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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 17, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania Buy the Independent Al Quot Bristol news a ency 245 Mil Street and of p. I. In station Harry Straus Mill Street Opp. The Forrest Charles i ii Llen Brano Cor. Cardon am Beaver streets vol. 6. A no. 3 friends prevail upon hint to make the run popularly known in Borough or. Thus. S. Harper announces that to is a candidate for tin position of tax it Oil for a of tin Borough of Bristol and seeks tin nomination on tin Republican tick at tin primaries to in hold sept Clithe i Gill. Or. Hat p r Only de Eide a to set Elk this office after Leing prevailed a he ii by hundreds of lits friends through out this Borough. La always supported tin inst Lite rests of Bristol and is a Man with an enviable character. Or. Harper made a Host of friends and when hts petition is circulated in will have no trouble in securing Many More signatures than Are necessary. He is an official of the presbyterian Church timing Active in ail Church work and is vice president of America ha., Hook and ladder co. No. 2, of the Bristol fire depart ment. He served As from tin first Ward 1908. Entertains on songs birthday on saturday afternoon in Honor of the birth of i k Lac ii Thomas. Or. Patrick Barrett of Beaver Street i Art Augen w Ith the Harriman Lim Pital Coria of workers to have the usual birthday Conn it to rat Ion to take place on the Lawn of tin bos Pital. A very pleasing menu was served at six o clock to the follow lug invited guests Joseph Murphy Jack a Gan Robert and Maurice be Curry Peirce Barrett pan i John and Walter Barrett mrs. Belle min Phy mrs. Philip Murphy miss hath urine Booth and mrs. James Boche the innovation of having the Cele. Brat Ion take place during the holding of the a Awn fete was tinn by and a Lien fit to tile management. To tie decorations about the Lawn gave an added attraction to the merry makers feast. The birthday cake contained its iced decoration Ami eleven candles which Thomas tried to extinguish with one breath caused much merriment. Following the supper. Or. Barrett made out a Check for the courtesies received which were much appreciated by those Iii charge of the Lawn pet. Valuation records to be kept in Bristol Council adopts Resolution to bring records from Doylestown Why the Campaign of tears Jacob c. Schmidt fills unexpired term Hospital Lawn fete proves Fine Success hundreds attend function daily and enjoy amusements a on pc 11 Mali Iii 1907 and olo poster uncovered during alterations tells of Moonlight excursions in year 1881 it is a Long Call to grand hops Ami Mon Light excursions la this modern say of syncopation. Where in the. Past. It been the fashion Anc height of style to attend a no to ill Wood Jant affair of this kind on tin in decking of a palatial Steamer it is now commit ted. A Ute it Speed to some country club or Wayside and dance n a brilliantly if mtr ant sip Bootleg liquor Ami yet Back in i he i. Such e Wen the rag and the fashion our was cheap and its use legitimate men wore tight Frontier whih women flounced along with was i waists flare skirts and of hats. Autom Obib know ii lie Nee country clubs Wert accessible. But a grand hop on of a boat a that a. To v of those Days were Reft. J. Bart a contract was tearing Down building at 302 Mil Elk. Preparatory to dare for the lies. Out inn polished cuts Liq ate the Asp merry wid it Wert in Large poster Brick pier. Posted just a or. A it looked More the Large Peculiar i int. The immediately Drew Ilia eyes. September s. Issi he rend. Hts eyes Brev very wide. Ile whip led softly. 1881 a a a cd the poster looked As if it been pasted to the Brick pier hut a Short Lime before lie said to himself. For the spire of ave or probably ten minutes. Or. Bart became oblivious to the fart that he was.a1 ter i he a store. The wrench so Niue. From his hands a. He read the Post. I and thought of the Days when posters were common. Ile re read the poster the econ annual Lawn fete of a the Harriman Hospital told on july 9, to and la at the Beautiful grounds of that institution proved to i he one of the greatest flier is is of i its Kin. In he hard working committee energetic to the last minute Felt amply repaid v Hen they observed what Success crowned the ii efforts. Nothing a been overlooked in the preparations nothing was lacking to Mak it the Fate pass off in Fine style. The card games probably of the greatest attraction to the women furnished some then Competition. Prizes Wert awarded to the highest scorns at both the matinee and evening contests. The favor winners for the first party were published in Las week s a Independent. Thursday evening was much enjoyed by the attendants and the Winner in the game for that evening were mrs. Phillip land coh who Hail a score of 4210 mrs. S. A. Black. 