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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 8, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Use found for Hopewell Harriman will also thrive if government will but act elks Lodge will boy scout Council enter athletics to be formed Here will have a Ball team n every troops of Bucks county to be amal Hopewell va., powder town listed for scrap Heap now thriving Industrial town result accomplished by Hunter Grubb Harriman has advantages Virginia town never will have Railroad and River transportation pleasant picnic parties enjoyed by Many things competent committee appointed to choose players Gama Ted under one officers set of Bristol new $15,000,000 formed by Sami w. To a he local Lodge of elks Are going a meeting will be held in take up athletics seriously yes on july 12th, which will be signify i week end and fourth of july pleas they Are going right straight to cant inasmuch As it effects the entire lire seekers visit Many different tie front All 1 up jul teams in the boy scout organization of Bucks n various branches of sport who will county. Jane Mcginley wins the ring spots for some time it has been what has been done by one Man in one place can be done by another in a place far better fitted for the carrying out of such a scheme Hunter Grubb after Hopewell va., a War town built around the do font powder plants in that had been condemned to be taken in such picnics held during the last week were too numerous to mention. A Tew however will be Given space for a he general interest pastime. On the 4th, Maple Beach was selected As the place of gathering to other by one group of friends. Bath lug was Tho principal diversion and j j8 sad that there was nothing lacking in the eats and drinks. One lady in telling of the event went Over and be rattle to distort themselves in com the desire of the National head Diamond circlet offered in Pompil Mullion Uiti. A Thor Injo Baa f of n quarters at new York to amalgamate i. 1 8�?T the troops of Bucks county into one Ity contest won by Young lady a any or the fast amazing Section of the Over the fact of having such Section quantities of delicious ice water. The scrapped one event of Tho inv of a Hitov. For what it would Brin stepped into James efforts the breach asked permission to Salvage it. In a sane Way and As a result today instead of being a deserted blot on the universe it is a town thriving and humming with Industry a town that stands for something and for All time will go Down in history As the exemplification of what a determined Man can do if he sets about doing it in the right Way. Why cannot something similar be Dene for Harriman Harriman has Arhat Hopewell did not have moneyed will have it has Railroad facilities that Are exceptionally attractive it is on the main line of the Pennsylvania r. R., it is on the Delaware River and both Overland end by water it is within a Short ride of the two largest cities in the East to which Are naturally Market Day of which mrs. Has occasion to re member was that she was stung on i the neck by some insect and suffered 11oi two Days with it. Those present i were or. And mrs. Howard Coombs j or. And mrs. James Lefferts or. And mrs. William Lefferts or. And i mrs. Wilkinson Bracken or. And mrs. Roy Fry or. And mrs. Doron Green. Miss Elizabeth Green miss Elma Boyer and or. James Guy. A number of children also accompanied the crowd. Mis Sadie Koch of 44 4 Pond St Lect arranged a group for Burlington Island Park. Among this Bunch were mrs. Charles Koch and daughter. Misses Evelyn and Elizabeth Koch miss Katherine Shade miss Katherine Mahan miss Mildred Dewitt or. William Pope and or. Russel Everett. A miss Elizabeth Warden of Edtrell places and shipping Points to every miss Mildred Silbert. Mrs. Arthur leu hers and son and or. Livingstone portion of the Globe. Hopewell was removed from All these natural advantages it had to he built in the first place far away from the centers of Industry As it was a powder town pure and simple. Of Hunter Grubb could work such wonders with this Virginia town is there not another Man like him who will perform the same sort of a stunt for Harriman undoubtedly there is and that Man can be found right at this minute functioning As the offi Cio in charge of the Harriman interests at the Yard and he is no less a personage than c. C. James. The town of Hopewell died with the signing of the armistice the town of Harriman has been lying dormant since the necessity for Rushing the building of