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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 29, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania The Independent gets the patronage of advertisers without lying about its circulation. The Anderson s hosts of pleasant Auto trip nomination for Burgess and tax collector if Thuv consent to make contest a merry party went by Auto on Ruinn Point pleasant. After j at Point pleasant inn. The croup of friends nine in All pro-0 e e i or. Andersons car to singing rocks and High Falls near a As ton. Or. Leedom a car was very tiled and had to be left at Point pleasant Arni used on the return trip o Bristol while or. Andersons car accommodated the nine to ringing rocks Arn the Falls. I lie occupants were i Clifford l. Anderson or. A daily excuse again misleads the Public by statement that they alone Are responsible a or contributions to legion music fund Louis Spring miss Gertrude and and i s. Mrs. Mrs. Jesse the coloured and italian voters endorse them Kobold Challenge a a Roberts miss Ger Tnp nude Spring. Or. And mrs. Walter r. Lee Dom. Return 8 .30 p. M. Supper the Anderson Home. Was was made served at at men about town strongly in favor of this combination a they would be unbeatable coloured come unto club investigate the political pot is nicely thank you the bomb dropped by the Independent last week when it announced a list of candidates for office As spoken of and suggested by the people of the town has thrown quite a Shock in the ranks of the organization. They must figure that the Only Man with whom they can win the nomination for Burgess of the Borough is Clifford Anderson. Hard Luck for Clifford Anderson months ago announced that he would not accept the nomination under any condition and he is the sort of Man whose mind is not changed easily. Of course he has the privilege of changing his mind if he cares to As he has Given no Promise not to run the chances of his running Are slim. The name of Franklin Gilkeson As a candidate of the people in the Republican primaries has met with great favor. He on the ticket for Burgess and will Fine for the office of tax collector would carry All before them. Neither of these gentlemen have stated whether they would or would not stand but if they do stand they Are As Good As nominated right now and the Republican nomination is the same As being elected. The coloured welfare Alliance which is composed of the great majority of coloured voters of the Borough will stand solidly behind these two candidates in fact they have declared themselves of being in favor of them. The italians of the Borough will also support these two men. And both of these two bodies of voters have heretofore been Strong organization factors. With the rank and file of the firemen of the town standing behind them As it is most Likely they would do and with their fellow Lodge members and members of other organizations with whom they Are affiliated getting out and doing heir share toward nominating them the result can he looked upon As about a foregone conclusion. Of the other candidates or Likely candidates suggested. John Smoyer of the first Ward is the Only one who has positively declared his intention of running for Council. He will circulate his petition Early in the week and As John has a number of people in his Ward who Are confident of his unquestionable ability to fill the position with Honor he will have no difficulty getting signers and will get the nominating votes As Well. A sem Bland of an organization to a Buck the ring will he formed next week and candidates or prospective candidates will be approached in an attempt to have them positively commit themselves. Simmering the disposition Charles Kline of the person of institution commitment delayed the Bristol coloured Community club recently interested themselves in the Case of Charles Kline the youth who was taken into custody last summer for pulling a false fire alarm. A they wrote to District attorney Hiram Kellar to ask where the boy was located at present and received word from the county official that since january 9th, the boy has been an inmate of a Pennsylvania institution for the feeble minded. I he members of the club cannot quite reason out Why the boy was kept in Doylestown from july i stir when they petitioned the court to have him sent to the above institution until january 9th. They Are under the impression that after their petition was submitted the court ordered the boys commitment to the institution for treatment of his condition of mind. They admit Uliey might have misunderstood the order but if the order was Given Iii july they see no reason for keeping the boy Iii the jail at Doylestown from that time until after Hie first of the year. Re hey feel that the Case May have been overlooked by the authorities and if it was the boy who is a charge on the county certainly did not get the Best of the neglect by being held an inmate of jail when he should have been in an institution where efforts could be made to better his condition. I hat the Bristol courier would mislead its advertisers about its Cir filiation was not a great Surprise to editor of the Independent whose on this score they so far ignored As some publishers particularly of