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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - July 1, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Tiko Monek to extend Croydon school to care for District children from nearby communities to be cared for in Modernly equipped building fire co. Contest closes on monday built ufos prizes in engine co. No. I contest presented tuesday evening at colonial theatre is the answer to All questions in regard to extending Borough service to make this three acres purchased on next year probably Mains will be Laid to take care of sections now clamouring for this services people Are powerless forts least the Borough water Mains will not be extended this year the authority Foi the foregoing statement is Noi less a personage than Borough Engineer Roberts who gives As the main reason Lack of funds. When questioned on the us Fleet on wednesday by a representative of this paper or. Roberts stated that the committee handling this Branch of the boroughs business have decided that the time is Inopportune for the commencement of any work on a scale of sufficient breadth to alleviate the conditions under which so Many people now live. The Cost of labor and material is High and those who have the final say in matters of this kind consider that it would be the height of Folly to Burden the taxpayers with further debts at this particular time. Although he did not say so in so Many words it seems that or. Roberts thinks that the committee feels alone that people who have done without Are the convenience of Borough water for so Many years can surely struggle through one More year without feeling any of the dire results which they now seem to fear. The same Story was told last year by the authorities and the year before that a similar tale and reason was Given whether the same i he new Croydon school for which Ven last week it far n to expectations of the peo or it j Don and the Croydon Ruth it Asao Catlon inasmuch As j the school Board plans a Large District school. I of ground have be. Date Road near Emily Avenue in ii Mew r11�?T ?1ul work is to be started immediately. The school will accommodate All the Croydon students Ana it is planned to transport Chilli in from Newport Ville and nearby owns in this school District making l h Ai 2le Ceuta lived grammar e Toini mum Cost will be about $.>0,000 the building to be of i Lek one Story High with a full equipped basement. On the remaining ground the school Board to erect a playground project work. The however Call for completion about in the week i hat the merchant ship plans and further specifications. Piej ii i article in Phila. Paper misleading to brought Many who Are interested in Harriman Yard merchants have contract to build boat at cramps conditions at local Yard Are the same As they have been for weeks Back promptly at eight of clock monday evening july 4th, the voting contest of engine company no. I will he to an official close inline the fact that All boxes Are on one Diatel after the votes will be counted and the winners announced. It behoves each and every contestant to do their utmost Between now and monday evening to bring their total five circuits at up to a sufficient number to assure them of having a fighting Chance to win the Diamond ring or the More valuable of the prizes. A a i Atter the poll of votes were Cotin elect Cal storm of monday throws Ted on tuesday evening the stand my system is Osso circuit detracts from its efficiency least Are needed legion Benefit great Success Mill Street Forrest theatre comfortably filled with audience who were highly appreciative the ladies auxiliary of Robert Racket pos american legion greeted a goodly audience last even us at the Forrest theatre and As a consequence their coffers Are considerably augmented and the fund to build a Home for the returned her where they will be Able to congregate for All time to a fair Start. The program chosen which eluded the feature picture starring Gorges Carpentier in a the wonder uan a was particularly the occasion As the meet come Oes and has in movement on foot to form an association among men operating on this thoroughfare \ a boosting Mill Street to be the object apropos for Frenchman is the announcement which appeared in the Philadelphia inquirer Early october 1st, state a it a but will two this will net Neces the transportation of students o the Harriman school As heretofore during the month of september. Of be made to Complete at rooms by the opening of the fall term and using these in conjunction with the Badger school the Board will he Able to All tile children until school is completed. The decision of the school after serious deliberation marked compliment to the and progressiveness of the try. Within three years this has grown from less than a houses to three Hundred houses. Sheie Are Over 200 children attending school and with the announcement that transportation to the har Liman school is to be eliminated Many residents who for this reason retained their City accommodate the entire Board is a growth common town dozen properties in tvs planning to move Here per Antly. This will cause an in will be presented again next