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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - June 13, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants the classified advertise rants of the Independent have tremendous pulling Power. Read them and profit. Our aim to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by everybody to keep our coi imms clean to be constructive. Loth year no. 50. Entered As second Natter at Post office at Bristol i a. Bristol pa., Friday june 13, 1930. 8 pages�?56 columns five cents a Cost. Bah body of infant found in Box afloat on River Gbo Bdl All c on rectors now Busy on Imer for ventral Span Concrete Laid in several forms maced for abutment at Maple Beach a till cruel Ltd a Box mini Tainan tile body it an Inland a bunt oin Day old was ton i Boal Ira Jyh tin Delaware Epi Osilene ii Nanny r Elk monday night by two in verly boy., Lleve it Lyn Leamy and loan Hui it who Baul logo d aet a tin St n am i rom Hie Jersey sine. Hiey tube the la \ i a polic Bat they avs a launch Home out of the n Soliai Iny Circle about tile Mouth f t the Iciek and Tului upstream Arni a to it w in ninth later i the Box was seen of Loaline on tiny i fixer. M be police Are a Side Avolin i to Tivice tile launch. I it try or Umi an a Tii lit the of contract ing a Omi it Iny Jui Shink the work on the tin hurling Tim put Richtol by id Rte. T he Are to a rid very Satis Luetory is being role. Work was begun this Vevik Rin the foundation for the Central pier Bristol Side will support one end no the huge lilt Span a Liili will by the Loii Gest in the world Concrete has Jutei n poured for three other to it ii . Arid Are in for sufi ports at Maple Beach. I oils Are being put in place for the a helment and Long curved Walls that will support the approach to tire Bridge at Maple Beach. M he heavy Concrete foundations have been Laid. Phis Woi k i being Doh let a the yen obstruction Doii Jinny. Rile placing of Tim i Oner Etc for the is an Intel it sting . Luge barges containing Sand Stone and Cement Are or town tiling Sld a floating Cement mixing Plant cranes pick up g sit buckets Iii of and Orlace them in the bins Iho a the mixers from which the mixed Ceimet is picked up by it Ranes arid blur need info the fonn., which Ari placed inside tire Sheet piling coffer Daniis. Chimps free the coffer Darns of a at a. My he Wor k goes on Day and night. So far All the pier work has been done from tin Bristol Side of the River hut very shortly work will he Hegnin on the in Lingron Side. M he Heddge will $ i,.500. when finished. W hich is h is than a third of tin Cost of the m agony a Alicyia a Ridge. Hut tin Structure will be adequate for All Eliut will passover it for it will he 20 feet wide. M Heri is much interest in Liat will he done about Appi Achi s to the Bridge from the Pennsylvania Side. It is essential that tire he a connection Between the Bridge and the Lincoln Highway at or near Lang borne. The it Vional planning Board is giving consideration to tin Highway problem and tin state a Gigli Vay department also is Ninie blood to he interest la. M lie i sent highways through Bristol arc Ira idly sufi cont to carry the in flip that the new i Ridge will Dox Elop Tim Bridge company is planning to carry on an extensive Campaign of advertising win n tile i a dec ready for Hiis in is. In order to attract to Alec to the Sti a Cutie. By avoiding the Mig cited areas of philae Haphia and Hamden tin Bristol route to the new Jersey Shore by ii lits is expected to become i in popular. Council turns Down Bracken Post s plea for fireworks permit m he Micron go Council lat Mondati night refused to Grant p. I for a fireworks display the nigh july us to Boh. In a. Bra Ken Bosi anti iian legion. In the Ell und that an ordinance Forh the discharge of Tii Ewi in Bastol. My he ordinance Jet in t of Fec in Many can Munith. A i Intel used to a afe Guariu Poi retry Ami or sent i n r. Ince with the Ticac and com foil Iii the Community. Inn commit Iii in a i unit i e p , patriotic Bodie in Gie Holiday Dis plays unde. Psid ssi onal Dies it by. As a i cult of the Cir cmdr. If if legion will i forced to give tin at. Sullivan a i i id. A Liege crowd attended tin Iii. Play i