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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Mar 14 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - March 14, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants the classified advertisements of the Independent have tremendous pulling Power. Read them and profit. Advertising Trade cards As Well As subscriptions nov count in Independent Campaign Al last big extra Point offer on to next wednesday evening and then another big drop Campaign will soon be Over and any club Twenty or More houses to k i yarn or in we. _ a round about town member an win either car by hustling now a very close race and no one has a big Lead so evenly have the honors been divided lip to the present time in the Independent s prize Campaign that each club member s Success or failure Gold or glory congratulations and commendations and above All one of those two Fine cars everything depends upon what each one is Able to accomplish these few remaining Days and especially in to next wednesday evening March 19th, when the following last big extra Point offer ends. Of you halt for a moment if you weaken for a single Day or Overlook one Opportunity of getting subscriptions you Are taking chances of losing win is Hustle mow it no a a a a a a a it a a a a a i ready tank to pick the two car winners but the lace is too close for anyone even the Campaign manager to conjecture who they will be it will take the business secured these remaining Days to decide that. To be erected in sixth Ward this Spring permanently increased Industrial activity to be followed by adequate housing Wyeth Winner Ber Are the one to decide or or not you will be a car Here. Done to be a a afraid of the Oiler contestants a they re probably As afraid of you As you Are of them a but dig in and win. Won last extra prizes miss Florence Foster won the $15 extra prize and mrs. Fay Shemeley the $10 one for turning in the most subscription business for the ten Day period ending last wednesday evening. Tim did not mean the most Points but to e most Money and Soiree of the others May have received More Points because of their subscriptions being for longer terms. However these two ladles Are to be congrats Saied on their Good Fortune which is the Reward for Good hard work. This is the second extra prize won by miss Foster. Last big Point offer Here is your last Chance to secure the big Points. From thursday morning March 13th, to 8 p. M., next wednesday Malch 19th, 90,000 extra Points will be Given you for each and every $10 Avok i ii of subscriptions you turn in. This is the last of the big Points the last $10 club offer arid the subscriptions and Trade cards sold and turned in up to this Date will undoubtedly be the deciding Factor in determining the winners of this splendid array of prizes which has dazzled the eyes of All the people in this Section by their excellent value. After next wednesday and for the remaining Days of the Campaign subscriptions will earn Only double the regular schedule of Points w hich is a big decrease. No extra Points will be Given for $10 clubs after next wednesday for example a 1-year a a new subscription earns a total of 17,500 regular and extra Points to next wednesday evening and Only 8,000 Points for the remaining Days. Other amounts in proportion. Therefore get your subscriptions in or have them mailed by 8 p. Next wednesday while they Eai n the maximum Points As Points Are what will win the cars and other prizes. Advertising Trade Carasas announced at the beginning of this Campaign Points would be allowed on Trade cards sold and this feature is now inaugurated. So you can now not Only secure Points on subscriptions but also on the to Ade see advertisement in this Issue for the Price and number of Points these cards will earn. A Bonus of ten per cent is Given the purchaser of these cards As an inducement to buy them arid they Are Good in paying for any Adver ix0limer, will be shown. Irene Bordoni to be seen in Riverside show using in the Independent or for Job printing of any kind done by this office from March 13th, 1930 to March 29 the 1931�?one year. Club members do not have to sell the advertising or Job printing but just sell the cards to anyone anywhere. Wednesday a letter and some cards were mailed or handed to each club member. If you have not received yours or do not understand the offer let us know at once. Cards sold by next wednesday evening earn More Points than after that time so sell All you can by then. You can now secure thousands of additional Points by Selling these cards but done to Overlook the Selling of subscriptions As they earn