ships passed out of the National picture. There is no More reason that Harriman should remain As a memory to wartime necessity that there was to tear Down and sell for junk the buildings in Hopewell. The buildings at the big Plant North of Bristol can be used for other purposes than the building of ships the location of the Plant is Ideal and the living facilities provided in the Model Tow site could not be improved upon. Of course there is a local element that would attempt to Block any Steps taken to bring industries so close to Bristol but that element a As not sufficiently Strong to keep Hie shipyard away from Here neither a i it be Strong enough to keep Dew n this wonderful location if the right Man is Given the proper amount of Power to execute the Job of making this spot what it deserves to be a humming Industrial Center. Land there is in plenty above the Plant for tile location of several Large plants with opportunities for them to grow. What More ideally located situation could Colliers weekly ask for than a Corner of the Landreth farm close to the Railroad and within a mile of several communities where their employees might establish Homes there Are other industries scores of them that could be brought Here without difficulty if the attractive Ness of the were Only unfolded Board bestir some final Dis shipyard ques whoever gets local situation to them. Let the shipping themselves and make position of the local lion and then let final Fille to the Plant and accompanying property Start out in the Fame spirit As Hunter Grubb started hut and bring the entire proposition to As successful a culmination As did this Man who did his Job thoroughly Avell. William s. Dutton writing in system chicag whose article an As reprinted Iii last weeks Issue of the literary digest has the following to say of the activity of Hunter Grubb Quot Grubb had found the use for Hopewell lie resolved to sell Hope will. Not As scrap but As a town. As this is written Twenty three substantial industries arc established in Hopewell and surrounding territory. The storekeepers have come Hack. The sum of $5,000,000 already has been spent to put the Little City on a peace time basis and $ i ,000,000 More will be expended within the year. A we were thoroughly convinced As to the feasibility of our venture a declares Grubb. A we knew and Felt to i he very Bottom of or hearts that what we had to offer was Good that it was Worth busing. Right at the Start we made a Nile to do business Only with substantial men representing concerns which Practised sound business methods and were progressive in their policies. A a be could have had any number of concerns locate in Hopewell of the kind ave had listed As on Page five Joyce formed a party to spend the Day of the 4th at Florence Heights. Another party who held Forth their sports on Florence Heights on the 2nd of july were or. And mrs. William in Bown or. And daughter Ruth or. And mrs. William Leyte its and son Francis or. And mrs. Roy Fry and son Wayne. After several hours diversion in bathing and Etc., the party took the yacht and had their supper on Board. Bordentown was the end of their trip and after a pleasant evening the party returned to their Homes. A party of Young men went to Bordentown on saturday morning and returned to their Homes on the evening of the 4th. Those who made up the group were Robert Neill. Harry Radcliffe Granville Stephenson Emmett Harrson William Gross James and Joseph Mccoole. Robert Harding and Charles Bunting. The boys say that the meals cooked in their tent were equal to any served in new York. On wednesday mrs. Richard Weagley gave the 5th annual Outing for her musical pupils at Dewey Park. The guests forty in number took the 2 Trolley and returned to Bristol in the evening after an enjoyable afternoon of the diversions found at the Park. A very pleasant family picnic was held on the 4th, on the Lawn along the River of or. John la Rue of Edgely where two Fine meals were served. Although they were Only picnic ones hot Chicken hot Rolls and Coffee accompanied the numerous cold viands and those present report a pleasant Day in spite of the intense heat. Those present Avert mrs. John c. Stuckert mrs. Annie Groom miss Sarah m. Hawke or. And mrs. James Larue miss Elizabeth Larue and mrs. Edward Ricking. On the afternoon of the 4th an unusual pleasure Wras afforded to a group of friends of or. And mrs. Roy Tracy. Tennis was the diversion for the afternoon and after a Fine supper served on the Lawn cards engaged the attention