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Bristol Bucks County Independent Newspaper Archives Dec 11 1925, Page 1

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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 11, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania Iii ram Ai Basket Ball season George a l0uder60ugh opens Here tonight found dead by son Bristol High with Strong team a 4 it takes on Pemberton High girls also playing grieving Over his wife a death three years ago thought to be cause t a 4 i a i 4 it of x 4 a it f 4 t 4 be Loyal to Bristol but subservient to no Man i football championship to be decided sunday seriously Hurt when steering gear locked on car he was driving first thought neck broken Bristol High school opt us its basketball season in in tonight with funeral winces a Vav the Quot Romaine Pemberton High school of new Jeu of George w. Loud pm mph a Lutyj sey. Boys and girls teams n of Bol ii Kiu a 11 a All i respected Cabinet maker schools will play. The game will Hejcl Bristol who died tuesday last., 4 played at lutheran Hall Corner of vvii1 from Lnu Quot to residence Wood Street and Jefferson Avenue. A of clock tomorrow afternoon it 4 i the first game will Start at 7.45/the Rev. J. J. Bingham officiating. In-1 f the admission be t Wenty fives e nmn a Quot a by be in Bristol cemetery a cants Ami for those who intend Tov of. Soulier bought a lifeless body3j i see most of the 14 Home games sew was found by his son Chester in the a 7 Rue loyalty Springs from the Home the school and the Church not a political attribute v hum teds to travel Freni Bristol to1 y v 4 4 a i to see game Between Bristol and Doylestown on of the lbs pernicious ideas Ever circulated in Bristol As one which would have us Bel Levi that the continued Well being cd our town is inseparably connected with the Grundy organization. This one Man organization during the last political Campaign tried it every Way to main the people of Bristol that is Worth while Here has been brought about adherents. In its efforts to build up a 01 edit it contrasted the Grundy controlled with the Bristol of tin past in words which indignation of every fair minded that unless we kept this the apartments at 588 Bath now said to be out of danger still confined to Abington Hospital Ira Alexander Well known son tickets Are Bing sold. They can fathers 1 to had at the door Street. Death was due to asphyxia in ouch Hoffman has been drilling lion by Gas. Or. Louderbough had j 4 his men for the past two weeks and grieved considerably since the Deatri thy Are now rounding into shape of his Wile Throe years ago. And at j 4 there Are about Twenty five men out times was particularly morose. It j for the team and As Lombardo and i0 believed his act of self Hest Rue to on 14 Townsend were the Only letter men was contemplated in one of these j t a successful sea-1 periods of grief. Son is looked Forward to. In the1 air. Louderbough was 07. The Twenty five out for the team the most sideline a Call from the Jersey town believe that All by the glumly Stock of Community Bristol of the present aroused the righteous Bri Tolian. And we were told of g a ii i. i Ion Iii Power Bristol would not Sag it is it or rather the 4gridiron is Sci for what promises to to be Cue Ai the hottest contest so foot a f i Bull games Ever held in Doylestown. Presby. Nan pastor Here con a w Hen the Blue and Gobi team travels i 4 to the county seat to play the Blue j f sox for the county championship v Bristol has lost Only one game this 4 Bason to lid that to Trenton last Sun-1 4. Day by a 7-6 score. The up county to lads had a w orse set Back the x Day when Ani Bier trounced add defeat of the season. I tin 1 44-6, their Only in speaking c same t hem Trenton ame. Our boys in crippled state gave the 1 or. Louder Bough was 6 son of i he late Benjamin River Hardy Sarah louder Boti git and was known 4 4 a rail lost by graduation Road conductor now of Edge Hill but formerly of Germantown Aud by i t i. Is a patient in Abington Hoe a promising material Are a Bill Quot life ring f2ta d a pm Wykei Sov r b. Bucks county of Quot Len a a a red a Quot \1.on,<>,>101 a a lefty Mcuen Jack Black. Johns j his ability As a Cabinet maker. Lie1? giant Tono r pc i Quot Hume Irico Quot Ca Geoghegan. Strumfels was a Carpenter of the old school if. A a 11 11 it p la Vav right David and Earle. And an pts it craftsman in repro jux j below will be found the playing due tug antique furniture. Many i it w As at tilt