3500 miss Esther Lawrence 3110 mrs. V. Vansant 3050 mrs n. B Bertolette 2k30 mrs. Charles Abbott. 2 7 to mrs. E. Idling. 2720 mis. Archibald Morris 2590 miss Anna Mcllvain 2540, and miss Helen Taylor 2480. Some of the winners on Friday were mrs. A Ane Rose mrs. Nan my Dermot miss Gertrude Spring mrs. J. B. Johnson. Mrs. S. Black miss Anna Foster mrs. L. Al in. Miss Marian Harrison miss Anna May Degroot. Mrs. Win. La. Fine mrs. V. Vansant and mrs. Isabel Leuhers. For saturday evening thou capturing favors were miss a. C. Mcllvain. 4130 miss Marian Harrison 3750 mrs. Henry Ancker. 3510 miss Mary Lehman 3310 mrs. Theodore Roper 3250 or. Roper. 3110 miss Dorothy Myers 2 900 miss m. Mcfadden. 2770. The Ai hi1 in contests were run off in splendid fashion with some of it entered in of feat tire but the deck real. Memories called when or of Croydon part of the Street this a making a modern Needle work shop. He torn out most of the supporting beams and joists when a Ana a a it it itch of a Laree girder disclosed a pasted securely to a it was Well preserved and bore indications of having Beer. Bristol s Premier tale Short time before. The various events. This closely a no fete took place saturday after Date noon and was of prime interest to the hundreds of sporting fans that crowded the ground. Dancing one of the att Rad ions of the fete provided syncopated amusement for the younger set of the town. A capable orchestra dispensed music with an alluring twang that kept the dancers feet stepping Lively. Altogether it was one of the Best conducted faint held in recent years and the very efficiency of the programme was a compliment to the committee in charge headed by mrs. Ltd i James Robert on president of the grand Hep my Moonlight a Cursio , auxiliary of the Harriman Hospital and to or. William if a Resolution that bids fair to rival in silliness the struggle that is at present raging in Dayton tenn., was passed by the Borough fathers at the monthly meeting of Council last monday night. A preservation of the revaluation figures As compounded by that Effic a Lent group of prominent realtors but a few Short weeks ago was desired t and granted in Tho space of but a i Lew minutes. Edward m. Keating Pride of the fifth Ward and a Man that is rapidly growing Iii favor with hts colleague Joseph r. Grundy pre in Ute i i he Resolution in Well couched Lan gouge Anil in a decent enough manner. The wording of the Resolu-1 lion was impeccable but the resold a turn itself was downright rot. The silly thing begins by stating i in the approved a a whereas manner a that during the past year Money i time and much intelligent study i be a Given to the property of the it continues along in thin i fat Cia i manner to state that a Beau-1 ii f ii i and handsome piece of workmanship in the form of the detailed description of every piece of property is at the present time resting in perfect Harmony Iii the commission-1 i s office in Doylestown. Therefore the Resolution drags on it is no More than right to remove thes Doc agents or obtain a copy and 7pre serve them for Ever and Ever so that future revaluation committee i should profit by the efficient Man jul r in which this recent gang of i trick mathematical Sharks function cd. I is to t ilk m. Keating to pull i a Boner like this in Council and it i is perfectly fitting and proper for the other a a gang members of Conn Cli to say amen by approving of this1 pier of Lions use. A Brief and cursory examination of the Resolution As it stands in cold print reveals Many interesting i ratings. In the first place it Calls attention to the fact t ii it much time i Money and intelligent study been Given to the property of the Borough. Then it also warbles in its richest Birdlike tones that Inas much As the revaluation committee worked like troopers to ascertain the Correct assessment values of the property Here it is no More than tight that the Borough should pre serve such Noble Effort. A a and then again hoho. Or. Keating wants this Noble real estate assessment Blunder cd Ami encased so that it May he preserved for future generations or for any property emergencies that May arise in the near future. Without taking into consideration the glaring fact that the assessment figures w ill be forever Ami Ever a Thorn i Mick on the magnificent Steamer Columbia wednesday evening. September 7 1881 to red Bank