i n tin re last . And tin Highway a i Jock. In hot la dirty icons tor Sinie Lime m he wanted to avoid Ilu Itiat in asked last exhibition and xxx As Leonx iced that a display could in i Xci Al a More a cation in without a Niang. I ing prop. Ii or i i x is. A i Cah. Smith tells Kotak ians about army flight around world cull a Iirilli la Sfat s army air Cor is handed tin flight o the plans around Hie a world tile or me traffic . The a it i xxii com Aniny air in Lymm Ami allo is now in As til. Army i pro Senttie at Hie to a me Aii i at in Poi at Ion Gav. The. No met is of the votary club a most int ii sting Acornl of to lib a a flight d the. Planes at the of the. Dub yesterday. M Ile flight was i rom i. Ikie Itic coast \ a Alaska i , Banc Mialka i Sikio Xai ious Points in China , Eui opt to England Ali. Nce to Iceland , a Ston and Seattle. Whih Cap. Smith Story in a most matter of fact Manipur it evil int that the ii countered Many Ianez is Ami had to a a leis. . At Inge Nuiry to gel i in. A out of or. Dicapi nevits in which tiny i mild i Lien Side is. M in flight l e noted in the Gox Ltd Rinie to obtaining much informal Ion who in w Calin i Coin lotions Ami the ability of plan s of function Waiying be Inocia Tui a. Bensalem township grows fastest. . Iii Chi if in of but k. County As idj.7 is a gain of 14,212 Over tin lm2d , that my Bucks is not stat Ling a till. A Ami kit Ion of tin .�?~.nsds, iioxx.x., show is that Nisi of tin i Wilh i. In the Bucks i a Ion. A i Salern m oxen slip for a x-anipi., is now the econ Lai it i can Manity by i Tel . By i tolls i Fri is 11,Soo, an in Ert ase .111 152 7 192 la m townships is 5645, an iiurea.-. 2 722. Moi Ishill. Is third in in , wit i 5202. An Iller a.-. A 1714, most it f it Hie to Mon is Ilby a my a. Piton. Quak. Itow i ranks fourth. 4874, an i release of 182 do a with a a 57 i an Iller a 7 it a. Is to fib and Brilt a l a slip Willi 4282, a loss of 04 5, most of xviii he is include in Bibisi los gain through a sort icy ii of the sixth Ward is a Axhi. Man Al tint commune Jib Rig Hie big. I Ron e Dale to Ami in. Imling Moi Xiii is 27,Sis, till. Borough and two toxin ships containing almost Inillar of the total a la. County. If unix. It i ail. M a a slip Hulen vill Arni la to this . limit bait Siig Sifly of. R a thir d Ltd Fin e.mnly�?T, is in the. . In tuner. M Lii. Part it it a county. Houshi la. It l a . In l oxen slip Hila Ici Plua. I Eilain or. At Rio Xvi. It w ill my. Ii faster if some. Tin a Stah Lisle. Within in Torix ship lh.? i ctn Falls of Itier it reels and exit Niu Aliy a xxx ii Supply , or it now Lias Tine schools Arnith. R add anlage d in Wiinie May be said i i parts to it of Bristol m oxen ship Croydon a. Scially Xvi Rich , Nard Ami a vat. I Sui july syst. In. As ii Bristol it l possesses of Many Industrial Ltd i it Riu is s that the . I is it has not i xxii . Rapidly. M. La j ears i rom if xviii b. Higg in Ami busier for t. Ii a ars will Luing Roma Kahle Hirou ghost this an a. We Are glad hat you sir. To i. Up War we also Lavt. Tin Sam to Dirig Ami a it . That Rio gone in tin can be against Hus i it a. We in artilly join you in hoi i to build up a world full of peace an i to make All the differ. It let s one big Fai ily so to a. out this message to All tin Hildi ii of Hie xxx o old lug your exam Ile. A your is Ollie rally kilo Xvi As my Taiwan la lies Norilia of tin Philip pins Ami is a of about Ilene a Days conling South lion Japan . Mile m rope of Caner urns part. M in in Hal mutants of Hii be diff. I ent up a the aborigines Nui Heiing about 12.8.00 1 tin native i Oinos ians a hos. formerly migrated i of Diina of whom there Are about 2>,, Ami 195,000 Jaji anese. Al nigh we Are thus to Jii Uit. Diff. Rent , w. Are now irix ing Ogeth i ver y peacefully. So i we know in our own axes that it is possible to overcome the Barid is of a a a a ecu. Torn and Umler stand Ami la it Din. A we to Idi want War any More tor it it Longs to tin of things. C must h. The age o. Pea e and Friendship. W. Lope All Aii Pian s Ami airships will serve As Ang i. peace Tiu l xviii i built instead of War. Ami i tint useful tilings will a in place of guns Ami Cannon. As we grow up to talc our Ariates in the new a a Liall