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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - June 10, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Inal implies. Forrest theatre tonight Eugene of Brien in a a worlds apart five cents the copy jews to celebrate feast of Shev Outh sunday and monday they will devoutly commemorate Moses receiving the ten commandments William e. Doron wins a Victory u. S. Government to place Beetle inspection on wharf in Burlington after june 15th government will not buy Harriman shipyard site Man weavers seven girls and three boys will be Given diplomas and Gold medals tomorrow the devout join with All pleasing program of entertainment sunday and monday hebrews of Bristol will professing the jewish Faith throughout the world in tile Celebi at Ion of the feast of at the local synagogue the rabbi Rev. Barron will address the members of his congregation on both of these Days and his discourse will Deal wit ii the significance of the Jimmy their Way through Side window and ransack every room in the House silverware and other valuable articles missing for Doylestown Day and Parade on saturday enter pumping contest Mary l. Barrett Salandi Toriano Catherine Gaffney and Margaret Callahan valedictorians saturday afternoon at 3 30 of clock a grand concert and commencement exercises will take place at St. Marks school auditorium. Every child from first Grade High school inclusive part. The Salut Atory by Mary l. Barrett tory by Catherine to i will take will be Given and the Valerie a. Gaffney and Margaret Callahan. The graduating class numbers ten Mary l. Barrett Catherine a. Blanch Margaret Callahan Helen g. Conley Catharine Gaffney John a. Garr. Michael j. Keating Harold f. Mccue Verna c. Roche and Cecilia g. Stahley. Gold medals for general application and diplomas will be awarded to the ten graduates the program for saturday will be As follows Salut Atory Mary l. Barrett. Orchestra selection. A come unto me a hymn and tableau. Violin Solo Anna Archer. The Wise and foolish virgins senior girls. Dolly Stop weeping drummer boys minims. Sunbonnet girls Little girls. Tin whistle Drill Little boys. A a firemen a Drill song a intermediate boys. A the old Flag never touched the ground a a intermediate girls song and tableau. Erin Scall larger boys. The merry archers larger girls. The baseball team senior Grade boys. The conspirators. Layette Junior Grade girls. Violin Solo James Sackville. Valedictory Catherine Gaffney and Margaret Callahan. Conferring of honors. Address to graduates. Donors of medals knights of Columbus five a. O. Ii. Society St. Marks alumni or. Arthur p. Brady or. William c. Wilson Mise Fanny Dougherty mrs. James Magee and or. Eugene a. Barrett. The costumes to be worn in the play lets reflect great credit on tin Sisters for their ingenuity and patience. The girls too deserve great Praise in carrying out their instructions. In the Wise and foolish virgins White Angel Robes with flowing sleeves Golden girdles White Caps and lamps will be used for the Wise virgins and Pink gowns and Green girdles for the foolish virgins. One half of the sunbonnet girls will Wear Blue bonnets and aprons to match and the other halt Pink Bonnet and aprons. The drummer boys will be garbed in red White and Blue suits and Caps and will carry Drums. Iii the tin whistle Drill some of the boys will Wear yellow Caps with Blue tassels and the other half Blue Caps with yellow tassels. Perhaps the most unique costumes will be those worn by the girls of the 8 the Grade who will Wear paper dresses of Green and Brown with hats to match. In fact when one looks into the amount of work that has been put into the program one is almost stupefied but the effect will be so pleasing As to make one forget the laborious task of preparation. Burglar alarm not turned on thieves Cut Telephone had no fear of detection rabbi Rev. Barron what the event has meant to the it com civilized feast and mennonites world. Bel Ween five and six thousand years ago Moses went up to the top of it. Sinai at the command of god and while there is supposed to have received the commandments of the almighty from the hands of the creator of All things. The original ten commandments As presented to the followers of Moses Are said to have been inscribed on Stone a Miracle having been performed in to Mieir preparation. In All the centuries that have passed since the first written command of god was Given to Man. The hebrews ancient and modern have each year commemorated the sacred occasion and this year tile local congregation look Forward to the most Learned discourses on the subject they have Ever been i Ivel eged to hear As Rev. Barron is a Man of great learning and one of the Best versed scholars of ancient scripture in this country today. Jane my Ginley leads in contest number i fire company