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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - May 13, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania In full. The Independent though fearless is fair those who do not subscribe for it borrow it from their neighbors. There must be a reason vol. . 46.&Quot&Quot&Quot"fjhttmfepetuje to carried More paid display advertising than Bristol a two other papers combined. Tho advertisers will Tell the reason. Bristol. Pa., Friday. May 13. 1921.five cents the copy la at rest Keste Daif esteem in which deceased was held by fellow townsmen indicated by Large funeral ladies auxiliary Are not wasteful As some folks were led to believe by misinterpretation of their Deport a a a so Langhorne citizens petition Hap governor Sproul to nullify since the appearance on no a local paper of confusing statement of the report of the ladies the Harriman number of folks Labouring under from Peculiar conditions Woodside ave. Headley Manor known officially to tax assessor Only tuesday a rather monthly auxiliary of Hospital there Are a in Bristol who Are i a misapprehension. I Here Are those who sen. Buckmann Highway y change the faulty method of expression used by the publication handling this Story have reached the conclusion ladies have spent since $11,290.59, of the Money Lur the institution. While apparently in robust health spent Quot but $20.59 la Iles have de Over to the end came suddenly sunday afternoon that the the drive collected the truth of or. Johnson suffered heart disease from and have turn treasurer of the so a nil Ivliana amp or of the Hospital or. I Horn As Scott $11,000, and the major portion of this amount is still Iii the Hospital Treasury. I lo1 1 report of the ladies follows Money received during and since tile Olive $11,924.77 Money turned Oyer to the Hospital treasurer $11,-000 Money expended for Linen furnishings China etc., for Hospital $290.59 balance on hand in Treasury of tin auxiliary $634.18. From the above report those contributed so generously to the i Tai fund May rest assured their Money has not been spent wild and reckless manner. Most of it is still in tile hands of the committee and it Xvi i be used for just Hie purpose that ii was collected for and that is to take care of any deficit in the Cost of operation that May occur from time to time. W to hos that in a Hospital reception is Well attended inspect its appointments commendation on every Side ver yes followed by sorrowing relatives fellow Lodge members and business associates the funeral cortege of the late Benjamin s. Johnson left ii is Sisters Home on Radcliffe Street yesterday afternoon shortly after four of clock and wended its Way to St. James churchyard where All that was mortal of a a Bend Johnson was Laid at rest. Services at the Lumie were conducted by Rev. Henry m. Hartmann pastor of the presbyterian Church and Rev. Ii. S. Titer of St. James Church. At Hie grave the impressive burial ritual of the elks Lodge was read and even the Strong men who were gathered to pay their last respects to their departed Friend were seen to weep during its recital. Tile Ball hearers All close friends and associates of the deceased were John Wright Burgess Clifford l. Anderson Fred Kraft. Jacob Winder Walter be Edom and William c. A at son. The sudden death of or. Johnson _ last sunday came As a severe Shock to ii is scores of friends and associates several Hundred visit institution to a expressions were heard on All aides As the news was wafted throughout the Borough expressions of regret and sympathy for his Sisters whom he loved so dearly. Apparently in the Hest of health and to All outward appearances robust and Strong the deceased has for months past been a sufferer from a malignant affection of the heart. His family was aware of his condition As they had been warned by ii is Philadelphia physician that death might come upon him at any moment and for this reason they were in a measure prepared although greatly shocked at his sudden end. On sunday afternoon after having taken his usual walk he was in the act of performing one of his household tasks the filling of the Kitchen Coal buckets for his sister when i he grim reaper called on him. Or. Fox and or. Lehman who were called to attend him worked Over him for an hour but the spirit had flown and their efforts were without Avail. Or. Johnson was fifty seven years of age and for thirty seven years he was part of the business life of this Borough. He was a Man of most methodical habits and it has been said of him that his neighbors could set their clocks by his actions. Just at eight of clock each morning he turned the key in his store door at 12.10 each noon he pulled out ii is chair and sat Down to dinner. At a Given time each sunday afternoon he visited the elks clubhouse and he was always there at just the same time. His friends were Many and although he had rather positive political views he was at least honest about them and for years he fought for the betterment of this Community and fearlessly stood upon his principles despite the tact that his party was in the minority. For