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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - June 24, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Malt implies. % the Independent gels the patronage of advertisers without lying about its circulation. Vol. . 52. Forrest theatre w tuesday and wednesday David Belascoe a the heart of Maryland is guarantors for 1922 Chautauqua five cents the copy or. And mrs. Frank Baldwin see Cornell teams win have been the signing of the Guaran tors for next years Chautauqua Many Hae expressed the wish to be among tin number. It is often times that one is left because ure to seize the Golden at the right time. I Hose who did affix their til res follow Lucy Louderbough Andrew j. Evn mrs. Andrew j. Gideon Lou a i tog airs Louis c Spring newly appointed Board have As yet mrs. E. Ai. Lawrence miss Esther Lawrence Thomas c. Hanford w. Despite old rumours and Wilder newspaper reports situation still As announced in Independent shipping Board yet to be heard from All and airs. Frank Baldwin Aliss a a a Bessie Baldwin airs. J. Fred wag a numbly it Ner Aru miss Janice Wagner left have expressed desire to Bristol on tuesday morning for Poughkeepsie to attend the annual rowing Regetta. Ted Baldwin is a Junior at Cornell University and a member of tile varsity Crew and his parents Are ardent Cornell rooters. The fact that the Junior and freshman events were won by Cornell will give great satisfaction to the baldwins. Safety is Johnathan Wright gives merry yachting party sign since since lists mailed air. Johnathan Wright took a merry party wednesday in his yacht to Florence Heights for a picnic among the group was airs. J. Wright and non airs. John Watson alis. Jessie Muriel and Helen Fine Vandergrift William Fine or Mildred Bruden swimming Good supper were the features Chiron a answer to pres. Baldy Leher afternoon made about the 9 p. Return Al. Edi Thaud and a of the editor of Keystone idea airs Opin ions on stand taken by state Medicos trip want of the fail Opportunity Signa upper Beaver St. To have elec. Lights recent Accident to Birkey family help build Home emphasizes necessity of Clearing hedge on North Side for legion boys Braddock pa., june 15, 1921. Editor Bucks county Independent Bristol Penna. Dear sir permit made no final decision on disposition of government property the newly appointed shipping Board have not As yet taken any official action either pro or con in the matter of final disposal of the merchant shipbuilding Plant at Harriman at least they had not up to the hour of this paper going to press. The statement As published in the Independent two weeks ago is still the last official throws on he subject of the Yard and despite the wild Story which appeared in the evening Ledger last saturday evening which stated that the Yard and property was going to be handed to the Harriman interests on a Silver Platter. It undoubtedly would be More economical for the government to turn Over their property standing on air. Harriman a land to this gentleman rather than attempt to Salvage it As the salvaging process would be a lather an expensive proposition but the Board who will have the final official handling of the subject have As yet said never a word on the subject. When one takes in consideration that scarcely two weeks have passed since the personal of the Board was announced by the president and the announced names had to be confirmed by the Senate committee it is indeed wonderful the celerity with which some people and several publications of standing have Given them the credit of having reached a decision on this very important matter. The contract Between the Aler charts and the governed Man is now in Washington in the hands of the Board. The government option on the Harriman land expired on Alay 28, and at that time it was stated that the administration had no idea land the Russel of taking Over the property. In the j Rue James f event that the new shipping Board think that the Purchase of the land the proper expedient at this time there is no doubt in the mind of anyone who has been following the shipyard problem closely that air. Harriman Wourl wave his technical Light to keep the government to the letter of their agreement and would turn Over the land to them when they had paid to him the agreed Purchase Price. What the future has in store for the wonderful Plant at North Bris despite Tol no one at this time knows not even or. Harriman himself can Tell what the final action of the Board will be and As a result has not divulged to anyone just what his future intentions in regard to tile Yard will be in the event that the property again reverts to him. There is no Law against expressing a wish and it is the wish of this paper that Harriman is Given the Yard As it stands tor with this property in the hands of this Bright Young business Man it will become Active of it reverts to the government through Purchase there is every likelihood that it would lie Idle for years As the government would not be in a position to operate it and they would simply be forced to sit tight until a buyer appeared on the horizon and this would not occur until the trend of the business world hits Back at Normal. Listen to the Man