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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 22, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Nagl Impi ifs. The Independent gets the patronage of advertisers without lying about its circulation. Five cents the copy own candidates in the primary september Bristol girls to Camp at Manasquan. N. J. A miss Anna pop Ltd a. One of Bristol s a g i be Hoot teachers will chaperone a party of about Twenty Bristol who intend going into Camp 0,11 j.1y 30th to August 6th at Manasquan n. J. Ai this writing those who have prepared to go Are miss Dorothy Lovett miss Ethel Cohen miss Mary Bine miss Billian Irwin miss Irma Tellyer miss Matilda Cohen mis. Abcs Yates miss Florence Edwards the one who offers to make youh1 mib faucets which Are not charged for water department could add to their income by careful inspection around town Rich in no time Louise Kniskern and Liel Lings. I ii an Hendricks miss miss Marian Copper stocks being floated in Bristol Many investors will never get even one Penny return on their Money J. Arnold is not a father of Parks beware of the a get Rich Quick i Vendor of Copper or other stocks sold to you by smooth talking St rangers refuses the parental Toga conferred on him shrinks from efforts finance plan the it i he Independent christened Harry w1. Arnold recently elected by Conn you do Bly Stock Oil to till the unexpired term of the buy from a reliable broker whom you Law i Harvey s. Rue the a father of know and one whose advice you can 1 it there were such a depend upon. Despite the fact that know Quot As in christening.,.lins paper would perform it on Money is said to be tight in Bristol Harry for he has been tried and there have been any number of local found wanting. The Wail of the new merchants and others who have re i councilman has whiskers on it As gently bought Stock in Copper mines. A eng As Methuselah wore when he some which Are in existence and was nine Hundred years old. It is some which have never even been by same old Story a where will we started. Get the Money Quot one of Bristol a most influential in t that a Tine stand for a Busi citizens and a Cai Etui investor him Ness Man to take on a matter of vital self has investigated some of these Public importance would it not be curries that have been bought Here much More commendable for him to and finds that they will never even devise ways and Means of raising bring a return of the capital Origi the Money or better still dig up a Nally inverted to the local folks who Way to save sufficient Money from were foolish enough to take a Chance funds now received by tin Borough. With their Money. This gentlemen to make these improvements Sug in speaking of Hie subject yesterday bested the fixing of tile Mill said Street wharf included. A Copper has and other stocks Are in a conversation with the editor being freely floated and sold in Bris of this paper a week or so ago. Some of these stocks Hare been councilman Arnold stated in answer Tol recently investigated by by Cera i of to a suggestion that it was impose the most influential investment Bible to run a Community govern companies and their patrons Are adment with principles applied in Pri Vised to severely let them alone Vale business enterprises. Much As Why do some people seek these a get third paper regrets to contradict a Rich Quick concerns and lose All. Man of the Sterling Worth of or. When there Are such Safe invest Arnold and furthermore dispute the meats at Home such As building and possibility of operating a Munici loan associations elegantly Man Pality on strictly business lines it is aged by Good business men. Only imperative for the Good of Bristol one or two per cent of investment that this stand be taken. It is a securities peddled around the Street matter of record that there Are two Ever materialized so beware or. In Hundred and twelve municipalities Vestor before you Are Iii this country handled by town managers. Not men elected because Teddy of c a Atni Nirk to they happen to be Good Fellows i la in in id Lii Vij Llull i Hin Good spenders or otherwise but men chosen because they have Learned the business of City this is just a Little tip to the water department of the Borough. Not i hut the department is not fully qualified to look after its own interests but sometimes even perfectly oiled organizations strike a Snag and Tail to function As they should. There Are a number of faucets in this Borough which the Borough know nothing of As a consequent the owners of these faucets Art never charged for their convenience and the other water users of the town who Are less fortunate or probably just a trifle More honest a forced to Bear a greater share of the Burden of water costs than should be. There Are folks in town who do their own plumbing work they put in their own stationery tubs Wash pages and etc., As a result there is no report made by plumbers to the water department and As there Are no inspectors looking Over tile various premises of the town these folks who do their own work get Iway with paying the minimum charge for water convenience. Seems to be rather unfair that Soith folks Are forced to pay for the water they use by a t a or lug meter while others can play their Hose All Day Long if they care to and Pix the smallest of rates. These matters should be adjusted by the appointment of an inspector if Pessary. 