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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - May 20, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania A abridge of sighs on Bristol Pike to be decided Bridge crossing Nesh Minny is As bumpy As county roads not Safe either government must Harriman $1,300,000 on that Date or relinquish ground additional 60 Day option expires then whether Harriman will buy government buildings or government buy Harriman a land problematical when will the shipyard open is the shipyard Ever going to open these and similar questions Are received at this office Iii every mail they Are asked Over the Telephone and the editor and his assistants Are stopped on the Street and quizzed by those who Are vitally interested Iii the future activities of the Mammoth Plaut North of Bristol. It will be much easier to answer these questions with some semblance of of nullity after May 28tli. On that Date the government must either the Harriman interests $1,300,000 for the land the Yard proper now occupies or turn this land Back to them in the same condition it was before the buildings and cranes were placed upon it for the building of ships. If the government elects to retain this land and keep the shipyard in by supervisors when repairs Are tact. It May mean that the govern Bucks county has a Bridge of sighs. I he Bridge is across the Nesh Aminy on Bristol Pike and the sighs come i rom the motorists who Cross daily with a prayer on their lips for a Safe passage. The Bridge for some time has been in a very i poor state of repairs and seemingly no efforts have been made towards putting it in proper condition. In some places where attempts have been made to Patch some of the places which have rotted away new pieces of planking have been nailed directly on top of the Obi which gives one a bumpy ride and lets you know you Are still travelling in Bucks county. Some of the planks have become loosened at the ends and now jut up from one to three inches above the surface of the Bridge and there Are still other rotted places that no attempt has been made to repair. Solely those who hold the destiny of county Bridges in the hollow of their hands cannot Cross this Structure often for one trip is enough to con Ince the most optimistic of the imperative necessity of prompt repairs. It will take a serious Accident to Wake those responsible to a sense of duty but then it will be a repetition of the old old Story of Locking the stable after the horse is stolen. H third Ward its Rise up in arms cry out they want sewage system and water on Locust and Swain streets traffic diversion from Lincoln Highway increases menace at Beaver and Buckley streets bad turn cause of Many near accidents Borough authorities should Widen this turn As they promised to years ago it seems to be the duty of this paper week after week to complain of something and this constant hammering led one of our readers to suggest that the editor allow one week to pass without criticizing any Many Edgely its. Utterly ignored ment will then operate the Yard if they finally decide to refuse to buy. It. May be that they will enter into some sort of an agreement a till the Harriman forces and sell them the equipment now branding in the Yard at a figure that no Good fair minded business firm could afford to refuse. To dismantle the equipment in the Yard and sell it for junk or otherwise would mean that the amount realized from its Sale by the government would be next to nothing. For instance a Brick Structure that Cost Many dollars to erect would not bring in the open Market very much in return for the bricks after the building avas torn Down and then besides it costs Money to tear Down a Brick Structure. In the event that the government does not want the property and that or. Harriman refuses to take it Over to operate it a third course remains open. The ground and equipment May lie put on the Market in a parcel the highest bidder to be Given the property and the amount secured to revert to the government after the $1,300,000 that is due the Harriman is deducted from the Gross total. That this wonderful institution that Means so much to the future Prosperity of this Community will not remain Idle Long is a certainty. There Are a number of firms who have expressed a desire to acquire the property but any negotiations that they May desire to make cannot be made until after the go eminent and the har rhyans have made a settlement. The original option of the government expired on March 30th. At that time they requested the Harriman interests for a thirty Day Extension of time with the privilege of sixty Days additional. The latter compromised by granting them sixty Days from the Date originally set. This term expires on the 2 8th, and then any action the Tai May be contemplated will possibly be made Public. The Independent will be the first paper in this Vicinity to give out the glad tidings whatever they May be after the final settlement is made As this paper has friends at court who will keep it informed of the various