who whispers in your ear and tells you that he knows what is going to happen unless he is a mind Reader or a seer he is simply a harmless nuts let him rave poor i Cowand do not excite him As brainstorm is a dangerous disease in hot weather. Keigh mrs. A. Lovett Leigh William h. Smyrl airs. C. L. Anderson. Clifford l. Anderson airs. David o. Taylor p. J. Barrett Dor on Green e. J. Warren e. Linton Martin James Larue Lewis j. Boyau Susan t. Iredell Isaac Jones win. Ii. Flory Frank Baldwin airs. Frank Baldwin or. Frank Lehman mrs. Frank Lehman William g. Buckman mrs. Win. G. Bookman Louise p. Baggs Basil pappajion airs. Emil Metzgar Horace Davis Howard i. James Franklin Gilkeson ii. E. Groom a. I. Thompson Rev. Henry Ai. Hartman airs. A. H. Thompson Warren in Thompson mrs. H. C. Wright airs. Frank la. I tellings Edge by Rev. Henry s. Planter Mary f. King or. Ii. Purcell John s. Roberts jr., Asa Fabian airs. Asa Fabian Louis dries j. Ai. Winder William Al. Downing j. Wagman Alfonso a Calesso. D. A. Elias h. In Headley Katherine Keating. Ai. A Hill airs. Al. J. Hill airs. John c. Stuckert Walter f. Lee Dom airs. W. F. Leedom Al. P. Alc Coy airs. Ai. P. Alcoy airs. T. G. Hawke w. E. Dodds airs. A. E. Dodds James Guy James Brooks airs. James Brooks Stanford Runyon Armand Ai Orris or. J. Fred Wagner Aliss Frances h. Land ret a William Woodhouse or. John Hargrave airs. John Hargrave marburg d. Weagley Hugh Eastburn airs. Hugh b. Eastburn airs. Louis t. Rodan or. William c. Lecompte mrs. William c. Lecompte Aliss Elizabeth Crichton or. H. Webb airs. Ai. Ricking f. Leibfried jr., airs. Lines l. Girton. Much mrs. Ai. Irwin Frank Green Angelo Able. Direnzo. P. K. Conrad airs. P. K. Conrad George Ai Drey e. A. Minster or. J. Collins Ai. I. Ai Drey airs. Henry Ancker William Lef erts j. H. La Rue Aliss Mary j. Haines h. C. Sweeper s. Phillips b. Cady William King mrs. James f. King Aliss Sarah Al. Hawke airs. H. T. Eisenberg. Aire. W. E. Davis or. George t. Fox and James f. Blanche. D. A. Elias states plans Are under Way to extend electric lines beyond Borough limits mrs. Black still suffers from Shock the Independent is glad to announce to the Colony of citizens living on upper Beaver Street and in fourth Anil fifth Avenue that they Are to have the Long desired electric Light service for which they have been Petty cloning for years. This paper was assured yesterday by d. A. Elias local manager of the East Penn. Gas and elec. Co., that plans had been formulated to extend the electric service even beyond the Point where these property owners desire it. Wish it were possible to announce that the Borough were As progressive As the lighting company but the town officials Are too Busy just now Messing up the streets of the town with tar to give As important matter As water to taxpayers any consideration. Air. Elias Iii his talk with a representative of this paper stated that it was the object or ins company to emulate the Telephone company and give Universal service in this entire territory. This the company have been held Back by Lack of finances. The project of extending the lines out Beaver Street will Cost at least $2,000 and it will be a Long time before that amount is realized in return. The householders who have been holding Back on there electrical work in this District can now go ahead and make their improvements As it is Safe to assume that by the time their work is completed will have Ben Laid wanted a a juice will the new and the be Avail eight graduates in b. H. S. Class of 21 the Accident which secured last week at Grundy a Corner resulting in the mashup of the Auto of John Birkey and the injuring of its occupants is just an added proof of the necessity of taking some Steps to make this dreadful Corner Safe for vehicular traffic. As a result of the Accident airs. Margaret Black Mother in Law of All. Birkey has been in a delirious condition and has been under the constant care of a physician. Her mind has wandered most of the time since she was injured and owing to her advanced age she being eighty six years old it will be miraculous if she Ever fully recovers. The roads approaching the Corner Are exceptionally Good tor this Sec Tiki of the country and to one unfamiliar with this dangerous turning Point it is a veritable Accident trap. The hedge along the Edge of the property on the North Side of the void running from Bristol right at the Corner prevents a Driver from seeing whether or not there is a vehicle coming from the direction of Newport Ville. Of course to Drivers in this Section this condition is Well known and they slow Down when approaching this Point. The stranger knows nothing of the conditions and even ii he throws in his brakes suddenly his car will slide and skid into an approaching vehicle As the state of the Road its almost Glass like smoothness prevents his wheels from holding under the pressure of the brakes. Since the opening of the season there have been several accidents that have been More or less of a serious nature and unless some Steps Are taken immediately to. Make this Corner Safe a More serious Accident probably resulting Iii a fatality will be the result. By attending Benefit performance at Forrest theatre next thursday evening me to to