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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 18, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania Little giants the classified advertisements of the Independent have tremendous pulling Power. Bead them and profit. Our aim a to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by every body to keep our columns clean to be constructive. Lith year no. 3. Entered As second class matter at Post office at Bristol a. Bristol. Pa., Friday july 18, 1930. 8 pages�?56 columns five cents a copy. Big institution will be on Edge of Bucks county few Miles from Bensalem and will cover tract of 280 acres a Bilio within Lino at the plans Are being made by Philadelphia county to build a huge new prison in the extreme North Autem Corner of the county along tile batiks of Pom ii easing Creek and adjoining Bucks county. The new prison will take the place of Moya Mensing and with Tho grounds will occupy 280 acres. The tract is Only or two from Bensalem and a Short distance of the City Bristol Pike. My prison. Philadelphia Best gesture in its treatment of men and women serving sentences tor Law violations will lie eastward of the Philadelphia Hospital buildings at Byberry straddling the Roosevelt Boulevard near the City Boundary. This projected institution located in the open with acreage on which prisoners May be kept occupied throughout the year will be the successor to Moya Mensing prison at 10th and Dickinson streets. Only the men and women sent tended to prison terms will he kept at the new prison. Work on Moya Mensing was begun in 1822. Its cells began to receive prisoners three years later. E. J. Lafferty former director of the department of supplies and chairman of the Board of prison inspectors is hopeful that work on the Northeast prison Plant will get under Way before fall. It will probably require a year to Complete the first Wing and a Headquarters building. Or. Lafferty and ills colleagues Are elated Over the ii Choice of the northeastern site. A ecologists have commented it they say. The Fertile Fields with their Clops the Hills surmounted by Woods and the Valley through which flows the to guessing Creek the City a northeastern Boundary line offer a setting ii a prison with few if any parallels experts say. A tract of approximately 280 acres is under tentative consideration and it is expected it will be acquired by condemnation proceedings. The Boundary lines Are meeting mouse Road sometimes referred to Ai Townsend Road dunks ferry Road and another line stretching from Dunk s ferry to meeting House Road at a Point North of the old gravel Road near the Byberry friends meeting House. The latter is riot included in the site. The land to be taken will include 52% acres owned by Harry n. Simons 130 of Evan m. Townsend 74 of Paul Knight and about 4 4 of the 68-acre farm of Francis p. Morrell. The prison itself according to the plans will be built to the West of Mechanicsville a Village of eighteen Homes and a population of approximately 75, which lies on the toques sing Creek. The bite there is on an Elevation. It is one of the highest spots in the City limits. A Breeze no matter what Heights the thermometer May be reaching downtown is almost certain to be found there. Decision of the Board of prison inspectors to condemn the land for the prison has brought Joy to some of the proper Yow Liers and disappointment to others. Most of them Are eager for the City to buy their land. They have been truck Farmers All of their lives. They foresee a Price for the farms which will enable them to retire. It is in quaint Mechanicsville often described As the counterpart of an English Village that excitement runs High because of the new prison. The town starts at the continued on Page four Bensalem school Board plans improvement of new High school grounds the Bensalem township Board of school directors will meet monday night to open bids for various jobs that Are to be done at the different schoolhouses this summer. Among the improvements will be the sodding of the High school grounds in Cornwells Heights and laying of new sidewalks. It is the intention of the Board to make the grounds about the new school As Beautiful As possible to harmonize with the building. The usual. Painting and repairing will be done in other buildings Between now and the opening of the schools in september. Books of the Board were audited at the Board meeting last saturday by the township auditors Richard n. Abbott Joseph p. Canby and Horace m. Freas a round about town there was a reason. People on Mill Street near the Highway were astounded one afternoon recently to see a Well known citizen noted tor close control of his Cash walk out of Harry Strauss store and put some Money in the tin cup of a mendicant musician. In View of the fact that this gentleman never had been known to do such a thing before his acquaintances immediately instituted an investigation. Some of them feared that his mental equipment might be shaking itself Loose. Others thought that perhaps he was beginning to change his habits and might become a different Man might even make Good some of ii is previously meaningless gestures toward giving a child a Penny for a the incident was so there was a Rush to had happened quickly came out Harry Straus had been too Busy to go out and put a Coin in the mendicant a cup and had Given it to the Man to donate for him. When this became known All worry about the unusual incident ceased. 