21 St Speed Ellis headed for sunny Japan Everett Ellis known As a a Speed Ellis h As been heard from lately by one of his Bristol friends. It May be remembered that last year or. Ellis was made famous through the fact that he was selected As one to take part in the olympic games in Belgium. Or. Ellis is now on his Way to California and was heard from at Panama. Trolley co. Are not delaying re. Work Otter Street and Radcliffe Street pavement not being held up by them there seems to be. A general in Lite runner left Baltimore on july pression around town that to i Lith and expects to sail from Call reason Mill and Radcliffe Street. Forma tor a a a a a a a a a nearly a victim at a death trap is because Lite trolley company is not in a position to fix tracks and roadbed up their in the manner the state demands before they Lay permanent state roads. This is a fallacy and has of y Tami j Cie i. J 110 i of i m. J. Hill. Trolley manager has a prepared right no foundation of close Calls menace should be closed fact. The trolley company is As Well now to take care of Lim a death trap is Honing in All its glory near accidents occur never even mentioned any exigency which May arise As they probably Ever will be by this it is not implied that the trolley company is rolling in wealth trolley companies never Are. The fact that this now ties and rails Russel b. Carty Anc Franklin Gilkeson spoken of a c candidates of people Poi Burgess William In Fine proposed for office of tax collector a a Joe Grundy and a a Peter Minster to be denied right to choose candidates this year with the fall primaries but two my re Bush a no i Icay or Nob Ica ols i i i picking candidates and seems probable candidates but they fail to Ber of nits no Good reason wily one men consider it a life right. This to be the sentiment of a Nuriu. People who claim that the year there will be a m w element in a Quot so Ood of Tulp town who will the local Field which Quot Uncle Minster and Quot Joe Quot Grundy have take into consideration that never before been still tune my Usu mat us company Laid and daily new ties and rails in Tullytown which Are when the necessity arose for the n n so common positive proof that when the Road t Nave they become. Last week an a Laid through Bristol if it a i i Bitont almost secured which would Laid they will also be ready to i t Cire robbed Bristol of one of its Best care of their share Here. No citizens Ami it cannot pass without re add it is not the trolley called upon to on rend Villi. The Independent in the Field and As there two Quot l f Llevat m in a lie future should step out and take the reins of dicta Tion from the hands of those now holding them. A will Quot Fine is a ii High years is Many a Democrat who in former Ever Vot ? chary word for has been forced to vote for he in is Ltd it his to i i Iene pathetic Paradox at North Bristol family now sheltered in old Lan Dreth mansion Long to return to simple surroundings at r. R. Crossings same As or. Managing Arnold Learned the Many and varied have been the paradoxes developed by the late world War. The enemies of yesterday fought Side by Siee As allies while nations with holy alliances Tore at one another with secret pacts lying undisturbed in the archives of their respective Cornu Lee. Imperialists fought to overthrow imperialism. Ai ii ii Arista lined up with democrats to abolish militarism and so in scores of instances Paradox after Paradox has come out of the european Slaughter. Just a Little North of the Borough line Iii Bristol there is a very poor a iring Hood. Minot j. Hill. The genial manager of the trolley company w As the party of the second part ii this mar crash and he is ooh valuable a Type of Man to by snuffed opt through the glaringly neglectful conditions which exists Ai this terrible spot. A company 11 1 a it bigoted poll titans who Art holding up this much ii prove out Here. The personally Clisten and approved Una an extensive one it it a candidates handed to him a a a a 7 t of faithful ballots of his respective party or Bank de i primers National else stay away from the polls. Straight line no a kit ways by in 8 the fact that this news Mer his j 0 Republican and while convince people Quot a tits t t y a dentil a i with the to express an opinion that in in he it. Be acceptable