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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1921, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 15, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Forrest theatre to failure said Isaac Cash at Home of his son on Beaver Street yesterday exclusive interview to Independent after frightful experiences old gentleman and grandchild arrive Here impoverished but Happy emaciated from months of privation and still bearing the stamp of the horrors and suffering of the dreadful revolution in Russia Isaac Cash father of Simon Cash of 9 09 Beaver Street is now at the Home of his son recuperating and building up the strength for which in his younger manhood he was famed throughout the entire District in which he lived in Russia. Or. Cash stated positively yesterday that the soviet government in Russia is doomed to failure and this is the initial authentic first hand information Ever Given out in Bristol by an actual eyewitness of conditions As they Are in that unfortunate country. More than a year ago the sons of or. Cash who before the revolution was considered a wealthy Man in his own country sent by a messenger the necessary funds to transport their father to this country. Their emissary carried Money to bring Over Many others and it took him some time to round up his entire list. Then passports had to be secured a in the Case of or. Cash after his original passport had been issued several weeks elapsed before the party were ready to Start for american Iii the meantime the Ollie a who had inned the passport had been thrown into jail and the new official had to re Issue the necessary document. Herded together As they were this list of emigrants whose Kin Folk in America had sent funds for their trip suffered considerably. According to he statement of or. E. F. C. Official Robertson departs i authorized representative leaves today to tour Europe and Australia departure regretted it is with regret that the Many friends both in the emergency Fleet corporation and the merchant shipbuilding corporation will learn of the departure of or. L. C. Robertson e x Leet corporation s authorized representative who severs connections today. Or. Robertson who is better Nown among his friends and co-1 workers As a Robbie Quot was among the Early producer connected with the government contract for the building of forty ships coming with the merchant s in november 1917, and Tak a my charge of their production department. Coming As he did from the River shipbuilding company Quincy mass., a concern with a station for economical Burlington Island Park now popular bathing resort fall at rep shipbuilding he brought with him the experience of Many years which was soon re heeled in Hie production and building of the ships at this wide experience am readily recognized hebrew scholars thrills furnished awarded prizes Riding Aqua plane monday and tuesday Cinderella in wonderland Quot a with fifty Bittie girls five cents the copy classes in hebrew synagogue show great Progreso in study at Avalo Adam most exciting of water sports entertains hundreds along River Bank at a special meeting held sunday evening at the jewish Gogue at which a contest staged for the children in i studies of hebrew theology. Three prizes were offered in of the three grades for those last syn was their showed Tbs most proficiency the past six months. Under Lection of Rev. Barron the children each Pupil each who during the dins to it or of reviewed the done and a l. Dry made the or. I implant. Ability his was the above scene of a a bathers at Burlington Island Park is a vision that May be seen any afternoon or evening never since the Island has by the emergency been a picnic resort have so Many Fleet corporation and in february bathers taken 1919 he was taken Over to act As assistant to g. K. Nichols who was then authorized representative. In May 1920, when or. Nichols became District manager or. Robertson was promoted to position of authorized representative which lie has since held and during which time he has displayed a remarkable Type of executive ability coupled wit ii his practical knowledge of the shipbuilding game from every Angle. Or. La. Vav. Fans Lias been appointed As authorized representative to take effect upon or. Robertson a leaving. Or. Fails who has also been with the Fleet corporation since the Early Days and was the Engineer in charge of construction will carry with him in his new position the Well wishes of his friends for ii is Success. It is doubtful whether any one individual connected either with the merchant shipbuilding corporation or the emergency Fleet corporation is or has been in closer touch with All the details of the government contract in this Yard than or. Faits. Or. Fans is not Only an Engineer of wide experience but possesses an almost uncanny knowledge