1 considerable sum of Money is infested in these trophies and it is not to be wondered that the various clubs comprising the association should be keen to obtain even temporary Possession of them. The local Young menus association will be Host to the canoeists and expect Riding to have their for them. Hands stick of Candy unusual that find out what the truth scorpions the Toon them has fun club. Polly takes a trip. An Andalusia lady has a Parrot of which she is very fond. It does no to have a great Deal to say but it says that Little loudly. The lady used to let it out of its Cage to enjoy a Little Freedom but she will not do so again for Polly True to the adage that if you give some people an Inch take a mile a flew the Coop one Day last week and had two glorious Days and nights of Freedom before ii could be induced to return. There is another Parrot in the neighbourhood and Folly must have wanted to Confer with it tor the Day it was let out for a Brief stroll it flew to a tree near the porch on which the other Parrot was preening itself in its Cage. Some squawking followed and of course the boys were summoned to climb the tree and get the Bird. One boy was within a few inches of Polly when off it flew to another tie where it perched out of reach. Then was talk of summoning the Union file company from Cornwells Manor but night came along and nothing could be done. I he next Day Folly was in another tree. Its with Field glasses called and called Polly spent a Sec doors and that a thundershowers scorpions organize Mill Street fun club. A Bunch of a Young thai does no to intend to let Erville kids get ahead of organized the Mill Street they have constructed a a clubhouse Iii the rear of Harry Strauss Home where they hold Forth and where they have established a Money making device intended to Pix vide Cash a for the necessities of the this device is a combination skill Luck game. The affluent visitor is invited to try his skill at knocking bottles off their Bottoms with a a sponge balls at a Nickel a try those less Well off pay three cents and those with hardly a Penny to their name get a whack at the prizes for two cents. So far the Treasury has been swelled to $2.02. The officers of the club Are As follows president Walter Straus Secretary. Charles Kegel treasurer Samuel Shiffer assistant treasurer Irving Hoffman sergeant at arms Paul Straus factotum Sidney Hess. Owner could see it and although she Folly stayed up. Ond night out of night there was have made Folly Ponder the the Span d that must its past. The Shower May have cooled Birds ardor for Freedom for following Day when the owner pealed with the Birds Cage some bread scattered on top of ii Polly edged Down a few branches. A Polly likes bread a it gurgled and came Down another limb. Meanwhile the folks in the neighbourhood were crunching bread crusts to make Polly a appetite Keener. And the stunt worked. Polly came Down grabbed a piece of bread hopped on its owners Finger and was returned to its domicile. The next time it is let out there will be a Ball and Chain fastened to one of its legs. Bathing suits Are still necessary. The boys who were fined last week for bathing a an Naturel in the canal Learned that Bristol is not yet so far Back in the Sticks that bathing suits can bi1 dispensed with. Russia. Sweden parts of Germany Are so a a modern that bathing suits Are not called Lor but Bristol does no to happen to be Iii any of those countries. A scat a Rev. George Hess pastor of the methodist Church was one of the local preachers who paid tributes to Rev. Howard l. Zepp at the banquet and reception Given in the Baptist Church last saturday in recognition of the tenth anniversary of or. Zeppos pastorate Here. Or. Hess referred humorously to that difference Between the Baptist Church whose pastors stay for indefinite terms and the methodist Church whose pastors everywhere limited to Short terms. A with said or. Hess a it is a Nice Pussy a the first year a poor Pussy a the second year and a scat a the third unusual pets. We Learned through casual conversation with a Clergyman with whom we became acquainted that he has two of the strangest pets one would expect not Only a Clergyman but anybody to have. They Are nothing less than two Large snakes one an african Python More than six feet Long and the other a smaller Snake. He keeps them in a Glass Case where they spend most of their time Iii a torpor. They were brought to the country by a Well