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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 11, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania I i Phi cub census figures officially announced show 96.718 inhabitants in Bucks county Cain i of 14,242 Over count 1920 f the Bureau of the census the week officially announced the preliminary census returns for several Pennsylvania counties among them Bucks county whose population is placed at 96,718, As compared with 82,4 76 in 1920 and 76,530 in 1910. The figures Are substantially the same As those previously announced but for the information of our leaders we Aie printing the Complete tabulation for the county. Bucks county grows consistently. The increase in population in 1930 Over 1920 is 14,2 42, or 17.27 per cent. The increase in 1920 Over 1910 was 5946, or 7.77 per cent. Most of the growth is in lower Bucks county. Bristol is the largest Community in the county with 1 1,800. Morrisville is the second largest Borough but Bensalem is the second largest Community having More inhabitants than Morrisville. The figures Are As follows a round about town the Keystone Plant. Award of another Large contract for air planes by the government to the Keystone aircraft corporation is a Fine testimonial to the stability of the product of the local Plant and to the excellence of the Bristol planes. Bristol can Well congratulate its la Oil having this Plant within its Borders and should cooperate in every Way to promote the interests of the company Here. That it is doing so is apparent the widening of Green Lane and the proposed underpass cant of the attitude Ity toward wants this building of in there is signifier the common tie company. Bristol company to continue its right now my Henhouse was robbed last night and the Man that robbed it is Here Iii this congregation and i done to want him to put a cent on the a Bridge contractors to build lift Span on staging in River steady Progress and Bristol people Are Strong for it. Lately a new superintendent has taken charge at the Keystone or. Ii. S. Sanford who came Lieut from the Curt iss Ca Pron i Plant at Baltimore. Ajr. Sanford Lias a Genius for organization and under his direction the steadily increasing volume of work at the factory is advancing toward satisfactory completion. 1930 192 0 bed Inister twp. 2087 199 9 Bensalem twp. 5645 2912 Bridgeton twp. 682 569 Bristol Boro. 11800 10273 Bristol twp. 4382 5027 Buckingham twp. 9 9 i Milt it 2024 Chalfont Boro. 5 50 317 Doyle Stow n Boro. 4571 too a o o t Doylestown twp. 1371 1369 Dublin Boro. 296 o o o Wab Durham twp. 619 56 8 East Rockhill twp. 1525 1197 Falls twp. 2004 1789 Haycock twp. 865 889 Milltown twp. 2808 2408 Hulmeville Boro. 582 491 Ivyland Boro. 307 263 Langhorne Boro. 1146 1067 Langhorne Manor Boro. 396 307 lower make Leld twp. 1723 1201 Middletown twp. 2096 1365 Milford twp. 2248 1953 Morrisville Bor. 5663 3639 new Britain Boro. 117 new Britain twp. 1157 1226 new Hope Boro. I 109 1093 Newtow n Boro. 1818 1703 Newtown twp. 712 725 Nocka Nixon twp. 1076 1105 Northampton twp. 1375 1325 Perkasie Boro. 3466 3150 Plumstead to p. 2080 2025 Quakertown buro. 4874 4391 Richland twp. 2173 1963 Richlandtown Boro. 642 589 Riegelsville Boro. 725 610 Sellersville Boro. 2063 1739 Silverdale Boro. 281 247 Solebury twp. 1564 1674 Southampton twp. 2300 1375 St. Langhorne Boro. 789 557 Springfield twp. 214 215 Telford Bolo. 4 13 313 Tinicum twp. 1330 1342 Trumbauersville buro. 692 698 Tullytown Boro. 658 5 72 upper Al a Kef id twp. 951 1013 Warminster twp. I 152 760 a a r ring ton twp. 1139 822 Warwick twp. 550 472 Avest Rockhill twp. 1390 1243 Wrightstown twp. 716 741 a Ardley Boro. 1308 1262 Only one a cd he a a left. A recent visit to the Keystone Plant it twelve army officers members of the air corps engineering school at Dayton Ohio was also the occasion of the Isit to Bristol of the Only remaining 1 11 air plane ill til4 army service. A a due stands for Dehaviland a Type of plane that was used in great numbers during the world War and just after it. Thousands of them were built from 1917 to 1919, equipped with the famous Liberty engine and some of them were reconditioned at the Lvey Stone Plant some years ago. But the do now is obsolete. The army officers who visited the Keystone Plant included clips. G. Gardner and lieutenants William Orval ii. Cook Eugene l. Albeit c. Foulk Baul in Only three left. Idle removal of the Metal awning from in front of the store of Wallace a Elum leaves Only three of these reminders of Mill Street As she used to be still in position. One is in front of Breier a another at the Gallagher Gallagher property and tile third in front of the William p. Wright estate. In time those three places doubtless will undergo remodelling and then the awnings May be expected to go. C. N. Amis Eubank Kemmer Mccormick Dudley w. Couch and were taken v i. Mcallister Harlan Arthur a. Vanaman Watkins Howard