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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - June 3, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Forrest theatre monday a the Parish priest five cents the copy James Bolton Quot the soldiers is at Iest at St. James most impressive ceremony Ever wit Lincoln Highway nested in Bristol performed by departed heroes comrades will be changed in arms taps sounded despite citizens petition bids for gathered along the work a i 2. To ,1 at St. James walk have been asked for taxpayers ignored hundreds were line of March an cemetery to pay a last Token of silent respect to James Bolton whose body was shipped with the last consignment from Cherbourg France the local interment being made on memorial Day. Honoured by a number of his late comrades in line the members of Robert Bracken Post american legion and his associates in fire company no. I the casket of the Young hero borne on a Caisson draped by the stars and which he died to save was escorted to St. James Church in the most impressive and heart touching procession. That has Ever been witnessed in Bristol. The muffled Drums of the band Bristol courier does not dare answer Independent Challenge Minot j. Hill Host at dinner party la a or Ewe at this writing it looks like a a taps for the efforts of the Gallant Little band who fearlessly arrayed themselves against senator Buckman and toe county organization behind him Iii an attempt to frustrate the waste of millions of the taxpayers Money in diverting the route of the Lincoln Highway. Despite the protest of stapes the people despite the fact that More than four Hundred citizens in this District signed a petition to tile gov Vernoi asking that the route be allowed to remain As it is at present bids have been advertised Foi the state funds entertained fifty eight guests government powerless to act with w. B. Martindel charged with wednesday at Salem country club a party inspects Hospital out shipping boards no Board at present in existence president will appoint practising Medicine without a License or. J. Fred Wagner complainant Board this week Case to be heard during september term Harriman Stamps himself As a a big Quot Man by his magnanimous action in the entire matter state funds will soon and the soulful dirges poured Forth run like water through the officially from their instruments added to the spectacle of one who had died Iii Fiance being re interred Here among his Home folks which brought tears to the eyes of All who witnessed the procession and the ceremony at the grave. At St. James Church the solemn episcopal service was read by Rev. Paynter and at the grave after prayers were offered for the departed the three last volleys were flied by the legion and then the solemn and baddest of All trumpet notes wore wafted Over the breezes taps the Long drawn out Wail of the bugles sounded first at the grave and then from the distance it was carried Back from butlers stationed just outside of the cemetery Gates. The gathered hundreds yes the thou a Rands who were there to pay Honor not Only to the one departed hoi o whose funeral was in Progress Hilt to the thousands who Lay some of them in unmarked Graves on the hillsides of France in the dark eerie St of the Argonne and on the bloody Battlefield of Germany bowed their Heads in respect for the departed and Many a prayer was Able to and t ii a t to fingers direct its of those i expenditure. Rax payers will for years be to Cany the Burden of this monumental Folly changing the course of a Road for no seeming reason unless it to be to enhance the value of property held by a few party favourites and for the privilege of spending the Money of the state. Senator Buck mar. Is quoted As having said that the entire Job would Cost less than $450,000�?whether he said this or not Hie Independent has be Means of knowing but this amount will be but a drop in the bucket to Complete the work in hand that will Cost More than several millions of dollars. The fact that this Money might be better spent in pairing the deplorable roads Iii existence Means Little political manipulators. A Means the handing out of millions and spending millions gathers around their colors henchmen who Are useful on election Day and whether tile people Are the indirect sufferers or not Means Little to the Smirk and smooth politician who seeks to shake real ready to these new Road hand of his con wafted to the throne of the almighty St intents Only shortly before election from the heart of a saddened Mother or primary. Or a bereaved sister or wife whose hero will never return. To the onlooker with imagination Hie procession of boys some in the deep Olive drab of the Marine others in the Khaki of the doughboy and still others in the Blue of the Navy meant far More than the Mere following of a Comrade to his last resting place. What these men what these boys meant to this nation and to the civilization of the world came vividly before the mind of the thoughtful and the fanciful. Walking sedately and peacefully in a funeral procession in Honor of a departed Comrade these boys and men presented a far different aspect than when they faced the German hordes on the devastated Fields of France and Flanders there