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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 30, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania Jill that thl a to in Independent carries a greater volume of paid advertising than Bristol s two other newspapers com. Bin he a there a a reason a fact several reasons. A in Jan implied. A to in Independent toadies to no sect or Creed it stands boldly in defence of the Downtrodden whether they be jew or Gentile. Vol. 2.�?no. 26.Bristol. Pa., Friday december 30, 1921 five cents the copy old Iredell Homestead is a place of Many memories historic old building now owned by Howard i. James and Walter Lee Dom should be preserved Only and id i k. The t to sold of the historic farm House and ground surrounding known a the Iredell Homestead purchased recently by How Aid i. James and Willer f. Leedom could Tell its own history Many wonderful and interesting facts would be brought to Buhl. The original deed from we. Penn in still in existence. In that mansion used to be pre hearted hospitality his great fires of the Chimney roared. The stranger feasted at this Board. Originally the place was known As the a Buttonwood at Llu time of passing into the hands of Lite u. S. Government there were two Large Buttonwood standing now Only one in 1829 or. John Phillips a the farm. He sold it to Wiiliam Brown attorney at Law in i hug same year or. Brown bold George Spangler who in turn it to or. Charles t. Iredell in 1s46. During his ownership and abode there he planted the different Maples. Pines Buttonwoods Oaks. Ailanthus called by the Chines a tree of heaven water Willows and Osage Trees. It was probably from the original Oaks the beams in the larger part at the House were Hen. The Beatus me 40 feet 6 inches in length Ami measure 4 0 inches around them. In the parlor is a Beautiful hand carved mantel. The mantel in another room and in two rooms up stairs ale to by found hand carved mantels. The shutter fasteners which disappeared about the time the property came into the Possession of the in. S. Government were exactly like those found in the Betsy hems House and carpenters Hall. There is also one hand Hen and carved fire place. There were others but were filial in and grates added during the time of one of the owners. During the abode Here of the Iredell family there was an open House hospitality shown to All friends and strangers. Charles Burleigh the Silver tongued orator and Lucre la Mott and Henry Ridgway. Were Minong the celebrates who frequently visited this Home. Or. Iredell being a Minuter in the society of friends Welc tend other ministers of the society As Well As prominent workers in a he anti slav by cause and leaders in the Temperance movement. Mrs. Charles Iredell who by the Way was a most charming Matron often told of the strange characters who came to the Buttonwood. One of these who partook of their hospitality. Was a Man in App Nance and manners a decided gentleman but quaint and strange he would Rome at meal times enter without knocking draw up a chair at the table while the family were at meal and without introducing himself would ask to he helped to the various viands on the table. His conversation was that of a refined and educated person. At the Clos of the meal with a profound Bow he would take his departure after thanking the hostess for her kindness. These visits were made about two in three times a year and his identity was never revealed. Another strange incident which occurred was a family of seven father Mother and four children came towards Nightfall an asked to spend the nigh on the porch. Mattresses and blankets wet provided and in the morning breakfast was served and they went on their journey to the West please. The kindness received. So Many deeds of Kitin acts of Charity done within it with the wonderful of the Structure Combine in making a sufficient plea to have the new owners keep the historic Structure intact. T his hospitable Gate. To Barr a to All invites a numerous train of daily guests whose Board with plenty crowned revives the feast rates of old. Mrs. De Stanley hostess at Holiday week dance with and Walls Geo. Callanan receives Xmas gift from Bei co. Or. George Callanan of Der Ray amp of Street whose history of 34 years service with the Bell Telephone company appeared in these column Onte time ago was most agreeably stir prised at Christmas time to receive numerous letters of Toioi tit Ion i rom Many officials of the Bell company. Added to the letters of congratulation on his Long service which several new officials of the company read in this paper he was the recipient of a handsome gift As a memento of Hie yuletide season. Order of foresters elect officers monday on monday evening court Pride no. 177, order of foresters held their Semi annual meeting in la Pollas Hall on Market