h. Frank d. Klein. They through the Plant had Iun Neon and were greatly into rested Iii the construction of the planes being made for the army and Navy. The group hew to Bristol from Dayton in six planes three of the Curtis a a Falcon Type two Thomas Morse Plains and the a a due Liberty engined plane referred to. A pretty sight. One of the prettiest sights a Lover of the open can see these Days is r. Hen pheasant marshalling her Brood across a Highway. Quite a number of broods have been raised Iii the Fields along state Road and several limes we have seen Mother pheasant marching sedately across the Road surrounded by Lier offspring varying from five to nine in number. The babies seem excited by an approaching car and mrs. Pheasant usually manages to be in the tall grass when one comes abreast her but there is dignity Iii her Carriage and no sign of fear. But in the fall when the gunners Are out a then these creatures live in deadly terror of men who Admire their Beauty at other seasons. Bass fishermen have Luck. The first few Days of the Bass season resulted in Good catches for a numb r of Bristol fishermen Iii the creeks at Maple Beach and also in that canal Basin. During the week however the number of fishermen and fishery Omen became so Large that if All of them had caught Bass there would be none left. But Bass Are game fish and they quickly Pecolor aware of the change in their relation to the human family. They get wary Anil Atter the first week or so of the season they Are less confident of the luscious Ness of worm and Fly that happens to within their Range. Every come or. Gilkeson Indian Thrush gives up ghost t rank i in Gilkeson a Beautiful Indian Thrush which charmed visitors to the late Biown Davis political Headquarters with its Peculiar tall and which seemed to enjoy its environment of Palms tapestries Flowers and 10-cent Cigar smoke is no More. It has passed on to whatever Bourne Good behaved Birds Are destined to refusing longer to huge in this troublous sphere. Or. Gilkeson says the Bird died at his Home on the fourth of july and he ascribes its death to worry Over the Luzerne county situation. Noise from fire crackers probably Fastener tin end but it had been ailing for some time. The Bird was much disappointed when Francis Shunk Brown was Defeated Iii the primary and had never been the same since. Although it was moved to the comfortable quarters of or. Gilkeson and or. Bell and every care was Given it tile mixture of political uncertainty humidity noise and Lack of companionship of its kind proved to be too much for it to withstand. What is an a old Quot joke As we sat and listened to a Mon Logist do his aet at the grand theatre die manager in Lynn asked us what we thought of him. Being cursed at times with Lack of ability to dissemble we told de we thought the actor was Tei i i lie. A the jokes or is inflicting on the helpless audience were old when i was a baby a we said. Whereupon or. Lynn said a a there a something Odd about jokes. There is always somebody who a. Not heard the oldest one you can t Iii ilk of. You and others May be familiar with Many jokes so familiar with them that their repetition gives you a pain but there arc thousands who never heard them and who get As big a kick out of them As you would out of a Brand new one. That a Why vaudeville known no such tiling As an a old a that is probably Why history is taught in the Public schools a lot of new minds need to absorb facts which older ones Are More or less familiar with. That too is probably the reason Why the Church Bells ring there Are millions still unaware of the message of the preacher. And it explains Why every so often one has to listen to one actor saying to another a Why docs a Chicken Cross the Well with de s explanation we can stand it a Little better from now on. Movie stars furnish Kames for dogs. Mrs. Blanche p. Washburn the Well known organist at the grand theatre owns four mexican Chihuahua dogs. We Haven to seen them but we Are reliably informed that one of them is about eight inches from Bow sprit to Stern another is about nine inches Over All another May be nine and a half inches from one end to the other and the fourth the head of the family nine and three quarters inches Long. These animals require so much room for exercise that mrs. Washburn recently moved to a Home that has a big Yard for them to tear around in. The names of these critters arc those of Well known theatrical stars and characters Mitzi Pancho Kin Kajou and Amelia. Mitzi the Matron is expected to have an addition to the family very shortly and mrs. Washburn has selected Dolores Ramon Novarro and a flock of other Spanish names should they be needed. We understand the dogs refuse to eat anything but Frijoles and tamales and do not understand English. Mrs. Washburn told us about a pet cat she had some years ago that loved Beer froth. Of course thai was before prohibition. The cat naturally came to a bad