the Square Jawed youth with bayonets gleaming swept the German hosts off their feet and carried the beloved Flag of Freedom Ever Onward to the crowning Victory yet these same boys and men the Battle fought the fight won return to their Homes and again take up the regular pursuits of peace times undaunted by the terrible scenes of carnage through which they have passed in sea red by the living hell they lived in for months a they Are now As they were before they answered their country Scall peace abiding Law respecting citizens the finest and highest Type of the worlds manhood. Occasions like those of monday is the Only Opportunity Given the writer or others who Are prone to dwell upon heroic acts and deeds an Opportunity to pour on the Heads of these the finest of our citizenry the Honor that is theirs by rights the Honor which they Are too modest to demand. The boys who marched on monday and their thousands of comrades throughout the breadth of this glorious land Are the future Hope of this nation and they who fought the fight which placed the stars and stripes in a position to absolute supremacy amongst the flags of the nations of the Earth will take Good care that that Flag remains where they have placed it and that the sacrifices made by their fallen comrades will not have been made Iii vain. The Day that the first of dirt is turned for the construction of the new Highway on that Day will the political epitaph of Clarence j. Buckman he effective. He it will he who will have to hear the onus and the Burden of the consequences of the unlimited ambition of water and electric company manipulators who were the actively interested Iii the Highway route. Ones most change of popularity girls Cut Down to five Leader has 2241 votes in engine company no. I most popular Young lady contest there another sufferer from Messy tar the May 31st, 1921. Bucks county Independent Bristol a. Gentlemen a have you noticed the tar on the Road Between Bristol and Tullytown or. Editor have you run your Caloyer this Road during the last week or so if you have can you imagine any intelligent Man or men making such a mess and leaving it probably being paid double for the work done. Also it is noticed that the tar has softened the surface of this Road so that the trucks Are cutting it up and in a few More Days it will be As had As before it was repaired. Perhaps a few words from your paper which is doing a lot for the Public will have some effect on the authorities and maybe a coating of Fine Stone or Sand we ill be put on. A Reader. For Sale lot of Les suitable for Cream Parlours at a hop 340 Dor Ranee chairs and Tah restaurant or ice we. Madden s Street. It Are Only five of the contestants left in the popularity contest being held by engine company no. I. These five intend to stick to the finish and from the votes cast tins week it would seem that sever a1 of the Young ladies will have to Hustle a Little hit if they care to get up in the running for the first prize. Which will he a Beautiful Diamond ring. The fir laddies for whose Benefit this contest is being waged Are spurring the girls on to further efforts and it is said by those who seem to know that there Are her of votes being held that will be launched horse in the closing the votes listed that the one High in will ultimately carry prizes. The firemen intend to bring the contest to a glorious close by holding a motion picture Benefit on the evening of july 5th. At the colonial i theatre. The contest will close officially on the night of july 4th, but the prizes will be awarded at Hie Hene it on the evening of the 5th, when fitting presentation speeches will be made by a prominent citizen and the Young ladies will thanked for their efforts in Aidin the firemen to raise funds conduct of their Noble work. The standing As reported after tuesday evening s count of the votes turned in. Follow a turn in Reserve. By a dark hours so that Are no indication any one week off the coveted Bristol and Vicinity have been waiting with baited breath for this edition of the Independent hoping that it would carry the final decks forced i m As in what is to be done ultimately with the merchants shipyard. The fact that May 2 8th was Hie Day set for the expiration of Hie government option on the Plant naturally made the writer along with everyone else interested feel that on this Date the final decision would he Given out for publication. The situation today is just in tile same state of uncertainty that it Lias been since operations at the Yard slowed Down the government has not taken any Steps to acquire the property or to turn it Hack to the Harriman interests for the simple reason that there is no functioning body of the National government who have the official Power to act Iii this matter. It is a Case that must be decided by the shipping Board of Hie emergency Fleet and there is no shipping Board at present in existence and As a consequence the hands of the government Are tem Pori arly tied or. Harriman who is a big Man in All ii is dealings has refused to take advantage of the governments position and will await the appointment of a Board rather shovel Ful than take Possession of government property now standing on his ground which he has every right to