of accounts. Or. Robertson upon his advantage of the Sandy Beach and cooing Waters of the Delaware. From Philadelphia they come and from Wilmington and from every other conceivable place within a two hours radius of the Island they come for Many things but principally for the excellent bathing that is to he found there. The shaded Gro is pleasant walks amusement devices excellent dancing floor and last but by no Means least the wonderfully nourishing food served in the Casino restaurant make the Island an Ideal spot tor a Days Outing and one whose Many features Are just becoming popular. Work he or she had three judges Alessi. Blitstein and Benj. Silvei awards. In class one the following contestants were entered Benj Homan David Hoffman Marin shifter and Eddie Bersek. The winners in this class were Eddie Bersek first prize David Hoffman be com and Harry dries third in Rubin Silber also Columbus knights Challenge elks k. Of c. Anxious to test their athletic prowess against newly organized teams Anchor y. C. Party to be gala affair Cash conditions Are dreadful at the present time in russian there is a on Friday expects to take an extend marked shortage of de vacation in Europe going from shelter it is necessary to stand in there to visit his Many friends in line for hours at a time before a Australia returning in the Spring measly list of food is handed out to Ile will be accompanied by mrs. The workers. Robertson who has made Many he referred to the terrible pogroms friends throughout the Tow site and that were prevalent throughout the it is wit i regret that they also will Empire during the regime of the willies her departure. Czars these Are almost unknown promptly at three of clock yester-2iowr, As the Heil guards and com Day afternoon a delegation repro missals the latter the secret police Benting the clerks and attaches of of the present government carefully the Fleet and the merchants co., watch every movement of the mobs i waited upon or. Robinson and pre and instantly d Aper be any gathering spotted Lim with a Beautiful Gold that threatens any Branch of the watch and Chain As a remembrance population. The jew s As far As their personal safety is concerned Are safer under the present form of government than they have Ever been before but jew or Gentile Are All in the same class when it comes to the hoarding of food or Money. The comm tsars Are relentless in their watchfulness and anyone no matter who he May be who is caught concealing food or hiding Money is severely dealt with. Owing to the constant Pat ruling of All thoroughfares within the confines of the country by the red guards riots Are a thing of the past. In speaking of the reason tor the failure of the soviets or. Cash stated that Hie majority of the people with whom he came in Contact Are not and never were nor will be in favor of turning Over their property and wealth to the workers. Accompanying the old gentleman who has the Mien of a patriarch was an orphan boy six years of age Bis grandchild whose parents were murdered Iii the streets in a raid on the jewish settlement in which they lived while general pet i Ura was in command of this District before the reds had conquered that part of the country. This Little Chap is not in Lobi it health he too has suffered much but his future in this the land of plenty holds much Promise for him. In the fall he will enter the Public schools in an attempt to quickly assimilate English so that he May enjoy to the full the benefits of american education. Or. Cash closed w Ith the statement that he w As glad to be in America even though he comes Here an impoverished Many glad that he has left behind him forever the scenes of strife and bloodshed that have been before his eyes for years a glad that in his declining years he May know peace and contentment1 in the company of his sons and he devoutly thanks his creator that the closing years of his life will be peaceful ones. Of his connection with the big shipbuilding Enterprise. Tile occasion was graced by the presence of or. Nichols whom or. Robinson succeeded and the retiring official while taken Back by the generous gift accepted it with words of Praise for ills fellow workers who made possible tile Success accomplished by him functioning As an of heal first of the merchants and later of the Fleet. Squire we. Booz praises police congratulates them on their moral courage in raiding alleged speak easiest extends sympathy before the Ink was dry on the paper of last weeks Independent. Carried the exclusive announcement of the formation of an athletic team by tile local members of the elks Lodge a boo Quot Wilson rushed into ibis office breathlessly announcing that he Wras armed with a Challenge a a Challenge to the athletes to be to enter Competition with a team to be chosen from the membership of the local Branch of the knights of departure