Small town political personal organs Are prone to brag a Little but that any paper political or otherwise would editorially or re Porto tally make a misstatement of facts about a matter of so vital Public importance As the fund for proper military honors being afforded the returned hero dead is past comprehension. Yet Bristol so Little daily a did just this. Oil last monday evening Iii an editorial. The publication above referred to brazenly stated the following a without any other solicitation than that made through the columns of the courier the patriotic and tender hearted citizens of Bristol have hastened to insure then following this misleading introduction is almost a column of Well written Praise for the people who gave and have Given and a glowing tribute to the returning soldiers who paid the supreme sacrifice. The part of the editorial that the Independent objects to and takes exception to is the opening paragraph dignified by being reprinted in this Issue. The Man who wrote that editorial knew or should have known. That the Appeal to the Public for funds was made in the Independent As Well As in his own publication. He and they know everything else which appears in this paper particularly careful Are they to read the slashers of advertising it publishes As it is by following this up that the Small measure of patronage which they have is secured. Careful Are they to read these ads and when they feel that they cannot reach the local Man write to foreign agencies in an attempt to take some of the business this paper enjoys from it. Their Success through these Small and Petty methods so far has been nil for the editor has friends in the agencies who cannot he Cadjo led by statements emanating from political Organ offices. The fact that the. Contributions from Day to Day to the fund before mentioned have been published in tile towns Only daily leads Many to believe that they were solicited or forwarded to that paper. This is not a fact for five dollars is All the Money turned Over by the paper itself to the fund and this came it is presumed from a collection among their employees. The editor regrets that so sacred a subject As a fund for the hero dead should he the innocent cause of an article of this nature but in Justice to this paper it had to be. Members of til legion when approached on the subject stated that the courier undoubtedly had assisted by their Well displayed publicity but that the Independent on the other hand had done its full share for this cause jus it has done for every other charitable or worthy object since the first Issue of the paper. A member of the committee of the legion handling this proposition states that the majority of Money contributed was pledged by personal solicitation. Trolley co. Repairing Bridge at Croydon be ii a a Tom Smith works his place above Edgely simply to feed his pets keeps nine horses and one Buffalo Bachelor showman Lover of animals has a Model farmhouse place is a revelation the Croydon Bridge is not. Falling Down it is being repaired. This j will indeed be Gladsome new s to Auto St and others who use the Bristol Pike Between Here and tor resale As tile Bridge has been in a terrible condition for some time i Back. I he t. B. Amp p. Trolley co., for some reason or other has assumed the obligation of keeping this Bridge in repairs so the work is being done with the Nickels and dimes the company collects from its riders. The by advising other Road from Bristol is blocked off att aqv1sm liner the Croydon station and Here Drivers Detour under the Railroad and so on out to the state Road. Women to their taxes but not to vote pay coloured help prey of this class time or owner of ground and a a Call your to tie to a Smith Story w Hen a Man loves animals he is the kind of a Man Safe to Friend. A Man a Safe such a Man is Quot Tom on Narn o to i i i Lei 1 wonderful tract of Model Home Between Edgely and Tullytown and Champion House remodeler of the world there Are few folks in Bristol and Vicinity who have not heard of a a Tom Smith partner of the late Buffalo Bill Many have seen him driving the wonderful team of Cream coloured horses that were the personal driving horses of col. Cody in parades through the town but there Are few w to know him and a Man is a privilege. It is always a privilege to know a arrival of steel delays Road work Concrete Road to Trenton May not be open for weeks to come the women a god bless them a the question has been asked the Quot to were expected to bring the Light editor very often of late a when will of political Freedom to Boss Ridden Concrete Road to Trenton be and Bucks county Are going them Dom influence being brought to Bear to keep household help from the polls the opened a the Only answer that can be Given at this time is a was soon us the steel arrives and is placed in Bridges crossing the canal and the who is not the Many. The writer from was an admirer of Man known really known by Early boyhood the late Plains to fail those who looked up to to cast off the shackles of Boss finance for they have gracefully Slid aboard the organization band Wagon the culverts along the and their husbands and Brothers it is a shame that the travelling who for so Many years have been do Public Are held up so Long by this