year is a matter for conjecture. There is no reason to criticize the Borough Engineer in this matter As he is fully qualified to Harry out and do the work if he receives the orders. The Powers that sit higher up Are the ones who should Bear the onus of this condition and the Only Way to Correct them is by casting an intelligent vote in the primaries this fall. Clip the wings of Power from those who Are directing the destiny of Bristol and then the people As a whole will be served instead of the favored few. The Independent for a year has been crying about the frightful conditions confronting the residents it a Fryer Beaver Street who drink Well water that is polluted with the seepage from the outhouses. The fact that upper Swain Street and Locust Street Are also without water has in turn been dwelt on. Now the residents of race Street come to the front and make a claim for recognition. They state that there were houses on race Street Long before other sections of the town commenced building yet it has never been considered necessary to give the residents of certain sections of this thoroughfare Waler. Not so surprising about race Street As that is in the fourth Ward and the fourth never gets the consideration of other wards probably for the reason that the fourth is strongly democratic. Line up in september Good people. You who Are clamouring for recognition get behind the candidates who will fight their cause in the primaries against the hand picked Cimics of the machine and declare a period of voting Independence in this Way and in this Way Only will the people the rank and file of the people Ever get the recognition they deserve. Man creased number of students. In an interview with or. S Faust township superintendent schools he desired to make it to the people of Croydon that school Board has and a e the interests of the people of excuse. Croydon at heart and what seemed a. Of Clear Hie always will to be the boards Lack of co operation in the past was due solely to the exceedingly High Cost of building material and operation costs. They wish the people to think that those most directly they Are doing wisely and will a1 proposition it ways stand ready to assist in anything for the betterment of the Community along educational lines. The splendid Way in which the school Board has responded to the Appeal of the improvement association has brought Forth Many expressions of approval by the people of the Community and the school Board is assured of flier undivided support in any further project work they desire to take up. Building corp. Of Harriman was Low bidder on one of tile boats to he built for the department of Public safety Philadelphia has caused false Hopes to be raised in the breasts of Many folks in Bristol it is True that the merchants were the successful bidders on the contract hut the boat will not be built Iii Bristol. Either the cramps Yard Emilic Chester Yard of the company will handle this Small contract. One of the officials of the merchant company in discussing the present state of affairs at Harriman stated that the merchants would have no right to accept contracts to build ships at the local Yard even though they Weie desirous of doing so. Uie Yard has been turned Back to the government and until the new shipping Board either commence to dismantle it and Salvage government property on it. Or until they refuse to take any action in the matter the hands of the Harriman interests Are practically tied. It May be that the government will turn Back the Yard and its equipment to Harriman if they find they w ill save Money by so doing this is Only problematical however and until chairman Lasker and his fellow members of the Board make Public their decision in the matter the situation must still remain in status quo. The new Board ii ave Only been functioning several weeks and to interested in the seems that they have been rather tardy in handling the question of the Yard at North Bristol. When one stops to consider t hat Irig of the various contestants was announced As follows Jane Mcginley 3727 Mary Kissinger 2951 Florence Bell 1222 Hilda Richter 1150. It is known that several of the candidates die withholding a number of votes to throw in at the last moment and overwhelm their Coni Peti lore. I he prizes Xvi 11 he awarded tuesday evening from the stage of the colonial theatre at the motion picture Benefit that will he held that i evening by the fire laddies. The picture chosen for the latest release played a Penny of top Hill it thriller from every angles fillet entire Borough system out of Kilter i i c a j i i i c l i be i himself a War hero decorated several meeting will shortly be called to times for bravery under fire. It pm a perfect tentative plans will the present file alarm system that is supposed to function in Bristol for the Protection of the Homes of the residents of this town is a relic of pre helium Days and should be replaced with a system that will prove efficient under All emergencies this is the vaudeville features were particularly pleasing and the two lit Degrazzo Sisters were received with rounds of Well merited applause. The audience at both per-1 Ohi la la pcs were loathe to