three years he served As Burgess and he made a Good chief official of tin town. No word of criticism has Ever been directed at his administration and he was Ever proud of his record made while in office. Ile was not a Man of Strong religious conviction although he always claimed that he wanted to be considered a presbyterian As tins was the Church attended by his Kotlier. His love for his Mother and nout Vorn Al % anti Capon Quot of he Quot at i will be celebrated sunday afternoon a Many of his friends and since his Dontz to tips have repeated it. When the Harriman Hospital was a it Able Bower of flowered Beauty ter Day afternoon ii was ladies auxiliary Day and the ladies did themselves proud in showing off the wonders of the institution for which they raise the operating funds. Between two Hundred and fifty and three Hundred women visited the institution during the afternoon they were received shown Over the Hospital from the Kitchen to the Entrance served with a cup of Tea and a tasty cake or Cracker and every visitor left firmly convinced that if one must be ill. The place to be when ill is Hie Harriman Hospital. The lobby and corridors were festooned with yellow Iris and White Syringa the Flowers were sent from tile gardens of the ladies on the committee. Upon the table of the reception room where mrs. Thomas Scott and mrs. William c. Lecompte served Tea rested a massive bouquet of yellow roses. Miss Katherine Scott miss Helen Abbott and miss Elizabeth Runyan acted As aides to these two ladies and saw that every visitor either seated or standing in the corridors received their tasteful cup of Tea. The reception committee consisting of mrs. Frank Baldwin mrs. J. Fred Wagner and mrs. Stanford k. Runyan were Busy All during the afternoon looking after the Comfort of the visitors and in the rooms and wards where it was possible to show the guests through they were met by the patients with a cheery smile which demonstrated that even the afflicted enjoyed the occasion. The sick rooms by the Way had their quota of Flowers each being furnished with a Large bouquet. The affair was a Complete Success and is the forerunner of Many More similar occasions that will he announced from time to time. There Are Twenty three of Hie prettiest Homes in this Section of the state situated on Woodside Avenue. Headley Manor and these Homes have Twenty three of the Hest kept lawns that can be found anywhere and the owners of these Twenty three properties Are absolutely ignored when it comes to being Given Road service by the township As the supervisors claim that Woodside Avenue where their Twenty three Homes Are located is not on any county map. And As a consequence cannot he Gin in county or township service. It is a mystery to the aforementioned Twenty three etc., How it is possible for the men who writes out tin1 tax Bills to find their addresses if the county or township has no rec re of the thoroughfare on which they live being in existence. Does seem rather strange that this Street does not exist when county or township work is being Laid out yet it is very much in evidence when the tax Man takes out his Fountain Lien and gets Busy. One of the citizens who owns a Home along this Street became ambitious about a year ago and promised himself he would do something for himself and his neighbors. He took ii is trusty pen in hand and wrote to the county commissioners he explained tin situation told them just what happened after every heavy rainstorm and in the Spring when the Frost left the ground a he described the Street As being absolutely impassable at times and he even went so far As to Tell of the autos that were often stalled there for Days owing to the fact that the mud was too deep to even dig them out of it. His expectations when he wrote this letter were High they Are not nearly As High now. Nor have they been for sometime for the commissioners never even deigned to answer him. The writer was appealed to and in order to get a Clear View of the situation first hand lie visited this pretty settlement. The Roadway on the Day in question was in fairly Good shape excepting at the upper end where there is a Street running through connecting it with Edgely Avenue and Here the mud holes could be seen although they were almost dry at the time. The residents do not ask for a Concrete Highway. Neither do they request Macadam at this time they would be perfectly Happy and Content if several loads of ashes was spread along so that trucks and autos As Well As huckster wagons that pass through would have a solid foundation to prevent their being stalled Iii the Muddy quagmire which so often its there. Mar. Hills Load is much lighter since his new assistant George h. Tainter has been on the Job the busiest Man in Bristol no that statement must he the busiest the in i n end qualified Man in Bristol excepting writer is Minot j. Hill but w it ii All his trials and tribulations and with All his herculean efforts to give the residents of this Section big town trolley service with Small town Pati Osage he has at last something to be thankful tor and Lias someone to help him carry his heavy