do were he so inclined. The fact that president Harding has been endeavouring to get the highest Type of citizens men of High standing in the business world business men of big business Iii fact to serve on the shiping Board is the reason for the delay in the selection of the seven functioning members who must be acting before any Steps can he taken in the disposition of the local Plant. The Type of Man for whom the president has been Angling Are not secured for the asking. I his Type in time of War pressure and threatened danger to the country served on All hoards without a question or a quibble hut now Iii peace times it is far different and they hesitate to neglect their private interests and the interests of their friends and business associates for the Mere Honor of doing work for the government for Little or no remuneration. This is the Type of men or. Harding insists on appointing. And it was stated yesterday on very Good authority that the roster of the Board would Iii All probability be announced within tile next few Days before the end of the week it was sincerely hoped. With the Hoard appointed and functioning it will then be Only a matter of a few Days time until the business of winding up the affairs of the e. M. C. In North Bristol is completed and then the Public at Large will be let into will ultimately Plant that is to Bristol. In passing the editor feels impelled to Call attention again to the fact that or. Harriman has done a pretty big thing in refusing to take advantage of a technicality in his agreement with the government which would according to Law allow him to commandeer the government property at the Yard. Men As big As this Are not often found in this grasping age and the honorable stand of this Young business Genius the son of his wonderful father should be commended on every Side publicly an it should be recorded in the Mem relieved sufferers up in arms Over what they term persecution trial will be interesting w. B. Martindell chiropractor of the Forrest Block was Lichi Over for the september term of the criminal court in Doyles town after a prelim it fore Squire the secret of what become of the big he the salvation of for the recorded in Ory of the citizens of this Community and handed Down to their child ten and their children children As an example most worthy for them to pattern after. Winger Mary hearing lie id Arthur Eastham in Doylestown on tuesday. The charge against the. Chiro was entered by or. J. Fred Wagner at the instigation of j. M. Baldy president of the state department it Public instruction Bureau of medical education and licenses. Rile specific charge made is that Martindell practises Medicine and has no License. The hearing room of the Justice court on the shaded Doylestown main Street was Well filled with spectators when the Case against Martindell was called. Lined up on one Side was the chiropractor who has relieved so much suffering in Bristol and Vicinity by spinal adjustments made by him in ins several years activity Here he was ably hacked up by his attorney Howard i. James. On the other Side was seat d prosecuting attorney Kellar or. J. Fred Wagner or. Lehman and two representatives of a Philadelphia detective Agency and it was on the testimony Given by the latter two hirelings that the charge was sustained. The first of these men examined. Martin Brennan stated that he had called at Martindell a offices in March 31st, and with the plea on his lips that lie had Fantail from a truck and injured his spine asked for a chiropractic adjustment. Ile paid the tee tor the twelve adjust men is required and an adjustment was Given him. The object of the prosecution was to establish the fact that Martindell received Money for assisting human beings who Are sufferers. Attorney James in his Cross examination flayed the witness and made him sheepishly admit that he had lied to the chiropractor in order to get him to work Oil him. Dominick b. An As Las to an operator from the same detective Agency corroborated the testimony Given by Brennan and stated that he had seen Brennan on Martindell a adjusting lounge being adjusted. No attempt was made to pick his testimony apart this being reserved for the trial which the attorney for the defense Felt certain would have to follow. In his plea for a dismissal of the charge against the defendant on the ground that no Case had been proven against him or. James contended that it was a question As to whether the charge was tile outcome of the doctors of Bristol being a jealous of the successes attained by chiropractic or jealous of the dollars made by the he outlined that in no instance adduced had his client diagnosed tile ailments of the witnesses they both came to him with a lying tale of complaints and he taking their statements for truth had done his Best to alleviate their supposed suffering by adjustment of tile spine which is the philosophy of chiropractic. W. B. Martindell has a Host of friends in Bristol and Vicinity friends Mads by the fact that he has done much to Aid Mankind during his stay in Bristol these folks Are naturally up in arms Over what they term is the unjust persecution of the medical fraternity in Bristol these friends wish to go to Doylestown in a body and uphold the