even to i opposite to dial of die ruling Powers arbiter Quot of c Noldt 1�?T themselves thet a a 1 inn. Has Given a urn dire not a Ami who a a Arie politicians of the Date must of what is the use of giving Bristol Good roads Bristol always votes the right Way and the Medley to. Iii j a a better spent in communities a id was driving his Franklin where there is a balance of Power Cai from the towns de approach of and a Chanco of overthrow in the the Nap when one of the mad men machine Quot no use no who can get a License to drive a car chasing a car after you have eau lit Gay paying a Dollar despite their it Quot seems to be their attitude qualifications to drive came Burd-1 there is Only one other id be is Ling Over the Bridge from the Hie world where a stretch of a Ivy a promised land Side. No warning ment As bad As that from the Otter 8 e tans person Bent on getting Street Railroad Bridge to the Creek fun vt1 ,1 he almost crashed on upper Radcliffe Street can by brought to n or far 1which wag found cunning through a municipal to a h up j16 became Bel by and that is the stretch from the Lig Erent and re used to Back up. The end of the fails coma that a i Sun for office pit is themselves and democratic on occasion rather freely which �?~ll10 ,i8�?~er fear Shaf they win branches Are by nosed Quot to it his it occurs Tom xviii hate Shoil of in dates medium in which to Tell the general where ate store a the Arre Nulu who ii inv wore denied 1 stored i that under this form of government this country and its various function. Trolley Man of course backed Down through the heart of the Hill and allowed the person to but Morrisville also is ii Buck a when Antei trin have u floss county. And the same old adage can limn d condition becomes so be applied there As Morrisville Folk odious that men like or. Hill Are in fare All welded firmly to the machine. Iii a Conix Ersa Tion with should be relegated to Public Why they were denied Quot the us Quot it s,0 Edl be things of the ?.rmr.obh�nb,.a-hi�?os-Poii bad a �-t.1 10 do the disclosed to hic Public Kae and or a Friend �?o8ked othe1 evening by that reason those who h.,c. It a. A Al Friend As to a Friend a and talked freely for be Era week s h past have still their positions. Politics in fact a Quot a i Here is an Independent movement eds never consider afoot in this Borough that will Svec on it ins the political lists and All before it. Candidates Are Betag col Ltd once your question discussed in the places where me a no to tag of Quot 1 have a nov Quot univ in. A. A gainer and discussed openly Nan would make an Ideal candidate for this angered in crossing it is menace to in a conversation with or. Mac he Coull of i baby it to lbs Etha Kenzie of Eddington the other a sly Ami lk1.le physician stated that one of the bul Hie Ess w to Are safety of the he making of he Hup he fur planks torn up and rotted authorities should Force company to make repairs a. The family by the name of Hohulin who p., in. Allinie y Are specialists Are living a paradoxical life due to the War. The head of the family was in their line. Business men who apply one principal to their own business and allow Oiler principals to be applied to Public their endeavours Are not the right Type to guide the a any Community. Because a Man is some weeks ago William re Eire a Money flaking Wool manufacturer of the Arm of Peirce amp William i successful Butcher or a merchant to enjoys a Large Trade is no was thrown from his bicycle Iii reason that he will manage correctly crossing one of the Many Railroad and economically a municipality sidetracks in the town. He called a at ibis office with a request that this paper urge upon the authorities the necessity of having these Cross lugs repaired. He had with him at the time a note which lie showed the editor said note was addressed to Engineer Roberts and it decried Bristol hebrews renew pledges among those a whose services were no longer required a when the great shipyard of the Harriman corporation had closed its gales shortly after destiny of the signing of the armistice and hundreds of Harriman residents dependent upon the shipbuilding Plant for employment were Iii a quandary As to How to earn a Liveri Hood. In due time the source of the family income having run dry ii was Only natural that the landlord who Iii this Case the e. F. C., was likewise shut off irom his rents. Those who had Laid by a sum for a Rainy Day did not feel the effects of unemployment immediately but Iii Many cases and the one of the Rohlin worn to look after reasons he was glad to get out Vino Community take Bristol was the awful conditions but h my h y c0ilditiom r Tlle Here. He state that Autilio cities have no intention of1 had broken six Springs on i. Nubile Reo a Rotsma Safe for the Mobile in As Many month to Irene should close it Titer stated that people living