t bought that for the seasons 1 local persons interested Iii period Alexander had been seriously injury december 11-�?Pemberton at Home furniture possess a let Ami it was feared that his neck december 18�?Taylor business school handicraft. Bad been broken but a Ray exam at Home. Hat ions disprove the theory of Lac january 6�?temple prop at Phila Fure and later developments Detent Delphia. Pieces of his i the deceased leaves a son Chester i Lott de Chough one daughter. Mrs. I. To a a _ . Mack two slaters mrs. Thomas in hat the neck was badly sprain january 8�?bordenkfwn High. Pend jack801l of 5g0 Street and mrs. _. _. Robert Fetrow of Philadelphia and a Maculate Conception one brother or. Harry Lenv Chough 1 High school at Home. Iof Swain Strep it this City. Ii of. Or. Alexander was trying out hit Auto in company with the garage Man when the Accident happened. To All appearances the car was in Good working order and they were driving along tit a Good rate of Speed when the steering gear of the machine suddenly locked and out of control the car plunged into a nearby Telegraph pole and was wicked. So severe was the Impact that the Man with or. Alexander it. January 15 Alt. Holly pending Bridgeport at Home. Temple prep at Home a Paulsboro at faille january 19-Jannary 29�? february 12-fe biliary 16 Boro. February 19�?freshman phia College of at Home. February 23 a immaculate Hon High school at revert to its pre Grundy state when according to he Mulier of August is i i lie Yais cd Bristol residents were a reeking cesspools whose accumulated filth propagated tin germs of every known disease Aud sent them broadcast through the Community to cause epidemic Aller epidemic of deadly at untended then and we still maintain that Bristol was a fit place to live Iii by fore air. Grundy or air. Anderson arrived on the scene and it w ill it. A in place to Lite in Long after both Illust gentlemen have turned to dust and ashes. The that the town of Bristol and the Grundy organization Are synonymous Anc that those who do not fall in Lino kith the selfish ambitions of said organization an town a a knockers and a enemies a is preposterous. Nothing but an id i rotated mentality could Ever for a moment entertain such a though. It is we repeat a pernicious that. Iii order to by Loyal to Bristol we must be Loyal to the Grundy interests. The town of and More glorious than a thousand Grundy in 4 a a to 4 4 4 4 v 4 4 4 4 4 Jersey capital team the hardest fight they have had this season Aud i should never hav e lost As that it a a oui a a Letey outplayed Trenton in it second half of flu game. Poor Field generalship when Bristol had the Ballen Trenton s two Yard line seven a i occasions lost our team least two touchdowns. Ingram Holmes and James Star-1 on cd t dislikes to leave friends he is Uncertain of his decision and will take further time to make it friends of the Rev. Henry Al. Bai Matin w to jaw been associated with him in his work in Bristol for the past ight years As pastor of lh1 first presbyterian Church will re to learn that he is considering Tol is better t ions. Brin i Uganiza 4 is 4 j 4 4 4 4 a i it of Philadel osteopathy fathers1 Assi elect j officers at meeting True loyalty consists not rear the february 2 4 was hurled through th1 top of inc machine and air. Alexander who Bridgeport. Was driving was wedged bet Reep february 26 a i rent on Bridgeport inst it Ute Concep-1 Trenton j St. James dramatic club score hit pay at at entertainment after in bowing the knee to earthly Ness or in cringing obeisance to ail economic dictator but in Noble generous acts of honest purpose where truth Honor virtue and Community a real welfare Are dearer than life. Such will Manifest itself first of All in faithfulness fundamental to the the a loyally to those institutions for it meeting the steering wheel and his seat and was painfully injured. Airs. Alexander who was miss Edith Wood a violinist of sortie note of this City remained with her husband for several Days until lie was pronounced out of danger. He is getting along Well according to the Hospital authorities but it will be sine time before he will be Able to resume his Normal activities. Metropolitan staff to appear in blackface deaf. Pending j March 9 a Hatfield Ai March i 0�? Borden Tov. Ii pending. March 19�?paulsboro, at Bristol. I March 26�?hatfield, at Bristol. Miss Helen Moore Iii charge of girls athletics at the High school is working hard to place a girls team Ion tile floor As most of last years team