Man who has done so much for them they fail to take in consideration the one fact that the Law interprets practising Medicine in a very Peculiar manner it is the interpretation of the Law however and Light or wrong it is the Law. On wednesday morning at nine of clock the win. E. Dion carried eleven autos each bearing the National colors filled we Ith doctors their wives and their friends in number fifty two persons. A Happy crowd All Bent on combining pleasure and business. The object of what one might Call a picnic was to visit the Salem Hospital see its Workings and profit by it. One might write several pages if All the Little happenings and pleasantries of the Day were recited. On leaving Burlington and about five Miles out the car of or. Swayne stopped and immediately the ten others stopped every Man filed out and immediately messes. Frank Baldwin or. Wagner and or. Minot j. Hill were on their Knees helping or. Swayne work at the flattened tire. Or. Win. E. Dodds pulled off his coat and in a real business manner went at the Job As if he were used to it and although there was no kneeling room he stood upright and reached both arms around the necks of his friends and tugged Hie tire. Looking on from a position in another car the whole affair was one prolonged scream. Not Many More Miles had been travelled when there was another halt and a flattened tire was found on one of the Anderson cars. Every Man was immediately about the car th1 doctors pulled out their watches took out. Their prescription Blanks and pencilled the words a More air. The cars of i. Kraft and or. Walter f. Lee Dom both had to receive attention. In Woodstown All the cars halted and a count was taken to see if the Roll Call was perfect and again the car of or. Leedom was missing. Fearing lie had lost his Way the passengers in the cart it for. Hill got out and instantly a scouring party of men went Hack to search these not returning after waiting a reasonable time another party headed by or. Andersons chauffeur went in i search and when Fin hour was almost i Over and fearing a late dinner in Salem or. Clifford Anderson Start-1 de on foot to Hunt and within a Quarter of a mile the entire retreating party was found. A puncture Bristol so daily excuse will Tell the truth however in their next statement to Uncle same the Independent will see to that Center of Roadway a a blinkers placed on sidewalk makes danger spot More confusing when will something practical be done another monumental joke has been perpetrated on the Long suffering Public of Bristol by those who Rule the destinies of the Borough a blinking semaphore supposedly to warn the traffic of the danger at the intersecting Corners of Beaver new Buckley and Buckley streets has been placed on the sidewalk in front of Christophe re a garage. The most laughable attempt that has Ever been made by the ruling Powers to satisfy the constant hammering of this newspaper and the clamor of the citizens which h has started to be j come too insistent that something he done at this Point. Instead of acting As a stay to possible accidents the position chosen for this a blink or will Only add to the confusion Oft Drivers and will possibly result in at j the Corner of Christophers garage being torn out. It does gain two Points in the fight this newspaper has been Mak dig for the it safety of vehicles and that is that the placing of the a a blinkers is an admission on the part of the authorities that the danger so often pointed to really i exists and secondly that the street1 at this Point is too narrow to place the Blinker despite the fact that the Independent last week challenged the daily courier on their sworn circulation statement of 2,105 subscribers the above mentioned a excuse for a newspaper a fears to enter the lists Oil a circulation controversy As they know that it would he impossible for them to make Good the ridiculous claims upon which they secure advertising business. They still brazenly flaunt to the gaze of their few readers in an ear on the upper left hand Corner of their first Page the laughable statement that they have More circulation than the other two papers published in Bristol combined. This is to downright Mist tement of fact and the person or persons responsible for it know it to be. Last week the Independent offered to donate to the Harriman Hospital $100, if this a fast dying Sheet could prove that they had within seven Hundred of the number which they claim As their official circulation this week this paper will do even better the $100 will be turned Over to the Hospital if the courier can prove that they have within eight Hundred of their claim. A they do not dare enter the lists of controversy through the columns of their paper but have been spreading insidious prop Granda that the Independent May not have As Large la circulation As its management i claims we invite the person responsible for this statement to visit this office any night our paper is run off and see How efficiently a regular Force handle a in Job. He or anyone Cise is Welcome to investigate our circulation records our books Are Ever open for tile inspection of our customers or for any doubting Thomas a who May feel that we play the game the same As the other fellow