Street and elected the fallowing officers chief Ranger James Bannon sub chief Ranger Daniel Mccarty financial Secretary p. Connolly treasurer John b. Roger senior Woodward Kelvin Kerr sch Junior Woodward Michael Mot senior a Idle Charles la pol la Junior Beadle Charles Rogers. Trustee Lur three years. Daniel Gorman. Mrs. Lillian de Stanley gave a mid Holiday week informal dance to a dozen of her friends. Wednesday evening at her Home the hotel Delaware and those present enjoyed an evening of dancing that All agreed was a most decided Success. The big old fashioned rooms on ithe lower floor of the hotel were especially decorated for the occasion the color scheme being of course red and Green in conformity with the custom of the season. The dining room was cleared and the floor waxed and it was Here that the dancing was indulged in. The Reading room and sitting room were tined As rest rooms. Putti Whiteman and Oiler famous orchestra leaders furnished the music through the medium of the Victrola and the music was much appreciated by the dancers. Shortly before Midnight a luncheon was served. The favors Given in the number dance which was one of the several unique features of the affair were awarded to or. And mrs. Walter Fine of Ambler. A. Those who enjoyed the evening with mrs. De Stanley were or. And mrs. Lawrence Giddings of Aid More. A. Or. And mrs. Walter Fine. Of Ambler pa., or. And mrs. Charles Parker miss Sarah Mcllvain. Miss Ethel Cooper of Trenton or. N. Mcgowan. Of Lambertville Edward Gallagher and Elwood Kitchin of Trenton. New years reunion ring out of of Landreth family new year Bells or. Burnet Landreth sr., and daughter miss Frances of Radcliffe Street will entertain at new years dinner or. And mrs. Edward s. or. And mrs. Vandusen Philips or. Sgt i Rig ton Phillips. Or. Ami mrs. Burnet Landreth jr., Burnet Landreth 3rd, miss Lola Lan Dreth Charles Landreth or. And j mrs. S. P. Landreth. Symington Landreth jr., Edward la amp Dreth. H Louise Landreth or. And mrs. David Landreth David Landreth jr., Meta Landreth and Emily Landreth. Harry Iredell entertained by aunts on monday Borough chemist / needed for booze an interesting fact has just been brought to Light that James Rogers who attended the annual meeting end supper of the Newport Ville horse co., december 21st. Has been present for a to successive years. John la Rue of by gel y has been Secretary for 4 0 years. The company was formed in 1827 and incorporated in 1846. At one time there were 75 members anti in spite of the fact that the use for horses has been greatly lessened since the automobile and Auto trucks have been introduced there Are still 52 members. 50 answered to the Roll Call at the last meeting and took supper which fact alone gives testimony of the great interest taken in the company. James Rogers is and has been president of the company for 20 years succeeding Walter r. Johnson. John Vav. Birkey is treasurer and Watson Davis. Vice president. The directors Are James Vav. Rogers Watson Davis Alex Dixon. Or. Fleckinstein and Ferdinand Widener and John lame. Croydon Imp. years eve party former Marion Roper is visiting Mother help number 3v tile Independent will receive contributions from citizens for the repair and rebuilding of Good will Hose company no. 3s apparatus that was damaged going to a fire a Short time ago. The list of donations so far received follow previously acknowledged a. $93.50 win. H. Murphy 5.00 Doylestown $98.50 Independent suggests appointment of such an official to make Safe Bootleg purchases never missed meeting in Over sixty years the entertainment committee of the Croydon improvement association will entertain the members their relatives and friends with a new years eve party on saturday night. There will he a number of excellent acts singers and comedians. Song sheets w ill he supplied to everyone and or. Galbraith will Lead a Community sing. Refreshments will be served free of charge and the remainder of the evening will be devoted to dancing. Admission will be by invitation and the members Are urged to get in touch with their friends and bring them to the general Good time. This is the first of a series of parties that the entertainment committee will Bolti for the members anti everyone is invited to join in the free Good time for All at the expense of the association. When the aul Hon i ifs of tit is town allow a condition to list such As was brought forcibly to the attention tif the writer tin ring the past week. And make no Effort to curb it then it is High time that the people themselves take a hand in ruling the town and administering the Law. If the authorities allow booze bootlegging to go in indiscriminately they should at least take Steps to have the booze properly tested and see that the bootleggers sell something else beside the wild lightning that they