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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Jul 25 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 25, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants the classified advertisements of the Independent have tremendous pulling Power. Read them and profit our aim a i i to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by everybody to keep our columns clean to be constructive. Bristol pa., Friday july 25, 1930. 8 pages�?56 columns entered As second class matter at Post office at Bristol a five cents a copy. Sea scouts name their Headquarters the a is. S. S. Elks round about town of Surprise then came a Boyish Grin of embarrassment while those who already had been through the stunt joined in a Hearty horse laugh. Such things Are funnier when participated in than they Are in description especially when the participants for the most part Are men of dignity and standing. Good nature ruled the Roost and this and other stunts As Well As the marvelous dinner which was served under the Trees made the rotarians Happy As schoolboys. Skipping the town. Lately three men who had been in business Iii Mill Street skipped the town. One moved out in the Middle of the night another sold his business and then skedaddle and the third got himself some necessaries and drove away. I hat is a foolish tiling to do. One May temporarily escape from ones creditors but one cannot get away from one s self. We feel sorry for these men. Their judgment was bad. They cannot Start in business again without the fear that somebody they knew in Bristol will confront them. Until they Square themselves with the people they did business with and who trusted them they will have no peace and certainly no Success. Sometimes a Man thinks he is Clever enough to get away with a dishonest Deal. Maybe there Are some who do get away with dishonesty but they must hate themselves. And sooner or later they reap what they sow. It is much better to face the music and take what is coming to one openly and honestly. It May be hard but ifs easier than sneaking away in Tho night. A sea scout meeting was held in the elks Home on tuesday night at which time the scouts named their Headquarters or a ship a the s. S. S. Elks in Honor of the local Lodge which is sponsoring this unit. The scouts were instructed in the throwing and use of a life buoy by skipper a. Kempton Haynes and first mate John Johnson. The oath of the sea scouts w As repeated by the boys at the close of the meeting. The scouts elected Russell Unruh As Yeoman and j. Robert Hendricks and Fred Herman As coxswain. Coxswain Hendricks has charge of fort no. 2 Crew and coxswain Herman has charge of starboard no. I Crew. Meetings will be held Oil tuesdays of each week and will Start at 7 of clock. Dues were also decided upon by the boys. Starboard no. I Crew is made up of coxswain Herman Harry Smith Verdun Watt George Heaton. Port no. 2 Crew consists of coxswain Hendricks w. Kornstedt c. Hearn f. Bell and Russell Unruh. Harry Smith was chosen As officer of the deck for next tuesdays meeting. William la. Ii. Fine and Charles a. Hellyer members of the local ships committee were present at the meeting. Work has been started on the s. S. S. Elks meeting room adjoining the Anchor yacht club and within a few weeks it will be in readiness for the scouts. This building has been loaned the boys by Minot j. Hill. Two steel ships doors from a dismantled Eagle boat will be put in place this week in the building. These doors and other ship fittings were donated by the Bowden engineering company. The scouts during the last two weeks have been cleaning out their ship room and cutting Down weeds and Small Trees about the grounds. The building is ideally situated on the water front and when the boys get the work All done the a a ship will be Iii first class shape and something to be proud of. At the next meeting Many of the scouts will Start on their apprentice scout tests. Both men had been Active in apprehension of Beer runners and Drunken Auto Drivers but they lose jobs through own fault he made her think he was prosperous and 1 Well but she pays a Surprise visit to Frankford and everything a a 11 right now Bristol Croydon and Cornwells Heights youngsters take to arboreal life in search of Fame and fortunes perhaps big improvement. One of the most noticeable of the recent improvements along Mill Street is the redecoration of the front of b. A. Holmes stove and hardware store. With its new coat of paint and Bright sign the building stands out As never before. And the new awning which or. Holmes has erected adds to its attractiveness. The entire Job is a real improvement