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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 9, 1921, Bristol, Pennsylvania He Independent carries a greater volume of paid advertising than Bristol s two other newspapers combined there a a reason in fact several reasons. Uhe Independent toadies to no sect or Creed a it stands boldly in defence of the Downtrodden whether they be jew or Gentile. Voi. 2.�?no. 23.Bristol. A. Friday. December 9. 1921. Five cents the copy capt. William e. Doron buys a $20,000 motor boat to carry passengers to Island Park Hurrah am. Legion cleared about $600 one Man in Bristol not afraid to take a Chance will sign contract for beat today Champion ins. Staff dance and Dine will be a Beauty capacity two Hundred must be finished and delivered by May 1st�?to be equipped with 100 h. P. Gasoline engine metropolitan local Force make merry at Torres Dale Golf club trophy presented to them peeved ii editorial which appeared in a a excuse november 30th entitled a Well insured firemen a they want Justice sum realized after expenses of a a cheer up were paid some Hammer throwers Busy attempt to belittle them is ridiculous the members of the Robert Bracken Pont american legion Are to be congratulated on the great Success of their recent show a cheer up a which netted the Post close to $600. This amount was realized because the folks at the Helm of the affair worked hard and tirelessly and primarily because there was Little wasted efforts As they were helped Community and coached on just How to do things by the director in charge of the putting 011 o the show l. Evans tap Bristol sleeping peacefully while the Public utilities of Harriman Are Given away miss Gillick a card party a Success if Bristol had about six More citizens with the foresight and sound business judgement of William k Doron the town would get somewhere and in the immediate future would vie with other towns along tin Delaware for supremacy in every line of Industrial Endeavor but alas. Bristol so Long has been dominated by the will and bidding of one Man whose every aim seems to be to n turd the growth of the Community that every step taken by or. Doron stands out magnified when compared with the shrinking a follow the Leader principals of some others who might help Boom the town. Captain Dorony a latest step in the Way of Progress is the Purchase of a Twenty thousand Dollar motor boat for the transportation of passengers to and from Burlington Island Park. The a Cha Ron of Bristol Lias noted the activity on the Island and has Lead in the columns of the Independent the wonderful things that Are to he done there before the opening of the next summer season. He has been convinced that thousands of people will be carried to the Island each week during the summer and feels that if proper accommodations Are Given them they will come to Bristol to look the town Over and pos Riby spend some of their Money Here among the merchants. To make this trip attractive lie has had plans and specifications drawn tor a boat that will accommodate two Hundred souls. There Are some folks who will immediately say that the buying of the boat is simply for personal gain any who make this remark Are men tally defective for Captain Doron is a Man verging on seventy years of age and even though lie lives More than the allotted three score years and ten he will never realize the amount of Nis original investment his object is to Boom Bristol help the town to do business let others 3trangers to the place see its beauties and natural advantages and by doing so possibly attract them Hei As a place of residence and failing in this to at least give the business men of the town an Opportunity in Competition for the visiting dollars the contract for the building of the Hull of the boat is to be signed in the office of or. Doron and in their is no unforeseen obstacle pie scats itself the contract will be awarded to the lowest of the four bidders on the contract the William it. Abbott shipbuilding corporation of Milford. Delaware. The boat which will be a Beauty both As to lines and appointments will have a length of 64 feet 6 inches Over All and a beam Over guard of 10 feet 10 inches. There will be two decks a main deck and a Cabin deck the latter to have a beautifully appointed Cabin Forward that will be for the exclusive use of women the seats running around the walk of this ladies Cabin will be beautifully and heavily upholstered and As the entire boat will be electrically equipped it will be a most pleasant room. The upper deck will be open but it will be covered with an awning and will be provided with Side cur i gains to be used in Case of rain. The construction of the vessel is to he first class in every particular and All the materials used according to the specifications Are to be of Well seasoned first Grade Clear front sap shakes and other defects. Rhe workmanship throughout is to be of the very Best. The draft of this boat when fully loaded will be but four foot and As it will be equipped with a 100 h. P. Gasoline engine it will make Many trips to and from the Island in the course