ing the bidding of the Bosses Here work and if Dame Rumor can be re Are themselves now wearing the Yoke lied on it is All a piece of rank in of b08s servitude efficiency which causes it. Taking gentle Reader or Stern visage in tor consideration that it is a state one they Are going about advising Job this will be no Surprise to any Tleiji fellow women for whom they one. Instead of ordering the steel bought to get suffrage to pay their when the plans for the were decided on the order until the Concrete abut girders Bridges was held m Enta to hold the Cross beams had been built and then the measurements w Ere made. The Road work is practically Fin Louis dries 12th business birthday commemorated tomorrow saturday by the opening of a Mammoth anniversary Sale Cornwells state Bank is open threw its doors open for business pulled the to wednesday�?$30,000 deposited first Day Man and showman Buffalo Bill and shed and the graded approaches to As a boy Felt quite important when the Bridges have been filled in wait introduced to the then hero of All in amp for the Concrete top dressing Small boys in his show quarters at abutments for the girders and Ambrose Park Brooklyn. Yes in platform Are built and now work deed it made quite a hit with the is suspended and has been for some youth of the neighbourhood to think ays it awaiting the arrival of the that one of their number had shaken the hand that had held the Louis business cell brat in feast dries celebrates his twelfth birthday tomorrow he is s if not by a sumptuous but by a Barbecue of bargains miss Charlotte Betz recounts trip experiences tells of wonders she saw during her recent seven months tour miss Charlotte Betz who returned on Friday last from a seven months tour through the West and to Hawaii Speaks of it As the most delightful trip she has Ever taken. Miss Betz has toured Western and Southern Europe has been to Egypt and other countries has taken the trip through southwestern United states twice going by train. In comparing the trips miss Betz Speaks of the great advantages of going by Auto. The trip through the painted desert and the petrified forests was particularly delightful and Many Beautiful sections were visit which would have been missed. Had the travel been made by train. C cd Jutt n on the return trip from san fran says buddy de groot local agent Cisco to Kansas a distance of three i thousand Miles was covered. At i Newton Kansas miss Charlotte took the train and by Way of Chicago returned to her Home on the Twenty second. One Day while in Arizona miss Betz met an old Indian of the pen Blo tribe wearing a pair of Turquois matrix As earrings and taking a fancy to the same spoke to him in Spanish and offered him a Price for the rings and brought them Home As Quality and service secret of Success de for hath and Oakland cars qualifies statement for buddy de groot local agent the Nash and Oakland cars says that there Are other reasons than the fact that he makes attractive financial arrangements with his customers for his Selling the number of cars he turns Over each year. First and Foremost according to the ii trophies of the interview repressible a buddy a the cars them by recounting some of her exper selves have the Quality and in the fences while in Hawaii the sight of second place he gives service that seeing the flowing River of fire in has never been excelled by any looking Down the Crater of the vol Agency anywhere. A Cano Kib Anea which last year did so speaking of Quality lie noted a car much damage during an eruption recently purchased by Harold Ash Vas one never to be forgotten and was the most wonderful scene of any Ever witnessed during any of her travels. While staying for two months on the Island Koala miss Betz experienced two slight earthquake shocks. The social life of the Island was very similar to that of the Home town. Ladies indulged in card playing moving pictures and Etc. Miss Betz laughingly said no invitations extended were Ever turned Lown by any one. Tile natives of the Island after training made Good servants. In speaking of the native dress of the women the fact was brought out ton an employee of Joseph r. Grundy. This car an Oakland was driven by its owner while it was almost new to Boston and return in two and one half Days a distance of 640 Miles and on the entire trip 24 Miles to the gallon of Gas. Three quarts of Oil was All the lubrication used by the motor. This is remarkable for a new stiff engine and or. De Grout is naturally proud of the performance. As to the Nash models whenever Nash is spoken of de groot Points to his own Sedan that he put in service in the month of october 1919 a it has run All told 41.000 Miles Iii furniture and House furnishings such As never Hae been before offered in Bristol. This anniversary Sale is not the result of Over night figuring and the Hasty marking Down of Stock on hand it is the result of months of careful study and every wholesaler with whom or. Dries has dealt in his twelve years in business Here has Given him a special Price on some household bargain in order to make this Sale a memorable event. I we Ive years ago tomorrow july Joth 1909, Louis dries opened his first Bristol establishment at 141 Otter Street his beginning was not an auspicious one