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Bristol Bucks County Independent (Newspaper) - December 4, 1925, Bristol, Pennsylvania Bristol s eleven after Trenton s Scalp water dogs go to Jersey capital on sunday full of Hope and Pep social events in Ano near Bristol Banham forecasts Delaware port Boom or. And min. William Dougherty Back from deeper Waterways con of Linden Street Are rejoicing Over i he birth of a son born yesterday morning. Mention he Points out Bristor logical advantages creased lightning. That s Bristol a football team. There in anything that is faster t this aggregation around this neck of the Woods it must be in hiding or Down to Florida for the Winter. With seven Dainty scalps hanging to their War belts the big Blue and Gold Grinders will step aboard the rattlers on sunday to do Battle with the Trenton professionals. With it will go a mad cheering crowd of or. And mrs. John c. Tomlinson and or. And mrs. Louis Townsend and family of 804 mansion Street if were dinner guests on thanksgiving Han 1 Gay of or. And mrs. We. King of 0 a.�?~1 in ayes Ltd Nan i de gel y j Miami Florida comes the idols victorious. Tile contest will undoubtedly Mark tho hardest struggle of tile year for tho local lads. And that is saying something inasmuch As a few Dougli elevens have been beaten on Sullivan a Field this season. The team came out of the brides Burg fuss in fairly Good physical condition last sunday. One or two of the players received bruises hut no serious injuries were reported. The boys should be in Fine shape for the coming struggle. The following sunday Lite water dogs will throw their Moleskin in their handbags and journey to Doylestown where they will do Battle with the Blue sox aggregation of that place for the laurels of the county. Neither eleven has lost a contest this year and judging from comparative Corea it appears that both teams Are evenly matched. Bristol Defeated the knights of the Golden eagles by a score of 13 to gland Syria while the Blue sox sent tim same i Bunch Down to an 8 to 6 defeat collation. Or. Tomunson was recipient of a number of gifts Many cards of congratulation. Coincidental with the return of j the Bristol delegates from the atlatl j mention at hearted big statement from Samuel t. Ban a family Surprise was Given on j Ham president of the City business j tuesday evening to or. John Tom club of Philadelphia and Active in Hinson in Honor of his 71st birthday River and port development that the guests present were or. Ami this Borough fates a port Boom with mrs. Win. King mrs. Wesley Blind j the Advent of tilt forthcoming deep and daughter of Trenton or. And letting and widening activity in the mrs. Edmund Tomlinson Ami son of Delaware River. Whitefield i aim and or. And mis. J Phis together with the fact that a not int Nelv on i a Var it i Townsend. The evening wet Walter Lynn a former e lit or Ani dote s. Intent Only on Hegins their j pleasantly spent in conversation and j sent of ulis place. Belg been music. Refreshments Weie served dec Tel Secretary of this or Rani a and a birthday cake among the j nog should prove the interest that has been taken in making the Inland and caters negotiable for Large vessels. Former mayor j. Hampton Moore or. Charles Vesper and sister i of Philadelphia was re elected pres miss Margaret Vesper of Philadel ident and William e. Bernard treas phia will be the week end guests of a user. Richmond was selected for the or. And mrs. Anthony Bono of Green meting place of the convention in Avenue. 1926. I the ladies Aid society of Zion i or. Ban Ham s optimism in seeing lutheran Church was entertained bustling port Here is not based yesterday by mrs. I. J. Hetherington merely on talk. His Many years of i of 205 Buckley Street. Experience Iii aiding and furthering w _ port activity in Philadelphia and we Are glad to say that or nearby places has conclusively Hartshorne of 918 Pond Street 145 again Able to take care of his taxi after being confined to his Home for several Days. The missionary society of the presbyterian Church met yesterday at the Home of tile Secretary mrs. M. I. Ardrey. The topics for Dis Cussion were mormonism Persia if you can t boost be honest every Community is filled with individuals who have a an axe to invariably he Calls himself a a a boosters and those who do not fall in line with a All his plans and schemes Are called 1 sometimes this a a boosters is a real estate dealer who