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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - May 5, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania A. In Quot i. Quot w Alliance legion boys again a Over the top a their show a Joy time at the Forrest theatre last night was most successful Mes Ernest Lawrence entertains at cards one of the most pleasing affairs of the season enjoyed on wednesday seven lives saved by Landreth Fence Morrisville Trust co. Again Lead procession again the american legion have prone Over the last evening the hip show a Joy time a Given for the Benefit of the Robert w. Bracken i Ost no. 382, went Over in great shape and a Nice sized sum was realized for the use of the Post and this was due to the untiring efforts or the committee in charge and their fellow members of the Post. A Joy time Given by the a Burnt Cocks proved a diversion for the they will control Republican state Lllan remembered161�?T Casl Enty five people were More than Well tallied in their several parts and the ease which they displayed in indications Point to his joining hands with Knox Mellon and Oliver Sproul and Crow still dominate organization no matter what the Defeated ones do shouted he has senator Treasury part Ner of Pitts a week ago that senator Alliance with a any port in a storm a applies to politicians As Well As sea faring men and now that Joseph r. Grundy has been whipped by Sproul and Crow and apparently deserted by Penrose it is being whispered Yea from the House tops that formed an Alliance with Knox and Secretary of the Mellon in addition to his ship with George s. Oliver Burgh who was cast into the legislative discard along with Grundy at that memorable session of the legislature in Harrisburg monday. It is not strange Knox would seek an the Grundy-01 Ivet forces As the controlling forces of the state Republican organization Are Sproul Crow and their lieutenants and they have another candidate who they intend to Send to Washington to succeed Knox and that candidate is no less a personage than senator Crow himself. Looks As if everyone of the rank and file of the old guard Are going to be made to eat Crow despite the powerful fight Grundy has made against the state chairman. Which Side of the Fence does pen Iose intend to play on this question is uppermost in the minds of the Many who for years have followed the ramifications of political strife in Pennsylvania. The Willy Leader has not committed himself nor will he just yet. The fact that several of his henchmen in the legislature voted along with the Grundy crowd on various measures has been taken by a few to indicate that the a mighty one leans toward the a a Bossy of the manufacturers. There is no real reason for this As it Lias been openly stated that Trainer. Edmonds and Spencer voted on measures favored by Grundy with the forces of the latter rather than align themselves with the henchmen of the Cinningham Vare Combine who supported the opposition. This latest coalition is rather a Peculiar one three of the members of the Quartetti Are from the Western part of the state and two at least cannot be said to be politicians in the strictest sense of a he word. Senator Knox has never been a politicians he has always been averse to handing out patronage has never seemed to like the idea of begging for jobs for henchmen and As a consequence he has never had any henchmen. For years All the National patronage in this state has been doled out by Penrose and As a consequence he is the one who has the following senator Knox has positively no personal following whatever. U. S. Treasurer Mellon is a mighty Man in financial circles but has never mingled in politics from the standpoint of the Man on Hie firing line. The third member of the Western representatives of the supposed Combine is a politician pure and simple a be has held state office and has mingled in the activities in Allegheny county for years a he like the local number of the a big four or. Grundy owns a number of newspapers. Of course the weak voiced organs of Grundy in this county cannot be compared with the mighty powerful chronicle Telegraph and Gazette times of Pittsburgh owned by Oliver but comparing the numerical strength of the two sections it is a question whether Oliver a mighty organs Are taken any More seriously when they discuss a political question than Are the several Grundy papers in Bucks and the other subsidized sheets who Are waiting for crumbs of political advertising to fall their Way. Subsidized newspapers have no standing in any Community Large or Small the strength to be gathered Oliver a papers is nil. Penrose has for years been an organization Many Sproul and Crow Lead the organization forces if Penrose Sticks to his policy there will be mighty Bard travelling in store for the new coalition even though they can command the millions of Knox Grundy and Oliver. Stamp of _ a a go ing through their various numbers formations and assembles gave to the entire performance a professional finish. The singing of the Quartetti in their numerous selections were Well Recei de by the audience who were out seemingly to be entertained and they encouraged the performers to redoubled efforts by their generous applause of Wrell rendered numbers. From the Rise of the curtain on the first act the action of which had to do with a the big show on the outside a or in other words the