let these wonderful children depart from the plaids. Miss Mcnee delighted her audience with her interpretation of dances of the Highlands of have wharf repaired not a Knock to the powders it is occasion is the simply constructive criticism and As by Bessie love this paper is the Only one in tin is a Section which dares Tell facts to the. ,. And almighty ones it becomes the Uii Eipl Ete with situations that Are in 1 Here is considerable talk among the business men along Mill Street of reviving the business menus association but instead of taking in All the business men of the town to membership they Are talking of men alone ight lands ii a it an encore would probably it Een singing yet. Ling this Ami Pic has the in Teres ting dare Devil i it the virile life of the West Ture will not fail to please. Miss love the winsome Star received what she considers greatest of Praise for her work that production. Hie picture is a visualization of the popular novel of the same name by Belle Kanaris maniates. After the screen adaption had been completed a print of it was privately shown to the author of the Book. She was extravagant in her Praise of tile tiny stars portrayal of the heroine. A i never thought a creation of mine would be brought to life with such atmosphere and Charm a a she said. A to miss love must go the credit for catching the joyous Youthful spirit of Penny and giving it below n Breezy personality. It fascinating is a fury of storm damages property least of the Mammoth problems with which the Board find themselves confronted it will not seem so strange to a fair minded person that the local question is not the first one threshed out. The very fact that the decision of the congressional committees which ostensibly had the Sanction of the to mfg qty tar mrs 1 hat the government a Dies suddenly renal at the Yard should be salvaged has not been put into execution probably augure Well for the Yard being turned Hack to private interests. It the Yard reverts to Harriman and As soon As it does in fact just As soon As the government takes their forces off the property there moved for treatment of Brights Dis will in All probability be a doing that will Benefit deceased was Well known Here the other hand if the government where he had made his Home during holds on and even though they the past three years while employ might at the last the Fate of this Yard and its final disposition is probably the ramping elements uproot Trees and my make pawns of everything in their pathway Well known resident taken suddenly ill on monday morning at the Home of or. And mrs. Thomas Burns on Jefferson Avenue William Mccarthy of Middletown new York aged 38 years died on thursday morning at the Harriman Hospital where he was re the storm on one on tuesday As Well As great a about the town monday and the did much damage Ood to the country evidences of the something Bristol. On cd at the merchants shipyard from which he resigned on june 15. His sudden demise was a Shock to a Large Circle of friends All of whom speak highly of his integrity during his residence Here. He is survived by two Sisters in Middletown new York where the remains were taken yesterday afternoon by undertaker William i. Murphy. Frank Jenks Host at merry party former Bristol girl wed in Burlington miss Marie Elizabeth Russi daughter of or. And mrs. Louis rusts Burlington. N. J., formerly of Mill Street Bristol Wras married yesterday to or. Francis la. Leggett Mccormick of Perth Amboy. The ceremony took place at la a. In. In of Paul s r. C. Church of Burlington. Miss Katharine Keating of Linden Street played the wedding March and mrs. Edward Keating of Radcliffe Street was the soloist. Among the invited guests from Bristol were mrs. Win. Fitzgerald miss Jessie Fine the misses Keating of Linden Street and or. Joseph Keating. The reception immediately after the ceremony was held at the brides Home on West Broad Street. Frank Jenks arranged a pleasant affair for a few of his Young friends tuesday. The party went by Auto and held a marshmallow roast on the Lawn of his grandparents Home or. And mrs. Jasper Lorrimer who live along the River near China Hall. Re he storm coming up hastened the Young folks Home earlier than intended. Those taking part in the affair were misses Mabel Evans Adele Myers Elizabeth Thorn May Shields. Francis Wear Charles Moffett Ralph Magill and Wilson Smith. Moment decide to Purchase the property it would be Bari for local conditions As the government would simply hold on until a buyer came along to Purchase the Plant and its Papurt finances. No private concern could afford to do this at this time of depression and ii the property Ever reverts to Hart inure there is every Chance that he will at once devise a Way to make it productive so that it will become at least self supporting this will mean that there will be work for the Idle thousands in Bristol. When this time will be or what use Tho Yard May be put to if that time Ai i Ives no one at this time is in a position to state with any de pleasant duty of the Independent to again Bear the Burden of the Peep i. And suggest that a new system be installed. The present system was put out of commission