is anxious no have the town raise its taxes to make improvements so Ilia real estate will sell and his profits will be greater. Sometimes he is a business Man whose interest in the development of the Community is actuated by a desire to increase his sales of merchandise. Often the a a boosters is an individual who is ambitious to Rise socially or politically in the Community. Sometimes the Booster is an organization whose impelling motive is self glory and the privilege of bidding the Community sit up and a see what Ive Are Mil Iii to so w e boosters might Good to it on and define the bad and indifferent. Various types of com Liere is a legitimate boosting based upon fact but most of the so called boosting is done by those grind aided and abetted by those whose ambitions from taking a stand which might involve a Little with tin element through whose influence they and Horn Sty w Ith axes to prevent them unpopularity Hope to Advance shown him that increased Ocean traffic is in line for this Section. A the port of Philadelphia is bound to increase in shipping activity a or. Banham said yesterday a and i see no reason Why this influx of shipping should not increase the port activity of Bristol and other nearby Bristol has Long been a Chip of the old port Block of Philadelphia. Anfin past years ii has Bren the Center or. And mrs. M. I. Ardrey last sundays game was a Corker i a Llanil it m do my Sheet i. Uni. Of River transportation Between fierce Competition prevailed i j1 cd Lton ail i and i miss Elizabeth Philadelphia and Trenton and it has throughout the four quartets and a a Newton were dinner guest on a i it riot been for the nimble toe j thanksgiving Day it or. And mrs. Of Bob Carty flashy halfback the j w01 two teams would have finished the i fray with a scoreless tie. But bobs j Street. Or Ardrey of 623 Radcliffe Thomas Scott of 220 Rad toe was quite educated As usual and Cliffe Street entertained at lunch his two hoots Between the uprights Eon 011 tuesday card club no. 2. Were As Good As a Hundred Pointe j James Conca or. Of Lafayette when the Ana con was nut. Street in company with or. And. Sensational plunging and in a mrs. Anthony Fletch of Trenton for running by Harry Ingram the Mierly of Bristol and miss Sonny a Lansdowne Flash a Joe Holmes Bat j �0ne of Trenton spent the Day on ter lug ram Iron Lakehurst Gurney tuesday. Jef Philadelphia and took in and Carty kept the locals in a be tile show a the coconuts a at file running at All times and not infrequently kept the visitors running Forrest theatre. Gone Down in historic lore with its romantic incidents and occurrences. A during the Era of the merchant j shipyard when the depth of the River was increased to permit Ocean vessels to be launched with facility lit was readily perceived the Advant Ages and the opportunities that fac i 4pd the port town of Bucks county. A then too Bristol is situated on the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad and that is an added asset i for the place. A Bristol has always been Ping town. Prior to the modern shipyard that was in operation Dur Hack to their own goal line. It was the work of the local backs that brought the Hall to a position where Boh Carty could Send the Oval spinning Over the Bai Quot for two Beautiful Field goals. On the line there was sensational offensive and defensive work by the Blue and Gold forwards. Particularly was this True of the work of Matlack. Star snapper Back Al Bauer giant Captain Aind guard and Art Jefferies a former Bristol boy who held Down a tackle berth. These lads played remarkable Ball throughout the four periods. Jesse Matlack played a whale of a game both on the offence and the defense. There is no doubt hut that Jesse will earn All county honors As Center for his consistent work has featured the defense and offence of the Blue and Gold. Eight games have been played so far and Only two bad passes both of which w Ere recovered by his teammates Are credited to him. The missionary Box which has ing the War. It had in past years been in the course of preparation by contained another Yard or two the presbyterian sunday school will which turned out boats that were be packed on monday evening. Or. The Pride of the Waters. A. W. Winterstein has donated a a consequently it has grown to be Fine Box and if All goes Well it will known As a shipping Tow n. Although be on the Way next week for Costa in the past year or two the act by by West