known Camden importer of wild animals who knowing the Clergyman a interest in serpents which by the Way symbolize Wisdom presented them to him. When they feel like ii he lets them squirm around his room to the occasional concern of visitors. As they eat Only once in several months the Board Bill is not very Large. We asked our Friend if tile snakes Ever indicated any recognition of him As their owner or protector if they Ever showed any affection or any interest in their surroundings. He said that Only once had lie seen any signs of such recognition and that was in the smaller Snake which came to him when a visitor accidentally stepped on its Tail. Arc us Lovely old girl Little Iii a Calls whom you never can Tell what say. There is a Bright three and a half year family we know whose daddy her a sweetheart a and of everybody is very fond. Recently an acquaintance of the family came there to live a Man Well enough known to the adults to be called by his first name although the children of course called him the parents Are rightfully proud of the Little girls Power of observation and one Day when daddy was taking a Day off at Home Mother thought she would demonstrate the youngsters knowledge a what is or. Blahs name a inquired. A emr. Blah a the child replied a no i mean what is his name a the Mother a you Mother. Him a prompt As could he answered a sweetheart a she first child hesitated and the thought she would help know his name a said the a what does Mother Call the baby Jolson in a a Mammy a at the grand next week Al Jolson in his new singing picture a Mammy a will be featured monday tuesday and wednesday at the grand theatre. The songs for this picture were written by Irving Berlin. The picture shows Jolson with a minstrel troupe and affords him ample Opportunity for displaying his voice. There will be to o comedies Iii addition a the new halfback a and a soft to Fox movie tone news also will be shown. John Barrymore in a the Man from i Ankley so a farce comedy will be seen tonight. A comedy. A a night in the dormitory a and an added Lloyd Hamilton comedy a camera shy a will be shown together with Pathe spotlight review. Saturday afternoon and evening the film will be a hello sister a featuring Olive Borden and Lloyd Hughes. Another Aesop fables film will be shown and four acts of vaudeville headed by Dick Honey a musical comedy team Ames amp Francis a comedy team or. Irving comedy character artist and Ned Harrity Novelty dancing act. Toy air planes will be Given flee to All children attending the matinee tomorrow. Next thursday and Friday Warner Baxter Iii a the Arizona kid a Western thriller will be shown. There will be a comedy a High toned a and Pathe spotlight review. Young aviator who was to be in Bristol today crashes on Mountain in Vermont Dies in Hospital Frank Goldsborough the Young purpose of promoting interest among boy scouts of Bucks county in Camp boys from Bristol and Vicinity enjoying the benefits of outdoor life under Able supervision transcontinental Junior flight record Holder is to w As to have been in Bristol this afternoon to demonstrate flying to the boys and girls of the Vicinity and to instruct them in the making of gliders and Model planes died wednesday afternoon in a Hospital Iii Bennington vt., where he was taken after his plane crashed into Trees at the top of a Mountain near that City. His Skull was fractured. And he Lay 18 hours exposed to the elements before help could reach him. Goldsborough who was 19 years old had been making a tour for the Beautiful trophies. The trophies for which the members of the Middle states Canoe racing association will contest when the National championships Are held Here next month make a very impressive display in the window of f. E. Bayliese jewelry store a r0tarians entertained at Home of Ernest Gamble members of Bristol rotary club journeyed to a the Friendly Oaks a the Home of Ernest Gamble the noted concert artist at Langhorne yesterday afternoon and were or. Gamble s guests. After a Short business meeting the club was entertained at a Duffer Golf a Tumblety Peg quoits snap the whip and other games. The club members became boys again and had a wonderful afternoon. Dinner was served songs we Ere Sung and a joyous time had by All. Buccos the boy scout Camp of Bucks county was officially launched Forward saturday for the 1930 season. All indications Point to this year at Camp As being the Best yet. With the addition of a mess Hall and a clean House and Many other added features the boys attending Camp this summer will find an interesting worthwhile experience awaiting them. Scouts from Bristol Langhorne Yardley Doylestown and Perkasie Are now enjoying the first week in Camp. Saturday and sunday brought a Large number of visitors to Buccos some of them new scorers and old timers. Among those present were mrs. William Stark mrs. Raymond Acuff mrs. Parker and or. And mrs. Edward osterhout Langhorne or. And mrs. George Hobensack Ivyland