end. Meets a former Bri Tolian. Minot Hill went to Chicago recently to attend the convention of rotary International As Delegate from the Bristol rotary club. He says that one of the first men he bumped into was Rev. Henry m. Hartmann formerly pastor of the first presbyterian Church who was at tile convention As Delegate from the rotary club at Chateaugay n. Y., where or. Hartmann now is pastor. Or. Hartmann told Ai. That he is very Happy in his new Church and they had quite a gab Iest together. Miss French buried in Slatington the funeral of miss Jane French who was found dead in her Home school Lane Cornwells Heights last week was held last saturday with burial in Slatington. Miss French was 81 years old and lived alone. She was found dead by a neighbor Bruce Bytheway who called to deliver milk to her. Ernest gamblers Story. Speaking of the rotary club Ernest Gamble pulled a Good one at the last meeting. Ernest likes to put the club through a stunt once in a while and of course he wants every member to take part. Some time ago the club Sang a Down by the old Mill Stream a with gestures and be stipulations. Ernest thought he would repeat it last week and when he announced it protested that be had observed one of the members refraining from doing his part. A if this member does no to play this time i m going to Well i can illustrate what in a going to do by telling the Story of the old negro minister who wanted the congregation to come across Good and plenty. A in announcing the collection the preacher said a Brothers and Sisters i want you to just fill the platters to overflowing today. And there a one thing i want to say Good nature and Broa mindedness. Gatherings these Days Are Likely to be cosmopolitan. People do not choose their Friend. From among their am immediate kind As was the custom some years ago. The result is a sort of levelling of standards a breaking Down of prejudices and Tho building up of a new spirit of tolerance and Good will. We happened to be a guest at a party some time ago that was to celebrate an event in the lives of the Host and hostess one of whom is a Quaker and the other a presbyterian. Among the guests were a Catholic priest a handsome jewish girl and a number of people who probably done to know what to Call themselves. The party was on Friday and the reverend father while tempted to eat the Ham and Chicken salad was True to the disciplinary Rule that meat shall not be eaten on Friday. The Host unthinkingly offered Ham to the Young jewish lady who laughingly declined it. She ate the Chicken salad remarking that she hoped it was Kosher. A Catholic lady present ate the meat stating that in some of the Western dioceses of her Church a special dispensation permits it and evidently she claimed residence Iii one of them. The Host and hostess were saved any embarrassment by the jollity of the guests and the trite old statement a a Good time was had by All a certainly applied to this gathering. W. C. T. U. Annual meeting in tuesday evening july loth at the travel club Home will occur the annual w. C. T. U. Meeting for election of officers and other business also a reception to new members. All members and friends cordially invited. With four piers on the Bristol Side practically completed the cordite in place for a pier on the Burlington Side and foundations being Laid for one of the piers that will support one end of the 54 0-foot lift Span very Good Progress has been made on tin. Construction of the by Iii a ton Bristol Bridge. The Concrete for the approach to the Bridge at Maple Beach also is practically finished and is quite a handsome Structure. This consists of a heavy abutment and two heavy curving Walls Between which Earth and Rock will be put to form the Roadway which will be 20 feet wide. The fourth pier from the Bristol Side is considerably higher than the others and will support one end of a cantilever Span the spans leading to it boing of tin is construction. Another similar Span will be on the Burlington Sill and Between them will to the lift Span. Tho War department on monday granted the Bridge company permission to build Falsework Iii the liver to facilitate the construction of the huge Central Span which is to be the longest lift Span in the world. Originally it was intended to build this Span on the Shore and then float it into position but and weight made dubious about the Mission was asked Falsework. This its huge length the contractors plan and per to erect it on will necessitate building heavy staging in the River which will narrow the Channel to gala event tonight and tomorrow for purpose of supporting charitable service rendered by the Harriman institution Bracken Post to have Block party miniature Golf course planned called upon to take care of All the Highway accidents that happen Between the Philadelphia City line and Morrisville Harriman Hospital of late has been All but Oxer whelmed. Whether it is because the Bristol Pike