Virginia in care of or. Allen has not been so spirited. I can Well i f. Vinton. Any one having articles recall the time when Bristol was i May still Send them to the Church i quite on the map in this respect and i or parsonage As the donations w ill j there is 110 reason Why it cannot a 1 find their Way in the Box. Quire its former standing in ship. Ping circles. Or. And mrs. Frank Kennedy of Garden Strete entertained at a family dinner on thanksgiving among the guests were or. And a it is no Idle boast when i state j that added activity v ill be coming Bristol when the port activity has. A a a a been increased by the influx of More mrs. Thomas Argus or. And mrs. Vesseis Henry Linier and mrs. Reuben a at present Philadelphia is easily socially politically or financially. As a tragic consequence we olten see persons of High intellectual and moral attainments a bootlicking persons Wile have neither in order thai. They May satisfy their personal ambitions. Or we witness persons of unquestioned integrity giving their approval to so Many and varied things that by and by the people of the Community lose Faith in their Wold. And one Day they Are rudely awakened to the fact that they have sacrificed their personal influence Tor popularity. So much of that which passes for boosting is nothing but common Ordinary living with a College education or it is sordid selfishness veneered to resemble altruism. The most distressing phase of the whole matter is that those who Are engaged Iii this a shoe shining game Endeavor to break Down All opposition to their pet schemes by stigmatizing the opposes with tin names of a if you ant boost done to Knock a is their Battle cry. Under the influence of this cry even honest discussion of a question is often stifled and otherwise courageous men and women give their silent assent to things which they know to be wrong and harmful because they fear the stigmatic in of we maintain that the opposite to a a boosting is not a a knocking but honesty common Ordinary honesty. Such honesty will open the Way for a fair minded consideration and discussion of the merits and demerits of a question and often convince the Doubter which no amount of boosters coercion will Ever do. So there is need Here in Bristol As Well As in other communities for a new phrase to he substituted for the boosters Shibboleth. We offer As a worthy substitute the following a if you can to boosted be this is a phrase which Calls every citizen to an honest and just consideration of All proposals. If the proposal appears just and reasonable it will then be his privilege and duty to support it Btu ii it appears otherwise it will then be his privilege and duty to oppose it. Under such circumstances it becomes an Honor to be called a Knocker a because then it is Only a jingoistic paraphrase of the saying a lie is honest Aud fair a tile jingoism the climber the self seeker will Call such an individual a Knocker the intelligent the just and the sincere will Call him honest. To be called a Knocker by the former contingent is an Honor. We had such an Honor during the political Campaign leading up to the last primary election. We had the honesty and the integrity to give the people the facts about the assessments and taxes. The publication of these facts which the Grundy organization tried to withhold from us and the people threw that Well oiled machine into disorder and in their panic they gave us the distinction of calling us knockers. Iii the language of intelligent just and sincere men this Means a honest men a because their rallying cry Means a if can to boost be attractive Christmas Bristol in darkness windows in Bristol local a merchants displaying a full and varied line of Holiday merchandise 15 minutes ust night and other Bri Tolian s retard the the prompt window Dis a / the Anthracite strike Banes 01 the average daily life has failed to Mill Street merchants in Ness and variety of Hie plays for the Holiday season. Which incidentally is a vivid reminder to do the Christmas shopping Early the merchants Are ready. Evil a cursory glimpse into the brilliantly illuminated and attractively decorated windows cannot but fail to impress the passerby. And the window shopper will readily Bear witness to the originality of the yuletide displays. There is color in profusion with the reds greens and Silver banked artistically throughout with the evergreens and tinsel of this festive occasion. It appears As