last monday evening and was not operating again until late tuesday morning. The lightning of mondays evenings storm blew out a part of the line and As a consequence every Box of alarm in the town was useless. Fortunately there was no need to Call out the firemen but if there had been they would have been handicapped by the delay in getting the word of the conflagration to them. The system now in use is obsolete and it should be replaced by one with at least five different circuits according to the superintendent of fire alarm c. W. Winter. In explaining the cause of monday evenings condition or. Wanter stated that whenever the line goes out of commission anywhere in the town there is no Means of at once locating the trouble As the entire line is on one circuit. If there were five different circuits. Running into the water works or wherever the Headquarters Hoard ight be located it would be possible at once by lugging in on each one of them to find the immediate Vicinity of any trouble As it is now the entire line has to be gone Over before the trouble can be found. Till five pings to work from instead of one the repair of storm damage would probably be one hours work where now in most cases a whole Day must be spent travelling Over the lines and making tests until the seat of the trouble is found. One of the most important units in the fire Protection of the town which in other particulars is excellent is naturally the alarm system unless this is perfected the activity and promptness of tile fire fighters in getting to the scene of a conflagration will be greatly lessened As they cannot respond promptly to an alarm that does not sound. Let the Borough fathers give this matter the mature consideration which it deserves and bring Bristol up to the level of Oiler towns its size by giving it an alarm system that will alarm at All times when an alarm is necessary. Bobs a Pearson who has always been a doer of things when it comes 01 t in pleasing features Down to business activity and advancement is really the father of the idea and he is backed up by a number of his neighbors. In the plans that have been discussed these boys a very business Man from Claussen a aggregation Corner to Radcliffe Street will be ionian and their preached to join and each will be v n is complemented on the asked to subscribe an initiatory sum excellence of their efforts. A most pleasing evenings enter d Ament was the excellent work of die legion orchestra who not Only played for the vaudeville numbers put a i so for t be feature have developed ii to an that play As one Croydon carnival held tomorrow sufficient to put the As a finn business footing improvement association have completed arrangements for gala time men All Here sunday afternoon glee of accuracy vitally interested simply sit tight and future developments problem. Any All those most can do now is Mark time until work out the Bristol eagles March in convention Parade the eagles screamed at Atlantic City last week end and a number of Bristol members were among the seven thousand who turned out in the monster Parade. It was the annual convention of the Lodge and More than six Hundred from this Section of the country members of the Trenton Bristol for riders Are were in attendance. The marchers made a Natty appearance in White trousers and shoes and Blue Coats topped off with White Straw lids. Not enough horses in Edgely a. C. Defeats Strong Allmore team the the Edgely a. C. Defeated the St Tong Al i More stars of Trenton on Edgely Field sunday june 26th, by me tune of l l to 3. The feature of the game was the pitching of diarist on a local boy who fanned 17 batsmen and allowed the visitors but 2 hits and drove a liner to the canal Bank for a Home run. The Eda Elv pc. Would like to arrange for games with All local clubs for saturday of Lei Noons away from Home for arrangements write to Geo Burchell Edgely a. Fury and Power of the elements have been witnessed at every Corner. Perhaps the greatest Point of interest has been entered on the Large tree on the Joseph r. Grundy property. At Corner of Radcliffe and v Ashing ton streets and occupied by f. E. Sell Man and family. Tile tree by the Side of the House was broken off and thrown across the Road breaking the hedge and grape Arbor in the Yard of or. James la Rue on the opposite Silt a of the Street. The porch of the Large House of the Anchor yacht club was completely torn away from the building. A Home was set on fire near the two mile lock a Large tree at the Corner of Jefferson Avenue and Wood Street destroyed. An electric Light pole on Dorrance near Wood a was burned and a tree touched by h0lmesburg team the wires was set on fire. The screen door of Mcgee a new store Lafayette and Wood was torn away and carried Down the Street. A Large tree on Burlington Island Park near the River was uprooted. Awnings were everywhere damaged. The damage compared to the great Good done to the farms and Yards was insignificantly Small As everywhere everything was being parched and withered. To a Lover of the Beautiful the storm on monday cannot be described. A Vantage Point on the Banks of the River disclosed the most wonderful and Beautiful