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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Feb 28 1930, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - February 28, 1930, Bristol, Pennsylvania \ our aim to be helpful to every Good cause to Deal fairly by everybody to keep our columns clean to be constructive. Five cents a copy. Biggest extra Point and the $25 extra prize offers will close at eight of clock saturday evening business done now in the independents $2,500 prize Campaign will spell Success March 22nd �?$975 or $717 cars in the balance compare values of these two major awards with a few Long term subscriptions a club members asked to figure their opposition and then go in Strong and win by a big majority no one has a big Lead As yet a round about town brist0l-Burlington Bridge j it will be a real improvement. The Progress made by president i East Burn of t lie Mill Street business menus association toward getting authority to fill in i company Basin is most Welcome Ana j encouraging. In summer especially at Low tide the Basin is a nauseous Hole. It could be made into a useful and attractive area. The willing Ness of the canal company to have Jit filled puts this improvement with in the1 limits of realization the next thing is to go ahead and do the Job. It will take time to fill in this Large tract or As much of it As the canal company is willing should be filled but it will be done. When it is accomplished Bristol will have a parking space at the lower end of Mill Street and a recreation spot we Hope in addition to the parking space that has been available right along in the rear of the grand theatre building. Cooled Bloom toward the Sun. There is a brightness in the sunlight and a warmth in its radiance that brings the old Folk out and that makes kids play marbles and spin tops. Verily. Inai airs Tulliu part of the Canari folks it Wollt be Long no w who will gain the Lead in the Independent s $2,500 prize Campaign Between now and 8 o clock tomorrow saturday evening ? that is the question the people of this entire Section of Bucks county coming into its own Are awaiting anxiously to learn and to the club members securing and a retaining the leading places will go the $975 Dodge bios. Sedan the $717 Chevrolet Sedan and the other four Cash prizes and Cash commissions in just three weeks after this week. Subscriptions subscriptions to wait later to see if your favorite Lias a a a chances is a very grave and sad mistake and has Cost Many an ambitious club member a valuable prize As subscriptions earn so Many More Points now than any time a later a on. To offer Protection against the introduction of the Money element later on about five times As Many Points Are offered now on subscriptions than in the final week. So to fail to keep your pledge Means that you have lost your iacome thousands of Points and possibly one of the major i Toudy of staying on he own Wie of \ the touch of Spring that has been in the air lately has made the sacred Bunting Snelso ii Bench mighty popular. During the Winter after its re turn from its mysterious stay on the presbyterian parsonage porch it has j just sort of stayed set but Lith the i warm Sun beating on it and the j neighbors dropping around it lately has been As popular As a clump of honeysuckle to a swarm of bees. One thing we have difficulty in understanding is the seemingly permanent grouch against the old relic that is evidenced by Minot j. Olill. Garden truck from the City. In conversation with capt. William e. Doron the other Day just before la stopped ferryboat service to Burlington we Learned that part of the falling off of traffic was due to a change in the Selling practises of truck gardeners. Until a Lew years ago hucksters would go to the farms in new Jersey buy their truck return across the ferry and sell it Here. Meanwhile the demands of the Large metropolitan centers for vegetables was increasing and representatives of produce houses came into the territory across the River and con Praete i for the entire output of Many of the farms with the result that these Farmers now Are shipping their stuff to Newyl Ork. The hucksters deprived of this source of Supply find an adequate one in Philadelphia where they buy most of the vegetables and fruit that Are sold Here. But this change deprived the ferry line of a considerable number of passengers and Auto Biles each Day for the trucks make their trips now on the Pennsylvania Side of the liver. Prizes. Ends 8 p. Saturday the 3 50,000 extra Point offer for $10 clubs ends at 8 p. M., tomorrow saturday March 1st. This is positively the biggest and Best extra Point offer of the entire Campaign so turn in every subscription you possibly can by then and secure the maximum number of Points. Every $10 Worth of subscriptions either new or old. Or both new and old of any length count in on this Offir and tin be Points Are in addition to the regular a schedule of for every $1 you have in Over a Complete $10 club a proportionate number of extra Points will be Given you namely 15,000. Points Are wi1at will win these prizes therefore make the Best possible showing now. The next offer is for Only 120,000 extra Points for $10 