or. And mrs. Joseph a. Burion Wood or. A. Kempton Haynes Bristol scoutmaster Martin and tin troop committee from Croydon no. 2, Croydon or. John Montgomery or. And mrs. Frank Fabian or. Granville Stradling of Newtown or. And mrs. F. H. Clymer and family or. And mrs. Arthur m. East Burn and family or. And mrs. W Illiam Renner or. And mrs. Charles Mclntyre or. Jesse Adams or. And mrs. John Tranter and or. And mrs. Russell c. Rutherford Doylestown. Camp Tours were taken by the visitors and expressions of approval were Given by All. The log Cabin Good times Hall was the scene of most attraction and although news accounts have broadcast the building of the Hall during this past Spring it was quite a Surprise to every visitor when they saw what a magnificent building there had been erected. The staff leaders at Buccos this summer Are All outstanding Bucks county scouts. The majority of the Eagle scouts Iii the county Are in Camp with responsible details to last the entire summer. Those Eagle scouts that Are present Are Robert Wright Bristol Eddie Baumiester South Langhorne Jimmie Townsend and Bob sidle Langhorne to Grover Trevose Carl Leidy Doylestown and Detty det Veiler Perkasie scoutmaster Bellev i i in and assistant scoutmaster Robert Hershey Yardley Are Iii Camp this week with fifteen of their boys. Reservations for a week or More in Camp have been made by other troops and Many of the men Back of these troops Are expected Iii Buccos this summer. There Aie vacancies Iii All of the Camps at this time. Camp registrations Are filling up much quicker than last year. Any a gis tired scout May come to Buccos and any boy nine to eleven years May come to the cub Camp. Commissioners for Buccos scout commission As a result of tile election held for the first week of Camp Are As follows mayor Richard Lindenfelser Langhorne clerk John Stark Langhorne health Fred in Clymer Doylestown highways George Ross Doylestown building Robert osterhout Langhorne safety Vincent Mather Langhorne. Under the leadership of program director Eagle scout James Townsend. Of Langhorne assisted by associate program director Theodore Hanson of Morrisville the scout Camp participated in a Well attended closed contested physical meet. Yardley no. I easily took first place with fourteen boys from the troop up Here. Under the leadership of scoutmaster Robert c. Bellev file and assistant scoutmaster Robert c. Hershey the troop has been making a name for itself during the Hist week of Buccos. Results of the meet were 2 5 Yard dash Louis i Dougherty Yardley Joseph Harvey Yardley Vincent Mather Langhorne. Standing Brood jump Francis Tomlinson Yardley Vincent Mather George Garlits Yardley. Running Broad jump Francis Tomlinson Louis Dougherty John Stark Langhorne. Running High jump Louis Dougherty Francis Tomlinson Vincent Mather. Standing High jump Francis Tomlinson George Garlits John Stark. Shot put Francis Tomlinson Fiske Whitehead. Yardley Raymond Acuff Langhorne. Skip step jump Stanley Parker Langhorne Louis Dougherty Yardley George Garlits Yardley. Push up George Ross Doylestown Reg. Brindley Yardley George Garlits. Free for All 50 Yard dash Francis Tomin son. Louis Dougherty Joseph Harvey. Former local test Pilot killed when his monoplane Falls news of the death of f. B. Tyndall a United states army Pilot who was killed tuesday night in Trie crash of his monoplane near Mocksville n. Was something of a Shock to officials of the Keystone aircraft corporation for Tyndall had been stationed Here from 1925 to 192 7 As air corps representative and test Pilot for the government. He was Well known to Many of the older employees of the company. When he had finished his work at the local Plant Tyndall was transferred to Langley Field near Washington. And was flying from the re when the Accident happened. Witnesses said that the plane had been flying Over Moorestown for More than hour when it was seen to fall in a Patch of Woods. When people reached the plane Tyndall was dead. Identification was made by the finding of his name inside of his flying uniform. Army big still raided by police owner of land professes ignorance of it county detective Russo and a detail of local police officers raided a still near the High Hill farm on Feather bed Road wednesday afternoon. The found a modern distilling outfit about 10,000 Gallons of Mash and about $5000 Worth of equipment. Peter Riggio of Jefferson Avenue who owns the land on which the still was found professed ignorance of what was going on there. He said he had rented the property to a Man whose name he knew but w i lose address was unknown to him for $15 a month. Ile w As arrested As Hie owner of the property and was held by Justice Laughlin for a further hearing bail being fixed at $500. The still was removed to Doylestown and the Mash spoiled by pouring gasoline on it. It is believed this still was the source of much of the Bootleg liquor sold recently in Busto i. Young people Iii aviation. The tour was