is numbered 13 and under ail unlucky spell or whether there is another reason the fact is that collisions of automobiles and other vehicles Are so frequent that the Hospital staff spends a Large part of its time attending to the victims. Many times the people who Are involved in such accidents Are unable to pay anything for the medical attention they receive but that makes no difference with the hos a Jin to a pita a it Gies the Best possible ser >40 feet. The War department permit vice to All p Atli of 1 allows this and limits the Ion time the Channel May be impeded to eight weeks and provides that clearance above mean High water shall not be less than 66 feet 8 inches during the construction period. Croydon people talk of refusing to pay Road tax property owners along state Road from Croydon to Bristol Pike Are seriously considering refusing to pay their Road taxes on the ground that the condition of state Road is so rough that traffic is diverted to other roads and the value of real estate along state Road is depreciated. A some of us Are going to refuse to pay the tax a a Large property owner stated to the Independent. A we know that eventually we will have to pay but if we can get a Large number of property owners to withhold this tax the court will be curious As to our reasons and we will have a Chance to make a protest in court that May bring about improvement. who come Here Tell us that this is the worst stretch of Road Iii the rho condition or this piece of Road is All the More noticeable because of the excellent condition of the Road from Nesli Aminy Creek to the line. Hospitals Iii communities the size of Bristol Art so Well equipped As the Harriman Hospital and no Iii a is better prepared to handle emergency cases. The need tor tin service this Hospital renders is demonstrated daily. Accordingly the annual Lawn fete w hich now is being held is a Mattei of real importance to the people of this Community for through it the Public is enabled to contribute toward the funds that Are absolutely necessary to carry on the humanitarian work the Hospital does. This year the fete is being held under tents. In one of the Large tents local business men have exhibits of their goods and Are giving out samples of various products. There Are Many amusement devices a merry ground for the children and All sorts of stunts for the grownups. An orchestra will be present tonight and tomorrow night. The big feature of the fete the fashion show put on by Smiths Model shop will be seen tonight and tomorrow night. The new styles will be displayed by a group of the prettiest Gills in Bristol. Rob it w. Bracken Post american legion is going to have a big a Block party on july 24, 25, 26, and August i and 2. It w ill be held on Cedar Street Between Penn and Dorrance and will be something new and different for Bristol. Iii addition to the attractions that will be offered in the Street there will be Booths and attractions on the Post grounds and in the memorial Home. A a Little legion putt putt a or Tom thumb Golf course will be opened on the legion grounds on or about july 21st. The course will be one of 18 holes and will be attractively Laid out. It will have some beautifully designed hazards which while they will try the skill of the players will add to the enjoyment of the course. The la Gion will furnish All equipment for the players and a Snall fee will be charged. The proceeds of Tho Block party and from the Golf course an to be devoted to reducing the $5000 mortgage on the memorial Home. The legion Hopes for generous attendance and patronage for the cause is a most worthy one. Former employees of Hulmeville hosiery company restrained from interfering with operatives picketing is limited River regatta plans being formulated Canoe events local swimming races outboard and speedboat races will be feature of two Day affair plans for the regatta which will list 16th and 171ii by the menus association and tire yacht club off the latter House Are Las rounding into at a meeting held at the yacht club on tuesday City Echo Beach has merry time on fourth of july for the first time since the annual fourth of july contests have been held the married men at Echo Beach vanquished the single men in the baseball game held on the Holiday the score at the end of the combat being 5 to 4, favor the married men. Both pitchers were Good Miller for tile married men allowing Only six hits and Bud Kueny for tin single men allowing Only seven. The married men were Lang Hearn Wenig Peirce Steve Kueny Shoettler Aliner. Urbasek Czarnezki and Sci. Kueny. The single men s team was made up of was Lier cookers Doerle Irvin Kraft Miller Walker Weber e. Banks and Bud Kueny. The annual track Field and water meet was very successful. Hearn won the menus swimming race and Marian Kueny the girls race. Canoe races were won by airs. Pan and Carl Haag. The in and out race went to Charles Walker and Carl Haag. Or. And mrs. William