to the business District. Joseph it. Grundy miss Margaret Grundy and or. Ross v. Paterson who sailed from new York two weeks ago for a tour of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe Are believed not to be in the earthquake stricken area of Italy according to local representatives. Senator Grundy avid his party were ii Naples recently hut Are understood to have left there and now Are believed to be Iii the Region of Lake Luzerne Many Miles from the scene of the earthquake. Boys Iii Bristol and Vicinity have been hit hard by the tree sitting Bug. Unless something is done to Check the epidemic the Trees around Here Are going to look like rookeries with a boy perched on every limb. These youngsters Are going out for Fame or think they Are. They Are being fed by neighbourhood grocers interested parents and others who Admire whatever Quality it is that makes a tree Sitter. The list of arboreal dwellers up to yesterday afternoon was As follows Bristol William Miles 330 Cleveland Street and William Dowd 267 Roosevelt Street perched Iii a tree on the Landreth estate near a the Armand Bun Chin and Jim Mandeville More or less comfortable in a Buttonwood tree on mrs. Lincoln a property Tipper Radcliffe Street. Croydon William Evans and Thomas Evans nesting in a tree near their Home on Maine Street near Cedar Avenue Croydon. Cornwells Heights Karl Dapp. Of Badenhausen Lane roosting near his Home. Maybe there Are others a it he strange. Miles and Dowd Are 17 and 18 years old and Dapp is 13. With Miles and Dowd when they first went up was Howard Walker but when the terrific electrical storm came up tuesday afternoon Walker decided that the Birds nest was no for him and he went away there so Miles and Dowd had to begin All Over again. Another pair flew to the foliage wednesday evening Armand Bun Chin 122 4 Radcliffe Street and Jim Mandeville 1214 Radcliffe Street. They have built a Shack 6 by 3 feet in the big Buttonwood tree in the rear of mrs. Lincoln a property at the upper end of Radcliffe Street. They have a ground Crew of three boys who attend to their wants Felix Tomlinson Walter Tomlinson and George Mandeville. Young Dapp has been up since last thursday. He has built a tent Iii the tree near his Home and seems to be enjoying himself. His parents bring him food and Many friends and neighbors come to see him so he does no to get lonesome. The Evans boys in Croydon Are determined to get the tree sitting prize for Croydon. They have a sign posted on their tree a the Croydon two Lone they have a ground Crew of chums who get them everything they want and every two hours an official bulletin stating the time they have Bien aloft is posted on the trunk of their tree. They went up saturday night. Among their unusual luxuries is a rocking chair nailed to one of the boughs. One of those stories one reads about but which Seldom May be found in real life is contained in the reunion of flank gainer father of the film actress. Janet Gaynor and his famous daughter in Frankford last week. Or. Gainer until a few weeks ago had been employed for a time in Bristol by Charles Williamson or. Gainer being a professional paper Hanger and Painter. While be was Here Janet Gaynord a latest picture a a High society blues a was being shown at the grand theatre and manager Lynn knowing that the audiences would be interested in seeing and hearing the father of the Atar prevailed on him to appear before the screen and say a few wolds. He made two appearances and then disappeared and no one in town i earned to know what had become of him. As he was not in tile Best of health his friends were concerned about him. He had never let his famous daughter know that lie was not Iii affluent circumstances or that his health was not Good. An illustration of this was his conduct two years ago when the actress who was born and brought up Iii Germantown came to Philadelphia for a Short visit. Or. Gainer naturally wanted to see Lier but he did no to want her to know that he Wasny to sitting on top of the he borrowed some Money bought a $35 bouquet hired an expensive Cai and chauffeur rented a swell suit and called on his daughter at the botel where she was staying. When she asked about him lie told her that everything was great with him and departed. Somebody recently must have a tipped Oft the actress to the facts to Wever for last week she paid a eur Rise visit to Philadelphia and found her father at the Home it a relative in Frankford. She did not Tell anyone she was coining until about an hour before she arrived and a joyous reunion was had Between lather and daughter. Or. Gainer says that his famous daughter was born at 3.50 a. In. October 6, 19 06, in Wister