actions on the outside of a big circus to the closing chorus of the finale it can he truthfully stated that there was not a Dull moment in the entire evening s entertainment. As the crowd from the Well filled House wended their Way toward the exits nothing but words of Praise for the performers and the boys who brought them Here were expressed. Act ii. The a shall of Gold in the Palace of mirth a was very cleverly conceived and portrayed and reflected great credit on the director c. Gaunt Holmes and his Collaborator j. Arthur Lowden. They in list have allowed their imaginations to run riot in the Conception of the entire act and the finesse with which the several numbers were staged Stamps these two gentlemen As past masters in the Art of stage Craft. The Impromptu minstrel show which followed Wras a Clever hit of Burnt by the Burnt corks. The interlocutor knew his business and the end men evidently had been coached on the conditions in and around Bristol for they were armed with a Bevy of quits that hit some of the leading citizens of this old Burg just about right. The grand finale a Columbia s court of Honor a was a thing of Beauty. The impersonation of famous americans was portrayed in a most finished manner. Any one who Sal during this scene without feeling their blood run riot As the patriotic airs played accompanied by the action on tile stage coulis not he Hie True blooded americans they seemed to be. The rendition of the music of accompaniment As Well As a number of orchestra selections of High Merit rendered by the Burnt corks own orchestra stamped this Branch of the organization As on a Par with their fellow performers of the stage. It is Good to be Able to write such a glowing account of the entertainment Given by the boys who went Over there for the Benefit of their Post named after a Little hero who never returned the citizens of Bristol showed their appreciation of what these boys did for their country s cause by turning out in droves to help their cause along. It was All Good and the sum realized will make it easier for these Young heroes and some of them Are not quite so Young As others to keep up Tho work of their organization and perpetuate the memory of those who Are gone hut who will never be forgotten As Long As their comrades remain to keep their memory Green. The Home of mrs. Ernest Lawrence of 338 Radcliffe Street was the scene on wednesday afternoon of a pleasant affair at cards. Although the afternoon was one continued downpour the ardor and Zeal of the number of card lovers present was at a High tension and during the entire time outbursts of approval were heard from All parts of the room. The attractive room was made doubly so by the use of hanging vases of Pink carnations and vines and baskets of Green placed at Points of Vantage. Bouquets of Pink will be snapdragons enhanced the Beauty of of Sev the decorations. The players were grouped in Sixes at the tables and the game of five Hundred was indulged in. The dinners in the contest were mrs j. Fred Wagner 1st prize a silk umbrella mrs. James Larue a set of Madeira doilies mrs. Philip k. Conrad 3rd, a pair of silk stockings mrs. Thomas Haw lies 4th, Cut Glass Basket for Flowers. Those favored to attend were mrs. William g. Bookman mrs. Frank Baldwin mrs. W. T. Wilson mrs. Lewis c. Spring mrs. Fred h. Decker mrs. Thomas g. Mrs. Howard Purcell mrs. Stuckert mrs. Philip k. Mrs. Russell Burton mrs. E. Dodds mrs Arthur Leuhrs mrs. Frank Lehman mrs. James Frederick Wagner mrs. Thomas Scott mrs. Minot j. Hill. Mrs. Henry Ancker mrs. Emlyn Martin mrs. Linton Martin mrs. William c. Lecompte mrs. Stacy b. Pursell mrs. Earl Cliver mrs. George Strauser miss Helen Strauser mrs f. Chick. Mrs. Katherine Robbins mrs. Josephine weeks. Mrs. A. T. Perkins mrs. L. T. Redan mrs. T. Alexander mrs. Edward Holden miss Nellie Fickes miss Eunice Williams miss Lucy Louderbough mrs. James la Rue mrs. Algernon Cadwallader. Mrs. Herman f. Van Kirk mrs. William e. Doron mrs. Win. Of. Bown miss Mary e. Bown miss Maria Jarvis mrs. Emil Melegary mrs. G. L. Williams mrs. E. To. Fries mrs. Horace Fleckinstein and mrs. John a. Crater. This time with an exhibit of farm products. They put up Cash i prizes autos meet on a death trap a one car pushed to Roadside miraculous escape the Morrisville Trust company again step to the front with proof conclusive that they Are a live wire Beven lives were saved yesterday organization. Considerable of their morning by the wire Fence along business is done with Farmers and the land ret ii seed Mill none Rev on truck amp arde aers and the Ever Alert tilt old n to to assistance to their Many that the club luncheon is most attractive comments heard on every Side of Beautiful arrangements made by committee my to Mph a eel min property on i Road. Seven lives customers conceived the idea of hold would have been snuffed out if ing vegetable fruit and Grain a Stout Fence had not stopped the Hibits during the growing season that had been a death trap a Haw Ken John c. Conrad William Forrest theatre Aims to please manager Wilson acts on patrons request four vaudeville acts saturday instead of three Progress of an Auto forced Back on the and but for the Fence would have probably turned Turtle and rolled to the Bottom of the awful incline which approaches the canal Bridge at this Point. What action the town authorities will take now is problematical Btu ii i almost