Wenig won the Canoe Tilting event. Peg Ferguson won tile base running contest for women airs. Parr won the worn a a w wheelbarrow race and or. Knish that for men. Airs. Pan won the sawing contest and airs. Wenig was victorious in the nailing contest. Tom Carty gathered in the honors in tile pie eating contest for men and airs. Seb Kueny won the event tor women. Airs. Wenig won the bail throwing contest for women the shoe lace Fox Gills went to Caatherine Sidelman and that for boys was won by James Gordon. Anna Gordon won the potato race Toi girls and James Mcmann won that for boys. The fat menus race was won by John Shoettler and the Stout ladies race by airs. Aloof. I he a a blues were v victorious in the tug of War. The prize for the Best decorated House was won by j. Krish. There was a Peanut scramble and Many Novelty events for the Small children. Pinochle club no. I met on wednesday afternoon at the Home of airs. Harvey Deiterich of 261 Madison Street. Favors were won last week by mrs. William Lynch. Airs. William Barr and airs. Joseph Keels. Edgely has Fine Celebration of fourth of july the fourth of put on at lanes chants and others people of or was a huge Success. There plenty of Good tilings to eat the townspeople no i had a Good watching the athletic events july Celebration Park by the Mer of Edgely for the Edge by and Headley Man were and time and participating in them. So satisfactory was the Celebration that already Edgely people Are talking about the affair to be held next year. One of the features of the Day was a swim across the Delaware and Back without stopping by Thomas Brown and Eugene Taylor. Other athletic events were As follows 65 Yard dash won by William bitter 65 Yard dash for girls won by Sophia Berwitz potato race won by Norman bitter three legged race Chines Locke and William wittier three legged race for girls Winifred Livezey and Genevieve in Sig sack race Walter Berwitz 50-Yard dash Bobby Sanders married women a race airs. Edward Anderson married menus race Clarence High. A True Holiday spirit pervaded the gathering. The ladies wore red White and Blue Caps and the men also wore the National colors. The committee Iii charge was warmly thanked for the Good time that was afforded the people. Two Day River be bed on aug Young Anchor Quot scrub Mape. Anchor evening Many committee reports were received and from the out lock the two a May function is going Over big. Many local swimming and Canvas Canoe events Are being worked up by a committee and entry be issued shortly for those who wish to enter the various races. Many fast outboard races will also be held. There will be four classes namely Abc and d. Some of the Best Drivers in this part of the country will a on hand to Pilot their frail and speedy Craft Over a one mile course. Speedboat races will also be a feature on sunday the 17th. Saturday the 16th, the National championship races of the Middle states Canoe racing association will be held. The Young menus association is the Host club for that association. These races will be made in racing class Cedar boats or shells in this Here to and various from inter employees of desiring to motorcyclist Hurt when he hits truck Frank Whyno of 605 Cedar Street is in serious condition at Harriman Hospital As a result of a collision Between a motorcycle which he was Riding and a truck on red lion Hill Andalusia tuesday afternoon. Whyno was driving toward Bristol and while passing a car going in the same direction crashed into a Sand truck owned by Thomas l. King and driven by Joseph Macafee. The Force of the collision was so great that Whyno was carried under the truck and was badly injured lie was rushed to Harriman Hospital by Jenks Watson. Macafee was arrested and held in $2000 bail pending the outcome of Whynot a injuries. Whyno was reported to be Iii somewhat improver condition yesterday. Airs. Arthur Hamilton and son Edwin and daughter Ruth of Dedham mass., and Aliss Janet Taylor Are spending the summer with or. And mrs. E. W. Heath of hedge Dale. And the Foremost Canoe stale Section of the East will be defend their titles. Such men As Ernie reidel who is senior one Man double Maili Champion of the East Fletcher Holland Junior one Man double Blade Champ Harry pop Knight and his brother from Washington William Gael Lor of new York Gene Hunter Anc Bobby Graf from Philadelphia and Many others will compete. The clubs competing in the championships Are Pendleton Canoe club of new York City Tuscarora Canoe club of Belleville. N. J., Aio Hawk Canoe club of Trenton Young men s association Cacawa Canoe club of Tacony. Yap Evvi aquatic club of Bordentown red dragon Canoe club of Edgewater Park n. J., Philadelphia Canoe club. Old Dominion boat club of Alexandria va., Washington Canoe club and Potomac boat club of Washington. D. And the Dundalk Canoe club of Baltimore my. The people of Bristol will have a Chance to see Many of the foremast racers in action