hand out indiscriminately to men and boys alike. The foregoing was prompted by the tact that a crowd of Young hoodlums and some of them not. So Young and by the Way these same youths and older folks probably would object to timing called hoo7l-Liinis. If the a dared show their faces and refute the statements that Are to follow. They Are nothing More than hoodlums and despite the fact that they were till charged up with Squirrel whiskey when the occupancy in question was perpetrated they nevertheless should be forcibly told that a Many a Home is his Castle and that attempting to break up a family gathering by threats and wild profanity too disgusting even for men to hear is a proceeding that it is dangerous to attempt even in Bristol. This wild gang of self styled bad men on saturday night last went Over to Buckley Street Aud there made a nuisance of themselves at the Home of a gentleman of foreign birth. This Man whose Home this gang assailed. Spent two years in the trenches of France while the majority of these loafers were still in swaddling clothes. His service was honorable and he received a citation for meritorious conduct yet these Bristol toughs imbued with false courage by the White lightning they Bari imbibed went to this Many a Home and insulted him and his family. These rowdies can consider themselves fortunate that several of them were not carried away on a Stretcher for the citizen in question would have been justified if he had shot them Down in their tracks for their vicious and uncalled for language. The Independent advocates the appointment of a Borough chemist whose duties will he to test the various brands of Moonshine and Bootleg. That is being sold in the town. This paper does not ask the authorities to Stop the Sale of booze far he it from such that would be asking too much but it insists that a chemist be appointed who will put his stamp of approval on every ounce that is offered for Sale. By doing this now at this time a great Deal of future trouble will be saved. Hear the sledges with the Hells Silver Bells what a world of merriment their Melody Melody foretells How they tinkle tinkle tinkle in the icy air of night while the stars that Over Sprinkle All the heavens seem to tinkle with a crystaline Delight keeping time time. Time. In a sort of runic rhyme to the tinting tabulation that so musically Wells from the Bells Hills Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells from the jingling and the tinkling of the Bells. Xmas and birthday party to miss Duffy during the yuletide Holiday week. Mrs. O. L. Stauffer of Bridgeton. N. J., formerly known Here As miss Marion b. Roper is spending several Days with her Mother mrs. T. Roper of Maple Beach. Since miss Roper left Here she has pursued her literary Wmk in the writing of numerous essays in which she was evidently adapted for cipher Youthful school Days. Happy in the Possession of several children. Mrs. Stauffer is such a devoted Mother she cares Little about woman suffrage and mannish ways of the average a new although Only four years of age. Miss Margaret Duffy daughter of or. And mrs. Joseph Duffy of Spruce and Buckley Street has the Good Fortune to have a birthday Celebration and a Christmas on the same Day. With Only a Day apart of these dual events they have always been blended into one and on Christmas Day this Little miss was Given a party at the Home of her grandparents. Or. And mrs. John Duffy 804 Pine Street. Following the Exchange of yuletide gifts the gathering of i relatives sat Down to a sump toils Christ in a least to which All present did ample Justice. Those present were or. And mrs. Leo Duffy May and finances Duffy John Duffy of Trenton. Eugene and Lillian Duffy. Margaret Francis and Jack Duffy or. And mrs. John Duffy with Joseph Duffy and wife of Spruce Street. A a death trap again almost claims toll menace to life and limb still re Mains authorities should close it to traffic the a death trap so named by the Independent in one of its first lunges. And formerly known and officially designated As the old forge Bridge again bobs up serenely and gets itself into print. This time an Accident to one of Fie i Lief Al v bakery trucks last saturday is the medium for this Well deserved and probably not much appreciated publicity. The Story of the Accident is old by ibis time and the fact that the Driver and the vehicle were saved from destruction by the retaining Fence on the promised land Side of the Bridge will not linear retelling but this much should and will be told. The menace is there and allowed to remain there despite the fact that the Street department and the chairmen of the committee of Council who operates and dominates that department have often been warned of the danger that exists at this Point. When thic catastrophe that will surely occur there does occur it will not