Safe betting that the condition will to allowed to exis As it is at present until the people of the Borough arise in the might and demand sumo action. I he car thai was almost ditched and which was extricated from the position into which it was jammed several hours of or Hie Accident belongs it is said to a Painter of Hulmeville and a driven by Patsy ii win. Iii the cur were is Young ladies who were being driven to work in Bristol. It was in the neighbourhood of eight of clock when Hie Little Chevrolet truck approached the canal Bridge from the town Side. The Ford delivery truck of Dyer the Milkman came upon the Bridge from the other Side and As he apparently had plenty of room he started Down the Hill his brakes did not work As they should and Iii some unknown manner the wheels of the two cars became locked with the result that the Hulmeville car the one containing the precious lives was hurled Back and by a Miracle and the presence of the Fence was saved from i demolition. If the Roadway had been a proper and Safe Width the Accident would have never occurred. Iii another article in this Issue the question of this a death trap a has been discussed in More detail and this Accident coming just when it did is just another crying demand that the Powers take sonic action to remove this awful menace the girls who were Riding Iii the painters car were shaken up and All of them while badly frightened held their nerve wonderfully Well. The car was considerably damaged hut whether hic Borough will be sued for neglect in allowing the condition which caused the Accident to exist could not be ascertained at the hour of going to press. Right in their banking rooms. This Means that the prize fruit and products of the Countryside will be seen by the Farmer or Gardener As the Case May be when he stops in the Hank on business he would have to make the visit to the Hank in any event and it will mean that lie Wall he thoroughly cognizant with what his friends and neighbors Are accomplishing without any loss of his valuable time. The asparagus exhibit will be held May 13th and 14th, and it will be Well Worth anyone a time to examine carefully the prize products that will be shown. Every exhibitor will have his exhibit marked and catalogued As at the big food shows and a courteous employee of the Bank will be ready to answer any question that May be asked by visitors. It is the desire of this Hank to cooperate to its fullest extent with the growers of farm products by offering them every possible service in addition to conducting a commercial Hanking business. Its officers and directors wish to be of every assistance and offer their advice and help Gratis. To produce Quality products is Thrift. The Price received for High class products More than compensates one for the extra work involved. To encourage this grow ing of Quality products they have arranged these series of exhibits at which no Entrance fee will he charged. As an incentive they offer a savings account of $5.00 As a first prize and one of $2.50 for a second prize. The prizes Are to be awarded by a competent judge. Much comment and Praise has in heard during the past week. A result of the efforts of the the social committee of the travel it to make their luncheon and the i loom where it was held attractive Ano commendable. I the occasion being the coming together by invitation of the Bristol Lave club of delegates from the v Ai Lous women a clubs in Bucks county and the time was a morning amt afternoon session held on henday last in the elks Home. The feature of the Day served in the largest dining Hall of the Home. The tables were arranged branching from a Central Long , at which were sealed at the i head mrs. Henry Ancker who acted tas toastmaster and on either Side Weie mrs. Emlen Martin who for of Buoen years was the president Chi the travel club and mrs. William Mccoy the present president. Other prominent persons were seated at the same table. Eighty two in All at All Hie tables which were most beautifully arranged. The committee carried and carried China and Silver until there were few pieces left Iii their Homes. I he tables were arranged Artincal Lye and tic color scheme of Green and White was effectively carried out. Lillies of theve Alley with their Green leaves formed a Butto Niere found at each plate. Green and White in the Center of the table Over the Glass globes and about the room. Even the Large birthday cake of the t Ravel club made by mrs. Frank Baldwin was decorated Iii Green and White. Each and every person present received a slice of the cake the food provided was Par excellent and the after dinner speeches Bright and Snappy. On the whole Many of those present have expressed themselves that the affair was one of commendation and worthy of town notice. Nils or their a personal Organ who suggest its closing Why not remove the menace also suggest one Way Street Home. Was the luncheon these suggestions Are an admission that the present dangerous condition is realized or. Cohon cheers pro ibo a and antics a Hospital Day next thursday insanity from alcoholism drops 16 per cent in Jersey he tells Kiwan ians to inspect a a their citizens invited institution on to a. M. To 4 p. M. Croydon fire House ground is chosen to contain Community Hall children to have playground manager Wilson of the for res i theatre is a live wire i otherwise and be associated with David Sablosky