if each merchant attempted to out do tho other in the matter of elaborate decorations originality of design and general All around appearance. Spencer and songs furniture store w Hen a Corner of the re Bristol was plunged into darkness last night at eight of clock fuse Box blew out at the Pond and Market streets pair squad of the Philadelphia Aubin ban Gas and electric company were quickly on the scene. After fifteen minutes the Light was turned on. The squad Ware also called to 1 Epa ii a wire that was blown Down on Market Street behind the police station. Funeral services for or. Sands j. Sheldon the funeral of or Sands a Well known citizen took place on monday afternoon from his late residence 223 Mill Street. The services were conducted by the Rev. Henry m. Hail Maun pastor of the presbyterian chinch of which or. Sands was an elder. The interment which was private was made in the Bristol cemetery. The elders the Church and two others were elected As pall hearers. These eluded or. John Hargrave or. I. Ardrey or. Thomas Harper of mein a. Or. A Ith a newly remodeler window Frank Vevik my. Geol. A Bdl Mound let to a a is to be an or William Crichton. The death on i interesting display. The spell-1 eels always consistent Iii their you at Bristol theatres mount. Present Able to handle two and daughters the shipping that it is three times taking add the first mrs. John Smiley and misses Margaret and Elsie of Frank-1 Vantage of Here. In Ford were the week end guests of1 place it has modern or. And mrs. John Smoyer of mar and docks that remain virtually Ket Street. Empty because of the Lull in the. R a shiping activity Here. Mrs. Win. Woolman of Trenton the there Are Fiji m lines of spent the week end with or. And. Mrs. Martin t. Fallon of 413 Buck Xuy new colonial a rile rehabilitation of a Paris Apache the love of a Beautiful and Typ a tact i talented Young american sculptress ruin Kcal for the Leader of the famous Panth a East of Suez a a new Paramount ors of tin underworld the jealousy picture starring Pola Negri opens at i of a fiery Little French girl for Hei wharves the Forrest theatre on monday for a ruthless master underground Battles then on the defense he is a Bearcat. In Quot to Xvi Quot r /1 a a tiv the most important Railroad organi gifted with the ability to diagnose mrs. Martin i. Ballon 01 4t-> fuck a nations running right to the water plays he leads the defensive tactics i by Street. Ledge permitting decided Economy in from a roving Center position. Truly or. And mrs. Stacy Collum and the Cost of hauling and loading sex much credit for Bristol s Stonewall 1 family have returned to their Home penises. That is not possible Iii new defense should be Given this lad. Reading after spending a week York and other ports where most of on mat lacks left flank is another i with mrs. Collums parents or. And the unloading must be carried on boy that has played Good consistent j mrs. Fred Leyden of 706 Spruce w Ith the assistance of lighters. In Street. I this Way double expense two Days run. Tile Story is that of a Young girl returning to China after an absence which has lasted since her childhood. Enro Ute she learns of her fathers death. She arrives in China without friends and is immediately tormented by the unwelcome attentions of a White Man and a chinese Nobleman. Football throughout the season. That fellow is Al Bauer. The big Captain has developed into one of the finest guards in the game proving himself to be a mighty Factor in stopping enemy thrusts through that part of the line. Other players on the line also performed to perfection. Chicken Harper who holds Down an end berth on the eleven played his usually Brilliant game at the Wing position frequently spilling runners for a loss. Glee club of forty glee or. John Bickel of 637 new Buckley Street has been spending a week with relatives in ottsvp10 and has spent much of his time in Hunting Deer in tile Vicinity of Reading. Choosing Between two evils the is involvedi1 1 Taes what appears to be the and the costs Bhoot vip correspond Esser and marries the White Man. I ugly j the marriage proves a a tragedy for Quot at the present time Philadelphia i Lel husband soon thinks he learns ranks As the third largest port in the a Bat her old chinese nurse is the coloured maid confesses yesterday morning. Florence Lindsay coloured of 212 Washington Street was taken into custody by Constable Lenington of Langhorne charged with