does. The courier dare not invite this sort of an inspection neither dare they throw open their circulation the Blinker where it really would do a i v a11 or Zaritt a an Aid to cars in making the ,.,. Eng the bad turn. Blinkers were devised As silent guardians of dangerous Corners hut their function is nor to warn ant costs that they Are approaching a dangerous spot hut to direct them the proper Way to turn and they usually drive around the Pedestal. Will he rather embarrassing for or. Christopher some Fine night if a half sleepy Driver on a five ton truck attempts to follow the turn around i to monstrosity that has been placed on his sidewalk. It will mean that he will have a hurried Call to fix the aforementioned five ton hut he will also have a Wall build where the truck will through. Up truck. To Repass a r at t j a j by the proper Steps arc not in another tire of or. Leedom s car i a a a a a i i. Taken to Mak this Corner Safe n was the cause of the delay this being a. ,.a 11 Stead of simply making the dangerous turn More a problem to strangers is More than the writer or any their object of getting away with this 2,105 circulation claim by ignoring the Challenge of this paper will fortunately for the advertisers he circumvented when the necessary government statement is made on october 1st�?until his Date the courier May Contin in to thrive on their claimed circuit Ion but the Independent will see to it that a truthful statement is made this year to Uncle Sam one that will Bear the investigation of the Post office department otherwise a Federal grand jury investigation will be demanded and those attesting to the false statement if it be false May be personally indicted. So much this week More next. For Hie second. Iii the meantime the re-1 minder of the party seated on the neighbouring porches and strolling on the Street caused considerable curiosity in the minds of the citizens. The delays caused by the mishaps was in a measure profitable to those in waiting. A machine for removing and replacing decaying trolley poles caused considerable comment and was a Means of edification for most of the party. The machine in question Cost fifteen thousand dollars and is said to he the Only one in the United states. After the Roll i Call of the party was made and everything else righted the run was made to Salem and direct to the one else for that matter with Good common sense can determine unless it is that the authorities simply Are secure in the knowledge that they can always win out on election Day. And further than that nothing matters. Bristol firemen again do excellent work country club where an excellent dinner was served to 58 persons. Or. And mrs. Minot Hill were responsible for Hie menu the management and expense of the meal. A rising vote continued on Page six Croydon Imp. Assn seek new members live wire organization who have accomplished things Worth while meet saturday evening in follows Mary Killil Nynne 3 723 for Croydon boy scouts _ ulu Jas Lii. N i j i i i /1 fit i p it f clo and Marion Smith. 442. Kit Quot Era 5u. Receive badges tonight Hospital ladies auxiliary methodist Young folks meet next monday Friday night. June 3rd is the big go to vat tiv in per night for troop i of Roydon boy in Valley forge scouts of America. This is the registration night some of the Young people of the methodist sunday school and friends in All about thirty four went to Valley forge on memorial Day in buntings truck. Or. And mrs. Ii Ham Lefferts chaperoned the party. Those who enjoyed the trip were Arthur Phipps Harold Michener Russel Johnson Norman Hetherington Samuel Rogers John Burtonwood Paul Simpson m. J. Holroyd misses Anna and Frances Singley c for the troop and the boys arc All on their toes for the big event. Commissioner a Riel of Trenton and Deputy commissioner e. S. Thompson of Edgely will he the principal speakers of the evening. The local troop committee and the parents of the boys will also he present to see them receive their registration certificate and scout badge which admits them to the greatest boys organization in the world. The troop is open to boys Between to. Arne Rapp Helen Apple the Ages of 12 and 18. By special Ion Walter Appleton Herbert arrangement with the Smoyer John Black Wilson Black Cli the troop Helena Holroyd May Holroyd mediately Kathryn Wiltshire Hannah Ennis Able to win. Ennis Edward Lawler Harold Loechner Francis Lefferts miss Beulah Stackhouse miss Evelyn Arensmeyer Francis Thomas miss Charlotte Dixon miss Martha Dixon. And Trenton con ii will he uniformed Inland the boys will now be participate in All parades rally in the full scout uniform. For rent garage for two cars a stable room for three horses apply s. E. Lincoln Delaware hotel. Tho meeting of the ladies auxiliary of the Harriman Hospital which is held on the second monday of every month has this month been put ahead a week and will be held next monday afternoon at the Community House Dorrance and Cedar streets. The fact that the Chautauqua will be held the second week in june has influenced the ladies to meet one week earlier in order that any of the members wishing to attend the monday afternoon entertainment will not he prevented from doing so by the thought that their duty would