one of the Livest of the live ones in the live theatrical plans asked for building game. Proof of the foregoing. Last Friday in the article announcing Tho big anniversary week at the Forrest this current week a paragraph was inserted by the writer which stated that one Bristol movie fan wanted to see Clara Kimball Young on the screen Here. Y. Will be seen Here lease which played Philadelphia within the past weeks a hush a on May 23rd. Of Quick action he Joe Charlie chaplain in his a the kid a will head the Bill Forrest on May 24 the and this picture which has been shown throughout the by said to be the Best picture a Hospital Day a a will be celebrated United states next thursday that it will he celebrated in Bristol goes without saying because despite the feeble efforts of some folks to wipe Bristol off the map she is very much there and can proudly Point to one of the Best appointed hospitals Iii this Broad land. The doctors in charge Are proud of their institution and the Clara Kimball in her latest Lethe Stanley in t to kind Asso stated night. Elwood Lecompte will have pleasant birthday so from ladies auxiliary will meet monday afternoon the members of the ladies Aux Illary of the Harriman Hospital Are urged to attend the meeting scheduled for 3.30 o clock monday afternoon in the red Cross building on Dor Rance Street. Each member is urged to bring a Friend who May be induced to join. The meeting promises to be very interesting As miss Lewis the new supervisor of the Hospital will be on hand and she will answer questions either about the institution and its conduct or any question in reference to health that the members wish to ask her. Or. And mrs. William Lecompte have arranged for a pleasant time for their Little son Elwood on his sixth birthday which occurs Tomor Low saturday. Janice Wagner Marian Harrison and Elizabeth Lecompte will be on the move during the time helping the Little folks have a joyous time. Here we go round the Mulberry Bush drop the handkerchief and a dozen other games will keep the children in motion and when the Good things prepared for them in the dining room Are placed before them their eyes and Mouths will be larger than before. The Little folks whose peals of merriment and fun will be heard Are Jeanette Betty and James Hill Elizabeth Larue Gertrude Roberts William and Margaret James Charlotte Cadwallader Frances Cadwallader Meta Landreth David Lan Dreth Emily Landreth Hulda Rosalie and Nancy seism Al Sidney Elizabeth and William Cadwallader William Painter Anthony and Florence Burton Joseph Haywood May Garet Godfrey Frances Eastburn James Blanche and Jack Mulligan. Among the older guests who will be present will he mrs. Elwood Watson of Langhorne and mrs. Andrew Godfrey of Ambler. Latest at tile 2 5th. Widely g cities is that chaplain has Ever been filmed in. While he is still the funny shuffling Charlie he works in a full Mode of pathos that raises him above the slam bang comedy extremist that so Many of his admirers always picture him As being. In this picture he is a real actor depicting All of the human emotions. This will he Good news for the vaudeville fans there will be four Stellar acts Given on saturday instead of the three that has been the Rule for some months Back. Four acts mind you and each and every one of them will be of a character that will be sure to be pleasing. Last saturdays show was exceptionally Well received and the applause that greeted the performers at the conclusion of their several acts indicated just How loathe the audience were to part with them. The sister singing act which closed tile show. At the afternoon performance and both performances in the evening had great difficulty in getting away from their auditors who wanted to hear More. Acts of this class that Are refined and appealing always meet with great favor Here. The Croydon improvement elation held its regular monthly meeting last sunday it was decided to Purchase three lots on Patterson Avenue just East of state Road for the new fire House. A committee of five carpenters and builders was appointed to submit plans and specifications for its erection and these plans will be acted upon at a special meeting to be called for May 14th. The new fire House will also be used As a Community Hall and club for the residents of Croydon. It w ill further be beautified by the erection of a playground Oil the remaining land which will be welcomed by the kiddies. Following the Lead Given by the the school coir Imit tee was urged to take renewed Steps toward the location of the much discussed school House and efforts will be made to have one located Here before the fall term begins. The association passed a Resolution authorizing the president to Call upon the state police for an officer to patrol Croydon at intervals As several property owners have been the victims of malicious pranks and it is firmly believed that an occasional and unexpected visit by a state officer will serve to break up this practice. It was further announced that All future meetings will be held on saturday nights instead of sunday As heretofore for the convenience of the members. The editor of the Independent was present at the luncheon of the kiwanis club of Trenton wednesday hut this fact is not what inspired this article a or. Henry a. Cotton head of the state Hospital for the insane of new Jersey addressed the members and his talk on insanity