popularity contest will Wax warm from now on a proclamation the department of state police Bureau of fire Protection Harrisburg pa., is forwarding letters to the various municipalities asking for cooperation in the Safe and sane fourth of july movement which has the endorsement of the mothers association of the state and Many other civic organizations. They make the statement that in five years fireworks have filed 1092 persons and injured 4 2,9 09 in the United states. Of those who were killed 227 were burned to death when their clothing was ignited from Tho firing of fire Era ekers. I therefore Call upon the citizenship of our Borough to do their utmost in making our next fourth of july a Safe and sane one. We Are not prohibiting the use of so called fire crackers and fireworks. The stores will be permitted to sell them on the 2nd and 4th of july and on these Days Only. Anyone apprehended in discharging tire crackers or fireworks before 12 00 m., july 3rd, will be placed under arrest. Anyone found violating the Borough ordinance relative to discharge of firearms in the Borough limit or carrying concealed deadly weapons will be most severely dealt with. Tho carrying of revolvers or firearms is absolutely forbidden not Only on the 4th of july but oui the year. I urge and Appeal to our citizenship to comply with the ordinances and give the police Force Hearty cooperation in making your 4th of july a Day of pleasure without injury or a resident Clifford l. Anderson Burgess. Jane Mcgill Ley has jumped into the Lead in the contest to determine Bristol a most popular Young lady in Bristol with a total vote reported on tuesday evening of 2694, deposing Mary Kessler who has held the Lead steadily from the opening of the contest who this week registered Only 2250 votes. Hilda is third Vav it it an even 900 Bell fourth with 855 and Smith brings up the real the fact that the girls have the summer Home of Joseph r. Grundy was entered one night last week by professional thieves who ransacked the premises from cellar to Garret and finally took away As their loot a Quantity of silverware and several articles that were valued More for their associations than for their intrinsic Worth. A rite family have not yet opened the Home for the summer and every door and w window that is provided with a lock was fastened when they left for the Winter months. The elaborate burglar alarm system with which the House is equipped was unfortunately not connected and to this May be attributed the fact that the burglars worked undisturbed. Entrance was gained by forcing a Side window facing the Nesh Aminy Creek and the work seems to be that of skilled second Story men As a Jimmy undoubtedly was the instrument used. The door Between the Kitchen and pantry was Jimmie open and Access thus gained to the living rooms. The silverware wit in ii was All of the finest must have been tied up and Cai l red away the new Silver which the family used each Day. And also some old and valued pieces that had been in the family for generations. Every Bureau and closet on the second floor was ransacked an umbrella which or. Grundy smother had brought with her from Paris and which she prize highly was demolished. As the thieves Only carried away the real Pearl handle. A revolver was among the articles taken. The thief or thieves evidently had no fear of being detected As the contents of the Bureau drawers were strewn about the floor As if each article had been examined and those the intruders did not care to carry with them were thrust ruthlessly aside. A number of pairs of new silk stockings was included in the loot taken by the marauders. The Telephone wires were carefully snipped presumably before the window was Jimmie. The robbery was discovered by one of the workers about the place noticing the window standing open in the morning. He called the attention of the general overseer of the Grundy farm and upon investigation it was seen that the House had been visited by robbers. When the premises were carefully inspected by a member of the family the above list of articles we Ere reported As missing. Careful investigation by the state police failed to disclose a clue that it Lead to the ultimate discovery identification of the miscreants the police smile a knowing smile asked if they have any Hope of bad bandits who William e. Doron the a Charon of the Delaware a has won another Victory. This time the department of agriculture in Washington have bowed to the mandates of the ferry _ Man and have agreed to have an inspector at the Burlington wharf attend county convention next Fri from june 15th on he to remain Active until the japanese Beetle season passes Over. The fact that the quarantine some-1 _ what disco Moded or. Doron last year made him take a very firm Bristol will be Well represented stand with the government. He As they