of the guests Iii the evening. The Lawn was Wrell lighted and a pleasant out of door affair was had. Those present were or. And mrs. Charles Parker or. And mrs. William in Fine or. And mrs. Samuel Pearson or. And mrs. Robert Pearson miss Jean Downing and or. Walter Johnson. The Host and hostess making Tho twelve. Or in fact with tier teams in state. To Start with they Are going to have a baseball team and the names of the nine Lodge Brothers who Are to be chosen is being kept a dark secret. In fact the final Choice has not been made As it is planned to take the Twenty or More members a to have the reputation of being Ball tossers out on the lot some of these Fine Days Aud those most worthy to Glace the new uniforms which will he purchased will be chosen. Competition will be keen and right my Many of the has Bee us Are out morning and night lumbering up in the quiet of their own Back Yards in the Hope that they May be Able to make a tiny will have a swimming team and they will have experts who can paddle a Canoe ready and trained to enter All aquatic events. Then there will be a track team a there will be fat men for the heavy boys races and thin men tor the lean boy contests. Their will be teams developed among the Benedicts to compete with the single men and the younger Fellows arc now having their fun kidding the members who carry More years on what the outcome of these latter contests will be. The competent committee who will choose the future Quot babe Ruth a and Mel ,1�?T Are composed of the following Lodge members Pember ton Minster chairman Wallie Sheppard Fred Kenyon. Hugh Eastburn j. C. Schmidt jr., and in w. Spencer. Unit under a local conned and Money to the extent of $4,000.00 has been appropriated for this purpose hut has never been touched. Or. W. F. Abriel scout executive of the Trenton District will Call on All the scoutmaster of the county to be present and should this Council become a fuel it s planned to open a District office in Bristol with regular scout officials selected to supervise. At present the troops of Bucks county have been operating independently and the organization of All these Independent troops into one unit will be one Tong stride toward promoting scout activities throughout the entire District. From 4th Ward chief Sackville after Speake Asies Jane Mcginley of Buckley Street won the Diamond ring in the popularity contest of Bristol fire company no. 1. Which was brought to a close on july 4th with 9229 votes her nearest competitor being Mary Kissinger who had 8186 votes. The latter was awarded the second prize a wrist watch and the third prize. A Lavaliere was won by Florence Bell with a vote of 2234. The prizes were presented at the Benefit performance held last tuesday evening at the new colonial theatre. The full poll of the votes the entire contest follows Jane Mcginley,9229 Mary indignant italians air a grievance cast in makes eight arrests and More to follow unless tons change soon declares Condi Enger 8186 Florence Hilda Richter 1180 509 Marion Smith Hetherington 220 Mitis 37 Jennie Scott Bruden to miss Johnson Morris 5 Sallie John Rice Bracken. I. Kiss Bell 2224 Mary Fine 442 Rhoda. Sidney mor-21 Mildred to mrs. I so ii i Beut july 6th, 1921. Editor of the Independent please publish the following in the next Issue of your paper. Avrich is the Only medium that seems to dare raise its voice in this Community. Quot a Sample of the late Russia in Bristol the us of july 1921, remembered among the Bristol. About Puchino with is ruling Avenue met object is to build autos trucks and tractors on larger scale at Cornwells Plant f0uk big concerns to work As one autocratic chief intends liquor i newp0rtville Holiday Mecca Over the 4th of police James Saukville a that the practice of Silling n private Homes and other unlicensed places shall be stopped in Bristol. Early in the week he and his officers raided eight different places and in each place purchased liquor when they retained As evidence. Samuel capelin of 1020 Elm Street one of the eight who were gathered in was yesterday arraigned before Squire Kraft charged with keeping a disorderly House maintaining a nuisance and Selling liquor he was held for Jack Dempsey at Forrest saturday world s Champion shown in a Day s training stunts Arena in Jersey City also shown of an old resident of Newportville had gone to visit the old Village on the 4th, great surprises would have been in store. Or. John a Nev who has lived there for Many years says he has never seen Hie like of it since