Petty thefts from country handling daily a volume of Ocean business that is almost astounding to the person unfamiliar with shipping conditions and treats both with girls Mother cruelty. Coming Back from the Interior the earlier Lover of the girl Calls her Quot but there Quot be a brighter Day ahead i on a be Telephone in the Hope of again j for us and that Day will also see seeing Lier. She has been warned by liter husband in tile dark mysterious catacombs which run beneath the capital the bombing of the Apache Headquarters by the artillery and a score of other sensational events go to make a parisian nights Quot which comes to the new colonial theatre for its i first showing Iii this Community on monday and tuesday next one of the most interesting pictures of recent release. Elaine Hammerstein and Lou Tellegen play brilliantly the two leading roles with a cast in which Renee Adoree. William f. Kelly and Boris Karloff Shine brightly giving exceptionally Well rounded i support to the principals. The Clever direction of Al Santell Lias imbued the production with a. Flavor of mystery intrigue Aud Romance not often i equalled on the screen. Added Prosperity to Bristol. How flier uu8uan� that he Viu kill tier if foreward looking Well say Ever we must get out and work Andi die sees Man again. Thinking a or husband is out of the City she in efforts to beautify their show windows seem to have out done themselves this year. The new background giving depth and attractiveness to the display certainly in creases the value. 1 the variety shop Lias also Given particular attention to tho Christmas decorations and the result is a nicely decorated window fairly gleaming with reds and greens and Silver. Wrights drug store shows careful attention in the matter of window displays for Christmas and the re suit is quite artistic and original. Electricity As usual with a czarist a Mas background prevails in the decorated windows of Ardrey a electric shop. And the artists work has not been in vain for considerable attention has been displayed by passersby. Haberdashery Iii All its latest mocks blended with a new style and form of Christmas decorations gives an in erased Lin e of Beauty to the usually Enod displays of Gallagher i and Gallagher. Candy Candy and More Candy ail in Harmony with Good looking window trimmings of Gold and tinsel and a background of red causes the display of the Bristol Candy company to stand out ill prominence. Prof a a shoe repairing and Steinbergs w windows Side by Side deserve credit for the care and attention placed on the Christmas decorations. The new7ark shoe company always Clever with the window display is outdoing itself this time and the effect is More than smart. Roberton a bakery also has taken on Christmas decorations showing thereby that finely baked cakes and pastry can also be made to keep Iii tune with the festive season Tracy a decorations Are quite , with a touch and a Grace that tamps the two windows with Honor. Wagmann a display fairly resplendent with Christmas colors lends an attractive touch to that Corner. While Hess a Needle work shop has certainly outdone itself in the Choice a and finish of the combined decorations. Singers have Given an added touch of Christmas glory to this years decoration while the Large show windows of Louis dries brilliantly lighted and attractively displayed is simply a Beautiful Medley of colors with quite wonderful effects. I tubing a fruit shop has taken advantage of the natural colors of the products which together with the added decorations give a colourful air to the place. On the Corner peal songs certainly have enlivened this Section with a Clever Aud nicely blended color scheme. Vandegrift a across the Street also should come Sands was due to causes following j Friday last of or i a complication of chronic neuritis. Or. Sands was born in Mifflinburg and graduated at Bucknell University. He graduated in Medicine at Jefferson College in Philadelphia. When he was Twenty one years of age he opened his first drug store in Tullytown and at Twenty four he Practised As a physician. About this time lie married miss Ada Vansant. From Tullytown they moved to Asbury Park and stayed there two years. Front thence a move was made to Philadelphia where a period of 12 years was spent. Subsequently the doctor bought a drug store and Practised As a physician for 16 years. Since his removal the Bristol with the exception of a few years