Street Germantown and lived there until Che was about 8 years old. At that time he and Janet s Mother became estranged and the Mother took the child to Chicago. At the age of three or. Gainer said the child began to show ability As a mimic an liked to sing. He taught her various songs and also taught her tricks on the horizontal bar. The child was christened Laura and his nickname for her was he had been something of an actor in his younger Days and the daughter says that she inherited her ability from him. He Bas watched her Rise up the ladder of faille Quot seventh heaven a a sunny Side up a Quot the four devils a Quot High society blues a to mention a few of her successes with great Pride but never a move did he make to let her know that he Wasny to the most prosperous Interior decorator in Pennsylvania. Or. Gainer has the same Hazel eyes that Mark Janet and although he is now 62, those eyes have a merry twinkle. He is proud of his daughter but he has Pride of his own and he intends to Kee on a standing on his own feet just As Long As he can. Quot it was funny after she left a he said. Quot everybody wanted to know if she left me any Money. I told them i Hadnot asked for any. I can earn $10 a Day at my Trade As an Interior decorator. That takes care of More than my wants. And in a Only sixty two years Young. When i get old and decrepit i know a Lolly will not let me suffer. She told me she on wheels. Reckless bicycle Riding on Radcliffe and Mill streets Calls for Atten Ion. Saturday night an idiot on a bicycle came along Radcliffe Street on the wrong Side of the Road at a rate of Speed that would have done serious damage to anyone whom he might have hit and he missed us by lir be inches. He ran the risk of crashing head on into an automobile coming from Mill Street. The look killer will get that Bird soon or late. Who wants to be a cop we were talking with a Man who had been mentioned As a possible appointee to the police Force. Quot not me a he exclaimed. Quot there Are too Many Bosses la you Pinch a Man for Drunken driving some politician gets Busy and asks you to withdraw the charge and make it reckless driving. Of you Pinch a Bootlegger he to May prove to have a drag. If you get beaten up while pursuing your duty the Chap who walloped you May have friends whose votes the politicians think they need and you re out of Luck. Be a cop not for me a Relief from the heat. During the excessive heat Early Iii the week the Concrete pavements stored up the suns Energy and reflected it through the night making sleep difficult. If the Borough at such times would authorize the firemen or other proper persons to flush the streets it would add greatly to the Comfort of the people. Years ago before the development of Concrete and Macadam pavements sprinkling carts were common in Large communities. They Laid the dust and gave a temporary sense of coolness that was delightful. The modern pavement has eliminated most of the dust but it holds heat like a stove and occasional Flushing surely would make existence More comfortable during excessive hot spells. New bathing Beach. The dredges at work Iii the River Between Echo Beach and Andalusia have created a new Island which is declared to he an Ideal swimming plat. Last sunday More than a Hundred persons were bathing there coming by automobiles to both the Jersey and Pennsylvania shores and reaching the new Island by boats. he Sand there is said to be As smooth and Bard As at Atlantic City. A shallow place had been built up by the Deposit of Sand dredged from the River Bottom where the Channel is being deepened to 20 feet. Drowns in River in height of for Community sprinklers would be Welcome. Another inexpensive Means of adding to the Comfort of humanity especially the children is the Quot Street hundreds of these Are in use in Large cities. They Are Shower devices attached to Street hydrants turned on at certain hours of the Day for the children to enjoy. And what Delight they afford on a hot Day when the Sun bakes the streets and door Yards. The kids get into Timeir bathing suits or come out in their Cotton shirts and panties and what fun they have Iii the Spray How much safer than the canal such Cooling devices Are and How much better to have the children under their parents eyes three or four such showers might Well he installed Iii Bristol especially Iii those wards where there Are so Many children. Can t we do something to get them the terrific electrical storm that broke the intense heat wave tuesday evening took one life and did much damage to property in this Vicinity. Esau Lindquist whose parents live in Cleveland Ohio was blown into the River from one of the coffer dams of the Burlington