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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 31, 1925, Bristol, PennsylvaniaIn i it the Independent has a Barge prepaid circulation than any other paper in lower Bucks county Christmas business not so Good this Yeap special radio concert at. Tomesani s Friday night i five cents the copy v amp both local and big town merchant note curtailment of Holiday purchases 1 radio corporation program from j 7 to 12 to be officially taken there amp of f let s Start the work of real Progress in 1926 i Low water Ano 3ripple navigation Pim pm a Rev. H. W. Hartmann Nulli will remain in Bristol a i unsecured in paving Negi pastor i Clines id City shopping Felt Here experiences of both local woman and Quot City Quot visitor establish the advantage of Home town buying the radio corporation of America a is planning to broadcast a special f a year s is Ogram on january 1st. It 1926. Between 7 p. M. And Midnight f through its High Power experimental a a station 2xak, located at bound f Brook n. J., and operating on 4 55 i meters and has designated the Tom a with of i Ope t it i m lot letting of Commerce and improvements under Yvet Bristol refill go Forward in Lig Tietig hoi i ers have difficulty Matin j Vija i j. V a j a we Tel a Tut a his i ii i a till or Piui trips t ii Henry Xvi. A a t the severe store Here As official receiving j Bristol with turn cd Hants in Coin mor Ltd a Rob of some of lie larger cites. Lid not have the Christmas Trad. A his year that they have been tooled to nor that they expected. Accuse confident i f seems to be Able to explain a Lent a re a a a Quot a a a but plenty of Money in circulation. The stories Here Are All working Norm ally. Commuters seem to he jus Anima employed and the Banks of the Conn in released a considerable sum prior to Christmas in their savings club funds. But there seemed to be a tighten ing of the purse strings this Yea i compared to former seasons and it i it the exception to find the merchant now and then who feels that theft Christmas Trade was up to Standard 11 Nuas been intimated that the Liber a1 credit inducements found on every hand have had much to do wit curtailing Christmas business ant the Large increase in the general use of automobiles is another Leasi put Forward for the curtailed Christmas shopping. In other words main people Are so tied up with curved obligations thai have to be me monthly that hey have been Unash to spend the usual amount in Christmas purchases. Whether these arc Hie real reasons for a falling off in Christmas Trade is a quests or that is Likely to remain unanswered but there Are certain other elements affecting the situate that Are Morel apparent. There is mine complaint probably Well found a a that Bristo lians have done considerable Christmas shopping in the Largel cities . In All co Mem cities situated As Bristol is this is an Ever present evil to the local merchant. On the part of Many people there seems to be a tendency to fee than one can do better in the Large shops of the bigger cities. To ques Tio ably the assortments Iii these Shope Are usually larger and More Complete but there is plenty of room for argument As to whether or not the individual shopper can do better by patronizing them. By a a better in meant merchandise of equal Quality for less Money. When you Stop to consider the time and Effort necessary to reach the shopping centers of the larger towns to say nothing of the added expense incident to travel one is forced to wonder whet Lier after All. The results Are justified. It must be acknowledged that the Bristol merchant is within a few hours of the biggest markets in la world. Everything there can he obtained by him almost As readily a it can he by the big town merchant. True enough the local Man carry the stocks of ii is bigger Broth i station for this program. Or. Tomesani will gladly Welcome la his friends and patrons on this be 4 Canion. He will use the radiola 28. I an 8-tube receiving set with r. C. A. Loud speaker no. 104. The aeolian flail studio of the radio corporation of America Sta lion Wiz has prepared a program j for the evening having unusual Fea Tures. In the Early part of the j schedule an Endeavor will be made % j to re broadcast London Schimes i.e., a a big Bend of the parliament House y steadily famous orchestras opera stars and % tins is not a now year s spasm of Resolution neither is it for be timif5m but we can see no Amhi reason Why the year 926 should not give Bristol something in the Way of real Progress. The matter lies entirely in our own hands. Obviously we can a Tan some improvement. business need repairing and improved lighting