always Ket p in our minds the of j our i. At Emp ii Meiji w in xxx r Ole j in me of his pins. A let us i Gaid the Peoples of tin four seas As oui by Ollie is and a i one to an both Pennsylvania senators May a the against but for different reasons wet democratic platform strengthens Pinchot the slate committee contest dads and mothers plan big dinner and party next thursday evil who is Iii lire schools of Bristol is Ihirg a to ton.i tin Linn i to he Given i Index the of the. Mothers Arni fall Nisi of nations in tin High a clump gymnasium next m night. M he members of the sex Chang. Ami rotary clubs have to attend wit i their wives and it is there will he the largest Lowd of parents Ever gotten together in Bristol. M in inem hers of the of Druary and june class s will he guests of the associations Liat night. M in re w ill he an after the Dinin a and later in the evening to Liege will e Lancing. Dinner will a Gin at 7 of clock and the Cost will he $1.00 per plate. All that is i Nec scary is that those w to intend to go to tin dinner shall notify boy Fry Secretary of the fat Lierse . Lati. La. So Hiat tin associations May Knox Liow Many to for. Mak i j Aoyagi in a in Benny la Ania be. Nis he badly muss. .1. As tin writers pm a Gro fiction put a udi. Agre. In no is Eliut w. Ainu to nothing Els. m in s Nav Sonn Tiisik today b. Sinith. two it both within Ami to of it. Tot d to l. Tho Tariff. Himly a who has a Viking on without tin sen or. Grandy spent $382,250. Senator Grundy with the. Stat excl ions Bureau last w. Cd Iris St Almerit of Campaign. Up tis s. Sho axing Ltd up it and Quirt s of $2s2,25u, All of which he gax., , Ami All of which Xmas to his Cair Paigin committ., mimis is some $5n,u j0 More than a tabulated xxx Hen tin serial. Coni Milter Lead session. Shorts in Bristol. The Playto fund. M in re is Gratis heat Ion among men Ai quite m Ravel club on Mill Cai in 1iimlertakeu in raising of funds for to a Peia Vidri of one or mole play i tins Sirini Izier. School will cos a in a Xiv dirt time. Flies. Win Xvi la to Assi i in i Roxie ing a place w h. I. Tin cd Lodi in May play in , Ami Limiter ii rope supervision. Send their con heir Cut in Liim ions to mrs. Lehman part Sidcot of Luh or to any Menith r regatta committee of y. M. A. And Anchor yacht club meets m to Young Tjonn comment this w it k xxx Hen any App Kiel in a Short a like liar quoth it it it skirts Sonn dozen a-., Lioom a is thirty age fifty ago Arni All other changes from Liat the Imi Ilic is to a a shorts at pres Ltd it air Tias Radical Kaiim no. But if a a shorts a. Comfortable. Hiey xviii be popular. M hey Are by no Iii. Ans in xxx. M hav. L by Engin a Delaware River . At Horn. And in warm Counti i. S. I Deia Waie Ivi Vei. Foryt ars. Many an pail if tin Reg i Rhen int. R. St locally in a of a Quot scouts Ami Cut master s. While t any i Gav Bristo lians a Laug . It is oui gigs Hieye in Colimon As Laci Uei. Hair Sumner is of. -. Iii Lei ii Frank tin my Ravel of tin club. La this he As he of i i children s Day to be observed at m. E Church f ends Day Xxiii la Ved in tin methodist Episco Ial Church Jyh it Sui Nlay with Apiu Priale exercises Nior Ning Ami. V. Icing. At la a. Hi., the in of tin begin in is Ami ii nary .i.pa. T Mirits will i. An interesting program consisting of songs recitations dialogues. To. Al 7.45 p. In., a . Ii Day pageant Quot a he glittering gat.,�?� will be by the pupils of All . A a my he glittering Gate is the Story of a Little boy Ami Little girl who very Ucli dislike. Going to Schmol. in and Fly he they come to know the inner life of Tho Birds Flowers and creator s and Liml out that exe ii the. -. Go to school or paring to live More useful lives and aft their exanipl., they d Light t with Hie Happy in Oulu that Hiey too can go to school. Since 1872 the Kris Copal Hui cd has observed Clivi Drens Day some time in the Spring or Early summer. M Liis most ii Frohri ant Anniv Saiy was made official by the renewal conference Iii that year. Offerings from Tho Observance of children s Day Are Given to the. 8tii-i Dent loan of tin Mitzi ast Church. I la total income of Unis fund during six decades be Rived from children a Day collections from Loans returned by borrowers has