Down two s. a Illie Pike "0,1ld not drive to Bristol of in ii h in. Rcv by y ��?o1 to.sh�1�?o the fear that their a y la u Quot i a this Chines would be damaged Over the Oil Sahi a in a Pask 0ii a Tillei r0ads beyond repair. This certainly with the re lilt to Bride a 1 1101 giving Bristol tradesmen a fair with the result that both cars had shake for their fenders badly crushed. A their Money position and that one Foi that. I heard on every Side. The old habit of waiting to see who is dished up to fill the various offices to be contested for. Seems to have been entirely forgotten. Years has been dominated by its strongest character for no other t Ca so n than that no positive Charlet Cis other than this one Are Ever Blower co run on the Republican ticket is also being carefully con the tact that the name of Angelo i Warda Are a Mcl Var a us i Kenzo is the Only one so far made lending Genet ally Public As a candidate Foi Burgess has caused a number nil in it my nun or other names to be mentioned adm not ? Tlley cast their Vole biting to hold this High office which Able to stand ale who wil1 be w Hile it a been looked upon As an land state and tired of their represent up on their two feet the desires of their St it cents Are being talked of and Man filling it. A Quot i t8? 111011 ale of the calibre 1---- Russel b. Carty of 316 Leffie nil stumped by the old time worn a flute was one of the Earl tast i the Haye. To Money Quot they will Iono iary position Only could Betti tudy a ,1,5s Oliner con a a Lvi Portan with the right i Chese men Are of the calibre who will Bracken Puchino funerals sunday Hilldale team to play Here weekly both of these returned heroes to be buried with full military honors new management of merchants Field announce coloured team As Home attraction the i by ii ties advanced by the it Progs-1 marlpk1 Priit Atlee and a key a Ive end of the Republican to to it Back of it to suggest reason Why claiming that his la in Businesslike ways and copyable to the Xarious f a Mons in for t a j a necessary funds he Borough and that he would in the sect new red 1?&Quot demands nffit.i.,1 Ond Voird the names of whether or. Carty has ass it pro chert. A writer la Jess be. A re if knowing. From the opinion sex lace the former t on yen to 1 die pressed by his friends he certainly Ber w Monc ii f 8 Lenin would make an Ideal Burgees and ant led tar his a me who would not take orders from i quetio77 , itnd.i.0. My anyone. His recent appointment As audit to a. .l,. Y 9 fearless Man much Secretary of the Board of education i in ill in a a inhibition measures in nay have been a Stra Getic move on anicndmenteiglu1efnth management of merchants Hie part of the Powers but Stra Getic Quot a 1 a bought possible. Pri in particular the shutdown the condition of the Crossings on the contributions to War sufferers fund came like a Bolt from a Clear sky. Old line of the Railroad As Well As on q mra. Rohlin Laid her Case before the sidings used crossing streets for will be made for another the housing department of the the convenience of Industrial plants. Year emergency Fleet corporation and that the at once the officials took up the mat ter of finding shelter the body of Robert a. , Harriman wherein n Day base or otherwise he Viii Nair an Excell i Hird Avard Wesley Spencer mate loth machine gun Battal i Bah games Are played has again Lent official even holding this i live who As a Rupi Esentad a ii. Who avas killed in action in the Chan a hands and this time two Mon would not interfere with he Himi in a be sure of winning. 5 have taken lining in the primary and if he toll ill l he would Aglee Ament and runs he will receive tile nomination amm Man t ? 18 a Mem be Bristol real and this statement is made without total a a cd a he us Hilldale qualification. Owned Hor t,0n of a 1918, Aniced in Bristol at 6.01 last Over a be reins of government evening and was immediately taken i they Promise the fans of to his late Home 531 Linden Street baseball with the famous mt.ua.,intr no a i Oung Bracken for whom the local a Cam As the Home attraction. These then there is Franklin Gilkeson in ill1 ?0s\ As. An organization american legion Post was named men messes. George Thomas and an the chief of the Best fire depart div Iunisi rn1 tics obey a in was the first Bristol boy to make Drew Jaeger have booked for their ment in Pennsylvania. He would it Mil u 1 w considerable in the supreme sacrifice in the late War. Mining attraction on sunday the make an Ideal candidate for this been Vij i a to tent they have i he funeral will be held from his Hilldale and the Madison stars. High office and he too might win i in hat a ruin no Powers Mot he1 s residence where the pres the arrangements for the playing the regular Republican nomination l Luton Olough wl11 not be for property adjoining the i la11 801 ice will be read by