Columbus. A a Idle knights Are said a boo Quot a ready and anxious to enter the lists w ii any Amateur Aggree Hon in this Section and they v re particularly desirous of competing for Points on the athletic Field against the elks. In the Field it a in the water it makes no difference to the knights they have exponents of All branches of athletic Endeavor among their membership and they stat Al ready to place a team Iii the Field at a moments this Challenge coming As it does before the elks have Strang tend out their lines of attack and defense. Is rather premature Blit it is a certainty that the Quot Bills Quot will put the knights Down on their list of future antagonists and when their teams Are formed some interesting and if it May be allowed some mighty amusing events will be staged. The elks baseball club will take the Field for practise within a few Days As the committee in charge of this department Are anxious to play several games before Hie present season wanes. The swimming and Canoe teams Are already in tip top shape and could enter Competition tomorrow if called upon. The same May be said of the men who will compete in track events for they have been quietly training for several weeks past. Quot Wes Quot Spencer smiles a Broad smile when he mentions a mysterious dark horse who is supposed to he a second Quot Ted Quot Meredith whom the Lodge seems to have had under cover for some time. To be held on club grounds tomorrow week Many novel events announced prize it a prize Given As first prize in the minor Cia which. Franklin Silber Carl Jacob Marks and Jennie compared. The second class consisted of Benj Blank Louis Harris Sidney Singer Isidore Marks and Samuel dries the prizes Here were awarded to Isidore Marks first prize Sidney Singer second and Samuel dries third. The third group entrants were Esther Singer Bella Cohen Sarah Weissblatt Tillie Cohen Abe Popkin Herman Silber and Samuel Popkin. I he winners were Samuel Popkin first Herman Silber second and Sarah Weissblatt and Bella Cohen ended in a draw. Both were Given third prizes. After the contest All the children partook of a luncheon of be Cream cake and Candy. As an appreciation of his work Rev. Barron was Gilt a a purse of Money by Hie members of the congregation. Aeroplanes have had their Day so far As exciting curiosity Ami Admiral Ion for the ride in the air. The Aqua plane so far As Bristol is concerned is now engaging the attention and also giving much enjoyment to the riders. Never has the Delaware been the Point of attraction to such a degree As this season. Never was bathing More popular and crowds of lookers on Are seen daily on the Public wharves in Pri nato Yards and seated on porches near the favorite Points of bathers. For the past week the most exerting scenes have occurred on the River. Starting from the float of the i iks Home or. Clarence Winter As custodian of the motor boat belonging to Burgess Anderson and assisted by or. Tom Harrison who is of i Cial rope Holder of the rope attached to an Aqua plane have been giving an Tindell when his Case is tried in sen Uii measurable amount of pleasure tember to Many riders. Pile most tenacious persons who have been benefited by chiropractor solicitous As to courts action no one can predict what result will be possibly Good in the face done he May acquitted of be great a what will happen to w. Mar Iner of Hie sport is or. Harry Arnold jr., who holds on with Bull dog tenacity stands upright on the plane for a considerable distance with an occasional dipping in the Cooling Waves to Cool his ardor. Not Only Are the men excited Over the wonderful sport but the women Are proving themselves real adepts miss Eunice Winterstein is master of the situation and Only at infrequent intervals drops into the water. Her position Apa ease with which she i ides the plane is really wonderful and gives the onlookers great pleasure. Ii is a Well known fact that the Delaware affords More pleasure to Many sport seekers and at a much lower Cost than any Seaside resort could offer. The Anchor Araeh club Are Allet for their gala Beach party and Field Day which will be held on the club grounds saturday. July 23rd. Quot the time the place and the their novel method of announcing the time of is dealt y con suit Assur is i heir novel method this pleasurable event course is the above the place the club girl Well tile writer knows which c Iii it would be in his own Case but you must choose your own. In the language of tile press agent of the a lir club the gala event outlined below a the arrangements for Hie party while not As yet Filiti Plebs have advanced to a a it v,.