and the Progress that has been made by the medical fraternity in combating this dreaded afflictions was most interesting. Now for the Point of the Story this pal t of it w ill be cheerful for the members of the w. C. T. In and others who think that prohibition is a step in the righty direction for this nation or. Cotton said that one of the causes of insanity was alcoholism and that before prohibition became effective 21 per cent. Of the patients admitted to the state Hospital in Trenton could attribute their condition directly to the effects of alcoholism since the enactment of the 18th amendment to the Constitution this average has dropped to file per cent. So much for the Joy of the Prohias. Here is where the anti Prohias Shine or. Cotton also stated that while this was Hue in Jersey it was not the Case Iii Large cities and he specifically mentioned new York and Chicago where he claimed that the average insanity brought on by alcoholism instead of decreasing has increased quite materially since prohibition has been the style. He qualified his latter statement by blaming the Quality of the Alcho Holic drinks that were served sumptuously As being greatly to blame for the increase. The Kiwan ians who Are a live Bunch were greatly impressed by the talk of the famous a a bugs expert. Anil his every word was followed with hushed attention. Or. Cotton a has been instrumental in doing much Cristol represented for the betterment of humanity and his work promises to bring manifold results in the years to come. Ladies a Xii Bary who Are the Money raisers Are also proud. They feel that this Pride would be reflected in every Man woman and child Iii the be rough if they but knew just what sort of an institution a a their Hospital really is. Next thursday will to the time to find this out. And Hie Hospital building will he open from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon for the inspection of everyone who wishes to make it. Do not miss this Opportunity to see very Nook and Corner of this institution which relieves so much suffering in this Community. Call on your neighbors and arrange for a party to visit building Tea a ii i to served by ladies from two until four and everything will be done that can he done to make your visit one of instruction and pleasure. Remember this institution is yours and you should be thoroughly acquainted with every line of activity that is being carried on there. The supervising nurse and her assistants will be on hand and will gladly explain anything that visitors wish to he enlightened on. Make thursday a memorable Day a get acquainted with your Hospital and get to know and think kindly of those who Are conducting its administration for you. Now that the traffic running through Bristol will be greatly increased by the temporary closing of the Lincoln Highway route for repairs it has been proposed to make some of the streets of this town one Way thoroughfares. Among the streets that have been mentioned is Beaver Street at the Point where Choice the a death trap crosses the canal. Fine Way for the town authorities to shirk a responsibility by closing to one Way traffic the most frequently used Cross town Street in the Borough. Fine Way to a Duck the issues which sooner or later will be forced Home to them by the voters at the polls. If plans that were promised had been carried out if Petty politics had been put in the background this thoroughfare would now have been a wide Boulevard capable of taking care of any amount of traffic that it might be called upon to carry in Tho course of All the years to come. What is the use of having Power if you done to use it seems to be the attitude assumed by the duly elected and personally selected town officials and instead of removing a menace they simply make it i Conven a sent for their fellow townsmen to travel Back and Forth from the station and Post office. They evidently i care Little whether a Man has to travel a mile or less out of his Way i or not. J it has been even suggested through the personal medium of the a Powers that arc a that the old that Day forge Bridge or a death trap a which is a far More fitting name for this Structure be closed. No suggestion of bringing in some sort of report from the jury of View no suggestion of giving the property owners some of whom have moved Back their building line and the others who refuse to do so until they Are assured of being paid full Price for the damages that May be done their holdings their just due. No indeed this method would be contrary to All procedure in Bristol and Bucks county. The widening of this thoroughfare which would mean that it would be a Safe Point of passage would necessitate that some of the wild promises made in thai private car Back of the old Pennsylvania station would have to be lived up to and living up to promises that Cost an individual or a group of individuals considerable Money is not to be heard of. That the a personal Organ a Bas at least admitted that the a death trap is a menace is a step in the right directions they have gone on record and this would indicate that the controlling Genius of most of Bucks at a a frat dance Wright s service sales Force Selling cars Community card party next monday evening Bristol enchants visitor May move Here w. T. Wilson locates in Ogdensburg n. Y. Or. W. T. Wilson left his Homo in wednesday for Ogdensburg n. Iy., to take up his