of a Days activity. Captain Doron is to be congratulated on his willingness to do big things Lor Bristol and undoubtedly will receive sons of Praise from his fellow townsmen when his trim Little Craft gracefully floats at his wharf i the foot of Market Street. The boat must he built and delivered according to the contract for service to Start no later than May 1st meeting of Ireland a friends at St. Marks school Hall last evening the staff of the local. Office of the metropolitan insurance company gave a dance at the tor us expended by Relief association pm ethere Are a number of calamity howlers and a i told you so croakers who have registered a kick because House crowded with players and onlookers thirty one prize winners restate Golf club which was attend cd by their w Ives daughters and of sweethearts along with a number invited friends. In addition to the regular Mem hers and office Force or. E. A Elliot. Supervisor for this territory and or. C. D. Meredith of the Agency i Ision graced the occasion with their presence. Or. And mrs. John a. White manager of the Frankford District with or. And mrs. C. F. Robbing manager of a Philadelphia District were noted among the invited guests. During the evening or. Elliott in a complimentary address presented the Bristol staff with a a handsome trophy a they won in the recent contest with members of Philadelphia Trenton c Emden Woodbury and Burlington districts in which the local staff made a wonderful record for producing new business far in excess of those employed in larger Fields of insurance Endeavor. For benefits in Twenty three years is trifling Tracy amp Fine to open new store will move into Comer store next to present location in Harriman a number of Bristol firemen and their chief Franklin Gilkeson Are somewhat perturbed Over an editorial which appeared ill the a daily excuse a wednesday evening. November 30th, under the caption a Well insured that the person who wrote the editorial knew Little or nothing about the subject he was handling was apparent to the Independent when it was shown in this office by the firemen and As nothing could possibly be gained according to the ideas of the writer by again showing up the foolish Little daily the committee who called Here were simply advised to Grin and Bear it As it is just one More attempt of a politically controlled Sheet to belittle these heroes who give their time and risk their lives for the Protection of Borough property and the lives of Borough citizens. The committee insisted that the Public at Large have the matter straightened out for them so Here goes. This editorial in an idiotic fashion attempted to convey the idea that the Bristol firemen s Relief association member is better off than a member of a fraternal beneficial organization. A the sick and death benefits Are so much larger. This wild raving was undoubtedly prompted by the amendment offered at the last meeting of the association to raise the weekly benefits for men injured in the performance of their duty from $5 Pek Weck to $15. And for men whose death might be Yausm through injuries or disease contracted while on duty from $100 to $25 0. Mind you his change was simply suggested Arnd will not be finally passed on until the next regular meeting of the association. The Mere fact that it was suggested caused the editorial Genius of the excuse to Oil up his typewriter and get Busy in an attempt to take a Good slam at the fire laddies. The Relief association was started Way Back in 1s08. And with Frank Chambers As president. H. H. Ii. Poole As treasurer and Franklin Gilkeson As Secretary it has thrived and prospered. Prospered and thrived not alone due to the ability of the esteemed citizens who bad its affairs in hand but because there was Seldom a Call made on its Treasury to reimburse a fireman either for injury or death. In the whole Twenty three years of its functioning there has been but one death Benefit paid and that was in 1915 to the family of Walter Moore who was killed when the machine he was Riding was struck by a train. In All these years the amounts paid out to injured men or men who were taken for the purpose assisting Mem ill at a lire have been trifling so to Bers of the local fire company in say that the editorial in question caching the scene of any fire that was far fetched is stating the Case May occur in Bristol superintendent mildly. Of fire alarm o. A. Winters re the idea of comparing the Bene quests that any person sending in fils paid by the association to those in alarm remain near the Box fro paid by beneficial societies is As which the Call was made for the Slonine and ridiculous for members purpose of directing the company to of these societies in the first place the scene of the Blaze. Pay dues to create the funds they this request superintendent win draw for death or sick benefits and tors feels is absolutely necessary they Are paid for All sickness and owing to the sender of an alarm not As in the Case of the association leaving the Box before the firemen simply for disability contracted in a at rive which necessitated their special line of duty