Burden that someone is George ii. Tainter who has proven himself a most efficient superintendent of transportation. And he has materially lightened the Load that heretofore has been carried by or. Hill himself. Ali must have seen this Young Man undoubtedly you have he s a big fellow and wears those Cornucopia specs the Shell rimmed usually rides up on the front of the ear ringside of the Motorman. Well if you have not seen him or having seen him have not. Known who he was you will have no such excuse in the future. It is through the efforts of or. I Ain ter that the special trolley service that is Given to patrons from i Tullytown Edgely and Eddington in taking them to and from the Forrest i heat re on time became possible. He figured out the scheme and so enthusiastic was he Over its possibilities that his chief gave him permission to try it out. Now people who used to walk from Hie upper end of town to the Forrest take the ear and after the first show is out they ride Home for there is always a car there waiting for them. Folks Down the Road and up the Road Are making nightly visits to the theatre who formerly made the trip Only once a week. This simply because the ear service has been inaugurated to save them much time there Are other stunts Winch or. Tainter has up his sleeve that will also be a Boon to Bristol car riders amb others whom lie expects to make riders of. Governor Sproul mysteriously silent tile following night letter sex Quot stars in movies doomed a says Wilson Jake Schmidt is twice Champion As a grower of pansies and vegetable plants and at calling one Down b. V. M. Modality May services death they have repeated ii. Neu die i surely want to go to heaven know my Kotlier and sister Aie and i want to meet them a Noble sentiment expressed hesitation and the wish of and of those who knew that his desire has at St. Mark s Church reception of members for i there without the writer the deceased is been gratified. The deceased was the son of late Samuel and Mary Johnson and is survived by two Sisters miss Annie and miss Alice and one by other John Johnson of Philadelphia. As a mute indication of then re Spect and esteem the Miu Siree merchants closed their p aces of business from 3 of clock until . Will to an the b. V. M. Parish. They for new Mem-3 o clock and Cele High school y. W. C. A. Sunday afternoon eventful occasion for modality of St. Marks will hold a reception hers at the Church at at this time their annual May bration will also take place. May is a month t ii at is specially set apart by the Catholic Church for Especial Devotion to the blessed Virgin Mary and to make the modality affair on Pentacost sunday a glorious Success father Fitzgerald their spiritual advisor has Especial despite the fact that Jake Schmidt gave the writer the prettiest hailing out that he has Ever received since lie started this paper and All because an add which was inserted last week brought the astute Florist business and loads of it which he did not want a Story that has been on tap for several weeks is going to be written and whether it pleases the subject or not it goes. Have you Ever received a Bill from schmidts Well if you have and arc of an observant nature you have noticed in the upper left hand Corner of business envelope the announcement that Schmidt grows More Pansy plants and More vegetable plants than any other grower in America. This is quite an assertion. For America is rather a Large country and there Are numerous florists within its confines yet the statement is an absolute fact and Schmidt was declared Tho Champion at the last National convention of american florists held Iii Chicago. Upon investigation of the facts the writer Learned that Schmidt grows and ships to customers ten million Pansy plants each year inst think of it ten million. Ile grows and ships Between four five million cabbage and celery plants almost inconceivable yet it is a fact and not Only these but More than four Hundred thousand Tomato plants four Hundred thousand Sweet potato plants and about same number of egg plants wonders where and How by and ins Force find the time and space to grow them they do though am that a a fact. Also and a the Days of the motion picture Star will soon pass and yet the rank and file of the theatre goers in the smaller towns cannot seem to lie brought to realize it a said manager w Ilson of the Forrest theatre in an interview yesterday afternoon. A when we advertise a a Bill Hart Mary Bickford Douglass Fairbanks or any of the big stars we fill our theatre we cannot seat the people anxious to see the show. When As has been the Case in the past week. We show excellent productions with All Star casts the people imagine they Are getting nothing for their Money and they remain a the continued or. Wilson a fully realize that productions with the stars standing out head and shoulders above the other members of the cast Are not Wrell balanced but when they Are forced to pay such tremendous salaries to these same stats there is no possibility of having a Well balance cast hence the introduction of the All Star casts in wih Cli every player works on