n. J. Steamer will leave at 8 p. Tickets 50 cats Sam in i Scott manager tickets can lie obtained Anil George M. F rom Allen. Samuel Scott a no. Sir a said Bartz to himself. A there Are no such trips these Days Tho Days Are none it May be of interest to the old timers of the town to know Samuel Scott conducted a fish and grocery store where the St rut in Lime is now located and that George Allen was the proprietor Ltd a clothing store at the Corner of Mill and Wood snoots the present location of Jioseph Wagman. Fine is in and w As and or. J. B. Johnson a Large or Praise is due for the interest bar work done by them. It 3 a. M. On sunday when thes their prayers on the other and i morn gentlemen said very late hour lugs. In tabulating the results of the fete. The o inuit tee in charge desire to express their appreciation to those who aided in making Trio even continued on rage two to run Moonlight excursion the american i Jetton on monday evening. August 3rd, we ill run a Moonlight excursion Down the Delaware. The a City of Chester been chartered for the occasion. And will leave Bristol at 7.30 p. A. S t. Eats and refreshments will be on Sale. A charge of $1.00 for adults and so cents for children will be made. Subscribe to the tend uni of Public service. The Independent. Taxes saved people by the Independent the plan submitted by the citizens committee and officially p ass by the Borough Council on december 1st, 1924. Called for a tax rate of 21.5 Mills for general Borough and Bon on a $7,000,000 assessment which would have produced an income of $150,500. Through the publicity of the Independent this amount was reduced to $77,000�?a difference of $73,500. In other words the Independent saved the people of Bristol $73,500 in taxes this year. Tills saving will continue in 1926 and following years if you vote for the Peoples candidates pledged to work for your interests. In t ire Side of the average property Holder Here. Or. Kating takes it upon himself to do this Noble and i gratuitous thing. It certainly is remarkable that a Man of or. Keatings ability and integrity should want these almost facial documents Pigeon holed in the Borough s archives so that property holders May look and refresh their grudge against the recent erratic assessments. And yet this appears to lie or. Keatings plan. He desires that any disgruntled property Bedder who was Given a a raw Ileal in the revaluation figures should have it constantly impressed in his mind that the evaluators Wert men of the highest efficiency and perfectly Correct in every figure that they tabulated. Hot stuff he. What the greatest Blunder of the decade occurred right Here in Bristol and or. Keating wants to preserve it for future reference. His Way of thinking May be alright but surely there is something wrong with his method of enactment. Is he uninformed of the glaring errors that Are spattered in the assessments made by that group of evaluators does he not realize that he wants a wholesale Batch of miscalculations and deliberate mistakes in assessments preserved in. The Dusty alcoves of the Borough Halls la he does then he is Welcome to All the free Pubil lety that he May obtain from such procedure. This action on the part of Council is another indication that they Are being forced by the Independent i to give information to the Public which they would rather keep secret a and this will he the first time in the history of Bristol that a citizen of Bristol will be Able ? to ascertain the value of any Bristol property without ing to go to Doylestown. I of curse it is another political move. J but they have been asleep at the switch every piece of taxable property in Bristol was publish in the be paper our ago. And a great Litany i i of these lists have been preserved Many people won t have to ask any one Quot for this record they already have it. However it May be of inter est to View these records and a it just How the values on Bristol prop cities Wen arrived at if these records will give that information and if they Don t give that information then they will not be Worth the space they take up. They could he i made valuable however if the prop jellies were listed properly and the continued in rage three Bristol anti Vicinity been suffering intensely from very humid weather for some time rile heat of the Sun not been so oppressive As the humidity which made the atmosphere Sticky. We have been wondering whether our readers have been Able to locate the cause of All this moisture in the air. Have you dear readers been aware of the Campaign of tears being carried on by or. Tinniey through the daily courier of course you