congratulate you 011 die attitude of Gard to the it is a build a Home for the american legion boys a this cry has been put up by Hie Independent for Iii. Past year and now that the ladies auxiliary of the legion has taken up the fight it is an assured fact that Ere Long these returned heroes will be housed in comfortable and commodious quarters which they May Call All their own. The monster motion picture and vaudeville Benefit to be Hob at the Forrest theatre next thursday evening is tile first step Tonkon by the ladies in this direction and at this writing ii looks As if the Forrest will be crowded to the doors. A most pleasing vaudeville Bill has been announced consisting of the two Little Granville Sisters in dances. These children will be favourably remembered for the excellence of their work in Pinafore Given last Spring a year ago. They will do your paper in rearrest of or. Ai Art Indell appreciated not Only by the a n a tractors of Pennsylvania but by he citizens of Bucks county. This Ricer of or. Martindell is part of i Campaign of extermination Bellican True a the members of a get rapidly being discredited and put but of business by the chiropractors. In their vain attempt to save them a a a is the medical doctors have had 1 1 passed by the different state a a i is a tires and Are now trying to chiropractic by Law instead of Ding their patients Well. One think that witly state and opening gun fired through advertisement which appears in this Issue of the Independent John i. Dubois East. Penn. Sec a by the Doylestown attorney Wil head fight Winch this Section Joe Duff command in Bristol in in by give of i la to Ozial end of in by be 11cl i Kiaie amt a a a. Muir a prominent in ii. Appropriations the prestige of the Stair of the shipyard is ment and five thousand years a. Ii a Sedi Oal propaganda it would hard responsible for the i necessary tors to tor the medical Doc ice use their competitors of Blan icing Medicine when they the Opi actors do nothing but ad-t1 bin vertebrae of the spine. Do Baldy in his letter says that not it Quot ult is brought against a Chiro ban tor unless his office has Nuques Bloof of injury to patients a no Ina the unlicensed chiropractic log Titiner is too a a ignorant to pass 11,1 lamination of the Board of medical lice sure. We plead guilty to being unable i ii v1, medical examination just Baldy is unable to pass a Chi 1 Quot i act in examination ame reason Viz a the association against the prohibition arsement has started an Active Campaign in Bristol and Joseph r. Duff a prominent member of the Gen movement being treated locally and to him has entrusted the work of placing Beetle quarantine on in Pennsylvania what anyone officially or otherwise May think or say to the contrary eight pupils were graduated from the local High schol at commencement exercises held tuesday evening in the methodist Church. The Young folks who have just completed one of Tho important epochs of their careers were addressed by Rev. John g. Wilson of Philadelphia who chose for his theme i he Grundy medal awarded to tile Pupil having maintained the highest general average for the four year course was awarded to Aliss Al Arga ret Smoyer. The graduates were general Fred Kring George Ai ii Nee and Fletcher Holland. Commercial Margaret Smoyer Elizabeth Johnson Leona Beck Doi is Henderson and Dorothy Moss. Jane my Ginley is still in the Lead in no. I popularity contest prizes awarded july 5tli�?at Benefit at colonial theatre Gladys Renk surprised there Are number of people Bristol and some of them Are of those most vitally interested As they Are growers who still have the idea that the japanese Beetle quarantine has not been declared on the Pennsylvania Side of the River. This idea was gained either through a misstatement by the inspector stationed at Burlington who made a visit to Bristol on wednesday or by a misunderstanding of what this gentleman May have said. A map which is before the eyes of the writer at this time plainly shows that even one year ago the affected Aiea had spread to Bensalem and that entire Section was quarantined last year and is again under the ban this year. The Patton farm which is on the Nesh Aminy about three Miles from Bristol is now quarantined and this would seem to indicate that the pest is gradually spreading this Way. It would seem almost too ludicrous to give credence that a duly appointed inspector of the government would foolishly make a statement Renn in mrs. Goslin surprised with apron Shower on thursday last june 16th. The friends of airs. Harry Goslin. Met at the Home of her Mother airs. Sarah Donne of 21 Larket Street and proceeded to 22 5 Market Street the Home of mrs. Goslin and overwhelmed her with an apron Shower. There were about thirty present some of the guests were from Trenton and Morrisville. Refreshments were served and a general Good time made glad the birthday of airs. Goslin. Aliss Anna Potts who has a position in Atlantic City spent the week end with her Mother airs. Anna Potts of Spruce Street. That no quarantine existed in on her birthday Sylvania rather is it More Likely _ that his auditors who quote him As making this statement misinterpret i de what he said. A great Sui prise w As sprung upon amiss