aspects of the storm. At first when the storm started the wind was driving so furiously that rain did not seem to touch the River but was driven for Miles straight along forming a White veil and the River itself ii it by the Force of the High w ind formed a rough surface that made the Stream seem like the Ocean. The tide was High at the time and tile Delaware presented a Seething foaming mass not soon to be forgotten by the admirer. Is excitement in Croydon and committees Are working overtime for Ila big carnival which will lie held at China Lane and state Road under the allspice of the Croydon improvement association on saturday i urn noon and night july 2nd. Not ting will be left undone to make this a red letter affair in the history Community events and there will be a round of fun for All kiddies and grown ups. The committee is arranging to get the big fight returns right at the grounds in the afternoon. Arrangements have been made for the installing of a wireless Over which the returns will be received direct from the ringside. The operator. Or. Green Burg of the Philadelphia school of a ireless telegraphy is not certain at this time whether the air Waves will be of sufficient strength to permit distinct receiving however in Case they Are not returns will be received by special arrange meat Over the Telephone. Tile evening will be featured by vaudeville Straw rides and other amusements Ami All Are assured of a Good time. A prize Buff Orpington rooster will i raffled off. So get Iii Early if you want a Chance. The improvement association extends to the people of nearby towns the invitation to visit and make merry on this night. The proceeds from the carnival will go toward the erection of the Croydon fire House now under course of construction. That will be Socia Tion on at once. Advertising will be one of the main i actors of this new association a the members will do group advertising directed by an advertising manager of course they will continue to do their individual publicity work but the work directed by the association will have for its object the advancement of the interests of the Mill Street business alone. The fact that a number of property owners along Mill Street have put in new Concrete sidewalks during the past few weeks is a sign that the merchants Are demonstrating the proper spirit of civic Pride and in a Short time it is hoped that the few remaining awnings that sprawl across the sidewalks will be de and when this time arrives and the state fixes up the pavement of the Street As it is expected they will do sometime in the near future Mill Street will indeed present an appearance that can be compared favourably with other main thoroughfares in this Section. One of the first things the new association will do when it is formed is to petition Council to repair the Mill Street wharf to transform it from the eyesore that it is at Cut. To a Beautiful breathing Iii the event that the Council their old worn Wail of association will then ask for Mission to do the work on their Hook. They at least will Strate some civic Pride even Council May not have any. It is expected that a be called in the near the details of the be perfected. Pres spot. Wails poverty the per own Derain though meeting will future when organization will local truck men lower their hauling rates on sunday at merchants Field the Bristol a. C. Will Cross bats with the Strong Holm Esburg team who Are recognized As the Semi pro champions of the Philadelphia District. The management look for a goodly turnout of fan As the rainfall of Early sunday afternoon last week caused contusion in handling the game booked. It was necessary to cancell by w ire by twelve of clock noon and at that time it seemed As if no game would or could be played. Later however when it cleared up a number of folks journeyed to the Park expecting to see Hilldale but of course owing to the wire cancellation they did not appear. The newly organized Bristol team is going like a House afire and their Little fighting manager John mul Holland deserves the full support every Bristol fan. Show that you want Good baseball in Bristol by tinning out for sundays game. The announcement of the Trenton i transportation company made in an advertisement which also appeals Iii this Issue of this Nailer that favor of Carpentier beginning with today they will de a liver till freight brought Here on their boats to the curb of the consignees without extra charge has made the haulers of Bristol sit up and take notice. The several men whose motor trucks have been in the habit of picking up freight at the wharf delivering it to their various Bristol sentiment in it is remarkable the number of Bristol fight fans who Are pulling for Georges Carpentier the French challenger to win saturdays fight with Champion Jack Dempsey. Carpenter is a picturesque character a War hero and a Man of refinement and intelligence and for these Sev customers with a slight haulage Tai reasons there Are a number of charge Are out to hold onto the Busi As their own for anti pro ibo a gaining headway in Bucks Bucks county Home has too inmates two More Young ladies have been found who Are lovers of the sport of