he started in a Small Way hut by his constant attention to business and his aptitude to get his customers just what they wanted at prices which they could afford to pay at once made his venture a Success am he started on the High Road of business Success. Feeling that he had the Confidence of the Bristol purchasing Public two j ears later he opened a larger store at 308 Mill Street which place of business he occupied until almost four years ago when he moved into his present spacious quarters. The Success of Louis dries is traceable to Only one thing and that is his fair dealing and Sterling qualities of honesty. His friends Are legion and among the foreign element in Bristol he stands upon the highest Pinnacle of business respect. This Sale which he tomorrow to commemorate his twelve years of business Success Here will be one that will Long he looked upon As an epoch in the pricing of furniture in this Section. His anniversary announcement will he found on another Page it it of til is Issue and a should be read carefully. One item in particular that is worthy of mention is a silk floss mattress $30.00 value offered at $14.50, that has been advertised by one of Philadelphia a leading department stores As a special bargain at $19.50, no later than wednesday of this week. Other articles Are offered in the portion ate values. Cornwells state Bank opened for business on wednesday Hist and a surprising Rush of the towns people along with Many from the surrounding country District were on hand to open an account in this first depository established in Bensalem township. As a proof that the people of Cornwells and Vicinity fell the need of a Safe place to put their savings deposits on the opening Day approximated nearly $30,000. I he Bank is a one Story Brick building 26x43 feet and the Interior is finished in mahogany which was handsomely embellished on the opening Day with numerous vases of Flowers and potted plants that gave to the surroundings a tone of luxury along with a most inviting appearance in which to transact financial business. A burglar proof vault is in evidence with 18-Inch Concrete Walls closed with a fireproof steel door six inches in thickness regulated with a time lock All of which gives the latest method of Security to deposits made in this new institution. A saving fund department is another feature of the equipment and three per cent will be paid on4 time savings. The officers of the Bank feel most sanguine of its Success by the result of the opening Day and Are greatly encouraged with the material appreciation of their efforts in giving to Cornwells an up to Date saving institution where their monies safely guarded by the Laws of Commonwealth. A the officers Are. President j. Lam Simons vice president Zschemisch second vice president j. Redding Jenks cashier Al Vail l. Lippincott stenographer miss Elsie Shellmire of Andalusia. Are this Wil Otto gun and bigger on the countless indians that the youth of two decades ago supposed to have fallen prey to the deadly aim of Rifle. The Man. Feels far More important in having met and listened to the one time partner of the White haired gentleman who Rode in a show Arena so gracefully. Smith is just Plain a a Tom to his friends his few friends and about him there is nope of the pomp and Glamour that so endeared the killer it buffaloes to the Youthful heart. Quiet Anil dry dry in More ways than one for this Man of the circus and horse trader extraordinary never in his life tasted liquor or used tobacco. Now Hack to the Story which is really about the fondness of animals of the subject of this so Ory and his wonderful Home which by the Way he has never occupied. Set Back from the Railroad about one Hundred Yards is a wonderful old Bouse old it was but inside it is new and about As near perfect a House As will be found on a farm within a radius of one Hundred Miles. Smith says that his Hobby is remodelling old houses and he has Ridden his Hobby to a a fair be Well a in bringing the Homestead on his farm up to its present Point of perfection. The Interior was a revelation to the writer and in each ode of its fourteen rooms surprises were sprung on the Newspaperman which made him open his Eye in wonderment and ask the question As to whether the owner in his younger Days had studied architecture. Hardwood floors throughout Walls Hung with paper that an Interior decorator could not have chosen with More taste. Every closet treated with a finish that can be washed Down and every bit of Woodwork in the House he taxes but ignore the Opportunity Given them to vote and leave the voting to the men folks. This is just what these suffragists Are doing but their efforts Are confined principally to the class of women who will be an unknown Quantity at the polls. These women some of the leaders of a Bris told a codfish aristocracy Are lowering their dignity so far As to go into their kitchens and laundries and advise their help particularly the coloured help to pay their taxes but not to bother to vote As voting is a Many a business. Skui you not picture them these women who live so far above their fellow mortals see them wearing the mask friendliness As steel work. The Concrete top dressing cannot be Laid until the girders arrive naturally the