searching the neighbourhood for the Bristol a fire department is the Blaze thereby losing valuable time. Best in the country barring none. Added to the above request the and the men who compose its person official also asks that All persons who Al Are sturdy and Strong and they have received one of the Large cards Are not of the Type to take Adan the company Back of the director received a share of the net receipts of the show. These folks do not know whereof they speak for the company in question guaranteed the legion $200 profit win lose or draw and when the offer was made at a meeting the boys jumped at it and they were Wise in so doing As the wonderful results prove. Some of the croakers Point to former Amateur events Given in Bristol a it far out shining the recent Effort. The writer stated in his review of a cheer that he had never witnessed a More entertaining Amateur the card party Benefit for the maintenance of the Detrital clinic and loan out collection held in Community House on wednesday evening was a booming Success. The efforts of miss Gliick and miss Jones aided by a Strong committee of workers brought about the wonderful results. The room with its Xmas trimmings of Laurel and Bells loaned by i he order of elks and the baskets containing Large pots of Jerusalem Cherry All helped to make the room most attractive. The credit for the artistic arrangement of the room Falls to or. Edward j. Gallagher the Mill Street haberdasher. The various commit nothing new however As Borough officials and rulers Are anything but progressive Bristol still has Chance if they will take it the firm of Tracy and Fine who conduct a Branch of the United Cigar stores company in Harriman Are about to prove they Are optimistic in regard to the future of Harriman rown Sile. These in Bing business men have leaser to be Large store building Quot it 1606 Farr a gut Avenue and will move their Stock from their present location a few doors above on saturday. The new store has been thoroughly renovated and Pool tables will be placed in the basement of the building which will be used As a recreation room for the people of he Community. On the main floor an ice Crean. Parlor will be handsomely fitted up Long with a Candy and Cigar count a and added to these attractive features ail the latest periodicals newspapers and magazines will be for Sale. With the completion of painting and moving of Stock arrangements will be made for a Rand formal opening of the new Tore some evening next week when All who visit the new establishment if Tracy and Fine will have an Opportunity to enjoy the evening in dancing to the strains of a first class ire Hestra. Performance and he Sticks to that As tees made arrangements for every detail provision was made for the checking of wraps ice Cream Cones and cake were prefixed Lor the hungry. The general Good feeling which pervaded the gathering went far in making a harmonious whole. The towns people were generous in their response for prizes and cakes. Of the one Hundred and sixteen players those who received prizes were As follows or. Philip k. Conrad highest score 6580, selected a Beautiful Basket of fruit mrs. J. S Wright 5960 a Fern of wondrous Beauty mrs. J. C. Schmidt 5400 mrs. J. Roberton. 5310 mrs. D. A. Elias 5290 miss Margaret dough cry 5070 mrs. Thomas Scott 4 7-00 mrs. Mccoy 4680 mrs. V. V. Vansant 4 830 mrs. J. B. Johnson 4 630 mrs. Howard Thornton 4590 mrs. J. Foster 4420 Mil. K. Baker. 43 90 mrs. J. Roberts. 4290 miss Gertrude Finney 4140 miss Jane Rogers 4130, or. E. W. Minster. 4080p. M. Minster 4060, miss Harriet Ancker 4020 mrs. H. Canter 4 930 miss Katherine Strong 3860 miss Helen Fine 3840 miss Nan Mcdermott 3780 mrs. C. Goslin. 3 770 mrs. Archibald Morris 3790 miss Mary King 3760 mrs. H. Ancker 3690 mrs. Neal Mcginley 3680 miss e. Ii. Brennan 3540 mrs. George Hussey. 34 50 mis Anna Brogan 3430 and mrs. L. H. Danfield 3390. Holy Trinity monks located at em1lie t i t Ion. He is forced to admit that the Pinafore show put on a year or iwo ago was an artistic Success but no one can claim that it was a Success from a financial standpoint and a a buddy Schmidt is the authority for the statement that not More than sixty Dollar. Was realized on Pinafore. His authority is John Hardy. It is foolish to bemoan the fact that someone outside of the legion made some Money on the affair. Personally the Independent management would be tickled silly to give anyone $1,000. That can make $1,000 for this paper. Directing brains and experience Are Worth Money and they should receive All that the Law allows. Get out of the rut you knockers and forget the old Bristol adage of trying to keep every Dollar you make in your pocket. Dollars in the pocket do not grow to greater proportions. $74,261.17 amount of Christmas fund checks to be mailed tomorrow by Bristol Trust company to 3265 depositors 3upt. Winters wants your alarm card there will be a number of folks in Bristol who will have full and plenty to provide Christmas and Holiday cheer those who had the foresight to join one of the several Christmas clubs formed last year at the Bristol Trust company. On