at this two Day River regatta. Alan novel stunts will be on the program to furnish the spectators with some Good laughs. There will be plenty of till ills on both Days besides Good clean racing. Or. Grundy and sister. And or. Paterson sail for european trip senator Joseph r. Grundy accompanied by his sister Aliss alar a ret ii. Grundy and or. Ross v. Paterson Dean of Jefferson medical College who is an old Friend of air. Grundy a sailed tuesday night for a two months hip abroad aboard the steamship Augustus from new York. I hey will visit Glt nos Naples and other Points in Italy and will spend some time in Spain France Germany and possibly other countries. It is expected they will return about sept. I. Granting of an injunction restraining striking former employees of the Hulmeville hosiery company i rom interfering with the present employees of the company is expected to put an end to the conditions which have kept Hulmeville in an uproar the last fourteen weeks. During this time citizens of the Borough have actually sat in their Homes with shotguns across their Knees to protect their prop to from damage. Windows have been broken and there have been Many fist lights hurling of missiles and tin eats against the lives and pop erty of employees in the hosiery Mill and those who have a financial interest Iii the company. Application for the injunction was filed last april and since then the motion has been under consideration. Judge Hiram a Keller on j reeday handed Down a decree in the court of common pleas restraining the american federation of full fashioned hosiery workers including Philadelphia Branch i local 706, and South Langhorne Branch 4, local 1509, officers and individuals Fering in any Way with the company or others enter its employ. The calling of opprobrious names is enjoined and picketing May not be done by More than four persons at any one time and then Only Between 6 a. In and 6 . The courts decision states that the situation in Hulmeville is both a lock out and a strike the lock out being As of March 28, 193 0, when the hosiery Mill was closed. After april 8, v Hen a hearing in the injunction ease was held the employees were Given an Opportunity to return to work but refused whereupon a strike existed. The conflict Between the strikers and the present employees and those interested Iii the company has been Bitt r. Some of the workers one in particular have been pursued along the highways windows in their Homes and places Iii which they Are interested have been broken and some of them have been injured. I Here have been Many arrests. Such events Iii a quiet Little place like Hulmeville and the adjoining communities where the workers live have been distressing to the residents. Under the injunction now in Force Tii strikers must refrain from interference with the Plant or subject themselves to prosecution for contempt of court. Norma Shearer in a the Divorcee a at the grand Norma Shearer in a the Divorcee will be the feature at the gland theatre londay tuesday and wednesday evenings with Conrad Nagel Chester Morris Ami Robert Montgomery in tin1 supporting cast. The play is described As Ultra modern in its treatment of the theme. A comedy. A hot and How a and Fox Alovie tone news also will be shown. I Annie brie w ill be seen tonight in her latest comedy a be yourself a an our gang comedy a Galen o War and an added comedy a Rube Ville a ill be shown and Bathe sound review. The Melba revue will head the vaudeville Bill at the grand saturday afternoon Aud evening. Other acts will be Field and Mitchell in a too Many girls a Lou Fong la in a comedy musical act and Nelson and Parris in a sketch a Rube and a the screen feature will be a double Cross roads a a melodrama featuring Well known Iller w ii be an Aesop next thursday and Friday will bring an exceptional film John Barrymore in Quot the Man prom Maskiers a which is said to he one of the very beat productions of this a tor the comedies will be Lloyd Hamilton in a camera shy a and another comedy a a night in the. a Pathe spotlight review also will be stars. Fables film presented. M. E. Sunday school supper a baked Ham supper will be served on the Lawn of the methodist episcopal Church Cedar Street under the auspices of the sunday school next saturday evening july 19th, from 5.30 to 8.30 of clock. The menu follows baked Ham potato salad devised eggs tomatoes cheese pickles beets Rolls and butter ice Tea or coffe and cake. Ice Cream Home made Candy and cakes will be on Sale. Pennsylvania Railroad buying 60-foot strip Alan owners of real estate along the Pennsylvania Railroad in Croydon Eddington Cornwells Heights and Andalusia lately have sold their ots to the Railroad which is acquire a Piip along r zit of Way from Philadelphia to Trenton the Railroad company seeks a strip 60 Una be t1 in or ter t0 set it has had to buy lots that Are from too to 150 feet deep

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