were lost by graduation. Thirty girls have reported for practice and those showing the Best form to Date Are Margaret Pope Blanche Bertola Edith Ber Gey Marian Arensmeyer Selma Allen. Gertrude Searles Marian Wear Grace ablation pail Wilkinson Janice Wagner. Nettie Santo. Virginia Praul and Marian Harrison. It i4 14 i 4 i. Of i a i the Large attendance at the fat ii Era associations monthly meeting. Held in the High school auditorium1 i last night were agreeably surprised a by the w wonderful program present Teri by the entertainment committee. The St. James dramatic club f i presented a farce comedy a a squaring a it with the they had the a audience in roars of laughter 4 throughout particularly that famous 4 pair. Frank Phipps and Charles i Catlike. The cast was or. Green ing air. Frank Phipps alls. Green a Trig miss Edith Blit ton Johnnie Bender air. Cyril Heaton aunt very existence of Bristol or any other Community i.e., the Home the school Aud the Church. It will then Manifest itself in an honest consideration of those institutions movements which supplement the work of the former course does not involve the shouting of voc Lerou everyone who has a brainstorm along the line by. The trite the self seeker loyalist and the and his of a Latta boy to s of Community act in boys of the local office to give minstrel show for Charity Christmas mailing guide i Hortense. I air. Dun Catlike. Airs. Warren Thompson tile Boss air. Charles this years Christmas will i mad merrier for those somewhat dependent on charitable assistance thru the efforts of the Bristol staff of the metropolitan life insurance co. Joe Hortiz the old time professional and successful promoter of local minstrel shows has arranged with the metropolitan a Xis to put on a minstrel performance at the Forrest theatre for two nights. December 17th and 18th. Air. Hortiz has gathered a company of 32 artists with Joseph enrol As interlocutor and Joseph Wolf Charles James Elmer Giges and Philip Leary As end men. Air. Hortiz himself will be heard in several solos including ii is famous Lullaby As Sung with the Dumont so Dow. The performance will cover a period of about two hours and the proceeds will go to local charities. Tickets for the show can be of tallied at the metropolitan offices Coleman a Tracy a strut the Lune. Lynn a or from members of the committee messes. Sillier Bolton bit Chier and Wolf. Time limits in which Post packages a Short interesting address was no _. Given by superintendent of schools can be accepted at Bristol i James followed by til annual elec office lion of officers. By the annual the following t 4. A a a 4 4 4 a it a v must beware lest he become the tool of Pawn of site ambitious. And i must be constantly pm his guard lest a diminishing Power of moral discrimination be mistaken by him for Broad in Lilied Ness. Ai a by a Well meaning loyalist has but ii led into devious and dangerous paths by his desire to be charitable and broadminded la must also beware lest his desire to lie honest and just in his appraisement Lead him into a cynical or too critical attitude toward town affairs and the various movement claiming his approval and support. It can be readily seen that the paths of True loyalty Are not trod. It requires courage it often involves Persona losses times personal is fit ring but the goal is Worth the goal is the development of the Best into pm it interests of the the easily some Effort. That Community. F 4 f f a a a i 4 4 4 it 4 t 4 f 4 it a 4 4 4 4 i a 4 our town and True loyalty Fri ii Era were elected president John j Hardy vice president Lei. Henry1 f s. Paynter Secretary Mitchell Jef Ancker financial Secretary Serrill j 4 Detlefson treasurer George King j 4 an i agin., i Harry 44 it postmaster Clarence g. Young has completed a mailing schedule As a guide to Bristol people who desire to Post Christmas packages in time for executive committee. Waite heir arrival before Christmas mown i Jacob wast an. Frank Jenk t.r.4me dat.