Gladys Renk last a cuing. June 23rd. When her Bristol friends and others including the employees of the office of the p. R., Philadelphia where miss Gladys works saluted her1 when she arrived at the station about six of clock. Miss Renk was detained ostensibly to do some unfinished work that her co workers might be enabled to arrive on a train earlier it having been planned that All should meet that train and give her a Sunrise on her birthday. Still other surprises awaited her at her Home g15 Beaver Street. Her Bristol friends joined in the Purchase of Madeira work which was presented with Many other useful and Beautiful gifts. Later in the evening refreshments were served by her Mother airs. Edward Renk among those present were miss Hilda Pope Aliss Adelia Wright miss Theresa Highland Aliss Margaret Porter of Atlantic City miss Betty Kine and miss Alay Bell Kline of Harriman. A number of friends from Philadelphia and Trio of Young ladies Canoe to Bordentown a Trio of talented Young ladies took a Canoe trip on wednesday. Besides Hie usual phar Ophanalia of Canoe trips consisting of paddles cushions and �ct., the usual Quantity id sandwiches and Lemons were stowed away in a knitting bag apparently filled with work. A camera and mandolin completed the outfit and the party paddled to Bordentown where they spent a delightful but uneventful Day. The Trio consisted of Mise Viola Vansant of Philadelphia Aliss Helen Chambers of Trenton both formerly of Bristol and Aliss Clara King of Walnut Street. A the Young ladies spent several Days this week As the guests of miss King. Other places were Renk has occasion to this birthday. Present. Aliss Bristol Ever remember air. And airs. William Armstrong and family of five children motored on sunday from Philadelphia to to visit airs. Armstrong a brother or. Alarms Economy of 644 Pine Street. Daily courier still silent on Challenge the a daily excuse still brazenly flaunts in the ear on its first Page the statement that a it has More circulation than the other two papers Iii Bristol the manager of this paper its officers and the Man who owns it knows that they cannot prove this statement to be a fact and Why they persist in attempting to get away with bunk is More than the editor of the Independent can figure out. They have been made to appear ridiculous in the eyes of tile local advertisers by the Challenge of the Independent a that they have not displayed sufficient Backbone to answer that Challenge is the talk of every advertising Agency in the country As the in dependent has taken Good care that it should be. Seems As if the folks who run the a apology a have assumed the attitude of the Ostrich and because they Are tooling themselves imagine that they Are fooling everyone else in this Community. One thing this ridiculous statement is doing for them it is getting them some advertising from this paper and for this they probably Are or at least should be thankful i Jane a Mcginley still leads in the popularity contest being conducted Bbristol fire company no. I and when the votes were counted on tuesday evening it was found that she led her nearest competitor by almost six Hundred votes. The contest has Only a Short while longer to run and it behoves the contestants to redouble their efforts in order that they shall have merited the costly prizes that will be Given the three highest. The standing of the contestants to Date follows Jane a Mcginley 359 4 Alary Kissinger. 2951 Florence Bell 1022 and Hilda Richter 900. The company have planned to make the presentation of prizes to the winners which will consist of a Diamond ring for first a wrist watch for second and a Lavaliere for third. At a motion picture Benefit to be Given at the colonial theatre july 5th. A the picture has been chosen for this occasion shows real Western Rodeo relic of to picturesque passing West one of the exciting features of a Penny of top Hill Trail a the Federated feature starring Bessie love the scene was filmed on a californian ranch and some of the Best riders living took part in it. Miss love was scheduled to ride a Mustang but her first attempt ended abruptly when she was thrown Over he head of the bucking Steed. A week in bed with a sprained ankle Anil wrenched Side was the result but then the scene was re takers and miss love be strode the same spirited horse Iii Triumph. Buck and Wing dancing and Solo classic dances and close with their famous toe dances. Aliss Alcinee of Harriman who has pleased Many audiences hereabouts with her scotch dances will again present the dances of the Highlands. Air. Mcarthur a Singer of great Merit will Render several selections and this added to the feature picture Georges Carpentier Hie hero of France in a the avoider Alan a will round up a wonderful evenings entertainment. The first show will Start promptly at 6.4 5, so that the second May not he held up. A the elite of Washington society forms the background for a the won Kier Alan a the Robertson Cole super special picture starring Georges Carpentier idol of France and european heavyweight Champion. This unusual drama of american society directed by John g. Adolfi for Robertson Cole promises a revelation in motion pictures of the newer and better sort. The