usually Are by their firemen told them Flat and Plain that if an in the annual Parade of Bucks spec tor were not furnished at this county firemen which will be the Point he would tie his boat up to closing feature of the convention at the Bank during the sea in of the Doylestown next saturday. Dele a quarantine. Lions from no. I no. 2 and no. 5 last year or. Doron was made in company will March in line to the a measure personally responsible for number of approximately 130. Return to looms the inspection if the loads of produce Brough i into this state and this year he had no being so handicapped. Know about japanese the Way he puts it. A if ment feels the matter is importance to place from Jersey intent Ion of a what do i beetles a is the governor sufficient quarantines no. I company have entered their pumper in the pumping contest which will be held at the Reservoir and the local enthusiasts Are confident that Bristol a representative will compare favourably with Eracli and every one of the entrants. No. 2 company will take up their Parade cars and no. 5 will drag their crab Over the line of March. Two bands will accompany the parades from Bristol who will be carried to the county seat in chartered trolley cars. Excepting those who will ride on no. I apparatus. At this writing there is Only one local official who it is known will stand for of face before the convention and that is the present financial Secretary William Grace. The local delegates who will attend Friday evenings session when the election workers in Art Square department go Back to work Compromise agreement affected they should also put an officer who knows something about the subject in charge to end rec the this is just what he government has signified their intention of tiring. A file following letter received by or. Doron wednesday plainly Stales the attitude and intention of the government Iii the matter u. S. Department of agriculture june 7th, 1921. Or. William e. Doron. Burlington an i Bristol Steamboat ferry co., Bristol a. Dear sir a or. R. Alt House of the Federal horticultural Board. V. S. Dept. Of agriculture Washington. D. C., has referred to me your inquiry regarding the placing of an inspector at the ferry in Burlington this season in connection with the japanese Beetle quarantine. I wish to advise you that an inspector will be stationed at the Burlington end of the ferry during the quarantine season. A quarantine pumping contests which will he held As last As the looms can be made Leady for the reception of the Wear the Art Square department of Leedonis Mill is again beginning activities. The workers and the manufacturer have come to a Compromise agreement and in a very Short period it time the thirty eight looms in this particular department will again be humming merrily along. Seven weavers Are Back at work at this writing and the full complement in tiffs department will soon be Back at their looms. Lite weavers have All along contend. A that they were not on strike and the manufacturer also took the stand that they had not established a Loci out that the looms were waiting for the weavers to return and Ilia work would be Given them just As Long a. There remained orders to be filled. Many of these looms have been a of since the United states entered the a and As the Peak of High prices had been reached when they were shut Down and a forty eight hour week was in Vogue the firm proposed thai the men return under the old fifty four hour schedule and accept to Twenty per cent Cut to Tirend of prices been effected whereby the weavers return and accept approximately a sixteen and one half or cent Cut and operate under tin fifty four hour schedule. The 3russell weavers still stand on their demands and refuse to return to their looms. This department of Lite Trade Are out in every of the country where carpet weaving is done and the men claim they arc prepared to remain out. Plans announced declare u. S. Intends to Salvage All removable equipment and material new shipping Board must Sanction plan must Clear ground by january 1st Brick and Concrete buildings revert to Harriman of officers for the ensuing year will i 1 la downward take place and also All legislation Compromise has for the government of a lie association be enacted Are As follows. Representing company no. I the three foremen of the company Ii. Naylor. Raymond Updyke and l. Connolly. Doylestown citizens and the firemen of that town Are making every Holt to have this convention Ami Parade the biggest affairs of their kind Ever held in the county. The covering the shipment of farm produce is effective june 15th, and an inspector will be on duty on and after that Date. It very truly yours signed c. In h Adley entomologist in charge japanese Beetle project. A Sopher torah Given synagogue solemn gift made by or. And mrs. Morris Cohen to