be through the ignorance of the authorities they have had due warning and each warning they have ignored. When some Home or a number of Homes is saddened by death suddenly thrust upon them by this terrible condition then will an accounting be asked for. And then will an accounting be Force. No excuse at All for this conditions if the Borough is tin poor to remedy it there is one alternative that the Borough officials have they May close id to traffic and at least keep people from daily running the Chance of being hurled to an instant and painful death. New years party a t Moose Home a real old fashioned a get to get Lierz a gathering of the members of Bucks Lodge order of Moose 11g9. Will take place at their Home Radcliffe and Lafayette streets on new year s eve. Invitations have been issued to the wives daughters and sweethearts of members to take part in seeing the a old year out and a welcoming the new a which of course will include a program of dancing to the strains of forces orchestra. During the Intermix Wirnik luncheon will be served and arrangements have been completed for a rousing Good time in Moose Dom. Harry Iredell whose Home is in California and Chauncey Hemming. Of the same place but at present both students at Princeton College were the guests of Honor at a party Given on monday evening by or. Iredell s aunts the misses Abble sue find Bessie Iredell of Radcliffe Street those present to enjoy the evening were miss Elizabeth Runyan miss Helen Abbott miss Eunice Williams. Miss Helen go shall or. Charles Abbott or. Warren Woodruff and Rob i t Smith. Games were the pastime of the evening and or. Warren Woodruff favored the company with vocal Solo a bring me a Mary Breslin to be the Star in motion picture made Here Quot Jim Quot Blanche sets new realty Sale record Christmas Trees in Many local Homes the spirit of yuletide exemplified by wonder Billy decorated Cedars. Some of them Beautiful there is one thing to be found Ai this time of the year Iii the Homes of the Rich and poor High Aud Low. And that is the Xmas tree. It is the Universal custom so much so that even the pits of the family Are having Trees in their Honor. Jack Jarvis Conrad and Folly Lawrence have Beautiful Trees and Many other pets have received similar attention. An amusing conversation took place last week in the Home of or. Burnet Landreth when one of his Little grail daughters Meta Landreth. Daughter of or. And mrs. David Landreth said a grandpa you have no Little boy it girl so your Santa will not bring any tree but i Tell you what i will do i will come Down saturday evening and stay All night and Iii the morning i am sure you will have a of the Many Beautiful Xmas Trees found in the Homes of Bristol Ami Vicinity it would be impossible to make mention of All that commands the attention of lovers of Xmas Trees. Yet mention of several to the exclusion of others May not be unpardonable. The Large tree found Iii the Home of or. And mrs. Thomas g. Hawker is very Beautiful and elaborately trimmed. This showy tree is heightened by the Large reflector placed at some distance from the tree Ami the coloured bulbs placed at different intervals Iii the room where the tree stands. The tree of John Downs son of or. And mrs. Ralph Downs is every year one of the Choice Trees of the town and made conspicuous by the amount of animals trains Sheds and station houses on the miniature Lawn about the tree. This years addition of freight Birds miniature wagons Lawn furniture and i lie Village of bungalows make it most attractive and the beholder pauses to wonder what could be a hied next year. Among the smaller Trees a unique one May be found Iii the Home of or. And mrs. David Warner of la Layette Street. An umbrella Frame is used and wires covered with tinsel. And so trimmed As to make it most attractive. While on the subject of Christmas Trees it would be almost a crime to fail to mention the tree of mrs. Lillian Lincoln de Stanley which is an annual fixture at her Home. Hotel Delaware. This tree which this j ear is exceptionally Beautiful probably is surrounded by the largest collection of dolls owned by an individual in this Section. There Are dolls of every description size and character there being sixty Odd and each one of them bearing a name. James f. Blanche the real estate dealer insists that an and he carried in the Independent last week about Harriman houses and property he had to dispose of made it possible for Bim to break the record for a single week Iii parcels of realty sold sixty parcels for the week is the Blanche record and from the present Outlook it is one that will stand for sonic Lime to come. Iii compiling this enviable record a a Jim sold thirty one houses five dormitories eleven lots and thirteen apartments. Some Job but with most agreeable results of $85,650 Gross sales. A notice