Call them to the auxiliary meeting. Mrs. Frank Baldwin the worthy president of the ladies requests that a full attendance turn out on monday in order that several matters of great importance which must be discussed May be heard by the great majority of those interested in this most 1 work. The Croydon improvement association will hold its monthly meeting Oil saturday june till. All members Are urged to be present As matters of importance will be brought before the association and will be acted upon at this meeting. The association is working for the betterment of the citizens of Croydon and deserves the undivided support of every resident. Iii their notices of the june meeting they set Forth facts on what this association has accomplished in the Way of bettering the living conditions and adding to the progressiveness of the Community. Among things they have succeeded in get ting Are better mail service positive Promise of a school by the opening of the fall school term electric lights before the summer has passed and the purchasing of ground and plans tor erection of a fire House. I Here Are still some residents who have not signed up with this live wire Hunch who do things and to them a special invitation is extended to be at the june 41ii meeting. The Croydon improvement association should not be confused with the Independent association As they have with this Organiza shortly before twelve of clock yesterday fire was discovered in the closet of the second Story front room in tile Home of Ira Wiltshire. 521 Maple Street. A Quick run by the a Best fire department in and prompt action by these volunteers upon their arrival saved the dwelling from probable demolition. The fire was put out with slight damage and was confined to the room where it was discovered. Chief Gilkeson stated that it was probably caused by spontaneous combust Ion. Mrs. Wiltshire who is the Mother of twelve children the youngest of whom is hut two weeks old was removed to a neighbouring Home when the alarm was sounded and will not suffer any unfavourable results from her experience. Pleasantly surprised on eighteenth birthday Bristol boy scouts enjoy Camp life forty of them in charge of Rev. Hartmann spend three Days on Burlington Island Tho k not i him on worthy no connections j Tion. Many friends of Milton of Bridgewater surprised his eighteenth birthday by arranging for a party held at the Home of his parents or. And mrs. D. Cherry Knoth. On saturday evening last. Dancing was the main feature of the evening. Or. Edward a it and miss Frances Thompson gave a dance to the enjoyment of t Hose present. Miss Helen Conly gave a piano Solo. The lion of the evening received Many useful presents. His Mother presented him with a Gold ring. Eracli guest received six carnations the Young ladies were White while those of the Young men were Coral. The decorations dining and other rooms and White. The guests included list misses mat of the were Coral the following _ y Aud Helen Conly. Mary Bennett. Margaret Callahan katmai me Gaffney Frances Thompson Mary Mcginley Katharine la go Vera Legg Mary claim Anna Rickard Hazel Jones Spencer Wellington. Of Philadelphia Edward Gross Lester Williams Bob Murry Edward Hunter Freddy Keihl Joe Wheeler and or. Milton Williams. The boy scouts of Bristol camped on Burlington Island from Friday afternoon until monday afternoon and the Camp while not so great in the number of scouts attending As some others have been was one of the most successful from every Point of View that has been held in this Vicinity. Rev. Henry Hartmann of the presbyterian Church was in charge of the Encampment and from saturday night until monday morning during his absence attending to his pastoral duties or. G. A. Bisbee looked after the boys. There were fifteen tents of different sizes pitched at the upper end of the Island to accommodate the forty one boys in attendance. The boys All prepared their own individual meals excepting the Cocoa which was supplied by the troop. A happier and heartier set of boys would have been hard to find than these enthusiastic youngsters on their Way Home from their several Days Outing. The watches Friday night the first night of the Camp were As follows to to 12, Lecompte w. Fine. Stephenson 12 to 2, Carson. Harper x. Hoffman 2 to 4. W. White. J. Hoffman. In Townsend and 4 to a Melvin Johnson Joe Pettit n. Hetherington. Saturday night guards. 9 to 12, Thomas Bunting Jackson 12 to 2, h. Bisbee r. Lehman Evans 2 to 4, i. Hoffman Strumfels. Bersek and 4to a j. Townsend. Earle Meyers sunday night guards 9 to 12, Lawrence Brooks Ancker 12 to 2, Lecompte n. Hoffman Moys 2 to 4�?z Breece Smoyer m. Castor 4to a Kite Jenks and Scott. The boys in Camp we Ere Cooper Lecompte will Fine Daivid Stephenson Chester Carson Horace Harper Wilson Hoffman William White j. Hoffman Herbert Townsend Melvin Johnson Joe Pettit Norman Hetherington Francis Thomas c. Bunting Earl Jackson in Bisbee a. Bisbee it. Lehman c. Evans i. Hoffman l. Strumfels h. Bersek j. Townsend p. Earle it. Myers la. Lawrence r. Brooks n. Breece j. Smoyer. Carl Castor j. Kite it. Jenks of. Castor j. Scott l. Moss c. Ancker c. Stoneback w. Conley w. Highland and r. Johnson

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