he has been there. Picnic parties from Philadelphia Trenton and other places camped along the Nesli Aulny and at every step of the Road one was confronted with strangers. Hundreds of out of town folks dotted the lawns and River Banks. One local dealer in ice Cream sold Between three and four Hundred quarts of the Cooling solidified syllabus and All the dealers were satisfied that a profitable Day had been had if an unpleasant one on account of heat had disturbed their equilibrium. The different clubs of the Village had arranged for the convenience of visitors for All the sports of the Day. Boating bathing and Etc. Trucks and trucks brought the visitors from far and near. Bail. The other be arraigned to in thou t a License. Court under $1,900 seven offenders will a y. A this practise of Hootch that seems to have Betm prevalent Here for some time must Stop a said chief Saltville yesterday. Quot District attorney Kellar has instructed me to go ahead and make arrests where on i de Nee can be secured and where complaints have been made by neighbors about conditions which have become almost intolerable i have taken Steps to Abate this nuisance which is becoming More common. Drunken men reeling about Hie streets on sunday and in fact any and every Day of the week. Have caused la abiding citizens to complain to the authorities and i do not blame them for so doing. We will break up the practise if it is in our Power to do will be Long italians of 8 M., Michael Frank Brush were peacefully along Jefferson when at Elm Street they policeman George kens niger who for no reason whatever told the two men to move on a Little faster i Uchino said that he was Gong to obey the order and in fact started 10 but hesitated for a moment to Light his Cigar. This slight delay aroused the ire of Tho belligerent policeman and the next instant a blow from the policeman a club knocked the unlucky Puchino prostrate on the pavement with his Scalp Laid open. Only the prompt intervention of Frank Manze and other persons quieted the ferocious mood of the policeman who left the scene of the glorious deed without saying a word. Puchino was taken to the i Birri Man Hospital where three were taken in his Scalp. People who witnessed the assault cannot explain 11 unless the policeman was crazed by the heat. The version of the disgraceful incident that was published in the courier of july 5th, that the policeman was attacked by a mob of italians is not Correct. Noi Hng that was said or done justified his brutal treatment according to disinterested observers of the scene. Hen Puchino tried to make a complaint of assault and Battery against the officer it is said that Squire Kraft refused to Issue a warrant. The Tarrant was later sworn out in Tullytown. The following Are a few of the witnesses of the cd Durance who stand ready to testify Marco Manze. Mrs. Antonio Yaniero miss Grace Ward Frion Anni Santac Mici Eddie Bonner. Frank Bushland Frank Manze. Tho a a for publishing the activity at Cornwells will Start in near future plans now being perfected men folks of Bristol you who have been bewailing your Fate since the activities at the shipyard were suspended make a note of the following article and cheer up within a very Short time probably in less than two months there will be a thriving fifteen million Dollar automobile and tractor Industry within a few Miles of Bristol. You guessed it the first time Traylor sat Cornwells have consolidated with three of the biggest automobile concerns in the country and the future product of this newly formed concern will be turned out at Cornwells. It is not a fact that the Cornwells Plant is shut tight at this time in fact there Are More than sixty men working there right at this minute St itches shaping things up for the influx of the new machinery laying plans for a of be in your Picoe Kutui of Justice to in Yin u Hie Law abiding italians of this town who number in the neighbourhood of 5.000. And who will remember when they go to the polls to cast their votes the slurs and iniquities heaped upon them. Signed Paul Dirienzo. Other Side of Story enjoyable week end aboard s. S. Seg Wanca coloured com. Club play double header saturday the coloured Community club is very dear to the heart of Louis Wilhite and he is interested in All their doings. Ile is particularly interested in the double header Ball game they Are going to play on saturday afternoon at merchants Field Harriman. They Are going to meet two teams and the first team with which they will Cross bats will be made