�?T a. I that we can von of a Good rime. A emr. Frail Mills of Essington. Will he on hand with his Hydro Plai Ltd to a up pin. Angers and those w to have an ambition to Rise Iii the world will have an Opportunity to do o. We a. R also assured of a Speed boat race for the Fritag trophy and some of the fastest boats on the Delaware Are expected to enter. So far the Freda ii and Ronaldo of Westville and Keystone respectively have Given their entries. These two boats develop a Speed of about 15 Miles an hour and the race will be Well Worth while seeing. Quot there will also be a Canoe race for men Canoe race for women and an in and out race for mixed couples or for two men or two women. The Canoe races Are still open for entries and if you can paddle. Or think you can the Secretary will be glad to hear from you. Fifty children in charming operetta cd. Lasker orders new inventory Gozsa a Cinderella in flowered Quot shown at j one St theatre by Clever Enile artists Jiniv of All emergency Fleet property follow Yard at North Bristol included work for Many i us i t v i int nigh grit ski i Educ a win re ii a w s a Squire William in Booz who has lived More years than allowed to the average Man has very set ideas of life and the general fitness of things pertaining to it. The Squire on tuesday made a special trip to the town House to congratulate chief of police Sackville and his officers Fox the moral courage they displayed in making a series of raids recently on alleged Speake Asies and to sympathize with them in their failure to make out a Case that was sufficiently Strong in the eyes of the committing Justice to warrant his holding the accused for court. The Squire called at Dent office and stated birthday anniversary observed by Mahan s offered for will also be men and monday. July Lith. Was the Date for a return of the Natal Day of mrs. Harry Mahan of upper Radcliffe Street. From seven thirty until twelve fun held Sway first cards then bathing and dancing. Refreshments including Watermelon toasted marshmallows and roasted frankfurters w Ere served on the Lawn. During this hour the guests to the great Surprise of the hostess pre the ind Epen sen Ted her with a Large cake decor that chief ated in Pink and White also candles Sackville told him that the police one for each year of her age. Officers were very much discouraged the invited list included Over the outcome of these cases and Charles Mcginley. Airs. George soy jr., miss Hilda Pope mrs. That there is grave danger of this discouragement having a demoralizing effect on the entire Force. Spruce Street Hen lays egg with three Yolks Doggie roast Given at Langhorne miss Mary Callahan of Langhorne gave a Doggie and marshmallow roast saturday evening july 9th. Most of the guests were from Trenton. Those from Bristol miss Margaret Callahan of us eel miss Mary Mcginley of Otter Street and miss Katharine Gaffney of Corson. There were about Twenty guests in All and the party was held at Parkland. Mrs. Richard ferry of 708 Spruce Street who raises Large flocks of poultry had the Surprise of her life a few Days ago when investigating the cause of incessant packing of several hens in the rear of her Home. She found an egg in one of the nests that looked More like an Ostrich product than that of the common barnyard variety. Upon measuring the were Oblong shaped product of the Hen Buckley Aery she was amazed to find its length was 3v4 inches and upon opening it discovered Tho Cone shaped Shell contained three perfectly a alls. Hus a. S. Wright mrs. Ralph Harris airs. Harry Arnold jr., mrs. Helen Abbott mrs. John Watson miss Pearl Robertson aliases Mildred Braden Alary Helen and Muriel Fine or. And airs. Walter Kline and son miss Katharine Mahan Aliss Emma Holt air. Philip Mahan mrs. Harry Arnold jr., or. Millford Callanan and Thomas Dolan. Suitable prizes will be these events and there swimming races for women. Quot we Are also assured of an Aqua plane exhibition. Those of you who recall the one at the last Beach party will possibly remember the interest and amusement which these exhibitions caused. A we shall have a Largi party of visiting yachtsmen from other clubs along the River and have arranged in take oui parties for a Short sail from the club float by several of the Anchor Baclit club Fleet. There will be the usual Small charge for this and for those who do not have the Opportunity of going out in Hie launches very often it will be Well Worth the Money in fact it has formerly been one of the most entertaining parts of our party so make a note of the Date july 23d and keep it manure Wilson of the f theatre Bas been for Unate to sector for the children a ups i Bristol a spectate lion fresh from Atlanta it a bad it. Premier present Anoil which will be shown at the flt Rhea tie on londay and tit evening of next week by fifty Enile Art Isis Iii the words genial manager himself Folk description of the product Ion Quot from the opening scene to the to ii ii in which consumes Over two hours of the most ple amp song entertainment Gien by babies just past their third Natal Day to Young ladies