in a sizing or. Pursell his life was rather an inactive one owing to poor health. The deceased always. Since coming to Bristol was much interested in Church affairs and during his period of elder ship was treasurer of the session. The deceased is survived by his wife mrs. Ada Vansant Sands. There Are no other near relatives. At the time of his death he held the distinction of being the Only male member the Home department of the sunday school Ever had. Last rites for Florence White 8 year old airs. Harry Street was Marks Cenie in or. Marks on december 8th, the Arion club under the leadership of pro Home of mrs. Ellwood Watson of lessor win. Woodhouse will appear South Bellevue Avenue Langhorne at the presbyterian c Hurch for an j where she had been employed As a maid. When the Constable searched the Home of the Lindsay woman he vening of High class music. The male chorus of 40 voices is known for its Fine concerts. The musical Loving Public of Bristol will miss an unusual treat in this line if they fail to hear this concert. All Are Welcome. No Reserve seats. No admission. A Silver offering will be taken to defray expenses. The deeper Waterways organization is the logical association to support. If any deepening and widening a the. To Ivy is forthcoming in this Section it will he brought about by this hard working group of no n and the Bristol delegation was composed of or. And mrs. Walter f. Leedom miss Helen Abbott. Or. Joseph Deb. Abbott. Or. James Collins miss Catherine Kraft and or. Horace f. Fleckenstine. Or. Thompkins Well received the Rev. Floyd Thompkins i. D., of holy Trinity Philadelphia has drawn Large crowds every evening this week to St. James episcopal Church where he has preached most acceptably. As there is Only one evening left do not fail to he present tonight. It is Seldom that the town is honoured by the presence of such a widely known preacher and it Fth not Only a privilege but a duty to he present. Woman found various articles that were later identified by mrs Watson. At a hearing before Justice of the peace Atkins the Gin confessed to the Honor Little Friend at rites Tevis to dinner. The Climax to this situation reaches a High pitch. William Fox has selected an excellent cast for the screen version of the Rowland v. Lee production. Which will be seen at the Forrest on wednesday and thins a Bride and Groom Day. The play deals largely with friends had been the social Side of the War and in ahead of them casting the military characters or de Nelsons arrived their new Home 011 Pond Street to which editor and mrs. Serrill det Lefson returned on wednesday after a honeymoon Iii Washington gave them something of a thrill beyond hat natural to the Homecoming Florence Whitey the daughter of or. And White of 272 Jackson buried yesterday in St Tery. Mass was said Church at ten o cd k. Lime Florence was lighting an incense Burner on sunday Ornong Abo a eleven of clock when Lier clothing took fire and there being no Alder person near at hand the child ran frantically about trying to put out the fire. She opened the front Lor and caught the attention of two gentlemen who were passing by. Who with the Aid of a neighbor put out the Blaze. Florence was by this time badly burned and was Rush of off to the Harriman Hospital but att efforts were futile and on monday morning about 12 of clock the child died. American legion card party charge of theft and v. Is put on prohibition for six months. Tile military characters i Fox has selected some of the most biosphere athletic men in the motion pict in credit to seasoned had thin world. George of Brien the Youthful Fox Star plays the Lead of Dick Chappe. Birthday anniversary his work in a the Iron horse a a the _ j Roughneck a a the dancers and has some of their to their Home and when he they found an at would have done older and More Matrimony. Noth been a overlooked. Among is auspiciously in evidence denies political Rumor or. And mrs. Joseph Doley invited other pictures last season friends on proven the fitness of this player for Honor of Olts it Anding roles that Call for Phy that the in ing the were go carte and baby the family Wash nicely Hung for Clements 2 770. Mrs. E. Wal-2730, or. N. J. Mcginley 2720, ted Roper 2710. Mrs. L. Kiln a few of their Young thanksgiving afternoon Send the Independent to your Friend for a year. He will consider it a Christmas gift. We Cro played and the giving of a piano among the other Small