�?z8hor below t the Pope William Johns. La i Psi ones in which parcels Calli be accepted at the Bristol office with Tea Tad a Mon Var rms rvs any reasonable Assurance of delivery,1 Musicale Given in the states enumerated in time december Lith Arizona California Oregon Washington state Nevada attended with her a Musicale Given in the Large and Beautiful Home of for or. C. Wallen i Aliss Sarah Ai. Hawke of 218 Mulberry Street spent the week end i with her Niece in Rose Valley and Samuel i. Stackhouse Dies suddenly from blood Poison funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon for the late Samuel l. Stackhouse who died suddenly at his Home 304 Wood Street last wednesday evening from blood poisoning caused by cutting of a Small pimple while shaving. Air. Stackhouse was shaved last saturday and it was at this time a pimple on his neck was Cut. Blood poisoning developed and death was Lite result. Burial will be made in tho pm ii in cemetery. Dege Al Ber Texas Kansas South Dakota december Louisiana Missouri a1 in Nesotas december new Aiex Ico Utah Alon Tant Florida Alabama Tennessee Illinois december Indiana North Carolina Ohio new 16th Oklahoma j Nebraska North Dakota $ i i it. Air. And mrs. William Walter. The .i?1? 1 affair was Given in Honor of air. Cd Wallen of California grandson of j�?�111 i Ai re. Alary c. Wallen of Penns Alan f Arkansas or and now of Denver. The Honor Iowa guest recently obtained a scholar Wisconsin ship to the Curtis school of music Lgth in Philadelphia. The vont brings. 4 p j. I to mind an interesting Chain of re-1 % o in a o i relative to the historic 4 Tail i life of Bristol. Airs. Walter w As the f p0mu1f daughter of air. Win. C. Sargent x i who lived of one time in the Home a Ai iss i is up occupied by or. And airs. Phil x Kentucky i lips Lim d re the of Pine Grove. Aire. A line loyalty Iii other words. Involve the approval and development of All that ministers to the Hest interests of the disapproval and opposition to All that does not. Will not sell its soul for a Job or any monetary consideration whatever. Paid rooters ale in the same it is it with paid mourners. True loyalty will not be diverted from us path of honesty by any personal ambitions political or social. True loyalty will not refrain from speaking the truth even when to do so May mean loss of personal popularity or May entail personal sacrifices. True loyalty invokes the joyous recognition of All the Many merits of our town without shutting our eyes to Lier needs. It does not believe that All that is Best is somewhere else. The Green Fields far away do not look so Green when viewed close up. All the Good doctors dentists preachers business men etc., Are not in the Bristo lians a some of them our most noisy a a boosters hat Many of the needs for the satisfaction Long train ride could by it is quite tine that local merchants do not carry the Complete line of merchandise one finds in the City stores they can hardly be expected to. On the other hand it is also quite trite that a Large percentage of the things Delight in the City could be bought right Here at heme and to better advantage. True loyalty will be honest enough to realize that if better support is Given local business men in their efforts to satisfy the local Trade these do that which is expected of to Lien. And town interest. True loyalty will my less a Rah res a but w ill Bend every Effort in an honest Endeavor to Foster the grow til Cfall that is True and Good in the Community. Hie Grundy organization can share in such loyalty Only in so far As n measures up to the ideals of True loyalty but be it remembered loyalty to the Grundy organization never was if the Sanu As loyalty to Bristol. City. Ai any a would find of which they take a just As Well supplied right Here at Home. I 4 a a t 4 4 4 a i a a 4 a 4 4 it 4 4 4 v 4 it 4 4 4 red in the Backfield. On the line. The Fields of end i Ltd a Zellers Brothers. Marsh Smith. Mat-1 the prs byrian a Barcli of mount Lack Barber and Lippi Scott starred. I Holly have asked air. Hartmann to if is sex pee ted that Captain Bauers a assume the pastorate of their Church heist and conc a will be Able to play a a be result of a service lie deliver at Doylestown sunday where several Hundred Bristol fans will urge the Home team on to Victory. Display window awards difficult to make so say judges in Mill Street contest a winners named some Little feeling natural Christmas window displays of the i Bristol merchants Are in such sex client god taste that Iii the language of the judges who named the prize winners in tile Al ill Street business areas Chillesta fall of the displays were of Siu la excellent character that it was must difficult to determine tho awards. Tile merchants arc to be congratulated upon tile i Gress Veness an ? Beauty of the committee selected to act a i Rev. Ii. Ai. Hartmann. S. T d. Lid go.