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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - June 17, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Upper pm in is Sun swinging canal Bridges dangerous watchmen should be on duty Day and night authorities warned to take action danger which the fade foiled to bring to the Promise of authorities that Borough attention of those who Rule Bristol another pendent is h. Arnold May be t a father of Parks new councilman from first Ward expected to do big things hell do them the Arnold Many friends Are anxiously of Harry awaiting j. To ill daily courier still mute As the Sphinx of Egypt on Independent Challenge line would be built Spring forgotten this polluted Well water their Only beverage Twenty families of forced to live under most unsanitary conditions is the condition which exists at the swinging Bridges that Cross the canal at Washington Street and Jefferson Avenue. The authorities Sui Cly should take some action to make these danger spots Safe at this time particularly As one of the important cogs in the local machine was endangered last week when taxpayers doctor Horace Fleckenstine had a Nai Row escape from death on the Washington Street Bridge. This Story was told failure of u. S. To have inspector on see just what sort of a stand he will take As a member of the common ceo. Carpentier at legion Benefit hand disco modes Husters from both sides of River the United states government have fallen Down on the Job they failed yesterday to have an inspector wednesday at the Burlington wharf to inspect loads of produce for a Sigil of the japanese Beetle and As a consequence a great Deal of confusion resulted and after several with All the attendant honors of a Council. His brother elks and others who have known and admired him As a Man for Many years feel j certain that he will be a real repro a _ tentative of the voters of the first _ Ward and will not fall into the rut Robert Bracken Post of the average councilman and simply play the game of a follow the military funeral ceremonies most impressive does itself proud fighting Frenchman heavyweight championship challenger War hero at Forrest in a the wonder Many a it exclusively in the in hours wasted by men anxious to get dependent As All stories Are that from time to time the local health authorities rear up on their haunches and As if they wished to emphasize the fact that they really have some duties to perform will ride some inoffensive and not influential citizen and Force him to live under what they term to be sanitary conditions. The poor fellow who has not the Money nor the necessary influence to defy their mandates quietly submits to their demands and follows out their instructions to the letter. There Are other folks in this Community tax payers and citizens desirous of making their premises sanitary yet they cannot do so because the Borough authorities Are either too Busy or too something else to attend to the needs of the latter group. The Board of health when the Borough itself is lax in the performance of its duty seems to be deaf dumb and Blind. Probably the cannot be gathered in the Ordinary channels of news and when it was recounted came As a severe Shock to a number of organization men who now feel that some action must be a taken. Elwood Minster the younger e. stated to the editor of this paper that a dozen times a Day from his office at the Washington Street Yard he is a wetness of near accidents that have caused him to feel that something should be done to safeguard these Points especially during the season when boats through with great frequency. A How is a stranger in particular to know that there is any danger said or. Minster a the mule Driver passes by the Bridge with his team and there is nothing but a half Inch Tow line in sight to let the Driver of a vehicle who is not familiar with the situation see that a boat is approaching a watchman should be placed on these Bridges at All times and particularly after it is dark As pass they Are posts their have even Bor the a the powerful influence who dominate the Anser is manifold Day great destiny of the town have the Good health officials buffaloes if have it is time the men who sworn officials gave up their and let some others step into places who probably w Ould sufficient Backbone to make the almighty ones who run the Ough sit up and take notice. Last summer the Independent in several issues brought to the attention of the authorities the deplorable sanitary conditions surrounding Twenty or More families who live in a Little settlement on upper Beaver Street and on fourth and fifth avenues running into it. These families All own their own Homes and they Are anxious and desirous of making their premises sanitary yet they cannot do so because the Borough absolutely refuses to run a line of Wanter to their property. It would not be an enormous Job As water and Light have been furnished the houses on Jefferson Avenue and even on Spring Street at Beaver i and these Are not a stones throw from the group that have been denied this one gift of the almighty water. Even the water these poor folks Are forced to drink is