his or Lier merits. I lie people get better value for their Money and i venture to say that Iii five years the Day of stars As individuals will have passed. In the meantime the people will have to be converted to this new order of things and the sooner they Are brought to a realization that even All Star casts cos Money and that the production must he patronized otherwise theatres will he forced to Cut Down on the Cost of their shows. The better off every one concerned will be. This is a matter that should he Given deep thought by the movie fans of Bristol. Upon their patronage depends Tho Quality of productions that will be offered them at the the Oll a a maid and the middy by Burlington h. S. Elect term officers by trained their members in singing of ii mint o a nil an in it a a a Lim cd Oenn Federated humane societies elect officers May Soth and were were elected Lovett Junior Nee Edwards i Ary Marian treasurer if the new set Well As the a a meeting of the High school y w c a was held last i tuesday. Few business matters were discussed officers for the coming Teini nominated and the following president Dorothy vice president Flor Sophomore Secre Hendricks. Freshman edit i Opdyke freshman. Of officers do their passing officers. Duty As they will undoubtedly bring Fame of hymns appropriate to the season. Every member is requested to lend their presence to the occasion so As to take part in the impressive services of inducting the new7 members into the modality. The altars of the Church will in bedecked with May Flowers and the spirit of christianity will lie promoted by the gathering that will doubtlessly be on hand. Father Montague a noted speaker of Philadelphia will deliver the address of the afternoon and he announces that he has prepared a Sermon especially the annual meeting of ated humane societies count for Tho election and other business will be the residence of or. And Pierce. 309 Pine Street on Friday May 20th, at interesting addresses by mrs. W. E. Tryon or. E. J. I Ling. Lion. W. A. Haines and others. An invitation is extended to All lovers of children and annuals. The Feder of Bucks of officers held at mrs. A. C. Langhorne 2.30 of clock will be Given i am or i it a Vii _. Y it Imo jul Vopai Vul r j on. Turn in Ichill 1 s i i Tux end glory to the Bristol High. For the occasion that will be Long have moved from 907 mansion Street a. J remembered by All who hear it. J to foresters Hall Pond Street. The operetta a the maid and the middy a to in Given by the pupils of Burlington High school this evening in the auditorium gives Promise of great Success As nearly the allotment of tickets seventeen Hundred the seating capacity of the building was mostly sold on the first Day of Issue of tickets. While the music of the play is Iii charge of the supervisor of music of the schools the drills and dances have been under the supervision of miss Jessie w. Fine. Miss Jessie has been aided greatly by her sister miss Mary b. Fine those from Bristol intending to be in the audience this evening Are mrs. J. S. Wright miss Mary Fine miss Marian priestly miss Betty Smith mrs. W. K. Fine mrs. R Pearson and mrs. Joseph Pierce Burlington citizens Are taking great interest in All the undertakings of the school. _ Vas wired to governor sprout monday and the answer anxiously awaited until yesterday when still another message was sent. To the latter ail three telegrams which Are Given in full below the Secretary to the state s chief executive wired that the first message had not been received his excellency. There is something mighty strange about letter was sent both to Chester the Home of the Harrisburg. In Chester it was reported that the not be delivered As the governor had left for Western Union officials in Phila. Have a tracer on the Trail of the message at this time and whether the message was what became of it will be told in the columns of this week. Since sunday the citizen s committee have secured four Hundred Odd signatures to their petition Iii and around Langhorne and out of All the persons approached there have Only been five who refused to sign and in each Case these five had fish own to Fry. The telegrams it w n c i Langhorne May 9th, Hon. Win. C. Sprout governor of Pennsylvania Harrisburg a. The citizens of lower Bucko county respectfully to defer signing Bill no. 794�?route 281, until port Unity to submit to your honorable notice the taxpayers of this District the majority of whom change changed until we heard by Accident that the Bill had been passed. Will you Grant us the privilege of being heard on this matter and also submit petitions signed by several Hundred tax payers asking that route remain As it is. A committee of citizens will wait upon at any Lime and place you designate at least Grant us a hear by this the night governor and to message could Harrisburg the Trail it diverted or paper next of their four Hundred citizens sign to have present route of Lincoln Highway continued voters declare War on state senator Buckman request you we have an up swell to men t of the Are opposed to the senator Bookman assured us Hie route would not he so therefore