich no human being should be subjected to. Let t ii is be a lesson to the merchant who always Waits until the last minute. Miss Ann Hawkes on saturday last of clock thirty school Ann Ilaw Kes from school Philadelphia. From 2 to 5.30 friends of miss friends so Lect were guests of air. And mrs. Thomas Ilaw Kes at their Home above Bristol on the Delaware. They were entertained for most of the time on the Lawn and a number of prizes were offered for tile winners of the outdoor games. The dining room became the Center of attraction later in the afternoon and the tasteful arrangement of the National colors were much admired and a Fine collation was served to the Young ladies who did Justice to every thing As tile trip and the exciting games helped them to be in trim for the refreshments. The Gills went Back to Philadelphia and expressed the wish that they might be Able to attend the annual gathering for years to come. Memorial Day matinee at Forrest theatre attend quarterly meeting m r. And mrs. Walter f. Lee Dom misses Katherine Elizabeth and Clara Laing. Motored yesterday to attend the quarterly meeting of friends at Buckingham. There will be a special decoration Day matinee Given at the Forrest theatre on monday. The attraction will be a the mask a direct from its opening run of a week at the Forrest theatre Philadelphia

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