polluted and As far As the conveniences Given the major portion of the town and forced on some folks who May not even be prepared to for them they Are absolutely beyond reach. Several of the newer Homes erected in the last few years have had bathrooms built in but the bathrooms Are absolutely useless without water and the Borough seems to have no intention of giving this water. Is it because these families have not sworn allegiance to the controlling Power of the town it is hard to believe that even a Power satiated political ring would deny a group of citizens the Comfort of Clear water. If this is not the reason for the neglect of this Section then what is it when the Independent put on its fight for this Section last summer it is said that Borough Engineer Roberts stated that it would be impossible to do the work before Spring. Spring has come and gone and summer is Well under Way. And the genial Borough Engineer and those who direct his footsteps have ignored the fact that families of human beings Are being denied what they have craved for for years they Are denied the right to live the Way which the Law would demand them to live if the Borough would Only do us share to help them. folks Are taxed with great , a Quot Quot Asu by Are of a or coming from whence it did the foregoing caused the writer to carefully look Over the situation several times during the past week and to his Surprise a conditions was found such As he had no idea existed. After the boats strike the Bridge it naturally swings open on its own Axis if the Driver of a vehicle sees it opening All Well and Good if he does no to hard Luck for him. As the rear end of the boat passes the Bridge the Man who is at the steering pole takes hold of the Bridge and pulls it Back in place As the boat goes on. The Bridge is swung Back with considerable Force and there it swings Back and Forth until it finally stops of its own weight by the recognized Laws of Gravity. To a stranger it would seem that the Bridge must be possessed to see it swinging Back and Forth with the canal boat fading in the distance this is an added reason wily the canal company should have a watchman at the Bridge to attend to the duties of opening and closing draw and keeping passengers preaching from either Side of danger warned. The Independent is not foolish enough to suppose that any action will be taken to Avert a possible Accident at these Bridges the authorities would not condescend to take notice of anything this paper might say. Having said it however we feel that our duty As a Public institution and As a Friend of the people at Large has been done in calling attention to the fact that the danger exists and that some action should be taken to eliminate it yid that action should be taken at once. Street department again pulls Boner Over to this Side mayor e. Ellsworth mount of Burlington was give in the Power to Grant permits temporarily to Husters and other desirous of passing to and from Jersey. Yesterday the inspector also failed to arrive and William e. Doron acting on a warning from the department of agriculture refused to be personal responsible for allowing to produce to be transmitted from one i state to another. Or. Doron w As perfectly Correct in his stand and his precaution Wil doubtlessly Force the government to get Busy and Send a qualified inspector Here to see that the quarantine which they have in inaugurated from june 15th to december 1st, is lived up to. Filc. Ii. Headley the entomologist in charge of the japanese Beetle project and the Man who last week assured or. Doron that an inspector would be on hand Here yesterday rather confused matters by a phone conversation he had with William supers who was driving a Load of produce from Bristol to Burlington. He assured or. Supers who was transporting the goods for William Milnor that it was not mandatory that his Load be inspected nor that he have a permit As the quarantine does not effect Pennsylvania. In this the Learned government official made a slight error. In the original quarantine notice sent out by the then Secretary of a Rig cure e. T. Meredith on the 30th of september 1920. It stated that the township of Bensalem in Bucks county was in the then affected area and since that time the Erea has been widened and Only recently the Patton farm on the is shaming has been quarantined and this farm is less than three Miles from Bristol. It is unfortunate that the growers of this Section should be misled As it makes them feel that it is the ferry boat company who is disco Moding them when in reality they Are being held up by a mandate of the government. On wednesday Ute truckers who were held up temporarily in Burlington appealed to mayor mount to relieve their situation. He called up or. Doron and demanded that the men in question be carried Back to Bristol when the ferryman explained to the mayor the situation the latter got Busy at once and had the necessary authority vested in himself to pass on loads going to and from Burlington for wednesday he Bdrm assured that the inspector would be on the Job on thursday. _ this is Tho form of permit he issued for Orff his office on the official St a Langhorne