-, consisted of Minot j. Hill. Byers and Pottard 1.1 of i re them on november before Sal it Day. They expected to announce the winners on Friday. Jih Francis j. Byers and Howard i. Uyl Len Mem on november 27 last. James. That their task was intr an Bethel or not he will accept the easy Ope was evident n in tin i Call. Air. Hartmann has not decided that tin y could nor ii Ach a a Olsion >11 Iii be scleral was yet Bolt Ore ii Dover thu s the matter. I by ainu it Holly Church is with Joseph set i ctr a. Sons furniture i poster. The Rev. Or. Robert a. Dealers took first prize. The second 1>,l get Marble having re Ign Ltd Lim w ent to the dries furniture store j charge i Here some time ago. And the third to the Vandygriff or Hartiman came to Bristol menus shop. With i award went eight years ago from Miami. Animal prizes of $25, if 15 and do. Zona when or was pastor of a it is quite natural that some Little Burel therm dining his time Here feeling would exist in a contest if a be has had several offers of the Pas this kind on the part of non win m a rate of other churches. Some at Eft fac Ning merchants who considered their s Al rally larger salary than his local displays the equal of any shown a charge carried but each time in but it must be remembered that the Bas Fin Ideal to in Nuudi in Bristol judges were Layman Only. Not special jus what he will do in the present is it. Iii window dressing and the i Ratter is Uncertain. The amount awards were made largely from he7j> pc Are urging him to make a standpoint of human interest color. 4 etc., rather than from thut or merchandising standpoint. To those who have nor visited the Ahu Street District since the Dis plays were put in we suggest that a trip of inspection would he found both interesting and profitable. Men cop id bet ter so it is w Ith every other not expend its energies Iii mean 4 4 in 4 4 4 4 4 4 in j 4 4 4 t a Charles Powell surprised an Cai a decision he it lie prefers to Aiva the. A matter considerably More thong tit before deciding. Rev. Hartmann lots made a number of warm Friend Here and naturally he hesitated to leave such friendships without mature consideration. La i considered an Able and conscientious pastor and there Are Many who w ill regret his departure should deckle to take the mount Holly i charge. Will be not. And never it Ai Ioli Igan 19thvirginia dealer and lived in tin South Carolina occupied by or. And airs. West Virginia Scott Aud family of 2 26 Walter was the grand daughter of 44444v a 4444444444fy444444>4-y->.> or. Albert Packer a prominent Coal Home on thursday vetting last. Mrs. Charles Powell of 2 16 Cleveland Street arranged a Surprise for her husbands kith birthday. Dancing and games were arranged for the entertainment of the guests and a general Good feeling pervaded the atmosphere. Refreshments including the birthday cake w Ith its 401 candles wore served to or. And mrs. Albert Taylor sr., air. Ami airs. Ali Ben Taylor or. Air Ami firs. J. L. I Doyle air. And Bernard Dugan found dead in Newark Rooming House Bornean Dugan a former resident of Bristol was found dead in Newark under tragic circumstances last wednesday morning. The Landlady of the House where the deceased boarded called Dugan for work As usual and not a eci ving a reply in mrs. Thomas Cham est Igat d and found him dead. A now Thorn tis Radcliffe Burlington Bank to build new Home England states except Island and Connecticut new York state december 20th Connecticut Maryland Pennsylvania new jersey1 Rhode Island Rhode Street. The musician was the grandson of airs. Wallen who was educated in the boarding school of Young ladies and conducted by the Peirce Sisters a Nicoli family i largely in the Early history of Tol. St Bristol theatres Forrest plans have been completed by the Board of directors of the mechanics National Bank of Burlington for the erection of a new building costing approximately $125,000. Construction will begin within a few weeks. The new building will be of colonial style of architecture and will be constructed of tapestry Brick a till Marble trim. It will be a two Story struck Are. Of j b with such favorit Sas lauds Bristol legionaries Rao rarest Trenton banker if,1, in to a a an Ltd a lds _ i leaves i million estate j to a n j boarding a moving passenger Tram says editorial., _. A Jfe reach til.1 a Blind baggage is Anc a new note. Tho Colonia Rhea a. J up to the minute As usual has occur it d for next monday and tim Day. One of these strikingly unusual Pic a lure in a tim i of chord a an Arm on Day. Tuesday and wednesday production adapted tired of next week manager Ynn is offer 0111 Arthur Sullivan a famous Bris Jing one of tile