versatility of Carpentier according to eminent critics who attended a recent pre review. Will prove a Groat Surprise to lovers of the Cinema Art. Based on an intriguing Story of love and mystery in which Carpen tier is Given Opportunity to display his capacity As a Boxer a sportsman and As a gentleman of the first order a the avoider Alan a should prove to be one of the most commendable productions that the people of Bristol have Ever seen. Included Iii the picture is a boxing bout with men of National and International prominence forming the audience. At the a time the boxing scene was taken More than 2,000 persons packed Hie studio. This realistic scene said to be the most perfect of its kind Ever filmed in the history of the screen shows Carpenter in the ring for the first time on this sidle of the Atlantic. He fights four fast rounds with a we Frothy opponent. Right of regulate of which Frankford scouts take an arduous hike Norman divers a thirteen year old boy of Frankford and Nephew of airs. William Smith of Pond Street. Took his first hike test on saturday afternoon leaving Frankford at 2 Ivai. And arrived in Bristol at 7 p. Ai. Norman was accompanied by Clarence Hanna and Ray Bishop All of Coop 2 4 2, boy scouts of Frankford. In boys stayed Over night at the Smith Home and on sunday wended their Way Home. I i Harry m Mullen surprised by Burlington friends Youthful philanthropists sell toys for Charity Aioli in Wilson who lives on the River front above the shipyard and is the daughter of a. T. Wilson former works manager of the Mer chants and her Little playmate Mamie Russell of 322 Jackson Street recently held a Sale of Dis a carded toys on the Lawn of the rus Albert Ladue drowned eight Young people of Burlington came Over to Bristol on tuesday eve scrupulous Hae been their efforts cuing to Surprise Harry my Al ii Lien jr., on his seventeenth birthday. The party succeeded in making it a Complete Surprise. A Silver Pencil was presented and refreshments were served. The Happy crowd took the yacht Back to Burlington Between eleven and twelve of clock. Soil Home. Every plaything that either child Felt they could do without was sacrificed at the Sale and when the spoils of the affair were counted up it was found that the youngsters had realized $1.11, and this sum they carried Over to the Harriman Hospital and presented it to Aliss Lewis in charge simply stating that it was a slight donation. The kind nurse entered into the spirit of the occasion and conducted the wednesday in canal Albert Ladue eleven years old the Only son of Albert Ladue of Ilar i Ison Street Harriman was drowned in the canal near the Corona kid works on wednesday afternoon. I he boy with a number of companions was playing in the water and went beyond his the expressions of extended and for the Inni my ,. E a a taught Chi i while they Are taught Medicine. Isnit it curious that if or. Martin to has injured so Many in the Community that the medical Trust cannot find one who will testify against Nim. And Are compelled to hire defectives for this work and Isnit it More curious still that All those x i. Martindell has injured sing his praises and laugh the medical doctors to scorn or. Baldy should know that the i chiropractic schools have raised their educational requirement at least fifty per cent since 1912 when he handed on the drug less therapy licenses. He should know there never was a single chiropractic License granted in Hie state of Pennsylvania that not a single chiropractor in the state Ever did or Ever could comply with the present Law simply because the Lawr says that in order to even apply for a License from the medical Board you must but a graduate of a chiropractic school recognized by the state medical Board. Synd knowing this the state medical Board has not recognized a single chiropractic school. I her these circumstances whose Matilt is it that chiropractors Are outlawed the chiropractors recognize the right of the medical profession to regulate the practice of Medicine but do not recognize the the medical profession to the practice of chiropractic they know nothing. To permit medical men to regulate lie practice of chiropractic would be on a with permitting the Catholic Church to regulate the protestant lunch or the Mohammedans to regulate me jews and that the Medico s presume to try to do it shows what a tremendous grip they have on the bodies and minds of the american Public. They not Only Reserve All right to drug dope Cut ser Mize and vaccinate the american citizen against his will but also arrest and prosecute those who like chiropractors make their medical stunts look foolish. This in the name of the Law and Iii spite of the protests of the Public. Or. Martindel is a thoroughly competent chiropractor the graduate of a reputable school of chiropractic a High minded gentleman and one whom the r Praetor of Pennsylvania Are git. To extend. If tilt inc or want to kill chiropractic let them get their patients Well. They always have the first Chance for everybody. From Force of habit first consults the family doctor and does not think of consulting a chiropractor until he knows that the medical Man can do nothing. The medical doctors should be ashamed to look thet Public in the