of Quot Sweet sixteen a Cinderella in flow Orlando an opera to w the a pro log it and your acts will be both picturesque and enjoyable. A the i inst part of the prologue with miss Dorothy Jones in a fairy boat of Gold being paddled by do Little wave girls on a the voyage to fairyland with its Beautiful electrical effects is one of the Many pretty scenes of the operetta. In the first act an attractive scene is thai of the visit of Prince Sunshine miss Frances league to Quot the hone of the Flowers a while the second act is confined to the transformation of Cinderella miss Virginia Knight by the godmother nature miss Eloise Rothschild. The Woodland Lea and Princess Ball Are featured in the third act and the lost Slipper w. C. T. U. Meeting the monthly business meeting of the w. C. T. Ii. Will he held next tuesday evening at the Home of Tho president Ai is Hughes 601 Radcliffe Street. 135 men of k. Of c. Take major degree or. Eugene a. Barrett of Bristol. With or. George Phillip of Philadelphia. Captain Jack Keohane and air. John r. Mcgill assisted state Deputy p. A. Kennedy of Harrisburg who was in charge of initiating 135 men in the major degree of the knights of Columbus on sunday july 10th. The meeting was held in Lancaster and All the councils of surrounding districts including Harrisburg York and Hanover were present. The visitors were entertained at a banquet Given at the new Brunswick hotel. Chairman of the u. S. Shipping Board a. D. Lasker is a Man of Many parts and a Man of action Bis recent order that he be furnished with newly made and Complete inventories Cfall property belonging to the emergency Fleet indicates that he wishes to he thoroughly con errant we a present conditions been he o. Ivs any proposition for Hie disposition of government proper t \. Hie orders of the new chairman Means that an additional inventory of Fleet material at the Yard at North Bristol will have to be furnished Ami this Means that there will be several weeks work provided for a Nimby r of clerks and stenographers attending to the detail work in compiling the desired statement. The action of the local Fleet officials in giving the army of local unemployed an Opportunity to pick up Iii few weeks work is indeed to be commended. When the order went through two slips were written out one being pasted in Tracy and bakery a window and the other in the window of the Independent. They had the desired effect for yesterday morning at least three thousand Young men and women were on hand looking for work. In speaking of the flocks who presented themselves one official stated i had no idea that there were so Many stenographers in Bristol As there Are until i saw that sea of laces in the gathered throng seeking employment. It proves to us one thing that if work is Ever resumed in the Plant there will be no necessity in us going outside of Bristol to Complete our roster of cowardly attempt to disable launch Arrow thursday morning while Captain Jackson was Enro Ute to Bridesburg to bring a picnic party to Burlington Island Park the valves of the engine of his launch Quot Arrow Quot suddenly stopped in Midstream. Investigation cd tin cause revealed that eight spark plugs of thei engine had been tampered with during the night while the boat Lay it the Bristol wharf. Fortunately Captain Jackson soon remedied the trouble arriving in time to meet his party. This malicious piece of work was the second attempt to put the launch Quot Arrow Quot out of commission and tile owners have begun an investigation which coupled with a Reward. May Lead to the arrest of the culprits who if round will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. If this question has been asked the editor of this paper once it has been asked him two Hundred times at the very least estimate within the past two weeks. Sorry indeed is the writer that it cannot be answered and answered As these solicitous folks would like to have it a the will be rile Fate of this Man who has so Many ardent friends and supporters in this Vicinity now rests with the trial judge and with the jury who will hear the testimony in his Case. One would have to be a Reader of the future a seer into the unknown to be Able to answer what the decision of these two elements will be. Every Day new evidence of what Good in the Community Martindell is doing is being brought to Light tales Are carried to this office of seaming miraculous Relief he has Given some previously despairing person. Sufferers who for years have carried the Burden of physical disability or infirmity Are suddenly made Well. Men who have almost despaired of Ever again being Able to their Ordinary occupation again take their place a at the Side of their former working companions. Alen who have resigned themselves to an Early death take up the Battle of life with renewed Hope renewed vigor anti Lay in the far