reach. $5,502,-052.00. During these sixty 29,660 students have receive. Aid from this fund. year a total of $288,805 was loaned to 2,655 . Liis total was the largest sum that has a t la during any year in the Lii Story of the fund. will be baptize. At the morning service. Parens Are re Quested to meet the pastor at the parsonage at 10.30 a. In. . And mrs. L. Lynch of 2 40 Harrison Street were guests Over the week end of relatives Iii Elmer no at a go Iii Al regatta commit Ive no Iii of re. Youngm arum Hie a ichor \ Clit c Lub Lulu in the y. M. A. Club Luhisen it was d to Lipold the. Two Day Waler regatta on Sani Day August loth and sum Lay August 17ih. Satui May August 16hi, the Young menus association Wail b. The Host club to Hie Slat s racing Ami will sponsor the National on that Day. , the Ittis the Anchor yacht club will Ami a up Edh oat races. Faical sex erns such As swimming and dining will also he held. M la general Cut mini in a is composed of the following diaries a. A Sellyei chairman alb it a. Bauer Franklin Smith a. V. Morris Douigherty and William Box Vii Suh Comiti Ittzes a. appointed and will be at a later Date. M he races will All finish off of the Anchor yacht club Ami Fiona it arly reports i Loni clubs it will be a Success and will Boom Bristol As Ilia by people will attend from Oiler cities. With us again. We May a ape t the. of the 1920 crop of Jaii Aiu Sheet a any Lay Oxx. An area 4n Miles uun.i Camden. J., xviii Eom poise the. Ii Axil Ini St. this year a . N list Xvi Der Llian that of last year Lespie the h be i Iii parasites Ami la. Spraying of t i nit Ami Shade s. M la of almost impose sigh xvii Iii the inf . , sine the. Beeth is l a a. S i i of or Wilh in next Jersey a ii Cir 1-Ini-Al expel Inu it , that the d. Lamar. Liitt r. Dom i Lown. I Loo Pollux a i be sat. Lor bathing. Our Yoning Tolks have swum in i the. to so Many without Suff i Iii ill effects that they Are. Not going to hot a out of the Watt nov. Min fact that w. Have had \ in Foxx. Ases of a Ould St in to l Ais. A doubt As to the accuracy of or. Rudolfs t Ami nation. it Xxiii not Lolo ignore e i a Sfat intent from such an aul Bority j Bri Tol i fortunate in i Avitie a Fri Kieril wat ii la i ail Merit an Wirich Borough xxx till hut by fill rail gives us a Safe and iia Ladahl. Supply. W. Also can Tak. Only supplies the. An . Supply lion and Chlori Nati it v it pm Zhc Quot in Aliou a add l l,., Arsi Lake Tion in a a be Iol Ivl a he a a a i Ahe Hought that Wear. Not an i a a a. 7a a Tim lotion of the Saain. Since Ami Aioli or. .l.-, is too Wel. Plant remiers to known to need Conini ent. Every it i son ii ing in the a t a must i t Gard it As his Only to Iraq and kill As Many of his. Jests As . A Good will message to tin children. From or. H orge f. Fox Vohave received a xxx. Come ill m. A Sage from the Chiltie in it of Distant Formosa to the children if Tho a void. It Calm to i. Fox from mrs. Setti Lim Rihino. A foil intr Bristol Young lady . I to mrs. Lincoln line Ami the Alejj Freid , who sent it Lodi that enters the towns on there Coli Wiir Sevage innocuous to. the. River. Vex or. All a the s of the River Tui ally car Ful in disposing of be no complaint about hons. . Olphia is especially in sewage Lis Osai Aud the do Lavai a being a Tii Kil so earn May he polluted As a result of Pielow Bristol. We need a dental clinic. of tilt in Cal net is of the. Hor ought is a denial clinic. Mile Schmol Boa 1 .1 has most of Hie , has room for tile e pulp Iii in i hic and a ,. With Hie is xsured of the coopt ration of the Infix tit / in the i local dentists but it lacks funds men a pc s and als to i a i i. A pied to in incl Small Sui. About attractions at Riverside William Powell in a Street of chances will be seen at the Kivor Side m heat it afternoon and exec King. M Here also will be a Harry Langdon comedy a mile King a another Cli Apter of Hie serial a face of Scotland Yard a Ami a Novelty act a a a he i monday Ami m tuesday Bessie love Ami Charles King will be Sci in a chasing rainbows a a Niu Sinai comedy film. Walter Jelly a pm he Virginia judge a Ami Paramount sound news Are hooked. Next wednesday Ruth Chatteron in a pm he laughing lady will be the attraction. Two talking