horseback Riding miss Elizabeth Runyan of the second Ward and miss Ruth magi la of the third Ward. It is said that quite a number of the Young men of Bristol have entered the list of riders. On account of the Scarcity of horse flesh in Bristol schedules of time Are in operation in order to accommodate the demand. Thus the appearance on the Street of the riders on different Days and different hours when Oft times a company of riders would be agreeable diversion. Bristol playgrounds open tuesday an Ted Baker gets a Surprise while or. And mrs. Ted Baker were recently touring the West on an extended vacation they had occasion to visit the Indian reservation and were introduced to the chief of the Navajo tribe. Mrs. Bake i Sang and played for the tribe and was gel Lier with Ted unanimously elected an honorary member. The chief also had an Eye to business and recognizing in i de one of these progressive business men asked if he could to Harriman a consignment be functioning on that Day and will of Navajo rugs to which Ted be continued throughout the summer singly acquiesced. However the months. Children Over twelve years arrived and Are being much of age will not be admitted. J by the town site the association against the prohibition amt Dent hits secured a the at the their office on directors pres it to re amp ular monthly meeting of the Board of poor directors of Bucks county was held number of members in Bristol and tuesday with All a number of persons have signified ent. Their intention of joining. This Steward Pollock reported sales of movement seems to be growing with produce and Cash received amounting great strides in All sections of the to 649.25. Bills we a �?za3 and country. Joseph r. Duff in charge orders drawn amounting to $2388, persons Iii Bristol who while they concede he has Little Chance to win from the rugged Dempsey yet Hope that he will be returned the Victor. There have been very few local bets registered on the outcome of the contest although there have been several Freak bets made on the number of rounds the challenger will a last. One bet was recorded at the prevailing Odds of eight to one that Carpenter will not respond to the hell for the second round. Several bets it five to one have been registered that the frenchmen will not last four rounds. Straight betting on the result of the fight has been at a standstill As there is Little or no Carpentier Money Here about or if there is it has not made its appearance As yet. Men anxious to play Long shots arc taking the Short end of the Freak bets in the Hope Carpentier May land a Lucky and end the fight quickly. Have Felt Ness they years. Bunting express company who make biweekly trips to Philadelphia have entered the lists and announce that Iii the future their rates will conform with those of the boat company. These local truck men seem to think that the action of the boat company will take from them a business which it has taken them years to develop and they do not intend to Lay Down without giving the transportation company a bitter fight. 32-Pound Musky was landed by Fisherman that Pune ii Huckleberr Ying party arranged for 4th of the Bristol playground association announced that tuesday of next week will be opening Day at the two Public playgrounds. Bath Street and Washington Street grounds will both Forward the Jok rugs admired of the local movement has started 50. Requisition to circulate petitions personally and the association has sent through the mail to every oter in the county a prospectus and literature dealing with the facts on what they Hope to charged an accomplish and the Way they intend present number going about its accomplishment. Was made for $2000 account of the appropriation number of inmates meeting was 102. Sic four have been for rent furnished room All conveniences electric Light 306 Wood Street. Too. Or. An tomorrow they we i at the last be that time admitted five Dis one died leaving the at the county Home i mrs. Jacob Schmidt leave lot Atlantic City where Pend the week end. Or and mrs. David Warner of Lafayette Street will join relatives in i i t Ilion on sunday and go with them Huckleberr Ying on the 4th, in the Vicinity of Browns Mills n. Mrs. Warners daughter in ii party of three made two trips last week to the same put of the country and reports the Huckleberry crop to be Fine. On one trip Twenty quarts of the luscious fruit were brought Homo As a trophy of the Jaunt and on another seventeen quarts. W. T. Wilson Elmer Philbin and or. Nickerson of the Morgan chemical company proved themselves True disciples of Izaak Walten sunday evening when starting from or. Wilson scamp a the Host a located a few Miles below Point airy they succeeded within two hours in capturing a magnificent specimen of a a Musky which tired the Scales at exactly 32 pounds. It will be Hoove local anglers to look to their laurels when the Harriman pa., crowd set up such Piscat orial records As i rom Ogdensburg n. Y., paper. Miss Anna Dugan of 328 Buckley Street accompanied by miss Margaret Boyle of Pine Street and miss Gertrude Roche of Pine Street will spend the week end at Atlantic City

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