sponsored by the National Exchange clubs and he was coming to Bristol by arrangement of Percy g. Ford president of the Bristol Exchange club with the Secretary of the National club. Arrangements had been made for the use of the Keystone aircraft company a Field and a dinner was to have been Given him tonight. Young Goldsborough was the son of the late Brice Goldsborough who was lost somewhere at sea with mrs. Frances Grayson in her plane a Dawn a when a transatlantic Hight was attempted in 192 7. The boy had been flying some years and although Only 19 years old made a record this summer of flying from los Angeles to new York in 18 hours and is minutes actual flying time. The Exchange clubs have fostered aviation and Young Goldsborough was engaged to tour the country for the purpose of demonstrating to boys and girls. The Accident happened while the Young Man was flying from Buffalo n. Y., to Keene n. In where his companion Donald Mockler was scheduled to give a lecture monday night. In passing Over the lower ranges of the Green mountains the Young aviator found himself in a Cloud of log. Lie was unfamiliar with the territory and the Assumption is that he sought to get under the fog Bank and crashed at the top of Woodford Mountain which is about 2000 feet above sea level. Ernie plane hit into some Trees and Mockler who was in the front cockpit was thrown Clear. Goldsborough. However was caught in the wreckage of the controls. Mockler tried to get the boy free from the wreckage hut w As unable to do so. The aviator was unconscious and bleeding. So Mockler went for help. Ii walked five Miles to a farmhouse where he told of the Accident. A group of men headed by a woodsman searched the Mountain top and Many hours afterwards found the wrecked plane and aviator. Mayors of Burlington and Bristol to Battle at legion Block party thieves steal tires and cae from Creyaufmille thirteen of 19 tiles which had been stolen Early sunday morning from the garage of Frank Crey auf Miller state and Street roads Eddington were found on a lot at thirtieth and Clearfield streets Philadelphia sunday afternoon by the Philadelphia police who had been notified that the tires had been dumped there. The thieves evidently intended to return and pick them up. The robbers also stole a Hudson Sedan and a whippet roadster from or Crepau Fmiller a garage but re Robert w. Bracken Post american legion will open its debt reducing Block party and carnival thursday evening with a contest on the new torn the limb Golf course Between Burgees Anderson and mayor Holmes of Burlington. Burgess Anderson thinks lies Good at Tom thumb Golf and mayor Holmes says that Bristol a chief administrator has nothing on him so the contest ought to be Good. The course is rapidly nearing completion and will be opened the first night of the Block party. Bracken Post is desirous to Clear off the mortgage on its property. It has a $5000 debt the interest of which is a Burden and through the proceeds of this party it Hopes to be Able to reduce the principal. There will he Tun for everybody at the Block party and Many new stunts will be for instance there is an Andy game and a lot such As the bottles cats Nail games. A commercial will he held also at which carnival available. A Ramos in of others and base exhibit electric Reg rift rat ors Oil burners radios and other devices will be on display. Free entertainment will be provided each night of the party. The Martini orchestra will be present one night and other entertainers have turned the Hudson. Hie whippet is pledged their assistance. The Post still missing. The theft was reported to county detective Russo and to the state police. Attend real estate convention in Toronto representing the Bucks county real estate Board Otto Grupp jr., and Howard Leiser of Croydon attended the National convention of the National association of real estate boards in Toronto last week when matters of general interest to real estate men were discussed. The next meeting of the Bucks county Board will be held the afternoon of August 13 at the Home of a. P. Townsend at Washington crossing at which time the wives of the members will go along for a social time. The last meeting of the Board was held at Doylestown july 9th, at which time r. W. Fechten Burg was appointed to the App Ralsa committee. Deserves the Aid and cooperation of the Public and because of the Novelty of this years affair Liberal patronage is expected. Regatta committee losers give a Doggie roast to winning team the ladies auxiliary of Robert w. Bracken Post american legion had a a Doggie roast at Edgely Park at which a team captained by to hold meeting a joint regatta committee meeting of the Young menus association and the Anchor yacht club will be held on tuesday evening at the hitters clubhouse at 8 of clock. Plans Are progressing rapidly and All will be in readiness when the two Day regatta starts on August 16th. The National championship cups and trophies which Are on display