ramifications of the several Points in the adjustment. It seems a Long time since the riveters guns were Active but if there is any virtue in what Dame Rumor has been most persistently contending the time Wrhen there will be a resumption of activities is not so far Distant. Ordered never Overlook taxes a say one resident Bristol pa., May in 1921. Editor Bucks county Independent dear sir after Reading your account of people living on Woodside Avenue Iii Edgely having to taxes when the Street they live on is not in the township. I would Call your attention to the fact that there Are several streets in Edgely under the same condition for instance Grieb Avenue which extends from the Bristol Pike to the canal also Riverview Avenue and Elkins Avenue. Taking the matter As a whole about one Liaf of the people who own property in Edgely taxes for keeping up the township roads and streets while the streets they live on receive no attention by the supervisors. There is a Short stretch of Grieb Avenue which has been put in fairly Good condition by those people who reside on that property West of the Pennsylvania Railroad on which the fire House is located. Atter the fire company had decided to locate the fire House on this Street they thought it advisable that this Street be kept in Good condition at All times and therefore took the matter up with the Road supervisors and after much talk Back and Forth they finally managed to have the Road scraped into shape and they were so kind As to dump one Load of crushed Stone for our use which they said might come in Handy. We think possible that this Load of Stone was put there so that the Driver could get Home a Little earlier As it was about his last Load in the evening. Very truly yours a Reader local condition. This would be impossible. For years the people of Bristol have been fed up from one Angle and they have been constantly satiated with nothing excepting what the ruling Powers have wished them to know therefore again an awful condition that is a daily menace must be dilated upon. The intersection of Beaver Buckley and new Buckley streets have for years been a danger spot. This Point is doubly and trebly so now that so much of the Lincoln Highway traffic passes these Corners. Hourly there Are collisions averted by just a hairs breath and it is miraculous that Long Ere this one or More terrible accidents have not occurred there with the resultant loss of life that so often is part of the result. Last Bering do not Croydon to have school by fall Friday morning the big Lum steam roller was almost a party to a three cornered collision no possible Chance of accusing this machine of doing any speeding it was crawling along at its usual Pace coining up Buckley and As it turned into Beaver a truck turning into Buckley from Beaver and a touring car swinging in from new Buckley came within an Ace of meeting head on. The steam roller stopped the truck skidded to a standstill after the brakes had been jammed on. And one could smell the rubber on the touring cards tires Burn As the emergency was forced on to the limit. This near collision which was witnessed by the writer is Only one of Many that occur each Day residents in this Vicinity have been heard to say that after their work is finished they go to the window and watch to see How near vehicles can come to striking each other without really doing so. Some Day Christophers garage is going to have a Job cleaning up the feature wreckage of a number of cars which number will pile up on the Road at this Point and the Harriman Hospital will have the work of attempting to Patch up the human wreckage that will surely be the toll of the catastrophe that is slated to occur at this Corner. The Independent believes that some of these Days the town authorities will awaken to the necessity of taking some decided action on the widening of these thoroughfares and the removing of the danger spot at this turn but just How Long it will take them is a matter of conjecture. It is the Earnest Hope and desire of this paper that they awaken in time and do not wait until someone has been Hurt or probably killed before they decide to take action. It will made a citizens who live on the continuation of Swain Street claim they have a kick coming against the Borough. I hey Are taxed for every convenience that the balance of the Borough enjoys and yet they cannot enjoy what they Are helping to tor. They have no water there is no sewer in the Street at this end and As a consequence what the Board of health would consider a crying necessity in another Section of the town is entirely ignored in this Section and improvements that the owners of property Are desirous of making cannot be made. Furthermore one irate citizen stated last week when lie observed the annual a spreading of Road Money a that there has not been a piece of cracked Stone spread before his property in eight years. There Are eleven properties on Tho upper end of this Street that is referred to above. Four of these houses belong to the Wilson estate three to Sam Milnor one to Jesse Bromley