paper Adi ministers Itonery of Burlington City. To whom it May concern this is to certify that Carlo Accardi of Bristol pa., has purchased Fairn products from n. J., subject to Laws governing Tho transportation of this class and under authority est de in me by Tho u. S. Authorities agent at Riverside and Beverly this Man and vehicle is permitted to turn to Bristol a. Signed on monday evening at the regular meeting of Council or. Arnold was unanimously chosen to fill the unexpired term of the late councilman Harvey s. Rue. His term of office will begin immediately and much is expected from him from his neighbors and friends in the Ward. The Independent the editor of which is also a sincere admirer of Harry Arnold the Man is looking for big things from him and contrary to the fact that a number of folks have expressed themselves As certain that or. Arnold will not be self assertive in the Council chamber the writer on each occasion possible has refuted that statement. Until by inactivity the new incumbent in office proves otherwise this paper will stand Back of him upon the Assumption that he will bring about sadly needed improvements in this Ward. When major Domo of the Market in Bristol several years ago or. Arnold proved himself a very painstaking official he was on the Job Early and late and worked harder for the betterment of the Market and without than Many officials work with and Good at that. Several of the most crying needs in the first Ward which the Independent wishes to bring to the notice of the new councilman is the repair of the Mill Street wharf. This is a standing and crying necessity and there is no one in Bristol who realizes it better than Harry j. He has plenty of civic Pride and where the average member of Council is satisfied and pleased to look Over and watch the a nod of the head and vote accordingly h. Will look after the interest of his own Ward. Another suggestion that is respectfully submitted to the new member is the fitting up of dead Street ends for breathing spots for those of the Borough who do not live akm the River. Just to think that after this much needed improvement is realized. Councilman Arnold will be pointed to in the present and by the generations to come As the a father of Parks in George Washington was the a father of his country a hut Harry Arnold can be if he will what is More pertinent at this Lime for the Good of this particular Community a the father of the Parks of sex service men turn out in numbers to Honor departed comrades band from Camp Dix Geol Ges Carpentier idol of France whose notable record Iii the boxing ting has won him Fame and Fortune and whose fascinating personality Aas made him the idol of two continents and who will fight Champion Jack Dempsey next month will be the chief attraction at the Forrest i heat re in a the wonder Man a a do themselves proud last sunday Robertson Cole super special production i thursday june 30th. I lie picture promises an entertain a. Again did the members of Robert Bracken Post american legion they turned out and paid full military respect to two departed soldiers trying an Alibi for sen. Buckman generous coat of White Wash will not fool the people the Langhorne Leader last week published the Alibi of senator Clarence j. Buckma non the change of the route of the Lincoln Highway through Langhorne. The Alibi like All others advanced by politicians c. H. Stockwell chief whose actions have been criticized re Thrifty race promptly in their taxes Are paid order that they May be. Nab Pii to take advantage of he for a or tags of a duct Quot a Given Tot prompt payments. Model citizens yet they to raise their children water and Light their the smelly kerosene lamps that Are of that have passed. Of continued on Page six miss Mary Lehman they Are Are forced on Slimy Homes with off for a month a anything is Good enough for the fourth Ward the majority of the residents Are democrats and with these political affiliations mean nothing to the Powers who Rule this it would seem that the foregoing statement about expresses the feeling of the Powers for the welfare of the residents of this Section of the town when one looks at the method used to give a top dressing to Buckley and Beaver streets. The usual Messy tar coating has been Given these streets but instead of the top dressing of Cut Stone that is usually prescribed to follow the tar and which is the Only sort of material that can stick to the Tarry surface round pebbles have been used. Pebbles of course have Sharp edges to take hold of the surface and Stock and As a result even when Small pebbles Are strewn on pavement they Are shunted to the gutters at the Roadside. Along Buckley Street Large sized pebbles Are strewn sonic of w hich can be likened to minature Field stones. Upon investigation the writer finds that there is quite a pile of e. E. Mount mayor of City. In a letter under Date of november 29, 1920, from the office of the is ii Etal v of agriculture in Washington and signed by it. C. Althouse assistant to the chairman or. Doron is assured that he has interpreted the quarantine act correctly and it is upon this Assurance and subsequent correspondence