tie 11 aet Oil facilities ought to be improved by til Ai roil fined and Ai n rive men trouble for i it i i n v Oil and coned ted ii in is cd k ii Iii g u j a ii a irs. Ii is Gurii. Quot Vii i i. a town or its people _ done. Either we go ahead Nood More civic p.ii 1> awa., Liviu the d in Donna e oui ,. Weather of the Nan week has Given Delaware an unusual amount of Tiu Oie Hole Soh b year and Boas Between he e and Burlington As Well As be-1 tween Trenton and Phili Nave been operated it u learn Pncia 01 la be first presbyterian bin cd that us i As deemed not to accept the Tali to toe pastorale of the mount Holly Church offered him Eaily this Mullen and mat for x a Inch s a Iorii Ion assists traction company in financing its costs maim in by Lutui Ahu i Jiminy Ana Handicap. The eldest do is season a action on Street and trolley improvement has at last been secured the l l the end0avors of the Mill Street present Ai least lie will rain Anil r menus association and will be joint Philo i we in us in Bristol. A a work on the improvement under greathi8 win be interesting news to the sgt it ring. At a join a the Many friends of pastor Hart Otteen greeting at the common in us ill dam Loo i i . It ii House last night the traction in the oar i a i other headline numbers will be 1 heard. Special news items gathered j from All parts of the world will be broadcast by a leading press association. In addition to the foregoing or. Tomesani has been designated As an a official observer for the evening and will report How the program is being received. I Tullytown Church has Christmas entertainment t i x Tully f the Christian Church of town held its annual Christmas festivities on tuesday night last the edifice being filled with members of the Church and sunday school. The Church was handsomely decorated with tree and festoons of Christmas colors and the program of entertainment As handled by mrs. Langley was Well rendered. A new feature this year was a number of dialogues and special carols by the children of the sunday school and j a nature and government i. The thing simply cannot be a o slip behind. We cannot remain Lisp. In led or immobile. And until every citizen and business Man Hill realizes this and decides to put his shoulder squarely to the wheel we will gradually slip backward. There must be organized Earnest Endeavor in every undertaking for the Benefit of the place in which we live else there can be no Progress. What Bristol needs first of All is an Active efficient chamber of Commerce. We should get together on this thing and secure a High class commercial organizer who can get us into action. These is every natural Leas n y we should grow and no Good reason Why we so id Havu a chamber of Corn Merce which though is All an nevertheless be a live. Goo inst Nti it to a Man and funds Sill a i. Sui r. Be at the head of such it bed., a a vein who can co ordinate cur Noesis and get us working in the right direction and along the lines of Community construction. Such a Man can be obtained and without paying him any fancy salary. It ought not to Cost us More than $4000 to $5000 for a j t y i i a is trouble has been Cairn or. Waer he save i c Nove e a ter i War at to is time of owing to the Strong Northa r 0 week past tide water has been blown Back and prevented from coming in this far. Cap a Tam Loran says the result is that except in the main Channel there v not enough water to float the i boats. The ferry boat has not been lining since monday when to on was grounded on a bar and was finally gotten off with consider ble difficulty. While the Low water has made lot of trouble Foi to remain permanent Al work for the new bib vac a Xix v Good cheer and Consul a live should n with the citizens Back of maintenance. There should trained commercial executive possible r vhf either. I Newual amount 0/ i a Riter a Hope of for this time of year has also Given i hem a lot of trouble. The sgt a Ingfield. Freighter by Ween teen Quot in and Philadelphia has had in a urn a Rabic difficulties and on wednesday was battling against the up and Low Waer for three hours or More off Bristol. There is five inches of at the sides of the1 a saw a a a a a Mace Natal nuptials by to to of e maj ii cd j a a i Tath Ain. A i shading he 1 Cai goos Abate Ai up Ukia Aid gives off Boon c a a Ltd c a a lion no Nisi of i it. Up a v. E Are on the threshold of an other year. To no St. A us he Pas. Year has been filled with All kinds of . . To Sui in of us it has 1 meant sorrow and grief due to the loss of loved cause. To Joy and gladness because perchance Cream of childhood has come True. Been realized n enter Rise of adult Lif has be n successful and made