comedies also Are billed a red headed Hussy and m he final slow dog of a the lady lies a featuring Walter Huston and Claudette Colbert will be seen tonight. Lacks the clinic. Those in Chai got the Public Ami a comp avati Cly parochial . $5 mis net led. M in Lindt pendent is glad Imle d to i possible to it raise print tins Ines sat. Surely tune is or tvo is not this i eaten for hum for Lesei a the Rympa Lettic attn Ion anything else. If ave Only a uni iof the fathers arum Mother Visal Goodwill there would he no citations wars no , no s. We , in fact i invt the Mizien How his voice got that Way. . And while a tiie Dos no i pct Iii a on did topped in on the Niillo Niue within Hie lit Tim. i . Vek w Ith a voice suit. to it he that sum in a Day a Maut which tic att. So at., sonic Tim. Ago Leclai d that he would Xorie against the Bill declaring it to by the Voist Tariff Meanie by a a publican con Gross. I. oppo Vitinu is at i on Bis that the i ill Protection to Industry. Senator David a. Hiis week As to Liow ii. , but that Hie Hill was As goo. As the Tariff. to it Howett i. Is Lias i on tin harm ii. it a would to Ili Rouglin til. t effect it would have on our foreign relations. Pm nah i words. Senator r he Liv s Hie int a. Too Gigli just lilt of i Oswitt of Lial or. Glumly lie i Lex. If a ii Alors Grundy Ami Reed Isth vol. Against the Hill it is to i it . A for the. Prospects live Itil that even with the of the it in Selx Ania senators the Bill would pass by a margin of Only two votes. it a a. question arise As to xxx hat . R will to with it. M Liege Are to by Liege that Hie will veto tile m.asur., hit try because it is not what he Cong res in extras Sion to Eviat t. A Tariff for the Beri Elit of Agi i Culini a hut is a Hill that Lias great a be fitment abroad May by to Deerea a oui fort Ign Coni Ines or. Wit Iii la tile state there Are some i a spots to h. Lie aled. Pinchot. A who Edh the. Primary for the. Gov i noise ii to go t his Man. S. Van Boxx n. It cited As chairman of hit state Conin Mitlee last sat 111-.Lay. Senator glumly lined up Xvi i Pinchot and went Down to defeat 7 7 to 27. General Martin being re elected Tate Clair Man. M he remarks Nia i. At Hie stat. Committee Nieting by both s to not much or Otheill luxe among the i it political Leoleis. M he democrats too Are in a mess. The i an in qualify ily wet Plato Iii by the. Dot Nio rat in state on Arnitt o Lias allowed by file franc by the . Piss for til most part. M he democrats As a who Ohi Elas today to being Lah red a the liquor party As lid in tin of Days when were in the party. A Michot w ill Glt t a hit of democratic votes As a result of the action of the state . Its Imp tor most pop to recall Olio Tho democratic Iii int tor governor is and it will he Mort a Lilii cult As time goes on Anzio unit int in of the census r. Turns that to Zigoi it in i y go minty May he big enough to demand i cognition As a a orig ional District by itself when on i Ess be apportions i Statt s in Accord Ance with the 1920 census Iii is out to Beetle ban goes on after june 15 by Iii Cani Beetle to ii. Plant last minut. Details Are nov Kil out an effect in. Pain against hit again this Sun int a according h. 1p�?~11, Lii Ector of Illus i a i Nosy la Ania of agriculture. M it k Gulat ions which gov in the Maxein. In t f farm , Ami Cut from the infested. Bonie a free tit sunday june 15, Ami xviii b. In Force until october 15. M he arrangements for this work will be practically Hie same As a year ago. In patrols Xxiii by along All a highways leading out of log ii rally Ait a just As soon As the l make flip ii api it it a Aiice. Whih the patrols will particular attention to violations involving la. Iran Jiosi tation of farm products Ami Cut Flowers it a a lain that checkups a ill also hot made on the movement of Nui Seiy and aim Neal p lands Saml soil Tarth. Ami Nianui-., the of which is regulated throughout the year. Inspectors will be at Sexe Ial shiping Points Ami at locations in la. Invested territory to i sue for the Inott Ineis of the Xai ions Tina Ian Tim Dpi Xiu cts when All i. of la. It Gulat ions Aini to. My he patrols Are not to Issue Certia Cates. Property owners mixing in i. A. As of Leavy a being to Spray