up of girls coloured girls known As Bristol Bloomer girls. It is said that these Dames can handle the old Pellet with the same skill and precision As the members of the sterner sex. The second or closing game of the afternoon will be against the Bristol f. C. In order to get both of the contests Over in Good time the fist game will be called promptly at 1.4 5. Turn out and see the girls beat the boys or vice versa. Pleasant picnic on 4th at Penn s Valley demonstration of poultry culling at t0rresdale an enjoyable week end on tug was taken advantage of by mrs. S. B. Stokes misses Mary and Helen Harris mrs. J. J. Green and daughter Vivian All of 238 Mulberry Street As guest.1 on Board the s. S. Segu Wanca anchored Oft the property of Henry a. Hillier of Bridesburg. The party was entertained by or. Charles Mccarthy who is in charge of this vessel and several others anchored along Side of her. Rowing sailing and yachting were indulged in by the guests and a pleasant Surprise of the occasion was sprung on the party when or. Mccarthy brought on Board a Large Box which contained a unique instrument loaned by or. Sleek la it Lier. It was a chinese Victrola and played selections from chinese grand opera. The instrument was 155 years old. A Flag raising was witnessed on the 4th. The ship was dressed from top Mast to deck with old glory standing guard on top of All the other flags. Fille works in the evening were much enjoyed and reluctantly the party said Good Bye and left for Home. Champion Jack Dempsey will be seen at the Forrest theatre tomorrow he will be seen on the screen in person. Intimate scenes during his training for his bout with Carpen tier will be shown his departure from the Quot City by the for the scene of the encounter his arrival in Jersey City the wonderful Arena and. It.-, teeming thousands of spectators and the Entrance of the two glad a tors in the ring will be shown. I Here is a Federal statute wha h forbids showing the fight Iii another state than the one where it occurred and for this reason the actual combat cannot be shown. This film does not show Jack Dempsey As a Quot movies idol Howe Clit portrays in consecutive order every phase of his strenuous course of preparation for his fight with cur chief Sackville tells meatier. Quot a Day with Jack is the Only authentic film actually taken in the champions training quarters. F he arises at 6 of clock takes a brisk walk before breakfast. Then a More strenuous bit of Road work interspersed with Shadow boxing. Next comes a session with the punching bag and Chest works after which the Champion takes on four or five of his sparring partners for Brief Hilt brisk ring practice. The rest of his Day is devoted to handball Tennis and Golf with stimulating work outs at the hands of his corps of rubbers and trainers. Ifs Worth your whle to see tin present Day methods of conditioning which includes games and exercises unheard of in the old Days of tin ring. Jack Dempsey s Day seems More like the routine of a College athlete than the usual Conception of a worlds heavyweight Champion fighter preparing to defend is title. Snels0ns have family reunion a former experience of a picnic at Penn Valley was such a pleasing affair that a repetition was tried on the afternoon of the 4tli, with just As satisfactory results. The guests were transported both by autos and boats. A blight fill time was had and the repetition was voted a Success. Those participating were or. And mrs. Stanford k. Runyan or. And mrs. Armand Morris or. And mrs. William e. Dodds miss Elizabeth Runyan mrs. Archibald Morris or. And mrs. G. L. Williams or. And mrs. J. Fred Wagner miss Eunice Williams miss Jean Williams miss Helen Abbott or. And mrs. Edward a. Holden miss Clara Thomas miss Bessie Baldwin fact that a miss Helen Ingle miss Catherine Kent n Scott or. And mrs. Frank Baldwin on the farm of or. Thomas Devlin a poultry culling demonstration will be held at a. My a july the 15th, by the poultry specialist or. P. L. Sanford from the Pennsylvania state College. The poultry Farmers in Hie Vicinity who Are interested in getting rid of their poor hens Are invited to be present. There is no More necessity for keeping a Boarder Heil on the fat Iii than there is to keep a Boarder cow. Neither of them pay at the present time when the Price of eggs and the Price of milk Are still tumbling. The production during the summer months should average around 50 per cent. If the production is much lower than this. It is possibly due to a poor method of feeding and