the most Points sell both. What will win these cars an intensive drive for subscriptions from now on to the finish is what will Wrin these Fine cars and there Are still hundreds of both re Newal and new subscriptions to be had and advertising Trade cards to be sold. The crucial test is now at hand and if you Hope to be a car Winner in this Campaign you must act now now is the time to get to the top and stay there. Done to wait until the last week of the Campaign to make your big Effort make it today and every Day from now on to the end that is the Only Way to win one of these cars. Not Many Days remain in which to win and if you Are not making an Effort commensurate with the value of the prize you Hope to win Start doing so today it takes courage Pluck and stick to Tive Ness to win and done to let any of your friends and those people who have helped you with their subscription have cause to say that you Are a we done to think there Are any such in this race however. A i ii helpful hints a big Bunch of subscriptions especially the 5-year ones or Trade card sales turned in now would play havoc with any other club members standing. You mrs. Miss or or club men Irene Bordoni Well known musical comedy Star will be seen at the Riverside theatre monday tuesday and wednesday with a matinee wednesday in the talking and singing picture much of this picture is in colors. There also will be a a two americans comedy and Paramount sound news. Tonight a the Bishop murder cases will be shown featuring Basil j Rathbone. A metro tone act and metro tone news also Are billed. Tomorrow afternoon and evening Douglas Mac lean in a comedy a divorce made easy a will be the feature. In addition there will be a Harry Langdon talking comedy an episode of the serial a King of the Kongo a and a metro tone act. Next thursday and Friday a the mysterious or. Fun Manchu a a mystery film from the Book by sax an added feature will be a seeking a heavyweight Champion a a film in which Jack Dempsey Tom Heeney Jack Sharkey Gene Tunney and other famous boxers appear. Bristol real estate men had an informal meeting recently at which the housing situation Here was considered. I he increased business being done by the Keystone aircraft corporation has brought to Bristol a Large number of men mostly Young married men w to Are accustomed to a different kind of dwelling than Bristol affords in sufficient numbers to meet the demands. These men want apartments or houses hat rent from $35 to $50 a month equipped with modern conveniences. Bristol a Supply of this Type of House is limited and real estate men say that every one on their lists has been rented in the last few weeks. As a result people who would prefer to live near their work Are compelled to live elsewhere. A if i had Twenty houses or apartments of this kind i could rent them today a one real estate Man remarked. Once the property owners feel certain that the increased activity at the air plane Plant is to be reason i ably permanent there w ill be much new construction in the sixth Ward and thereabouts. Plans Are being made now for the construction of about Twenty houses this Spring and More will follow. There Are Many houses available at from $25 to $35 a month some of which Reed considerable repair work and the owners of which Are ready immediately to put them in condition. These Are a a workmen Homes a but the demand for them is not so great As the demand for ii Iglus repriced Homes. There also seems to be a real demand for some modern apartments in Bristol buildings with apartments of one two and three rooms. Here again it is said that Assurance of permanent activity in the Industrial plants will be followed by the construction of such buildings. D. Rufe of Kintnersville who recently bought the hotel Loison has begun extensive alterations and improvements in the building. When the work is finished Townsend s restaurant will be Bmat cd to the hotel which will be conducted by or. And mrs. Townsend or. Rufe being mrs. Townsend a father. Boyhood occupations. I of know How it is when a number of men get together How they get to reminiscing about a the Good old nays and All that. One does no to need to Hae a huge crowd either to encourage memories of old Days. Apt. William e. Doron and ourself for instance. The Captain was telling us about the Good old Days of More than Lilly years ago and happened to mention the old Mill building at the foot of Pond Street. It seems that John Dorrance and Ellwood Doron Bapt. Boron a father forming the firm of Dorrance amp Doron built the Mill building now occupied Iii part by the Wallace wet Wash. Capt. Doron was but a boy when the