Bristol Bridge while attempting to put a Concrete form for the pier in place. He started to swim for the Burlington Shore and companions immediately went to his Rescue but tile High w ind whippy d the surface of the River into High Waves and he went Down. His body was brought to the Shore within five minutes and although a Pul motor was applied and every Effort made to resuscitate him life was extinct. Lindquist was an employee of the Bravo contracting company which is building the piers. He is the second Bridge worker to be drowned since the work started in the Spring. Many Telephone lines were put out of commission and electric service was interrupted in some districts by the storm. Great damage was done to Trees and partly constructed , but they look grand the dark town Harmonica band boys Are sure a spiffy looking lot in their new regalia. Johnny Buss has trained them into a real musical organization and proof of this lies in their capture of a $75 Cash prize Iii the four county firemen a Parade in Easton last month. Their new uniform consists of White Duck trousers red shirt and Blue Sash a very effective combination of the National colors. Johnny Hopes to take the boys to some More competitions and he a confident they will win More prizes. Good Luck to them Jubilee tonight and tomorrow in Fergusonville Eddie Dowling s new picture at grand unusual local interest is being shown Iii the coming of Eddie dowlings new picture Quot Blaze of glory a to the grand theatre tomorrow afternoon and night because of the personal appearance of Dowling Here recently when he came to be the guest of the knights of Columbus at tile production by them of dowlings comedy. Quot Sally Irene and dowlings brother Henry coached the local cast of the play and when Eddie Dow Ling came to see How it was put of i St. Marks Hall was jammed. Ile met Many local people on the occasion of his visit and accordingly Many Bristo lians now have a sort of personal interest in Quot Blaze of men Are but grown up boys. Occasionally some event occurs that adds cumulative evidence to Tho truth of the time worn assertion that men Are but grown up boys. Such an occasion was the gathering of the rotary club last week at the Beautiful Home of or. And mrs. Ernest Gamble Iii Langhorne when the members were the guests of the Gamble family and had an indescribably perfect afternoon and evening. During the evening a a a reception was held by Quot president and mrs. Rosenfeld a at which some of Bristol a most distinguished citizens were Burgess Anderson personified the fictitious president and mrs. Gamble took the part of Quot mrs. one by one the guests who had been assigned to play the parts of attendants at the reception came Down the stairs tor presentation. Or. Gamble made i a flowery speech extolling the Virtues of each who came to the Quot reception a the Quot president expressed the overwhelming gratification he Felt at the presence of such distinguished guests Shook hands and presented the guest to Quot mrs. Rosenfeld a who greeted him effusively and extended her hand which was grasped by the Quot president a leaving the guest standing with outstretched hand and nobody to shake it. At first the guests expression was on Bracken Post Lawn fete and Block party begins Robert w. Bracken Post american legion opened its Block party and Lawn fete last night Iii Cedar Street and at the Post grounds on Radcliffe Street. A Good crowd turned out particular interest being shown Iii the new baby Golf course that has been Laid out on the grounds. The craze for baby Golf has hit thousands and the course was popular last night. There Are All sorts of attractions for those who wish to help the legion Post raise Money with which to reduce the mortgage on the memorial Home. Local merchants have exhibits at the fete there is Good music and a Jolly Good time. The fete will continue tonight and tomorrow night and next thursday Friday and wreck victims recovering from injuries local men who were injured Iii the wreck of a Pennsylvania express at South Elizabeth n. J., last saturday evening Are getting along Well. William c. Wright of 710 Pine Street is still in a Hospital in Elizabeth suffering from injuries about the head body and stomach. Sergt. Thomas Tanner of the Pennsylvania Railroad police who lives at 231 Lafayette Street had three stitches taken in his ear and suffered Many bruises. Ambrose k. Summers of Edgely had lacerations about the head that required seven stitches. Tanner and Summers have returned to their Homes. Or. And mrs. Mervel Durham of 1007 Pond Street entertained Over the week end or. Durhams brother from Delaware

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