likewise due to the real Many Hoarder hens on the farm. Happy picnickers at Nesh Aminy a number of Young folks of Bristol formed a picnic on july 4th, to nosh Ami by Falls Grove where they spent a pleasant Day. Those in the party being miss Margaret Vanhorn Mildred Senoit Helen Fitzgerald Margaret Boyle of Bristol Nellie King Caroline Weger Sadie Lancaster Lena Weger of Bristol twp., miss Elsie Koch of North Philadelphia and Irene Young of Hulmeville. A family reunion was hold on the fourth at the Home of or. And mrs. Thomas Snelson 221 Market Street in which 21 relatives took part. The event was also a birthday Surprise to or. Albert Snelson of Frankford brother of the Host of the Celebration. After All present had partaken of a sumption dinner prepared for the occasion the guests enjoyed an Outing to Dewey Park Hulmeville in one of buntings Large trucks. Those present were or. And mrs. Thomas Snelson or. And mrs. Ralph Nuelson and children Sidney and Doris or. And mrs. Frederick Snel son and family along with mrs. Beatrice Knight and family of Morrisville or. And mrs. Albert Snelson and children of Frankford with or. Anil mrs. Ray Efferson and child of this Borough. Mrs. John m. Rosenbaum of Philadelphia is spending a week with Rev. And mrs. J. J. Bingham of the methodist parsonage. Or. And mrs. William Howell of berth Amboy were the week end and under the espionage of miss Ruth Independence Day guests of or. And Doggie roast saturday on Burlington Island Ted Baldwin j. Douglass w. Word Ruff Jacob Lehman and Charles Abbott or. J. Abbott or. And mrs. E. Linton Martin miss Janice Wagner or. Russel Ellis messes. Gardener Stanford and Vanaxen Morris. Or. And mrs. Owen Evans or. And mrs. Harry b. Mcmullen Harry Mcmullen jr., mrs. Charles Wilson or. Clarence Mcmullen and or. Howard Mcmullen motored on sunday to Parkesburg and remained for the 4th, with a number of relatives living there. Or. And mrs. Wiliam Brady of. A . Philadelphia were week end guests week end guests of mrs. A. L. Watt of or Bradys sister mrs John of Lafayette Street Juii of 534 Linden Street. Lieutenant Frederick Pitts of fort Riley Kansas and his Mother mrs. Walter c. Pitts of Philadelphia were Schmidt twelve of her Young friends enjoyed a Doggie and marshmallow roast on Burlington Island on saturday evening july 2nd. Those participating in the affair were misses Chariot Dixon Martha Dixon Hannah Ennis Catherine Wiltshire Verna Bewley Frances Singley Chester Carson Herbert Smoyer Walter Appleton John Webb William Ennis and Morris Bloodgood. Mrs. Win. J. Davis. Mrs. Howell i a sister of mrs. Davis. Or. And mrs. Wesley Brady of Baltimore were guests from Friday monday evening of or. Bradys to sister Cedar mrs. William Street. Stetson of 210 justified. Officer Kissinger reported to me on Tho night of july 4th that he had been forced to hit a Man who resisted arrest with his club and that file Man seemed to be injured and he requested me Over the phone to bring a conveyance up to Jefferson Avenue to take the Man to a doctor or to the Hospital. I immediately secured Minot j. Hills machine and went to the scene. In the meantime some friends of the injured Man who turned out to be Michael Puchino had come along in a car and removed him to the Hospital. Al Singer finding Hie Man had been removed phoned Headquarters to acquaint me with this fact but i had left before his second Call came in. Quot when struck by Kissinger Pilch i no was under arrest and the off cer feared that he was about to Tike him. At the Hospital when i saw that Puchino had lost considerable blood i thought it More advisable to Send him Home than to take him to the station House. The following Day i spoke of the matter to or. Aita. And told Hie latter that we would he forced to swear out a warrant for the arrest of Puchino. He told me that he would be responsible for the appearance of the Man when wanted and when the rant was sworn out or. Aita the phone assured Squire Kraft he would produce Puchino any set for Hie hearing. A a later Puchino appeared at the office of the Squire and demanded a warrant for the officers arrest the Squire after hearing the Story of the Man refused to Issue the warrant claiming that the blow alleged to have been struck was Delta ered by an officer in the performance of ii is duty and As a consequence refused to Issue the warrant. A officer Kissinger is a quiet and conscientious policeman he was a hard beat to cover and one where there is constant danger for the patrolman i am certain that he would not resort