presents was the source of a great Deal of pleasure to All present. Refresh according to the non is of times Herald Ralph Beaver Strass Burger its publisher emphatically denies any truth in newspaper statements that he w Ould be a candidate for lieutenant governor. Or. Strass Burger said a i am not seeking any office but if i should become a can Dooley Thomas Dooley dilate it will be for United states Dooley. Senator and such candidacy will Bel a based on the statement i issued re Well written advertising. I thanksgiving afternoon in Honor or Quot y. I their daughter Helen who was tends 1 i of Ess and Diama in ability. N i years old on that Day. A few games. A Dellanis and Margaret drying contained numerous in Enta of an intimate character an infantile semblance. Gar and meats were served to Vera Randall Joseph Anna Ellis and Ellis Helen Joseph Ingston Are cast in the two chief feminine roles. Miss Bellamy a Beauty and artistry Are Weil known and both Are called into use in her role in miss Livingston a role is that of a selfish cold society girl and in this Type of part she has done some remarkable work in the past. Daughters w Ell gently. This should put an end to placed is an invaluable Aid to new subscription to tho Independent the unfounded rumours emanating from business. Use the columns of the for a year makes a practical Christ Quot or unauthorized sources relative to Independent. Ma9 gift. Of Columbus to hold annual dance the daughters of Columbus will hold their annual dance tonight in the St. Marks auditorium. Lilt1 committee in charge of the affair have been successful in securing the Dixieland serenades to furnish the music. This band of musicians have won Fame All Over e country As one of the Hest jazz Chestra. A Large crowd is expected to attend. Iii for a Good measure of Praise of the fanciful display while Irwin a too. Have taken on the color of Christmas in the attractively decorated displays. Tomesani a radio shop is quite the wonderland with its gaily Deco a rated windows and Brunnert a millinery shop has hot failed to live up to the spirit of yuletide decorations. Greens shoe store certainly shows care and much attention to the matter of decorations but the result does the decorator credit. Frish bergs is quite Lively with decorations while across the Street Schif ferns have also taken on the proper tones and colors. Weissblatt a have shown careful attention to the Choice and variety of display and the finished product is smooth glorious yuletide decorations. Winters show store is fancifully tinged with the colouring of the Holiday spirit As is Bernard a with its festoons of decorations. The office windows of the Smoyer plumbing shop have a pleasing sex Centre deity in decoration which is most attractive. The Straus stationery store windows Are very attractively trimmed in Christmas decorations while next door the Moffo shoe store window s i have been decorate As they have the Independent will remind your never i it Een before. Friend of your Christmas thoughtful continue Elf on Page eight Ness fifty times during the year. The first Benefit card party held by the american legion occurred on monday evening in the legion rooms on Cedar Street. There was an attendance of about one Hundred. Tire games of �?o500�?� and pinochle were played. Those holding High scores were or. Edward Gallagher 4380, mrs. Neal Mcginley 4 270. Or. Samuel Pearson 4 030, miss m. M. Dougherty 3720. Miss Julia Mcfadden 3610, or. H. L. Jarvis 3520. Mrs. Nan Mcdermott 3420, mrs. A. Popkin 3300, mrs. S. Pearson 3190, miss Frances Mcfadden 3160, miss m. Sackville �?�110, miss Mabel Harrison 3010, mrs. Fred Decker 294 0. Mrs. M. J. Lincoln 2910, miss Margaret Smith 2870, miss Marian priestly 2860. Mrs. In Straus 2810, miss Marian Brady 2780. Or. B. Ahart 2780, miss Eleanor Clements 2 770. Mrs. Lace. Mrs. 2700, mrs. L. Dries 2700, mrs. I. J. Hetherington 2610, miss m. E. Gaffney 2600. Those receiving favors for pinochle were june o. Hems 609. Miss e. Solliday 483, mrs. Mcgee 451, miss May Mcelroy 413. Wow done to these sound Good a Fine Opportunity is offered to indulge in be old fashioned pan 1 cake and sausage supper in the Church Community House in Tullytown on tuesday december 8th, from 5 to 8 of cock. The supper is to be Given by c. I. C. And class no. 3 of the Christian sunday school. Fancy articles and Candy will also be on Sale

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