carried Iii the same or to the effect that a a Jim Hail purchased flaggs taxi cab off free made the realty Man the butt of the Good natured banter of a number of his i friends. The Little office building was purchased so that Blanche might be right on the ground at All times during the Day with his Broth j or there Oil hand to represent him in any prospective deals Bis friends however assumed the attitude that lie had made the Purchase with the intention of entering the taxi cab Field they wore and Are mistaken. While real estate continues As Good As it has been for the past year with Blanche there is Little Chance thai j he will enter any other Field of in i Dea Vor. Winner in recent contest 0ver Active participants first scenes made next monday miss Catherine Keating invested with White veil a number of relatives and friends of miss Catherine in rating daughter of or. And mrs. Maurice Keating of 549 Linden Stile were present on tuesday december 2 7th. To witness Tho reception by miss Catherine of the White veil of Hie sister servant of file immaculate heart of Mary at the Mother House of tin order a West Chest a a. The right Rev trend Bishop Crane officiated. Tyven to one persons received the Whit veil and i Welty glue the Black. Mis Keating will Iii the future be known As sister Alice the Lese. Those attending from Bristol were or. An i mrs. Maurice Keating mis Inez scaling three Brothers Michael Frank and Maurice or. Ant mrs. Edward Keating mrs. Alberda Rah of Cornwells misses Alice Mary and Katherine Keating of Lin Den Street a Cousin sister Francesca from the Convent at Scranton. Sis Tiv Mary Richard Alice Cecilia Anc Regina immaculate of the Convent of St. Marks miss Mary Doyle mis. Cecilia Kelly and mrs. Finnan Pope vaudeville at Forrest new year s Day novel decoration used on this Xmas tree in the display for the Christmas holidays Many families throughout the Borough seems to have devoted much time and ingenuity in the decoration of Trees in their respective Homes Many of which have shown the artistic taste of members of families and their friends Iii the original designs that were added Over former yuletide displays. In the Home of or. And mrs. Howard Lynn 567 Linden Street the originality of decorations for the visit of old Santa Claus has excelled anything Iii its get up so far seen this season. Although this tree is Only eight feet in height its numerous limbs even to the tiny shoots Are deftly wrapped with Cotton. Leaving the onlooker to guess at the first sight whether it is really Dogwood or a Butto Ball product of the Forest. Silver and Gold with myriads of tinsel add to its natural Beauty and ropes of varied coloured bulbs make this particular tree a thing of Beauty Long to be remembered. The introduction of vaudeville ii the Christmas Day Bill at the for rest theatre met with such popular favor and was commented on so free in and favourably that manager Edward Lynn has resolved to give vaudeville on All holidays. As e consequence he has arranged to pie rent an exceptionally Strong series of acts for monday s program which will lie celebrated As new year it Day at both the matinee and even ing performances. Mayo and Glenn songs and dancing Morris amp mar Cella comedy nut offering Hampton k Blake. A in town Aud breeder to Scott two Lancing bugs go to Mak it up a Bill that will be certain to please. The feature picture a eth concert a is one that will Appeal in both old and Young As it tells a Tab with a distinct moral and one that is enacted by an All Star cast. Almost eighty yet she is most Active perhaps in Point of ability to do. Sew knit and Etc. Mrs. Harry Clayton. Mother of or. Harry Clayton of 202 Mill Street is the most remarkable woman in town. On tuesday , mrs. Clayton celebrated her seventy seventh birthday. During the past year As a result of her energetic activities twelve quilts were made most of them pieced together Dom Small pieces knitted insertion made for ten curtains and four Lambre quins twelve doilies were knitted seven lace yokes and Many articles of sewing such As Coats for boys waists and Etc. Mrs. Clayton assists in the daily routine of the House is Hale and Hearty and has a Good appetite. Guild orphan sends new years greeting a Beautiful new years Post card from St. Quentin was received yesterday by miss Esther Lawrence treasurer of the Bristol Branch of needlework Guild. The card which was written in French was translated by miss Sarah m. Hawke and the greeting was As follows dear godmother receive for the coming year my old time wishes for a Good and Happy year from your Little girl who loves you with All her heart and does not forget your kindness. Renee wattled. The above is intended for the membership of the Guild As the society sends thirty five dollars per year for the support of the orphan. Wireless concert Given by Josh