one to John Dugan and the other to a family named Schietz. Why the health Board does not Force the Borough to give these people Opportunity to make their premises sanitary is one of the mysterious mysteries in a mysteriously mysterious town administration. Locust Street will not be denied and when one of the tax payers from the upper end of this thoroughfare heard it rumoured that his neighbors on Swain Street were complaining he made a trip to the Independent and asked that Locust be put in the running for much needed improvements. There Are seven properties on this Street from peat i Street to the Creek and they Are without water and sewage facilities. They also ask that ashes or some other sort of material that will give the semblance of a foundation to their Street be Laid by the Borough. These properties contain voters and they threaten to break Down the organization bulwark of a solid third Ward if they get prompt action. Langhorne citizens quiet y making Progress in efforts to retain Lincoln High a y Bristol fire company no. I conducting it to raise funds for company county Medicos All make merry Spring hide the meeting followed by boat and dinner at Morelton inn Torres Dale despite the fact that governor Sproul has signed Bill which changes route a citizens committee grimly determined closes on july 4th Young decide firemen a Benefit tonight at Forrest America Hose h. Amp l. Co. No. Offer Eugene o Brien in a gilded lies it is expected that the Forrest theatre will be filled to capacity this evening As this is the night of the Benefit for America Hose Hook and ladder company no. 2. Eugene of Brien in a gilded lies a will be the attraction and from the of Advance tickets that have been sold by the fire laddies a record breaking attendance is looked Forward to. If you have not yet bought a ticket you can get one at the door. It will not Cost you any More to see this picture than Many of the others you go to regularly and your Quarter will help toward furnishing More adequate Protection to your Home. It would be difficult to imagine Eugene of Brien in a More thoroughly congenial role than that of Keene Mccomb the Young explorer in who is the most popular lady in Bristol this will be cd in a contest that will be conducted by Bristol fire company no. In and the votes of the citizens of the Borough at one cent each will designate which of the seven Young ladies who have entered the race Are most popular in the town. It is a most unfortunate state of affairs that forces a company of firemen who Are banded together Loi the Protection of the lives and prop erty of the tax payers of a Community to have to use All sorts of schemes to raise sufficient funds to keep up their equipment plenty of taxes Are paid by the property own ers but not sufficient Money can by found to take care of the fire department. The entrants Avo Are facing the starters wire now Are miss Mary Fine and miss Florence Bell fron the first Ward miss Hilda Richter from the second miss Mary Kir Singer from the third miss Marior Smith and miss Jane Mcginley from the fourth and miss Rhoda Heth Erington from the fifth. The Winner will be Given a beaut if til Diamond ring the second High est a wrist watch and the third i Lavaliere. Ballot boxes and envelope Ballote will be placed in the following stores Johnathan Wrights pharmacy Martins drug store Tracy amp bakery a Strumfels Cigar store when voting take one of the in \ slopes provided at the ballot boxes write the name of your candidate of it and for every Penny you place ii the envelope one vote will be registered in her favor. The ballots will be counted every a Eek and published in the Independent so that tin Public May be kept constantly ii touch with the Progress being mad by their favorite candidate. You Early and often As the Money raise in this Way will be spent to give Jot better fire Protection. The Contes will run until the evening of Juh 4th. The committee of no. I company in charge of the election Are a. J Billyer chairman. Thomas Hoffman be n Jones Milton Jones Harry Force and Callin Rogers. Day wednesday May 18th, a an auspicious one for the Boldin of the regular Spring meeting of the Lucks county medical Lite business meeting was i lie elks Home from o clock. The principal i. C. E. De Ai. Sajous not be a Case of their not having his absence been warned of the existing danger ing for her for this warning has been waved be _ fore their eyes for Vve eks and it will continue to wave until the several improvement association danger spots in the town Are removed. As the modern Young Knight who funeral of Harvey Rue goes Forth to face death for the Sake was largely attend it of the Fame it a ill reflect on his beloved Fiancee As the bitter lie arted returning hero who finds she has representative mercenary marriage during efforts of finally Bear fruit four room building to Start Katherine v. Mahan buried on saturday miss Lawrence gives pleasant card party miss Esther Lawrence entertained some friends at 500 on thursday afternoon. The players were grouped Iii Sixes and a ipod