platforms cannot be put in place until these stanchions _. built to hold them and Lack of Bey go into the Kitchen or laundry foresight will hold up the finish of a and in a patronizing Way say to Load that is sorely needed. Mary or Jane or whoever May be in the meantime the riders w to theil Cook or laundress a it in foolish have business in Trenton Are forced Lor you to bother about voting a it is to bump themselves Oyer the terrible Stone Road or the other approaches to the Jersey capital and it is a question As to which one is really the hardest route to travel. Several residents of Emilie have called at this office and asked that the condition of the Stone Road be brought to the attention of the authorities but it is hopeless for Emilie to expect much or anything Lor they have the reputation of always voting for the machine and Here again the old time worn adage can be applied a what is the use of Uch a trouble to go to the polls Mark the ballot and put yourself to All the inconvenience that voting entails As for your taxes of course you will pay them but done to bother about voting. Of my no leave the voting to your men folks a hypocrisy personified and women made such glowing uses of what they would do they were Given the right to these prom if Only vote. Running after caught it a a car when you have god help the country were it left in the hands of such As these. Cai you beat it for monumental effrontery these women who have been shouting for years for equal rights to so far forget their former cry As to attempt to influence the hard working coloured women against exercising her right to suffrage it is outrageous but it just goes to show How far reaching the Power of the system who rules Bristol _ when they can not Only control the men who wish to bask in the smiles fast travelling coloured team will of he �?oa11 powerful one a but also influence the Good women to mix Hilldale to meet Fleisher yarn Cross bats with knitters merchant s Field sunday at it game of up organization same pro mrs. Stuckert gives dinner party to twelve mrs. C. Stuckert gave a dinner on saturday afternoon for some relatives. Covers were Laid for twelve. Those present were or. John Larue. Or. And mrs. James Larue miss Elizabeth Larue mrs. E. Bicking mrs. Ella Quinton and mrs. William b. Cook or. Mrs. Philip k. Conrad and Annie s. Groom. Or. And mrs and the majority of this distance was that although the climate was such covered before april 15th, for since a mrs. Harriet Carty warm one the dresses were always of m m that Date it has been Laid up most of of Black made very High at the neck hold on wed Esrov aft a a Ltd a the time through accidents. Us and skirts a i Long trains. The Itte howl a spa engine runs As smoothly today As it sugar Industry seemed to be the Only interment was mule engrossing labor and the presence cemetery of As Many japanese and chinese on deceased was in her lie streets gave the town a Orion her demise Afton Tai appearance. In speaking of the serving of meals miss Betz said they were always served on the porches. Did the Day it was turned out from the factory and the original paint Job is still on its Glossy sides. So far this season which he considers has been a rather backward one de groot has sold seventeen Oakland Saud eighteen Nash so before the first of september he confidently expects to at least double this record. He says a a there a a reason a Avenue and Iii Bristol i miss Alice b. Reich of Millville n. J., is spending two weeks with miss May Fox of 331 Radcliffe i Street. 67th year and weeks of illness was a Shock to Lier Large Circle of friends to whom she had endeared herself during the Many years she resided Here. She leaves one son Russel b. Carty who is Secretary of the Borough school Board and Board of i health i 1 where do they drive the Haynes at night who fur that Man Over big there Are two prominent Young men of Tullytown whose whereabouts has been a mystery to their Many friends the last few nights. It is whispered that the Young lady friends of these two Young bloods Are rust Cating at the Shore and As a consequence a while the Kittens Are away the mice will again it is said that a certain new Haynes car leaves Tullytown Early in the evening my when seen in the garage next morning it shows signs of having been driven far and hard. Attempts to learn of the direction taken by these two now lonely swains or of their ultimate destination on their mysterious nocturnal adventures have been unavailing but persistence if it has any virtue will surely Reward those who have been several times close on the Trail Only Toj Etc thrown off. There Are More High powered cars in Tullytown than this Haynes referred to above and they also Are making nightly trips hut they Are manned by Amateur Sherlock a anxious to get a line on the doings of the two a prominent ones a whose movements since the departure of their a ladies fair a have been veiled in mystery. Or. And mrs. George Silbert of Germantown were the week end guests of Nir. Silberto smother and sister of the cottage hotel on Radcliffe Street. Finished As carefully As a piano painting was done by a Painter knew How to paint and he was with the Best paint Money could buy. How under heavens name a who has travelled the country