Philadelphia synagogue no and but when the bold the Job. Adage that a troubles Nev As single spies a was sex Richter Florence Marian with 442. Nearly a month before them before Tho contest closes should not Lead them to be lax in their work of gathering votes. No time like the present to do anything that is Worth doing. The prizes offered Are Well Worth working for and the object of the contest the raising of funds to carry on the work of no. I company is indeed a worthy one and there is no one in Bristol who would refuse to give a number of votes if property the capturing performed the older travel pm Elifia sometime during last sunday morning As the Hay and machinery storage barn on tin Grundy property in tile rear of the Johnson farm was burned to the ground sometime Between Midnight and morning. The Gideon boys retired shortly after Midnight and when they went to bed the barn was standing. The first ones up in the morning found a Heap of smoking ruins. How the fire started or when it started has not been determined. Neither has the damage been divulged. Or. And mrs. Morris Cohen of Mill Street in conformance with a solemn religious obligation last sunday presented to the Shovler synagogue Bainbridge Street Philadelphia a a Sopher a hand script in hebraic of the five books of Moses. There were about three Hundred friends of the donors entertained at a sumptuous repast As a fitting close to the ceremony which was a most impressive one. For a number of years the Cohen a were regular attendants at the Philadelphia House of worship and their friends Are Many among the congregation. Addresses were made immediately after the Parade will by the crowning feature of the two Days Celebration. The engines will be lined up at the Reservoir and All w ill pump at the one time which will make a sight Well Worth seeing. Each of the companies participating in this contest will receive a cup the gift of the Doylestown firemen. This annual convention gives the people of the county ample Opportunity to see just what the firemen Are doing for the Protection of the property of the citizens. During the past year Many of the companies have secured new apparatus and a number of these will be seen in the coming Parade. Iii the line of March there will be three companies from Bristol. Cornwells Morrisville Yardley Hulmeville Langhorne. Southampton. Richboro Newtown Wycombe Ivyland new Hope Headley Manor and Harriman will be represented. Orders for new engines will be placed in the near future by new Hope Dublin Cornwells Southampton Richboro Perkasie Yardley and Wycombe. Doc. Fleckenstine a narrow escape rear end of Ford hangs Over canal draw bldg a a prompt action saves drenching private Roberts buried sunday or. Ii Fleckenstine of Newport Ville. Had a mighty narrow escape on monday afternoon at the Washington Street crossing of the canal. Prompt action on the part of men operating a canal boat and passersby probably saved the distinguished doctor from a thorough drenching and possibly serious bodily injury. The doctor failed to notice the approaching canal boat when he started to drive his Ford Coupe on the winging Bridge crossing the canal. The mules pulling the boat and the greater portion of their Tow had passed the Bridge when the doctors car claimed up when he was fairly on the Bridge he saw that the draw was about to open and thinking that he had plenty of time he started to Back off. This was his mistake. He the United states government will not Purchase the property of the merchant shipbuilding corporation at Harriman the plan they intend to follow is to Salvage All of the material and equipment now belonging to the government on the Harriman property with the exception of the Brick and Concrete buildings and the pipes and conduits running underground which it would be dangerous to remove. The above is official in so far As in Yubing can be official coming from Washington before the new shipping Board which has already been appointed approves of the plan As announced. While the formation of the foregoing plan will doubtlessly be Accher fitted to Admiral Benson who in the absence of a shipping Board has been handling the affairs of the emergency Fleet it is doubtlessly the conclusion of the Congress determined through the investigation of the various committees who for months have been considering the various angles of the local problem. Doubtlessly the solons in the Halls of Congress have weighed the matter from the following standpoint. It would Cost the United states $1, 300.000, to secure title to the Harriman ground. By salvaging the material owned by the government on the property they will be Able to realize approximately $1,000,000. This added to the sum paid Harriman would mean an additional investment for the government of $2, 300.000, on top of the enormous amount spent to build the