face knowing As they do How in regard to legislation. Perhaps it will be but a Short time until the Public w ill put a medical doctor out of business who makes the foolish charge of a a practising Medicine without a License Quot against a chiropractor. Apropos of this subject it might be pertinent to read the decision of Julge Lansden of Tennessee where the same tactics were tried. Sincerely yours j a ales a g. Greg g e son editor the Keystone idea. Hereafter be Hon by an Jority. In. Lish ment of favor and been in the hands of those anxious to help the movement literature which will instruct them As to the methods to be pursued and also membership cards which ate to be returned to the Eastern Pennsylvania division of the association in the Liberty building Philadelphia. Early in april the Independent exclusively published the fact that a move in this direction was on foot but since that time plans have been formulating and it was not until tuesday when an and was sent this paper that the final Steps to launch the Campaign Here were completed. John l. Dubois the Doylestown attorney will take a most prominent part in the movement in this sect Ioir of the state As he is the Secretary of this division. This association while still in its infancy have working organizations in ten states and they Are laying the ground work of others in every state in the Union. Some of the most prominent citizens of Philadelphia have enrolled their names As members and some mighty prominent National figures Are also on the roster of membership. The purposes of the association As listed in one of their pamphlets follows i. To get the volstead act out of the Law and keep it out. Of. To oppose the passage of similar Tyran ical Laws and to Endeavor to have the enforcement of the eighteenth amender so Long As it remains in Force left to the people of the several states under the concurrent clause. Iii. To work patiently Law i ully fairly and patriotically for the repeal of the prohibition amendment and in the Hope that the Constitution of the United states will preserved from inuit unorganized fanatical Nii pending the a comp the above program to encourage obedience to the prohibition Law As effective now. The old saying a when thieves fall out just men get their dues a is a promo to be applied by the condition that now exists among the forces of the professional prohibition agitators. Wayne b. Wheeler of the anti Saloon league and or. Dinwiddle have dissolved a partnership that existed for years. Or. Dinwiddie is going to pull the ship of prohibition alone. He is said to have stated the other Day that a it is now time that to it me sane action was taken in regard to the prohibition movement if this is a fact it would seem to indicate that the Good doctor who has been a professional prohibition agitator for years without number has an idea that there never yet has been any sane action taken in regard to Forward Fig prohibition cause. There Are Many who will agree with the doctor. The a. A. The p. A., contend that the entire question of prohibition Beer and wine alcoholic Content and in fact every phase of the situation that has upset the smooth trend of affairs generally in this country should not be decided by the prejudiced few for the Many. The fact that the few have the strength of a Well organized lobby plentifully supplied with Money behind them Means nothing the entire matter should be placed in the hands of the people for them to say whether they will have a Glass of Beer when they want it or whether they will not. This sort or legislation this association which has grown already to Mammoth proportions intends to advocate and attempt to have put in the statute books. Look Over the list of names of the men of prominence in All walks of life professional men men of the cloth and others who feel that this movement is a step in the right direction. These names can be found in the opening advertisement on another Page of this Issue. If you Are in favor with the movement you might clip out the Coupon in the and fill it out and mail it to Headquarters in Philadelphia. Mrs. Anna Burke on trip to coast a. J. Hellyer off for eagles convention he slipped and depth. Many Are two y o u t it f ii i philanthropists sympathy that have been through the institution and thank to his bereaved parents de them most profusely for their magnanimous action. Older Folk for rent furnished often would do Well to pattern after conveniences electric the children. T Wood Street room it amp it All 306 on monday airs. Anna Burke sister of Robert Coleman of 214 Radcliffe Street took leave of her Home to a visit to her brother Mathew Coleman of Seattle Washington who has been somewhat of an invalid for years. On arriving at St. Paul alts. Burke took the Canadian and Pacific r. and travelled Over the Rockies. A. J. Tellyer of 118 Wood Street who is an enthusiastic member of the aerie of eagles leaves Bristol today for Atlantic City where be will join about three Hundred Niem Bers of his Lodge from Trenton All of them making the journey to the a City by the sea a to attend the grand annual convention. Or. Hell yer will enjoy the Ocean breezes until sunday evening

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