Possession of tilings hoped to to ase b halt b ii i As Yea Quot Iho i Jan e ample of what Iii b cd ring he y i .0103818 agreed the business an eed j. For the i i lit exp to raise $500o and menus a k a. 11 a Otho $ too m t i i i Cie t of i Ause of n paving Mill. Part Ltd i Radcliffe and Otter sue-1 a 1 a Ltd j add Lii a s ? it Pav d to Cement an i o t with Adomite a tar and Stone surfacing. New troll is ii 1 str cd o h v or. In 11 a i and has s Iii be Laid ii. And the roadbed repaired j a citizens committee was mud j at the meeting to visit Tell the ii it. And Otter Street business to a. property owners in an Eft Feaver of others i has brought i it them to in flan it a in Quot Ness Herm a. Of the Cost it the work. This com Mittee consists of Burgess Oseph r. Grundy and Howard i. James. Ones or some other the a dump ill r. A to or re re ahead of us Hepper death is Shock f a it f in Yea intensive work in tins direction including office ants promo f non expenses and there can be no doubt but what the right Man in to to entertain at Bridge this Job would be Worth a Good Deal More than that to Bristol and its business Progress. Such a Man should have the personal backing and assistance of the necessary citizens and business men of a Community and there should be none of the a a Lei George do it Quot the choir. Santa Claus was there i atmosphere that has been so detrimental to Many Public and Semi to the Delight of the youngsters a Public under to Kimry Well As some of the grown ups and took Good Carf of the children. Rev. Arthur t. Langley who has been of the Church for about five years past. Expresses his gratitude for the receipt of a substantial purse from the members of his congregation. Public undertakings ave want additional Industry in Bristol and there arc Many forces that will help us get it if we go about the matter in the proper Way. We have very unusual advantages Here in factory situs and shipping facilities both rail and water and we have housing conditions for increased population better than Many towns less advantageously situated that do succeed in getting in new in Clust Ries. This evening or. And mrs. Brand ear Hart of 376 Washington Street will entertain friends at the game i of among the guests a will i be or. And mrs. Russel Ellis. Miss it Helen Taylor or. And mrs. N. B. Bertolette or. And mrs. H. D. Webb or. Warren Woodruff or. And mrs. Bradley Ardrey or. And mrs. Chas. Quimby miss Eunice Williams or. And mrs. Parko wether miss Mary Lehman miss Malvina Moore. Or. Roger Williams or. Paul Forster of Philadelphia. Pretty wedding at St. Annas Church a followed by reception in Parish Hall sudden passing of citizen and Ach Lete a great blow to family and friends new year s attraction at the colonial patrons of the colonial will find interesting new years diversion a that House tomorrow by seeing Richard to amp Madge in the Active financial Story of a Wall Street there will lie two shows new years Day matinee and night. In addition to the principal attraction As noted above Charlie Chaplin j will be seen in Hie a space the Bill at the colonial for the 1 next week holds considerable attraction especially the pictures of tuesday and saturday. On the former Day Ora Carew will be seen in a pay but th1 Only Way we can Hope to secure attention to these Many advantages is thru an Active go get it chamber of Commerce the fact that we have no such an organization Here is of the greatest detriment when any activity along this line is directed toward us and any other on toward influence of which we May complain is All the More effective now because we have no organized Means of fighting it mrs. Thornton entertains the death of a. Willis Sheppard which so unexpectedly occurred at a 11 in ton Hospital on monday was a _ j a Reat Shock and a source of keen Antrich regret to a amp Many friends and a Anna Church on Dorrance a Quaintance. Wei hire was 1 to ene of a pretty or Sheppard was in a Parail wedding on wednesday at 1.30 p Good health. The impending trouble father Jenne performed which took him to the Hospital was Rili rtt Anna Natale. Of appendicitis. Everyone thought that jazz Locri Street was married to a simple operation for this would air. John Mace of 420 Lafayette suffice but it appears that he was in St Rcd to j worse condition than was realize e miss Natale was dressed in we Hite and Bis sudden death was the Resit Chiffon Over White silk. A beaded or Sheppard who was probably Coronet to which was attached theist known and loved As a Shep a or. And mrs. Howard Thornton 4 i or. And mrs. Joseph Eek and family j or. And mrs. Ii. Cooper misses Beulah Bertha and Laurine Thornton. Bridal Large mums. Jennie