As an overseer and partner in circus ventures Ever found time to learn about the Little niceties required in a Model Home is More than the intelligence of the poor Scrivener can master. The rooms on the ground floor Are so spacious and Well Laid out that the place would make an Ideal Headquarters for a country club. The fact that there Are 255 acres on Smiths farm. Is an added reason that it would he an Ideal location. Within a stones throw of the House Are the barns great big Roomy structures with every device in place to make the handling of Hay and the grinding of feed easy. In tile largest of the two Are sheltered tile pets of the Bachelor owner the pets that were tile real inspiration for this Story. Three Lovely Little ponies the eldest of them twelve years of age who have never been broken to harness Are the particular Delight of their owner and he Calls them by name each one and they follow him As playfully As a dog. Two of them beauties in their marking and other a Beautiful Hay is notable her Loving disposition. I he stately team that pranced and 1 before the buckboard of Buffalo Bill in parades with the plainsman handling the ribbons Are the particular Pride of their owner. Hey have not been in harness for Mote than two years. Nip and tuck the Are named and wherever they May be on the place if they Are within hearing of their masters continued on Page nine the Fleisher yarn team will be the opponents of Hilldale on sunday at the merchants Field. The management of the baseball Enterprise at North Bristol were very much encouraged by the turnout last sunday and with Hilldale As the weekly attraction this wonderful outpouring of fans will More than Likely continue. The Fleisher team is one of the strongest White Semi professional teams travelling in the East and the fact that they will have in the Box Gerner an sex Cincinnati Pitcher Means that the coloured batsmen will have to Sharpen their batting optics in order to Hammer the Willow As is their custom when facing the Ordinary Semi professional Pitcher. The Madison stars were no match for the Hilldale team last week and went Down to defeat to the tune of la to 4. The present management cannot be blamed for this event As the stars were booked before they took Over the reins of management and when they secured the consent of Hilldale to play Here As the Home Book a team to their it Are the for learn it was too late to that would Force them most Endeavor. Rector in the Box and dullard behind the plate started off the game for Hilldale and in the latter part of the session. San top. The coloured a a babes Ruth went Back of the plate. There is no doubt hut what this player is the Star Backstop of the country barring none and if he were a White Man would be playing right now on one of the wealthier big league clubs. That he is a favorite Here was demonstrated by the reception he received when he stepped on the Field hut then that is nothing new for him for to is always Well received wherever he appears. He was rather peeved Over a called strike and the crowd razed him a Little but he took it Good Nat redly and the matter passed off with a smile. Lee who opened the game for the stars was knocked out of the Box Early and he was succeeded by Gillespie. Who fared not much better. Do not fail to turn out and Root for the Home team on sunday As the game will be Well contested and Well Worth seeing. In the dirty politics. Seems As if the women of Bristol particularly the thinking ones and those who Are supposed by educational advantages to stand head and shoulders above their less fortunate Sisters in the Community will not be the Means of cleansing the political atmosphere and freeing it from the stench of Bossis. No indeed they have failed and Are most of them safely seated on the organization bandwagon singing aeons of Praise tor a the who it is the Mea the Good sound headed and hard listed men who will turn the tide of Public resentment against this a one Many Power and once and for a1 rid this Community of the dominating in it lie Nee that for years has made Bristol the laughing Stock of South Eastern Pennsylvania. A Man who has travelled this country Over stated to the writer the other evening a witticism that will Bear repeating a Bristol is the Only town in the country of Over ten thousand inhabitants that cannot boast of a City or Borough think it Over you who have travelled or read extensively and see How ear right this Well travelled stranger is. Twelve Day tour by Bristol girls miss Margaret mall value of 4 09 Buckley Street and miss Mary Welsh of 451 Otter Street leave tomorrow for a Fine Outing of twelve Days. The objective Points Are Many and an interesting trip will engage every minute of the Young ladies time. After leaving Niagara Falls the tourists will take the boat for Toronto and from there go to Montreal and Quebec. A sail up the Saginaw will be taken. Pleasant roast held on Burlington Island last saturday a Doggie roast and Watermelon party was held on Burlington Island Given by miss Sarah Magill. There were twelve invited guests and they were mostly from Philadelphia. The Bristol guests were miss Mabel Evans mrs. Charles Dixon miss Ruth Mcgill and mrs. W. Magic

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