Structure was put up. A every Square foot of tile Interior of the building was whitewashed a said the Captain. A the joists were All stiffened by bridging two pieces of Wood nailed diagonally Between the joists there being four Bridges Between each pair of joists. A i remember hearing my father say to or. Dorrance a we be got to get somebody to Whitewash those i spoke up and said a Why can to i do that Job a father looked me Over and finally said that he thought i could. He said he would give me one cent for each four Bridges i dipped Iii Whitewash. I dipped All die Bridges and stacked them up to dry and when the Job was done i was whitewashed it was Only a few minutes later when we not it Joseph Singer. We chatted a moment about the forthcoming filling of the canal coi Nany Basin and or. Singer recall d that As a boy he took Many a net Ful of i herring and other fish out of the Basin. One time he got a haul of Basso this of course happened before the Law was As strict on netting and fishing As it now is. A those sure were the Good old Days a said or. Singer. And then who do you suppose we ran into none other than Minot j. Hill. What did he do when he was a kid Well he had two jobs he will never forget one was candling eggs and the other was rubbing cheeses lie got so he could Tell a bad egg by its feel and he became so fed up with rubbing cheeses that for ten years he look at a cheese without having a funny sensation Iii the pit of his stomach. Then lie went to Europe and had to eat Stilton cheese on Toast cheese that had not been As carefully protected against a a Skippers As it ought to have been. Since that time ing has phased m. J. No changes looked for among methodist pastorate hereabouts pastors of the methodist churches in and about Bristol arc attending the conference in Philadelphia. It is not expected that there will be any changes in the pastorate hereabouts. Rev. George f. Hess pastor of the Bristol m. E. Church was assigned to the local pulpit last year and is expected to continue Here. Lev. J. B. D. Cooke pastor of the Cornwells m. E. Church Lias had a highly successful year in that Church and his congregation is hopeful and expectant that lie will be returned. Rev. C. C. Levergood pastor of the Tullytown Emilie and Fallsington m. E. Churches also expected to be returned. Not i an ancient newspaper. Mrs. Lottie r. Smith of 224 Walnut Street has an interesting relic of Washington a times Iii a copy of the a Ulster county Gazelle dated saturday january 4, 1800, containing an account of the burial of George Washington. This paper was published in Kingston n. Y. There have been reproductions of the a Ulster county Gazette a most of which a re easily identifiable but the copy which mrs. Smith possesses undoubtedly genuine. The Brown with age and a tinned rules on the How through on the this particular copy been much handled As frayed and the effects he died Joyed his was of hearted a few years ago and in personal Friendship. Ile German ancestry kind Jovial soft voiced a Fine fellow. But he was not presidential Timber. He was not an accomplished speaker nor a real student of political and governmental affairs. Hears assigned a Clever member of the staff of his Boston paper to write Tom s speeches to Drill him in them Ane to put him Over. This Man Clem Pollock was All that Tom was not and above everything else lie was conscientious ii. His drilling of Tom in his speech in aking. The Campaign went on with no noticeable Success outside of the pages of the Hearst papers but in one of the huge Cit its toward the end of the Campaign there was a tremendous audience. It was to be the key meeting of the Campaign Iii that part of the country. Tom had been carefully coached. His speech attacked Roosevelt Bel bored Taft and in general advocated scrapping of the old parties. When it came to Taft Tom said something like this a and Taft what about him he has sold his Birthright sold his Birthright for a for a a Tom recall exactly what he had sold it for but he finished by bursting out a sold it for a pot of Pollock told us afterwards that if there had been a Hole Iii the floor Large enough for him to sink through he would have disappeared. The crowd roared and Tom took it As applause. Two new industries buy tracts in South Bristol contracts let for buildings fast Burn Blanche amp Hardy announce Purchase of tracts by Samuel Jackson a sons inc., manufacturers of Railroad signals and railway specialities corporation manufacturers of special Railroad equipment Jackson company a Plant to be ready May i will employ about 50 hands at Start the coming of to Bristol was by Eastburn through whom