Miriaim Neal ii ants Ami try is lining june in 01 1.1 to give these plants full from the Heeb during the. Nimer. delayed the Spray will by less eff t Tive and possibly Loo late pm ii my. An application of coated Ai s. Viau of i and is i . for spi aying can b. Sec i from county farm Agnis or i Orn the. State Ami Japan be l Etle Ollic s. Class Day exercises of Bristol High school june class held last evening Twenty two graduates will get diplomas tuesday class Day to excises of the june of 1920 were held in the auditorium of the High Sci tool last evening. M lie program opt Ned with the singing of a song Liitt a by Bess Mcginley. William let ugh was Mas t a i of ceremonies and introduced Wescott Smit la a who read the class history. Anita non Iii and William Moran Sang a duet and the class will and m estate it was read by Margaret Black. Flit class prophecy was Gin by Bess Mcginley follow. By the class song by the s Nioras Presentat Ion of the Mollie in a awards came next. A prize of $5.00 was awarded Jeanette Hill bet la the kindest and had most for the welfare of the through the four year who Lias dont hit so Lents course a priz of $5.00 was Given to William Moran for being the mos uric Ful in athletics during the present school year. An award of $5.00 was Given to Jacoh m Rai Iotti who showed Tho i All Ai found improvement during the school year. Margaret Black received the $5.00 prize for being voted Tho most useful girl in scholarship co Luct time devoted to t extra Cupric unit activities. M in fat lit is association awards and the will be is were a watch to Margaret Black for the highest average during the senior year watch to Anthony Burion for the highest average during the senior year prize of $5.00 to the me tuber in the Coli Mereial Hie highest average font Anita Mcfadden received a for being the Hest All of the class Lia Xing during the von Ini. Full apr ize of $5.00 received an work in the department in county will be othe a county Long be in danger. If such tilt canucks Lim. Up with some and fungi Osman tenure of office May areas along River indicated for Deposit of dredged material col. G. B. Pill Semi a let Engi in t i f. S. Engineer office War Derai Ingeni. Lias irl aced on flit in Hie Boroug i engine t is office maps of certain t As along tire Dei Axxie liver set aside tor Ilie it in it sit of dredged material in com action wit i tire dredging of the 20-loot Cli Anir from Philadelphia to m Renton. Mile eng air or office Bas Given not in. Hial it xviii consider any protests that May ire made against tire Lei siting of material on these areas on tilt ground that Sulci it posits would do injury to navigation or riparian Lig provided Hie protests Are made before june 20. M his notice is a Fonna Lity for the areas to he used for hit Dumi Ingol i edged material a. Swamps and Low Lii Al will he mat really Imp Iov d l y thu it posit of tin Dit died material. The a fun show at the grand next week Bristol Tennis tournament to Start monday messages us the the present generation it will come eventually and such this xviii hasten it message. I Lom of f Ormasa to children of the world a we schoolchild n of Formosa were very Happy to receive from hit i trial his vocal for English to your ones age of Goodwill and avg Are fill Joy ill answering your letter nov when i Coli Green Jinni of has it tier died again so tally to oui . We love your Coli Itzy As Hie country it gentlemen and we hear Many stories about you from our teachers. We w to come to Wor k and play with you and to have you visit us but we must wait until Hie future by Inga us some Means of doing so. As Hough cords had Ben -Ped. I a pm to tilings Are to blame said Frank a i yelled too much night of the Londos Sli Kat and saturday Nior Ning i Molt when the Ihn Chot for Republican Start it the xxx Resl the Bristol m Ennis m Nui to Anieul w ill Start on monday veiling and i get a continue until june 20th. Meet ing was yield by the committee last night and Namts were drawn and dates and tiny for tire in Archt s will by announce d. Out a Fri to have in to i or. Tournament. Ling Oul yelled some Grundy Man a pm he cuckoos a it Sci ill i As a a monster fun show with by it u Lei and Roh i t \vools.y, comedians Ann a i Sou other nuts and nit wits a will be the attic Tun Al the grand m Leatie monday m tuesday and it Der Day wit i a matinee monday afternoon. M his talking and singing picture has been a git at Success in hic l in cities and Mana Lynn Fels that by was fortunate in by ing Able to it ook it for the grand. In addition to this to Turc Hie it will be a comedy aim a purely ,�?