we were unprepared to voice objections to it. T he you ing. Address answering communication to Norman t. Esi Erick Langhorne a. A chairman citizens committee. Langhorne May 12, Hon. We. C. Sprout governor of Pennsylvania Harrisburg a. Have not received any reply to my night letter of May 9th, did you recede it answer prepaid. Norman t. Esi Erick Langhorne a. Chairman citizens committee. Norman t. Esherick Langhorne a. Message referred to not yet Harrisburg a. Received. Signed Harry s. Mcdevitt Secretary to the governor. Mighty organization being formed to combat any political aspirations he May have rough sledding ahead this this Star simply Community card refused to scare party draws Well fearless female supports Eugene o Brien in a gilded lies Quot a Benefit for a. H. Amp l. Co. No. 2 seems to be an off season for Grund ism and Grundy ites the latest to have received the condemnation of the people and listed to be sent to political oblivion is Clarence j. Buckman senator from Bucks county. His fellow townsmen in Langhorne Are up in arms and intend to see to it that Clarence j. Never returns to the state Senate. I hey claim Clarence has been tried and found wanting. Not Only has he disregarded the desires of his constituency hut a number of his adherents of former years claim that he misled them in regard to the per Mancy of the course of the Lincoln Highway and contrary to All declarations of his intentions introduced a Bill and said Bill passed the recent session to change the course of the Highway and this change will cause some of Clarences most ardent supporters to lose thousands of dollars. These same men will spend additional thousands to remove Clarence from his cherished position As state senator from Bucks. According to three gentlemen who have considerable interests in and around Langhorne senator Buckman was approached about a year ago when it was first rumoured that the route of the Highway might be diverted and asked As to the probability of the change being made these men aver and they told the writer no later than last sunday afternoon when they drove him Lover the old route and pointed out the proposed route that at that time the senator told them that the present route would remain one Man Iii particular who contemplated the Purchase of an extensive tract of ground on the Highway was guided sixty play for Charity at elks Horae by has an he upended approximately thirty in St tuesday evening com Mittee pleased l is popularly believed to to a prerogative of motion picture stars to Perch themselves on a Pinnacle far above the Ordinary mortals in the balance of a cast and keep the director producer cameramen and others in a continual male storm administering to their whims. Martha Mansfield who is now a Selznick Star and who plays the feminine Lead opposite Eugene of Brien in a a Gillies lies a the photoplay which conies to the Forrest theatre on Friday evening May 20th, and will be shown for the Benefit of american Hook and ladder company no. 2, is an exception to this Rule and her co Mem settee and Good Fellowship was much appreciated by director Earle dining the making of the picture. Some of the most important scenes Iii a gilded lies had to be shot in a wild mountainous Region and bats Cave North Carolina was chosen As an Ideal location. One drawback however was the fact that there was no hotel in the Vicinity and it was necessary for the entire company to Camp out there for a few Days moreover bats Cave was no Misnomer for it really takes its name from the fact that it is a great hangout for bats. Great nervousness therefore was registered on the part of the various feminine members of the cast and it was altogether due to mass mans Al eld a influence that the girls were persuaded to believe that the bats would not bivouac in their hair during the night. The Selznick Star. Who is very fond of camping and outdoor life also gave much useful advice on How to be comfortable though camping. The boys of no. 2 company Are on Lite Alert to sell ail the tickets possible for this nights entertainment As the proceeds will be used to bolster up their company fund. It is the duty of every citizen to contribute their share to the fire companies As they Are ready Day and night to answer the Call of the alarm and in order to keep up the efficiency of their equipment Are forced to hold benefits to raise funds As the town Council appropriates very Little toward their support and Upkeep. Found in Philadelphia ten Days ago class pin in in s. �?T15 loser can secure property at this office by identification. To rent five room apartment store and garage on Radcliffe Street apartment just been painted and papered and new Bath room installed. Electric Light. Can be rented together or separately. Apply John c. Taylor Forrest Block. The third in the series of Community card parties Given under the allspice of the women a auxiliary of the Harriman Hospital was a social Success. The evening was enjoyed by a-1 present but owing to a multiplicity of events the past weeks the attendance was not As great As the management had hoped for. There were sixty in attendance