spirit was displayed during the games. The room tastefully decorated Iii Green and White interspersed Vith Pink peonies. The invited list included mrs. James Larue mrs. Thomas Scott mrs. Clifford Anderson mrs. W. T. Wilson mrs. J. Fred Wagner mrs. Josephine weeks mrs. Frank Baldwin mrs John c. Sickert mrs. Philip Conrad mrs. Walter Leedonis. Mrs. Frank Lehman mrs. Win. C. Lecompte mrs. In f. Van Kirk mrs. Howard Pursell mrs. Stacy b. Pur sell mrs. Thomas Hawkes mrs. Win. Buckman mrs. G. L. Williams mrs. E. L. Fries mrs. Russell Burton mrs. Ernest Lawrence mrs. Win. E. Doron mrs. Fred Decker mrs Eallen Martin mrs. Algernon Cadwallader mrs. Win. Ii. Bown miss Lucy Louderbough mrs. Louis Spring mrs. We. E. Dodds mrs. G. Strau ser mrs. G. A re Rey mrs. Emil Metzger and miss Mary Lewis. The prize winners were mrs. Sullen Martin first prize mrs. Win. H. Bown 2nd prize mrs. A. Gadwall Der 3rd prize Croydon will get its school. The chairman of the school committee of the Croydon improvement association has been notified by the local school Board that plans Are completed for the erection of a four room school House in Croydon to be ready for occupancy by the fall. The building will be constructed in such a manner that additions can he made should an increased number of students warrant. Too much cannot be said of what this will mean to the Community for it is a known fact that Many summer residents have refused to make this their permanent Home on account of the inadequate school facilities. Now that this objection has been swept away and with the Assurance of fire Protection electric lights etc., the latter two Are being installed a new Era has been opened for Croydon which will result in an increased population and renewed business and social activities. A Resolution avas adopted by the Croydon improvement association thanking the school Board for their successful efforts in securing the much talked of Croydon school. On tuesday May 17th. Katherine v. Mahan age 19 years daughter of or. And mrs. John Mahan 401 Jefferson Avenue was called to her regard. She was highly esteemed by a Host of friends in this locality and else a he re. In her last illness she gave an example of patient suffering that was truly remarkable and one that will live Long in the memory of those who witnessed it. Katherine avas a graduate of St. Marks school in the class of 1918. Her work both at school and later in the office both were marked with a determination to succeed. Solemn requiem mass will be celebrated at to of clock on saturday morning in Saint Marks Church and interment will be made Iii St. Marks cemetery. Funeral will be conducted from the Home of her grandmother in Edgely. The family have the Heartfelt sympathy of the entire Community in their great loss. And As the Lover fight a xvii no i release from the haled bondage into which a lying aunt has thrust Lier or. Of Briens performance is not lacking in a single Point. There is one scene which takes place on the Edge of a High Cliff. Where Mccomb and the villain Martin Ward have a fight to a finish combat which will make the audience hold its breath. Undoubtedly this is one of the strongest parts or. Of Brien has had for Somo time and it would be an unnecessary carping critic who would not give him full credit for a splendid performance. Bodies of men rep resenting ledges and civic organizations in attendance society held in two to four speaker aves of Philadelphia who spoke on the subject of endocrine or in language of ordinal y Ductless glands. I lie convention Felt highly honoured nit a doctor of such prominence should leave his business and give to much of his time to a Small town. Dining tile business session a reception was held at tile Home of or. Lehman for the a Ives of the out of town doctors and their guests. Mrs. Win. C. Lecompte and mrs. Lehman acted As hostesses. Mrs. Anderson assisted in serving punch and cake on tile spacious porch. Mrs. Fred Wagner conducted the ladies who were conveyed in autos Over the Harriman Hospital and altogether a delightful season avas pent in the interval of waiting for the yacht a a the Arrow a owned by messes. Lovett and Jackson which took the parties doctors wives and special guests Down the River to Moi i Elton inn Torres Dale where a line dinner was served followed by i dance during tile evening which seemed to be much enjoyed and the Nerry party thoroughly took pleasure in the sport. The music was Airn shed by Frank Delia a jazz orchestra composed of William Pazzano Jacob Carnali Joseph Delia and i rank Delia. At intervals awhile the dancers rested or. It Pazzano favored the pleasure seek is Avith vocal solos. The dinner which was to have 3one Down in history As a dry one will be recorded As very wet. Or. Frank Lehman acted As Toast master and was responded to by or. 0. E. De m. Sajous and or. R. Myers. The response of or. Walter f. Bee-1om and or. Stanford k. Runyan brought Forth streams of briny liquid. The guests of or. And mrs. Wiliam c. Lecompte were or. And Virs. Stanford k. Runyon Burgess my mrs. Clifford Anderson