the Bride carried a was a fellow townsman and citizen veil. W _ Bunch of w Hite Chrysanthe be highest order and Especial tho maid of Honor was Misa was be identified with alld a Bago. Who wore yellow Shif sport. His quiet steady habits we should get some action Early this year in Street and Light a hire is no Good reason Why they should not go ahead. The trolley my improvement. Money is available for both enterprises Anis interests Are As we Abl Al this time to arrange for their share of the expense As they will to a year or Nice from now had the by i or. Fred Kenyon were Christmas to dinner guests of mrs. Kila r. Thorn ton of Balli Street. A Fen made Over yellow silk a hat to amp inc a for him a Host of friends. To match and carried yellow Chrysan i Vas born and educated Here and in the mums. Miss Mary a a a a a. Jefferson Avenue the wore Pink silk Chiffon i i v Loda. Chit Chat Ness men of the a own Are dirt g everything in heir Power to Lur ing the limit a while Ort saturday a cannot i Jov 11 Sherman will be the attract j Broth i lion in Bis russian love tragedy x or in Trade but he Bas instant tees a satan a Sables a in which he plays f a russian Prince who lives for x gaiety and who finds himself in a f Whirlpool of thrilling adventure % when the saintly Young brother z whom to loves gets entangled with t to these stocks and if he is a shrewd buyer he can obtain them at th5 right Price. In talking with a Harriman mat roil the other Day the writer got an interesting Angle to this0 shopping question. She said a i try to make it a Point to buy in Bristol. I usually have a pretty definite of what i want and when i am ready to but i drop Down to Tow n and look i or stocks Over. There is one particular merchant with whom i Trade that is on his toes. If i can to find what i want he sees it right away and he is Quick to offer his services in an Endeavor to get what i Avant. And he usually does too and that within a Dray or two. No thank you i have no desire to travel to town and tire myself out in the big shops and their distressing crowds. I get what i Avant in Bristol. Not All of the merchants Are As Active in this manner As the one i speak of but he seems to feel that my business is Worth Here is a rather Concrete example of Ordinary business acumen and one wre believe would be gladly emulated by most of the Bristol merchants if they were Given the Opportunity that this particular one gets. Another interesting Side Light on out of town shopping came to the notice of the waiter a a Eek or ten Days before Christmas. A woman now living in Philadel phia had occasion to come up to Bristol on a business matter. Hen Mission accomplished and Writh a couple of hours wait for a return y pm pull re<l1 train to the City she visited some of the local shops and made a few purchases. This woman is a new yorker and most of her life has had the so called advantages of City shopping in which she is no Novice but she frankly said after her experience Here that the merchandise she avas taking Back to to Avn Avith her was better value and Cost Hei one of his discarded mistresses. Is exciting entertainment. It mrs. Webb s luncheon mrs. In d. Webb entertained at luncheon and cards at her Home 2 35 Radcliffe Street on wednesday afternoon. A a. Among the guests were i the Forrest starts Mary Lehman miss Marian Smith mrs. Lester Longhurst. Mrs. Ernest Lawrence jr., mrs. N. B. Bertolette _ mrs. Harry Bye. Miss Helen Abbott miss Elizabeth Runyan miss Louise a the everlasting whisper Lawrence mrs. Parke wet her ill mrs. Elmer Field of Ramsey n. J., John Thor the complexion of both the. Imp of . With a chamber of Commerce to put some action into the projects and in the meantime to work out a program for capitalizing our Industrial advantages Bristol ought to shoot ahead with marked Progress. Hat we probably need As much As any other one thing is real honest to goodness civic interest. Of we had one tenth the spirit of tho communities West of the Ohio River or South of the Mason and Dixon line we could have a City in Bristol that would be a in the East. Spirit Breeds boosters. We need boosters. Not loud and noisy enthusiasts nor shallow impractical dreamers but quiet conservative mass interest and individuals with Faith their Community and the courage to make such Faith known. Why not a chamber of Commerce lets begin at the beginning $ a silk a Large hat and buried a Hife Flowers. A wedding breakfast was fifty guests at the Home i Groom. 