announcement of two new industries made yesterday Blanche amp Hardy Hie negotiations were conducted. Five a its of land on state Road soul h Bristol lying Between state Road and the Pennsylvania Railroad at a Point opposite St. Marks cemetery formerly occupied by the Faxon lumber company have Bien bought through Eastburn Blanche amp i Lardy by Samuel Jackson a sons inc., of Philadelphia from the heirs of e. J. Sledden. The purchaser a manufacturer of and hares and has Railroad signals been in business having been we lose a bet. Although we had been warned that Morris Grossman is infallible us a weather Prophet we were lash enough to bet his judgment was wrong and we lost. Wednesday evening after a Days wet weather we stopped in to say hello to Morris and remarked that the next Day would be Fine. A Pardon me gentleman but you Are wrong a said Morris in his usual courteous manner. A every night before i go to bed i go outside and look at the sky so As to get what the weather will be. Night when i went out there Large ring around the Moon and there were three stars inside ring. That Means that there three Days of we had observed the Bright strip of sky illumined by the setting Sun thai evening and had noted that tile Clouds were breaking away just As we entered or. Grossmann a place of business so we were kind of cocky. A bet you that it wont rain Between 7 of clock tomorrow morning and 7 of clock tomorrow night a we said. Morris took us up. Wednesday was Dollar Day so we wanted Good weather. Early in the Day it was Fine in fact it was Fine All Day except for about ten minutes when there was enough rain to win Morris his bet. We Call it a Tough break. An idea last was a Ai the will be make of of Baule what Joseph it. Grundy a friends had expected would happen after he became a member of the Senate has happened he has taken Over the leadership of the regular republi-1 expected seems paper is thin the Type and inner pages s outer ones evidently has the edges Are of time upon it Are noticeable. An account is Given in this paper of the proceed lugs ill Congress alter the announcement of the death of Washington an account of the funeral at mount Vernon the statement of president Adams and an ode on the death of general a Washington a by a Young is i a general shake up in the standings of the independents prize Campaign workers a rom miss third miss Foster still refuses to be dislodged from Fust place but nearly every other club members position in the race underwent decided change since last saturday. Mrs. Shemeley jumps fre fourth to second place and or. Moss from eighth to third. Crowthers drops from second to fourth and or. Wink from to sixth. Mrs. Carroll still holds Down fifth place. Mrs. Levergood mrs. Groom and mrs. Rigby each drop Down one position to seventh eighth and ninth respectively. It is a Battle Royal now and no club member can hold their position or gain on the others unless they get right out and do some real lioness to goodness hard work these remaining two weeks of the Campaign. If you really knew How close this race is right now two of the club members being in an actual tie and but a very few Points separating the others you would certainly let nothing stand in your Way of getting every subscription and Selling every Trade card you possibly can now when prizes of $9 75 and $717 Are at stake. How will they stand in the next count monday morning that surmount office building of the the the the a a patrician in miniature. Many a boy looks longingly Model air plane flagpole on the Keystone aircraft corporation Plant. It looks Small from the sidewalk because it is about too feet up in the air but As a matter of fact this Model of the a a patrician has a Wing spread of four feet. It is Dura Lumin and is an made to scale of the planes made in most skillful a made of exact Model famous big Bristol. One of the mechanics at the Plant a show of shows at the grand monday and tuesday a show of shows a described As the biggest aggregation of motion picture stars and features Ever filmed most of which is in natural colors will be the attraction at the grand theatre monday and tuesday with matinee each Day. Because of the length of the picture the evening shows will begin at 6.45 o clock. More than a Hundred stars Are featured and the cast includes More than a thousand persons. Manager Lynn wanted to show the film for a longer booking but was Able to get it for Only monday and tuesday. Fox movie tone news also will on wednesday Horton in the aviator a will be Opportunity night special attraction. Are to be shown. Cans in the Tariff fight. Under his leadership the coalition of insurgent