Yard under War time pressure and War time prices. The government in this instance is looking at the proposition from the standpoint of Good business and instead of timing up this More than two millions of dollars for an indefinite period they would rather realize the million or More dollars they will secure through the Salvage plan. According to the agreement entered into by the government and or. Harriman the former have six months in Wolph to remove their property and at the end of that time or january 1st to be exact every building standing on the property at North Bristol and everything else of value will revert to the ownership of the Harriman interests. Already Steps have been taken to secure bids for material the same to be held up until the Sanction of the newly appointed shipping Board is Given to the entire project As outlined. This Sanction will undoubtedly follow As the Board is appointed by the administration and the fact that the governing Powers of Hie nation have taken the stand that the above is the most economical method the prow of the boat touched it to push it open the Boatman seeing the doctors peril swung the nose of by rabbi Bevent bal. Of Philadelphia full military honors to be confers his boat into the Bank but not be. _ fore the rear wheels of the Phy of departed. I of procedure the Board in Ideal t have time. I lie rear wheels i doubt edly w ill concur with them in of his car had left the Bridge when All of the plans formulated. With the present condition of the 32nd wedding anniversary celebrated next week and rabbi Barron of Bristol. The hebrews follow the custom of presenting to their synagogues tile torah and in each House of worship will be found in the tabernacles a number that have been presented by devout followers of the Faith. Theses Are used on occasion of special Sci vices and Are revered by the members of the congregation. The Bristol guests who were present at the festive occasion included Morris Rubin Louis dries. Max Cohen Joseph Singer Richard Singer Meyer Harris a. Reherman Wagman i. Brier and family and rabbi and mrs. Barron. De on remains hero the so called harmless approached to either or Allol candidates. Arrangements Are being made for a rousing moving picture Benefit to be Given As a Climax and fit closing for the contest and it will be held at the new colonial theatre on the night of july 5th, when the of the several prizes will be their Reward for their work or 260 and mrs. Joseph Wright Wood Street will spend sunday june the Treitli the second anniversary of their nay. W i 11 in Honor of of on thirty wedding or. And mrs. Anderson entertain old friends winners awarded the occasion they entertain Over the week end or. And mrs. Arthur Rowe and son or. Warren Rowe of Lansdown and mrs. Walter Heitmuller Philadelphia and miss Porter of Atlantic City. Or. Of Margaret on Sun a the seekers Quot formed by presbyterian classes a about twelve covers will be Laid it a special dinner to be served. Or. And mrs. William Wilson will be added to the party. Cd a the presbyterian s. S. Classes of miss Marian Smith and miss Amy Valentine held a meeting on monday night at the residence of or. And mrs. John Hargrave and Lon ii club to be known As a a i he seek tie members of miss Smith a through class Are Maybell Hargrave Hilda Bozarth Marian Durkin Ada Vav Lute Florence Turner Helen purse 11 and Bessie Chambers. The members of miss Valentine s class Are Dorothy Hargrave Dorothy Harrison and Mildred Harper. The Youthful bund of workers decided to hold a Piu cake Sale on june 18th on the Lawn of or. Hargravess residence. Lay Bucks s. P. 0. A. Report i lie i Gulai monthly meeting of Bucks county s. Pm c. A. Was held at the Home of or. And mrs. Peirce of Langhorne on thurst afternoon june 2nd. The appointment i mrs. Grace Rogers of mansion Street Bristol. As one of the agents of the s. P. Of a will add a valuable member to Hie Loire and will strengthen the protecting Arni of Law As expressed t Brough humaneness. And for rent furnished room All conveniences electric Light 306 Wood Street. Or. And mrs. Clifford Anderson. Will entertain today at luncheon and dinner or. And mrs. Sidney Cornell and son All of Glenside and or. And mrs. Pierre Gulbranson of Cambridge mass. Or. And mrs. Anderson last saw or. And mrs. Gulbran sen at their wadding Twenty four years ago. On saturday evening or. And mrs. Anderson will attend the wedding of or. George Reynolds vice president of the Keystone Tannery connected with the Bristol Patent leather works. The Church wedding will be in Tioga while the reception will he held at the Ritten House. Mrs. Jesse Roberts will also be a guest at the wedding. A party of ladies members of the Bristol Branch of the needlework Guild of America attended yesterday a luncheon and meeting arranged by the Tacony Branch. The meeting was