clubs from March 1st to 8 p. M., wednesday March 12th�?10 Days and a further decrease after then and $25 tomorrow night and those $15 and $10 extra a a added prizes will be awarded to the two club members who have in the most and second most Busi Ness by 8 p. M., tomorrow evening. Win one of these extra prizes it will help you to win the major prizes at the finish. Any subscription reports you have mailed before 8 p. a tomorrow saturday will count in on these offers even though your letter does not reach us until monday. Not to round up every a a Promise h. L. Hughes arrested when stolen lumber is t found at his place and turn in every subscription you possibly can by tomorrow evening Means that you will just have to redouble your efforts the remainder of the race to make up for lost ground. And try to get As Many Long term a 5-year a subscriptions As you can As they earn three times j c session As Many Points per year As a one year subscription. Always ask for them. One $10 club will accomplish wonders but you Are not limited to one club if you can get two three or More do so and thereby better your Chance of being a car Winner. Radcliffe Street m. Deliberately crosses Over and shakes and rattles the Bench in the Hope that it will fall apart. He has a Choice line of derogatory comment which he makes about it. Nevertheless it stays right on the Job inviting weary passersby to sit them Dow n and watch the pro the chief thing missing from the picture is the form of Harry Bunting who is spending most of his time on the truck and does no to have the time to rest that he used to have. Mill Street business menus association plans sales events As a result of lumber sold to others at sheriff s Sale at the edding ton lumber amp Supply company a Yards in Eddington being found on the premises of h. Lincoln Hughes in Cornwells Manor. Hughes a former Constable was arrested wednesday lie was arraigned before Justice Mclaughlin wednesday night and was held in $500 bail for a further hearing saturday morning. Hughes denied the charge and declared that he was ignorant of How the lumber got on his property unless his men had hauled the material to his place by mistake. The sheriff sold the Stock of the lumber company on tuesday and gave orders that nothing was to be removed after 8 of clock that evening. Late at night trucks were seen leaving the lumber Yard and the state police were summoned. The police made a search and found considerable lumber identified As having been sold to Frank Lewis of Doylis town Walter Terry of Bustleton James Brown of Eddington and Howard Leister of Croydon at Hughes a place. Still More lumber and supplies sold on tuesday Are missing among the stuff sought being 35 doors and 1500 feet of siding. $975�?$717�?or�?$20? there is a difference of just $955 Between the first and sixth prize a a difference of just $697 Between tin second and sixth. Consider it Aie fully the difference Between triese prizes weigh in your own mind the strength of your competitions then strengthen your Points by a supreme Effort now. It is bettor to win by a million than to lose by a thousand. You can blame yourself if you fail to make the supreme Effort now if you listen to any rumours created to scare you out if you fail to Cash in on All your a a promises now if you fail to read and heed this timely advice of the Campaign manager. Last advice How to win to Date the leading club members continued on Page four a treat for the of plans. About two Hundred and fifty orphans from St. Francis Industrial school Eddington and St. Elizabeth a Convent in Cornwells had a treat tuesday afternoon when they were guests of the management or the grand to litre at the matinee performance of a sunny Side the youngsters were accompanied by teachers Froid the schools and they had a thoroughly Good time for which they expressed their appreciation to manager Lynn. It wont be Long now. Speaking of Spring we heard one of the sure signs last sunday night a a Peeper. To be sure it was just a solitary braver than the rest Peeper in the soggy ground off Beaver Street near the canal but it was a Peeper nevertheless and its chirp in the darkness Wras As pleasant a sound As the Madrigal of a Robin in a warm april rain. Grass is getting Green in sheltered spots Skunk cabbage the Fust Flower of Spring is pushing its at the meeting of the Mill Street business menus association last week gratification was expressed at the promptness with which the Philadelphia electric company Cle Cuneo the lights Oil Mill and a Deli lie streets and also at the cooperative attitude of the Borough Council toward keeping Mill Street clean. The members were asked to cooperate with the rubbish collectors by bundling their waste paper so that it May not he blown about the streets. There was considerable discussion of parking facilities in the Borough. The willingness of the grand theatre management to have free parking in the rear of the theatre was appreciated Anil a committee was named to obtain permission Horn property owners to erect an illuminated sign that will direct Shopp is to the parking place. Arrangement also will be made to provide a watchman or police Protection for the ears. As stated