republicans and democrats that had had things about its own Way was beaten on the sugar anti Cement schedules. The coalition is now pie paring a a last ditch to defeat the High Tariff schedules put through under or. Grundy leadership and regain control of the Bill. Regarding this development the new York times this week said a the sudden emergence of or. Grundy Iii his first few months in the Senate As a Leader apparently in control of the Tariff situation and Strong enough to bowl Over the old coalition is one of the most astounding Phenomena in recent congressional or. Grundy has been tremendously Busy since lie became a senator. With senator re it d in Europe As one continued on Page four nearly a Century established Iii 1839. Ibis firm has let a contract for the the construction of a factory building which is expected to be ready far occupancy May 1st. The company will give steady employment to about fifty hands. The contractor for the new building is a i Philadelphia firm but the subcontractors and All the labor will be local men. Construction will begin is immediately. The officers of Samuel Jackson a sons inc., Are president Samuel Jackson vice president h. Petterolf Secretary Samuel Jackson Jig treasurer c. A. Bunyan. Eastburn Blanche amp Hardy also announced that Samuel Jackson a sons inc., had sold two and one half acres of their land to j. Xvi. Ebling of the railway specialities corporation 50 Church Street new Yolk which will erect a factory building adjacent to the Pennsylvania Railroad. This company manufactures Metal fittings and specialities used Iii connection with electrification of railroads. At present its product is being manufactured on contract by several Linns but with the construction of its new factory in South Bristol it will begin manufacture there. The firm is to grow rapidly and should be an important addition to local industries. Negotiations for the location of these firms in South Bristol have been under Way for some months. I he Ideal location of Bristol and Vicinity for Industrial plants is making this area More and More attractive to growing concerns. By Fin Tol and Vicinity will Welcome the i Samuel Jackson a sons inc., and the railway specialities corporation dedication exercises at Bensalem school tonight spent Many weeks Model and he has granulated on the tended his efforts. In making this been warmly con Success that at club member -1-. In miss Florence Foster. Mrs. Fay Shemeley. William m. Moss. Mrs. Mildred by. Crown thers mrs. Joseph l. Carroll. Residence. Andalusia Bristol. Bristol. Andalusia. Bristol. Raemond e. Win Keddington mrs. Etta a. Levergood mrs. Eliza d. Groom mrs. Harvey Rigby. Mrs. Ida Appleton miss Kathryn Griffin by iss Mary Karp. Tullytown. Bristol route. Cornwells. Bristol. Bristol. Bristol. Points 1.084,750 1.083.200 1,082,050 1.081.200 1,080,600 1,080,300 1,079,450 1,077,100 1,076,350 431,800 80,600 32,000 funny twists of speech. When a Man gets his words a China end Foremost a As often happens with the Best of us he commits a so called because of the penchant of a certain English professor to mess up his phrases. We i recently heard a speaker w to intended to refer to a a bucking Broncho declare it to be a a a broaching Bucko. I he caught himself so quickly alter i making the Spooner ism that doubtless it did not Register upon the minds of Many of his hearers. I As he made it we thought of a funny one that occurred in the presidential Campaign of 1912. William Randolph Learst sought to capitalize the Public outcry against the stall lard Oil company at that time and to gain whatever else there might be in it. By launching another political party which he called the a Independence he found As a candidate one Thomas l. Hisgen a Massachusetts Man who operated comparatively Small Axle grease tory and Oil business and successfully bucked the be shown Edward Everett comedy a the the feature and also will be a eight local acts a comedy a Hunt the Tiger a and Bathe sound news Are added features. X double feature Bill is booked for tonight when a night Parade will be shown with Hugh Trevor and Robert Ellis and Clark amp Mccullough perhaps the most famous vaudeville team will be seen in a talking comedy a fall steamed saturday afternoon and evening will bring the popular and melodramatic comedy a ooh yeah a to the grand. This film features Robert Armstrong and James Gleason there also will be four High class vaudeville acts and another of the funny Aesop fable films a the big a this thing called love a featuring Edmund Lowe and Constance Bennett will be the feature next thursday and Friday nights. Led by miss instructor of tonight