to the use of his club null is he Felt that he was in personal danger and that is just what he carries his club for to Aid him Iii the performance of his duty. He has been in the upper Section of the town for More than a year and this is the first instance where there has Ever been a complaint made against him. Personally i know the people with whom he deals and i feel that his actions in this Case As in All others where he has handled knotty questions and situations was fully the erection of the new buildings and generally getting things in i shape for the prosperous times that Are to come. Quite by Accident in Philadelphia the other evening the writer was let in on the secret of the general plans of or. Traylor in regard to the future of his Plant. The question w As discussed at a meeting of one of Philadelphia a most exclusive lodges and Here is he Story As it was Given Traylor a have effected a consolidation with the firms now building the Columbia and the Jackson automobiles and one other company the name of which was forgotten by the person who ventured the information. To the scribe. The Columbia is one of the oldest finns in the country today and the Jackson is a car that has met with High favor in the past few years. The consolidation has effected the formation of. A new corporation who will be listed at ,009,900, and As soon As or. Traylor returns from his honeymoon Active work on production will be started at once. The new formed firm will manufacture the Traylor eight an eight Cylinder pleasure car and the Columbia six. In addition they will continue the of trucks which will be built Iii capacity from one ton to five ton. They also will manufacture tractors of three different classes the heavy tractor for All sorts of farm work the lighter tractor for truck gardeners and a motor propelled Lawn Mower which they intend to flood the country with. The above would seem to be pretty fair news to the mechanics and artisans of this Section and if the plans Are carried out As they have been announced and there is every reason to believe they will be at this writing there will be a Force of men employed at the Cornwells Plant that will number Ai least five thousand and that within a very Short space of time. Or. Traylor is the kind of a Man who is used to doing big filings and the fact that he will personally direct the destinies of this new company augurs Well for its ultimate Success. War Over that Date Loyal Blue girls celebrate fourth a for rent furnished room All conveniences electric Light 306 t Wood Street. The speedy motor yacht Quot Arrow leaves Mill Street wharf sunday morning at to of clock for pleasant Hill Park bathing Beach returns to Bristol 9 Fare adults. 2 9 cents children 15 cents. Advertise i Mem. Signed James Sackville chief of police. There will be a meeting of the women a auxiliary of the Harriman Hospital next monday afternoon at 3.30 of clock. All members Are urged to attend. In keeping with the spirit of a Independence Day a the Loyal Blue girls club of Harriman and Bristol composed of descendants of a colonial Dames visited Burlington Island on the fourth there to perpetuate the traditions of a George the club consists of forty one members under the instruction of mrs. Effie Carver president who is a virginian by birth and very much devoted to teaching the younger members american Early history. Mrs. Bessie Geoghegan of Harriman looks after the discipline of the club As Captain and miss Ruth Farmer As vice president enthuses patriotic interest among those on the Roll of membership. Following a program of patriotic exercises the gathering enjoyed a Bumpious luncheon to which All present seemed to do ample Justice. Afterwards or. W. J. Farmer acting As master of ceremonies assembled the members to have a group photograph taken by a representative of this paper which appears in this Issue. Women s auxiliary of legion give thanks the women a auxiliary of Robert Bracken Post american legion extend ther thanks and appreciation to the newspapers and others who assisted them in making the recent Benefit Given at the Forrest theatre the great Succes it w As. They also wish to thank each and every individual who purchased a ticket for their share in swelling the fund. Which will be used As a nucleus to build a permanent Home for the legion. Ernest Lawrence has joined tin Force of summer students going eve cry Day to the u. Of p., taking twi branches of study that of Economy and business Law

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