saturday the officials of the Trust company will mail out checks amounting to $74,121.17, to 3265 different accounts and this Means that this amount of Money will not Only be available but will be in the hands of its owners for whatever purpose they see fit to use. It is to be hoped that a goodly per cent age of this amount which will be spent anyhow will be left Here with the merchants and tradesmen of Bristol who in attractive ads in this paper to 11 a tale of pre Christmas bargains such As have not been possible since before the War. Saving is a wonderful practise and the progressiveness of the banking authorities in establishing this easy method should be appreciated by All those benefited thereby and this year others should join the throng that each week Deposit a Smail amount which will grow into goodly proportions Between and next Christmas. Take up their residence in Homestead on Gallagher farm students received in Spring Washington officials waiting for Borough to act. Home purchasers will be protected sewers and water to remain what have you done citizens of Bristol toward advancing the proposition of the annexing of Harriman to Bristol what have you asked the Borough officials to do to bring about this end of course the foregoing questions Are asked on the presumption that you desire to bring the Model town North of Bristol within the confines of this Borough. Two weeks ago the Independent in a Long article suggested that some tips be taken by local citizens to bring about this end of course if they desired it the editor of this paper knew at that time As he knows no that this could be accomplished Mcvery reason to believe that by the authorities making a formal request to the shipping Board at Washington. Tha request Lias not been made and As a consequence the chances of the securing of this additional number of taxpayers is dimmer now than it was ten Days ago. The township authorities have not been sleeping no indeed government and the officials see no reason Why the Borough would not be willing to continue this service As Long As it received pay for it and this pay could be apportioned by charging super Capata rate to householders either monthly or quarterly. The water for the Tow site would be continued in the Saniti manner and paid for to Bristol As Bristol Folk pay for it. The full capacity of the local water works has never been reached in fact Bristol could Servo water to every Community Between Here and Trenton and still have some to spare. Naturally there is the local authorities will continue to sell water to Harriman and this Means that the water and sewer question settled satisfactory the Only one that remains to be settled is the disposition of the streets. Either the township or Bristol will get them with the Odds much in the favor of the township As the latter has already Start Elizabeth la Rue gives party on sixth birthday with fire alarm Box numbers on. Return them to his office foot of Wood Street where they w ill be exchanged for a similar card to which the department Telephone Call 2 21, has been added in red Ink making it immediately distinctive. The object of the Exchange of cards is for the purpose of lessening the expense of having new cards in their entirety printed when printing number in red on old cards will answer the purpose desired. When Telephone is used to Call out any company wait at nearest Corner to direct firemen to scene of fire. St. Marks school Lylall will doubtless be the scene on sunday next of a Large gathering of sympathizers for Irish Freedom when eminent speakers will address the meeting i the struggle the Irish race had Foi 7 50 years for an Independent form of government. According to newspaper reports the Hope of Irish ambition is now on the eve of realization. The meeting on sunday next at 3 p. My a will he for the purpose of securing the moral support of All j americans regardless of their for j Mer allegiance to King or potentate who in the words of Benjamin Franklin a Are desirous to assure to a new Republic the establishment of Freedom in the fullest and Ablest help number 3�?Ts the Independent will receive contributions from citizens for the repair and rebuilding of Good will Hose company no. 3�?Ts apparatus that was damaged going to a fire a Short time ago. The list of donations so far received follow previously acknowledged .$23.50 East Penn. Gas amp elec. Co. 10.00 w. E. Mart in Dell �?ochiro.�?�10.00 we. E. Doron. 5.00 f. C. Hartz Bridgewater 3.00 f. Biddle. 