in last weeks Msue of Phe Index incl lit re Poi to Ware presented As to the fire insurance rates and about the willingness of the canal company to have part of the Basin filled in. So that there May be a parking space and recreation ground at the lower end of the business area. Plans Are being made for a sales event by the merchants in the near future. A membership Onmi Tiee was appointed and various routine business discussed. It was voted that me Tings should a bulldog Drummonds at Riverside next week Ronald Colman in a bulldog Drummond a will be the feature film at the Riverside theatre the first three Days of next week with a Nia Tinee on wednesday and Dorothy Mackaill will be seen in a the love Racket next thursday and Friday. The show tonight will be Douglas Fairbanks jr., and Loretta Young in a careless age a together with a Vita Polione act talking comedy and metro tone new s. Saturday afternoon and evening Reginald Denny and Nora Lane will be seen in a comedy film a one hysterical another episode in the serial a King of the Kongo and a talking comedy a skirt shy also will he Pho what an Auto or sympathy a which shall it be saturday March 22nd, the end of the Campaign you can avoid sympathy by taking advantage of the Best Point offer of tin Campaign and $25 extra prize offer ending saturday. Here s How a 1-year new subscription counts 4.000 Points a 2-year new subscription counts 12.000 Points a 3-year new subscription counts 24.000 Points a 4-Yeai new subscription counts 40.000 Points a 5-year new subscription counts 60 000 Points old subscriptions count one Liaf the above quite an upset in these standings from the last one and this list today does not necessarily mean the winners in 23 More Days. It is the actual relative standing. If you done to like it do something about it miss Florence Foster jumps into first place forcing mrs. Carroll Down to third. And mrs. Crowthers replaces or. Wink at second who drops to fourth place. Andalusia workers Are holding the two top places what a the matter with the other sections subscribe today and help your favorite climb miss Florence foster.andalusia73,700 mrs. Mildred m. Crowthers Andalusia. 73,250 mrs. Joseph l. Carroll Bristol. 72,450 Raemond e. Wink.eddington71,90c mrs. Etta a. Levergood Tullytown. 70.550 mrs. Eliza d. Groom Bristol route 269,900 William m. Moss Bristol. 69,450 mrs. Ida Appleton Bristol. 50,500 mrs. Fay shemeley.bristol50,150 mrs. Harvey rigby.cornwells42,300 miss Kathryn Griffin Bristol. 35,4ct> Vito Delia Bristol. 22.300 Robert a. Plum Bristol. 22,000 the following club members have not reported any subscriptions As yet but May report and become Active at any time William Bauer Bristol route 25,000 Charles bashure.croydon5.000 Thomas comniare.bristol5,000 mrs. Carl w. Nelson.bristol5,000 Edward paolella.bristol5,000 miss Clara stanley.edgely5,000 no club member has any Lead that could not be overcome by a few hours honest work. If you who Are Reading this Are Alert to the Best business Opportunity Ever offered in this Section you will investigate this distribution of $2,500 in prizes in tie next few weeks and get a share of it for yourself. Be held month. The third thursday of each ferryboat service discontinued boats offered for Sale to be built immediately this is what the new Bristol Burlington Bridge will look like when it is completed within the next year financing completed and contracts let Cost of Structure $1,350,000 new Short route to Shore resorts at last every obstacle in the Way it department for its construction give of tin construction of the Bristol-1 ing the right to construct maintain. Burlington Bridge seems to have land operate the Bridge and to charge 1 Tea situation in i Ennst 1-, been removed and actual construe tolls for its use were obtained by lion of the Bridge will begin next messes Joseph r. Cheesman of month or Early in api 1. The steel Burlington and Clifford l. Anderson of Bristol and these two gentlemen have been of great assistance in bringing the matter to culmination in the face a which at times seemed Able. Those responsible through instruction of the Bridge Kim of steadfast in their Faith in the future ,. Edgewater Park n. J., president of of Burlington and Bristol and in i. Seeking to obtain Complete j Jim Bui Lington Bristol Bridge com Hie importance of this Bridge As a control of the state organization in puny. Or. Kreini is a retired banker much needed artery for interstate order that lie May control the votes much interested in the development that Pennsylvania will have at thu of be Quot a a r8e��?T anti the area in Jacent 1932 Republican convention. The times correspondent states that those who oppose senator Grundy khat a it Quot log it be Able it actuality Joseph swing Pennsylvania s seventy nine i delegates against the nomination of the Vania is attracting much attention outside the state and tie comment that appears in outside papers centers around Bristol a senator Joseph r. Grundy. What is or. Grundy a ultimate objective Wash in Patch the Bridge or Early in already is being fabricated we Are 1 informed and As soon As River ton i conditions Are right the work of erecting the piers will begin. The i Structure will he ready for use in the i lie new York Tim. S s Spring of Lim. 10 ton correspondent in i the times says that Dis a r. This letter information comes l l oin George Deb. A successful of obstacles i surmount for the con have been president Hoover in 1932.