420 Lafayette Street the couple will reside the or it and mrs. John i \ f of relatives in Hamilton Hunter a 0 v a i of Sarafino of tired into the employ of the g a Mem bridesmaid ment in the capacity of letter Ca a Over Pink some 20 years ago. He we one of the four original carriers and later was raised to an office position served a local Post office of the Shepherd nos Essed n a where dualities which wer Mer Jiff the Public than a go n of it i ? to it a Ltd r a ir1 i in Sirree a a re �?~30b gee j. Mrs. We. De Lacy adv. He y guests or % i Square n. 5. Or. And a i the home1 Delacye a a Artnes i sgt Rea its and other Quot up Quot sift in the careful decision. No one disputed his p 1 same proportion. Miss Natale is the judgment and he commanded a the wedding Gioc me mime Ai land Beautiful. Including. Eight a i i ways in Der was usually named As Lef re ,ai4f j Bridge and table Lam a dozen bed of All local sports Anil gave Cool and i t in or. And mrs. Thomas f. Donnelly or Nova of Maynes Lane to spend two weeks. Natate t Imp. Joseph plumb and mrs. Nel breakfast were from lie Heath of 651 Spruce Street Trenton. Burlington i spent Christmas with or. Plumbs other Points. F daughter in Chester. V i mrs. R. Margerum of 653 Spruce 1 Street spent Christmas Day and the j week end a fifth her daughter in Philadelphia. Or. And mrs. Harry Molden re Angelo res Nee from All with whom be at a wedding came in Contact. There s no d York but that in his decease bar 1 most reputable and admirable i Hwu Florence and lost a Man. The survivors left to i father. Or. George and new Tom mix series mrs. Bradley Ardrey mrs. Mental mrs. Charles Quimby mrs. Theodore Megargee miss # Helen Taylor. Mrs. Ernest Purcell of Trenton n. Miss Malvina Moore Ami miss Gorgine Mac Michael. Open 1926 program note of refinement observed the management of the forres4 theatre opens the new year with the full it of it a Gorseg of new modelled tem new years at the Forrest mix picture a the everlasting. Whisper a which will be shown on manager Lynn a offering for new monday and tuesday january 4 Anc years Day at the Forrest rhe Atio. Together with a Christie comedy a the Hawkes reception f j son it of Bath Road dinner gue8t8 of mrs Sig ter amt family in Frankford. Or. And Misbrandt Earhart will spend Neav years Day and week end with or. Earhart a brother and family in Drexel Hill. Miss Bessie Baldwin of Oak Lane will spend several Days this week a mourn Are a Eprard ibis Azife a sister one brother and a a Nior Deacon of the Baptist Church. The funeral services at the Home on on sunday morning december 27 j Friday. Avill be conducted by Rev. Mrs. Eshleman favored the Church j Howard Zepp. Of the Baptist Church. Hawley a shark what and or. Sheppard a remains will be frill Thomas a Hawkes Home of ugly was redolent with life and Beauty on wednesday evening when or. And mrs. Hawkes entertained at inner and games in Honor of their laughter miss Anna Hawkes. Covers at the dinner Road were Christmas by singing mean those holy voices a and in the interred in the Bristol cemetery. A lit the guest of miss Janice Wagner of ing. Evening mrs. Roy Loller Sang tie child in slumber communion will be celebrated in the Church on sunday morning january 3rd. Miss Mildred Marshall led the Christian Endeavor on sunday even students of the Bristol High school will attend the funeral in a body. They will meet at the Wood Street school building at 1.30 of clock. Were Laid for la xxx xxx. Nifrhf8, which remained Over j tamed at dinner and cards on tues ult tvs s Louise Lawrence and i Day evening. Miss Helen Taylor. A Vei Pelt Lawrence remained to spend or. And mrs. Brandt Earhart or. Me rest of the week. Cards and i Paul Forster and or. H. West of 435 Radcliffe Street. It rpm ,. The Christmas entertainment on or. And mrs. Russell Ellis enter-1 the evening of monday december Burgess Cadwallader says radio keeps the men Home As a member of the state Board dancing were the order of tho evening. At the card game favors were Given to miss Louise Lawrence or. Herbert Lawrence and War. Jacob Lehman. The spacious music room and adjoining Hall and other rooms provided much space for the amusements and the presence of tile real Forrest theatre both matinee and night will be the William Fox production of a Lazy Bones a which made such a hit in Philadelphia., this rustic i Omane censors manager Lynn has been i a Nias tree amp and other attractions of the lovable Loafer. A Lazy Bones much interested in tho new mix 1 made the True Christmas spirit seem has been filmed with Madge Bellamy picture and Hie improved tone of and Charles Buck Jones in the refined a fld life that has been i leading roles and has proved a High conflated in them. He is so Well impressed in fact that he has Book re a of the mix pictures for Moose to have theatre party 1926. Members and friends of Bucks first of