and those carrying off prizes were mrs. Philip Conrail. Miss Mary Wilkinson mrs. Josephine weeks miss Mary Jones mrs. Harry Arnold or. V. V. Vansant. Or. E. W. Minster or. Frank Baldwin and or. John Hardy. The room decorated in real japanese ornaments and colors we As a credit to the decorator or. Edward Gallagher. Comments were heard in All parts of the room in favor the taste displayed. Among the prizes won were two quarts of ice Cream one quart to be Given by or. Joseph Duffy Buckley Street and one quart by Ray Nevergold Wood Street. Both Are agents for Breyer. The Cream to be delivered at any time at the convenience of the Winner. Miss Mary Wilkinson accepting or. Duffy Sotter and miss Nora l. Jones or. Nevergold a. Another donor of prizes was or. E. J. Warren. Two yearly subscriptions to the Independent were Given and received by mrs. Philip Conrad and or. V. V. Vansant. For the last two in the series of card panties i Arthur Wright is Praise in securing and Laking the tables borrowed in parts of the town length of time or. Wright has one interested. Those present were Lecompte or. Andor and mrs. Harry Arnold or. And mrs. Frank Baldwin mrs. Weeks mrs. George a. Mrs. Win. C. Wilson Wilkinson or. Walter s. Johnson Joyce mrs. John Watson. I Jones mrs. Haltem in Baker. Miss Etta Herron Mise Jean in Downing mrs. James Archibald Morris. Mrs1 Charles Decker or. And mrs. N v Tracy miss Margaret Hughes. Quot Margaret Nusbaum mrs. Rob and mrs. Philip k. C. Stuckert mrs. Miss Mary Bown v. Vansant mrs. J. Martin mrs. E. Or. And mrs. Differ Anderson rather Lawrence Fence i. G. C. Gourdeau Eastburn mrs was the accorded great Home different a considerable consumed and thanks of every or. And mrs. Mrs. John Hardy com Josephine Hussey jr., miss Mary a. Elwood Minster or. Or. Livingstone t miss Nora thousand dollars purchasing and improving his place. The other two in question spent heavily As with the Highway remaining their businesses would expand and As a consequence they increased their investment. In the last hours of the recent session of the legislature. Senator Buckman introduced and had railroaded through Bill no. 794, which had quietly been referred to committee on Public roads and highways on april 14th, changing the present route of the Highway and turning it off through South Langhorne instead of passing through the Centre of the Borough As it does at present. Of course the residents along the present route knew7 there had been some talk of making this change in fact they w Ere aware that the state Highway department had made surveys of the new route but then they had the word of their senator that no change would be made and they rested Content in this knowledge and when the Bill was hurriedly presented As it had no opposition and As it was introduced by the senator from Bucks it naturally was passed. It is understood that any Bill dealing with the change of route of any state Highway is always left to the senator from the District which is affected and that there never is any opposition from his constituents in the Senate when such a Bill is presented the others feeling that the duly elected representatives of a District would naturally do what the majority of his constituents desire him to do. The proposed new route leaves the old Highway at the old covered Bridge at Oakford and thence takes a course Over the Low Flat lands and again joins the present route in the Vicinity of the schoolhouse at Oxford Valley. The excuse for the proposed change is that the dangerous Grade and turn Over the elevated Bridge at Janney and also the Grade crossing at Glenn Lake w ill be eliminated. True the Bridge referred to is a danger spot but even to the Lay mind it would seem that straightening out this curve would be far easier than building Miles of new Road As far As the Grade crossing at l a Rue mrs. Or. And mrs. J Fred Decker they Are going to try to Stop baseball Helling but no one Lias dared to suggest making it illegal to assault the Umpire. Glen Lake is concerned that would be eliminated in the course of time and by the Railroad company who now spend ten thousand dollars each year to protect this Grade. There is a Darky in the woodpile somewhere and he will be smoked out before this newspaper and the Langhorne citizens who Are up in arms Are finished with the Job. The new route has not even the virtue of being Shorter than the old one. And before the Job is completed it will have Cost the state More than a million in Money and the town ships and this county will have spent More than $500,000 putting in Bridges and culverts. Tin1 covered Bridge at Oakford is slated to be demolished and replaced Al Doron. Mrs Charles Mckinley a i a new and modern Structure. Miss Elizabeth Warden miss Malga after hic Nesh Aminy is crossed at ret Dougherty mrs. Henry Ancker hrs Pon the new course is to be a and miss Mary Lewis. J continued on Page three miss Ort Pearson or. Conrad mrs. A will. H. Bown. Or. And mrs. A Pierce. Mrs. Emlen Linton Yahin is Hilda Pope miss mrs. Ernest Law Edward Gallagher or. James Kelly mrs. Hugh William

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