� and Fox movie tone news. show will be Toinia m Almadge in a new York Vigilis a around girl Atli Lete during the four year Couise. Bess Mcginley Awald of $5.00 for it Ine sewing and -.joking. M it tvo Junior High of $5,00 Cash tor the boy and girl showing Best All around citizen ship Ann on the basis of scholar slip. Conduct , participation in t Xira Cir Sicular activities and attendance Wert awarded to Hoxha id Lovett and Florence Burton. sunday morning the senior class will attend St. Jaim a Church wet in the. Baccalaureate Hermon will by preached by Rev. George e. A Osvell the. Rector. will be held on m tuesday evening. June 17th, in the High school auditorium when diplomas will be a artied Twenty two seniors. M he Honor students Are Margaret Black Anthony Burton and Anita Nonini. Mire program for that night is procession High school invocation it v. Howard l. Zepp selection school Orch Estiu Salut Atory Anthony Burton song. Senior High school essay Anita Nonini mothers association prize essay valedictory. Margaret Black selection school or Chesil a address or. William f. Han Che song senior High St Hool presentation of Grundy medal and prizes presentation of diplomas. Member of the classical cont so Anthony Burton Mina Harris Jeanette , a de Moon Tenno. Scientific course William wich ser. Jacob Tranotti web Ott Smith. General course Luther Hilger Doit a Sadie it Vinson Bess Mcginley Leroy Rees. Neicia Aretta Doan Elk Kcf us then William Moran Anita Vimini Virginia Page Louie Elsi. Rockhill Zephyr still june class Are Margaret Black. Horace Davis Hill William William to w Ith chairman in Eisei Al Mai tin. M lie contests were Worth was it Aten Hgt results in both a Soi those Wiite topped hydrants. M it coat of White paint applied to tin tops of a hydrants in the Borough made the water plugs quite attractive. My he White Caps also Seive a us Fui Pui Posri they make tile hydrants easier to find at night. Regular Tennis rules will prevail a. In All games and in Case of Jim Esop fable aim and a Good inclement we , games will he Vau Devilb Bill by Hie Billy play d off at a later Date to he set Ray revue. A of six people. By the committee. In cast that Joth. R Vaudt x Hie acts a c de Blum player or players do not appear of i master xylophone is Jack and Betty Lime Apik tinted the y j willing in a sketch. A fresh from la. Courts at a forfeit tire match to their opponent. Cups and will be a warts a the Axi Niit in hit three . A Loving cup will be Given to the winners of the senior and Junior singles. Medals go to the runners up in each of those classes. In the doubles the winners will be awarded Gold medals and the two finishing second Xxiii be Given Silver medals. Holly and Morton arum Sheldon in a a fun. Ary m he anal showing of a pm lie Golden calf will he made tonight with sue Carol Elbrt nd., Jack Mulhall and others in the cast. Next thursday and Friday Marion Davies will be seen in a not so dumb a ult talking picture version of the stage play y. M. A. Crews to race at East Falls on saturday it Init is of the Young men s association will compete in the sixth annual East Falls regatta to Lull Row afternoon when they will try their prowess against other Canoe clubs on the Schuylkill River. My he regatta is held under the auspices of the East Falls Kiwi Ness menus association the n. A. A. O., a. A. La and them. S. C. R. A. The Canoe events scheduled Are one Rama Blade one Man double Blade singles and Quad double. Events include rowing swim diving and motor boat races. M his regatta is for the Benefit of the greater women a medical College and Hospital funds and is an annual affair. Many member clubs of the states Canoe racing association of which the local club is a member will participate. Single Quad our i Ming. A

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