addressed by mrs. John Wood Stewart founder of the National Guild and Madam Casten lately arrived from France. Mrs. Clifford Anderson shared her car with mrs. Louis Spring mrs. Edgar Opdyke mrs. T. Downing mrs. Win. Betz and mrs. Kale Baker. All. Sex service men Are invited and import Ned to attend the funeral of private George Roberts company d. 312th machine gun battalion who died in France of pneumonia. Members of Robert Bracken Post american legion and All other service men Are requested to meet at the Post rooms at twelve of clock noon sunday services Over Hie remains will be held in St. James Church at i of clock and Rev. Pay liter will officiate at the Church and the Post c chaplain will be in charge at the grave. Full military honors will to accorded Tho remains of the returned hero his body will be borne from his late Home on a Caisson to the Church and at the grave af-1 ter the parting Volley is fired by a squad from the local Post the last sad taps will be blown by Post butlers. After ten years Here m0ve to Providence simians Auto were hanging in space. The Driver of the mules the Man on the boat and several men in the Vicinity rushed to the Rescue of the Ford lifted it to the Bridge and when the car was on a firm foundation the Bridge w As again closed and the car backed off Iii safety. After minor rear end repairs at Smiths service garage the Little car is As Good As Ever. In the future it is Safe to assume that or. Fleckenstine will a Stop look and listen a not Only when approaching a Railroad crossing but also when approaching a canal Bridge. Market with the general depression in shipping circles not Only in this country but throughout the entire world it is unlikely that any firm will Conte Forward to take Over the continued on Page three pupils show mothers How Well they Cook former Bristol resident passes to great beyond mrs. Horace Rhodes who has been making her Home at 317 Washington St reel has gone to Providence to join her husband. Or. And Rhodes have been residents of to i for tin last ten years and Many friends Here and they the Best wishes of them All for new Home making. R. I., airs. Bus made have their for rent one Large furnished room with Light housekeeping privileges Iii Bungalow along River at Edgely a. Box it. Of Doorn Dent office. The pupils of the 8th Grade of Jefferson Avenue school and members of the cooking class under the direction of miss Elizabeth Taylor teacher of Domestic science were made Happy on tuesday afternoon because of the privilege granted them of displaying some of their ability in the culinary Art. Each Pupil was granted the right of inviting her Mother and right proud were the mothers to be pre at. On this special occasion some of the pears canned last fall by the girls Charles Duane Joyce who died at were brought into play and helped his Home in Swarthmore on Satur with the addition of strawberries Day. Was a member of an old Bucks whipped Cream and lettuce to form county family. He father and a most tempting salad. This with Mother lived at one time in the the nicely shaped and tempting residence which stood on the lot sandwiches were served at the social where the Home of the elks now hour of the class. Miss Effie wat stain vols. Two it ins Brothers Stin son of Jefferson Avenue school and live Here or. Anthony k. Joyce and miss Louise Baggs superintendent or. We. Joyce. Or. Joyce lived were present. These Little occasions Here during his boyhood Days and of bringing the Parent into Contact was widely known. By close Appl with the scholars Are silent workers cation to business he became a pros in molding and forming Confidence porous and consistent business Man j of the pupils in parents and teach and at tin time of his death he was Cis and their school work. A director of the american spice Trade association tres Idem of the St. James choir National Flavouring extract association a director of the guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit company vice president of the Swarthmore National Bank and a member of the Union league. Or. Joyce was an extensive traveller and was an excellent authority on All business matters pertaining to Eastern Asia and India. Sewing class social wanted two or three furnished rooms suitable for Light House keeping in or near Cornwells a. Mgr rent garage for two cars state rent wanted and conveniences stable room for three horses apr. # ply s. E. Lincoln Delaware hotel. Box the sewing class of St. Jame s choir held a poverty social on monday evening june 6th, at the Home of mrs. Robert Rue of 930 mansion Street. The boys wore overalls the girls aprons and very Plain clothes. The carpets were taken up and a Good time in dancing was had by the thirty one persons present some of whom were invited guests of the members of Tho choir

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