most popular screen i by vex i Fred it of a m w Din c in a ions of tin season. A a so he re Firor brought to the Conin i1 this special picture. A St a r ask Dav id to a 11 hers. Or. And mrs. At. Duiker and airs. Walter Cooper or. And has. Jarl Mcuen or. And airs. Robert Brennan air. And Akra. Leon Prickett air. And i s. Robert Brennan. Or. Airs. It ii Al hag it y. Mrs Frank Elker miss Hazel dish Aroon Elvira Dudley Harry so rout. Air. Powell was the recipient of a number of presents. Air. I physician was called and pronounced death due to heart disease. Air. Dugan lived in Bristol for 35 year. Was the son of Hugh and Susanna Bugan and the husband of air a. Bella Dugan of Cedar Street. He leaves a son. David two Brothers and a sister. New Board members seated he Admi h a i i Amar Alice Lake god of sky the american Motorist fined judge Ryan in criminal court in Doylestown Early this week fined Robert Akins of Morrisville. $200 or finality and individuality Sand costs for operating a motor be j desirable in advertising hide while under the influence of using department will arty your liquor. And tho Way you want it. A the Trenton times in a Bris told a Post of legion sets a Fine example of fraternal helpfulness in its entertainment of the Burlington Post of the organization. Members of the american legion should everywhere become More Active in Community activities and advancement. They owe it to themselves Ami to the world to work for the betterment of human Ity for which they fought and sacrificed so valiantly just a few years a a a a Are an estate valued at $25d.>00 was left by William g. Howell for Many years it Well known citizen of Morrisville and prominent Trenton banker who lieu recently. The will disposes of the wealth estimated or $810,000 in pet tonal property and $35.00 in realty was admitted to probate at tho office of surrogate Haverstick at Trenton on Friday. Too late to classify for rent boarding a to reach the of the exciting scenes. The circus in Winch Fields and Carol Dempster appears As Side show cml Taine is. Goes Blok and their last Money is spent r a i h Gram seeking work Xvi til a Distant carnival com Pany. They swing aboard tin baggage car while the train of moving fifteen j to Twenty Miles an hour and their ride and the sudden and undignified lending compose some scenes in this most i comedies. Fair dinner an i Henry Sedley is Arion glee club improves with each season said by those who have give Previ wed in i i red this production to performance. Beautiful set ment. Throbbing emotion and a brining re a Ace Are unfolded upon the Silver screen with an artistry and realism Seldom equalled. While the musical setting is almost As enthralling As the picture itself. The attendant at the conceit Given by the Arjun glee a club of it Catoir in the presbyterian Church on tuesday night was not what the Art is a deserved. Tile club Sang with its usual ability Ami the various numbers received numerous enemas. Notable among th1 excellent v Oak fender cd was the piano Solo by i Christine miss Hilda Macarthur which in a i ii. I a j loudly applauded and received much i the Independent Wall remind year comment. Our advert four room Bungalow age on Bristol Terrace and Gar-1 on Jin Sroi Terrace $16.00 Ai month apply John p. Taylor. The work of the glee in the. Gayest Friend of Vona Christmas thoughtful 3nl Little newspaper commen e Uteri tining of. Dation As their ability manifests it Ness hefty tunes during the year colonial the two new members of the Brist i township school Board eds Gai Smith new port Ville and Barker or Wilkinson. Croydon were seated a the recent organization meeting of i Board and the follow lag officers were elected for the coming rear president William smiled eely vice president Ira Brown. Bydon Secretary. Arthur Seyfert. Among the routine business taken in both Board a a the matter of. Heyday la was dec Kab at win to close the schools of the township from december 18th to january 4tu. J self More and More each season. Sullivan so lost chord a Sung in a most touching my pathetic manner one Strong Ractor to business sub every Little while some Bright Cess is Well planned advertising a a was ably accompanied on the Organ. Genius in the motion pictures strikes1 use the Independent. And was greatly appreciated. Cd the Independent to your Friend for a year. He till consider it a Christmas gift. Commercial printing of every de script Iun done by us. Phone 26. Adv

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