or a irs. Walter f. Lee Dom. Or. Mrs. J. Fred Wagner a guests were Dis. Josephine weeks or. And mrs. A rank Baldwin while mrs. Ernest Lawrence mrs. Win. Ii. Bown mrs. Am. E. Doron and mrs. J. C. Stuck it were the guests of or. And mrs. 1. Pursell. Or. And mrs. Frank Ehmann a guests were miss Nellie riches miss Mary Lehman and miss without fuss or bluster they have followed their Campaign and Victory seems in sight Henry Guy Walters buried yesterday w. C. T. Business meeting the regular monthly business meeting of the w. C. T. U., will be held next tuesday evening the 24th, at the Home of miss Hughes 601 Radcliffe Street. For rent garage for two cars stable room for three horses apply s. E. Lincoln Delaware hotel. Tomorrow afternoon the Bristol gun club trap team a ill meet the pick of the Burlington it. Holly and Roebling gun clubs in a team shoot. The three Jersey teams will Combine As one and a ill Endeavor to lower the Bristol teams colors. The shoot will be held at the gun club on Beaver Street. Bristol team Defeated the Burlington club with ease Ai their last meeting tomorrow they will Havo stiff opposition As the Jersey teams have some Good gunners. The funeral services Over the remains of the late professor Henry Guy Walters were held yesterday afternoon at St. James Mission Langhorne. The professor died last monday evening and his death is regretted by a Large Circle of friends who held him in the highest esteem. He was 65 years of age. With the passing of professor Walters Langhorne loses one of the most Able thinkers and writers along nation of psychological and philosophical lines and it was Only Iii recent years that ill health impelled him to give up his work. He was assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University and actively associated with the William s. James. He a Rote in the decease of Harvey s. Rue. Prominent for so Many years Iii Bristol not Only As an important business Man but for ii is Sterling qualities As a citizen and the live interest he took in everything of the nature of an uplift the Community realizes a real loss. The Large gathering of people assembled at the funeral service to their respect to his memory the Many tokens of natures beauties the presence of so Many former residents All give evidence of the High esteem in which the deceased was held. Or. Rue avas born in Bristol play let snowball and coasted the Hills with the school boys and after leaving school took up his life a work is Thor Lawrence. Or. Walter Thomas of Philadelphia was the flies of or. Ami mrs. Horace Fleck Stein. Others who enjoyed the mat ride the dinner and the dance a vere or. C. E. Do m. Sajous Phila Liphia or. And mrs. P. Specht of booming Glen or. And mrs. Arthur a Are Ham Morrisville or. And mrs. I. W. Redden or. J. B. Carroll hat it Oro or. Eugene Swayne Harriman or. And mrs. D. B. Ackley of Mercer Hospital Trenton or. L. B. Roberts or. James Collins or. George t. Fox. Or. Ii. D. Webb or. And mrs. Edward e. Everts. Langhorne or. And mrs. Linn Bassett Yardley or. And mrs. W. S. Erdman Buckingham or. And mrs. Anthony Myers Blooming Glen miss in Myers or. And mrs. W. In Cooper Point pleasant miss Dorothy Cooper and mrs. Chester Stover. School children a matinee at Forrest theatre tuesday senator Clarence Buckman is very much perturbed Over the action of a number of his constituents who went Over his official head and appealed to governor Sproul to kill the Bill changing the course of the Lincoln Highway through Langhorne during the past a Eek he has been Busy explaining to these men who took matters into their own hands that he had nothing to do with Tho idea of making the change and that it is a matter that has National significance and As a consequence he was powerless to Check it. He claims that he simply acted As the introduced of the Bill at the Behest of the state Highway department and that he could not have stopped its introduction if he had tried. The citizens committee who circulated the petitions last week that have More than four Hundred signatures attached to them listened to Clarence j., and seemingly despaired of being Able to accomplish anything especially after he showed them a Telegram stating that the Bill was signed by the governor but they kept right on sawing Wood. This committee is out with a definite object in View they to retain the Highway through Langhorne for the Good of the Community at Large and until several tricks which they still have up their sleeves Are beaten by being trumped they will continue to plug along in the even tremor of their Avay working toward the ultimate accomplishment of their object. The forces of the citizens have been greatly strengthened during the last few Days by the acquisition of several Active and exceptionally influential and determined citizens who claim that they have devised a Way which they figure will be most effective in blocking the expenditure of millions of the funds of the state and slashers of the Money of the taxpayers of the county and boroughs affected by the proposed new Highway. A bomb will