Rev. Hilldale Here every sunday if he would agree to St and or Ollice. In ,. Ii kit Tver Marti ret it Tif l111 Ariit kudu. Sunday afternoon a8 inst teams to be announced each in fact it Lias been said that if this ires Quot Aid the Only name at two o clock. Internment will be week have not quite been perfected Young lawyer wished to enter poli he Ihl Council not advanced made in Bristol cemetery where is the management of this fast tics and take Trio no tips ,. A system is that of John military by later or. Peirce asked Story be not published As he had received Assurance from someone that the Crossings would be fixed in fact that work had already started on them. The fact is that work was really started on Tho Walnut Street crossing and in place of the old Rotten planks a Macadam dressing was put Between the tracks but Here the Woik started and there it finished. Jefferson Avenue crossing Back of the big White Mill is in a disgraceful condition. The Driver of a car has to pick his Way in order to find solid planks to pass Over. Dona Nee Street is in still worse condition Lyid so on Down the line. It seems to the uninterested onlooker that Here is a Chance for tile authorities to do something for the citizens of the town without spending Money. Surely the old cry of poverty cannot be advanced in regard to this condition As the Powers can simply Force the Railroad company to make these most necessary repairs if they will Only do it. Will they pneumonia claims Stewart baby an infant child of or. And mrs. Stewart of Jackson Street Harriman who was taken suddenly ill last week and moved to Harriman Hospital died tuesday morning. The child s malady having developed into pneumonia Lii Chi treatment failed to overcome. For Sale invalids wheel chair in excellent conditions Price reasonable. Inquire cottage hotel Radcliffe Street. 7-15-21 for the foul at Tim recent meeting of the con children the husband and Wile Gre gation Savath Achim of Bristol on the the president Louis dries asked the Harriman Tow site though part of members to again renew their an the company a holdings stands the mull pledges for the War sufferers Landreth mansion. Ever since the fund which had been instituted by Purchase of the Tow site ground this organization since the Advent of this Beautiful Home has stood vacant. Tin world War. It was this veritable Castle that the although the War has Long since emergency Fleet corporation turned ceased these contributions to tile Over to the Roxlina As their Home suffering Peoples of Europe have and their few belongings were for flowed steadily from Ute Treasury of with moved to Bloomsdale mansion. The local synagogue and until such it was Here but a few years Back time As the re construction of Indus the elite of Penns tries overseas shall be an a cum Able circles frequently pushed fact the human privations functions befitting Only those of the a nou a up Lii Cetl to a minimum these monies upper classes. Within its mahogany Hie Quot burial a Lorwan Walls anti expensive trimmings the a thousand of dollars have been laughter of fair women and Gay men contributed thus far by this handful resounded Over the place. The of men from the jewish population Trees and shrubbery surrounding the of Bristol and thousands More will Home is said to be among the finest undoubtedly be necessary before a specimens in this Section of the state of not Matey has been Stab country Many of them having been used. J imported from foreign climes and i. Jos Singer in Iii Cli Iii so of i lie i Nils Puii Ted hero Crout Cost to fund or. Landreth. On the to pact us him w Here once tile socially elect mrs. John Milligan quoits and croquet now gambol mrs. T ath at prot r do in s Lour kiddies. With a punctured rubber Ball and a Lone a a some Kitten that has been the a tie funeral of the late mrs. John family pet for months. Milligan who passed away last Fri How does it feel to live Iii a Man Day was held on tuesday morning Sion surrounded Iii an atmosphere of to. ,., Hospital no. Their names to a contract. The in the Borough and this Beatin Ion Ifilio in France. September Cro Quot it i which turns out to wit Ness 11e? ministered following right on a wino a n i e0l< from St., a n i no game on sunday will have a heels of the severe thrashing recently i. To a Bloch sunday morn great Ileal to do with the final con Given them in the state would make it xxiv cd left nov i t ii 11 a we re a solemn Quot mation of the contract so if you chief Gilkeson Ivl Vanias a fashion 8 requiem mass w ill be chanted. A a a fan and want Antly lathered for a where an we Hgt Quot a club Quot Only those of the cemetery where the american leg a he week turn out by the positive character who questions his time years a Broad minded Clear headed fellow who has weighed and discussed local ques a tens publicly and in private and t Eason that