have because everybody reads la courier. The courier editorials a not mailed to you because you do not get the courier but Only because or. Grundy wants to enable his new postmaster make a Good report of postage stamp sales. The dear generous soul Isnit that just Lovely of him so of course you have read the Campaign of tears. Of no they do not Call it that surely not they Call it a political Campaign. The various candidates of or. Grundy for Borough office announced amidst a cloudburst of tears that they been forced by the Independent to be candidates for re election in order to protect their fair names from Ignominy and shame. Of. It was so sad to read How they have been abused poor dear souls we cried every time we read what they ? Sal and we cannot refrain from weeping even now As we write. Excuse us please while we sob. A a a sobs a a a. Have you dear readers realized that this probably been the cause of All this humid weather we have been having lately done to you think that this re a very plausible explanation of All this oppressive weather we do Hole they will quit crying soon so the weather will become More pleasant. Their poor eyes Are so swollen with grief that they cannot be properly so their vision is distorted. Their continued sobbing so unnerved them that they Are imagining All sorts of terrible things. Really we Are getting quite concerned about it and esp scially because Between their groans and moans they cry out against us and say we have been calling them Nasty names. Why we be guilty of calling a mean and you know done to you dear readers that we Haven to called them Nasty names like the courier Hen calling us. So it cannot be names calling names does no to Hurt but facts and figures do. A. That it facts and figures. That a what hurts. That s what pinched them so badly that they cried out w it ii pain and Are still dying. Here dear readers Are the reasons Why the tears Are flowing so copiously a i. We let you know. As you Hail a right to know How the plan to bleed Whit the citizens of Britt a was rushed through in spit of the protests of or. Smoyer that More careful deliberation be Given the matter. 3. We let you have As you a right to have the list of assessments so that you could intelligently compare them. We Are sorry we could t get them All printed before he Jay for Appeal but we a to go to Doylestown to get this information because we were denied the information locally. 3. We pointed out to you the Fin Job the valuers did by Riding around in an automobile. Did any of these valuers see the inside of your property we bet dollars to doughnuts they done to know what your House looks like. 4. We forced the local political organization by merciless publicity to reduce the tax rate. They suddenly a a discovered that they could run the Borough on less than they thought. That this was not their original intention we have shown by quoting the courier s own statements recording the official adoption of the plan Cali ing for an assessment and tax rate that would produce $90,000 or a rate of 15 Mills on $7,000,000 which would produce this amount after deducting discounts remits fees. Etc. According to the courier whose statements a frequently quoted. This plan was adopted by the citizens committee on november 24th, 1924 and was officially adopted by Council on december 1st. 1924. This proof therefore that we have presented been their own words. Should not the testimony of their own statements be sufficient 5. Then. Realizing their reluctance to recognize this paper we offered to arrange for a Bona fade Public meeting where you and other interested citizens could ask questions and get unmanned information on this whole matter. Bitt All we got in return for our sincere efforts was a Shower of filthy slander of which you Are no doubt aware. We cannot imagine Why they were so afraid of the citizens in whom they profess such Loving interest unless it be they were afraid of the additional proof Vav offered to present at the meeting. They evidently do not think much of their own words but Are deathly afraid of the words of unc Raven men whose testimony we proposed introducing into the meeting. Well Vav suppose they have reason to cry but cheer up. Its going to get so warm for these mourners soon that their tears will turn to Salt on their faces. In the meantime done to let your heart run away with your head and allow this sobbing about being abused and slandered to work on your sympathies too much. At the meeting of Council held monday evening last. J. C. Schmidt i sr., was appointed a councilman to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Clarence