that lie now acts last lie Felt Young folks enjoy Island Doggie roast old a a Doggie roast was held at Burlington Island Park on tuesday of Tei noon. The Young folks about Twenty eight in number report having a merry time. Those who participated in the pleasure were misses no Mildred Bruden Betty Remer Helen Schmidt. Dorothy Lovett Dorothy mall value Mary Fine Louise Knis Kern Marian Delong Esther Turner. Muriel Fine Olivia Highland. Hilda Townend Jane ferry Alice Yates and messes. James Fine Harold Mccue Ralph Bruden de Quot to King Jack Delong Harvey Tomlinson Fred Sullivan David Robins Gregg Hibbs Bud Pearson was rather a weak one. I he article referred to which administers a generous coat of Whitewash to Tho senators actions regarding the Bill ends up with the ridiculous statement probably made by the Solon of Bucks that Langhorne will not Only have one Highway but two. This statement is particularly outlandish to the Motorist As any ordinance Driver with a Choice Between a smooth Concrete Highway and a Pennsylvania maintained tar Macadam Road would need to have his sanity looked into if he chose the latter to drive Over. Then As to the Cost of the county of Bucks in making the change. The article in the Leader states that enforcing of the War we Hose bodies were returned to Bristol from the cemeteries in France w Here they were interred at the time of death. These silent heroes who went to Europe a battlefields to help reclaim the world from the storm of War hell through which it passed were brought Back from their temporary resting places and sunday after most impressive services were re interred with All the glories of a military funeral on their Home soil among the friends whom they loved and among those for whom they fought to save. Nothing could be More impressive than the solemn cortege ending its Way to St. James where the final services were held. All the panoply of burial on the Battlefield was unfolded the caskets bearing the remains of the departed heroes were borne on a Caisson drawn by four steeds champing at their bits through the nervousness developed from the instruments of the band which played martial military dirges As the procession wended its Way through the streets of the Borough. The Trench helmets worn by the Drivers of the teams and the canno neers who sat at attention on the ammunition Box on the Caisson and also those worn by the firing squad of the legion mutely reminded the hundreds w to w Ere lined up on the line of March of the grim business these boys faced in the trenches of France and Flanders. The Beautiful service of the episcopal Church was read by the Rev. Paynter the Flag draped coffins solemnly guarded by the military guard of Honor and then the caskets reverently lifted and placed Hack on the Caisson and at the grave the red it Ion of the Star spangled Banner by the military band the Star spangled Banner Long May she wave and the boys who red in order that that Banner might continue to wave were lowered to the bosom of Mother Earth and the last sad taps blown above their mortal re Mains the legion firing squad fired a parting Salute and with the solemn words of a ashes to ashes and dust to two More soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice on foreign soil were again at rest at Home. The important Niche which the members of the local Post of the american legion hold in the hearts of their fellow townsmen was demonstrated by the numbers of former service men who turned out for this funeral and the respect their presence commanded i rom the gathered throngs. Fora time it looked As if the arrangements made to have military music in conjunction with the funeral procession in Gilt go awry As there is a Borough ordinance which forbids band music in processions on the Sabbath Burgess Anderson was appealed loaf the moment to Issue a permit but that he could not take it upon himself to Fly in the face of an n i u commander Franklin ?p,,0n. Of Robert Bracken pos. Settled the question by men there would be he personally would for any action that might take if they grim faced marchers fored with and ment unique in the realm of the Cinema Art. Unlike the previous efforts of producers to hi1 prize the Silver dare Devil make laughably ridiculous excuses to advertisers who have become inquisitive�?$100 Hospital offer still holds Good previous bring champions of l ing before the Public on screen in the roles of he roes or in hair raising serials Georges Carpentier is Given As fool Gap k vehicle an double which miss Mary Lehman left Bristol on tuesday to spend several weeks with relatives in Shippe Bury Newport and other places. At Shippen sub she will visit at the Home of Sor Ezra Lehman president Rensburg state College expects to attend the exercises and commencement of the College held this week. This ment of All years is one to mite Mary because of ence in the a a a proves of ship where she my being commence of interest the pres Pennsylvania it. R. Station and Harry Weisblatt Joseph Hussey. It must be the intention of the Edward Priestley and William e. De a wonderfully efficient Street depart groot or. Ment a to spread these remaining a a stones that