�?o Why should he be opposed to president Hoover it he is opposed to him critics Point to or. Grundy a interest in an article that appeared recently in the Kansas City Star alter the correspondent who wrote it had had luncheon with the presi Dent. This article stated that the president was not displeased with the revision of the Tariff that has been brought about by tie coalition of insurgent republicans and democrats. Shortly after the article was printed or. Grundy called on the president ostensibly to discuss Pennsylvania appointments. Or. Grundy had copies of the article typed in his office and distributed them among some of his colleagues. Continued on Page four to Bristol. I he other officers and a directors include Clifford l. Anderson of Bristol who has be Ltd untiring Gin his efforts to make the Bridge an r. Cheesman of Burlington and other Well known Pennsylvania and new Jersey men. Burgess Anderson says that within a few weeks workmen will he on the Jolt. The last details As to rights of Way of the Jersey Side have teen cleared up and nothing remains but i to Watt on the weather for the construction of the piers. The Bristol approach of the Bridge will he at a Point near where state Road meets Bristol Pike and will extend through land of Rohm its Haas. I is expected that the suit Highway Departie it later will be interested in improvements of Grundy Road or Bali Road Between South Lton Hoine and the evil dance to the traffic. There will be no Public offering of securities As the Bridge has been financed by private capital. Messes. Ash Howard Needles amp Tammen have designed and will sup ise the construction of the Bridge. The contract for the erection and Toni pm lion of the Bridge has been Given to the Mcclintic Marshall company of Pittsburgh who Are the largest Independent fabricators and erectors of structural steel in America. This company has shops in Buffalo Pottstown Pittsburgh Chicago and on the Pacific coast. Its products include structural steel for buildings Bridges and transmission towels canal lock Gates tanks Gas holders bulges Coke and Gas plants and steel Frame houses. Some of is recent contracts include the Detroit International Bridge the mount Hope Bay Bridge near Bristol. Rhode Island the Cooper River t to provide a a seven keys to Bald Pate a at the grand capt. William e. Doron was not bluffing. I the ferryboat that bears his name and which for thirty years has car ried people and vehicles Between 1 Burlington and Bristol is tied up in i its slip at the foot of Market Street. It made its final trip monday night. The Only service Between the two towns now is that being conducted by Morrison Keith with his launch t vehicles must make the Long round i about trip to Trenton and then Down to Burlington or go to Tacony and Cross Over to Palmyra and then come up the River. I capt. Doron says he has lost All the Money on the ferry that he intends to lose. His decision to Stop the service was hastened by his inability to renew his lease on the slip on the Burlington Side at a rental that he regarded As reasonable. The extra expense which the new lease would entail together with the steadily decreasing traffic compelled him he says to give up the service. The a William e. Doron a and the a Louise Dorony will be sold. That ferryboat Crew has be n at work since tuesday preparing the boat for what May be a Long tie up. The a Louise Doron a which has been used in foggy weather and which in years gone by made pleasure trips on Julie Delaware is at Ita cocas shipyard. Hall the popular George m. Cohan production a seven keys to Bald ate a will be featured at the grand theatre monday and tuesday with Richard Dix playing the leading role. The play is full of funny and thrilling incidents. A comedy a Black and tan a a color Novelty a Jungle dreams a a and Fox movie tone news also will be shown a Opportunity night will be Iea tilled again on wed Day. These Opportunity nights bring out a lot of promising local Talent and have proved very popular. Manager Lynn expects to have eight feature s in the show wednesday night i he film that night will be Edward Ever it Ett Horton in a the there also will be a spotlight review a boyhood memories a and la athe sound new7s. Bibe Daniels in a love comes along will be the attraction tonight together with two comedies a ticklish business and a Captain of his Roll a and grand theatre news. William Boyd in a this first command will be Semi saturday afternoon and evening. A funny fable film a Buckville College Days a also is booked and four acts of vaudeville. Next thursday and Friday will bring Ann Harding in a her private Bridge in or it outlet from the Lincoln Highway to the Jersey Shore resorts. Tim rout1 to the Shore resorts will he shortened considerably by the new Bridge. The Bridge will be privately financed no securities being offered 10 the Public at this time. Those who Are backing it have no doubt As to the Success