Young coun a cilium from the third Ward. The Federal Laws clearly state that any Federal employee shall not be Active in politics therefore or. Young was forced to resign. Or. Schmidt is Well and favourably known Iii Bristol and should prove an asset to Council. By. J. Fred Wagner throws in ring or. J. Fred Wagner recently an to minced his being a candidate for i councilman from the first Ward. Or. Wagner was chosen to make the run in place of councilman Fine who due to holding a Federal position will he unable to seek re election in the fall. Or. Wagner is a Well known physician of Bristol and am sex service Man. In. 6�17 Many prizes to be offered for Best display of blooms interesting letter from Regent earthquake zone Samuel c. Holt formerly of Bristol tells experiences during quake a. Of adjusted assessments of Bristol As taken from records at Doylestown we give below the readjusted re assessments of properties the owners of which appealed from the values placed upon it by messes. Everett Shoemaker and Townsend. Lok them Over closely that you May see How your property value compare with your neighbors. Or. Anderson our Burgess win fought so hard to put Bristol on a a pay As you go a basis was the first Man to sign a letter appealing the value placed upon a piece of property which was granted a Large reduction an1 is included in the list below. This letter was sent to Doylestown Long before the Days the county commissioners were to sit Here to hear appeals. Lit other words he was doing something that the gang advised the taxpayers not to do Only in sent this letter to Doylestown rather than wait until it was time to present the Appeal in Bristol. 0 consistency yes very much a we done to think so. First Ward new re adjusted Atta. A. 206-10 Penn Street 4740 4480 Adams a. 231 Wood Street 2520 2350 an Jelo. T., 429 cellar St reef 1400 1250 Ahwal Yachira beef. Soc. 2500 Bailey. A. 228 Mulberry Street 2830 2100 b. F. O. E. No. 9 70 17.320 11.000 Bingham. A. 238 Cedar Street 1960 1800 Byers of a a 409 Radcliffe Street 4420 4000 Bunting. We a 302 Wood Street 21 of 1901 Bilker f., 213 Market Street 2820 2500 Bresida. D., 232 Franklin Street ic10 1600 Bomentre g., 230 Franklin Street 1610 1600 Boutell to j., 437 Cedar Street 1460 1350 Creighton w., 312 Walnut Street 1760 1600 Chi a 430 Pond Street 1470 13 of continued Oil Page five the following letter was received by the Independent from or. Smite Holt a former Bristol Man. Or. Holt writes in detail his exp it i Iene during tin recent earthquake in Santa Barbara Calif. The editor of the Independent hikes til is Opportunity to thank or. I Holt for his contribution or such an interesting letter which will no i doubt be appreciated by those who i read it. Santa Barbara cal., july 9, 1925 i to the Bucks county Independent. Is have just received your Issue of t july 3 and seen an article about i myself and the Santa Barbara Earth quake and thought perhaps it would i be interesting to some of your read Jers to know How it feels to be in a real one. I will try and relate my own personal experience. On the morning of june 29 at 6.45 a. A. I was in bed As usual and was awakened by a tremendous Shock As i bounded to tin floor i was shaken Back into bed and with great Effort regained my feet and dashed to the Tippet floor of the House As my two children were asleep in their room. passed the door of my brother in Law or. S. H. Elliott. I kicked ii of n and rushed int the children bed room Ami pulled them out of bed just tis the Chimney crashed through the roof into their bed. I cannot Tell How i got Down stairs whether i Currie them Dow ii or How they gained the ground floor. We rushed into the Yard Iii the real of the House anti people were running and screaming from other houses. The first Shock lasted 19 seconds and was followed by other smaller shocks continually All Day. After we were sure none of us were injured we got into the automobile and started to the Home of some friends of ours to set if the were All right and when we reached their Home we found that the Cit Reservoir busted and the water passed through flu Ravine flooding All the houses in that Sec Hon of the City and All the faint lies of that part of City com wandered autos and started into the mountains. We then returned to what a i left of our Horn and at 8.00 a. A. I with Many More volunteers nude command of the chief of police 1 i reefed traffic from devastation area my Home was in the heart of the earthquake my let eing one Block a from state Street one Block fron i san Marcus building two Block from Arlington hotel. One Hall Bick from Carrillo hotel