he cannot be handled has been kept in the Back a Tivon it nut Uii Keson a noted Chen gift ii Ireal baseball and the Hall of Congress would be Power ,.ty�?zin obtainable Here attainable to him and with this to no More background for John he will be one of the candid out sunday and sit Ion would naturally follow county v. I o ii ,. Soldier the help Tho Good cause along. And District a Date a a a he Republican ticket in the Hie Hilldale team with san top. Hands of seen will officiate at both funerals. In 1a re infantry band has been a Hite Briggs Rector Allen Downs Grundy. Age it Lxi Aad a hey Stevenson Francis Johnson and whether this Mallard in their line up Are As fast enter the lists. A j aggregation As any playing the the term of tax Muon Al pastime in this country to expires this year i i l mad Sou stars Aie polling mends of w. La. H of he fastest kind of a game at this to a Tiship now in he Erst Ward if he will Only consent to a i fight sure w inner will care to a in to nip o to beatable to make the run and he win Lily 11 problematical i fight in the primaries. Bath St. Top dressing resembles slag in the fifth Ward there is Ray. R. Neva Gold and John j. Mcgee both collector Kraft of them Able and capable and both no a number of of the Type who will not look for the Tine have men Liioi and who would not answer it if tune Only last thursday Giey play Ovi-lnfied1trjuntml in a to old they received it. This Type of re rho Independent has no Means of of the Bacarach giants ten innings incumbent of a Mrky i put can wiil his Borough it Vii 01,1 Bose Money it is that a on five and four finish j in it a draft from the Depths of Boss Ridden de l 1 paid for the material used to fill in with Hilldale Here Verv Munday. Vat in Tir a. ? of re Spond to the Heights of twentieth a he Hole and fix up the surface of Quot is dollars to doughnut that the. A lne 8 f ends and Century advancement and vim. Bath Street whether it was Bor grounds at s ii i from her late Home on Corson Street luxury yet lacking the things that a High mass of requiem Over the luxury has mrs. Rohlin says it is remains was celebrated at St. Boring lonesome at times but for Marks Church at to a. In., and in Hie welfare of the children not i Emmen a made in is. Mark very a i place. Btu just As Boon As a a cemetery under the direction of my husband gets steady employment a undertaker w. I. Murphy. Said mrs. Rohlin Fin going to move to a regular House with just enough 11 Quot its Borg funds at North Bristol will by. Ugh Money in the Money of an in crowded each week As the trim div dual it was a crime to spend always drawn Well in Bristol Good Money for the Quality of mater Ial used. Instead of cracked Stone Bristol Cottet Etc if seems More like slag it is soft j oru amp and now with Only a Short time wed in Elkton elapsed since it Wras Laid the Street May. Tiring but or. Fine 1 they Are Many among the younger men of the Community Advance the argument that he has every right to in by in Bis name to the voters of the town it1 the primary and allow them to decide1 who shall be the regular Republican nominee for the office. Squire Kraft has been a most com to in As bad if not a worse condition than it w As before the work w As mate friends i c Patent official there is no one who ?llsin.8 evei1 their most inti advances any criticism of him or his pebbles on Buckley Street and with. _ o a us Roland Stout and administration when the candidacy. Iss Martha Gillis of Pond Street or to be More Correct the discussion wanted Good general housework Page Cornwells on Bath streets it is about i Lafayette Claude l Hennessey of of or. Fine Street and i total reliable Hu-1 for rooms lot our Little fatally anti f rtt Erial a put in fore tit pad Ltd Harriman join rework. Mrs. Warence among pleasant neighbors whom i a c h inn h til. Elkton. My. Lust sat Ida is ave., Cornwells let a. Can talk to from my front porch. Bilked Horn being were married Ai a Parsona. I Maryland a Greina i As a candidate who miss Ella would be acceptable to Many is Dis need cussed. The present collector has saturday and tilled his office with credit but it is parsonage of an elective office one within the gift of the people of this town and there i the fact that Ray Neva Gold is an assistant chief of the fire department and As such has been confirmed by Council is an argument advanced against his running for Council from his Ward. As assistant chief he was not elected by Council he was chosen by his fellow firefighters in the department and there is no reason Why he should not fill both positions with dignity and credit. The firemen of the town Are sick and disgusted with the treatment they receive from the ruling Powers and they want several Good firemen in Council who Quot ill stand up and and continued on Page five 4

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