lit the everlasting favors Foi or. And Swarthmore Chautauqua Here again next year Fred a. Boardman Advance repro county Lodge of Moose will have whisper Quot has a Story that is unusual j in n Tat of the Savart More Chauvin interesting evening on january written by Jackson Gregory who is Tau qua association is in Bristol nettle local Lodge will put on a feature conceded to be one of americans fore go Tilting for a Chautauqua Here Dur-.9th, at the Forrest i heat re when j most writers of Western fiction. It ing the coming summer. This will picture show with possible Vaude a a Taie of the rugged Northwest be the seventh veal that the Swarth entertainment. Arrangements j where the everlasting whisper of the More people have held a Chautauqua less Hae been made with tanager Lynn Breeze through tall stately Pines Here and their coining is eagerly a source of interest Tain ment. The contract Trenton Given to Hart. Mrs. Clara Miller of Lambertville is spending ten Days with Ber daughter mrs. Louis Dpi ing and family of Radcliffe Street. Or. And mrs. Clarence Chambe a of Princeton or. And mrs. A. L. Lain or. And mrs. Victor Morgan. Jennings of Gloucester. N. J., or. And mrs Louis b. Or ten and family were tho Christmas dinner guest i of or. And mrs. Caleb Rue of Edgely. Or. And mfg. R. Rayhan of Nev 27th, was somewhat marred by the absence of the Soner intendant or. John h. Smythe. The program was an interesting one. The sme Anir War it i Algernon Cadwallader Burgess or \ Ardley. Is another of the new devotees to radio and the Burgess must be thoroughly converted because he frankly admits that the or the game were j by the school assisted by an orches Cavnah Al Mats at Vav mrs. By Amit ear Ira. Mrs. C. Jenks and miss Cath-1 a Quot Quot to Lauon of a modern be in his urine Michie hurl pin re a is. I Nas changed his night act tvs a. A a a a Ijac act Luigi Feu Tun Fri digit a nere Ann Money than she would have paid in of the Forrest to procure one of tie draws Strong men into the Hills and looked upon As the larger shops. Best feature reels possible and a com enchants them. In this setting ing entertain so in View of the experiences of Mittee is working out a program these two women we Are led to which May include Semi professional continued on Page two Talent from both Trenton lodges. The local Anil there is enacted a thrilling tale of for the 192 6 season was partly Coin a hat tie for Fortune and a girls a plated Here Soihet time ago and or. Girl who has to be tamed like a Boardman is now Here to finish that Tigris. I part Chi the work. Erine Mudie had charge of the Prim Iti f i. Nights a week Ary exercises which showed careful v v. Nights a week i raining a amp Way from Home to continuous even a ing presence at his own fireside. Exercises and dialogues were Ren not Only that but the Burgess say dered by several boys and girls class several of his friends have had the is. Dorothy Lester impersonated a same experience and he recommends grandmother lamenting the old Fash the radio recipe to wies who have j toned Christmas. Mildred Marshall difficulty in keeping their husbands j gave a monologue and there were Home nights recitations by Grace Barth. Leonard Rorbach Billy Shaw. Jean Eshclman. Brehm Betz wedding Laura Jenkens Margaret purse 11 Gwendolin Whyte and Marion bes Json. Willy Brown and Glen cob a Lerna w. Betz and John h. Leigh favored the audience with a Brahm both of Bristol Are to by York or. And mrs. L. V. Rue and duet. Books Candy and pins were j married at 4 of clock today at the son or. And mrs. We. Joyce will then distributed to the schola. G. methodist Church by the Rev. Be the new years dinner guests of several of whom were rewarded for Bingham. Reception at the Betz or. And mrs. R. B. Carty. Five years regular attendance and Home on Walnut Street will follow. Or. And mrs. Charles b. White of two Leonard Urbach and Hazel Harrisburg or. And mrs. L. V. Rue a Peak. For the sixth continuous year. T71t Cir at we. I the pastor and his wife the Organ i no and son William and or Joyce guests. Mrs. Were the Christmas Day lit. Christian Endeavor Charles Carty of Philadel Ushers and Sexton were j with Golden remembrances tree was a very Fine one and president i the Frida a evening card party a was entertained on monday evening presented Liss Elizabeth Rue of 417 Radcliffe Street. Phia spent several Days this week we a and the was As the guest of or and mrs r i in Ana great credit i mrs. B. Johnson of Pond Carty of Pond Street to a1 Thovie who helped to make Street was hostess on tuesday after y Al Ion Quot a he occasion a Success. Noon to card club no. 3

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