have been handed the Bordentown meets Borough on some other of the town Bristol a a sttnt1av streets. It is an awful thing to con Bordentown of the Burlington template and the people seem to county league will he the Onn Onens helpless. They Are helpless to of the Bristol a. A. Be Force the present authorities to do anything in a partially intelligent manner but they will have some Power when they go to the polls on primary Day and they should use this Power to Send to the common graduating class of two relatives one an aunt her sister and the other the professor Lehman and Nephew of spent with some degree of Normal in or. Frank Lehman Tell gence. Mothers son of this sunday in the baseball contest at merchants Field. The local team will line with local Talent and for this on a great Deal More interest peeled to be developed fans. The admission and Entrance charges up reas is exalting local grand stand Council men who will at least see Merance charges have been lowered that the taxpayers Are Given a run and the fact that those for their Money and that Money is sunday Ball have lost Money should Spur the Good sized turn out. In charge of considerable fans on to a $25,000 will be All sufficient to cover the damage to property done by the new Road. The last farm that the Road must Cross before connecting with the present Highway will he Cut in two and damaged to such an extent that the owner will insist on the property being taken off his hands the lowest estimated Cost of this Deal alone is $30,000 and the Price has been run up As High As $60,000. The county will also be called upon to put in every Culvert and Bridge that will be found necessary a they will be Many As the new route passes through the Low lands and some tall old filling in will have to be done before the foundation of the Road even is completed. When the $2 5,000 estimate was made by whoever wrote the article for the Leader they must have had in mind the demolition of the engine room of the lace works removing this building alone which straddles the Highway route will Cost $25,000. The publicity that has been Given to the Road change and the Jill eged broken promises of a senator by both the Doylestown Democrat and the Independent have made the poli continued on Page five telling his music and that he responsible the authorities took any the were not inter instead of the police the ordinance they made the von Pew Man intriguing Romance of american society with himself in the role of a smart Well dressed Man about town. The fact that his gentlemanly qualities and his record of valor in the world War has won the admiration of All classes makes the Advent of this popular youth into the picture world As a matinee idol a commendable achievement. Tis popularity in America is Best attested by the unprecedented amount of favourable publicity he has received throughout the country and by the great demand for his services. A the wonder Many gives the Public its first Opportunity to really know this favorite son of France in fact it Gies the first Opportunity for his Many admirers to see him. The great demand to see Carpentier in the boxing ring is proved by the crowds who make pilgrimages to his training Camp on Long Island. Carpentier in supported by a notable cast in a the wonder Man a including such prominent screen artists As Faire Binney As leading woman and Florence Billings. Of added interest to Bristol will fact that this performance will lie a Benefit Given under the auspices of the ladies auxiliary of the Robert Bracken Post 382 american legion. The object is to establish a fund As a groundwork for a growing fund whose object will be the establishing of permanent quarters for the legion. Young ladies taking a the fact that the Independent allowed last weeks Issue to slip by without an article bearing on ridiculous circulation statements claimed by the a daily excuse a caused a number of people to remark that perhaps this paper was not quite sure of its own ground when it challenged the a a apology to make Good its assertions. The fact that the Challenge is again hurled at the publication in question should be proof conclusive that the management of the Independent feels pretty certain of what they have been talking about. $100 will be turned Over to the Harriman Hospital by e. Warren inc., if the daily courier can prove that they had during the month of May within eight Hundred subscribers of the number their statements to the advertising agencies and their last statement to Uncle Sam claims for them. An advertising solicitor of the a excuse a and they solicit and solicit these Days of meagre patronage was somewhat embarrassed the other Day by a prospective customer who asked him Why he did not answer the Challenge thrown out by the Independent. The solicitor answered Quot we do not want to give that paper any a advertisement a said the customer a if what you state in the ear of your paper is True you would be giving yourself advertisement and make the Independent look continuing this advertiser said a if any one Ever held me up to the ridicule of the Community by claiming that i made statements about my business which i could not