2.00 $53.50 tage of opportunities to draw benefits. For this reason the fund established years ago Lias grown until now it is close to $6,000, and As chief Gilkeson says a let the fund be of some Benefit to the living instead of turning it Over to some future generation to probably it will certainly not be wiped out in the near future even though the $15 and $2 50 amendments Are adopted for it is Seldom that a Bristol fireman is Hurt. The Only injury inflicted by the editorial that was supposed to be scathingly sarcastic is the reflection cast upon the person who wrote it and the paper in which it was published. The firemen of Bristol Are so firmly entrenched in the hearts of the citizens to be affected in any Way by the ravings of a discredited newspaper. In of will Hendricks walked from state College Home Elizabeth the six year old daughter of or. And mrs. James Larue was made most Happy yesterday afternoon the occasion being the anniversary of her birth. Twenty six of her Little friends helped to make the time a joyous one. Dancing was the principal diversion. Miss Elizabeth Runyan was present and assisted this much to the gratification the hostess. At the supper hour the Little folks were grouped at Small tables which were prettily decorated in Pink. Little Pink baskets filled with Candy and Pink crackers were at each place. The guests received favors of pencils. In addition to the other gifts. The Little hostess received a number of gifts from her friends. The birthday cake with its Pink icing and Pink candles was one of the attractions of the meal. William Hendricks son of or. And mrs. J. R. Hendricks of 611 Cedar Street and who is a student at state College accompanied by two friends walked from that place to Philadel s spec Ted phia. The Trio left the town on thursday morning and arrived in Philadelphia late thursday evening. On Friday morning the students took the train for Bristol and on saturday and sunday attended the i sessions of the student Volunteer i convention held in Princeton. Bristol Council k. Of c. Inspect new Home sunday last members of Bristol Council knights of Columbus in tie new Home recently bought Corner of Mulberry and Rad Clillie Street. Although the knights and their friends who inspected this Beautiful Home found it in excellent condition suitable for immediate occupancy they do not intend moving from their present rooms in the Forrest Block until Spring. A monastery of the order of the holy Trinity is now located on what was formerly the James Gallagher farm of 86 acres at Emilie. Four missionary priests of the order have already made their Home there and others will be added a the need of their spiritual work in creases. At present Young students Are being enrolled to pursue a col Ligate course of study who will eventually graduate As members of the order of holy Trinity. The monks in charge now. Recently came Here from Italy where the Headquarters of the order is located. Although the order is italian in origin novices of All nationalities Are received and one of the monks already Here is a native Canadian. The present Home of these missionaries is m the farm Homestead of ten rooms which will be remodeler next Spring and additions added to accommodate what is expected to be a Large class of Novice who will study for the Catholic Priesthood. In addition to imparting scriptural instruction to the students the band of fathers in charge will conduct missions among the italian people of this Vicinity and wherever requested to do so. Although an order of Catholic nuns know n As members of the Lolly Trinity Are at present teaching in St. Annas parochial school their order despite the similarity of the name is separate and distinct from the jurisdiction of the order now located at Emilie. The order of nuns receive their assignments from the Bishop of the diocese while the monks receive their assignment from the Superior in charge of the local monastery. The Rev. Manatu Parente is Superior of the local institution assisted by Rev. Father Marcillino master of novices. Rev. Bernard Chieca with Rev. Louis Chotard. Arc the other members of the Oriter who will As Istas teachers when classes of students Are enrolled Dur tie Early Spring of 19 22. They have been very much on the Job and if reports Are True there is very probability that the town of Harriman will shortly be a part and parcel of Bristol township. It is not too late yet for Bristol to pick this luscious Plum but any action taken will have to be started promptly. The authorities of Bristol do pot want to Annex Harriman this despite the fact that the sister com Rumity has Miles of Good streets and is a Community that any town might be proud to acquire. The growth of this town if the ruling Powers Ever allow it to grow must naturally be to the northward. The business Section of Harriman right now is nearer the Post office and Railroad station than the same Section of Bristol is. The annexation of Harriman would mean a number of doubtful votes votes that would have to be secured and with the disintegration of the local organization with the indications of week Ning along All political fronts the a big Boss Quot will certainly not Sanction bringing into the fold any Quality of unknown voters. If Harriman were annexed and the school property purchased tie problem of school accommodations would be solved. The Harriman school which is undoubtedly a Model building Cost during War times a Little More than $200,000, and it is doubtful if a building As Good could be erected right now for less. The chances Are that the government would be willing to give title to this building to Bristol for far less than rim original Cost and this would end Ilie worries of the authorities for the housing of