in Bayliese window on Mill Street have attracted considerable attention. They Are Given to the competing clubs for scoring most Points and for winning specified races. These cups Are held by the winners for one year and then Are compe Ted for at the next National championship races. Gold Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the winners of the Canoe events and will be on display within a Short time. Prizes for the outboard and speedboat races will also lie put on display As Well As the prizes for the local swimming and Canvas Canoe events. Early reports from outside clubs committeeman Dunk wants funds raised for Borough in Anda a Lusia used to be Bensalem township to take Over streets and avenues Iii o the editor it the Independent sir the court after Long Anil careful consideration gives no encouragement to the residents who petitioned that Andalusia be i it aside As a Borough. This being a fact the contributors to the fund or the project Are wondering Why Thomas Bromley Joseph Sharpe and May k. Sci Leupp Are holding the Money subscribed for the purpose. There is no doubt that the holders of this fund would much prefer to have it used for the creation of a Borough but since we learn that the collections cannot be used for tile intended purpose they still can be used to great advantage by devoting them to Public improvements. The sooner this fund gets something practical for the people the better. Right now it would be use Lul Iii retaining an attorney to go before the court and have the various streets and avenues Iii the residential sections of Andalusia taken Over and maintained by be Usa i urn township. We All know what it would mean to the people As a whole to have these streets supervised and kept in condition by trained men with proper equipment. So let us Hope that the patient Community will soon get some Assurance that its advances can be used to acquire Good avenues. Charles a. Dunk. Andalusia july 17, 1930. Or. Dunk was elected Republican committeeman at the primary in the Spring by the people or Andalusia. Mrs. Schnupp was elected committee woman. They supplanted a committeeman and commit be woman who had served Tho Andalusia District Many years. Their election was due to tile dissatisfaction of the voters with the very poor condition of the streets in Andalusia most of which Are privately maintained despite the fact that a Large part of the valuation of Bensalem township is represented by the Andalusia property. Or. Bromley or. Sharps and mrs. Schnupp Ere elected trustees of a fund raised for the promotion of the Borough about a year ago. They retained atty j. Hibbs Hackman who represented the petitioners when the Borough petition came before the court in Doylestown. Counsel for the opponents principally property owners along the River front raised a question As to the Validity of the signatures of some of the freeholders. The court at last information held under consideration its decision As to the legality of these signatures. Or. Bromley states that the trustees of the Borough fund Are not in position to use the Money for any purpose except in connection with the Borough petition. It the decks of the court As to the Validity or signatures of the property own should permit the promotion of Borough proposal then the Money will be needed for that purpose. If the Borough proposal shall become a a dead Issue a then the contributors to the fund must authorize the trustees to devote Tho Money to some other purpose. Or. Bromley says that much As improvements Are needed in the streets of Andalusia and desirable As their being taken Over by the township might be the trustees Are powerless to divert the funds until notified by their counsel that nothing More is to be done toward the establishment of the proposed Borough. Ion the ors the Fechtenburg Secretary of Cornwells b. Amp l. Association at a recent meeting c Wells building and loan Richard w. Fechtenburg Secretary for the Balau term to which Alvin t had been elected or. I signing because of the his health. Mrs. Richard w. Fechtenburg treat show that a Large number of visitors de a team captained by mrs. John Graham the latter having beaten the former in a membership contest As a result of which Many new members were added to the Roll. Will be on hand for Bristol a two Day regatta. The town will receive a big boost from this affair and Bristol Borough Council has Given the committee its support. New service station opens a new service station opened on Bristol Pike tuesday when John a. Her bet formerly of Frankford and Russell Potter formerly of Bristol opened their handsome new building at Bristol Pike and Richardson Avenue Andalusia. The building is of tapestry Blick and California stucco. Four pumps now Are in service and three More will be added shortly. In addition to gasoline and motor supplies the station will have for Sale cigars ice Cream soda and Light luncheons

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