substantiate i would certainly go to the mat with them because i am one of the old fashioned kind who will not lie to get a Little a is it trite that you have More circulation than the two other papers published in Bristol a was asked the now nervous solicitor. A we do not claim that a was his answer. A ooh yes you do a said the advertiser and he fished out a copy of the paper carrying the misleading statement in the upper left hand Corner of their first Page. Cornered the solicitor by this time beside himself and wishing that he were anywhere but where he was stated that the statement referred to meant that Tho courier had More circular Tion right Here in Bristol than the other two papers. A but you do not state that a said the persistent advertisers a Well that is what we mean a said the perspiring solicitor. The latter in the same conversation stated that the closing Down of the shipyard meant that tile circulation of the daily in Harriman was Cut Down by at least six Hundred. This statement is As True As the one that they have 2,105 net paid. The advertiser referred to will come to the front and prove the above statement if necessary. Now for one of the reasons that there was no reference to the Challenge in last weeks Issue. Several of the friends of the editor of Tho Independent and they Are also friends of the manager of the a Little daily a stated that the latter was peeved because he Felt that the Independent was making a personal attack on him. It was the old cry baby act asserting that he was made to shoulder the mistakes made by his predecessor. Write the statement ear on the first Page responsible for the statements sent into the agencies and the government said he. It was three weeks ago that the Challenge was first sent out and surely in that time there was ample Opportunity afforded to take out of the Corner of the first Page the statement that has not fooled anyone and which has done he did not carried in the neither was he much to lose for the publication in up horseback Riding question the respect of the eight or a a marchers and kept Hie <-, crowds the 111 order to make Clear v a for Hose who helped the he German horde. Camp regiment hand Dom and re a As cd no Eye a to Bristol morn w. Ant Haas Wright. Compliments were heal Man Lier in which re for the a a a Row Bolton. ?rd0beaserkpanl a Hea. Andi their attendant guards. Radcliffe represent iii0-Marine Branch of the Fred Leibfried their part of Bert a Una Reneir attn a a in a a i _ Ralph. H service and Hie Navy carried off Ley Spencer in Chart a Al w then min i men Quot Erc praised for Ben military bearing and Tim slum ecu Ted at t he Quot which earn i 1 i Hen movements a a Bohr Clark on the Lead team son was kept rather the restive steeds was equal to the the healthy exercise of horseback Riding is fast winning the favor of the Young ladies of the town. Take a walk any afternoon on the streets leading to the highways and at different times can he seen quite a number of ladies taking great pleasure in the sport. Among the number have been singled out miss Adelia Wright misses Jessie and Muriel Fine miss Therese Highland miss Gladys honk. Misses Eunice and Pauline Winterstein miss Esther Turner miss Elizabeth Thorn. Mrs. Jacob Schmidt jr., and miss Mildred Bruden. I tense advertisers who their columns. Out of Charity thousands of fish play in Delaware an unusual appearance was seen on the River wednesday morning on the residence Side Between Penn and Dorrance streets. There appeared a Large Patch of Silvery Sheen and the water looked Choppy. An old Waterman remarked that it was the largest school of fish he had Ever seen in the Delaware. He is a resident of the town and has been so for sixty years is an old Waterman and says that never in his life has he seen such a sight. He stated that. A itis a snut to Tutti there were thousands and thousands a Bride on wednesday of Ash in the school. Miss Mary Robinson of Tho cais Busy controlling under him but he occasion. Mrs. M. Byers and Anna Byers were recent Atlantic City. For rent furnished i Tom All conveniences electric Wood Street. A miss Mary Robinson daughter of mrs. Ida Robinson of 337 Walnut i Street was married on wednesday to or. Walter Murphy of Bristol formerly of Texas rho ceremony was performed by the Rev. H. Zepp pastor of the Baptist Church at the Church parsonage. I he Bride w As dressed in White Georgette crepe and carried a bouquet of White daughter miss roses. Miss Hilda Robinson acted guests in As bridesmaid and wore Pink Organ die and carried Pink roses. A a bridal supper was served to about a dozen guests mostly relatives. The couple will reside with the Bride s Mother at 337 Walnut Street. Minot j. Hell elected director of railway co. The following were elected at a re deut meeting to act As officers of the Philadelphia Street railway company for the ensuing year Carl n. Martin president directors John Redwood. Carl n. Martin Samuel c. Rowland William a. House William t. Shakelford Robert to land and Minot j. Hill. 306 for rent garage for two cars stable room for three horses apply s. E. Lincoln Delaware hotel

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