Townsend. Or. Joshua Townsend jr., of milk Street who has developed into an expert wireless operator having in stalled an instrument Oil the second floor of hip parents restaurant entertained a party of friends on Mon Day a veiling to a wireless concert a Voicu was not Only a revelation to the listeners but delightfully enter mining to them As Well. The con Cert was Given in the City of Bridge Pon. Conn., and a a Josh with his apparatus gathered the rendition from the air Waves and the Dulcet tones of voice and instruments of the concert artists were As plainly heard the listeners sat in the concert Hall. This Young Man who is not giver to world display has proven he is a deep student of electricity which at Christmas time he extended to the decoration of a yuletide tree in his borne with tiny yet resplendent electric Light effects. A a card of thanks from Good will fire co. The committee of Good will fire company no. 3, wish to Exie no their thanks on behalf of their members. To All those who assisted in making their Benefit at the Forrest theatre december 16 the a Success. Lewis Simons Milton Ellis and Grover c Veagie. All is in readiness for tin i nary shooting of the famous by Biol film the Star of which will be May Breslin tile Winner among the Active contestants in the recent popularity contest held by the manage ment of the Forrest theatre i 955 votes were cast for miss Breslin Iii the contest and although mis. Pauline Winterstein received 20,900 she was not an Active participant inasmuch As she wished her name. W withdrawn Early in the contest he friends insisted on making the Tun for her and she withdrew not Only from Choice but in All fairness to miss Breslin who made Ait Active Campaign and who was really interested in reaching the goal which will afford her the Opportunity of displaying her histrionic talents on la screen. The title of the picture to he screened Here has been changed from he one first announced As it War earned that it would be impossible o shoot certain inside scenes in thorough. The new scenario chosen a titled a a there a a Long Lane that Las no turning a and is a Story Replete with the various emotions that vill give the Young Star every oppor Unity to Shine As a future motion facture actress. The second feminine role will be issued by miss Elsie Carp who ran second to miss Breslin in the contest. The vote secured by this Oung lady 14.820, showed that her friends Are legion and that they were Busy in her behalf. Alice Yates. Mary Fine. Mary mad Ien. Sadie Linn and Edith Seal Aro take the part of shop girls and Sale ladies in the filming of the see Lario and two of the male role will be assumed by Frank Phipps and Charles Rathke. Promptly at ten of clock monday Horning the local cast Are to Iii it it the Forrest theatre for their final instructions and from there headed by the Camel a Man and director they will Start for the location of their first scene. It is expect d that a number of the townsfolk will turn it to watch the action of the picture As the taking of a Quot movies will he quite a Novelty to Bristol. The finished product which will be two full reels will be shown on the screen at the Forrest theatre on january 10th and Lith. And then the friends of the new Star and the supernumerary is who will Asse t in building up the Story to be told will have an Opportunity of seeing jul How Well their favourites appear on the screen. Miss Winterstein mis the Din miss Carp and the other contestants who received the support of their friends wish to thank them through the medium of this paper. Keatings celebrate Edwards birthday or. And mrs. Edward Isi. Keating of 918 Radcliffe Street mad a Joy oils time for their son. Edward ii a Tor Iii 8th birthday which occurred on the 26th. But was celebrated on my 28th. Games were played from to 5. Refreshments were served and the birthday cake with i it candies of course attracted the a Tention of the guests which included Anna Sweeney Katharine shimmy Margaret Roche Helen Keating Al Langhorne Mary Lynn Joseph Donahue Thomas Donahue Ryan. Vincent Ryan Allen Balti Paul Keating. Florence Keating. Ford Donahue. Alice Keating Aud Eleanor Keating. Bristol Council k. Of c. Have basketball team Bristol Council no. 906 Keigm of Columbus have organized a basketball team. That prompts a a make quite a record in the caged Arena. They will stage their first Public game january 3rd, in Bristol theatre in Wood Street against another local aggregation known us the Bristol Backet bail Lub. This revival of a sport do ins recent years Simost obsolete Here will recall to Tye memory of Many living Here the in Rod years ago when this Tow n of id not Only Tho fastest basketball team in Tim state but often won in their contest with the Best teams of Camden and new York City

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