background of their minds the fear or the belief that their years Are numbered. Surely it would be a shame if tit the face of Ali this overwhelming evidence the verdict of a jury made it impossible for this Man to continue to do Good in this Community. Public sentiment it would seem would be ignored if this were the result of the coming trial yet trials Are not decided by Public sentiment and the statutes of the state Are All that guide the judge on the Bench and All that he will allow to guide the jury. All the foregoing and the Law itself leaves the answer to the question which opens this article problem metical Martindell May be convicted and his conviction May carry with it a jail sentence he May Only receive a nominal Fine in Case the jury decides against him this part of the proceedings who be discretionary with the court. Then again there is a possibility that he May be acquitted and if he is a moral Victory for the Many he has aided will have been won. In the face of an acquittal it is not Likely that another Case would be prepared against him by the state Board of lice sure and the chances Are that if acquitted he will continue in this Community doing Good to the Many As he has in the past. What the future plans of Martindell will be if he is found guilty the writer has no Means of knowing. This much is probably a certainty that Iii a very Short time a condition will be provided by state legislation that will make it possible for a fully qualified practitioner of chiropractic to practise his philosophy without being in constant fear of the minions of the Law. The Allopathy and homeopaths years ago were at swords Points then when they had buried Hie Hatchet and Laid Down together like the proverbial Hon and the Lamb along came the osteopaths and they were fought to the last ditch until finally they were granted recognition by the authorities of the several states the above is not a statement of this newspaper it is a matter of Public history. The optometrists were opposed As Long As opposition hampered them in performing their work but now they Are recognized. With All this As a matter of record it is Safe to presume that Iii the very near future chiropractic and chiropractors will be removed from the outlawed state in which now they Are alleged to function and be a regularly recognized and legally licensed profession. S. P. C. A. Report Sylvia bring one of Hie fairies tined Yolks. For Sale invalid s wheel chair. A u i in excellent conditions Price Lea general housework. Mrs. Clarence i bailable. Inquire cottage hotel. Wanted Good reliable girl for Page Cornwells ave., Cornwells a Radcliffe Street. 7-15-21 airs. Joint la very and miss Katherine of Philadelphia will made spend several Days next week As the guest of miss Elizabeth Crichton of 312 Walnut Street. Or. Paul Lofuna of Philadelphia spent the week end As the guest of or. And mrs. J. Leavitt Fine of 23 7 Market Street the girl scouts of Edgely Are planning to go into Camp for a week on Penns farm at Penns Manor on a the Delaware. It has not yet been daughter decided on what Day a Start will be Aliss Emma Holt of Jersey City is visiting mrs. Harry Mahan of Bristol Pike. And crowning of Cinderella in the fourth and final act. The operetta is produced by the Jai Den of youth company under the direction of has. Cora while the play is managed by Ward la. Kent nor. The talented and Mauj come Nom parents who a All for rent furnished room All conveniences electric Light 306 a Wood Street g. Viola managed children Are Many come from. Have Hail professorial Laming. There Are Many Clever toe hiking divert foremen is attraction to this i Story notice to women All women Are urgently requested the july meeting of Bucks county to enrol sheiff names with the re the Home of spec Tive Ward assessors who will sit at the regular polling places on tuesday and wednesday july 19th and 20th. An alternative is to make application to the assessor in writing and have the signature witnessed by a qualified voter. In order to entitle a person to vote at the primary election in september. S. P. C. A., was held at air. And mrs. W. C. Pierce Langhorne. Reports of work done by agents during the past month was cases investigated 23 warnings Given 9 horses ordered from work 6 horses killed 2 Small animals killed 7. Anyone witnessing acts of cruelty or neglect to animals will please be port same to local agents a it a to mrs. K. S. Pierce county Secretary. As aged an added old fairy or. L. T. Rodan leaves Bristol on sunday to visit his daughter and Oiler relatives in new Mexico. Air. Rodan will stay several weeks. Y. P. Social meeting a social meeting of the y. P. B., will be held monday night at the Home of mss Charlotte Dixon. All going meet at the Home of mrs. Lehman at 7 of clock As there will be automobiles

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