will be a big night for the people of Bensalem township when the new school building at Cornwells Heights will be dedicated. The building will be open for inspection from 7 to 8 of clock and at 8.15 the dedicatory exercises will begin. The following is the program in detail singing a America a Catherine l. Helfrich music. Invocation Rev. J. B. D. Cooke pastor of Cornwells m. E. Church. Introductory remarks Richard w. Fechtenburg member of Board of education. Girls chorus a a Carmena a b a pick Ninny Sandman. Delivering of building to architect j. Warren May mgr., w. John Stevens co., inc., builders. Presentation of key of completion Fred Martin of a. Oscar Martin and son registered architects acceptance of building for Board of education Andrew j. Reich a president of Board of education. Girls choral club a Pond Lilu r. Hoffman county of schools. La. S. Band directed Herman Exchange club protests unsightly billboards address j. Superintendent music b. T. By Proi. Luigi Prest Tatiom Ler National Secretary p. A., for p. O. S. Of a. Camp Cornwells Heights a. 2, Ginia Leversidge president mils. Of 130, a o. No. E. Vir a. O. Of Large with a fac who had Standard. We knew or. Hisgen very Well objection to the erection of billboards on private property in the Borough is voiced in a Coni Mun cation from the Bristol Exchange club to Burgess Anderson which we As submitted to the Borough Council at its last meeting and discussed at length. The signs Seine the View of residents in sections in which they have erected and Are regarded sightly and objectionable. Exchange club asks that some legislation prohibiting erection of such signs in future be sought. The matter has been referred to the Borough solicitor. As 6b the been in the a. Camp no. 313, Cornwells Heights a. Ace planet Andrew j. Riehle president Board of education. Mixed chorus a a morning invitation a a b a old King Cole a boys and girls Hee club b. T. In s. Presentation Andrew j. Riehle. Music b. T. H. S. Band. Dedicatory. Response led by s. K. Faust supervising principal. Dedicatory address a your child anti his future a Harold l. Hol Brook asst. Director child helping and accounting Bureau specialist Iii guidance department of Public instruction. Vocal Solo High school son Catherine l. Helfrich accompanied by Harold Fitch �?T30, the composer music b. T. In s. Band. Benediction Rev. Arthur f. Gib son pastor of Christ episcopal Church Eddington a Mill streets first a Dollar Day event highly successful Mill streets first a Dollar Day sales event was a big Success. Every merchant who offered the Public Leal bargains on wednesday found by store Well patronized. People came in i rom out of town Early in nay. And some of the merchants were sold out of their specials be lore noon and put on additional opes while there was a brisk demand for Staple articles. Here Are some of the comments of members of the Mill Street business menus association Spencer amp sons a it exceeded our expectations. We did a great Montgomery Ward amp of the finest Days our store has Ever had. We sold a tremendous volume of goods and made Many new Abe Popkins a highly successful in every Frank Green a a surprising sue i Cess we were Busy All j Hoffman Cut rate a we did no to i have an Idle moment. Dollar Day j went Over j Harry Strauss a we did twice out1 Normal midweek business. I Ani More than pleased. A Smiths Model shop a a great idea and a Fine Days j f. E. Bayliese a we sold All our specials and put on additional ones.3 the value of the Day was in thai new contacts we Steinbergs fashion Center a very Marty greens army did an attracted and Navy exceptional j Many new store a we business and these comments might be Multi plied since almost without exception the Story was pie same the a idol Lar Day was thoroughly advertised the bargains the merchants offerer were real ones and while tin weather was not perfect it did no deter tile out of town people fron visiting Bristol nor did it keep the Home folks from coming to Mil Street. As the first cooperative Sale Effort of the members of the Mil Street business menus association i was a huge Success. The associate now includes practically All of the progressive merchants in the bus Ness District and within a Shoi time it is expected that every me chant on the Street will join sine there Are More sales events und consideration. From the stand Poi of the average citizen the event a important in that it proved to to out of town people who came he that the Bristol merchants can us ply their every need and at pric that compare favourably with Tho in the Large cities j

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