and one half Block from Catholic Church i which were All demolished. According to numerous people who been in the san Francis earthquake the Shock Here was just is hard As that in but the damage i of the Frisco quake was alone More by fire then tit quake. And that is one thing we Are very thank fit or As we i i no have any fire 1 due to the heroism of two men. On Man. Harry a to at Hie Gas plan disregarded All orders and shut of. The main valve and Cut off the in i tire Gas Supply of the City. There is a St a my to g Law of the or Coin t Pany and City ordinance that under. No conditions shall the Gas be str off until the City 24 Boun notice and then Only in the pres Encl of District Las manager but ii took a Chance and saved the Cit of Many deaths and fires and is now i being highly commended by both i company and City. The other hero is or. Nagel who i took possibly a More desperate Hance and risked his life anti a falling Walls and debris to gain acess to the main switch boart of a he Power Plant anti pulled tie main switch cutting off All Power in 5 seconds after the first Shock. The Power House is a total wreck. It is impossible to Tell All the things i would by to about the affair but will give you an idea of the Dze of City and other details and continued on Page three the Bristol Dahlia association is busily working to perfect plans for their third annual Flower show to be held in trades Ilia on septem it or 16th and 17th. The prize committee is soliciting prizes to he placed on the various exhibits and Hopes to find Many people interested enough to offer prizes without urging. The present members of tile club would like to Sam the membership greatly expanded. Interest in any kind of Flowers and 50 cents is All that is necessary. The fee covers lit membership. Any member will gladly take names of pilose desiring to join or you can get in touch with the Secretary Fred Stephenson 409 Jefferson avenues or the assistant Secretary Tilton Ellis 5p30 Swain Street. The Chil Moats the second thursday of each month Iii trades Hall. The show is open to every one and every Kin of Flowers but Only those who have been members a r thirty Days previous to the show Quot can can Pete for prizes so join us now. The following schedule will give an idea of what the Competition is based of a Premium list for 3rd annual Flower show class a. A named varieties of dahlias 1. To the Winner of largest number of Points. 2.�?largest exhibit of dahlias. 3. A largest exhibit of single Bloom dahlias of established roots. No two alike. 4.�?most artistic Basket of dahlias. Greens optional. 5.�?Best vase of 3 decorative dahlias. 6.�? Best vase of 3 Peony dahlias. 7.�?Best vase of 3 Cactus dahlias. S. Best vase of 3 Century dahlias. 10.�?Best vase of 3 pompom dahlias. 11.�?Best collection of 192 4 Dahlia seedlings. 12.�? Best collection of 1525 Dahlia seedlings. 13.�?largest seedling Dahlia in diameter. 14.�?largest named Dahlia in diameter. 15.�?beit bouquet of mixed dahlias. Decorative Dahlia single 16. Bloom. Best 17.�?Best Ebony Dahlia sing 1a Bloom. 18.�?Best Cactus Dahlia single Bloom. 19.�?Best show Dahlia single Bloom. 20.�? Best Century Dahlia. Single Bloom. 2 pompom Dahlia. Single Bloom of ambassador Bloom of George Wal Bloom. 22.�?Best decorative Dahlia single Bloom. 23 Best bouquet or Basket of Pom porn. 24. Wrist artistic display of Flowers. 25.�?Best 26.�?Best ters. 27.�?Best Bloom of judge Marean. 28. A Best Bloom of W. Fellows. 29.�?Best Bloom of Cruz Ley. 30. Best Bloom of san Francisco. 31.�? Best Bloom of Jersey Beauty. 32.�? Best Bloom of Trenton inn. 33.�? Best Bloom of inst Linde. 34. Best vase of 6 dahlias any variety. Class dahlias 35.�?Best dahlias. 36.�?Best . Continued on Page two bouquet of unnamed Basket of unnamed Dah Well known stars in new featured Forrest Elaine Hammerstein and Lou Telle Gen will appear in a after business hours Elaine Hammerstein and Lott Tellegen w ill be at the Forrest theatre tonight and tomorrow. They Are the featured players in a after business a Columbia picture. They Are admirably supported among other s by John Patrick Phyllis Haver. Otto Hoffman anti Lee Moran. The very excellent Story in this picture is directed by Mal St. Clair. The question of a wife a sharing in the financial Prosperity of a husband forms the theme of the Story. The Story was originally published in Hearst a International Magazine under the title of a everything Money can buy a a and was written by Ethel Watts Mumford. This talented woman writer appeared in Many places among them the saturday evening Post

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