duties As general manager of a concern controlled by the Harriman interests. Mrs. J. S. Roberts of Hai Rord. Conn., was a recent guest of her aunt mrs. James Archer while Here mrs. Roberts took Many pictures of places and buildings that interested making Especial comment on the episcopal Church As being the one her Mother attended during the time she lived in Bristol. Another of the Keene Home was particularly attractive to her. Although mrs. Roberts never lived in Bristol her father grandmother and Grandfather lived most of their lives Here. The River had a great Charm for her so much so that she was heard to express a desire to Purchase a Home along the River either in or out of Bristol. Mrs. Roberts expects to jail with Lier husband on May 14th j for the continent where they will i spend a number of months. Plans to make the Community card party scheduled for next monday evening a Success Are being carried on. Remember no tickets will he sold but every one interested in cards is expected to be present. Pay your fifty cents at the door and enjoy the games. Five Hundred and euchre will be played. Among the prizes to be Given out will he ice Cream donated by or. Joseph p. Duffy and or. Ray Neve Gold. Both of whom Are agents for Breyer ice Cream. The Cream to be delivered on any Day and any hour. At the Home of the Winner. The gentleman or lady persuading the highest number of persons to Grace Sage recital attend the games Wall receive a prize. The Bristol Lodge of elks have again generously Given the permission of the use of their Beautiful and commodious social room and it is to be hoped a goodly number will help to make the affair a sue Icess Ful one. Despite the clamorous talk of hard times this promises to he a Good year in the automobile Trade As evidenced by the activity of the sales department of Wrights service garage. This hustling organization sold four new cars and one second hand car taken Iii Trade Iii one of the deals Between last saturday noon time and noon Oil tuesday. Ralph Simons of Cornwells bought a Willy a Knight Sedan Charles Franks of Harriman bought a Hudson speedster d. Ilie Neger of Morrisville bought a Dodge touring car and j. Mortimer of Bensalem ail Overland touring Model. Jack Cahill of Harriman Edgely and the United states purchased the second hand Buick. The Bristol Young men seen at the dance at the Bellevue Stratford Given by the fraternities of Alpha Phi and Delta Delta were Bradley Ardrey William Pearson Foster Minster James Wright and Ernest Lawrence. There were about three thousand in attendance and the music was furnished by the famous orchestras of Hertzberg and Lanin. The Broadway entertainers furnished jazz music and Between the dances entertainers from shows playing Iii Philadelphia did bits. J j10 county a newspapers must have been the cognizant of the fact that they were going on record and this gives the Downtrodden citizen at Large of Bristol an additional leg to stand on. The attitude of ignoring the Comfort of the citizens at Large in Bristol will have to be changed by the local political ring who have ruled Here for so Long either it will be changed or the people will change the rulers and this would be a terrible catastrophe. Who could be found who would Rule so Well for their own selfish ends As those now ruling who could be found who would be Able to control so Many votes by might of Money Power and control of the banking situation in the town who these questions might be asked by the present ring with their eyes rolled heavenward in a hypocritical expression but these questions will be answered by the people themselves in the primaries and later at the coming elections for the people now have a medium out their wrongs and medium that is not that cannot be sub that will shout oppressions a controlled and std Zed. Monthly meeting of the Hospital managing Board a nets Hospital s55 fifty five dollars was the sum cleared by the Grace Sage entertainment held thursday april 21st in the presbyterian Church for the i Benefit of the Harriman Hospital. At the meeting of the doctors and citizens committee who look after Tho conduct of the local Hospital held Early in the week Means to run the institution in a More economical manner were disused. Soft Coal will probably he burned in the future As it is cheaper than the hard Coal. A report showed that the average number of patients per Day Iii april at the institution were 14. In the last six months there have been 119 operations at the Hospital. 31.4 per cent of which were major. Those Iii charge Are very enthusiastic Over the future prospects of the institution. Mrs. George Hussey surprised by friends on saturday evening a few friends of mrs. G. Hussey of Bristol Pike gae her a sur prize. After a pleasant evening refreshments including Large birthday cake decorated in Pink and White and 23 candles were served. The invited list included. Miss Margaret Dougherty or. And mrs. Ted Mcginley or. And mrs. Horatio Denby of Wissa Hicken or. David Simonette and or. George Hussey and family of Dorrance Street. Or. And mrs. Horatio Denby remained As guests Over the weekend. Of rent five room apartment store and garage on Radcliffe Street apartment just been painted and papered and new Bath room installed. Electric Light. Can be rented together or separately. Apply John Taylor Forrest Block %

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