be exploded Iii the Camp of the stand patters who Are and smiling to themselves and Figura and Lively speaking snickering Over the Victory which they figure is already won. Another Day is at hand and it is not far off. The coloured gentleman in Hie woodpile referred to in last weeks Issue of this paper regarding the i mysterious non receipt of a night letter sent to governor Sproul last monday night May 9th by the com Mittee has been smoked out. Thurs Day May 12, the Secretary of the governor said the message had not been received up to that time on Friday May 13th, the Western Union Telegraph company reported that the message which the governors Secretary claimed had not been received up to May 12, had been delivered at Tho governors office and was signed for there by c. P. Swope chief clerk and that the time of delivery and signature was 8.40 a. M., May 10th. What Means All this continued on Page nine memorial Day program of sons of veterans there will he a special matinee for school children Given at the Forrest theatre on tuesday afternoon at 3.4 5 of clock when a presentation of diaries Chaplin in his latest and greatest Success a the kids will be shown. The Price to be charged the youngsters at this matinee a i 11 be with ii is father Samuel Rue and of eleven cents. Manager Wilson an successfully carried on non noes this special tier that every Clivi have an Opportunity tier i i picture. In the performance wed ii i so a y e vening cd with grown up ter his death his business. Seventy members of the masonic Lodge were present at his funeral. A Large representation of elks Many teachers of the Public schools Nietin Bers of the various fire companies representatives of the state organi funeral directors and in fact no department Active in civic or Church work was without a sympathetic representation. The burial took place on tuesday at the Bristol cemetery. True grief seemed to be shown in every walk late of life and surely the life of Harvey passes will be Many s. Rue avas not lived in vain As his f 1 wednesday departure in or-1 in Bristol May 30th, to see this won All Likely Hood tuesday and a ill be crowd folks and the i he memorial Day program and the attendant services the sunday previous Iii the churches of Bristol that will be visited by colonel Goal inc Camp no. 2 8. Sons of veterans follows members will assemble at Hall Iii uniform at to a. Sunday and proceed to the first Baptist Hurch to attend divine services. At two of clock on the same Day they will assemble again and proceed to Cornwells on the 2.30 trolley to hold memorial services at that place. In the evening at 7.15 they Avila again assemble to attend services at the Church of St. James where two Honor Rolls will be dedicated. On memorial Day at tides for the Lead tig papers and was a Noble example of att exemplary Chaplin film is s magazines As Avell As several books life. It will to Immi that brought him distinction among 11 be in posse the Best known of these were a wis for Sale lot of Dom of Quot the secret liar Les suitable for Mony of the spheres and several Cream Parlours at Indian novels. He is survived by shop. 340 Dor Ranee his widow and one daughter. _ chairs and tub restaurant or ice we. Madden Street. It matinee will remove All possibility of the Little folks being blocked out. Tuesday afternoon at 3.4 5 of clock. Bring your eleven cents to school with you Iii the afternoon and come right from school to the theatre. Manager Wilson also wishes the Independent to announce that no will be honoured on tuesday next week. This so High priced that possible to Honor passes on these two Days. For Catt o in j found in Philadelphia Sale Saddle and driving ago class pin b. Ii. S. Horse. Clias. Kephart China Lane or can secure property Croydon. 4by identification at the Field Day of Burlington la. S. Will be attended this afternoon by the following Bristol folks mrs. A Joseph Pierce mrs. William Hyland. Ten Days mrs. Robert Pearson mrs. Win. K. 15�?los Fine. Mrs. Aruthur Fine mrs. Edith this office Vandegrift Muriel Fine and Mildred Bruden. Monday May members will assemble at Hall at 7. A. M., and proceed to Tullytown by trolley and hold memorial services there. They will meet again at 9.15 and proceed to Bristol cemetery for memorial services. They will return to Hall and promptly at twelve of clock will stand at attention for five minutes in Honor of the departed dead. At 1.30 they will again assemble and proceed in a body to the various cemeteries in the town where Soldier dead Are buried. After the services Are completed at the several cemeteries the Camp will proceed to Bath Street school where a Flag raising will take place under their supervision. The program to be Given in connection with these ceremonies follows song America by school led by miss Barrett recitation a question of the Flag by Verna Bewley song America the Beautiful a by school. Presentation of Flag by Rev. Howard up. Acceptance by Doron Green i select Ion by band three salutes i ferns of veterans. By

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