of the liter prise. Bristol and Burlington both will be. Gainers by the construction of the Bridge. Thousands of automobile its will pass through both communities. How Many of them will Stop depends largely upon what attractions the communities afford them. Our stores should do More business and general business conditions should be greatly improved. Details of the Bridge Are contained in or. Keims letter. It will be 314 4 feet Long with its approaches and will have the longest vertical lilt Span Ever constructed. It will Cost a new Bridge near Charleston South Carolina the steel frames for the Lincoln building and hotel Astor in new York City and the elevated Structure for the Pennsylvania Railroad terminal improvement in Philadelphia. It 1 is under construction the Hudson River Bridge at new York of which the Clear Span is twice that of the Philadelphia Camden Bridge. The Mcclintic Marshall company has expressed the desire to select As Many of its employees on this operation As possible from the immediate locality. The construction of the Bridge will consist of steel and reinforced Concrete producing a Structure of the most modern Type and Safe design. The h nth Over All will he 3144 feet with a vertical lift Channel Span of 540 feet la length which is 200 feet longer than any similar movable Span yet constructed. This Channel proximally $1,350,000. Or. Keims Span a ill have a maximum clearance Lett a addressed to Burgess and r above mean High water of 64 feet or. Ford attends convention son and to mayor Holmes of Burlington is As follows Hon. Harold v. Holmes mayor Burlington new Jersey. Hon. Clifford l. Anderson Burgess Bristol Pennsylvania. dear sirs it is my privilege and pleasure to advise you that on monday. February 17th, 3 930, contracts were signed and delivered for the completion of a Bridge to connect Burlington with Bristol to be opened in time for the Spring traffic in 19 31. This action has terminated a Long period of untiring Effort on the part of those interested to build this Structure. Many obstacles were encountered in securing the franchise from the Federal government nearly four years ago. The Bridge would probably have been built at this time except tor the fact that during the last few years lifting powerful raise the transformed for j Percy q. Ford is attending the elks Charity Ball business meeting and sales Conven Tion of Copeland electric refrigerator Bridges have been extremely difficult dealers at the Adelphia hotel Phila finance owing to a general de Delphia which opened yesterday and pression in the Bridge Security mar will conclude today. A dinner at Etc the final decision to build the tended by 500 Copeland dealers and Bridge a us reached Only after was held last night at Bristol Lodge of elks and its friends Are All ready for the Charity Ball tonight in St. Marks auditorium. The big Hall has been beautifully decorated and presents a Spring scene that is sure to Delight the dancers. Dies West Sya it club orchestra Well known to local dancers will furnish the music several Hundred will attend the Ball which is the big social event of the season for Bristol people the proceeds of which a devoted to Cha it a Able purposes. Representatives which addresses were made by officers of the Copeland companies and by Merritt Chase Huse of the Philadelphia electric company. Electric refrigerators Are rapidly becoming household necessities and during 1930 the Industry looks for a great increase in the use of this convenience _ consultation with the Best engineering authorities and traffic experts in the country who Are All very enthusiastic Over the Possi Bilyj a of this thriving Industrial Ani. Or cultural area and the Success of a connecting link Between new Jersey and Pennsylvania at this Point. The franchise for the Bridge and the permit by the United states War when in its lower or closed position and under present conditions of navigation upon the upper Delaware River it is anticipated that this lilt Span in its lower position will offer ample under clearance Lor practically All ships now operating in this part of the liver. I he plans of construction provide for the vertical of this Channel Span by electric motors a which will entire Span with great Speed and offer minimum delay to Highway and River traffic. At its maximum height it will provide an under clearance of 138 feet above mean High water which is higher than the Philadelphia Camden Bridge. The bal the Bridge will consist through spans of 200 feet approach viaducts of about each. The Roadway which suitably paved will afford a diberal clearance for two lanes of traffic Between curbs. There will also be a path four feet wide for pedestrians. The Bridge will extend front about the intersection of Union with Street Burlington directly the River to a Point in Bristol township Bucks county about a South of the Borough of the new Jersey Side the Bridge will be connected with the state Highway by a Concrete Road and head crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. On the Pennsylvania Side the Bridge will be con continued on Page four will Reed across own mile Bristol. On e i Haj Over

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