school children for years to come. However every indication Points to the fact that mismanaged and mis governed Bristol will la it this Opportunity slip by simply because the of Barons who rules this Section cares nothing for the general advancement of the people at Large. The township will gain what might have been Bristol a. Just think of the taxes that could be collected with practically no outlay on the part of the authorities. No necessity for spending Money for so treet improvements no necessity for sewage improvements no necessity for the laying of additional water Mains for they Are All in excellent condition and for at least five years not a Penny would have to be spent unless to clean up the streets. Bristol of course does not want to make any Money the policy of the Bristol government Ever seems to be to spend and to tax. Eds the Ball rolling a and As usual and customary Bristol procrastinate and does nothing. The fire department equipment at Harriman will be salvaged by or. Willetts Fleet representative along will the surplus material in the Yard proper. This equipment is too elaborate for any Community the size of Harriman will be sold either As a Shofe or in units. Already there Are several Jersey towns on the Lookout to buy one or More pieces of apparatus and As soon As or Wil lets decides to let them go they will undoubtedly be snapped up in a Day. One of the officials of the housing department when asked How soon he thought the department would be disposed of said yesterday a for my part they can sell it tomorrow my idea is that it is too elaborate an organization for this town and has even since the Start been too Large and the sooner it is dispensed with and disposed of the sooner the housing department will be relieved of paying its share of the Upkeep of this a White elephant which is about $20,000 per children asked to help Uncle Sam by seeing that parents get Christmas mail off Early have addresses Correct ing presbyter Lyns establish teachers training class a teachers training class in the presbyterian Church was inaugurated on wednesday evening. A cordial ii citation is extended to any one wishing to join. For the Benefit of prospective Home buyers at the Sale to be conducted by Joseph p. Day in the hotel building next saturday afternoon. December 17th, they May rest assured that they will continue to receive the same water and sewage service As they receive at present and us for lighting the East Penn. Gas and electric co., have already made arrangements to take Over this end of Ilie municipal service. In a conversation with a gentleman High in standing with the emergency Fleet in company with or. Stewart representing or. Day the editor of the Independent was assured that the government had worked out evral plans As to the future disposition of the Public utilities of Harriman. But that they were waiting until the lust minute to announce their plans in order to give Bristol every Opportunity to do the proper thing and request an annexation. The sewage of Harriman is disposed of at the Bristol Plant at a Cost to the government of about $260 per month two thirds of the equipment now in use at the Bristol disposal Plant was paid for by the Christmas is almost Here. Your Post office department has a big Job ahead and needs your help. 1000,-000,0000 people will receive Christmas parcels from Santa Claus within the Short space of time of two Days. It can be done if the postal department can have your help. Every boy and girl can urge their parents to mail their parcels this w Cek. See that they Are wrapped securely Anil legibly addressed. You can put on your packages a do not open until address All letters and packager plainly if you do not the fully addressed letters must wait on the slow moving poorly addressed letters just like the larger boys and girls Are delayed by a Bunch of a had kids tagging along. If the boys and girls will help the postal service in properly addressing mail matter they will save their parents some Money because they have to help pay the Cost of searching addresses on parcels and letters sent out by one careless and thoughtless family in every ten. The address on every letter card or pack age must be Correct Complete and legible including if possible the Bouse number and name of Street and the a a from address should be in the upper lefthand Corner so that j the mail will be returned to you in lease it is not delivered. Do not abbreviate names of states because so Many look alike when abbreviated. Make tie address Plain and easily read and put the proper amount of postage in let ears and parcels. Do not use envelopes of unusual size. The Little ones frequently used for cards and notes cause an untold amount of trouble and labor As they will not fit the cancelling machines and must therefore be cancelled by hand. Always use pen and Ink or typewriter. Mail your letters and packages Early in the Day because this avoids overloading delaying mail at end of the Day. Miss Eunice Winterstein is spending several Days this week with friends in Washington d. C

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